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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 21, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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no i mean one of the in a sort of a unicorn horn bill of knowledge in. this sort of market my head of of soria and the other hello money him good mother alice what jani loss for that of her because she often are so much 3 and i have a lot of good mother usually never in my life or jerry on the job. ever save our dollar saurian trigram law be heard of all obviously or i'll be in one or have a show about money or her good most of the leave home but had none. so but i have at this age. we live in saudi and it has gone. on. and it is a subdued little family. does and when hey you do you have both ticked off and on the plot about a launch of we're. good why did the whole thing like any other big story you.
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do you know come in when you're human and if it did bad bad not. muffy and not be better off not on the bus in a few sort or you. i guess on the heart of hey look just saw babe and how to bend that a woman how is she. from out of the butt on capitol hill not a city on hold if you. can she and sunny and ok i'm already invested in senior fellow marcus your soon be a month off for you and he can send a young bus national council me a muffin out of the mounted a shell and the muffin on him him as a kid not. a look less they want you know the one that saw be on me you know a little wheeler she hired at the subway you. and. a bull on the beat hey i love how low behaves it. might be the insane if.
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i'm really the scuff and my sisters are. cleared and some you know i understand their feelings towards the syrian family next door we cannot a true to sympathize with them as if we teased because it you're in the ward we suffered a lot here in france a syrian army is ok basic of human and. my feeling is in north and met in between. because failure and the tortoise with. this are our houses and this hers were the occupied by the syrian army they used to bombard us and target us by euros less or don't get launchers. countless people died homes were burned down and families forced to seek refuge it's where. our village was a demarkation line between to lebanese army and to syrian army where vicious
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battles took place. on several occasions we had to leave our homes because of the bomb being and run away at night once we had to leave our homes for 3 years the place was no longer safe for us to live in. is 7 years old why we weren't having any think the door was heard as a syrian neighbor she still you greeted me every time she saw me and would say. how are you i like your yellow card and so over time she had something in you to say each time she saw me when she decided that i would become her friend.
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when i see show us father i love i think a boat whether he fought here was a syrian army so syrian army entered lebanon in 1976 and you're treated in 2005 that means it's possible a lot served in lebanon maybe that or his father or brother to it. these so it's always cross my mind whenever i see him and you. might have. known and i think. i love him is. in fact in a tone of cut them it's a bit of. the heart of this sharon can confuse 41 with that is what the heart of.
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how to. love god if i'm just love on a new piece or yoshi. and so forth now i just. have them on account couldn't have done all the show me i'm ashamed off. them it's been a name on the most of them full. value of all of them but have not had them and if you had them but have none. of me it's not of. that in the middle of a sudden i'm not a. lot of. the so. away for just. that it did. not kill us finish. i think the less chance ash and
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flower had their dad. so. yes you. get to know him a lot of things i think i know. that . that i think i hadn't. thought of. from my angle model mcnish but then you can fault him on letterman and even thank you one of them because film on the in the theater was going to manila don't because what do you have by not lumping on the 100 on the republican field i'm not that much money in about the one to be in mind they want you to launch a sob i don't know if you have been we'll have
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a debate just the 100 full time jobs a lot at all time and that's all what you want to have my mom and our son the been homeless then from a coma shulman the not invented by the close of the end of on the ton of the men but what is most of. the presence of seed in man i wrote out. every single day we see strange men. and susa scares us and makes us feel insecure for ourselves and our children. we thieves are going to buy syrians in every direction it's a full p.t. . perhaps award code to use a fork eating out of this year's number of tissue. and
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to help sort of live inside it lacking from have to look up silly em up sort of a ignorant. shit head back that's your belittling all of class and advantage a nanny lag a little actual flying leather let out. a. one dick us how believe the moon man better than. most i'm not a lesson. all my belief is that it was how to be sodium up the. wor and she shouted malcolm but john did not. know your own and if you don't know about then out of me. and what do you. think i am killed on your lips already
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going on here livia and alone. and. so on. that are you sure the one i'm on a dedication and his knack he had a will that is. if there had a rest now. get is it can i can. no lad national in love with nafi we thought a reaction and love to. buy milk and that the law book that she.
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what are you. well i didn't hear. about. hardy. coming through with. the what. do i think i was. going to. have a. mission to do and you. know i've been my life but here. i am. what i look.
