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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 27, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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i will. wait for the end of your own press conference to train for. the best because you don't. the fact. that. we've seen the 1st lady it's good. can you give up was that the threat. to peace. yet can't now come to us that that was the agreement on the whole i can't say that the 1st lady loved your french wife ok all right she loved your french one so thank you very much that's right. thank you thank you yes yes. i will wait for the end of this press conference there's a press conference of a frenzy i will leave you for thank you. thank you thank you.
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she's worse than you are you are like. i can't believe it ringback. come on up let's go. mr president can i just ask you questions it's a good reference i'm sure you have recently been saying that china wants to make you think you are not going to be very angry. now but he said then thank you thank you please sit down. you respect you very much you've recently been saying that china wants a deal but you're not necessarily ready for a deal and you like the tariff revenue that is coming in are you now ready to make a deal only of a fair deal and a good deal for tonight as states otherwise i will not make a deal we have been dns and billions coming in and i think we're going to get there i do i believe it more strongly now that i would have believed it
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a while ago we're going to get there and we're going to have a really would have a fair deal but remember this when you say fair china has been taken out of this country $500.00 plus $1000000000.00 a year for many many years many many years it was time to stop as a private person i used to talk about it's one of the reasons i'm president and we're in a great position our country is doing well our unemployment numbers are the lowest they've been in over 50 years. unemployment numbers for african-americans african-american asian for hispanic are the best they've ever been historic numbers were in a very strong position are consumers are strong wal-mart just announced numbers that were i mean mind boggling numbers it's a great poll right there that's the ultimate poll how the retailer is doing and how are certain certain companies doing so we're doing very well and i think that i
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think we're going to make a deal with china and i think we'll probably eventually we're going to make a deal with iran to just say. it's not a question of behavior i think they want to make a deal and i think they should make a deal and i think if they don't make a deal it's going to be very bad for china and i very much appreciate the fact that they came out last night very late last night and they said you know they want to make a deal they wanted to be on the come circumstances it was a little different kind of a statement i thought it was a beautiful statement i thought it indicated a lot to have there we go. i actually have a question for you on next year's g. 7 summit but can i just clarify something you said you mentioned earlier today one place to go let me do the clarification and i get to the question on them you talked about one horse with china and the breaking news alert i'm sure i'm not understand what specifically were heard from china and on next year's g 7 you alluded today dropped several names about miami about drought hosting next year's g 70 a property what reassurances if any can you give the american people that you are not
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looking to profit off the presidency well i'll tell you what i've spent and i think i will in a combination of. loss and opportunity probably it'll cost me anywhere from $3.00 to $5000000000.00 to be president and the only thing i care about is this country couldn't care less otherwise i wouldn't have done it people have asked me what do you think it costs and between opportunity of not doing thing i used to get a lot of money to make speeches now i give speeches all the time in order to get zippo and that's good and i did a lot of great jobs and great deals that i don't do anymore i don't want to do it because the deals i'm making a great deal for the country and that's to me much more important darrelle happens to be within miami it's a city it's a wonderful place it's a very very successful area of florida it's very importantly only 5 minutes from the airport the airports right next door it's a big international airport one of the biggest in the world everybody that's coming all of these people with all of their big entourage is come it's set up so poor and
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by the way my people looked at 12 sites all good but some were 2 hours from an airport some were 4 hours from i mean that was so far away some didn't allow this so they didn't allow that with the ralph we have a series of magnificent buildings we call them bungalows they each hold from $50.00 to $70.00 very luxurious rooms with magnificent views we have incredible conference rooms incredible restaurants it's like. it's like such a natural we would even have to do the work that they did here and they've done a beautiful job they've really done a beautiful job and what we have also is miami and we have many hundreds of acres so that in terms of parking in terms of all of the things that you need the ballrooms are among the biggest in florida and the best it's brand new and they want that my people wanted it from my standpoint i'm going to make any money in my
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opinion i'm not going to make any money i don't want to make money i don't care about making money if i want to make money i wouldn't worry about 3000000000 the 5000000000 because that's what i mean at some point under the detail there and we'll show but i think it's just a great place to be i think having it in miami is fantastic really fantastic having it at that particular place because of the way it's set up each country can have their own villa or their own bungalow and the bungalow is what i say they have a lot of units and of so i think it just works out well and when my people came back they took tours they went to different places i won't mention places but you'll have a list because they're going to give a presentation of them fairly so they went to places all over the country and they came back and they said this is where we'd like to be now we had military people doing it we had secret service people doing it we had people that really understand what it's about it's not about me it's about getting the right location i think it's very important jonathan. trying to not bring it on the head jonathan. thank
