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tv   Gold At Any Cost  Al Jazeera  August 25, 2019 5:33pm-6:01pm +03

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side for centuries how do you explain this mistrust. more should government keep. in their brutal force and busy brought skilled. from all of the stability plus freedom. to disabuse us from little. numbers. to be a liberal don't be fooled into just fill the gamble on to the political. ready scene as i said abuser. and probably months on leopard a little while maybe until april. and some liberal. on the liberal side to level a lot. of 1st convert. it to comment to know why you didn't listen let's say the amount of momentum the for the one we kill somebody
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1000000 or a mechanism politically difficult on. you on the left snowmen little wood to bring in felicia was a problem. in april the government faced countrywide protests. demonstrators carrying signs calling for president bashar kaita to leave office in response the entire government of mali resigned in a serious accusation mama diego accused the prime minister of supporting the doggone militias. we asked a leading member of the government the foreign minister to explain how the government is responding to the violence which is not limited to mali but is present in neighboring countries as well you're for yourself far from the center of the country an area that's been hit by ethnic tensions that we spoke to some of the villagers both in. they say that they called for the 1000000 forces to come and
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help them and they didn't see any 1000000 soldiers now until 24 hours of the attacks why aren't your soldier able to stop the violence in the center of the country not able to call for these reports. of his thoughts of minutes of defunct was sent on the sports to coordinate forces action in the villages and between the villages. to appease the situation to get stability between villages this is extremely important this is why able to tell you today that a number of people have been put under arrest by. police but also by armed forces who are supported by any could do this in order to deve and soon she is to villages and to money and
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people living in vis something they know that this state is not far from the state is a present to its forces now you're saying you're arrested people does that mean that you know who is responsible for the violence in this area the forces that is the people. suspects and. brought before the general this is just before just this in order to. conduct an investigation in order to know who are responsible for this criminal actions of the full learn is that we've spoken to say that the government backs these doggone militia groups that are active in attacking forlornly villages is your government supporting dogan militias you know that they have a new government in this country from may 5th following the
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signing of a political agreement which will call on may 2nd we have a new government we a new political agreement we think there will be. the 1st point of march is to organize a national conference believe to put unity to mullions political forces civil societies but all 6 of the population to discuss about the burning issues the country is confronting is facing the 2nd issue is the implementation of a peace agreement signed 4 years ago in algeria i'm coming now to refer point which interests you is the situation of a center of a country in terms of stability and security zetia this is extremely important for us. to deal with this situation and to treat the situation over something
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in terms of getting more stability in this case no one can imagine our government siding with one part of the population against another so you're not support the government is not supporting any any militia groups the governments of political agreement is a sitting to find a solution to what is going on in the sums of the country and it cannot side waif somalians against of the state until you know you said that strong measures are in place in the material what are the strong measures in place that would prevent the violence because just a few days ago there was another bout of violence you know that the root of the problems of this crisis in the sumter of mali started from because of the patients of them over in mali by total your scripts.
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you have one group which the completed go known has mojo the movement for one and just this exit in west africa and each extended it diminishes to part of the stunt and recruited look peoples and get the venom to be with it the violent sector and to learn to use. guns in the mullion places is a bad thing laying to the situation in libya. to the collapse of libya into for 11 what they would lead to stress is the direct he that the link between. the did all these groups which by the miley. in to focus on 12 and 14 and. the
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situation in the some type of country this is very clear who profits from this situation. say that. those who profit from the situation. that are some mighty ends. that most of the. people or countries that profit over this situation is france. france. the the why france why i'm coming i'm coming the government and government members. will not tell you the truth about this one. france and once the 2. recall a nice again. the scots.
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because of a do well on the ground. why do you say that i mean france came to the rescue in 20122013 when there was an invasion of the country at the french forces were not here maybe look. nation wouldn't exist as i now see. i agree with you you see. when you want to exploit. a person. you start by being friendly to him. and. you try to end his 10. his mind and how he's doing. once you have got. all of these. and you ex. what you also have.
