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it should be for same had expected to control. for that some sort of offer of something from a fighter a shopper either for that keep it in the in the homeland yes or no. or are you going to share what if you ask allison now if you are about bust out of the other group on your liver so that. it will be a phase or certainty about on top and not her here alone it's up to you here a little more for your community. here for the. unit and as along the osier there are. caves that i want them included that like. like a faster walk home. was enormous yet it would also have a lot of hope but we have. the louder. than others. in 1917 the allies made significant military gains on
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several fronts. the british pushed into iraq and general edmund allonby led the forces that ultimately ousted the ottomans from palestine. but alan beast continued advance towards the must has caused the french serious alarm he had expected to have complete control of the levant under the terms of the psychs pekoe agreement. with mana done. on his own the accompanying manipulation and island be in a less. meter. with money so small is only a key these are male sheep or live song of him you know that there aren't under coppa me yet they're called the minister says that cos they speak oh keeper may of course said you have a room. vedic down in there listen all of. allonby
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and the hashemites. took the syrian capital on the 30th of september 1918 and within a week prince face old minister thing had announced establishment of an arab constitutional government in damascus. when i was young i was a young me it was that sex before the committee on sex because i'm how it you just see of a bond with you will see a look at an ass oh my job i do comedy could go off on your own. the 1st world war ended in stages with the ottomans agreeing to an armistice on the 30th of october and germany on the 11th of november $1800.00. troops entered istanbul and the time appeared right to implement the strikes pekoe
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agreement. but the british appear to be having 2nd thoughts as they sought to claim a larger share of ottoman arab territory in the region. the british prime minister david lloyd george met his french counterpart george came on seoul in london on the 4th of december 1900 so all. over. the office said. the sacrifices are great. for us dr mothers to sacrifice for more perhaps than any office as your joint empire is no more but that was due to your sacrifices mr prime minister and for those we are most grateful you will take some tea and weakness. and know we will have to settle our claims of the air peace talks
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we have a fortunate little of those claims. you would like perhaps that we modify ours we have our own most you shall have it. and perhaps something else other stuff. you shall have that too. fancy can you read to you from before us you are a little more you know how do we know i'm on the news of a lot of them as i like and you read them but a funny thing about the most solemn oath and mecarbil going to sort this out how do i feel like i luckily for us in the can for our luck for most of them and i was to be had in just a while there and no sex because in fact. the signs of the psychs pico agreements being superseded began to emerge at the start of the peace negotiations in paris in january 1900.
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victorious allies were about to impose harsh conditions on the bankwest and the british and french to decide which of the conflicting promises they had made during the war would be implemented. they don't did this my model views and they negotiate you know complex i think they were dead bad there are all of this and i bet. best on the that a comedian a casual soldier. they are fed a day some days they have sound is we have rain does not sound i've. said been in these were bennett fancy in. the know but and has a more at heart of a when you can a minute dorie. that head of. there was
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that out it a one year. for. all of us. now and. one. in april 1920 the 4 main allies britain france italy and japan met at the san remo conference they created 3 entities mesopotamia syria and palestine. the french forced faith out of damascus and took complete control of syria britain took mesopotamia and palestine including jerusalem which had been under international administration under the terms of. really it's a river we should be talking about if we want to say what does the modern middle east look like and the striking thing is this if britain had been concerned to
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preserve relations with france right to this to go she asian right through this process they failed because the french looked at sites because they looked to the baptists and they realized that they got much less inseparable that they had been promised by the british insight fico we overlook these things but in a sense i think that saves fico reflects a failure of trying to negotiate a happy resolution of british and french territorial ambitions in the middle east britain came up with war and the french never forgave them. france had insisted on mosul in the strikes. but at san remo they conceded it to britain despite the fact that it was known to be rich in oil. in the cool turpin marker memes there are stores that are. dollar 1000000000 the most sold since all is because of that turkish but for the i'm company. don't.