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you mr president of president mccrone said he'd like to see talks between you and president rouhani within weeks or does that sound realistic to you could you see yourself as in talks with iranians with well it does i don't know the gentleman i think that i think i know i'm a little bit just by watching over the last number of years what's happened tell you one thing is great negotiation but he i think he's going to want to meet i think iran wants to get this situation straightened now is that based on fact or based on gut that's based going get that they want to. at this situation straight now jonathan and they're really hurting badly there inflation as you know because they so you're reporting on it there inflation is through the roof their economy is tanked entirely the sanctions are absolutely hurting them horribly i don't want to see that i don't want to see that they're great people i don't want to see that we can't let them have a nuclear weapon can't let it happen so i think that there's
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a really good chance that we would meet jeff place. thank you mr president another follow up from what the president of france said he said that there might be a need for compensation to iran would you given all the criticism you've made of the just c.p.o. way in the money that they got be open to giving iran compensation if it met some of the criteria that you lay out what he's talking in terms of compensation is they are out of money and they need may need a short term letter of credit or loan no we're not paying we don't pay but they may need some money to get them over a very rough patch and if they do need money certainly and would be secured by oil which to me is great security and they have a lot of oil but it's a could be a lot so we're really talking about a letter of credit. type facility us from. it would be from numerous countries in numerous countries and it comes back it would be it
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would expire it will be paid back immediately and very quickly yes go ahead let's have yes thank you very much i miss the president now it's with be a sigh he simply japanese newspaper i know but just left now the your prime minister. but man great man ok the now the us and japan have have an agreement in principle with your saturday tremendous trait bill for the united states so should you plan and you said oh wow so are you still considering imposing section 232 tariffs on her parents' auto exports to the united states on national security grounds not at this moment no not of this while it's one of the reasons we made the deal but no not at this moment it's something i could do a later date of i wanted to but we're not looking at that we just want to be treated fairly you know japan has had a tremendous trade surplus with the united states for many many years long before i
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came and i'll tell you something we're transforming our country we're taking this horrible one sided foolish very dumb stupid if you'd like to use that word because it's so descriptive we're taking these trade deals that are so bad and we're making good solid deal sentiment and that's transforming our country that's that will be transformative and very exciting i think for a country very very exciting please go. thank you mr president well i didn't actually say or said the woman behind you so what do we do her 1st you've been asking a lot of questions although i will. express surprise yummy stuff and then say i don't give you access frank. thanks mr president jimmy softener of p.b.s. news hour why do you think it's appropriate to invite russia to the g. 7 given that they've meddled in the 2016 election you know are you worried that if russia does come to the g 7 that it might hurt you politically because it's only
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going to be a couple months before the 2020 alexion i don't care politically really to a lot of people don't understand this iran one election and i want happened to be for president i don't care politically i'm going to run another election i think i'm winning based on polls that we see whether i win or not i have to do the right thing so i don't do things for political reasons is it good probably not maybe it is i mean a lot of people are smart a lot of people say having russia which is a power of having them inside the room is better than having them outside the room by the way there were numerous people during the g 7 that felt that way and we didn't take a vote on anything but we did discuss it my inclination is to say yes they should be and they were really it was a president obama i'm not blaming him but a lot of bad things happened with president putin and president obama one of the things that happened was as you know what happened then with a very big area
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a very very big and important area in the middle east where the red line was drawn and then president obama decided that he was not going to do anything about it you can't draw a red lines in the say and you just can't do it and the other was in ukraine having to do with a certain section of ukraine that you know very well where it was sort of taken away from president obama not taken away from president trump taken away from president obama. president obama was not happy that this happened because it was embarrassing to him right it was very embarrassing to him and he wanted russia to be out of the what was called the g. 8 and that was his determination it was outsmarted burkle was that smart of president putin outsmarted president of the moment and i could understand how president obama would feel he wasn't happy and they're not in for that reason now. i'm only thinking about the world and i'm thinking about this country in terms of
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the g 7 whether it's the 7 ga i think it would be better to have russia inside the tent than outside the tent do we live by the way yes we live either way is it politically popular for me to say that possibly not i think a lot of people would agree with me frankly but possibly not i do nothing for politics and know a lot of you aren't even to smile at that i do nothing for politics i do what's right and people like what i do and but i just do what's right if i wanted to go strictly by politics i'd probably poll that and possibly i'd say oh gee i don't want i don't want russia in but i really think it's good for security of the world is good for the economics of the were remember they're building a big pipeline in europe going right up to germany and i said to angola well i had a great relationship but i said you know you pay russia billions of dollars and then we defend you from russia and i say how does that with at least statement that
