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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 26, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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well among the him good mother alice what jani loss for the out of work isha often are so much 3 and i have. my very short ever in my life for gerry and the javelin a. few of our dollars who are in charge. of all obviously or i'll be in one or have a show about money good most of the leave home but had none. so well yeah but there's a corner we live in saudi and it has gone. on . and it is a subdued little the army. does and when hey you do you have both ticked off and on the plot about a launch of we're. good why did the whole thing lie and do you do your. best to do you know come in when you're human and if it did bad bad not.
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mafia and not be better off not in the best in a few sort or you. i guess on the heart of hey look just saw babe and how to bend that a woman how is she. from out of the bed on capitol hill not a city out in the hold if you. can she and sonny and look him over the investor and send your fellow monarch is your soon be a month off to fiona nick and send a young bus national council me a muffin out of the mounted a shell and the muffin on him him as a kid not. a look less they want you know the one that saw the irony make you know a little wheeler she hired at the subway year. and. he's a bull on. the his it. may be a little insane if. i'm really the scuff and my sisters are
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marlin clerk and some you know i understand their feelings towards the syrian family next door we cannot a true to sympathize with them as if we teased because if you're in the ward we suffered a lot here in 70 from the syrian army's ok basin of heaven and. my feeling is in north and met in between. because failure and the tortoise with. this are our houses and this hers were the occupied by the syrian army they used to bombard us and target us by euros less or don't get launchers. countless people died homes were burned down and families forced to seek refuge it's where. our village was a demarkation line between to lebanese army and to syrian army where vicious battles took place. on several occasions we had to leave our homes because of the
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bombing and run away at night once we had to leave our homes for 3 years the place was no longer safe for us to live in. is 7 years old why we weren't having any think the door was heard as a syrian neighbor she still you greeted me every time she saw me and would say. how are you i like your yellow card and so over time she had something in you to say each time she saw me when she decided that i would become her friend.
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when i see show us father i love i think up both whether he fought here was a syrian army so syrian army entered lebanon in 1976 and you're treated in 2004 if that's means it's possible a lot served in lebanon maybe that or his father or brother did. these so always cross my mind whenever i see him and you. might have. known. him if. in fact in a tone m m it's been a. hot of this share his 41 visit is what the heart of. other love on if i'm judged mobo on the piece or yoshi. and so forth no i just.
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have them on account couldn't have done all the show me i'm a show off. them it's been happening on the most of them full. value of all of them but have not had something in them but have none. of me it's not a. well thought out in the middle of. the so. alay footage of. the hit the less chance action clough i had that bad. oh.
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yes you. get to hit a lot of things i think. yeah i thought. but i think i had a. has . come on to handle modern woman condition but then you can talk him on letterman and even to thank you well have become film on the theater was going to manila don't because what are you hurt by not laughing on the 100 feet i'm not that much money and about no $1.00 to be in mind they want you to launch a sob i don't know if you have been we'll have a debate just took a more hard fought as i loved it on a watch don't you want to have my mom and our sunday clint been homeless that some
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call the show i'm not a benson but i can also be out of on a ton of beat up men but what is most of. the presence of syrian men are brought out. every single day we see strange men. and susa scares us and makes us feel insecure for ourselves and our children. we feel it's our don't it by syrians in every direction it's a full p.t. . perhaps award code to use a fork a 1000 fold of this year's number of tissues. and to help soak up the plants and. lacking fluff to look up silly i am upset that
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i had an aunt. that she believed in and. i have been injured many. on. one dick us believe moon man better than. most i know and this in. all my belief is that if you how to be sodium up there. in the belly and she shouted not cool but john did not. know your own if you want to live near. me and what do you mean a. sick. family a kilo on you and absolutely you can not get livia and alone. and. the kid wished for. the usual one. agent and the next she
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had a will. and if they had a rest now. get is it. no lad national in love with nafi week daughter reaction and love to. buy milk and that the book that she. left.
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what are you. well i didn't hear. maybe one. hardy. coming through would realize that his daughter the one. who i think i was. wrong. that. they have a. mission and you. know i've been with i. am. with you i look i. want to. hear how. can i marry you.
