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the snake charmers on the con witness. on a. the at the end of the hour. on opposing sides in the syrian conflict now turkey and russia agreed to measures to end the fighting in the country's last rebel stronghold. in ontario says al-jazeera live from london also coming up brazil's president rejects an offer of international aid to fight the amazon fire is demanding an apology instead. the report reveals the trauma suffered by nigerian women trafficked into sexual slavery and forced labor. and journalists in new delhi
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demand the government remove frustrations on their reporting of the kashmir crisis . hello the president of turkey and russia have discussed joint steps to ease tensions in the province in a move which could help decide the course of the syrian conflict that amid putin and russia have won back opposing sides in the war syrian forces with russia's support of encircle rebels and a turkish military post an ad lib which is the country's last remaining rebel stronghold to date is also talked about a major weapons deal and putin confirmed russia has delivered a 2nd battery of its s. 400 missile defense system to turkey or turkish president says he's told putin he has no choice but to act if turkey is threatened. look the
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provocations by the regime have reached an acceptable level i would like to say it is especially by our borders our right to self-defense and this leaves us no choice we have to act to protect ourselves i discuss this matter with my honorable friend the president and i've said we're happy to work to cooperate with in the spirit. we and our turkish partners have serious concerns about the deescalation zone and live terrorist continue to show russian positions and syrian forces they try to attack russian bases we hope that the deescalation zone will be a refuge for the rebels and should not be a platform to make attacks we discuss joint measures to neutralize terrorist hotbeds and adlib and to normalize a situation in this region and in syria as a whole we spoke with mr erdogan about it in detail and we found understanding on how and what we can do together to resolve these issues step back and has more from moscow where the talks were held. it was an unusual venue to have this high level
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meeting between the turkish and the russian president had an airfield one was treated to this extensive air show and there was a lot of further discussions about buying possible new fighter jets or any other weapons but of course the main focus of this whole important meeting was the situation in the one had already told president putin that he is fearing an humanitarian crisis and also sees this as a threat to turkish national security put in of course was expected by the want to rein in the syrian forces that have been threatening also turkish troops but there hasn't been any confirmation that that's going to happen what both leaders have said they are going to announce or they announce new measures to neutralize these rebels but no detail about what they exactly are going to do together which was in contradiction with what happened in april when both leaders also matt
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discussed the same topic then the decision was made to have these joint patrols which also never materialized so russia has actually been increasingly growing impatient with what has been achieved after this meeting in sochi last year when the agreement militarized zone was agreed and also turkey had agreed to disarm the rebels and that also has now for materialized so no concessions from the part of russia here but a lot of talk about how in times the relationship between the 2 countries has become and possibly new arms sales they have been discussing the ass to 35 and also the new as to 57 and there seems that the turkish president was interested and keen to buy more after these controversial as 400 and type of missile defense systems which were very much deplored by nato and the 2nd batch
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actually has arrived in turkey today. it in and out are one also welcomed the creation of a so-called safe zone of control in northern syria kurdish led forces have begun withdrawing their fighters near the border with turkey it's part of a deal between ankara and washington the u.s. has been backing the kurdish s.d.f. but turkey views the group as a terrorist organization that smith has more from antakya on turkey's role in syria's war. time bird one's dash to moscow was partly because of the challenge that the turkish military now finds itself with it has a dozen observation posts in what are supposed to be deescalation zones in northwestern syria or one of those is now marooned in what is now syrian regime controlled territory because it was taken back in fighting last week and the syrian regime is pushing against other areas in this deescalation zone and these observation posts risk falling back into territory under syrian control erdogan
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wants to make sure that those turkish soldiers are not threatened by a longer term challenge for the turkish president is how much longer he needs to keep or wants to keep the soldiers in those observation posts when what was a deescalation zone is now territory under syrian control similar at the same time syrian kurdish forces that they have pulled back from the turkish border up to 17 kilometers they're pulling heavy weapons and troops but only from the countryside not from the towns in the cities it's nothing close to what the turks were asking for they wanted them at least 30 kilometers away from the border but this is a u.s. brokered arrangement and it's something that for now turkey is going to have to live with. brazil's president says his government will find its own solution to the crisis of the amazon fires without international help he spoke