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russia outsmarted president obama well he did explain that the reason why russia with kicked out was very clearly because the annex crimea white paper some people would say yes the clear lie well it was an exuberant president i know you like president obama but it was an ex during president obama's term if there was an extra in my term i'd say sorry folks i made a mistake sorry folks president obama was helping ukraine crimea was an excuse during his term now it's a very big very very important area russia has its submarine that's where they do this upgrade work and that's where they dock. large and powerful submarines but not as powerful as ours and not as large as ours but they have the submarines and president obama was pure and simply out smarted they took crimea during his term that was not a good thing it could have been stopped could have been staffed with the right
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whatever it could have been. but president obama was unable to stop it and it's too bad. as the g 7 has the next year you were allowed to invite other countries to contest countries even though they're not necessarily part of the overall group when you consider inviting blood over putin under the i don't know that he'd accept there's a tough circumstances he was a part of g 8 and all of a sudden he's not out or is not in so i think john actually that's a pretty tough thing for him you know he's a proud person what i invited my would certainly invite him whether or not he could come psychologically i think that's a tough thing for him to do you have a g. 8 now it's a g. 7 and you invite the person that was thrown out really by president obama and really because he got outsmarted president obama pure and simple and don't forget it was not just crimea it was the red line in the sand and obama said never violate
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the red line of the say and and then they went ahead and they killed. many children would guess it was terrible and he did nothing about it i did but i was there years later i did something about it but i was there late. because are you help us understand the timeline on the china calls were you referring to the statement by the vice or we've had many calls secretary when ocean is here and you've had many calls over the last 24 hours but certainly over the last 48 hours we've had many calls not just one this isn't one and it's a high level because they want to make a deal and by the way i think it is going to be made but they want to make a deal so that the chinese are saying that there weren't any particulars and nothing that a nazi is really limited by something the vice chairman of china to get higher than that other than president xi the vice president the vice chairman it's like the
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vice president the vice chairman made the statement that he wants to make a deal but he wants to see a calm atmosphere he wants it all the happen that says that there i don't have to talk about you know you folks who are reporting before we can find any phone call he released a statement i didn't release it he released a statement but there were almost. numerous calls. and not only was steve there were calls with other people to just so you understand china wants to make a deal now whether or not we make a deal it's going to be a great deal for us you know and i tell this the presidency who i really respect i really do i have great respect and i like him to he's a tough guy but i have a lot of feeling for president she is very outstanding and so many ways but i told a very strongly said look you're starting up here and you're making 500000000 here
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and stealing our intellectual property we're down on the floor lower than the floor . chemical 5050 deal this has to be a deal that's better for us and if it's not better let's not do business together i don't want to do business forget about tariffs for a 2nd we'll take it in tremendous amounts of money forget that i don't do business now when i raise and he raises i raise and we can never catch up we have to balance our trading relationship at least to an extent and they were unwilling to do that and we'll never have a deal if that happens but it's going to happen because they have to have a deal and as far as phone calls are concerned secretary of the treasury and other people have been receiving medical not receiving back and forth many calls china wants to make a deal and if we can we will make a deal listen really. mr president if i could ask you
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a little bit about your china strategy because it mccrone talked a little bit about instability and the worry in the markets and in the around the globe about instability one of the things that that comes from as you as you talk to me thinking about global economic instability i don't consider what is is that any of the presidents from the back and forth in the changing statements from yourself so that i'm sorry it's the way i would go see 8 so my question is is that a strategy to strategies caught president xi at enemy one day and then say that now malaysians are very down on the stand you know that it's gone through a i negotiate it's them very well for me over the years and it's doing even better for the country because i think talk a little bit and i do think you and i do think that. look is history i have people say oh just make a deal make a deal they don't have the guts and they don't have the wisdom to know that you can't continue to go on where our country is taking 500000000000 that
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1000500000000000 with a b. . out every single he has $500000000000.00 you just can't do that somebody had to do this this should have been done by president obama it's never been done and biden slippy joe it should have been done by other people it should have been done by the if you're been done but let's double bush should have been done i'm doing it and it is something else north korea should have been done a long time ago i'm doing it i'm doing a lot of things that i shouldn't have to be doing. to place. that place. b. sky news president trump you've met on the prime minister of course johnson yesterday as you said he was the right man for the job writes it i believe that do you think the reason may was the wrong woman and do you think the 1st chance and
