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tv   Jobs and Gates  Al Jazeera  August 23, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am +03

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there has been some use of live fire we hear that there have been 9 injuries so far at the various sites up and down the border but here we haven't seen a large amount of live fire and relatively limited use of tear gas as well from the israelis so so far this seems relatively controlled and in relative terms quiet event. it's been amongst to some degree of heightened tensions hasn't is there a chance to think things could escalate. certainly always a concern and particularly at the moment given 2 things really one is as you say a number of events since the 1st of august there have been a number of attempts by armed palestinian men to get through the fence and they have been shot and killed there's been helicopter and tank fire used in at least one instance instance by israeli forces those attempts have been talked about by hamas is sort of rogue elements of frustrated young men who've been trying this
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without official sanction however there have also been rockets fired from gaza towards and into israeli territory in the last few days israeli army is blaming that on on islamic jihad another of the armed groups here inside gaza saying that hamas has a responsibility to try to control the behavior of islamic jihad but certainly with the israeli elections also underway and it in previous occasions we have seen hamas try to increase the pressure on the government of benjamin netanyahu in the run up to elections and other important political events there is a concern that potentially that might happen however we have seen this money come in from qatar the qatari envoy hamas is demanding that israel go through with other commitments that it understands israel made after the last round of escalation so a lot depends on how those talks continue and and whether hamas becomes satisfied in its terms of the polls on september 17th. harry fawcett there joining us live
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from gaza hari. coming up after the weather holding hands in hong kong this protest just came to new there calls for change. the floating nuclear reactor that's heading to the arctic. hello again to welcome back or here across the western pacific we are watching tropical storm by lou making its way towards the northwest towards taiwan and we do expect to see a landfall in southern taiwan by saturday and that's giving some very heavy rain gusty winds and storm surge across much of the eastern and southern portions of the island now as we go towards sunday the storm is going to cross over into the taiwan strait and we could be seeing a 2nd landfall this time it is going to be in china very heavy rain across much of
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the area we could be seeing anywhere between $200.00 to over $250.00 millimeters over the next 24 to 48 hours across much of the region there was no is going to be a nice warm day few at $37.00 degrees in shanghai showers in your forecast at $33.00 degrees there where across india it is going to be very heavy rain across much of the northeastern and also into the central part of the country over the next few days new delhi you have been dry temps are here on saturday of 34 degrees the by the time we get to sunday the rain starts to push a little bit more towards the west we do expect to see 32 degrees as your forecast of high over here towards mumbai though it is going to be mostly cloudy very humid few as well attempts are there of 30 degrees and a big loop showers in your forecast with a temperature of 27. this is a dialogue which you decide not to have children to say that because it's what they
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think is really human survival everyone has a voice but a start with our community because of course this is a debate and it's a heated one it will be a shouldn't really be able to do ph and i fully join the global conversation with people i think if only they knew what is happening to we were muslims they will be with us and they will be on the bridge on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera a quick reminder of our top stories this hour brazil's president says he may send in the army to battle fires that are burning through the amazon forest world
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leaders are calling it an international crisis and demanding action president called want sergeant talks of this weekend's g. 7. iran's foreign minister has hailed positive talks with the french president about well a call on salvaging the 2050 nuclear deal jadzia reef said both countries have made suggestions on how to move forward after the u.s. pulled out of the agreement last year. palestinians are gathering along gaza's border fence with israel after organizers cold of for an increased hard to protest there's been some israeli fire 9 people have been injured. the syrian army has moved into the area around a turkish observation post in northern hama say devious or of course in the government forces are meters away from turkish troops and more day after capturing towns and villages in the northern countryside turkey's foreign minister says the attacks must stop if talks are to have been. injured because the regime is
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active around the observation posts we are discussing this issue with russia and iran we start the process to have a political solution that's why these a constitutional committee let me bring into the regime has to be loyal to those it's not apparent arabs of asian post but the future of syria that's why our negotiations with russia still go stop the attacks and the tears as soon as possible and focus on the main process. violence and security of robbing almost 2000000 children of an education in central and west africa a report by the un children's fund that's unicef examines threats and attacks in 8 countries it singles out mali where attacks on schools of double between 2017 and this year in central african republic that they go rules by more than a 5th and school closures due to violence have gone up 6 fold over the past 2 years in burkina faso mali and in the chair or perhaps in the calle is in charge of unicef's africa service unit and as the reports lead author she says countries will