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a day after g 7 nations pledged $20000000.00 to help fight the flames and protect the rain forests but tomorrow has accused rich countries of treating brazil like a colony he says brazil is rejecting the g. 7 offer unless french president apologizes for recent comments. we will find a solution and we will give the world satisfaction even people like the french president emanuel mccrone must think twice he wants to get out of a complicated situation like this huge rejection he's facing his own country before starting with us nobody here is against dialogue with france not at all and we think the work of the g 7. well really the french president emmanuel criticised his brazilian counterpart for refusing to accept aid from the g 7 to fight the amazon fires because as the world cannot allow the arms in to be destroyed by the actions of brazil's government. becomes even more
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a sovereign country and when we have major events we accept international solidarity because it's a sign of friendship but above all there are 9 countries in the amazon and many other countries ask for help it's important to mobilize it quickly so that colombia believe year and brazil in regions that it would like to have access to this international help can have it and can reforest quickly if you don't know shanna joins me live from that part of earlier in northwest brazil so this spat between both an hour and not becoming down and told it. no it's been going on for some days and it's more than just political this is got very personal if you remember it actually started with also now roll posting a facebook page with photographs of him and his wife and his wife bridgette saying that his wife was pretty and so that was how the insults started obviously there's a much bigger issue at play here the future of the amazon rain forest so this will get wrapped up in these very personal insults flying between one and the other in
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this very difficult situation and what about the progress they were dealing with the fires themselves. what element of fires are pretty much brought under control the army has been brought in they've been dealing with the fires the rainy season has begun here present job also now has just had a meeting with the governors from the amazonian states if anything he was being defiant in the face of the criticism from the international community specifically the g 7 saying some of the governors was saying they simply don't have the resources to protect the vast areas of rain forest others were saying they need to develop the more they need to they have in some of the states 80 percent 85 percent of the land is protected by there was a nature reserve or as a indigenous land and if missouri is going to escape poverty it needs to go into these places and develop more that implies developers coming in chopping down trees
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setting fire to the land and if anything when the dry season comes around next year if that is the case they would likely to be even more fires and we've seen this year. thank you very much indeed. the grim existence of women trafficked from nigeria is being highlighted in a new report victims of trafficking described how they prayed for death or cried until they couldn't cry anymore human rights watch says an unknown number of nigerian women have been forced into sexual slavery and physical labor many before the age of 17 the report says the support for survivors is inadequate and existing systems are the failed to help or sometimes breach victims rights human rights watch has recommended an overhaul of the country's support system and says nigeria's government has to do more to prevent trafficking i've missed or jambos the author of the report. they are forced to work for long hours without rest they are confined some of them i can find in a building they're not allowed to talk to their family lives sometimes they're not
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even allowed to be friends with the other girls that have been trafficked there's a lot of violence you know a lot of threats when girls were seized or say they are not able to work many of them say they got pregnant they were forced to undergo abortions in very unsanitary conditions and then they're why charge for both for most abortions and immediately after they have to start working and then they watch on their own so much money you know something like 20000 euros so really they remain being very traumatized and very distressed they come they have come back with a lot of pain and with a lot of trauma and poverty unfortunately is the night man does not and when they come back to nigeria because many of the government side this is our last king and . some of them are locked up in government run shelters where they are not allowed to leave will they're not allowed to communicate with the families almost
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replicating some of their conditions that they they experience when they are with their trafficker and then services for mental health care you know very night declared services to help them and leaving you know make some money be able to support themselves and their families are really lacking so really that the situation is not good. to prevent. without a deal and. accuse the government of withholding.