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france stuff they get is in the can. all the money ends up road. or none. but now what is going on what is going on. we believe or not and france. but it's not france's role to ensure security in mali. democratic republic of do. and that's not france but it's the culture bed here. since 1961. they're there. the united says it is sold you. there but what about the efforts put forward such as the algiers peace accord that
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were signed yeah i'm coming through there are efforts to bring back east by the internet and we think i would have friends i'm coming the people who are in l.t.c. united. nations soldiers. from 19 to 61 today they are there. because of the wealth. is in that. the europeans have nothing though they're finished. what they have to do is to come back and they require a nice. african it fits where they know there is something. moment to go he says the u.n. and what he calls the international community is failing mali what bothers you with
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this u.n. mission that is helping those that are displaced in areas where the government cannot accept. the dollar was a money making business a problem. did a lot. for over. some advantages will start to see that. the. girl. no i'm using for live work or maybe. it's not in protest so everybody. can if i've been nice to him and. know. about the middle east. on the phone with. the people could. you handle it well. possibly 30 we've done the sunday schools get hit by doing this then that dream and we're
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going to be in the abstract. i mean it's my little salute a person of color. i want to pass to work on the tube but it was. just on the interview on deposit a 1000000 people are looking for a vision so i'll take your ruler people miss on available use all knowledge. let live i could release your macor. here but let's play bill mears also revealed other it's a popular actually a level of inequality a little political matter but i have. seen over 100000000 pop up at least in the world even if you. disapprove of being too many. people give us a semester of the school was out of the middle of the same detachment. a thumb up us is a thing. we've done the national can but up to this. while
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the $1000000000.00 a year u.n. peacekeeping mission was renewed by the security council for another year molly's government is calling for the creation of a coalition force like the one seen in iraq and afghanistan to intervene in mali. at stake it says the stability of a region and the survival of mali and its people. the story of a friendship between a filmmaker and a 7 year old girl what is it name. giving over to our future being the syrian war. in the face of deep rooted tension between the lebanese and the refugees. my syrian friend.
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on al-jazeera. september on al-jazeera up to gears of war and famine al jazeera looks at the dramatic transformation emerging to the inspirational stories of for diversity p.o.b. israel elections can benjamin netanyahu form a majority in some 5 another town listening post to 6 the world's media alibi albright and the stories they cover to succeed bill 18 is in president budget cause a subsidy join us for live coverage as to his humans a documentary that examines the worst atrocities committed during the war in libya . september on al-jazeera. and new perspectives can change the world. so one chin is ian what began as a hobby has grown into a passion
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a way of life. teaching the next generation to strive for a higher level. and ensoul installing in his country a sense of freedom and strength. new heights my chin is yeah on al-jazeera. i really felt liberated as a journalist was going to going to the truth doesn't i was that's what this job. cuts. trade war concerns and competing agendas can leaders in the world's 7 strongest economies find unity and france.
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i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up resilient troops join the battle against fires burning through the amazon the president says things are returning to normal. too scared to return to be and barbara henschel refugees demand better rights before they'll go back as they mark 2 years since fleeing to bangladesh. and counting the population of 1st for kenya's national census that's trailblazing for the rest of africa. concerns about the u.s. trade war with china and the effect on the rest of the world's economy that has been the 1st topic for leaders at the 7 summit in france i sat down together just over an hour ago and there it's us president donald trump has dismissed reports of any rift over trade saying he's getting along well with the other 6 leaders earlier he said he'd soon sign a trade deal with the u.k.
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which is due to leave the european union on october 31st efforts to salvage the iran nuclear deal and the fires burning through the amazon are also being discussed about lawyers life for us and they are it's right now so as we said trade really seems to be the main issue for these leaders at the g. 7 how dominant of a topic isn't it asha. well it is the 1st day of formal meetings here at the g 7 and trade is certainly one of the main issues in fact we saw g 7 leaders arrive a short time ago they're taking part in a special session on the economy and on trade it was something that the u.s. president donald trump had requested because he felt there wasn't enough of a focus on the economy during this 3 day summit it's likely to be a very heated meeting because of course several g 7 leaders of already said on saturday before the official meetings began that they are very worried about the
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escalating trade war between the united states and china and the terrified that the u.s. has been imposing on other countries as well they say that this trade war could be in fact responsible for what we're seeing the flagging economy they're also very worried about some economies heading into recession so we know the french president has been very adamant that he wants to use this summit to try and call for a deescalation of this trade war well in terms of those that trade between the u.s. and china donald trump was talking about it a bit earlier because it's worth noting that on friday china decided to impose retaliatory tariffs on the united states the united states donald trump then tweeted that he was going to try and order u.s. companies out of china and he could do so because he had a special emergency powers while he was asked here whether or not that was the case whether he was serious and this was his response. when they steal and take out an intellectual property theft it we're from $300000000.00 to $500000000000.00
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a year and we have a total loss of almost a trillion dollars a year for many years. and many ways it's an emergency i have no plan right now actually we're getting along very well with china right now with. i think they want to make you know much more than i do getting a lot of money and terrorists coming in by the b.b.c. we never get attention from china so we'll see what happens but we don't talk to each other. i'm natasha so that particular clip right there that our viewers just saw that was in a meeting he was actually having with force johnson tell us more about what they discussed. yes in fact it was a bilateral meeting between the us president and the british prime minister 1st face to face meeting between donald trump and boris johnson even though of course they have spoken to each other several times before on the phone they've expressed their little admiration for each other they see each other as political mavericks
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bricks that of course was one of the main topics on the table during that meeting in fact and donald trump was asked if you had any advice for boris johnson on breaks and he said he doesn't need any advice he is the right man for the job and boris johnson obviously seemed very pleased with that donald trump also suggested that if britain does indeed leave the european union as boris johnson says it will deal or no deal donald trump has said that there could be very quickly a very good he said trade deal between the united states and the u.k. well that's something that certainly will be very pleased to know about exactly what shape that trade deal would be there what it would look like isn't exactly clear boris johnson though did also take the opportunity of that meeting to address the topic of trade because he did say going into it that he would try to urge the u.s. president to deescalate tensions on trade boris johnson said that for the united kingdom it was a country that historically had a good relationship with the u.s.
