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tv   Indias Hospital Train  Al Jazeera  August 24, 2019 6:32am-7:01am +03

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but when family members tend to make good shit to kind of receive money from from suspects all to try to prevent prosecution we family members can come up to help us let the prosecution process be concluded. the plight of the little girl prematurely propelled to motherhood is 1st becoming a rallying cry for those seeking action on grip in nigeria's displaced people's comes many hope the case will spark the authorities to take action too and such horrendous crime once and for all $100.00 well jessica. judy. last year a venezuelan banker was convicted of running a $1200000000.00 money laundering scheme all with stolen government money investigators say most of the cash was used to buy real estate in florida it's money stolen from a country that's in a deep humanitarian and economic crisis and u.s.
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authorities have raunch a renewed crackdown on these kinds of schemes as gallagher reports now from miami. miami is known as the gateway to the americas a fact that's helped the city grow over the last few decades foreign investment is a major contributor to south florida's economy but the u.s. government says it can come with the downside money laundering is is designed to hide in plain in plain sight andrew it'll mean specializes in anti money laundering laws and says venezuela is a big offender with a socialist government that had held itself out as providing for these people for everything that they may and then the people who are in charge of making sure that that happens. ended up being corrupted and taking the money for themselves out of the country while the images of everything that's happening in venice well as an international t.v. as a humanitarian and economic situation in venezuela continues to decline the cases of government officials prosecuted for money laundering and stacking up the brazilian
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backed out of construction project was abandoned over corruption allegations 2 years ago when it was revealed that almost a $100000000.00 was paid out to venezuelan officials almost 200000 people lost their jobs when the project stalled but it's real estate deals in the us that are coming under increasing federal scrutiny developers and realtors like jesse utley are aware of the problem in south florida and say they're more discerning with buyers that ever before our brand is important the brand of miami is important. development has credibility in their brands and very important as well so so you know those reasons make us very aware of who we're dealing with and how we deal with the problem of money laundering operations investing in the us isn't restricted to venezuela in 2016 the panama paper scandal revealed a network of officials from across the world using shell corporations and real estate deals to hide cash and lead luxury lifestyles real estate transactions in
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florida and now a major focus for the f.b.i. even as political tensions between the u.s. and venezuela escalate it's an issue the bureau is now pouring more resources into an indication of just how serious the problem is florida has a reputation as a haven for money laundering but the concentration on venezuela has brought into sharp focus when people there are suffering such serious hardships u.s. officials say they'll continue to seize assets monitor transactions and clamp down on the practice earlier this year the f.b.i. opened its 1st permanent anti corruption unit here in south florida critics say it should have happened years ago but agents have already seized several properties in the last few weeks and gallacher all. miami florida. 8 years ago a $5.00 earthquake magnitude earthquake hit the u.s. state of the genea it was strong enough to crack the washington monument and cole's $20000000.00 in damage to the national cathedral today stonemasons a still repairing the gothic style what an earthquake ship loose. my name is sean
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callahan i'm a stonemason stand stone carver at the washington national cathedral in washington d.c. by basically has knocked on the door one day and asked for a job and that's how i ended up here as an apprentice and i was 987. when i 1st came here i relished the opportunity it was very exciting and unique and over time it becomes who you are. when i came here vince plummer was the master carver i think the last one hired actually. over the years you build a breath of dollars i got a repertoire of chefs and skills so each piece you do will inform the next piece you work on when we had the earthquake here it was months before even got the building back open structurally what happened to us wasn't too bad it was a lot of things on the outside but we still had to shut down and assess the damage and see what was safe and what wasn't and that took some time my part of it is i'm
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here on the workbench hyper focused on this one piece of stone i'm always aware of how important building is to other people it's an important as a public building and as a cultural icon i'm always aware of that so i have a responsibility to put my best effort in because it's not just my work it's part of the fabric of the building and it's going to become historic hopefully it'll be around for a very long time it's always in the back of my mind i'm working on this i have a responsibility to be faithful to the work it motivates me when i see the impression it leaves on other people when they come here and visit and see the building it gives me a sense of pride that i have a hand in that of giving that satisfaction to other people that touches people every day it's something that grabs you and your soul and you you want to be a part of it. coming up. in the.
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business updates. going places to get.