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can actually get a deal with the e.u. before october 31st voters who was unable to do the deal i gave her my ideas as to doing the deal very early on as you possibly know what they are but i would have done that she chose to do it her way and that didn't work out so well i think she's a very very good person and a good woman and i really believe that for sansone will be a great prime minister you know we like each other and we had a great 2 and a half days i've been waiting for him to be prime minister for about 6 years a told him what took you so long i think he's going to be a great prime minister and especially after spending a lot of intense time with him over the last couple of days is really a he's very smart is very strong and he's very enthusiastic and you know else he loves your country he really loves your country that came out maybe more than
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anything else your place. young b.b.c. news president trump 1st off it is very keen on a trait deal with the usa you sound keen on it to some of his critics though but i think you're going to do over the u.k. in our own they're going to name my love the u.k. i own great property in the u.k. i love the u.k. i have no idea how my property is doing because i don't care but i don't turn very and i own in aberdeen and i own and ireland is you know doing vegan great stuff and i'll be honest with you. i think i think that i think he's going to just do a great job as prime minister you know takes a lot it's so many different elements to being a great prime minister and you need him i just think his time is right this is the right time for morris there's a return for boris surplus go ahead right here. who you with robust and promoting the u.k. as well. it was you had
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a good few days with president michael. appeared to be doing business with bags of favorite russian. off the rocks it who do you think will be your more important relationship president markel from sony you or or is johnson promise of united kingdom i think we're going to have just like france is a great nation it's being run a lot of things are happening you know it's not easy what he's doing he's changing certain ways it's a very hard thing to do i won't get into it i'm going to let him sell his ideas but a lot of people don't disagree with his ideas but it's a very hard thing to do if you're a great citizen of french you love your country but you want to do the way you've been doing it for a long crown but maybe that's not working or maybe they have to do what he has to do i think he's going to do a fantastic job but it's very tough for him i know how tough it is for him he's been having a hard time and nobody would have an easy time but i do believe he's doing the
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right thing and boris is different it's a different kind of a deal porous has to try and do something with bracks and it's very tough i deal with the e.u. the e.u. is that's a very very strong group of people they have their ideas and they're not easy to deal with i will tell you we're very close to making a deal by the way with the i have to say this we made a great deal with japan and we were very close to maybe make a new deal with the e.u. because they don't want tariffs it's very simple they don't want to tax cars mercedes benz b.m.w. they don't need a 20 percent or a 25 percent tax but we're very close i think we're going to make a deal with the e.u. without having to go that route i may have to go that route but maybe not we're going to have a deal a really fair deal but the e.u. is another one we've been losing 100 $80000000000.00 a year for many years that's a lot of money how much can you take out of the piggy back which alliance will be more people with pretty. both i want to say which i look i think that.
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i think that the i think we have been with i guess i would start off by saying england trache and i as poor as whizzing and what's happening with england they don't use it too much anymore we talked about it was very interesting but the united kingdom is a great incredible place it's an incredible nation and it's you know been one of our tremendous allies and another what happens to be a sure he was here also scott he has spent testing in fact we're honoring him in australia at the white house in a very short period of time. but i think that she's made. at some point i will at some point there also germany i'm going to ask me to visit germany going to be to go in there too so i just think they're very different and they're going to be going at it for a little while but ultimately probably it works they may have to get out they may not make a deal the european union is very tough to make deals with very very tough just ask
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to resign many. baby with the presidency go with the associated press that's hoping you could clarify last year you left the summit in canada feuding with the summit host this year i think so you seem to be a little bit different you're talking about unity with the president from the state what is different and also as president said he's passed you the baton now of leading this multilateral institution you ran on the platform of america 1st what is your now today you're saying that you have a mandate for the national media what are you going to do with it but we actually had a very good meeting i had it out with one or 2 people where we disagreed in terms of concept but we actually had a pretty good meeting last year i would say that this was a big step above in terms of unity in terms of agreement. we have really great agreement on a lot of very important subjects but last year was good also unless she was good also i think less you might have been
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a little bit under rated him could have placed at the g 7 presidency what you want to do with that what was your what's your agenda what we're going to do something hopefully special we're going to build on what we have now we built on something really good and we're going to be going in with some great unity where it will if there was any word for this particular meeting of 7 very important countries that was unity i think most important of all we got along great we got along very. much . thank you very much mr president we shall i media group you just mentioned that chinese vice premier little hook say china is willing to resolve this issue through calm negotiation no i didn't say he did yes yes and will the u.s. negotiate in the same manner yes and also. so the other issue is the nation owes an easy answer. so the u.s.