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i don't. know how. i spoke to him not once. but. he. told me that he would take it into consideration. we haven't seen it. i was in their house many times too. and i started to feel that they were. feeding their children and protecting them from the war.
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100 or. so you should miss. when. they can tell you we should smile a lot of fairness to fred it's fellows have a good physique to snuff it out with the president a photo with it but i did ask to hit up in the hole that i asked him not to chic. better than the infamous outfit and follow it or fuss with yeah yeah so i let in the ad did this with. if not every us artist to do that that is allowed to every activity
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lapham title and i can rewrite it off. and i don't kill me so i lick lee. and vera is to let em know and can never know what i learned when i don't know where my from tidy up to say the they left then if i'm typing. this sure hassel a leno had a bit awful. mean camera has gone. and i'm behind it and middle my heart up when you're so heated up to hit us it could even might the fed to you. as leave us it. pass. yes but it's the same mind the heads given that but is this.
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the more. we can. and the director in. your. mind reading. that.
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maybe to see some of the how the great the gate gets you off to a bit in the us with a lesser extent as i see. this in it you've. got that it. has a reason. and now to live for you to have. their say. yes so let's meet somebody. here because you heard about him because most of. you know was so out of the some of his let's not i don't know so what is in your head. that this was.
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deferred are some littered. with. yes and. look. yeah yeah do you feel you could tell us well if. it was to heat us 1st time filming and she was just thrilled to learn photography and to have a camera to take pictures of the chickens and one of the van and. i thought she'd be pretty happy if i cut her a camera out and told her what the gadhafi and the who said just would make a small change in her life. inmates learning from other inmates acquiring knowledge that could set them free.
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through legal education classes and mock tribunals their dedication has led to staggering results you've been in prison for. his. teaching empowerment kenya part of the red legislation series on al-jazeera. the big breaking news story can be chaotic and frantic behind the scenes. people shouting instructions if you're trying to provide the best most accurate up to date information as quickly as you can. it's when you come off on things seem petty to realize this is history in the making. 67 words that spelled promise for one people. but disaster. the pledge to the establishment of the jewish homeland
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at the expense of the palestinians. the story of the british declaration that changed the middle east for seeds of discord on al-jazeera. hello there i'm julie was also in doha the top stories on al jazeera iran's top diplomat has made a brief surprise visit to the g c 7 summit beer its foreign minister mohammad jeffords a reefer flew in the for talks with french president manuel mccall on the sidelines of the 3 day meeting france has been trying to salvage the 2050 nuclear deal the u.s. pulled out all last year after zarif left be
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a rich he sent this tweet saying iran's active diplomacy in pursuit of constructive engagement continues met a man who will not calm sidelines of g. 7 after extensive talks the road ahead is difficult but it's worth trying as well as leader hassan nasrallah says the group is in a new phase of its conflict with israel after to israeli drones crashed in the capital as plus as one drone damaged a building has in its media office when it crashed in beirut's southern suburbs another israeli drone came down and same area exploding mid-air in a televised speech nasrallah called it quote a very dangerous development and then i'm enough is enough we will never allow israeli aircraft to attack lebanon or a target in lebanon in the israeli side will never feel safe israeli drones are coming to lebanon are not coming here to collect information they are suicidal drones that they may killing us from now on we will face the israeli drones when
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they arrive in lebanon we will crush them we will drop them. tens of thousands of brazilian soldiers have become heading into the amazon rain forest to join the fight against the 5 planes are dumping water on the wildfires in the state of wrong many blame the policies of president jarba also morrow for the increase in fires thousands of the injuries he g.'s are marking what they call genocide remember in states it's been 2 years since more than 700000 people were forced to leave their homes in march and they've been densely crowded camps in bangladesh thousands of people were killed the u.s. is marking the arrival of the 1st and slave africans to the english colony of virginia 400 years ago the transatlantic slave trade database says nearly 400000 people were sent to north america over more centuries you are firming up today it was your headlines the news continues here after a world we'll see you
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a little bit later but i. might have added eki feet if you. show me how violent. she will throw a stick and next while revolution. sure . sure. 6 sure don't get you don't. i said. what i want to live up. to them if you don't overdo their food. or you know you do you. have a lot of. work to or you will. hear. surely
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you. don't think. people are going to forgive you know. please. that happens when they. hit a fix and. voted in the flow of the moment when they. receive all the. behind that they are. you know you look. at knowing you're. the f.a.q. . busy yet
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who voted. to follow it our thought. so. that finally so in a way come sort of the. can see yellow so to me. i come there for a while yet so do i know i had a. yellow soda and a. yellow house wrong. with the
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official. who say it up well sort of a government office enough to let them carry it off so let's think with that i think i see yeah and. then heaven can i actually be. a so i'm a. i'm a little fellow to call them up so if i was going to show you don. judge you out on a. little bit good habit that is coming up. to what i had mean. how would you know given the way they did this and what the other . patients. who have a myspace with us or what. i don't mean i had there that i'm.
