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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 22, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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if a 1000000 syrian refugees who are registered an authority say it can't accept any more brazil's right wing president says this missing criticism of his environmental policies so your ball scenario is being widely blamed for a record number of wildfires in the amazon rain forest this year around $75000.00 have been detected. reports fires engulfing large swaths of the amazon rain forest the smoke is traveling far and wide it darkened the skies over sao paulo which is more than 2000 kilometers south of the burn area the scope of the fires is massive these satellite images from nasa show how the smoke has covered most of the northern half of brazil which is larger than the whole of europe the amazon produces 20 percent of the world's oxygen and is home to more than 3000000 species of plants and animals. fires in the amazon are a natural occurrence often started by lightning strikes but that doesn't explain
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the sudden increase in fires this year which environmentalist say has been exacerbated by cattle ranchers and sorie farmers clearing forest at an increased pace enforcement of amazon burning has been scaled back under president bush sonando a long time skeptic of environmental concerns bos'n r.-o. slashed government funding to environmental agencies and on tuesday suggested the fires were being staged by n.g.o.s to embarrass his government i am under the impression that it could have been set by the n.g.o.s because they had asked for money what was their intention to bring about problems for brazil when fires burn in the amazon the area is so large there's nothing firefighters can do to put them out when these fires finally do go away environmentalists say that damage will have been done here it is really much of the east permanently wasted and i mean
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a sense that. age is to recruit forest and it can never be recruiting the original wave the amazon rain forest often called the lungs of planet earth now filled with smoke and fire and choking one of the world's most diverse ecosystems gabe rosendo al-jazeera so ahead on al-jazeera the presidential campaign in afghanistan kicks off in the shadow of violence and it might take 2 to tango but all eyes are on one dancer when he's 99 years old. hello that's still very hot and mostly dry across much of the middle east. even across into pakistan we've seen far few those monsoon showers in the last few hours
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the nothing really in the 4 calls where we have been seeing the cloud with the showers and possible thunderstorms is as you can see and old ensures all the turkey now more rain in the forecast sort of course this rain coming down and some very very dry ground so we could indeed see some flash floods keeping the temperatures below 0 to 25 degrees celsius thursday in ankara as the rain kids where the temperature beginning to come back up so feeling pretty nice for you i would say in the wake of that 29 degrees celsius very warm though as you can see through central and southern areas of iraq and that you cross into kuwait city 43 celsius is your high on friday and that hot dry at extending right the way across the arabian peninsula still a chance of a few showers into the southwest of yemen and also the temperature in slowly going up over the next couple of days and all mishal flow so it should be feeling pretty nice 38 is the high friday in doha but still feeling pretty humid with those lower temperatures and then down into southern africa in fact time which is here are actually on the rise above the average for this time of year 27 degrees and been on thursday 24 across in johannesburg we might also see some shahs over the next
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couple of days into eastern sections of madagascar but staying hot in durban on friday with a high of 28. i was reason france. these are my grandparents. these are my parents and this is me. by them both my sister and also. this 2nd of a 2 part epic tale of a remarkable family. the father the son and the jihad. on al jazeera.
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top stories just 0 saddam's leaders have been sworn in after months of political uncertainty and violence general opted for to hide but han will head the sovereign counselor for the 1st 21 months the new prime minister abdullah says he's ready to tackle the economy. the u.n. has warned that 20 to life saving aid programs in yemen will be forced to shut in 2 months unless the world does more to help in february countries pledged more than $2000000000.00 but less than half of that was actually received. brazil's president says this missing criticism of his environmental policies after being blamed for a record number of wildfires in the amazon rain forest this year about 75000 have been detected so far but to your both scenarios says n.g.o.s are to blame. afghanistan is heading to the polls to elect
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a new president thanks month 16 candidates are vying for the job including the current leader. but there are concerns that violence made to rail the votes charlotte ballasts reports from kabul. president void by his status as the front runner just a month from afghanistan's presidential elections this campaign really is targeting the private sector. not. our here is play their role in the battleground but the 500 financial freedom and independence through the private sector the private sector is fighting this fight. it's gonna be 6 throughout the one have been inside this highly secured building villain is the loya jirga taint there are 16 candidates fewer campaigning openly because of security traits. become. season started on july 28th within hours the taliban launch an attack on the office of gandhi's running mate and. more
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than 20 people died because that was that the taliban has warned people they may also target campaign rallies calling the vote a sham talks between the us and tell about a pitch to stop such attacks. 3 elections if a deal is agreed many candidates are skeptical elections will go ahead so they're not spending much on the campaigns this is one of the few streets in kabul where campaign posters are being put out. a tool in the beer liz opposing danny and is a former national intelligence chief he worries an election will further divide afghan politicians when they should have a united front of potential talks with the taliban really only the very rich could marginalize a government really they have very divided the sions that was why you see if you don't mileage the election property. in maine. the
