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tv   Gold At Any Cost  Al Jazeera  August 24, 2019 10:33pm-11:00pm +03

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next more than 350 people were on board the ocean viking when it docked in malta they'd been rescued from the mediterranean sea off the coast of libya molton italy had initially denied requests for the ship to dock and a spanish ship was arrived in the at the italian island of lampedusa to collect 15 migrants from the charity vessel open arms being taken in by spain under an agreement with france germany portugal and luxembourg but 1st the vessel wasn't allowed to dock in italy as part of the government's closed ports policy but in the tally and prosecutor over rule that decision. a wildfire in california has forced people to leave their homes 24000 people were ordered out after the fire began in shasta county on thursday officials say that strong winds helped to spread the wildfire but it's now been partially contained wildfires in the same region last year destroyed more than a 1000 homes and claimed 8 lives. coffee farmers in indonesia are expecting
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a bumper crop this year but with prices of the low some growers a warning that they'll go bankrupt if things don't improve soon florence louis reports from jakarta. i heard. the harvest time at this coffee plantation in sumatra and it's plenty for us would normally celebrate but not this year they are the world's 3rd largest grow as of the rip us to a variety of coffee beans but the market price staffordshire is at an 8 year low but. if the price of coffee stays like we can't continue we might not attend our plantations anymore because we can't afford fertiliser we don't have enough money to pay our work is in my case i still have to pay for my son's high school. robusto is used mainly in instant coffee and demand has been increasing but prices have dropped this year because of the success of the 2 largest produces brazil and vietnam. while indonesian fama struggle to make money there's
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a growing demand domestically as more indonesians get a taste for what they produce growing affluence and they sure are driving the rise of the so-called coffee lifestyle and many more coffee shops are opening up some are part of a chain others like this one in jakarta independent i mean i come here 2 or 3 times a week the price of coffee for what i get is well worth it not cheap but not too expensive. indonesia is one of the top 5 fastest growing coffee retail markets and has. the lowest coffee consumption type person in southeast asia so there's plenty of room for growth there's so much confidence in the industry that one coffee chain received $28000000.00 from venture capital firms in the past year for its expansion plans the part you missed it was that the local market can absorb a large amount of domestically grown coffee only 30 percent of coffee grown here
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was exported but if the price of coffee keeps dropping farmers was stuck planting coffee and i'll be a huge loss for everyone was the. demand from indonesia coffee drinkers has so far helped cushion the blow from falling export prices back at his plantation owner is hopeful the price of coffee beans have all the cover in the meantime he's planted other crops just in case florence li al-jazeera caught that just ahead here on the news hour spent all smiles for little paul and asked all the seasons of the fun times may be about to stop for one of them. will be here to explain all in sports. over 100 years ago britain and france made a secret deal to divide the middle east between them now we can durham in the 2nd
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episode we explore the lasting effects of this agreement if there is a original set to 6 because it's at those borders were drawn without consulting the people who have to live with it. sykes pico lines in the sun on jersey. for the nomadic jock a tribe survival is about reaching their destination a little if we don't hurry on never be able to give the top up in the storm we follow the mongolian herdsmen on a treacherous migration. can trace dangerous the ice and then as they strive to preserve their traditional way of life in the legislature sometimes luser cattle there was the cold war because of the storm risking it all mongolia on al-jazeera.