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know if. it is a. front more territory in the south along just something that is of the old become the iraq syria it got more that it got 25 percent of any oil that would be produced from mosul even though that was going to be developed as a british concern. on the international stage the league of nations now created a series of mandates it placed some new arab territories under the supervision of the british and french a kind of occupation in disguise that equal vender the lash of that s.s. if they did that's no good if you need. a limb on the us and if you need to 1st. ask. then
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mill in the course a says it to 10. in there is a b b c said that say that from sas man that they had heard the figure of course a year of burning. the british and the french did overcome their differences in their carve up of the middle east and agreed on concrete borders in december 1920. a joint french british committee was set up to deal with the matter. with her do it. course we were in a. while for us to oh and as for and see what in the is kelly i'm sure i don't often. see my dad adored in korea or korea and learnt to
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animal we were i don't have. a 1000000. as well as dividing up the region into 3 new entities and implementing the mandate system britain and france further split the territories they now controlled. the french divided syria into 5 states including greater lebanon. generals have a front i was offered to go you know syria will stop a fugitive known as my me be a slave my mouth of. foreign min. so if you were there it would be much for your. son our own you have now cannot afford . syria was divided into the streets of damascus aleppo the alawite state and mount
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troops. lebanon would become a republic 6 years later. though he didn't know that the dollars were. well at the casino ok i know that they are. for going out of friends and us and they would be different and you have. well there's them as i thought of the british colonial office organized the cairo conference in 1921 hosted by the new colonial secretary winston churchill it drew another important line within the british area of influence separating the land east of the river jordan from palestine. churchill came to this brief without any preexisting ideas on the future of the middle east he was in a sense moving as quickly as events were to try and put in place administered
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administer to structures that could prove effective in securing britain's interests at least cost to the exchequer i mean there had been some. proposals which simply from the zionist organization which were pushing for a palestine being defined in much more extensive terms to include the east bank of the jordan as well but in the end jordan and palestine and it up being under the same british mandate as you know at the end of the 1st world war and then we simply had an ordering council that has stopped. if you like it's 1st main in 1922. when the hash mites failed in their bid to establish an independent arab kingdom the cairo conference created trans-jordan wish to read hussein's elder son the law as a mere. iraq was created in mesopotamia with his teens younger son face some as
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king. had been a commander in the arab revolt and was the deposed king of syria. if you look at their arms territorial definitions that day there were zones and visit inside speak that cuts across it. but the actual bamber is to be truong i suppose for iraq after sykes pico the 1st wall would have been shortly after iraq being created in 1920 was the younger french convention of december 1920. in istanbul capital of the former ottoman empire. a turk successfully resisted foreign attempts to define the turkish speaking lands he led the turkish war of independence and repelled the greeks italians french and armenians. to turkey united the country and didn't you turkish republic was proclaimed in october 1923 make.
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a. evolved is that there's even more pathetic. say on these that sob and space. in their eyes is there any god. does not sound concept that if else. only bob doesn't. get a good day was it doesn't that. the syrian revolution in 1936 finally brought about a french accent and unified the country. by the end of 1946 iraq lebanon jordan and syria had all gained independence.
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british and french forces left but now there are sometimes differing views as to whether the borders the 2 powers true we see the root cause of the problems the arab world has experienced since it's very hard to blame. regional problems in the 20th century on the ways in which the borders were drawn the the most you can say if there is a original set to speak oh it's that those borders were drawn without consulting the people who have to live with them and for never securing the bya of those directly involved the borders with themselves to prove unstable it doesn't have a calm to well i don't know some trick with initially state there i mean there would be a common you've been a form of. welcome home let me have a 100. come if a month about how well. a company in here my job but yeah.
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if i did the u.s. and i went for coffee for a lot of money i would have add that a lot of the what i had been well we don't want us there to see if i can act like that as a skunk and more all the roman. you don't want to know him then so that the. read on your site that i don't also while i know it was there this scene so in a been at war cerny and well know that i did it because he had lost it. in part 2 we'll ask whether the superpowers of the 21st century have ignored lessons in the week looks like speak home and start to create more division in boundaries in the middle east than ever before.