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never reach their full potential if children aren't in school. 1st of all i'd like to bring to you the words of a priest that i met in northern burkina faso just a few weeks ago father arcadius so adorable who is saying that without education we have no development and when you have such a large number of children out of school especially girls this has an extremely serious the tremendous effect on the country and that's that's another thing that perhaps strikes me as well that in a situation where you have education under threats where you have the livelihoods and the lives and futures of children parents are really extremely concerned about this and you understood you see when meeting with them with the families and with the children themselves how important they feel that education is so so that is perhaps you know one of the main messages we'd like to we'd like to bring forth is the voices of these children that are being prevented from from receiving like the
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most basic of education we're not asking for much here and also the fact that they're very parents in some cases are you know they're risking their lives the lives of their their children when they do try to send their kids to school the ship carrying 350 refugees and migrants are set to dock in malta after 6 you can choose agreed to take them maltese military vessels are taking the passengers to shore the ocean viking had been stuck at sea after malta and if italy initially turned away just days after refugees from the charity ship open arms were allowed to disembark in italy another vessel is close to italian more looking for a safe port libya has offered the ship carrying more than $350.00 people a place to dock but the crew say it's too dangerous there 90 of those on board i thought to be children so i gave the reports now from lampedusa. they were pulled from the sea as they attempted to reach land in europe were told to stay on board but some were so desperate they jumped into the water to be rescued. they could not
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have imagined the journey from libya would have taken this horrifying turn 2 but what they feared most was being forced back they are to be defied that they would be taken back to libya where they have been exposed to randall's abuses and that ability the danger in many of them did that to flee libya more times but have been intercepted the by the europeans to board do believe bianca's guard and force them back to the danger for nearly 2 weeks the ocean viking operated by doctors without borders has been circling the same spot in the mediterranean sea the italian island of illinois are close to lampedusa it was refused entry to malta and the italian authorities have ignored 2 appeals by the vessel to dock safely. just days before another drawn out standoff between italy and a ship run by a spanish charity open arms it came to an end when a local prosecutor visited the vessel and after witnessing the conditions on board
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ordered it to dock. overjoyed at finally reaching land they suffered days of distress at sea with no way of knowing if they were going to be able to stay alive . to see how it's possible that the differing government are can produce. all the international notion until now any consequences this monument known as the gate to europe is a symbol of how. has been a welcoming people seeking refuge over the years but italy's antiviolence interior minister my fear any claims that the ngos who've helped me do that and nothing more than taxis the people smugglers its critics say that he's playing politics with vulnerable people's lives and inflaming the charities as the enemy many on lampedusa say it has not resolved the problem. everyone thought the immigration
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program would be solved by so vini. banning the entry. of a book from arriving everyone just pretends they don't exist. as the ocean viking continues to wait for a port of safety and the immigration voices will continue to use their plight as a call to control the charities that rescue them while those on board already bearing the scars of a brutal journey continue to wait for refuge in europe if and when. he's finally allow it. al-jazeera there was a. hong kong protesters have formed a human chain the so-called hong kong way is inspired by the same tactic used in the baltic states in 1989 calling for independence from the soviet union protests organizers say the chain of people will go on the sidewalks of 3 main subway lines it's expected to spend from hong kong island to new territories. and a hong kong court has extended
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a ban on any more protests inside the territories airport airport bosses went back to the high court as opposition groups prepare for more action this week and last week thousands packed inside the main terminal forcing the airport to shut down in my home kong in say staff at airline cathay pacific are being targeted for supporting the protests. china has announced new tariffs on $75000000000.00 worth of u.s. goods it's retaliation for tariffs the washington plans to impose on chinese imports later this year china's commerce ministry said a duty of 5 to 10 percent will be placed on more than $5000.00 products some take effect on september the 1st ball others come into force on december 15th they'll cover agricultural goods crude oil small aircraft and also cause japan's prime minister shinzo lobby says south korea's decision to stop sharing military intelligence will damage trust between the 2 countries so korea made the move after japan downgraded its trade status they've been embroiled in an increasingly bitter
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dispute over wartime labor brayed reports from seoul south korea says it had been hoping until the last minute to avoid pulling out of the pact blaming japan for what's now become the most serious deterioration in relations in decades young japan created aggrieved change and bilateral security cooperation we have determined it would not serve our national interest to maintain an agreement to exchange sensitive military information. the intelligence sharing agreement was set up 3 years ago to counter the nuclear and missile threats from north korea its breakdown comes at a time of increased missile testing by pyongyang what anymore because the south korean decision completely misjudges the current regional security environment it's nothing but a disappointment and i find it extremely regrettable disappointment to from u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o who's called for the 2 u.s.