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and again before the sports scientists in kenya say that all the white rhino is one step away from being saved from extinction on thursday they successfully harvested eggs from surviving rhinos in a process they describe as groundbreaking summer high that explains the. new gene in fact 2 of the only 2 northern white rhinos left in the world they live under 24 hour protection in all projects of conservancy in kenya and that's because both females are the last and only hope of saving the species from disappearing forever. with the help of science sperm was saved from the last of the northern white rhino male called sudan and a few others he became famous around the world when he featured on
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a popular dating up to raise money for an in vitro fertilization procedure since his death the team of international scientists has been racing against time to fertilize eggs from the gene and fats and. using pioneering technology and millions of dollars later on thursday they successfully extracted 5 eggs from each female. the eggs couldn't be frozen and were immediately flown to a fertilization lab in italy. that is already in the laboratory. so the moderation starts and if everything goes well then he also says it will be. ok but it was likely. to go well we have some and. for health reasons new gene and fats you can't give birth so once the embryos of fertilized they'll be implanted into
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a star great southern white rhino instead. demand for rhino horn in traditional chinese medicine as well as things like dragon handles in yemen fuelled poaching in the 19 seventies and eighties largely wiping out the northern white rhino population in africa but if a surrogate 7 mother can produce a baby northern white rhino then these beautiful creatures that have roamed the earth for millions of years may avoid what seemed like certain extinction. jersey a. ton of sports thank you very much adrian while the only 2 teams still with 100 percent records in the english premier league face off later as liverpool host arsenal liverpool are one of the favorites to win the e.p.l. the season and have a great record at 1st as arsenal there on beaten end their last 8 games against the london club but the gunners though look originated having
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a missed out on champ is the qualification they spent over $160000000.00 in the close season on new players. challenge it might easily talent earn as much as. 4 to prepare them as part of all. day they scored a new caddy no waco good in the no resty be a strong. player 2 feet to the field some players good football players for positions and real speed up front while. that makes it. tricky to to to defend it all the time to do that stuff you have to be brave you have to play on football you have to try to keep possession of to be direct and all that stuff so a lot of things to do and to consider the game well australia have put themselves in a really strong position to win the 3rd ashes test in leeds they've set into
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a victory target of 359 and all these have already made inroads into home size a batting line up england are currently on 3642 they still need another 323 runs to in the year's final tennis grand slam at the u.s. open gets underway in new york on monday and the organizers have made a big change because of the controversy that model last year's final in which nami a soccer beat serena williams well during the match williams clashed with empire carlos ramos over being assessed multiple of violations incident it was confusing to some viewers so for the 1st time code violations will be posted on the scoreboard to as they occur to make sure such rulings are clear to fans and serena williams herself has a huge test to begin with at flushing meadows the 6 time champion starts her campaign on monday against one of her biggest rivals of 2006 when i'm maria sharpe
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over it's proving to be one of the most highly anticipated matches among fans and even players. of course and i want you i know you all are going to watch it bring everyone in york going to hug you. yeah i mean for me. i'm not surprised that that happened because like. at every grand slam there's always some sort of drama you know what i mean like a 1st round like oh my god you know so this match just happens to be that for this tournament. although on the men's side former boss elena does says he is fit and ready to take on the hard courts at flushing meadows in the dallas hopes of defending his 2017 title last year were crashed when his chronic knee injury forced him to retire but this year the world number 2 is brimming with confidence i hope to be ready. last year honestly i was not bad but i was of course my feeling on the
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on the knees are better busier than last year but last year the problem was i played. 3 or 4 very very long matches that stuff. and then happened in that semifinals. the thing with the name i hold to be ready for it i think i am playing well i am practicing the right way during these days of course winning in montreal help and i am ready for the action. golf now brooks has taken a one shot lead off to the 2nd round of the 2 a championship the american back to back grounds of $67.00 to take charge of the year and the event however wins in atlanta will also clinch the season alongside it set up that victory would add to what's been a hugely successful 2019 he's already won 3 times this season including a major and the world golf championship all the islands that were in moscow remains . after 3 under $67.00 he's tied for 2nd with american justin thomas on 12
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under. and it was raining home runs in los angeles on friday the new york yankees were in a destructive a form away to the dog they smashed 5 homers in southern california. got 2 of them including a grand slam the dogs were never in it yankees win it $10.00 to $2.00. and also spoke for me leo have more for you later on but for now it's back to some of the thanks dave before we go our russian spacecraft carrying a robot the size of an adult human has failed to dock at the international space station take a look russian space agency says the problems with the automatic automatic docking system caused the failure live feeds broadcasting the attempt and russia stopped with the cashel capsule struggle to connect russia's flight control center will
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attempt to talk again on monday the robot has been sent to help astronauts working on the station. when you straight ahead here on al-jazeera see it again just. in mates. from other inmates. acquiring knowledge that could set them free. through legal education classes and tribunals their dedication has led to staggering results you've been in prison for 15 yards is over ricin and that was said to be teaching empowerment kenya part of the read the legislation series on al-jazeera. setting the discussions for years police in cape town has struggled to reduce data gathered by less examining the headlines now and
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a president who to russia is making a push to engage explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire me but. it's almost 2nd nature and i also know what that they see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera rewind returns with a new series. i am brand new updates on the past about to serious documentaries i think. that was me. just to remind continues with the last tri secret army of the cia it's down to 75 delivering the same way that the ancestors did living in the forest in the jungle and it seems like they're abandoned by everybody on al-jazeera. 67 words that spelled promise for one people. but disaster or another.
