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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 23, 2019 8:00am-8:35am +03

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showing how far the amazon wildfires have reached in the video has been viewed more than 15000000 times people online have mostly criticized the lack of international media coverage asking why now when the wildfires have been burning for almost 3 weeks so far some including the world wide fund charity to comparisons on twitter to the global attention has been given to the not saddam and photo in france of course that happened earlier this year all seeing why there isn't the same level of outrage for what's happening in the amazon and the criticism hasn't stopped there because twitter users have mostly accused brazilian president diable sonar of dismissing the severity of the situation including allowing looking deforestation is forcing out some of the millions of indigenous people living in the amazon and now a.j. plus team here al-jazeera has put together this video why brazil's indigenous women are taking a strong stand has that been. very i thought it was something. very
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much something i've been. working on to look at what people. like you not that there are that what people says but they don't you see it's all jacked up by yourself don't they don't know about these. boys are both on the lottery and gold would be a miracle. and if you'd like to get in touch with me on this story and. switzer you can send me any stories that you think we should be covering here on al-jazeera. let's move on to other news now and iranian foreign minister john javid zarif says tehran is willing to work on french proposals to salvage the 2050 nuclear deal washington resumed sanctions on iran after withdrawing from the pact last year french president hollande says have either tried to soften the empacher of the sanctions or come up with a way to compensate the iranian people in return and says iran should keep
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complying with the dail but iran's president hassan rouhani maintains that future talks with the u.s. would be useless as the bay has more from the port city of boston there are bus. a day of national pride for iran the unveiling of its own long range surface to air missile defense system above our 373 after years of sanctions that stopped iran from importing many weapons it's had to develop its own domestic arms industry and now facing a military buildup in the region president has done rouhani is defiant. now the no enemies do not accept logic we cannot respond with logic when the enemy launches a missile against us we cannot give a speech and say mr rocket please do not hit our country and no innocent people we cannot say mr rocket launcher please hit a button and self-destruct the missiles are near. the far 373 can identify up to 100 targets at the same time iran's ballistic missile
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program was not part of the 2015 nuclear deal a reason cited by the united states for pulling out of the agreement last year and imposing sanctions on iran. the recent seizing of oil tankers an iranian vessel detained in the british overseas territory of gibraltar and the u.k. flag tanker detained by iran in the gulf has raised tensions further now the u.s. has put together a naval coalition it says is to protect the freedom of navigation through the gulf strategic strait of hormuz where 20 percent of the world's oil policy is through and now. stretch of water that iran and oman share territorial rights too. bad oh yeah without iran there would not be any security in the region iran is a superpower ready to provide security for the region persian gulf and strait of hormuz stop pressuring us and stop encouraging your friends to be hostile towards us we're ready for friendship and defense as we are ready to fight back any
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invasion. the iranian tanker grace one i renamed a dream and was released on the orders of the gibraltar's supreme court and is now heading to greece iran however is still holding the british tanker in the strait of hormuz the british flexed and impaired was seized by the revolutionary guard last month for what they say were violations of international maritime regulations they say the vessel had changed directions in the shipping lanes it collided with a fishing boat but also churned up the tracking systems to avoid iranian forces now iran says the seizure and release of this vessel has nothing to do with the iranian vessel that was seized by british royal marines off the coast of gibraltar although a foreign ministry spokesman said a few days ago that he hoped that the issue would be in front of the court and that the ship would be released very soon. a straight britain and buttering have joined the u.s. coalition but on the seas here it's iran that still feels it holds a strategic advantage in any potential conflict assad big al jazeera under
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a bus iran. but plenty more ahead on the news including grim details emerge of the extent of section weiland and crimes against the rangar and myanmar. villages and farmland in pakistan have been affected as flood had andy ever leases water from a dam and as for the us open a sort of stop and stop typhus you know william leah i'll tell you more and more. french president emanuel that khan has again been without it. any major changes to the bricks that deal he made those comments during a visit by britain's prime minister boss johnson to paris that crown says the u.k.'s vote to leave the e.u. must be respected and that major renegotiation is not possible. has more from the french capital. if boris johnson had hoped to convince emmanuel macro to change the