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oh. yeah i was. given i mean. i don't. know how. i spoke to him not once. but. told me that he would take it into consideration. we haven't seen it. i was in that house many times. and i started to feel they were. feeding their children and protecting them from the war.
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100 or. so you should miss. when. they can tell you we should smile a lot of fairness to fred it fellas have a good physique to snuff it out with the president a photo of it but i did ask to hit up in the hole that i asked him not to chic. better than the infamous outfit and fly it a fuss with yeah yeah so i let in the ad did this with. if
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not every us artist to do that that is allowed to every activist life in thailand i can rewrite it out about them and i don't kill me so i legally. and leora is to let em know and can never know it i love when i don't know where where my from patty to pay the bed then my dad then if i'm typing. this sure hassle a leno really had a bit awful. mean camera has gone. and i'm behind it a little my heart of borneo to heat up so he doesn't really might the head here. as leave us it. pass. yes but it's the same mind the heads given that but is this.
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the more. we can. and the director in.
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my reading. of the. movie to see some of the how are they going to get you if you will be the less it's a lesser extent. this isn't it you've. got that it. and the reason. and now the live feel to have you know the good thing there. yes well it would be good to have it so to have you. hear it because you heard about it because muslims. you know as a lot of the soldiers let them down so what is. this out here.
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that this will. give further darst are littered. with i don't. know. yet if any look. yet do you feel you could add. and if it was to heat us 1st time filming and she was a straight to learn photography and to have a camera to take pictures of the chickens and i would often and. i thought she'd be pretty happy if i cut her to a camera and told her what the gadhafi and the who said just would make a small change in her life.
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after years of war and famine a dramatic transformation is in niger. al-jazeera goes on a journey with more diversity thier appearance to tell inspirational stories and in most us into me into them honest i wasn't forced to take the position of the chief justice i was supposed to write. my ethiopian coming soon on al-jazeera. trust is fundamental to all our relationships we trust banks without money talk to us without really. talk what is to trust in a world today. as more and more decisions are made for us by these complex pieces of courage the question can. we trust. the 1st of a 5 part series great question when you travel of the duck trust me i'm an algorithm one of. al-jazeera explores prominent figures of the
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20th century and how rivalries influenced the course of history steve jobs from much better market to bill gates for apple like real bad stuff they all made software what it is today changed the world to high tech visionaries whose breakthroughs inspired the digital revolution jobs and gates face to face on al-jazeera. peter dolby in doha the top stories on al-jazeera 10 members of sudan's newly created sovereign council have been sworn in general abdel fattah will serve as chairman who had been the head of the military the to power a few months ago that's when the army pushed the longtime leader omar al bashir the
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elevons member and the prime minister will be sworn in a little later today protesters in hong kong have gathered in front of people just consulate to appeal for the release of a man detained in mainland china now earlier china's foreign ministry confirmed simon chang is an employee of the u.k. consulate is in custody saying he violated the law the ministry added that he will spend 15 days in what are called administrative detention chain went missing on august the 9th last on a business trip to the city of shenzhen. you know if this u.k. consulate employee is a hong kong citizen he's not a u.k. citizen in other words that means he's chinese so it's entirely in internal matter for china so with regard to the recent series of mistaking comments the u.k. has made regarding hong kong china has openly expressed its stern position we want to once again urge the u.k. to stop making indiscreet remarks and stop stirring up trouble on the hong kong issue of the nigerian president muhammadu buhari house sworn in $43.00 ministers of
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his new cabinet it's almost 3 months since bill hardly began his 2nd term and 6 months after he was reelected the leaders of uganda and rwanda are expected to finalize a new deal in angola it's aimed at reducing tensions between the 2 countries relations of steadily got worse well under closed its border with uganda in february severely impacting trade on both sides the death toll from saturday's attack at a wedding in afghanistan has now gone up to 80 the interior ministry says 17 more people died in hospital from their injuries and more than 160 still being treated in hospital eisel claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing at a wedding reception hall in kabul is one of the worst attacks in afghanistan this year the highest ranking official of the roman catholic church to be found guilty of child sex offenses has lost the appeal against his conviction in australia former vatican treasurer a cardinal george pell was jailed in march for abusing 2 choir boys 20 years ago
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more news on the web site it's always there for you al jazeera dot com is the address you need in 28 minutes i'll be here with the al-jazeera news 60 minutes of news and comment up next it's al jazeera world. if you want to love and love that was my look like very soon got 100 and hungary's in the stream example of the predicament the whole world is going through. since mass immigration story we had a bunch of questions because yours and the problem is that the culture of that his . car should say it's a rating to us is or is not comfortable with european culture this is not like food fascist. triumphal march. dreams of conquest and of global travel. says very fairly uneventful collide towards the precipice without resistance we are possed the danger
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has already happened. it was then just 10 years ago. now this is it. might have added eki fear to fix a. cut by lead actor is that he still throw a stick that looks so why gravitas and yet at a. so i. should. 6 6 certainly. i was here let me. say that i. know you.