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allies to settle their differences relations have soured just as regional rivals china and russia seem to be moving closer together militarily this dispute began with a south korean court ruling in favor of victims of forced labor used by japanese firms during the 2nd world war japan retaliated with the restrictions on the export of materials and components needed by south korea's high tech manufacturers. south korea then responded with a campaign to boycott all japanese goods and cancel holidays there. it's now started another campaign to support south korean firms hurt by this dispute this company making air fresheners had spent 3 years trying to break into the japanese market and was all set with 3 major orders which have all now been canceled.
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as citizens we need to support our government's policy given the current mood with japan will need to find an alternative solution for now exports to japan are difficult. this deepening trade dispute comes at a tough time for south korean exports has already caught in the middle of the trade war between the us and china trade figures show exports this month are down more than 13 percent compared to the same time last year extending a slump that's gone on now for more than 8 months many here fear the next move by either side in this continuing tape for tat will only be further deterioration robert bright al-jazeera sold. russia is launching the world's 1st floating nuclear power plant it will be told thousands of kilometers to provide energy for rural communities the green day sides of this one the plant could become what they are calling chernobyl on ice set us on reports from moscow. a nuclear power
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plant sailing the seas russia says it's one of the safest and cleanest ways to provide energy to remote areas the academic low monos of combines both the technology of a nuclear powered icebreaker and that of a land based nuclear plant it took 10 years to design and build the power plant will be towed by 3 boats for more months to the region of chukotka 5000 kilometers away on a journey that could take up to 6 weeks depending on the ice the 2 reactor unit is one of the key projects of president put in so-called northern sea route a fast the sea connection between europe and asia which has become accessible due to a melting arctic despite safety concerns russia's nuclear agency sas has very little chance of a nuclear accident the nuclear stations very solid and is not vulnerable in case a tsunami or another disaster happens tests have shown the chances of a gigantic asteroid destroying the earth in the future is twice as high as internal
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damage to this reactor but greenpeace is not convinced in april 2017 the environmental group protested against a project calling a child noble on ice referring to the nuclear disaster in the soviet union in 1986 . of if the fukushima nuclear station was damaged by a tsunami we can only guess what could happen in this case the place can be flown upside down it can be thrown onto the shore or get damaged in a recent nuclear accident in the north of russia which caused a spike in radiation has also raised concerns whatsoever on u.k. accidents happening in the past few months and the government that is by political about what exactly has happened people are growing increasingly suspicious that like in the time of chernobyl you have 40 years of trying to cover up incidents of leaks radiation even though the academic no one no thought would travel only partially populated areas its journey will be closely watched russia's plans to
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sell floating nuclear plants to other countries have also rung alarm bells according to greenpeace offshore reactors will be harder to monitor and they can fall into the wrong hands academic law not self will stay in effect in you've got got for at least 10 years before going back to more months for maintenance and to dispose of its nuclear waste step fasten al-jazeera mosco. this is al jazeera and these are current top stories brazil's president says he may send in the army to battle fives that are burning through the amazon forest world leaders are calling it an international crisis and are demanding action french president manuel mccollum wants urgent talks at this weekend's g. 7 summit. iran's foreign minister has hailed positive talks with french president in manuel mccall on salvaging the 2015 to clear deal jeffords a reef said both countries have made suggestions on how to move forward after the
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us cool dives of the agreement last year. you know. when we negotiated and accepted the nucular deal we did it with open eyes around negotiated it based on distrust that's why in article 3. 6 we predicted some ways to compensate illegal acts of the other sides and now we are taking those measures but it was crucial for us to show that we are looking for solutions still looking for solutions and based on the other side's commitments we are committed to the deal. palestinians have gathered along gaza's border fence with israel asked organizers called for an increase turnout it weekly protests hamas which controls the strip have warned of a return to more direct confrontations but has since said it will control the protests has been some israeli far flung people have been injured the syrian army has moved into the area around a turkish observation post and more ake after capturing times and villages in northern helmand province turkey has made it clear they have no intention to leave
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the post the ship carrying $350.00 refugees and migrants is set to dock in malta after 6 e.u. countries agreed to take them in maltese military vessels are taking the passengers to shore the ocean viking had been stuck in c.f. to malta and it's really initially turned it away. on home protesters have formed a human chain the so-called hong kong ways inspired by the same tactic used in the baltic states in 1909 calling for independence from the soviet union. china has announced new tariffs on $75000000000.00 worth of u.s. goods it's retaliation for tariffs the washington plans to impose on chinese imports later this year china's commerce ministry says a judy of 5 to 10 percent will be placed on more than 5000 products some take effect on september the 1st one of those come into force on december 15th you are up today those are your headlines right matheson is here in 30 minutes with the news hour right after the street by.