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negotiating position on briggs it scrap the irish backstop the french president's response made it clear that wasn't going to happen after greeting the british prime minister at the lease a palace makkal said the e.u. would not renegotiate the withdrawal agreement and the backstop the insurance policy to prevent a hard border between ireland and northern ireland but no country in the european union can negotiate renegotiate this agreement the key elements of the segments including the are respects dog and not just technical constraints or legal issues but some genuine guarantees to preserve stability in ireland and the integrity of the single market which is the foundation of the european project this is all part of what was negotiated by the u.k. and. michael did however back the german chancellor's proposal to johnson in a bill in meeting on wednesday giving him 30 days to come up with alternatives to the backstop a good deal i was powerfully encouraged by our conversations last night in berlin
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with our mutual friends and i know that with energy and with creativity and application we can find a way forward for our businesses and our citizens this analyst says that e.u. leaders might happen altieri a motive for offering 30 days more time. european leaders may hold jenks and the stock old in the coming days because they know johnson's majority is very for john also today macro will host johnson and other g 7 leaders including u.s. president donald trump for a summit in the south of france the meeting with. johnson gives matt kroll an opportunity to reaffirm his commitment to the european union coming just 2 days before the g. 7 summit it also allows him to send a message to world leaders including donald trump that when it comes to brags that the e.u.'s united and won't you turn on a whim mike ross says that britain's destiny is in its own hands if it leaves
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europe 31st without a deal the french president says it's the u.k. government who will be responsible and not the e.u. it's not about law al-jazeera paris now mccrone also welcomed indian prime minister narendra modi where he discussed the ongoing crisis and made the call and said he would also talk with the pakistani prime minister soon he's urging both sides to ensure peace in the region should only push on the shores of the source i will have in the coming days an exchange with pakistan's prime minister a man can do remind him to france's will to see this question treated by lottery from his concern is to preserve the stability in the region and to fight all forms of terrorism. now un human rights experts are condemning the communication communications shut down and indian administered kashmir and they say the blackout enforced by the indian government is like a collective punishment on the people of the disputed region it's been more than 2
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weeks since and the avoid kashmir is autonomy reports from one neighborhood in srinagar which is putting up a fierce resistance to the security crackdown. it's an act of defiance people living in the sewer a neighborhood of srinagar have erected these barricades unlike the ones put up by security forces to control the movement of local people these have been put up to keep the security forces out. or draw you've given up the common violently the night before last week they blocked us in from 4 directions and didn't let us pray in our main mosque they've also autistic boys and girls from other areas so we have closed off the entrance here. this neighborhood has been a flashpoint of several protest since restrictions were imposed on movement and communications after the region's autonomy was revoked people here worry that makes them a target if we look at the present situation it looks like dell is going to enlist every one of us. could you the same. brother was detained on august 9th while
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returning home from work spammy only learned of his arrest the next day since then their frustration has only grown. police i just heard a case against him the cops tell us to come in the morning and they will release him when we do they tell us to come in the evening this is what we have been dealing with security forces remain in the city in the region in large numbers indeed officials say there has been some unrest in the past few days but it's been relatively minor. except. restrictions have been eased this week with some people in vehicles moving around however most businesses in srinagar remain closed and in sora open defiance remains
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. in the sky above. drones watching for protests which have been spontaneous in different parts of the city but here in authorities already know people plan to protest further and locals tell us they plan to resist as long as they can. indeed administered kashmir. a torrent of water. and has submerged towns and villages the north east and pakistan. punjab province and revenue levels are still rising a solid. as the flood waters rise river banks are giving way at least 100 people have been rescued from low lying villages along the river in punjab province. it's a desperate race to save as much of the standing crops as possible many farmers are refusing to leave their livestock and crops behind. this happens every time india
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releases water and homes get inundated our crops with millions have been destroyed the government has given us a few large boats to evacuate people and their livestock but we think the situation will improve in the coming days. rescue teams and military personnel have been deployed but those rescued say the situation in far flung villages is bleak and water levels were still rising when they left india in a funny india released the water and you can see our livestock and everything is still in the village we are desperate please help us take out our livestock nearly half of our people are still stranded. indian officials say they had to release large quantities of water from the. this is the area has seen the highest rainfall in 40 years resulting in unprecedented high level in the reservoir. politicians in pakistan india did not provide prior warning before releasing the water which is supposed to do under a decades old by law to the agreement. like it sounds national disaster management