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business updates. going places together. thank you mary i'm australian are firmly in the driver's seat at the close of the 2nd day's play of the 3rd ashes cricket test against england in leeds the 1st part of the day saw josh hazlewood take 5 for 30 to help rip through the english batting order england all out for 67 their lowest score against the ozzies in 71 years the home bowlers then did some damage of their own but marnus lead was shane's $53.00 not out helped the tourists to $171.00 for 6 at the close that's an overall lead up
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to $83.00 the aussies lead the series one nil so if they win this test they'll retain the ashes trophy i won't get too specific with the players but i obviously when you wake up and see the sun shone as using england you know you think betting a great batting dive but i think just the way we started. we didn't want to give too much oil to see if you know their plans want to cave in austin tartan i was sick build pressure and go from there but you know the 1st day i was it was fantastic and we just get building on that. we're disappointed we're disappointed through the way you which we batted we know that. it's tough to tell you can the dressing room when it happens. at the end of the day the $293.00 hit so what i would say is the game is it's not over. from this position if we can knock them over in the moment and i've seen test cricket. put some. some
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strange endings let's put it that way. sri lanka meanwhile reached 144 for 6 on day 2 of their 2nd test against new zealand before rain ended play as for matches later on in the year the country's sports minister said the team will not be playing test matches in pakistan 2 tests had been scheduled for october but after security review erin fernando said they will now be playing in the u.a.e. however he said $31.00 day matches are being planned as part of an 8 day tour it would be just the 2nd time official one day matches have been played in pakistan since the sri lankan team bus was attacked by gunmen in the horror 10 years ago and pakistan's davis cup tennis tie against india scheduled for the middle of next month has been postponed because of the recent escalation in tensions over the disputed region of kashmir in a statement the international tennis federation said that this is an exceptional circumstance while the 1st priority of the i.d.f. is a security and safety of athletes officials and spectators the thai has been rescheduled
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for november the i.d.f. will continue to monitor the situation in pakistan and the davis cup committee will reconvene to re-examine the security situation in advance of the thai manchester united manager says paul is stronger after facing racist abuse on twitter suffered abuse on social media after missing a penalty shot on monday he's received support from his teammates and the club is due to meet twitter to discuss how to tackle the issue ole gunnar so shiers says something must be done. people hide behind fake identities i don't think it's. to me to change it but there's so many only going to solutions on twitter and social media that i know it's not me and of course it's we've got to do something about it the authorities got to do something about the ones who spread this hate. you just feel sorry for them really to most of. problems themselves when they have
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to have to. do this newly promoted aston villa have their 1st win of the english premier league season villa had lost their 1st 2 games back in england's top football division it 1st half goal from brazilian forward wesley and a late strike from on mario ghazi ensured a 2 no when over everton on friday. manchester united will be at home against crystal palace on saturday chelsea's start the day's norwich day's action at northwich to newcastle last week the blues haven't won yet the season and the match of the day is late kick off when liverpool host arsenal of good football players positions and real speed up front while real speed. makes it tricky to to defend it all the time to do that stuff you have to be brave you have to play you know in football you have to try to keep possession of to be direct and
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all that stuff so a lot of things to do to consider the game. challenge it's much easier to turn into an is much he's. prepared to misbehave all. day they. are waco going to. be a strong. 2 feet. a russian athlete who also competes for an american team has been suspended for doping the international ice hockey federation suspended evgeny net solve for 4 years for testing positive for cocaine that ban is only for international competitions though he will still play for the washington capitals in the n.h.l. a video from a allegedly shows close nets of sitting next to an identified lines of white powder was not immediately clear whether his positive job in tests and the episode are linked. india's national do india's national dope testing agency has also been
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suspended for 6 months by water for not meeting global standards the lab which services other national organizations as well won't be allowed to carry analysis of blood and urine samples and samples will need to be sent elsewhere the agency's chief executive says they will apply to water for reinstatement within 3 weeks ot time that continues his lead after 7 special stages at the rally germany he's ahead but is being closely trailed by. the 2 have shared all the stages between them taking 5 of them in has an aggregate time 59 minutes to a point 4 seconds. that's hours were handed back to marianne thank you lee a minute rebounds from around the well have been performing in moscow's red square as part of an annual festival event is called. all you get you get the idea it's called the kremlin say via tower bands playing a wide range of music from classical pieces and military marches to popular modern