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ok and i'm really good and you're in the stream today fighting gender based violence we're going to tell well look at how testers in mexico are doing attention to rape and violence against women we want to hear your thoughts on this issue as always tweet us that you do stream or share your comments there are live you to chime.
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mexican feminist happen expressing their anger over recent allegations that mexico city police officers had raped 2 teenage girls in the past week protesters armed with glitter rallied at the city's security headquarters and other sites chanting they don't protect us they rape us earlier this month 4 policemen allegedly raped a 17 year old in a patrol car and in a separate incident a 16 year old said that a police officer wrote to her in a city. protesters and many on line feel that violence against women is not taken seriously by the state and that even security forces can commit crimes of little consequences mexico city mayor claudia initially called the anti-rape protests a provocation that led to massive criticism online and of viral hash tag demanding justice it's not a provocation syndrome has since apologized and met with women's groups to discuss
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how authorities can better their response to violence against women so what can be done to change attitudes towards gender based violence in mexico with us to talk about this in mexico city and our writer and activist in berkeley california. a human rights lawyer and journalist and gabrielle of a dream guests head of the women secretariat of mexico city she will be speaking to us today with the help of an intel participant maybe just a tiny little delay but i know you will bear with us for that ladies it is good to have you here i am just thinking his cell or this is not the 1st time you've been on the stream this is not the 1st time we talk about gender based violence in mexico it is a major problem what happened with these latest protesters it seemed like everything just bubbled up how did you view it how do you see it. i don't disagree i don't think everything just bubbled out of nowhere i actually. lot of american
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from innocence and mexican feminism's have been organizing for more than 10 years to lead to this point to lead to this point of rage and invisibility station and feeling of being in the civilized and marginalized by the government so we started probably in 2012 we had our mexican arab spring along with the student movement when we had elections and since then there's been several hashtags i can remember off the top of my head for it or 5 where we denounce gender based violence we denounce harassment even before and i want to speak about this later he too is not our current i'm and over time we just feel that when you have a system where crimes are not being investigated then punitive is so big and then the other hand the media is just amplifying the government's voice without investigating themselves then we're just caught between a crossroads where our voices are not here defending us places are not hurt and
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women are still being killed raped murder and mistreated. in general so i think this is not the 1st time we're not the only one who thinks that his that we got a video comment from and i barbosa she's a student of literature and she also says that this is been simmering for a while now she sent us a video comment have a listen to it tomorrow i will direct this to you. i think it's important to keep in mind that this didn't come from nowhere this women aren't angry and demanding justice only because one girl was raped by for a policeman they are protesting because between 20142008 the middle east a 1904 women were brutally murdered in mexico and nobody did nothing about it in the 1st 4 months of 20191199 mexican women were killed only because they were women and more than $100.00 of them were children this woman are demanding justice and want to be heard because no one heard them until now about or
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you can hear the passion in her voice she's angry and rightfully so she mentions the protests you were there you were at the protest talked to us about what happened there well 1st i would like to clarify did the mayor hasn't apologized she said she was going to do that but she she hasn't she said something about it like i was misunderstood no we don't agree so it we're still waiting for that apology because somehow she is implicitly. saying that we are the better ones they're the ones who were at the demonstration and well yeah being there it was i'll burst or of our anger in our fear or the fury we face every day when we are out there industries or home because this.
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is sites are happening outside and home too. so it was really really powerful being there in the. we're seeing these women destroy everything it was a way to communicate the way we feel and we are really angry because they said it was violent and we think it was not because no one was hurt like really hurt it was just material stuff broken windows in refugees and that was it. i mean it was nothing compared with what we're leaving and what we're facing everyday camera let me just bring you into the conversation because you're looking at these scenes and who are in mexico city you saw this play out with the protestors what was your reaction when you saw this one point what was the reaction of the secretary it for women when they saw this action. meet up with something
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obviously. we're talking about this for my pleasure the history i'm a feminist i'm an activist had i been show for over 40 years when my colleagues go out into the street to to denounce the violence. you're really in the eye you see myself immediately when i identify myself or them because i did that out 1000 times my own head of government the mayor of new mexico city went out into the street a 1000 times when dealing with the many years and in the case particularly of gender violence what is very regrettable down and that you said it very clearly isn't that we're not understanding each other and we have to begin by recognizing that the language because on the one hand. 9 am very optimistic with a new generation because that there's
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a new corps these are new language there is so they're being much more visible than what women in the past and other types of what we did that we went out to the streets in the sixty's it was a different time and show. that we're not communicating we're not understanding each other and we have to start by acknowledging that because the mayor of mexico city cloudier same boehm when she invited me to be at the helm of this ministry in december last year when the instruction demanded was number one issue is violence against women and we will do whatever we can do the most important resources will have to be invested in eradicating violence against women and we have a lot of activities and if we have a plenty of time we can talk about what we've done from december 10th date.