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have. he. checked. the over under for the fellow. that. he. voted for the moment when they. say. you know you are. the figure.
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yes who would have up. to fill it out with thought yes i. am so. that finally so in a way come sort of the. can see your love so to me. i come back for a while yet so did i know i had on that. yellow soda in
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a. yellow house wrong. with the official. who say it out of it's covered up with enough so that i carry it off well i think with that i think i see yeah and he then heaven can i ask if he oh i love so i must. i must load on the up so if i was going to show you don. judge a lot on a. little bit good habit that is coming up. so what i had mean. how would you know given bathed in this and what the other. patients. who have that myspace is with us know what. i don't mean
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i had there that i'm. ok i'm. ok i'm 100. then i remember a new order so i'm so good memories. 0 where are you guys became our circle care we're actually having now i am and i guess now based on what i'm good hard enough to say mayor of kenya there isn't any with the problem has not been a what a crime or a mixer what if the next thought that i was a kid i just. had given up. as nervous or boredom they would sit at the seminary and here i am guessing analog you in a glass can't care how we can decide what to do with. their.
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focus or. well have with us of us or what i lost i would have had a 2nd. before. as to. the one thing you know. this time it's a number of syrians are going to our house to start to increase and they began there seems as if they were settling down in lebanon. their problems have also increased security economic social and demographic problems so biggest problem is the truth and who don't go to school and that read a lot of them what would be their future no one knows.
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so here i was one of the if were teachers and with didn't go to school and i 1st 30 said whenever i saw her in the garden helping her family she wanted to learn and to see her basic right so why not teacher myself and include her in school is about and then i need to hand the left back space that you guys. are headed up if you see i added a kick it can. not yet it is going on dick mcnall get a call and let it get a hill don't let that get on the lab if that is that guy go ahead of us misled by the looks of fact that the was the. atmosphere for. you.
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had i not get a letter like you really. did have you in my head only i am gallium if you are at the helm weeks ahead of us with a good going to top it up like you. say hello can i have a lot going on in greece and i said if i get in please dear if dan had only. shown that. he. had help they get their free yeah i know you have them is a big yellow. you . have the leisure lover so obviously they could sue the hell outta the simulator you know 8.
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janja kid victor 3 nevertheless if particularly mothers it is a conclusion that all this is and i can fish out that i am perfect playing with a. man let us chant i laugh now i gather clear i a devil of. a little chill fest here on earth so if you're on the list. of the remove the sick and the ed you never see a. family day after so you did it in my one bus fare camilla's shanta can have that that i advocate in again i think they will know that i see a mother with the help picture here i am going to clear. but so hurt but but listen mother i see is that this shot that all that us diminishment to her.
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is that the testicle hold the bill english a bit but the mother to say is a mother dusty on your show you know my condition that i should bomb on any religious name that i show her action down hill with tears so here they are the to the high look to the sin nice day what i love i was you know i was named a record by vita here. pressure lassie he can challenge the. national special he's an arab. slant the best that can and he. said and i like it cameron janet that i have yes i'm italian and with that i respect their humanity even kids that have read the letters given intentionality reshape well u.s.c.'s. lives.
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12 streets for 56788. was a hero. and i want closer to taffy and. i had the look you have to pay that bill out a big. bill out of the. circus that they are. building bless. the lot of the. building louis. giant get. built in this.
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square. square southie cable t.v. firenze clearly and a little slow to give but a square. if that's a felony in baghdad alone so then food had a belief in haifa. food if she's just really hot button and into. a cafe said here hey that's when we'll. pay the. c.f. . the law. here you yellow pay the right but i will say again. with book called the most okai. 000 in the city in my limited kicked it in the best.
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good good. it. began i don't think i didn't get it i think. that you. did get of me here in. our vocal oh. here. not to say we don't know. that. i guess. but i've heard that. from.