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on counting the cost this week we check the pulse of the global economy that age a populist government says the independence of central banks comes out the threat and the other intended consequences of trump's trade off plus the i.m.f. warns on the missteps of brigs its trade was counting the cost. september on al-jazeera up to gears of war and famine al-jazeera looks at the dramatic transformation emerging to the inspirational stories of ford diversity p.o.b. and israel elections can benjamin netanyahu form a majority and sometimes another town listening post to 6 the world's media how they operate and the stories they cover do not succeed been made to his him president to succeed join us for live coverage as to his united's a documentary that examines the worst atrocities committed during the war in libya . september on al-jazeera.
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and the next episode of techno the team travels to the heart of the amazon. where we are now should be re-enforced to investigate illegal gold mining mercury has a very unique characteristic of finding the gold for a miner it's almost like magic and the technology being used to expose its devastating impact and so what we end up doing is imaging the forest in very high fidelity stream. techno on all just 0 favs. hello again adrian sitting in here in doha with the top stories and i was there a president donald trump has once again insisted that he's not seeking regime change in iran and says that it's too soon to meet with iran's foreign minister he made the comments the day after the reef made a surprise visit to the g.
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7 summit. i believe that in order to secure our country's national interests any instrument should be used if i know that going to a meeting and visiting a person will help the country get developed and solve the people's problems i will not miss it the principle is the national interests of our nation when i was around the president president trump also spoke about the ongoing trade war with china he said that negotiations were set to restart soon. i mean business they want to be able to do it's very important. what it was really. a lot of things about and it's why personally she's a great leader and it's going to be great it's going to be great to be in the world . and he's able to do things that other people are able so we will call and we're going to start really short to. negotiate we'll see what happens but it will the legacy of iran says that it's deployed its most sophisticated warship to provide
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security for its ships in the gulf of aden that's one of the busiest shipping routes in the world iran has also announced that it sold the oil that was on board a tanker that was detained by british forces in gibraltar but iran hasn't said who's bought the crude yemeni hoofy rebels say they've attacked a military target in the saudi capital riyadh with drones a saudi led coalition fighting in yemen though tonight is that there's been any such attack. sudan's new prime minister has appealed for international support as the country begins its next steps towards democracy about $100.00 says that his government wants an end to sanctions and what he called sudan's pariah status the economy collapsed on the former president omar al bashir his 30 years in office ended in april when the military to post him following months of mass protests meanwhile sudan's sovereign council has declared a state of emergency in the city of port sudan after fighting between 2 rival communities killed 17 people the council sent the provincial governor following 3
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days of violence i'll be back with a news out a little over 25 minutes from now let's get you back to sykes pekoe lines in the sand. the league of nations mandate for palestine came into effect in september 1983. it stated that the allied powers had agreed that the mandates be responsible for establishing quote a national home for the jewish people. briefed on. what had see only. men as you'll. see your climate there were only local what on your would be for us the. from manhattan must learn
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the skill would be. just some them feely lilian would be for the skiing we're. going to his a little beautiful as the inman. men or rope minerals your mother cause. i think that sign is diplomacy it was brilliant and in a way manipulating. british feel and ties submitting. failings at the same time because this fantasy of presenting the jews in america as the key to whether or not america would participant in the war and by presenting exaggerating the power of the jews worldwide. in the coming years palestinians would fight several campaigns from demanding
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independence from britain to trying to stem the tide of jewish immigration to palestine. the movement culminated in the revolt of 1936 which took the form of strikes and armed resistance. data from a lot of build. up the latine man assured. of the brittany would lit on a. her call me out to be yeah i love it as the and bad i should've done away one tackle radical out of the philistine. list i'm not officially who beautiful skinny model comes on a wild card in there the law to be an attack on because that i mean to say me out of it i will be able to turn into my man well of the eye then out a look at our blog of the run and how to. where in all get i will be of the