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one of the. brought up. by the protesters was what really appreciative of the way that command reacted to approach which was to demonstrate to beat out there in the street and to be pretty. how angry very all right now. the gender based violence situation in mexico i know you talked about this as your your personal investment in feminism and where you come from but what do you make of the mayor's reaction because that was up setting for the protestors for sure. what us has made that is why i was trying to say we have to be more open to a new language and to a new form of dealing with things and it is very creative but don't we have that to hear them better and we have to start off on the basis of that recognition throughout latin america and i will talk about 2 new symbols. the green bandana
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that has been very important because we see ourselves or we identify ourselves everyone in mexico city in this new one that was a pink glitter it was well. obviously when you see the pink glitter it is not an aggression it is a symbol a symbol of a protester and it is a very creative a very interesting. that is new. and yes. we have to come closer we have to understand it better because one thing i can say is that deep down the young women that came out to the streets and those of us who are in government. we are equally disturbed or concerned more than worried because we are occupied we're dealing with that issue with many strategies and it would seem that they were not fighting put the same thing and it is
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a huge it is serious problem in communication intergenerational communication this is the way i see it because it's their colleagues here in mexico city the city where i live where i have a daughter i have 2 granddaughters 2 young granddaughters and we are women living in the city and we have anger because of that gender based violence that not cheese mo that you fight everywhere in school at home and in public institutions are with the police of course and without officers it is institutional violence it was. through natural gas. and both of our colleagues said those rules are there demonstrators and we are fighting for the same and it would seem it would give the impression that we have opposing positions his. yeah i mean i have a lot of comments 1st of all while i agree that the most appropriate the most
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appropriate reaction was not to say that it was a pro-creation to who think maybe years credit she has not use 9 public force of the police to repress the protests have been fact checking i've been doing fact checking exercise for the past week and i haven't seen that and that is a huge change from the past administration who are we had a cop. really problematic cop that was engaged in a lot of human rights abuses with protesters because of their oppression of protests and that has been documented as is the december 1st of 2012 so i'm not going to get into that just to her credit she has not used the public forced to do that and she has tried to engage in dialogue it's not perfect no minister very angry of course but let's give her that and then secondly here i do think and i have written a lot about this that the burning down of material public stuff which is very different from burning or breaking private stuff. brining or breaking public stuff
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public. patrol car or at the door of the building i believe for my analysis that is protected by the human rights for about expression and it should not be a crime and it should not be prosecuted this symbolism and the power that i saw when i saw these girls late in the doors of justice were open we would have no need they would have no need to break down the door it's that simple and politics is a struggle of symbols so within those symbols i think this these protests that see that and they where for me i was really really proud that we're seeing this now the real question is what are we going to do at the public policy level because one thing is being unreached about it and then the other thing is actually addressing this huge issue that. the maddest there is just inside and out of our homes and it's just like here as in our boys in our community that it's just everywhere you
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look i get cat call just by joining on the street and i stopped talking on the street i was scared of walking alone at night because i don't know what's going to come in and that's just and i want to get started on online gendered violence for speaking up like i've been getting so many trolls just for tweeting about the protest right and so many we call them with a hash tag so many much of that is just late punishing me for speaking up and i'm so glad that you brought that up really widening this conversation because that is what people online are doing as well so i want to share this from. a former stream gas she says mexico city has its 1st female mayor but nothing has changed for city's city's female residents from a side rape kidnapping street harassment our daily realities until government and media care more about women's lives than monuments the protests will surely continue and it's one point in particular that she mentions there that i want to
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pick up on because someone else in our community spoke about this and that is the media so this is sophie about a both a she's an illustrator and she talks about what she sees as the problem have a listen one of the most important t.v. chains on the country is spreading all sorts of thinking you know some of the movement there is printing very sensitive information i hope the victims when they shouldn't do that and they actually manage to send a. thank footage of all of what really happened and they're trying to me to make us look up to make a look like. i know that there is nothing confirmed but they're basically saying that the big sums are lying there's a lot of misinformation of what we're trying to do ourselves is to actually tell the people what's going on. so it's about her bigger point is the media in general feeling like they are playing into victim blaming what do you say about that absolutely they're being really irresponsible because it's really sad but femicide