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choose the 1st festival was held in 2007 that we got a little bit of news in there but that's it for the news hour i'll be back with another question for in a couple. on account of the cost this week we check the pulse of the global economy that age of populist governments is the independence of central banks comes of the threat and the unintended consequences of trump's trade off plus the i.m.f. was on the missteps of briggs it and trade is counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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talk to al-jazeera we ask what guarantees will you give to the people will be attending the minimal workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone who is also terrorizing we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the phone to 0. in an ordinary week dr event atar at the heart a sajan are the only functioning hospital in bunch town in north eastern south sudan and his steam operate on around 60 patients the united nations refugee agency nominated him for the prestige just nansen award which you won in recognition of his work and incredibly difficult to constance's. south sudan has been in conflict since 2013 the war has divided the country along ethnic lines 200000 people most of them refugees from sudan's blue nile state even this remote town and looked to be
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a bad hospital for all their medical needs they would has destroyed almost the infrastructures which are specially in in up and they are. almost always including mother was because of stewart living there in the process or who you know visions of the mother to walk into the capacity that they're supposed to. a trade war escalation in china and the us take a new terrifying ex in the u.s. president tells american companies to get out of china. hello i'm in london you're with al jazeera also coming up on the program international alarm grows over the amazon rain forest fires as france threatens
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economic retaliation against brazil the structure of the world's biggest rainforest is one of the key issues on the agenda for campaign as and leaders at the g. 7 summit and be a rich and the groundbreaking procedure that could save kenya's northern white rhino from extinction. the u.s. president has just announced he will again raise tariffs on chinese imports off to beijing increased duties on $75000000000.00 worth of american goods u.s. stock markets some more than 2 and a half percent after the american president warned he would hit back donald trump also tweeted a demand for u.s. companies to leave china well heidi jocasta joins me now from washington and one announcement probably followed by another speaking of more terrorists. that's right in a span of 280 characters on twitter president donald trump has dramatically
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escalated this trade war between the world's 2 biggest economies he tweeted just about half an hour ago that starting on october 1st that $250000000000.00 of goods and products from china currently being taxed at 25 percent will be taxed at 30 percent additionally the remaining $300000000000.00 of goods and products from china that was being taxed from september 1st at 10 percent it will now be taxed at 15 percent it's notable that those announcements were made just after u.s. stock markets closed and on his previous tweets from earlier in the day when trump had said he hereby ordered u.s. businesses to stop doing business in china on that news alone the dow slid more than $600.00 points down and this is coming at a particularly sensitive time in donald trump's presidency over the last 2 weeks the u.s. headlines have been dominated by forecasts of a possible u.s.
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recession on the horizon and trim has accused everyone but himself that's the media and his political opponents of talking up this possible recession he says in an attempt to undermine his chances of winning reelection in 2020 when in fact many economists are saying that these trade wars and this is not even taking into account the developments of the last half hour are to blame for this forecasted global recession. and in terms of who president trump is blaming the federal reserve chairman jerome powell is a also been mentioned by president trump. with the president staging quite a remarkable and blistering attack on powell. that's right today has been the day of attention grabbing and unprecedented tweets from donald trump who is of course known for doing that and today he tweeted also who is our bigger enemy jay
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powell who's the federal chairman of the u.s. or chairman see the leader of china and he's been targeting jerome powell who it really is he's in a political position as chairman he is not supposed to be partisan he is not influenced by washington at all but trump has really laid the pressure into powell and the board of the federal reserve to lower the interest rates and in fact they did that just last month the 1st time in over a decade citing the strong economic performance in the u.s. well just after that happened that's when we started getting these indicators of a possible recession on the horizon and trampas only late in more blaming power for not having further cut those interest rates merriam thank you very much castro in washington.