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authority says thousands of hectares have been flooded who lurk and 14000 to 6 has been the river such words which is not unlike every murder and pakistan because there was no warning alert issued by indian authorities being brought up for repair the country and we are loaded very in country but now we are monitoring their head works release of water. efficiency saving lives is the priority and they hope water levels will recede in the next 48 hours but it is the monsoon season and heavy rainfall is expected in northern india in the coming days which means more water will flow downstream many rivers are flowing higher than usual through brings with it rain floods and destruction every year but this time around amid heightened tensions between pakistan and india even the stopper did release the water has been recognized some of which are without that there are on the banks of the jhelum
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river. now another round of talks between the u.s. and taliban have begun and kut-o. the 2 sides are discussing ending u.s. military intervention in afghanistan and o'shea should have been ongoing since a toy there in a bid to end the 18 year conflict the u.s. special envoys due to visit kabul next week to meet the afghan government. one of ghana's fans president insists that agreements made during the door hard talks will have to be bettered by his government set of shares the u.s. goal of withdrawing troops as soon as possible but he says they will have to be comprehensive discussions before any deal is signed. that at this the a part of this country but they cannot determine the fate of the country election is the legitimate right of the afghan people they must decide to have a legitimate government i am not the want to go to break the taliban i will negotiate with the taliban powerful with dignity. now yemen's with the rebels say
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hostile forces have targeted an airport in western yemen the if you say the cell the amorality coalition fired gunshots at their airport there's been no immediate comment from the coalition which has struck targets and the province in the past the 2 sides have been fighting for more than 4 years. now syrian government airstrikes have killed several civilians in opposition controlled towns and northwest province the syrian army backed by russia is continuing its offensive along the strategic m 5 highway which runs from the north of the country to the south government troops are already in control of parts of the highway after opposition fighters withdrew from the town of qana shake on monday. the palestinian authority has reached an agreement with israel over disputed taxes israel is releasing more than half a $1000000000.00 of tax revenue which it's withheld since february israel had frozen part of the tax revenue it paid the palestinian authority demanding that the
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p.a. and payouts to families of palestinians killed or jailed by israel. still ahead on the news hour fleeing abuse and detention of desperate migrants jumped into the mediterranean hoping to be rescued. states of emergency chad's military is deployed to end a deadly battle for resources and lean on messi is in a race against time to be fit to pass along as 1st family. will have more in sport . and though the good news across united states is that the heat has finally abated so still very warm it is that time of year but we have certainly seen the end those heat advisories we haven't seen the end of this is cloud with these storms quite
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a line of activity work its way southwards as we go through friday and saturday quite an unsettled picture across much of the south the southeast pushing as you can see up towards the mid atlantic so d.c. on friday with the thunderstorms a warm day 27 degrees but even warmer by saturday that high just above the average really for this time of year and elsewhere through. central plains and the upper plains we have got more of this rain and these thunderstorms they feeling very humid obviously with all this rain and since the story really as we go into the southeast that improving south into washington d.c. and it should be a pretty nice day across into new york as well scattered showers and some thunderstorms across areas of the caribbean very widely scattered and then it is a better picture across much of central america we have got the rains for the tools of in the east through panama but really it is mostly dry as we head on towards guatemala the yucatan peninsula and into southern sections of mexico still a few showers around since other thunderstorms but not about they suffered a mess this city and 30 celsius across in havana.
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it looks ugly it sounds ugly and scares people from america's high streets to mexico's on the world's replace that is the side and who controls the other side people in power follows the smuggling route and test the ease of acquiring untraceable weapons on american soil the weapon that was designed for war and it took you about 5 minutes to buy it moves you to america's guns of arming mexico's cartel on al jazeera congressman are you interested in stopping crime. trust is fundamental to all our relationships we trust banks with our money talk to us without really personal thought what happens to trust in a world to buy out. as more want to citizens and for us by these complex pieces of code the question that comes up is inevitable can we trust. the 1st of
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a 5 part series 3 questions when you're trying to of digital the. trust me i'm an algorithm on a. a lot of a product and a reminder of the top stories this hour french president a man you're back on has called a raging wildfires in the amazon rain forest and a national crisis he wants the g 7 leaders to hold an urgent meeting on the issue of prosecutors in brazil have started an investigation into the wild. french the french president has told visiting brush at a bar johnson that the u.k. must respect the deal already made on bricks and put bars johnson wants the e.u.