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reply me you must still be of morganatic so you know me and the british crush this revolt the zionists weren't strong enough at the time they didn't have the military capability. the british brutally put down the arab revolt and it's arguable and i would argue that palestine wasn't lost the 94748 it was lost in the late 1930 s. when britain would put down so far only the arab revolt and destroyed all palestinian military capability. to british mandate in palestine and did on the 14th of may 1948 as it ended david ben-gurion declared the establishment of a jewish state to be known as israel. the same team the armies of 5 arab states moved into the former british mandate the 1948 arab israeli war lasted
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almost a year the 1st of several subsequent major border conflicts. is really settlements beyond its recognized borders have also continued israel's expansion. to a total from the. producer really. matter but war mom look at the cyrillic very clear let it wash woman out of your own be a lot of shock not a lot of them. any hossam heather said are fairly young but the amount of rain began but. how ticket has been amended as the healey we're. going to get huckabee further don't need your dirty history been learned yet the militia were unified has a nother martyr the leaning on has been made so and blew all how did not a lot of them welcome a liver like if i had a cigar supply i. the
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balance of power has remained in its wheels favor in 1967 it expanded its borders in the 6 day war to include the west bank the gaza strip the sinai peninsula and the golan heights usually only comes meat illicit meat elf was told in the year would be. feed there till he. used one of them talked about. a serious was that he must look well and well how the kernel cause. is to turn out that why you know if he doesn't have the flu or be able could such a critical curse mean kabul bugs. that and john mccain was to heal a climate bill is full of the new year but the fool could well with the early obama and then most of my $1000000000.00. to be workers of you were in the lemme tell you
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that one at the end all of it was the new year with all those really you are those people in israel today like president rivlin who call for a bi national state they ask they insist. on. civil rights for the palestinians and human rights for the palestinians equality for the palestinians in terms of economic social and cultural issues etc but not political. that these days will remain the state where jews would have the upper hand politically speaking and that by national state would be open to jewish immigration but not the palestinian immigration i mean what kind of the state is going to be it is going to be as i say the south african state without the south african solution. like palestine iraq has also been affected by the legacy looks like speaker. in
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2003 a u.s. led coalition declared war on iraq believing it to possess weapons of mass destruction and aiming to oust president saddam hussein. however the coalition didn't tar the clear recovery plan for a post saddam iraq and secretary and ethnic arrest seriously destabilize the country. for the invasion. was. that they were intermingled sure so he lived in the same areas they were. in fact in the early years of. iraq insists that never they were too closely. but they sledgehammer smashed this is trust or. did they manage to
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instigate a conflict once the conflict starts there's a predictable cycle of violence that takes place i come i think primarily with 3 main object. the 1st is to support the administrator i'm. gerri brahma. in what he is doing in this transitional period for iraq. if you look at the history of modern iraq since 2003 you might say that no leader has come through who's been able to settle iraq and govern with the consent of enough of the majority to bring iraq to a stable condition and to political security and of that of the latter uk bubble headed for a couple of the had what i ate jelly but emma you solve or have erratically and
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that here we are less in. our. own well is the whole i know you had a clean. movie about the glad gun when at x. 7 many you're not really. the call my letters i was when it said she i was and for . all i hear and i will use it in the me she has the mail i have got him a new letter then one is a while back then the 5th element of min that. you are rude. to model for cottage that he doesn't have any key and can attest to that even with silly. he a limb. to do it after he and bain the home just what i me. when the. bottom are cut with the. bottom share with
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a 2 commander 2 out of the. iraqi resistance to the u.s. occupation increased as did sectarian killings the country fell deeper into chaos causing some americans to call for the division of iraq it was almost as though they hadn't studied the lessons of the post periods. so failed to convert our. new. team. obama valve. a of them with a by the. by the valley so for timely i started seen that the start of. the stock market at that thought he led a cli as a b. o.