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that english about to start a new me give em up their hand they were hade in need help prepare the next. week or love with to the help us with is us of the. birds. anything. but. i. did. see a good. song. give a little i now as dong dong dong go one sad not. watson had to take care. no but i have said that a lot more sure they have. them and you know. i
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have something to say here she. fit. i didn't expect to hear to learn so 1st she wants told me that they was her only friend gradually i felt that she became my friend too i didn't choose this friendship but sure you got that and the love that. spending time with show you know was a lot of fun she wanted to learn and discover new things all the time then we won't kill him it's a hidden away an exit. lane the way ahead in the oh say hey we're. a long long good they didn't know how
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bill put it up 8011 of love 8 and let's not. do it alone. we're going to get pulled a lot so it's. getting close. to think. back to the number of good food i had last night expect to get the i let go of me and i'm going to house well i phones will destroy it because. it's a fickle hub just ahead of me. and. to hit us or to do it one weeks ahead live said diane and i've been the head one shot
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up in the fuel to ave to just ahead with the chain. so that it going to highlight i'm up on there but she said here i. am at our power times it's a good job exactly like to challenge my. cell but i'm on a job so when i left and you know. yes. certainly at the long run the show here one moment to show you. look also have dick endeavors have plenty don't have to. worry that it was a hit or bill english telling me what is it would mean my name is shall you know
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that i love will to but it is. always a living and. to hear it or picture of your holocaust look i'm this i mean commit a flag. you know you don't and the obvious says a lot of we have a whole lot of. the land of israel all of the militia and the fact that is that for a big question the selfish answer to the last train and the chap from others who come in at the moment have the most of them had lunch. at the muzzle of a hard water fish was. said last summer it's not as if he said. so yesterday. but i got this little love that was this for betfair lot more sensitive
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to matheson really. because of one woman lost what are you coming with us for the moment critics of hamas welcome in office of a 1. 100 man kids are the tip of mother circle. of surreal when they were 5 years alon. my emotional when i talk to. my niece asked me whether i was really injured by an explosion. yes i was to ensure . it was a car bomb as a syrian army on the 13th of october 1900 journal and i want to watch remove the
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plans of presidents. and so syrian army and to it's a presidential palace. and took most areas and they kidnapped and arrested 2 men. the syrian army or so answer that somebody. during that time my prosser so i meet and torn you emigrated to sweden but they still live like many of the nice people. are to me was to a from lebanon in 2005. but the word memories have never disappeared from our lifes . so war in syria is a great strength and. the security of lebanon is the trees as the number of the syrian refugees here is a huge. specially some of them served here and fought us and know what they are back. of course many of them have been forced to leave their
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homes in c.t.r. and goes through difficult times. also my sisters have accepted that i teach to hear it out and i feel drawn to her in school sister she was said she comes over around our house. and i understand them. and her family is syrian. but to me show here is a child and had nothing to do it was always use all their stories. say. one day i was. there. on a phone call that said here that i would. listen.
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if you are on. the air i. was. on the air if you are. on. fire. and.
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my wife. so you know could not believe that she was going to. france was learning english and that her dreams were changing. now she really might become a doctor or a pharmacist or a teach it as she was. my 1st fiend was so here i was she years ago. she says to school and doing greeley where she is hard and is succeeding in severed subjects you would think integration but it's not what. if you see actually case where. i can split the service i.
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feel a little i need energy but there's. plenty of incentive to see you break the chain. and then the chair. guy. wants you to man rooming with that young man. or she's a product and order his thoughts to make me proud of her. she has a passion for taking for those specially of me i made her card my house my flowers . she wants to keep us for. maybe when she grows up she will stay in lebanon. perhaps peter to see it. but she would order is to member of lebanon. and like we are those who are joining in order memories so you know we always remembered how lebanon chants her life.
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hello this year the fires in the amazon are burning furiously the weather's not going to do much to put them out the wind is not strong in the showers few that they are are limited to the far west and really only just stock the shelves out as the season slowly changes the rain in the southeast corner is gone through the dry
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day on wednesday and they don't thursday the clouds start the building burns ari's 12 degrees here the heavy rain still north the constant of course in venezuela and colombia much of the caribbean is free from shasta small robins are enjoying breezy sunshine big shots being shown him in puerto rico and westwards right as far as southern florida and not lauren of cloud really from the bahamas down towards mexico is the active one at the moment for wednesday and thursday with some big time balls likely in mexico possibility of a flash flooding the gulf of mexico so his gathering a bit more marshes pushed up into was some of the southern states but the weather is fairly typical in the u.s. an encounter of this time the summer just thinking about changing it's the getting a bit cold in the northern prairie's of color what effects to 1000 degrees and when the typical high twenty's or thirty's humid well it's the eastern seaboard with the green patches showing the biggest showers with boxer nebraska and while southwest.