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hello again to welcome back to your international weather forecast across europe we have seen plenty of storms really over here towards the western part of the med over the last few days in madrid of course you have seen a lot of street flooding over the last few days the storm system that caused it is slowly making its way towards the east we're still going to see quite a bit of activity here across much of the central area as well as into southern parts of france as well but temperature wise they are coming down finally not for paris though here in paris 30 degrees expected high on wednesday london you are coming down so good news there as we go from wednesday into thursday though that is where we're going to be seeing a big drop in temperature across much of these western areas so for paris expect to see about 27 degrees there still quite warm out here towards the east warsaw on thursday we do expect to see a high for you of 32 and still quite warm down here across much of the balkan peninsula well across parts of algeria and tunisia we see quite a lot of rain there as well we're still be seeing some very active weather here across parts of northern tunisia as we go towards wednesday that also includes
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parts of tunis and you attempt to there at about $34.00 degrees by the time we get towards thursday though that temperature does drop but we still could be seeing a few active showers across much of the region over here towards morocco rain could be a problem with her but at 26 degrees. this is a dialogue which easy side not to have children to say that and it's like a steak is really human survival everyone has a voice that has started to put our community because of course this is a debate and it's a heated one this is a little be patient to be able to do teach and i believe join the global conversation and people i think if only they knew what is happening to labor laws then. they will be always up and they will be outraged on out is iraq.
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from one of the top stories here now to syria the turkish president. has met his russian counterpart vladimir putin in moscow the 2 leaders discussed how to end the fighting in syria is a live province as well as future weapons deals. brazil's president has rejected an offer of $20000000.00 from g 7 countries to help fight fires in the amazon rain forest area both sonar says his government will find its own solution to the crisis without international help. and human rights watch report into trafficking in nigeria says the government's support for survivors of sexual slavery and forced physical labor is inadequate but added that more needs to be done to prevent trafficking. a spokesman for the taliban delegation in qatar says talks with the
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u.s. and now in their final stages on monday president said there was no timeline to reaching an agreement which could end the 18 year conflict in afghanistan but taliban delegate who has told al jazeera a deal is close it's a good progress if you can see show you. also focus in the us so on the progress in this stuff so we are to finalizing. that meaning part you know look at the data that shows the remaining point 0 to finalize so they didn't miss something which involved is remaining the last quote. iran's president says his country will not hold talks on any nuclear deal with the u.s. unless all sanctions are lifted her son rouhani is comments come a day after u.s. president donald trump said at the g. 7 summit in france he was open to meeting the iranian leader president many records
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offered to facilitate talks between the 2 sides rouhani insists washington must take the 1st step for talks to happen that's a big has more from tehran. president rouhani has been speaking in front this morning and he took the opportunity to address some of the news coming out of the g. 7 mainly that donald trump has said that he's willing to meet president rouhani if the conditions are right now what president rouhani has said is he's reiterated the iranian line that there will be no talks and only goshi ations as long as the u.s. sanctions are in place he said that all sanctions against iranian nation must be lifted that are illegitimate and cruel now iran has referred to the sanctions as economic terrorism. experts have been drastically reduced the banking sector has been affected and the economy has also been affected president rouhani said that he did not see any positive developments unless the united states change the wrong path it was on now this is very different from what president rouhani said yesterday because what he suggested they gave people some hope that he was willing
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to sit down and talk to president donald trump president rouhani said yesterday that if he had to attend a meeting with somebody or someone to forward in national cause and to alleviate the people's problems he would do that for the national interest now overnight that seems to have changed and that could be because of the supreme leader ayatollah khomeini who decides all the major policy directions because in the past he has said that iran will not sit down with the united states as long as the sanctions are in place in fact he's called it double poison basically saying that you are centuries sitting down with the very people that are making your country suffer so it looks like there has been a change overnight and iran is reiterating its positions that there are no talks no negotiations as long as 2 u.s. sanctions are in place. u.k. opposition parties have agreed to work together to find a way to legislate against a no deal breck's it also not ruled out using a confidence vote to bring down prime minister boris johnson is committed to
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leaving the e.u. on october 31st with or without a deal parliament returns from its summer break next week and opposition leader jeremy corbyn has been contacting m.p.'s of all parties to drum up support. i'm britain to all 116 m.p.'s that voted against no deal to ask them if they would recognise the importance next week of supporting a legislative approach which would be an all party approach to ensure we don't crash with all the problems that will create. there and seeing as more from westminster in central london for months now the main criticism of the and see brics it remain in the e.u. policies has been that they spend far too much time bickering with each other and not enough time coming out with some joint position on the out so. oppose and if it breaks it but eventually at this point at the end of the summer with parliament starting next week it looks as if they are trying to suggest that they've got their