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. that. here was that area. storm. sunni leaders in iraq began to warn against the intervention of neighboring shiite iran in the internal affairs of their country. they feared a sectarian war which would lead the country into a spiral of violence and arguably meek division the only option. the kind of you're on my idea we're here to for. what diamond. to know which. is a 1000000 but i thought he has such an ear when brady are. here why they leave the house and. if it's not part of year. to be an issue.
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with. sophia what do you do and if you are. why. did you hear all of this. and what i suggest you. when i sat down with the ship bellows i want to get them all one has it all and one under the water mitt so hot in here what i'm have to swallow if you don't want to see the elbows yet what i meant to belittle like you to bury it that was that there were more in the. i haven't yet it all to democracy that all how muted to feeling the able to see that it all the mochas you need that i hope and those they let me have this to us so that the horde. the kurds managed to achieve autonomy in the kurdistan region of iraq in 2005. their political leadership is now pushing for a referendum on independence which could mean drawing new borders within iraq.
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and it is true that the rocky kurds are quite happy. where they are in their own. enclave as it were but the united states continues to look for an iraq which is integrity and not divided into 3 truckie it. and them to i. mean. that we've been. helped. and. of that can. feel like to have a. model. but sex pekoe say of. becoming. the threat of division has also emerged in modern syria.
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the syrian revolution began in march 27th the government of president bashar al assad responded by a fierce war against all opposition with far reaching consequences. it represents a major challenge facing the international community and 2016. the situation in syria was exacerbated by the intervention of both russia and iran and their support for the assad government against the rebels. what they learned as me. about the. iranian people and you have to do was almost sure you have the serial killer you. were mad at the fact the strategy said let the far north. you know where i mean death for analysis and no he in your. new fools. she has is
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that them buttons one push the one of them going to come to you of them or is another in the hall of conduct with a doctor lead the milat or in gone an associate will be in class sami according to imagine is that east what i mean by this and you know when there are some one m.b. how good it is for what i'm being on as a citizen according to international code went to him ok mike just to name a can in what will be able to record is you all that here doris haas that sue you just learned. was out of a taxi. the u.n. stopped publishing the death toll in syria in 2014 and the numbers are now thought to be much higher than official figures. when russia and to the conflict on the side of the assad government in september 25th teen it began bombing opposition held areas and has become a major player in the ongoing crisis. arose he added we don't know whom and shows
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a stratum sort. of carbonell and how for that any and the whole. so we have had. enough. food and. the you know what the doctor. had the journey. not. the sharia the iau how to live. a russian intervention which is to guard russian interests in their own just our own ally that russian intervention makes russia or stay closed so has to be brought into the talking that
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needs to proceed as does iran with hizbollah as a proxy in syria and as does the european interest in the form of the flow of refugees from syria into europe the interest of the europeans in a stable near east to middle east and america in that row also of global stability with a particular interest on top of that in the security of israel. the international community is still trying to bring the parties together to find a solution to the syrian crisis but we don't want to divide the state dividing the country is part of the debates way whenever it's up to the syrians syrians now on the question of whether the country will be. divided or not. it seems to me that it is already divided in
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a very real way with the elements in the christians and the other is occupying a certain amount of territory and the sunni majority occupying the others and i'm. not very hopeful that syria would be a. re put back together again the drug war and. the us now know if enough sort of walked the heart of. the methadone is still earn. my. men. and about in the wee years in the above i let's shoot the mission and know. that the rules will live up to being the only he. has asserted that really need to stand then. the conflict in syria has become increasingly sectarian it has caused internal