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whether sponsored by cattle. inmates learning from other inmates acquiring knowledge that could set them free. through legal education classes and mock tribunals their dedication has led to staggering results . for. the software they were. teaching empowerment kenya part of the revelation case in series on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello and welcome i'm peter double you're watching the al-jazeera news hour live from doha coming up the next 60 minutes he was in charge of sudan's military
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jointer now abdel fattah on the sharing power with civilians after being sworn in as head of the new software comes. china confirms it has detained a british consulate staff member from hong kong. a former vatican treasurer cardinal george pell returns to prison after an australian court upholds his conviction for sex abuse. also ahead why deforestation is being blamed for surging numbers of wildfires in the brazilian amazon i'm joining i just go with the sport is to form a baseball world series champions and link to one of the caribbean biggest drug trafficking networks. turn of the 11 members of sudan's newly created sovereign council have been sworn in to lead into the elections can be held within 3 years general abdel fattah the
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previous head of sudan's military will serve as chairman other members include 5 from the military 5 from the opposition and another civilian. we'll go live to consume in a moment but 1st let's remind ourselves of the momentous events that led to where we are today not months of protests of a rising food and fuel prices prompted the military to take power back in april but protesters immediately demanded a civilian government and continued this sit in outside the army headquarters in the capital on june the 3rd paramilitary forces attacked and killed more than 100 demonstrators the 2 sides then refused to talk before mediators from ethiopia and the african union brought them back together finally they signed a power sharing agreement on saturday and the opposition chose an economist doc as prime minister morgan joins us live from khartoum so the putting it together slowly
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but surely how will it work. well peter that's what the people on the 3 are waiting to see their thing back because now it can really make a repeat of rencounter and then there's my you optimistic but their focus is going to be more on the executive council which is going to happen majority from the forces of freedom and change polish and that's where most of the power will lie because the couple have a large mr money and grown let's not forget that the covering council has been the reason why talks between the forces of freedom and change and the military conflict broke down time they argued about the role of that council never argued about the company and how many members who got representation in that council before the comeback to the fact that it's going to have a 3rd or more new role it will be over think big and the legislative council read the forces of freedom and change will have majority of presentation so they think that as much as they did not want the transition period to be led by it by a military at any point then they are going to be looking and keeping an eye on the
9:52 pm
executive council and the legislative and if their demands of justice and accountability and better living conditions are fulfilled and what happens next. well what happens next is the appointment of an executive council the prime minister which has already been chosen by the forces of freedom and change is due to be foreign and later he had a 21 day to appoint his cabinet most of which will be from the 4th the freedom and change with the exception of the minister of interior and the minister of defense who will be appointed by the military because if it be 2 positions are related security therefore they cannot make the brilliant appoint those 2 members then there is also the appointment of in the family but more importantly than those 2 there is the point appointment of a dictionary there thing that people here on the ground are think back this judiciary that will be appointed by the forces of freedom and change should be independent should be non-partial and should be able to deliver it to her and
9:53 pm
accountability that's why they've been protecting for months and that's why they give legitimacy and authorize the him or the 4th to prevent them in the talk to congress transitional government and if no independent judiciary formed then they will take you to. conference and demand thanks very much. protesters in hong kong have gathered in front of the british consulate to appeal for the release of a man detained in mainland china earlier china's foreign ministry confirmed simon chiang an employee of the u.k. consulate is in custody saying he violated the law the ministry how to spend 15 days in what are called administrative detention chain went missing on august the 9th whilst on a business trip to the city of shenzhen china hasn't provided more details about that detention but the foreign ministry is urging the u.k. to stop interfering. you know mutually this u.k. consulate employee is a hong kong citizen he is not a u.k. citizen in other words that means he's chinese so it's entirely in internal matter
9:54 pm