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act together and are behaving in a in the united way so gone for the time being seems to be the suggestion of holding a no confidence vote in boris johnson his government's just on the grounds that they couldn't win because there aren't enough conservatives who would support that position because it make it look like they're in the pockets of jeremy colvin the labor party leader but instead what these opposition parties have now said is that they will do when they can see a legislate against a no deal breakers and to force a delay in the process so the u.k. doesn't end up leaving on october 31st which is what boris johnson has absolutely vowed will happen and so to that end the main calendar date looks like it'll be something around september the 9th when parliament debates issues to do with northern ireland and of all governments it looks like they will try to add bits on to force that to late in the deal but it's one thing saying they will do that is quite another actually being able to do it because as we saw earlier this year parliament voted repeatedly against no deal and yet it still remains the option because they couldn't find anything else to vote for and so the next thing all
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these opposition parties have to do is to think of something else that replaces a no deal brecht's which could command a majority in parliament otherwise the threat of no deal is as they would see it remains on the table and i think at this point you'd be you'd be a fool to rule out a national election because in my end up still being the only way to break the deadlock. italy's interior minister matteo serbian he has banned another mediterranean charity ship from entering italian waters the german vessel is carrying 101 people who were rescued making a crossing from north africa to europe comes as at least 5 people have been killed and around 40 more are missing after a boat bound for europe capsized 15 kilometers off the coast of libya united nations refugee agency says around $65.00 people have been rescued and taken to the coastal city of homs. the families of palestinians whose bodies have been withheld by israel have been marking an annual national day demanding their return
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campaigners say israel is holding 51 bodies in morgues 4 of whom died in custody and they're also holding $253.00 in so-called numbered graves the majority of whom had carried out attacks during the 2nd intifada in the early to thousands every force it reports. is tending the grave of his aunt she died in 2017 at home in gaza having spent the previous 26 years hoping and working for the return of her son farah spiralled was captured by israeli forces in 1991 he'd killed an israeli settler he died in prison in february his body is still in israeli morgue and which for the most of what his mother is dead he has no immediate family in garza but we're not sleeping go we're waiting we know it's not easy to get his body back. every year activists and family members stage a day of protest in gaza and in the occupied west bank to remember their loved ones
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and to renew their demand that they be returned israeli military has long been resolutely silent on this issue certainly they gave no comment to our inquiries the families of the activists the motivations for keeping the bodies a clear one collective punishment against the relatives to store up political leverage if you're to negotiations it's a tactic also used by hamas in gaza it's holding on to the remains of 2 israeli soldiers killed in the 2014 war palestinian campaigners say israel is withholding more than 300 bodies most in numbered graves most dating from the violence of the 2nd intifada in the early 2000 that's when julie son amine was killed a fighter in hamas is arca son brigade he was attending what he thought was a secret meeting with other factions at a school near the city of janine he was one of 5 killed when israeli forces attacked but. i wish i could just lay my eyes on him one last time i
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won them to hand his body over so we can bury him according to islamic law but the prospects are slim especially in the absence of talks between the palestinian leadership and the israelis more likely that she and the other families will be repeating their demands in another year's time harry for sit out in the occupied west bank with them clerics in sri lanka are advising women to avoid wearing face veils in their government ban on face coverings lapsed last week and the clothing that prevents a person being identified was banned under emergency rules brought in are to the east to bomb attacks in april it killed 259 people religious leaders told our women should make their own decision and their fernandez has more from ground up. the emergency regulations being allowed to lapse after a period of 4 months they did kick in right off to the east of bombings on the 21st
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of april of this was to give the law enforcement the military more teeth in terms of rounding up search operations interrogations while this has been allowed to lapse over the weekend the president has brought in a special sort of set of regulations under the public security ordinance which allows the armed forces to kind of be on a state of alert to help with public order so they are still sort of at a state of ready to be used when needed now under the emergency obviously where the muslim community was concerned one of the things that affected them was the rules that were brought in banning the use of any attire that prevented a person being identified this obviously affected a number of women. now the basically leadership of the muslim community has told women you know to be cautious about going back to the way right away even though the emergency has i spoke to one such leader who