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will negotiate in the same manner absolutely great respect for china great respect for the leadership of john absolutely and also the other question is that you say definitely will invite putin to join next year's summit i haven't said that but i think that having president putin in what was the g. 8 was a member of the g. 8 and i heard he was a a good member of the g. 8 having a man i think is more. of an advantage i think it's a positive for the world i think it's a positive for russia i think it's a big positive for russia. and it's something the group is discussing they are discussing it but just a few hours there people feel very much like me many people but as you also go russian foreign ministers saying that it's not their foreign policy pursued to return to 8 what's your reaction well you know we'll see i know one thing if they were invited back i think they'd be there if they weren't that's ok too i just think they'd be better inside than outside i mean as i said before i really do i
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think they'd be an asset i think it would be a good thing you know some of the things were going in the room and yesterday in particular we were discussing 4 or 5 matters and russia was literally involved in all of those 4 or 5 matters and a few of the people looked up and said you know why are they here talking to us about it what do we do now go home take it easy for a day although i'm not doing that i don't take it easy but what do we and we're going to go home and start calling them at the end of the week and say hey how about this could have been in the room we had numerous things that we were just goes to great numerous we had a lot of things that we were discussing and it would have been very easy of russia was in there and he was in the room because of those things now with the just in limbo but i have to say with all of that very little little limbo but somebody will speak to him about some things and frankly they're not very complicated but it would be easier if they were in the room thank you sarah josh josh was the president there was
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a significant talk at the summit about climate change i know in the past you've heard some skepticism of a science and on the change what do you think the world should be doing about climate change and do you still harbor that skepticism i feel that the united states has tremendous wealth the wealth is under its feet i've made that wealth. i'm alive we will soon be one of the we will soon be expert in fact we're actually doing it now exporting but we are now the number one energy producer in the world and soon it will be by far with a couple of pipelines that have not been able to get approved for many many years that will have a huge impact i was able to get anwar in alaska could be the largest site in the world for oil and gas i was able to get and were approved ronald reagan was unable to do that nobody was able to do that they've been trying to do it since before ronald reagan i got approved with the number one energy producer in the world soon it will be by far the number one. it's tremendous wealth and l.
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and g. is being sought after all over europe and all over the world and we have more of it than anybody else and i'm not going to lose that wealth i'm not going to lose that on own dreams when windmills which frankly aren't working too well i'm not going to lose it so josh in a nutshell i want the cleanest water on earth i want that clean is there on earth and that's what we're doing and i'm an environmentalist a lot of people don't understand that i have done more environmental impact statements probably than anybody that suggests i can say definitely because i've done many many many of them more than anybody that's ever been president or vice president or anything even close to president and i think i know more about the environment than most people i want clean air i want clean water i want to wealthy country i want a spectacular country with the jobs with pensions was so many things and that's
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what we're getting so i want to be very careful to you have the same time at the same time at the same time you were called at the same time it's very important to me very important to me we have to maintain this incredible this incredible place that we've all built. we've become a much richer countries and that's a good thing not a bad thing because their great wealth allows us to take care of people we can take care of people that we couldn't have taken care of in the past because of the great wealth we can't let that wealth be taken away clean air clean water thank you very much everybody i appreciate it thank you and. we're going to make a deal with china and iran to the words there of u.s. president donald trump as he was addressing that press conference at the g. 7 he went on to say only if conditions were right would he consider lifting oil
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sanctions and so it was too soon for a meeting with iran's president in explaining why that didn't happen yesterday and . he also addressed hopes for a trade deal with china saying he would be willing to make a deal but only if it was a fair deal however he was convinced that chinese want to make a deal called china's statement calling for calm a beautiful statement let's bring in our diplomatic go with james bays he's been at the g. 8 summit watching everything so 1st of all james let's distill there's a lot to distill here isn't there has there man you're my crock all but set up a meeting between the leaders of the u.s. and iran.
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are we apologize there we've obviously got a little bit of audio trouble oh let's try and go back to james i hear that we can now hear each other james let's try this again. yes sami for the 1st time since president trump came to office you have to primacy back to the fore from the u.s. administration's side certainly they may not be enthusiastic and i'm sure some including the man sitting in the front row john bolton the national security advisor isn't completely convinced by this but they are seen as going to give diplomacy a try and on the iranian side you've seen the comments from president rouhani that maybe for 2 months they can try negotiation so a window has opened in that window very much has been created in the last few days by president macron now the really interesting new bit of information from that