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displacement of hundreds of thousands of people and the international exodus of refugees on an unprecedented scale in the modern world. some think that to form a federation is the only solution. then it is a set of the young do insects vehicle among them could only i should do while i sit on that dual hazel's like that and no and no. technology to slip back as a passenger. it could be sent. to the cave we took libby and was shot at the mouth about it but that one with us so we are doing well i hope and i will apply for that only. if it is there near me. and i'm at that the at the head of the macand me who are more. than technology more heidi was a part of i but if you did any. of that seem. like an end i'm at the corner of the and if you did really it at that. the outbreak
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had a lab in the back of the. larry. we hear about the. america i don't even really. i think that. the controls the country might shoot better the interest of israel because he will be sort of the legitimized ruler. after such a civil war after such carnage the worst scenario is that this integration of the neck of the of the country into uncontrollable 5th dumbs as it were now so i think that $11.00 syria complete with a regime that is not particularly legitimate in the eyes of the international community is something that would suit i think the current. islam extent of
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iraq and the levant isis has also complicated the situation in syria and has proclaimed the creation of the state in parts of syria and iraq. while american planes were bombing i saw in syria the also enabled kurdish groups to take control of certain areas of northern syria in october 25th teen and proclaim a kurdish province there. this could be seen as encouraging the idea of a federal division of syria as well as causing alarm bells for neighboring countries. in syria they are trying to get some kind of control with the help of russia united states and. iranian regime and a count on like has been lost in the one on a defacto hobby tutt where internationally they may not be recognized but de facto they will operate all of that and continue to talk at all create kinds of
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problems in the region. in mid 20. 15 there were armed clashes in turkey between the government of friendship are 21 and the p.k. case. the kurdish p.t.t. founded in 1978 once a political entity of its own independent. in there is a better model put this on and on. just the middle feet into father. danny. the father. i had the home and there will. be lot to quote of the. north. of us me a feeling that is her with me. out. be doing the n.
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. yet the how. hard on the show carney the young kuno and you will hear from them is a better model of the sunny has it into father mother tongue language as a being the office in language in schools. is a legitimate demand and it could be expressed in the democratic society so i don't see any legitimate and logical. demand for any kind of autonomy even if it was there it is going to be pick a case demands and we're not in place to all debate or negras shit that kind of autonomy with on the b. hall full of all shorts or towards. the ultimate legacy of the psych speak or agreement was to establish the rights of outside powers and interests to intervene and influence the politics of the middle east. the sense of instability
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and constant conflict it has engendered seems even more complex to address now than it was a 100 years ago. with . hello from satellite evidence you would think there's been a few showers around the west and amazon and they indeed have across the bolivian border but they really haven't amounted to much nor should they this time of year the forecast sees a few more rolling into western paraguayan than towards you to go and southeastern
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brazil but that's about it otherwise it's fairly warm sunshine so early spring sunshine $1000.00 words there is $31.00 still innocence here that the showers of course offers over the coming side slowly with the sun but ecuador and colombia northward sestertia has plenty of cloud and rain focusing on panama costa rica and nicaragua are probably the place to focus even so much here because of the eastern side of the mediterranean because coming in here is a developed near hurricane struck will still want the moment and later on monday early choose it will probably cross over the top very close to barbados as a hurrican warning out as a result of a very small hurricane that shouldn't be much wind damage but a lot of rain seems like it is moving very quickly to lend up in the eastern mediterranean come tuesday were followed from the point on woods almost as much rain potentially is about to fall out of the skies anywhere from the prairies of central kandor right so this part of the u.s. persistent long lived showers. weather sponsored by cats already.