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and rapes and this kind of violence is no longer. lines worth you because no news in the morning because we have 9 to 10 sites every day is so they're helping. him get online. through set in. you have example because they're activists who actually analyze the data from several media organizations and evidence. exactly. the times that the words like. because they did there was a. bus station destroyed mr wallace or glass or door or graffiti or monuments there's times they used the words we were
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higher then but i. can i just illustrate that because it's a perfect illustration as an organization called data paul that visualizes information the data that happened in mexico to help tell the story is better so here at the bottom we have the dates of. these the dates of various protests happening at this high line here this red light up here what are the media talking about whether talking about the metro bus tomorrow i was mentioning they talk about the graffiti they talk about lots of different perhaps trivial details about these protests and where do you think they're actually talking about gender based violence how many of those publications are doing that right down here at the bottom that would seem to say maybe there's a certain element of going for the shiny objects excuse the pun here for the glitter i'm not going for the call or the color of the debate. but the protests a day get the attention of the mare this is the mayor here
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a day after the attorney general's office was attacked she actually made a statement i'm going to give you a little clip of that statement because the mess is that we are going to do something we are doing something have a listen to. so now we could be a lot of good didn't i will weather this when you look better gather will a lot more create is what got you in the news. you get the numbers we do here this is. really cool. but up we get all of the good is week to most of your lives it's just have been nice of b.c.p. moment circle for you that another friend said gas. what if whatever comes creators expect us to face what i said was that it was 11 the greatest get out there's a lot of your c.v. but what is for us in their list of thank you god but he actually lives there but even still not there. they live your lives here but i simply let you go in may he called in this past year was
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a good lesson creates progress. gabrielle a bearing in mind the major issue of gender based violence in mexico how do you make it the most secure space for women how is that possible what he's doing right now. you know. the point that we started working on cindy's december. myside said that me in the city every month that we have 2 or 3 family sides. which is a rate that in 6 months is says stagnant it is slightly lower than that of last year but it is true least that nation so the entire work on feminist science has concentrated on detecting risks. and therefore it is very important to take a look at the 2 strategies mentioned by the mayor of mexico city we place the prosecutor's agencies a lawyer and attorney that is
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a lex brigden gender perspectives she hears other cases of women every woman that arrives or from different places in the city we have 79 agencies she receives other complaints and she listens to these women and besides hearing that besides empathy she has to detect whether there is a familiar side violence there and that is let's say. that it has skill it's a very fine skill in order to identify that it was that me and so we also have a group of protection measures for that person so that the only way if you are devoted many of the 1st months in detecting feminist science and avoiding the. assassinations killing of women that is the number one priority that we have and it's not the only one because lawyers these women attorneys are receiving these cases of rapes for example on the other cases and what they do is
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help us so that the binder of complaint will be with all that is prepared so we follow the woman we supported until they complain is filed so that we can respect whatever she said and so that the final will. what she is to deny that what she is saying in our complaint. is i like to. wear the security that we are offering in gold these prosecutors offices in the city will provide psychological legal help but so important to women it's intuitions of. course. tomorrow as a little kid like to say just how tired a moment tomorrow i would like its last where was these women attorney when the girl who was raped by 2 cops went to the police station to report this and she didn't get the proper help the protocols weren't full old and care personal
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information leaked so these this is yeah it sounds great on paper but in reality. it is pretty much the same because all the people involved in this justice system is the system itself is extremely misogynistic so this is a great example of how it is not working i mean it you have to hurt but you also have to be more self critical about this measurement and about these methods and strategies you're. divorcing. well the one test can i answer. that this was. ready leaked to me and that was a huge problem the naudet the fire the names of the victims were leaked 2 days
11:44 pm
later she had already filed to the statement ringback until days later that was leaked and that is a crime that is being prosecuted and i hope that shoe in the attorney's office will sanction the person that leaked the information because the girl in was. by physicians and next by a psychologist. a psychological study specialist from when we take your cases of rape. our attorney said the mother gave to the mother because. the mother is also judicially emotional. and the problem the most serious problem that we are where we are because of that leak and i hope that one of the effects of this very important demonstration by where many. leaks we're going after those that we are just waiting it responds should be.