for china so with regard to the recent series of mistaken comments the u.k. has made regarding hong kong china has openly expressed its stern position we want to once again urge the u.k. to stop making indiscreet remarks and stop stirring up trouble on the hong kong issue it scott small from beijing the minister of foreign affairs here in beijing on wednesday confirming that simon chang is in detention something that's called public security administration detention down in shin gen that's a border town just across from hong kong we know that part of this detention is 15 days they can be extended there's no indication that that's going to happen just yet but you know maximum is at this stage 15 days so that should be a couple of days before simon has been released by the police ministry of foreign affairs spokesman saying any details about the specific case need to come from the engine police themselves and kind of passing that off to them now what's interesting he went on to say that he is a chinese national simon chang so this is an internal matter and he said that
9:55 pm
they've been irresponsible comments coming from the united kingdom and officials there about this case and that they should just essentially saying mind their own business now this is kind of an ongoing theme with how the chinese administration has been handling with hong kong situation these protests over the last several weeks that there's been international western meddling so obviously feeling this is an opportunity to make that comment about the situation with this detention. hoda abdel-hamid was at a support rally for simon chang in hong kong. salman chen is a hong kong or who holds a british national overseas passport about 3000000 home congress have a similar passport we know from his girlfriend that on august 8th he went to change and for a business trip and he was supposed to return that same day on his way back in the evening he was on a high speed train he exchanged several messages with his girlfriend the last one
9:56 pm
was around 10 pm in which she said that he was about to cross back into hong kong we also know from a statement issued from his family that he was held at the west train station it is actually on hong kong territory but it is manned by chinese immigration officials only shanny's officials operating in hong kong now this goes really right at the heart of what protesters have been calling for over the past 3 months that much contested extradition bill that they want to see with drone one of the protesters here was saying this is it this could happen to any one of us being picked up by chinese officials and then we don't know what happens to us the family of the child simon chen says that they had they hired a lawyer in change and he went around 3 different detention centers but no sign of simon chen now the protesters here are actually in front of the british consulate
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because they're calling on the u.k. government to put pressure on both hong kong authorities to try to resolve this issue and also to put pressure on the authorities in beijing to try to say where is. why is he held and what will happen to. the most senior member of the roman catholic church to be found guilty of sex offenses as last. appeal against conviction is cardinal george pell formally about treasurer he was jailed in march for abusing 2 choir boys in australia 20 years ago his alexia brian. arriving at court cardinal george pell was taken in through a door away from the waiting crowds there was no room inside for everyone the court packed with other survivors of abuse by the catholic church and tell supporters. oh oh you. 7 know me inside the house of
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pale he and his 6 year jail term for abusing 2 choir boys when he was a ship of melbourne in the ninety's would stand justice maxwell and i accepted the prosecution submission that the complainant was a very compelling witness was clearly not a lawyer was not a fair interest and was a witness of truth. palace the highest ranking catholic worldwide to be convicted of child sex offenses he was once the vatican's treasurer and one of the pope's closest advisers probably that it was his lawyers had argued that the jury's verdict was unreasonable based on the evidence and that the jury relied too much on the account of the only surviving victim through his lawyer that victim said he was relieved by the court's decision it is 4 years since i reported to the police the criminal process has been stressful. the journey has taken me to places that in my
9:59 pm
darkest moments i feared i would not return from x. 5 we are now also taking her to the lake and we have now decided in the glorious time for us on. the vatican has acknowledged the decision and says it's committed to pursuing those who have broken the law as the proceedings continue to develop the holy see recalls that the cardinal has always maintained his innocence throughout the judicial process and it is his right to appeal to the high court but survive his advocates say the catholic church needs to prove its taking clergy abuse seriously. you think of all the children who were abused who had crimes committed on the main catholic all features and children's homes and think. they want the name of god just in the i'll never get the dying for he is going to rot in a cell he will then rot in hell and i cite farewell pal. pal won't
10:00 pm
be eligible for parole until 2022 when he's 81. brian al jazeera. blair 0 is from the group catholic voices which represents the church in the media he believes cardinal pell is innocent but also says the church must do more to stop sex abuse. we all want the same for this abuse to stop for for the for the perpetrators to be punished and for victims to be recompensed and and there has been a lot of progress so i think rules have been put in the usa in 2002 in the u.k. in 2001 that have recently stopped the contemporary abuse or whatever it happens it means that it is dealt with immediately improperly but we're dealing with decades of historical abuse which have been dealt with properly and with victims that although the abuse was then the pain is now and so therefore it is good that it comes out now.


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