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talk to old jews there oh we're going to give them to the people will be attending them and i'm a workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone who is also terrorizing we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter on the soldiers there are. driven by outrage and spanning generations the rohinton demonstrators gathered on the very day a widely criticized repatriation agreement between the governments of bangladesh and me and more was to begin the anger was all too apparent and the fear was palpable if you don't like we're so afraid that if they send one of us back to myanmar today tomorrow they'll send back 10 and the day after tomorrow they'll send back 2030 years if we were given citizenship in myanmar then there would be no need to take us back there we would go back on our own we must remember the rancho among
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the most persecuted minorities in the world. a nation where corruption is endemic embroiled in a battle to hold the power to account. has this radical transformation occurred. to me that if you look at the shedding light on the romanians pressing for change and the unconventional methods to eliminate corruption remain people on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian for the good in this is that he was a live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. donald trump says he doesn't
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want regime change in teheran as iran's president signals that he's open to talks with the us. asian markets tumble and china's currency hits an 11 year low after concerns over the trade war between beijing and the us plus. i'm in the shopian district of indian administered kashmir where people's livelihoods are at risk following the lockdown imposed by the government in new delhi. i would travel deep into the amazon rain forest to meet one indigenous community feeling threatened by encroaching development. the g. 7 summit in france is wrapping up with the us china trade war and a surprise visit by iran's foreign minister zarif dominating the 2 day meeting president donald trump has once again insisted that he's not seeking regime change in iran on the trade war with china trump said the beijing has asked washington's
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restart trade talks to end their dispute there's been no confirmation from beijing about that and there's been a breakthrough in the u.s. dispute with france over taxes on american technology companies they've agreed on a draft proposal that will be studied later on monday also all g 7 leaders have agreed to an immediate $20000000.00 fund to help countries fight wildfires in the alice of the say q straight to the g. 7 summit diplomatic editor james bays is in beer it's for us a president trump james says that he and other g 7 leaders have come to a conclusion more or less on iran what does he mean by that. well i don't think he means they're all on the same page because clearly the u.s. position of the european position has been different for a considerable period of time since president trump came to office he pulled out of the iran deal they've been working very hard to preserve the iran deal what i think we've got now there is a window of opportunity. more diplomacy the u.s.
9:51 pm
maximum pressure perhaps being put on hold because the u.s. is saying that they supported the idea of the iranian foreign minister coming here to the writs president trump saying that he gave his permission in advance for that take place and you've got the comments coming out of tehran president rouhani saying that he sees a 2 month period for the pomus series so a window is opening it's going to be very difficult but at least the fact that they are talking or at least talking about talking is something that could perhaps deescalate the tension i would say to look very closely to the u.n. general assembly if you've got a 2 month period of chroma see you've got the u.n. general assembly all these leaders and many more gathering in new york in about a month's time and chance what a progress if any has been made on the u.s. china trade or china's foreign ministry said earlier on monday that it was ready to take further steps to protect its interests if the u.s.
9:52 pm
moves ahead with an acting war tariffs. one. least why it yeah we've been hearing tough talk on both sides for days and days and you've seen the effect on the stock markets the difference now i think is fresh comments more conciliatory comments from president tran praising the truck the chinese leadership saying that president xi is great and that he knows what he's doing and he's a tough negotiator and also really he says that the u.s. administration had 2 calls from the chinese saying that they want to sit down again that's only from the u.s. side clearly china is not a member of the g. 7 and no confirmation of that coming from the chinese side also on trade we have another it looks like tentative deal or between the french and the u.s. remember that row on the digital services tax here in france controversial in the u.s. because it would target big tech companies in the. us
9:53 pm
a present truck before he came it's a beer it said well he might retaliate and put large taxes on french wine well there's been work behind the scenes the the us treasury secretary sitting down with his counterpart the french finance minister we believe that there is a provisional deal that might be in our list worth telling you that we are going to hear from president trump and president mark role in the next hour if scheduled here a bit fluid but if they stick to schedule they are both going to be speaking in a joint news conference so that particular subject to be one of the ones they're asked about al-jazeera supplementing it is a change of pace reporting live from the ritz president donald trump and india's prime minister narendra modi have discussed the situation in indian administered kashmir they met on the sidelines of the g. 7 summit the region spent on security lockdown for 3 weeks after modi withdrew its autonomy and imposed restrictions pakistan's prime minister has also been speaking
9:54 pm