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ok i'm. ok i'm 100. 8 then i remember order so i'm so thick given i married. 0 when are you guys still have became my circle care we're actually having night. and i guess not based on what i'm good 100 let us say near earth can you hear anybody with the problem has not been a with to come rain except what if the next up i was a kid and yet they had given up. as never saw who would they would sit at the seminary and yeah i'm guessing analog you in a class can't care how it was i can decide what to do with. their. focus as. well have with us the us or what i lost i would have had a 2nd. for
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. something you know. this time it's a number of c.d.'s are going to our house to start to increase and they began there seems as if they were settling down in their mind on. their problems have also increased security economic social and demographic problems so biggest problem is the truth and who don't go to school and that read a lot of them what would be their future no one knows. so here i was one of that if we teach children with the things go to school and i
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felt 30 said whenever i saw her in the garden helping her family she wanted to turn and just as her basic right so why not teacher myself and include her in school it's about and then i need to. handle you guys. so i hit up if you see i've been a kick it can be my dick and not yet it's a one on dick mcnall. a calling let me get a handle on let. the lab if that is that guy go ahead of us misled by the look of fact that the was the. head of a sofa. you. had only to let it leak you really. did have to imagine i don't hear them gallium if you are at
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a higher mixer here i was with a good going to top it up like you. say hello can i have a little going on in greece and i said if i get in please dear if dan had only. wish that. he. had kept i'll get them free yeah i know you have them is a big yellow. the leisure lover so obviously they could suggest to the simulator you know 8. janja kid because they never in my lesson if i have to quit mothers it is a conclusion of a series and i can fish out that away in perfect playing with
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a. plan let us shine the muffin i gently out of. the little chill for. you and i realize that if you're on the list. of the remove the c. f. c m f. that media officer you get in my own bus fattal's shanta can have looked at it like arabic pineville whether i see a mother with the help picture here in the clips. that show her but but listen mother says is this shot that all that has diminishment to her. is that the testicle hole the bill english out of it. is
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a mother dusty on your show you know my condition that i should bomb on any religious name that i show for action that hey rick pearson here today with the high look to the sin nice day what i love. i was named a record by vice a hero. pressure lassie easy challenge. cashew special you know i am. the best that you have any doubts and i like it cameron janet that i have yeah i'm italian with that respect that's just silly rancy you give that has never let this given intentionality reshape well u.s.c.'s. lives. one or 2 streets for. 8.
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hours i hear that sort of thing i want. to have the look you have say that a lot of big. data will be served to that very. building glass so. the ladder of the. building lewis. giant get. squared. squared. k. took give it a rest clearly and a little slow to give but
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a square. if that's a for let me in baghdad natalie and so then a fleet had a belief in haifa. food if she's just really hot button and into. a cafe here hey that's when we'll. pay the. dog. here you yellow hey they're right but i will say again. with book called the most okai. oh oh and. in the city i'm in my limbs to kick to the best. 30. is. big and i think i don't get it i think.
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that if you play at side of the camera here. our vocal oh. he is. a. massive failure you know. the old. i guess. i have heard that from folks who wrote. code that in this because when you're a kid and. their hand they were hate in nick have prevented another heel.


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