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the bled to the establishment of the jewish homeland at the expense of the palestinians. the story of the british declaration that changed the middle east balfour's seeds of discord on al-jazeera. the trade war between the u.s. and china overshadows the g. 7 summit office of president donald trump it's paging with more tariffs. to get i'm adrian for getting this is live from doha also coming out of the amazon files will also be on the agenda at the g. 7 summit brazil has now ordered troops to battle them.
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to gas and road blocks in hong kong as protest as target transports in new rallies against the government. indonesia's coffee growers are in trouble it's been a bumper crop but no bump a paycheck. the trade war between the u.s. and china that's already rocking the global economy has been taken to a new level by the u.s. president as leaders of the g. 7 nations gather in france donald trump increased tariffs even further on hundreds of billions of dollars worth of chinese goods and he ordered u.s. companies to pull out of the country well that dispute is just one of the issues competing for the g 7 leaders attention the 1st tariffs are due to come into force in a week's time france's president emmanuel mccraw and germany's chancellor angela merkel are also demanding urgent talks on the fires engulfing the amazon for rain forests
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and this also the attempt to salvage the 2050 nuclear deal with iran the us pulled out of that last year but european nations are working to keep it in place while china has warned the u.s. of consequences if it doesn't end what beijing calls wrong actions that amount to bullying al-jazeera is highly joe castro begins our coverage from washington. the trade war between the world's 2 largest economies just boiled over in the span of 280 characters on friday just after u.s. stock markets closed u.s. president donald trump announced via twitter starting on october 1st the $250000000000.00 of goods and products from china currently being taxed at 25 percent will be taxed at 30 percent additionally the remaining $300000000000.00 of goods and products from china that was being taxed from september 1st at 10 percent will now be taxed at 15 percent this was trump's retaliation after beijing
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announced a few hours earlier that china will tax an additional $75000000000.00 worth of u.s. goods also starting next month that came at the end of an already tumultuous day earlier friday the u.s. president tweeted and order to american businesses move supply chains out of china immediately trump does not in fact have the power to command u.s. businesses to leave china but he does have leverage he can encourage them he cannot give them government contracts for example that if they're buying things from the government or strine a sell things through the government but no he can't he can't stop the tweets still spooked investors the dow jones closed more than 2 percent down the tech heavy nasdaq index was off by 3 percent both signs of the importance of the chinese market to u.s. companies all of this comes at
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a particularly vulnerable time in trump's presidency a growing number of economists forecast a u.s. recession on the horizon driven partly by the white house trade policies trump has responded by blaming everyone but himself i think the word recession is a word that's inappropriate because it's just a word that the. the church people are going to be kind of certain. people in the media are trying to build up because they'd love to see a recession trump also took on president it aim at the chairman of the u.s. federal reserve the central bank lowered interest rates last month but not as much as trump hoped that earned its chairman this comparison from trump who is our bigger enemy jay powell or chairman c. the chinese leader president trump will spend the weekend in france at the g. 7 meeting with fellow leaders of major industrialized nations the white house has asked concerns of a global recession to be front and center and no doubt the u.s.