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good. many afghans are also skeptical in a recent observer survey nearly 60 percent of afghans sit they would boycott the bush election commission is charging forward. to put them on house hold the elections must take place it is a red line for us we are fully prepared afghans really need peace so we are going forward some of tenuously but unfortunately the peace process is overshadowing the election and may affect voter enthusiasm. those are who see as m is not a problem for president gunning being hit in the polls he could very well be closing in on another 5 years undeterred by taliban peace negotiations or their attacks. shall medallists al-jazeera koppel britain's prime minister is getting mixed messages from european union. it's the french president says europe will not be
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held hostage for ukraine's democratic crisis warning a no deal scenario was the most likely outcome he will meet boris johnson in the coming hours and the german chancellor angela merkel was more optimistic during talks on wednesday giving johnson a 30 day deadline to find a workable solution to the irish backstop dominic cain has more. in coming to meet angela merkel in berlin boris johnson brought a message one of her desire to compromise when possible if his host would do likewise we in the u.k. want a deal we seek a deal and i believe that we can get what we can do this up and us i think is that is the phrase but clearly. they clearly. we cannot we cannot accept. the current
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withdraw agreement. unfazed by hearing her own catchphrase used to her angle america went straight to the heart of the matter the contentious irish border backstop the size the banks of the backstop has always been a fallback position if one is able to solve this conundrum if one finds the solution and we said we would probably find it in the next 2 years to come but we can also maybe find it in the next 30 days then we're one step further in the right direction and we obviously have to put our all into the darkness and balance constraint that's because we're at but another question for the german government is what sort of prime minister they are dealing with one analyst says ministers here question chorus johnson's sincerity that his journey to berlin was more about posturing than politicking we are talking about a blame game he's coming here to demonstrate at home once he returns ok i did everything i offered. our willingness to negotiate to renegotiate i made clear this
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is not acceptable and i got just the know and then he will follow up on what he started already to blame it all on the e.u. on brussels berlin and france. and then we and most likely no deal scenario to avert that the prime minister will have to give ground boris johnson's brings that mission is very clear take it to the key european capitals where the decision makers in his opinion are based in on wednesday and i'm going to america 1st day the french capital and president kong and of course mr johnson is clear he wants movement on the backstop dominic kane al-jazeera. a south african court has barred the display of the apartheid era national flag and public saying such gestures amount to hate speech and harassment the ruling follows a petition by the nelson mandela. foundation after the flood was this late in
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october 27th a protest against the murders of white farmers the ban was opposed by an afrikaans rights group which argued that it would infringe freedom of sprit expression thousands of protesters have rallied at a hong kong train station to mark a month since alleged gang members attacked demonstrators on commuters the testers accuse the police of colluding with the attackers mass rallies began 11 weeks ago over an extradition but they've since grown into a wider movement against chinese influence and the campaign to free a british consulate official detained in mainland china continues friends and supporters of simon chang are calling on the international community to put pressure on china. reports from hong kong. he disappeared of august 8th as he was returning to hong kong from mainland china sidemen chen is an investment officer at discount this development international section of the british consulate
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and was on a one day business trip in. his hold of a british national overseas passport which china doesn't recognise now his family and friends are calling the british government to take action boris johnson i like you and i believe in you. and. i urge you to an old and an old. save simon saving simon is your number one priority now the chinese foreign office has confirmed that simon chen is being held in what it's calling administers of detention in. for an initial period of 15 days but didn't explain why simon's family says it hasn't received any notice of detention the last time simon chen was heard of his when he wrote a message to his girlfriend saying that the train was approaching the wesco hoon
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station it is in hong kong but it's manned by chinese immigration officials. border checks are conducted here not on the mainland and chinese laws apply his family says is from here that he was taken back to the mainland then as part of his disappearance comes as protesters stage a sit in to mark one month since an attack by suspected gang members on that it happened at the wayne long station near the border with the mainland yet backers are said to be staunchly probation simon's portrait is now on to wall among the victims of that day michael moore says he's not surprised his friend simon has been detained simon has. involved in some academic related activities some of the forum some was observer of of course those settlers for those forms