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to rein in. and un human rights experts are condemning the internet and telephone shut down and do that. they say the blackout and forced by the indian government is like a collective punishment on the people of the disputed region. now un investigators say the scale of sexual widens against the hangover so widespread and severe that it demonstrates what they call an intent to commit genocide a fact finding report says myanmar soldiers routinely and systematically raped gang raped and sexually abused women girls boys men and transgender people the u.n. says those responsible should be prosecuted on charges of war crimes genocide and crimes against humanity the report also mentions sexual violence and persecution in the states of kitchen and shun targeting other ethnic minorities. the tatmadaw used sexual violence as a tool of their military tactics it is very
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much a part of their tactics what is called the full cuts. but in especially in the rowing areas what happened is that realistic extremely violent extremely brutal to the point that we said bad it showed a kind of intent to destroy in whole or in part of a population so i think both were shocking the fact that it was done on some scale but there are also the fact that at the one committee may have been down with the intent to destroy the whole party we have actually seen satellite imagery of the areas these people were supposed to return to not a building as everything has been bulldozed not even a tree standing new structures have been built which are i would not say really worthy of inhabitation in that sense we have to make sure that when they return
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they're not only safe but they also have a pathway to citizenship and that all these framework of very discriminatory laws which we call appetite like should be removed. south korea is ending an intelligence sharing pact with japan and yet another escalation between the 2 neighbors south korea's national security council says japan's recent tightening of export controls led to the decision where disputes over trade in japan's water time atrocities have worsened in recent months but foreign ministers from both countries are meeting in beijing to try and find a solution now you tube says it's disabled more than $200.00 channels for spreading misinformation about the weeks of mass protests in hong kong with the video sharing website says the channels worked in a coordinated manner and used v.p.n. to hide their origin the move comes days after twitter and facebook crackdown on thousands of accounts that they say a backed by the chinese government the blocked accounts compared hong kong
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protesters to terrorists and accuse them of working with foreign powers. and earlier on tuesday thousands of high school students joined a certain calling for political reform threatening to boycott classes next month of the government continues to ignore their demands mass protests began in june over the controversial extradition bill that going into a broader movement against the influence of mainland china in hong kong's affairs. u.s. secretary of state mike pompei as his american officials are working on securing the release of 2 canadians held in china pompei are made the comments after meeting canadian prime minister justin trudeau 2 canadian men were detained in china 8 months ago over spying charges their risk of seen as retaliation against canada's decision to retain to detain rather than one job an executive from chinese telecom
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giant far away on a u.s. warrant pompei says mung won't be used as a bargaining chip in the trade war between the us and china. yes it was a bar it was a bargaining chip it is a legal process by the united states department of justice designed to bring someone who we believe we have sufficient information to bring back the other states under the agreement between the united states very straightforward. now russia and the u.s. have accused each other of risking a new arms race at the u.n. security council meeting was requested by russia and china to discuss washington's testing of a land based nuclear capable missile test comes off to washington and moscow pulled out of a cold war era missile treaty shopper tonsil reports from the united nations. it took just over 2 weeks for the u.s. to test a land based intermediate range tomahawk missile following its withdrawal from the intermediate range nuclear forces or i.n.f. treaty in early august the agreement signed at the height of the cold war between
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washington and moscow in 1907 led to the destruction of thousands of missiles that long been a source of fear for europeans it was clear their countries would be the battleground in any nuclear war the u.s. maintains it had no choice but to withdraw for 2 reasons the russians have long flout of the agreement something moscow denies and china which is not a signatory has been building up its arsenal of intermediate missiles these developments by the russian federation and china coupled with their aggressive and course of behaviors are key drivers behind a deteriorating security environment the united states will not and cannot ignore this reality but russia says the launch proves what both the obama and the trumpet ministrations of long denied it's the u.s. that has been flouting the treaty with its deployment of what washington calls a missile defense system in eastern europe the missile launcher used in sunday's test is the same model that the u.s. has deployed in rumania and poland but with modifications to allow it to launch
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fans of intermediate nuclear missiles and moscow chided the u.s. allies for sitting quietly as washington unilaterally nullified another treaty designed to preserve international security usually when you can you might just as well and but that do you really not understand that what you've done with the americans step by step you are turning into a historical situation when missiles were targeting european cities from different sides. the u.s. allies however did stick to washington's line while expressing concern about a new arms race china also stuck to its long held line its nuclear arsenal is defensive and dwarfed by those of russia and the us so it's not relevant to this discussion so we. it is not acceptable to use china as an excuse for leaving the treaty china rejects the baseless accusations by the united states in fact recently the trump ministration has been making it pretty clear it left the i.m.f. primarily because of china the us defense secretary even expressing the hope that soon perhaps in a matter of months they will be and into media range conventional missile
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capability in the asia pacific region where it's unclear which asian countries would want to host such missiles and become a target just as europe was during the cold war. the united nations. also was politicians have voted to dissolve parliament paving the way for a snap election and follows the resignation of. last month and e.u. backed court has demanded. the questions of the hague has found in 1998 insurgency against serbian forces he denies any wrongdoing but you are substantially more now from the capital pristina. you know very short session members of course. to disband the parliament and the country will go to a new general elections. president of the country. to set a date for elections. $30.00 to $45.00 days since the day president said.