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but that it was very adamant that free trade should be protected and that he was against these tariff hikes are natasha about life for some brits thank you so just outside barrett's protests gathered protesters have gathered to protest the g. 7 summit anti-capitalists activists environmentalists and other anti-globalization groups are there they are marching across the street carrying portraits of president i'll mark on stolen from town halls. and urgent talks are planned for the g. 7 over the fires burning in the amazon they're being called an international crisis tens of thousands of brazilian soldiers have begun heading into the rain forest to help fight those fires but their president claims things are actually returning to normal the military's been sent to 6 states in an unprecedented response the number of fires is about 85 percent higher than last year and many blame the policies of president terrible us and our own because of this bridge burns are down over the
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last few years and are going back to normal many of the fire started in remote areas of the amazon that are difficult to police there are places where developers often see opportunities but much of the land is protected or belongs to indigenous communities or went to the northeastern state of or don't you know one of the areas worst affected by the fires. both brazil's joy and its curse is sheer size this sensation of infinity the sense that no matter how much damage man does it can never ruin all of this but now with large parts of the amazon the blaze that sensation is being shattered what happens here in this remote part of the amazon does matter in the rest of brazil doesn't matter in the rest of the world we've just an hour long journey by road from the road on your state's capital of portfolio and then without taking a 5 hour trip up the. to the county born our indigenous community just one of many
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around brazil that complain that speculators often encroach on their land and set fires fires which often go out of control these remote territories are always very difficult to police but now with the president in office who's cut funding to the very government agencies tasked with defending this land that's nearly impossible the president goes so nado has also said that the indigenous communities of brazil are an impediment to progress in the country and hinted that speculators will not be punished for breaking the law we're now surrounded by smoke i can smell the smoke ashes of falling into the river many of those speculators are taking full xander full advantage of that situation and the one of the major reasons why large parts of the amazon reaching are ablaze like really before or injure effigies in bangladesh marking 2 years since violence in myanmar forced hundreds of thousands of them to flee and cox's bizarre they've been rallying over can't conditions and
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their unresolved status as warning it could no longer bear the economic burden of over a 1000000. and a ever existed repatriation efforts though because they say that their safety cannot be guaranteed 70 decker's said could have one camp in the south east of the country. today's quiet calm betrays the scenes of panic 2 years ago when hundreds of thousands of red. cross the river now if in a desperate attempt to seek safety they are safe now but nothing has been resolved nor has 6 children who was part of the exodus in august of 2730 rather. they asked if you want to go back to burma i said no they asked me why i told them the houses were burnt our family members were raped and killed this is vive you suffered so much and came here how can we go back without knowing that we will be safe. there's been a renewed effort to get some of the refugees to go back to me and mar but with no
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guarantee of what will happen when they get there no one has so far agree to return the scale of this campus like nothing you've ever seen it is the biggest refugee camp in the world around a 1000000 rangar living in these camps across southeastern bangladesh but what does that number really mean well it's more or less the population of islamabad or oslo it is a city of refugees without the infrastructure needed to cope many aid agencies work here in that sense it is a global effort but it's bangladesh that's hosting the rangar and it's made it very clear this is a temporary solution and it's a population that keeps expanding this is a really dynamic population. aboard 100 to 2 been born in the weeks and probably 3000 police report and people being murdered him to you so it keeps. the young won't remember much about what happened but the older ones know that the killings the rate the burning of homes in august of 2017
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was only the latest chapter in what's been decades of persecution against their people and as you hussein is a camp leader this is his 3rd time as a refugee in bangladesh have brought our grandmother mobile alabama my gratitude i'm 65 years old i came here as a refugee in 1978 then again in 1902 then i went back now i'm a refugee again in 2017 i've spent 30 years of my life as a refugee i want to go home if the burmese accept our demands will go back right away. what they want is to be officially recognize israel as citizens of me and mar with rights freedom of movement and security what they want is to go back home but the reality is they are not wanted there most of their homes no longer exist bangladesh is categoric it can't use them forever it's not clear what or where
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their future will be stephanie decker al-jazeera camp cox's bazaar south east bangladesh an israeli drone has crashed into the area more watada in lebanon in the southern suburbs of the capital beirut as well as the damage to building housing its media office another israeli drone exploded in the air in the same area and just hours earlier israel said it carried out air strikes on iranian targets near their syrian capital damascus so who has more from beirut this is a really populated neighborhood in the lebanese capital but it is a hezbollah stronghold and official have been cool to the thing and. area and the 2nd one exploded and crashed in the area we don't have any more because the group of the southern suburbs. the group of.


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