out on the issue we have 2 correspondents following the story for us come all haida is live for us in islamabad he'll have more on what prime minister imran khan had to say in just a few moments but 1st let's go to war and show vora in new delhi unsure what came out of that meeting between president trump and prime minister modi. well essentially president trump indicated it actually said that he would media to do something as far as the dispute between india and pakistan oh well he was concerned but in the opening remarks today he said that the 2 countries can resolve their issues so in a sense saying water indian government has been raging that all issues between india and box on our bilateral issues that this is good news for indian diplomats who work very hard to ensure that they shoes remain bilateral and no other outside influences exercise as far as these disputes 2nd son what president from how i will also said was they speak and i'm sure they'll be able to resolve their issues and
9:55 pm
i'm paraphrasing here but it's confusing because india and pakistan are not talking to each other india is not talking to pakistan prime minister has said he's done talking with india's it's still very clear what he meant by that have the 2 leaders by that i mean president from the prime minister movie spoken about india are asking pakistan for talks it's not that's not very clear at this stage let's listen in to watch a prime minister more the end president tom had to say as far as the dispute in india is concerned. the. problem is. that. they sleep with the fact. that they will be able to do something. about a great great harm by. only issues between india and pakistan are biological and that's why we don't trouble other countries with these uses and i'm confident india and pakistan will one before 947 can discuss problems between ourselves and resolve
9:56 pm
them. now president trump also says the prime minister will be assured him that the situation in indiana 6 meters under control but restrictions are still there they haven't been entirely lifted in fact in many areas of the valley restrictions continue to be that making life for every dish midis very very hard however in my conversations over the last week i've been talking to several people here in india i learned that the indian officials were always very certain that america would support it stands when it came to the international platform because america they thought would only be making such improve pakistan noises because it is trying to have a deal in afghanistan between the afghan government and the taliban for which it needs pakistan's support as a box on exercises a lot of leverage over the taliban and so many thanks indeed let's bring in now to syria's kemal in islam about as we mentioned pakistan's prime minister imran khan
9:57 pm
has addressed the nation just a short time ago saying that he's been unable to reach an agreement with india on kashmir. who respond to me until sunday but you're not focused on the new team to the political dialogue with a new year and said to them you take one step forward and i'll walk 2 steps towards you and the problem that we have with kashmir we can attempt to solve it but from the beginning with had issues with what we did to talk to them about kashmir they would find new problems and they would find opportunities to accuse pakistan of some kind of terrorism come out what will the nation make of that. very 1st of all just religion no prime minister village or a thing the nation that created speech after the crisis began when india revoked articles of faith 78 said that mr modi had made a strategic blunder and that it was based that a move was based on ad against the idea it played
9:58 pm
a large card and also reminded the pakistanis about the ideology of the object which you said was based on hatred and which led to incidence like the i o. the march and go drugs all the prime minister also already a sitting at the board busy for the course maybe saying that this will continue delhi and its fight the fact that pakistan men are to have many friends right now on this particular issue and also it should be noted there that pakistan and india are not talking to each other they have downgraded their diplomatic relation budgets on fears that it has internationalize the view that it was something that emraan confident about this that we have succeeded in internationalizing this issue because india is not willing to drop and as you saw earlier imran khan had already said that there was no point in talking to india or indeed the situation between the 2 state is a dead loss but there is
9:59 pm
a summary of all which outside diplomacy which of course is going to be difficult because india is sticking to the bilateral that's. that form day come on many thanks indeed police in indian administered kashmir say that protesters have killed the driver of what they thought was a military truck and restrictions in kashmir are now entering the 4th week of made it difficult for people to make a living as a serious 1st tamil reports now from shop down the street. this should be a happy time his family's apple crop is looking good this season and will be ready for harvesting at september but the region's lockdown has made it hard to get supplies and laborers from outside are being told to stay out there but. i got the liberal side push me the government told them to go home pesticides we can't get
10:00 pm
because the markets a shot rice vegetables we can't even get meat for us says because everything is shut. that's affecting people with small businesses especially in farming who are worried the restrictions on communication and movement means their hard work will be thrown away. it's a situation that's common throughout the kashmir valley that most business is staying shut in srinagar carpet sellers have already stocked up for both the tourist and wedding season this month but few have had any sales in weeks so many employers want to hear. them. and we. houseboat hotels and famous doll lake sit empty. and with only local people riding a few of the gondolas many boat men are fishing to pass the time and catch a meal just before the restrictions earlier this month the government order tourists to leave the area taking with them.


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