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china trade escalation will dominate those discussions castro al-jazeera washington which the 7 leaders continue to arrive in france to attend the summit including donald trump earlier he met with france's president of money on the call let's go live now to be a rips our diplomatic editor james bays is with us james to what extent is this trade war between the u.s. and china set to dominate this summit. it's certainly very important because of the effect it could have and is already having just look at the prices of shares in the way they fell on stock markets on friday global economy and the g 7 it was built originally to for these key economic powers to look at the global economy and it's a time of some concern not just that trade war there is concern about trade disputes between g 7 countries look for example the host country france and its new
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digital services tax targeting u.s. tech giants like google and amazon that i think is not going to please president trump he's already made it clear he's not happy is already made it clear he could retaliate he's already said one possibility is higher taxes on french wines imported into the u.s. earlier on we heard from the president of the european council donald tusk and he had a tough response to that. i will not back then trying. him over genuine determination for many reasons. and of course do you stand by france if the u.s. impose a star if. you will respond in kind the law think we need to be. gone from nation specially with our best ally the united
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states but of course. this is not our initiative this is trade center of struggle but we have to be ready for this but you know and we are ready james president trying got straight down to work upon his arrival here to coffee with president mccraw of france what was your reading of the body language there. well i see the suspect things like that possible escalation of a trade war between france and the us is one of the reasons why president mccraw was very keen to have president trump here we know the u.s. president wasn't particularly keen to come to this but also to have him here 1st and sit down with him before any of the other leaders try and get him on the same page president michel has seen what's happened at previous g. 7 summits he's seen what president trump can do he knows i suspect from reading twitter in recent days that president trump seems to be in somewhat of
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a difficult mood in recent days so i think he's tried to get him on side he's also pretty late in the planning of this included a meeting on global trade just at the request of the u.s. so bending over backwards i would say to try and make sure that the disruption that has come from the u.s. side since trump has been president of these sort of summit meetings won't happen here but they're prepared if there is major disagreement because they're not going to come up with a final communique that's the normal thing that comes out of one of these summits a list of agreed plan agreed decisions they realize there are so many issues not just on trade on the climate on iran the approach to iran so we different areas where there are disagreement that they would not get a communique with words that are long could sign up to so they're not going to have a communique our diplomatic editor james p. is reporting live from the g.
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7 summit in beirut james many thanks as we mentioned the fires that are burning in the amazon rain forest likely to be one of the big topics at g. 7 summit earlier president emanuel mark or france called for swift action as an atheist not the arizona is our common good we are all consumed so in the image on we will launch a mobilization between all g 7 countries to go. with emma zoning in countries 1st we need to help brazil and other countries put out these fires and then we need to invest in reforestation and allow locals to develop that will preserve this forest brazil's president. ordered the military to help put out the fire as he's been criticized for his handling of what some leaders call an international crisis blames unusually warm temperatures for the president and places. reports now from the states of one of the worst affected regions.
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forest fires happen every year in brazil but it was the sheer scale this year shocked the world the so-called world's lungs were on fire strong criticism firstly from within brazil and the rest of the world forced president. to respond. forest fires happen all over the world so this is no reason to impose international sanctions brazil will continue to be as it is now a country that is friendly with everyone and is responsible in protecting its amazon forest. but he's been accused by many of creating the very conditions he is now trying to control but there's a defiance from the president and resentment from his supporters and other countries telling was ill what to do. or don't agree that other countries should come here to presume we don't go to other countries to upset them you don't see brazilians they're causing problems only working to seen money home to invest here this is pioneering country the brazil's main population centers also nardo had
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a message that resonated here. i'm 63 years old and i'm never seen a president as honest as this one who confronts the problems and says what has to be seed is defending brazil. these are people who came to tame the forest to cut a bird to carve a future from what they consider to be a wilderness this particular blaze may not be huge but is one of tens of thousands burning across brazil some control some not some illegal some legal what's clear is that few will be investigated but the consequences will eventually be felt around the world. the fires are being put out but what's left is this black and devastation which will take many years to recover. 70 percent of the state of the dawn year has already been developed the forested for lucrative timber then burned to create land for cattle rearing and sawyer production the rest is up
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for grabs and no one it seems is stopping them at the moment if you burn the forest you are backed up by a president and then you do exactly as you want to do because you know nothing will happen and that's a problem and we have seen statistically when this law enforcement fires in deforestation goes down when we don't have it because of the fires are still burning but will bolster naro bend on the heat of international pressure or bow to the ambition of some his strongest supporters that there are visitor ground on your state northwestern brazil thousands of people obsessed to the cross last america against the fires in the amazon persistence gathered in rio de janeiro calling for greater action on this run and run lead in colombia peru chile.


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