11:45 pm
inquiry and this cannot be solved in seconds. allowed to be known. i cannot question that we are almost at the end of the show but i want to return to that we can actually also get more into the community's reaction to the shallow end here with a tweet because i want to explain something but our guest said they mentioned glitter and i don't know if it's clear for our audience to take a look here and after someone threw glitter at the mexico city police chief and became a symbol of the movement against gender violence i concluded this thread that she sent us with artwork celebrating this feminist uprising has become the symbol of an emerging movement in mexico city and of course you can see behind us on the screen pictures of people using glitter in their images on social media thank you very
11:46 pm
much. for joining us on the show today to explain. the protests in mexico. next time. on counting the cost this week we check the pulse of the global economy that age a populist government says the independence of central banks comes up the threat and the other intended consequences of trump's trade off plus the i.m.f. warns on the missteps of brigs its trade rules counting the cost on al-jazeera. september on al-jazeera up to gears of war and famine al-jazeera looks at the dramatic transformation emerging to the inspirational stories of for diversity
11:47 pm
p.o.b. times israel elections can benjamin netanyahu to form a majority and sometimes another town listening post to 6 the world's media how they operate and the stories they cover do not succeed been made to his him president to succeed join us for live coverage as to his united's a documentary that examines the worst atrocities committed during the war in libya . september on al-jazeera. over a 100 years ago britain and france made a secret deal to divide the middle east between them now we can draw him in the 2nd episode we explore the lasting effects of this agreement that there is a regional set to 6 because it's at those borders were drawn without consulting the people who have to live with the. psychs pekoe lines in the sun on
11:48 pm
jersey. i mean this is different it's whether it's that one thing for some of us for reds. i think it's how you approach a vigil and i think it is a certain way of doing to contest. the story and die out. this is al jazeera. i know i'm right matheson and this is the news of live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes a global crisis record breaking fires burning through brazil's amazon forest phone calls for urgent action from world leaders iran's foreign minister says nuclear talks with the french president have been productive. 10 years old and already
11:49 pm
a mother a woman and children who sought refuge from fighting in nigeria now face the threats of rape. and dimly a hearty in australia are building a lead and the 3rd ashes cricket test after their bowlers rip the england batting apart and dismiss them for just 67 all that coming up in sport. brazil's president says he may send in the army to battle fires burning through the amazon forest but an unfolding disaster is already being labeled an international crisis that needs global action french president emanuel once urgent talks at this weekend's g. summit and he's been joined by germany's angela merkel and the u.k.'s boris johnson we begin our coverage with the latest from high vidual castro. dramatic video
11:50 pm
captures the fury of the flames eating away at the world's largest rain forest this is just one of several 1000 fires currently consuming swaths of the brazilian amazon and the world is watching we're very concerned about these fires both for the immediate damage that they're causing and also because sustained force is crucial in our fight against climate change the amazon produces 20 percent of the world's oxygen that's why it's called the planet's lungs but environmentalist warn if the burning continues at this rate the rain forest will transform to a landscape resembling the african savannah and rather than produce oxygen the antidote to global warming the former rain forest will humid carbon instead in brazil sister e. was soon difficult situations but for the 1st time we have this kind of situation that was created almost with official encouragement from the government
11:51 pm
environmental groups say ranchers and log are started the fires to clear the land. they blame brazil's president. as a candidate he promised to give businesses access to natural resources to restore the country's economy as president he's gutted funding for brazil's environmental and forstmann agency and he now says without offering evidence that environmental groups set the fires themselves the world. now the amazon is bigger than europe how can you fight criminal fires in such an area it is clearly criminal how can you do it you need to catch them in the act otherwise there's nothing you can do now non-governmental organizations are losing money money that came from germany and norway they are unemployed now so they are trying to overthrow. the hash tag pray for amazonas has been trending on twitter. and other world leaders have
11:52 pm
reacted as well our house is burning literally tweeted french president emanuel macron it is an international crisis he's called the members of the g. 7 summit to discuss the amazon fire at their upcoming meeting this weekend. castro al-jazeera washington correspondent dana bash one was in brazil he has this update from point of view these are the people who voted for the job also now to become the next president because he promised them that they would be able to carry on developing this area the state of around on you which is the capital already 70 percent of the forest of it has been deforested. says it's right for further developments so life here goes on we've just seen several trucks go past carrying huge logs to the logging industry is very big cattle rearing is very big so they really won't be listening to that international condemnation yet we're told that just a few kilometers from here the fires are raging we'll be going out to see those in
11:53 pm
a little while so the devastation will be hitting this area but this is where people make money this is an area right for development so whether they're listening to that those messages coming from around the world is really up in the air increasingly that international condemnation condemnation for within brazil itself is growing he is trying to let that with russia slide off his back but it's really now remains to see how much that international and national condemnation will grow and when the job also noddle will be forced to take note of it and do something concrete to try to deal with this this problem which is threatening to get out of control in foreign elwood is an associate professor of conservation science at the university of west of england in bristol he says the devastation is far reaching. the rain forest provide about 20 percent of the world's oxygen but it's so much more than that that the species that live that