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news conference was the idea that there could be as you say face to face talks with president mark rohr but more importantly with president rouhani and president trump remember that president obama never even met president rouhani this would happen potentially according to president mackerel in a couple of weeks president trump was not so definitive and was not as positive that this would necessarily take place but he said it could be a great thing and he again said that prosperity was what he was after for iran what i think may well rattle some nerves particularly in tel aviv and in riyadh is the way president trump was comparing now the north korean situation and the iranian situation and saying that they were similar and both countries could see prosperity because there are observers who will say well north
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korea's managed to get the meetings get the diplomacy going is actually given absolutely nothing i'm sure the israeli prime minister for example would not want to see a similar scenario play out with regard to iran that i think is is a. nightmare scenario for the israelis at least i think interestingly sami as you look at the timeline that's now been set out for us the next few weeks or from the iranian side a period of 2 months look very very closely now at the u.n. general assembly which takes place in about month's time these 7 leaders plus most of the rest of the leaders of the world are there all of the members of united nations all armed with 93 nations will be there in new york for that high level week that is where potentially there on the sidelines you could see this sort of meeting or the other issue i think we're going to talk about all of this is the very positive comments being made by donald trump when it comes to well even he
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said it openly he's sure there's going to be a trade deal with china are trade talks about to resume thing what's the bottom line of this. president trump says they are and he's as the vice chairman in china i didn't give many details has spoken to them and you saw stephen minutia who's the u.s. treasury secretary stand up in front the news conference and yes i took the call so they are certainly saying they believe that the chinese are ready to talk he said that the chinese economy is in such a state that they need to talk at this stage and restart trade negotiations it was interesting though we've seen that this trade war has really rattled stock markets and he was asked about that and was asked the question that isn't the real problem in stability for for for people around the world and for stock markets around the world in you by your changing comments of causing the instability and he said look
12:38 am
it's the way i negotiate. it is and they've been thanks so much james bays asking a diplomatic editor let's bring in al-jazeera senior political analyst now mother one bashar amman one 1st of all let's put everything into context if we start with iran you might recall back in july i'm sure you do that president trump said he'd meet any time with the iranian leadership leadership an hour and a situation where he said well it was just too soon yesterday. back in july it was iran that was saying no we're not ready to meet unless sanctions are lifted 1st and now iran's turn sounds a lot more positive what's happened seems to be a lot of change in positions here this is very important to me in the way you phrased your question sets the record straight because for the last 24 hours we've been hearing people make it sound as if the americans are making the concession on resuming or in having some sort of
12:39 am
a dialogue between washington and tehran while just as you stated now it's important to note that it was washington that's was willing to have dialogue with iran after it imposed its. secondary sanctions on the stomach of the public and it was. president and notably the iranian spiritual leader. meenie. who many who said we will not have dialogue until the sanctions are lifted so for doubt for the president not to say well it's too soon my guess is he doesn't want to meet with a foreign minister my guess is that the land or the road is being paved as we speak and that eventually in september on american soil maybe then the american president would meet his counterpart the iranian president rouhani. so
12:40 am
. i mean putting looking at this from what's happened in the last couple of days of g 7. has micron or the europeans some more getting successful at bringing the americans round to their thinking. well look. i am very skeptical of what we've heard in the press conference. what we've seen in terms of the back slapping and the hugging on the cheek of seeing a source of a very very skeptical i think behind the scenes and from the very fundamental positions of each and every one of those economic power there are major differences that have not been resolved i think the questions of russia the question of trade and war with china the question of bragg's it and the question of iran there are no agreements but yes certainly the french president have called his counterparts into
12:41 am
iran and said probably something like why don't you make a statement that i'm ready to meet with anyone if that will serve in national security and i will talk to president trump and maybe we can work something out certainly there is an iranian. effort in that direction but semi and this is important i think what the americans are asking of their radians not only just in terms of the long term commitment by their members of the myside program and in terms of their regional policies i haven't seen any signal from to her on that they are willing to compromise on these issues so while we might see a meeting which would allow the europeans then to trade with iran without the united states we don't we're not necessarily seeing the end of the tunnel in terms of the showdown over the new could you or the shot of their senior
12:42 am
political analyst. moving on president gone from been india's prime minister narendra modi of discuss the situation in indian administered kashmir and that on the sidelines of the g 7 summits the region has been on security long down for 3 weeks after modi withdrew its autonomy and imposed restrictions are a stance prime minister has also been speaking out on the issue we have 2 correspondents following this story come on high there is live for us in islamabad we'll have more on what eman khan the prime minister there had to say but 1st as caught on child vora she's in new delhi's disturbing what came out of that meeting between modi and trumpet sounds like donald trump has now been won over to modi's thinking on the kashmir issue at least when it comes to learning india handle it.