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france's president emanuel has threatened to block a trade agreement between the european union and brazil if it doesn't do more to tackle the fires burning through the amazon rain forest it's estimated that more than 2 and a half $1005.00 a raging so far this year satellites have detected over 76582 percent increase on last year mark one of the german chancellor angela merkel say the crisis must be discussed at this weekend's g. 7 summit brazil's president garble sonar is accusing the pair of meddling for political gain. in the past hour ordered the deployment of brazil's ami to help tackle the phys and is also due to address the nation or environmentalist and conservationist by the brazilian government for emboldening illegal loggers and farm is setting the forest alight to clear the land for pasture where hundreds of protesters are gathering in rio de janeiro to call for greater action against these wildfires that will also demonstrations outside of brazilian embassies around the
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world including in paris london geneva bogota montevideo we bring you the latest on the story now from our correspondent daniel who is in port of valhall in the op amazon river basin. i'm standing in a burnt field this field is for sale it's not clear whether this land was burnt deliberately whether it was accidental or whether it was a natural phenomenon that is unlikely to be investigated as i say this is a frontier town the kind of people who come here they come here to the forest because they do cattle ranching to make money out of the the timber industry and this is where president dr also narrow word is law these people generally voted voted for him to become president at the beginning of this year he has said that the kind of crimes the kind of fires are being set illegally are unlikely to be investigated he sees the environmentalist indigenous community as an impediment to further development of this area which he says is right for development 70 percent
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of the state the state of round on your say 5 hours flying time from stop paolo another 2 hours drive to get from portobello to where we are now a long way from everywhere very difficult to police unlikely that any any crimes are likely to be investigated and that is partly the problem that has been raging in and around this region the neighboring state of amazonas you can spot these from satellite satellites up in the sky but that doesn't really help the policing down on the ground so what goes on here is unlikely they're going to be aware of the international condemnation that you just mentioned about mark or on about other people speaking about this they have to make a living they're here to try to develop this region and that is continuing with or without the flame. of paraguayan believe they are also battling their own wildfire as it is devastating large areas of the rainforest in bolivia more than $650000.00 hectares of forest and been destroyed government officials say they are waiting for
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the arrival of the super tanker planes in the united states to help them tackle the blaze. well the g 7 annual summit is due to kick off in the french seaside town of berets on saturday after last year's acrimonious meeting in canada expectations are low that much can be achieved this year as we've heard some leaders want the amazon wildfires to be part of the wider discussion on the climate crisis but other issues are likely to lie for the attention of leaders the world's most advanced economies our diplomatic editor james bays reports now from barrett's just hours before the g 7 started and the iranian foreign minister was in paris mohammed job with zarif met with president mccraw no pictures of the meeting were released properly so as not to anger president trump. the meeting behind the closed doors of the palace highlights the very different approaches of the u.s. and europe towards iran however there is a new face at this year's g. 7 u.k.
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prime minister boris johnson some are speculating with breaks it looming he may want to consider taking a tougher position on iran in order to win favor with trump. if course johnson's fertile ground for a no deal really is true and therefore what he's been doing in berlin and paris has really just been made a ruse of sorts where you're going to see the u.k. pivot towards the u.s. they're going to see you case not agree more the u.s. than his european neighbors and they're going to start seeing a much more aggressive. level of posturing from boris johnson who will be in the company of trump and who will almost be taken him long to start behaving in a way that's more u.s. friendly than you friendly iran is just one of an increasing number of global issues whether 7 leaders are likely to have very difficult discussions the french president has already taken the unprecedented step of deciding not to seek a final communique at the end of the summit because he knows there are no words
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that will be able to sign up to. a number of other countries have been invited to this year's g. 7 prime minister narendra modi of india will be attending and the growing tension between his country and pakistan over kashmir is bound to be discussed growing trade wars are also leading to fresh rifts the u.s. and china's difficulties could further destabilize the global economy and here in france the new digital services tax which targets big u.s. tech companies like amazon and google has angered president trump who's even threatened to retaliate with higher taxes on french wine. ever since trump took office the issue of climate has been one that's cause divisions that global summits it may well again be 6 vs one with president macro and the canadian prime minister justin trudeau leading calls for the thousands of fires burning in the amazon to be treated as an international crisis james bays al-jazeera the ritz on the
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syrian army has seized a pocket of rebel territory in the country's northwest escalating an offensive that's prompted a new exodus of refugees in the country the escalation of fighting since late april has killed hundreds of people the northwest corner is all that remains in rebel control after more than 8 years of war but it's never ports now from antakya ever syria tackle border. no soon her family thought they'd found somewhere to stay the landowner moved them all this is how it's been for hundreds of thousands of syrians throughout the 7 years civil war travelling further and further north to escape the fighting while this displacement is never ending i never expected to be in this situation no one knows what will happen next the fighters don't seem to know if they should advance or that idiom will advance on them the traffic is mostly one way as people head away from the advancing government forces towards the
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last rebel stronghold of italy a province the syrian regime now controls all of the countryside in hama province south of it after taking over with the russian help the last villages and towns that had been in rebel hands it's all happened under the noses of turkish soldiers they're behind this wall in one of a dozen observation posts established to monitor what is supposed to be deescalation zone is the more that it goes down not the lowest mark will be our observation posts are not besieged the end nobody can besiege our troops or observation posts i want to clarify it yes there are attacks in the region of adlib the regime is active around our observation posts we are discussing this issue with russia and iran turkey is also worried that regime advances will push more than a half a 1000000 syrians to its border. and the guy said i had a very g.m.'s taking everything and they are giving us a kicking yesterday so.


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