11:54 pm
connection is the networks everything from funky bacteria to insects and other arthropods like millipedes and centipedes that the little things that run the world have to fit together they're like a symphony orchestra and you can't expect it's like taking away members of the symphony orchestra and expecting it to still be able to play beethoven's 9th symphony it's just not going to work when we destroy elements of biodiversity we cut the threads that bind this network together and so at any time any moment this entire thing could crash when the nutrients cycling and things like belief that are being cycled into nutrients in the soil he just starting starts to start crashing and the ecosystem is so begin to crash and that's what's really dangerous when you use biodiversity because but interest is nature's defense mechanism it's nature's insurance plenty of species means that functions can still continue but if you take those away you destroy the inch you destroy mother nature's insurance mechanism and
11:55 pm
that's what's happening now iran's foreign minister has hailed a positive talks with french president emmanuel mccrone salvaging the 2015 nuclear deal speaking to reporters after meeting germans alif says both countries have made suggestions on how to move forward after the u.s. pulled out of the deal last year has previously said he will either try to soften the impact of u.s. sanctions or come up with a way to compensate the iranian people and the embargo is joining us now from paris nadim do we know any more about what they were talking about and more about the mood that was being encouraged when they were talking. well rob we certainly know the term the iranian foreign minister himself has called the talks productive we know that they spoke earlier in the the week in terms of the french and the iranian sides talking over the phone in fact president micro has been raising the issue on every occasion that he finds and we know that as you said
11:56 pm
he has hinted that he try to propose something which words soften the impacts of those economic sanctions which were imposed by the u.s. when it left the deal last year possibly by allowing some countries to temporarily by iranian crude oil or to offer credit lines to the iranian government while at the same time is saying the talks are productive mr zarif reiterated the deal itself could not be renegotiated and after the u.s. did quit it we've seen in recent months the iranians admit that they breached the restrictions on their production of enriched uranium which could potentially be used for a weapons program he said that those measures could be reversed but that would depend on all sides meeting their obligations. you know. when we negotiated and accepted the nucular d.-o. we did it with open eyes around negotiated it based on distrust that's why in
11:57 pm
article 36 we predicted some ways to compensate illegal acts of the other sides and now we are taking those measures but it was crucial for us to show that we are looking for solutions still looking for solutions and based on the other side's commitments we are committed to the deal. many of the g 7 members which which will be attending the summit in b.r. it's this weekend of course will have been concerned by the rising tensions in the gulf certainly the european partners have a menu item i call eager to try to keep this nuclear deal but whether the american side in the form of president trump and security advisor john bolton will actually take the saudi did this initiative and run with it at the g. 7 whether it will go anywhere hard to predict so far they've accused france of
11:58 pm
sending mixed messages to tehran through its diplomacy efforts so it's really not clear what's going to happen. thank you very much indeed i want to bring in simon bourne he's a senior lecturer in international studies at lancaster university he's joining us from there thank you very much indeed for your time how significant is it that the 2 sides are actually talking fact i respect to whether or not they actually come up with some sort of solution. i think it's hugely significant and also symbolic i think you can have a diplomatic resolution to a crisis without dialogue that much we know and so the fact that these 2 prominent officials are sitting down together and talking is an incredibly important 1st step it sends a good message to other members of the nuclear deal and it sends a strong message the united states the european powers are fighting to save the deal so there's the symbolic dimension but there's also a really important substantive dimension that there are talks going on the french
11:59 pm
know what the iranians are thinking what their concerns are and the iranians know what the french concerns are so it's something to really build on and it's a platform to try and move forward from this working within the parameters of the deal and working to keep the deal and president merkel has said that he wants to try to in some way soften the blow of the sanctions or offer compensation to the iranian people we don't have any details yes of course but but at the same time do you have any indication or any idea how he might be able to get do this and get round the u.s. sanctions that are in place. well we know that there's a trading house essentially that's been established by the europeans that was designed to get around the u.s. sanctions call them stacks and this was designed to allow for for the iranian economy to try and work without the fear of u.s. sanctions and allow companies to trade with iran of course it's limited to essential humanitarian goods so this is one of the ways around all of there isn't
12:00 am
all that much confidence in it yet it's something that could possibly work but i think the other thing that must be stressed is that we have to have a degree of trust here and that trust has been dramatically broken with the u.s. withdrawal from the deal and so i think what mr micron is trying to do here is say look we want the deal to continue same to the iranians we want it to continue and we want you to continue working within it so we need to make it better for you and we need to make things better for you to stop this incredibly harsh u.s. sanctions biting and so that's what they're trying to do find different ways of actually operating and getting some money and and really trying to alleviate the incredibly devastating economic sanctions and the impact that those sanctions are having on the iranian people in the event that they.


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