12:43 am
that is absolutely correct sorry you've analyzed it perfectly indian officials have reason to be very pleased with what president trump said to the earlier he said the situation in to me was explosive and that he would like to mediate or do something but he didn't say any such thing today instead what he said was and i'm paraphrasing here that india and pakistan can resolve the issue themselves that's what he meant now that is exactly what india's position has been india has said and it was read to rated by prime minister more the that all bilateral issues between india and pakistan are bilateral issues so the u.s. there supporting the indian point of view however interestingly president trump also said they speak to pakistan and i'm sure they will come up with good things again a paraphrase there but essentially that's left us all a little bit confused what does he mean when he says they speak to pakistan because right now india is not talking to pakistan and india has not even offered to talk to pakistan and pakistan's prime minister iran contra said that he's done talking
12:44 am
to india so what does president trump there mean was is a something that we don't know here did this come up in the meeting did he ask for . mr morley to approach. this topic in any manner that at the moment is very very let's listen to what exactly president trump and prime minister he said. were we. the problem is. really that. those we were back there that they were able to do something we were. talking about it right with. all issues between india and pakistan. and that's why we don't other countries. and i'm confident india and pakistan. can discuss problems between us and resolve them. all as i mentioned pakistan's prime minister in addressing the nation a short while ago saying he's been unable to reach an agreement with india on
12:45 am
kashmir. they defied all the un security council resolutions they've been against the law they went against their own supreme court and high court's decisions those who are the founding fathers like gandhi and nehru they win against the promises made by prime minister nearer to the people of kashmir and they also went against this secular constitution which says that everyone in the creation of pakistan is wrong indeed that secularism on the 5th of august they seem to miss it saying that india is for hindus only and everyone else is a 2nd class citizen. let's go now to come on high days live for us in islamabad so come all that sentiment that we heard from there and the modi and. letting india runs against what pakistan wants in terms of the internationalization of kashmir right. absolutely and i think one
12:46 am
thing has to be understood the depth of the problem is something that mr trump does not understand obviously the indian prime minister was talking about bilateral aid them you heard my colleague from new delhi saying that august and i got a great day express apprehension that there was no use talking to india especially after india unilaterally move to and make progress on called the annexation of fresh made so as far as pakistan is concerned the bilateral forum was carried by india unilaterally move and pakistan feels that there is no other way by the international mediation to start if you are now with the pakistani prime minister making very clear that what mr modi the party was following was a very large a fiord ideology of the arctic which is based on 4 shares lines and a of god said
12:47 am
that pakistan would not back down as far as support for the kashmiri people was concerned though that the message from pakistan ready clear that it is no longer bilateral for them left to talk about as far as pakistan and india are concerned and that is it india is a unilateral move which educated the bilat driven forum. come on hi there onto us live that brings us so most of the end of this news hour bank with another full bulletin of news from just a couple of moments to stay with us. over
12:48 am
100 years ago britain and france made a secret deal to divide the middle east between them now we can draw a map in the 2nd episode we explore the lasting effects of this agreement if there is a original set to 6 because it's at the borders were drawn without consulting the people who have to live with it. sykes people lines in the sun. just. as the g 7 comes to a close the french president says he's hopeful about a possible summit between the u.s. and iran.
12:49 am
i'm sammy's a band this is al jazeera live from doha so coming up to stan's leader says he'll go to any length for the region of kashmir as india's prime minister again rejects foreign mediation in the crisis. i could all tightens its immigration rules making it more than a cold for thousands of venezuelans fleeing hardship back home plus. a travel day even to the amazon rain forest to meet an indigenous community threatened by encroaching development. closing statements have begun as the g. 7 summit comes to an end in france with the french president saying is hopeful about a meeting between the u.s. and iran well in the last hour a man in my craw held a joint press conference with us president donald trump diplomatic editor james
12:50 am
bays is that the g. 7 summit joins us now so james looking at all of this is a lot like we're heading towards or we're inching closer towards a rowhani trump meet up. i think it is possible 1st carry out president marc ross said things were still very fragile despite that meeting with the iranian foreign minister here in the last 24 hours bots i think for the 1st time since president trump came to office he is giving diplomacy a window we're also hearing from the iranian side that they are saying there could be a 2 month period where there could be negotiations president mark cross saying in the next few weeks there could be a meeting involving him but most importantly president trump and president rouhani remember that president obama never met president rouhani there's been no meeting between the rainy and u.s. leader since the 900 $79.00 revolution as you look at that 2 month period if
12:51 am
something was to progress you get in a month's time the u.n. general assembly when these 7 leaders plus many more are in new york at that event or on the sidelines of that event certainly would be an opportunity for a meeting is president trump going to meet ronnie he was asked. if the circumstances were correct toward the raid i would certainly agree to that but in the meantime. they have to be good players you understand what that means and they can do what they were saying they're going to do because if they do that they're going to be met with really very violent force with kevin no choice so i think they're going to be good. because he did what i said by telephone to president rouhani is that if he accepted to meet president trump my conviction is that a solution can be found we need to sit around the table and i hope that over the
12:52 am