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have a very short consultation with the leaders of major political parties in the country and a. very fast. this is happening because the current prime minister i was resigned about a month ago when he was called by special court. to be questioned . he's there all. you know war of the end of the ninety's and especially about potential crimes against ethnic serbs during and after the war he said that he was resigning because he doesn't want to hurt the image of the country to country to have a prime minister who is potentially accused of war crimes after that after that questioning he said he want to continue his the role as the prime minister but the major political parties said it is not possible and country must go to a new election so we can expect a new elections major topics new elections will be unemployment which is very high
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in kosovo it will be economy and the fight against corruption called into current polls no major party can count on a majority of the upcoming elections italy's president has given political leaders more time to form a new coalition government. since he wants a clear solution quickly after the voting alliance collapsed and prime minister just happy content resigned this week. just days after the open arms rescue ship was allowed to disembark in italy another vessel carrying $356.00 refugees and migrants mostly from sudan is near italian waters looking for a safe port on board and 90 unaccompanied minors libya has offered to take the ship but it organizes have refused the offer because of the potential danger that they'd face sagna guy there reports from lampedusa. they were pulled from the sea
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as they attempted to reach land in europe we were told to stay on board but some were so desperate they jumped into the water to be rescued. they could not have imagined the journey from libya would have taken this horrifying turn but what they feared most was being forced back. they would be taken back to libya where they have been exposed the abuses and that would be bloody the danger many of them did that to flee libya more times but have been intercepted the by the europeans the border do believe. and force them back to the danger for nearly 2 weeks the ocean viking operated by doctors without borders has been circling the same spot in the mediterranean sea the italian island of you know as or close to lampedusa it was refused entry to malta and the italian authorities have ignored 2 appeals by the vessel to dock safely. just days before another drawn out standoff between
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italy and the ship run by a spanish charity open arms it came to an end when a local prosecutor visited the vessel and after witnessing the conditions on board ordered it to dock. overjoyed at finally reaching land they suffered days of distress at sea with no way of knowing if they were going to be able to stay alive . to see how it's possible that the differing government are producing. all the international notion until now any consequences this monument known as the gate to europe is a symbol of how. has been a welcoming people seeking refuge over the years but italy's antiviolence interior minister my fair. claims that the ngos who've helped me do that and nothing more than taxis the people smugglers it's critics say that he's playing politics with fall nable people's lives and in framing the charities as the enemy many on
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lampedusa say it has not resolved the problem. everyone thought the immigration program would be solved by so vini. banning the entry. of the boats from arriving everyone just pretends they don't exist. as the ocean viking continues to wait for a port of safety and immigration voices will continue to use their plight as a call to control the charities that rescue them while those on board already bearing the scars of a brutal journey continue to wait for refuge in europe if and when your thirty's finally allow it. al-jazeera. now the government of chad is deploying the military to 3 provinces where states of emergency have been declared and dozens of people have been killed in fighting between farmers and herders and the landlocked african nation next year brian reports. the city of shares about
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900 kilometers from the chadian capital in gym in or and surrounded by grassland making it an important cattle raising center. but the battle for lending resources between its. herders has seen it put under a state of emergency the region's governor has been meeting with tribal and religious leaders to try to end recent unrest in which dozens of people have been killed and. the any head of a civil administration or tribe must arrest criminals in this area because it is their job and responsibility to take care of the people otherwise they will be sent the emergency measures in wa dian sealer provinces in the east and to based in the west allows our cities to impose curfews search homes and censor the media. president idriss deby has called for civilians to give up their weapons and close some borders blaming the surge of violence on conflicts in neighboring countries
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local tribal leaders agree. the troubles come from libya and sometimes from central africa and sudan those infiltrators who come to us from the conflict zones and sometimes from gold mining areas are the main reason of troubles. there's been some unrest between herders and farmers and other african states including mali and nigeria. drought and population growth aggravate the conflict while the influx of weapons and a rise in armed groups across the region have made the cycle of violence more deadly. chaired soldiers are part of a regional force that's fighting back on her arm and i select groups but some analysts suggest that strained the military and if it unable to counter the recent violence. one of the hottest says he's on the planet with most days over 30 degrees and with climate change expected to turn more of this region to desert
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battles over resources are likely far from over elixir brian al jazeera. to venezuela now the country has the world's largest oil reserves and.


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