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would have a particular stance. on busy the constitutional reform or the way our home was forward in terms of political development. if. it makes. you know sensitive. salman's lawyer says he hasn't been able to locate him but his case is likely to feed into the anger and suspicion among protesters who fear beijing's growing influence in hong kong. but that didn't happen either. this week or a new zealand's parliament has taken on a new role babysitter on wednesday trevor mallard was left holding the baby while the boy's father m.p. time at a coffee attended a problem and 3 debates and despite the odd private the speaker still managed to keep the house in order. fit or a robot there resembles a human body has just made space history turbopump shop to flight speed and liftoff
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so moscow has launched future into space for 2 weeks they robot will work alongside russian crew members on the international space station. has more on moscow's plans to claim the lead in the space race. he has the looks and most of the science fiction movie star if you're a can do push ups drive a car and pick up a small objects but the human like robot has a serious task ahead of him put it next 16 days he will be working in space as a cost monarch crew member 1st under human guidance but his creators hope eventually independently. aiming for him to be able to prepare the customer knots work in space so the customer not only needs to spend one and a half hour outside instead of the tail robert will clean up afterwards too this is how he helps the customer not in decreased and there's not an oxygen environment which is potentially dangerous. the project was nearly lost in 2017 after
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a futile was put trate shooting guns louis foreign partners stop sending components as a result and russian scientists were forced to complete the robot on their own of guinea due to office at the birth of fewer and sas is nothing to fear. we wanted to demonstrate how quickly this robot can combine the operation of his vision and the movements of his hands it was a technological task but people looking at this is a non-experts didn't see the technological side which was of course a bit of miscalculation on our part futa has become quite a celebrity in russia on his own twitter account we can follow his preparations for his 1st space mission 38 years after he became the 1st human to enter space has big shoes to fill. been struggling to keep its space program up to speed the human eye to robot as the basis on paving the way for humans to settle on the moon
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or on mars and put russia ahead in the space race but before future manages to do all of that you 1st needs to prove himself as an assistant on board the international space station step fasten al-jazeera moscow and after 99 years after 99 years of age that is most people wouldn't dream of taking to the downs for let alone travel time 1000 kilometers for a tango competition but james mcmanus from ireland is no ordinary dancer he may not have won the world tango championships and one osiris but he did pick up a special award as it's oldest ever to. the army veteran only took up dancing 17 years ago at the tender age of $82.00 and this once in a lifetime trip was paid for by his friends as a special gift for his upcoming 100th birthday.
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hello again the headlines on al-jazeera sudan's new leaders have been sworn in after months of political uncertainty and violence general but han who had the sovereign council for the 1st 21 months the new prime minister abdullah hum doc says he's ready to tackle the economy the united nations has warned $22.00 excuse me lifesaving aid programs in yemen will be forced to shut in 2 months unless the world does more to help fund them in february countries pledged more than $2000000000.00 but less than half of that was actually received. the u.s. president has defended new rules to allow indefinite detention of migrant children along with their parents the new policy overturns an existing legal ruling that bars children from being held in custody for more than 20 days very much. bob very great people make this horrible. thing that will happen when they
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realize the borders are closed the world is built with building numbers of right now. it all go together like the beautiful. things that's happening but they can't get a day when they see if they get a day they will be brought back to the matter if they get in with doing that they will and many people will say brazil's president says this missing criticism of his environmental policies after being blamed for a record number of wildfires in the amazon rain forest about 75000 this year so your boss and n.g.o.s are to blame thousands of protesters have rallied at hong kong train station to mark one month since alleged gang members attacked demonstrators on commuters protesters accuse the police of colluding with the attackers no one has been prosecuted for the violence that left more than 40 people injured rallies began 11 weeks ago over an extradition bill but they've grown into
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a wider movement against chinese influence those are the headlines on al-jazeera witness is coming up next millions of people across india miss out on medical but a hospital train is delivering doctors and. one i want to. india is a lot. on the al-jazeera. i'll
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and 2 and a work on hand michael here. not to come out a little more let me know exactly what it will not let the not ok i know it's gonna hold my tongue out of my body but what i do know that i will got jobbed lead to god is it only the somewhat funny to the good of the little i have also known was a brave man. and there are lessons a bigger worry about the city where. it rather than having the words. of a. video album was. really
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would have been other on the bottom of a. model than any. real good. one where he had a really very active really i don't want the barrel of a sleeve back in and out of my mom and the vasella and i realized that we were passed over the last week when i was managing a past life and i love i was out i was going to little towns little the next morning oh yes we're going to love that mark you were on who i remember where he is one of us who was telling that is the only way that i know
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going to last. in the get out of the out of. the wild out of. there there's got to have those that if. you. play the game or you.
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live with reality i would. like to know why.


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