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told me look we were following the law of the land we do want to watch the ground situation there were a lot of tensions we don't want the face will to become sort of a weapon that's going to create a sort of tensions again so we've asked women he said that women can be told what to do but it's for them to decide what they are most comfortable with gauging the ground situation. to rental rain and floods have killed more than 60 people in sudan hundreds of thousands have been forced to abandon their homes because of heavy flooding affecting almost every state in the country sudan's military has been deployed to help the un says more than 37000 homes have been destroyed or damaged and more flash floods are expected to morgan has this update from ward ramle north of the capital khartoum. floods from the river nile waters here in woodrum which is about 50 kilometers from sudan's capital hoped to have displaced
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at least 2000 families now according to the un over 200000 people have been affected by floodwaters nationwide and sudanese authorities say at least 62 people have been killed due to flash floods and rains houses have also been destroyed many houses have been submerged a completely collapse due to rain want to and flooding and the authorities say tens of thousands of houses have been destroyed most of them in neighborhoods where people earn low income and now here in wood rumbly the people have largely left their homes and their properties they've displaced to a nearby camp and they're saying that they're waiting for government authorities to deliver aid as well as better living conditions now most of them don't have places to sleep as well as no electricity no food and no clean water and they're worried that this flood will cause a health crisis is they've been pleading with the government to try to deliver aid and to give them some attention but right now the government is focused on the
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political development they're trying to form an executive council asked for an agreement signed so people are saying that they are concerned with the government focus on politics they will forget the humanitarian aspects. residents of barbados and other caribbean islands are bracing for tropical storm dorian with the u.s. national hurricane center warning it could approach hurrican strength puerto rico residents are stockpiling in anticipation of the storm after the ardennes governor declared a state of emergency dorian is forecast to bring heavy rains there or be about 360 shelters open across the island. mr gathered in the indian capital demanding the government restore press freedoms saying they've been restricted from reporting on the kashmir crisis and also calling for limits on internet use to be lifted until full reports. several journalists. of the question demanding that access to. the crisis in indian admission i mean he was the government
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getting access to certain social networks who are expected to toe the government's line. that had international media not reported on the protests in italy i miss it it would have been very hard for india to even find out about them the government of the day. it's preventing journalists. from doing their duty. it became a group more freely what is happening. in germany. and in the. government believes in a democracy believes in the freedom of expression which. allows the media to hung from property. busy but john the seles the government has intentionally made it hard for them to follow the story in especially the push me journalist because it wants to hide the truth this is a government wants to show to the world everything is fine in the united 6 me but
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there's really no way to find out less journalists from here and other parts of the country as well as those in indianapolis get free access restrictions on the food so they can i through. and quit rhonda you can catch up with all the stories we are reporting on but checking out our website because that is al-jazeera dot com and you can also watch us live on there by clicking on the orange line back on al-jazeera dot com. or go. get him out of the headlines the turkish president. has met his russian counterpart vladimir putin now in moscow the true leaders discussed how to end the fighting in syria's in a province as well as future weapons deals. well turkish president says he's told putin he has no choice but to act if turkey is threatened severely had there fallen soldier to work the provocation by the regime have reached an acceptable level i
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would like to say it is especially by our borders our right to self-defense and this leaves us no choice we have to act to protect ourselves i discussed this matter with my own offering the president and i've said we're happy to work to cooperate within the istana spirit. brazil's president has rejected an offer of $20000000.00 from g 7 countries to help fight fires in the amazon rain forest sorry about an hour or says his government will find its own solution to the crisis without international help is accused rich countries of treating brazil like a colony. a human rights watch report into trafficking in nigeria says that government support for survivors of sexual slavery and forced physical labor is inadequate doubted that more needs to be done to prevent trafficking the spokesman for the taliban delegation in qatar says talks with the u.s. and now in their final stages on monday president donald trump so there was no
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timeline for reaching an agreement which could end the conflict in afghanistan the taliban delegate soho shaheen told our jazeera a deal is close it's a good progress if you see a show. we also focus in the last hour and we have progress in this so we are finalizing. the remaining parts you're looking at. the remaining point to finalize so they didn't miss something which involved is remaining the last 5. to ensure rain and floods have killed at least 62 people in sudan hundreds of thousands have been forced to abandon their homes because of heavy flooding affecting almost every state in the country. there's the headlines the stream is up next you stay with us here now because if you can thanks for watching.
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