next few weeks on the basis of these exchanges that we will succeed in having a meeting at a summit between president trump and president rouhani. and also a lot of positive statements about talks with china are they about to resume. well i think i can put in nearly the same kaviak there has been no way that any of the fundamental problems at this stage have been solved all we have potentially is the room for some new i go see a chanson certainly president trump is saying that his administration has had calls from the chinese side saying they're prepared to go back to the table in fact his treasury secretary sitting in the front of the room one point and stood up and said that he'd taken one of those calls president trying it says he is hopeful about negotiations with china he says he believes china wants negotiations because he believes that they are hurting busy. when you say do you think they want to maybe
12:53 am
they want to and maybe they don't but i think they want to make a deal i'm not sure they have a choice and i don't say that as a threat i don't think they have a choice in the meantime the united states which is never collected $0.10 from china will in a fairly short period of time be over $100000000000.00 in tariffs so i think they want to make a deal very badly. let's interrupt and take you back to berates where the u.k.'s prime minister speaking that's an intensive we've also spoken in here it's about the biggest global challenges confronting us all today and these are things that i think also matter very much to the people in the u.k. we'll be talking about biodiversity we've got to stop the tragic loss of habitats and species that is happening around the world we can't just sit back as animals and plants are wiped off the face of the planet the world's animal populations have
12:54 am
declined by right 60 percent in the last 50 years about a 1000000 species and i'm facing extinction we've seen in the amazon rain forest a tragic increase in fires which are made more likely by by deforestation and that's why today i've announced 10000000 pounds of new funding to protect and restore the rainforest in brazil with a 1000000 birds and 100000 mammals losing their lives every year from getting eating or getting tangled in in ocean plastic we've got to do much more to protect the oceans and today i've announced that we've announced 7000000 pounds for the blue belt program to extend our work to protect vital marine ecosystems in conservation areas in britain's overseas territory and if we get the britain has the 5th biggest marine estate in the world if we don't act now our children and our grandchildren will never never world with the great barrier
12:55 am
reef or the sumatran tiger or the black rhino and so next year at the biodiversity cop the summit in china. the so-called i.e. cheat targets must in our view be replaced with new more ambitious targets to help us get back the biodiversity that we are losing in that this planet has lost and i'm very pleased that the g. 7 summit today in india it's accepted those u.k. ideas as proposals for biodiversity targets for humanity to set targets to stop the reduction of habitats and species and obviously we're going to follow up on that as well at the cop summit in the u.k. if we're lucky enough to get that my very much hope and believe that we will get there is one issue underpinning all that which i believe holds the key to tackling so many global problems and that is the vital importance of educating girls and
12:56 am
i'm very pleased that here at the g 7 people everybody every delegation has supported the u.k.'s campaign to give every got in the world 12 years of quality education and i today announced funding to give 600000 children in the world's most dangerous countries where girls are twice as likely as boys to be out of school of the opportunity to go to school for the 1st time. we discussed iran and we are all agreed that iran should never under any circumstances be allowed to get a nuclear weapon and there is clearly an opportunity now for iran to come back into compliance with the nuclear deal the j c p o a and to resume dialogue as well as to cease its destructive behavior in the region we express to collectively deep
12:57 am
concern about what is happening in hong kong and the g 7 nations all want to support a stable and a prosperous hong kong and we remain collectively committed to the one country 2 systems framework and i was pleased that. that was reflected in the conclusions of the summit which was as i say very productive indeed if if the people can can quarrel with summits and with world leaders coming together in this way for discussions about wide ranging issues such as we have had but i really think that if the leaders who've been gathered together it be or it's over the last couple of days really follow through on these discussions and really mean what they say in the conclusions i think it will make a real difference to the issues that people in our country care very deeply about so thank you all very much for sticking with it i know it's been
12:58 am
a long old summit but i'd like to take your questions now and i've got i'm i got to go through and i got i know beth is there is that top of the list somewhere wait no it's but he hung at the b.b.c. but i'm going to come here sorry vicky on the b.b.c. and that. well look you know my position on this vicki and i have everybody knows that i think that this is really a matter for parliamentarians to get right ourselves we asked the people to vote on whether to stay in or to leave the e.u. they voted overwhelmingly voted very substantially to leave by by a big majority. parliament. several times to reflect and respect that mandate and i think people have just about had enough of this conversation i
12:59 am
think the yearning for men went back to it comes off the front pages but that can only happen when we come out of the e.u. on october the 31st and that is what i really call on all my fellow m.p.'s to deliver and i hope and believe that they will and i i get a better. mr johnson you talk about what m.p.'s should do but there is going to be whether you like it or not a parliamentary roadblock on your it when you return to westminster even pass a not requiring you to extend article 50 what will you do we will spend parliament or you call an election. i think really i'm just going to have to remember straight we're going to have to refer you back to the answer i gave to vicki just now which is that i think that it's the job of everybody in parliament to get this thing done nothing is what the people want i also think by the way it's what our friends and
1:00 am
partners on the other side of the channel want they want they want this thing done they want they want it over you talk to our friends as i have done in the last few weeks and they are very enthusiastic about getting on with the future they regard bracks it now as an incumbrance an old argument they want to talk about the new partnership that we're going to build they want to talk about ways in which we can work together as i said not just on trade but on security on defense on all kinds of things and i think it's time it's time that we in the in the u.k. started to think about all the ways in which we can think of of a post brics in britain doing things differently and doing things that are taking opportunities to boost investment in our businesses and our our industry setting up reports doing free trade deals there are big big opportunities for this country so i think we need in a new way of thinking about it but 1st we'll go to come out as you know oktober the
1:01 am
31st and yes it's robert peston. next. prime minister a couple of quick is if you'll indulge me.


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