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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 28, 2019 11:00am-11:34am +03

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after 3 police officers were killed in 2 separate attacks the 1st blasts hit a police checkpoint killing 2 offices less than an hour later there was a 2nd explosion at another checkpoint in the city the main trial of the former malaysian prime minister najib razak is under way. now is accused of siphoning more than $500000000.00 from a safe investment fund he denies the charges south korea has summoned japan's ambassador over its removal from the list of preferred trading partners so liz lodging a formal complaint about the export restrictions which came into effect on wednesday torrential rain and floods have killed more than 60 people in sudan the u.n. says more than 37000 homes have been destroyed or damaged and more flash floods are expected a u.s. federal judge is blocked a new abortion or in the state of missouri pending a legal challenge by pro abortion activists who say it's unconstitutional right up
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to date those are the headlines coming up next psych speaker. the league of nations mandate for palestine came into effect in september 1983. it stated that the allied powers had decreed that the mandates be responsible for establishing quote a national home for the jewish people. join us we'll ask. for your. comment. a local what your would be for the. from manhattan must learn the skill would be. just some them feely little who would be philistine we're. going to
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a little beautiful as the in men. men or upper mineral c.e.o. not the cause. i think that sign is diplomacy he was brilliant in any way manipulating. british feel and ties submitting. failings at the same time because this fantasy of presenting the jews in america as the key to whether or not america would participant in the war and by presenting exaggerating the power of the jews worldwide. in the coming years palestinians would fight several campaigns from demanding independence from britain to trying to stem the tide of jewish immigration to palestine. the movement
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culminated in the revolt of 1936 which took the form of strikes and armed resistance. data from a lot of. the latine manner sure. of the brittany were lit on to. her call me out of the elephant as the and bad i should've done away one takoma radical out of the philistine. list i'm not officially who beautiful skinny model comes on a wild card team who cared a lot to be another actor and because of that i mean to say me out of that you could have a lovely little bit on it a moment well of the i then out of look at about your to run and how to. well in all capable of your reply me you must still be of morganatic so you me and the british crush this revolt the zionists weren't strong enough at the time they
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didn't have the military capability. the british brutally put down the arab revolt and it's arguable and i would argue that palestine wasn't lost the 94748 it was lost in the late 1930 s. when britain would put down so far only the arab revolt and destroyed all palestinian military capability. to british mandate in palestine and did on the 14th of may 1948 as it ended david ben-gurion declared the establishment of a jewish state to be known as israel. the same day the armies of 5 arab states moved into the former british mandate the 1948 arab israeli war lasted almost a year the 1st of several subsequent major border conflicts. is really settlements
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beyond its recognized borders have also continued israel's expansion. to a total from. those. who do this really. matter but war. look at the cyrillic very clear let it wash woman out of your own be a lord not a lot of them. any hossam heather said are fairly young but the amount of rain began but. how ticket has been amended as the healey we're. going to come when i could be further don't need your dirtily sorry been learned yet the militia were unified the house of navarre martyr the lean on has been made so and blew all how did not a lot of them worked on the liver like if i had a cigar supreme i. the balance of power has remained in its wheels favor in 1967 it expanded its
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borders in the 6 day war to include the west bank the gaza strip the sinai peninsula and the golan heights usually only comes meat illicit meat elf was told in a sort of really you know who would be. feed there till the. used one of them talked about. a serious was that he must look well and well how the kernel cause. is that done why you know if it doesn't have the flu or be able could such a critical curse milk a bill bugs. that and john minimize the hail a comma bill is full of the new year but before good well with the early obama and then most of my $1000000000.00. cut out of the workers of you were in the lemme tell you that one at the end all of it was that me with all those really you are those people in israel today like president rivlin who call for
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a bi national state they ask they insist. on. civil rights for the palestinians and human rights for the palestinians equality for the palestinians in terms of economic social and cultural issues etc but not political. that these days will remain the state where jews would have the upper hand politically speaking and that by national state would be open to jewish immigration but not the palestinian immigration i mean what kind of the state is going to be it is going to be as i say the south african state without the south african solution. like palestine iraq has also been affected by the legacy looks like speaker. in 2003 a u.s.
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led coalition declared war on iraq believing it to possess weapons of mass destruction and aiming to oust president saddam hussein. however the coalition didn't have the clear recovery plan for a post saddam iraq and 6 herion and ethnic armed west seriously destabilize the country. or the invasion of. intermingle sure so he lived in the same areas. in fact in the early years. iraqi system never were too closely. but the sledgehammer smashed the society. or. did manage to instigate a conflict once the conflict starts there's
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a predictable cycle of violence that takes place i come i think primarily with 3 main object. the 1st is to support the administrator of. gerry brahma. in what he is doing in this transitional period for iraq. if you look at the history of modern iraq since 2003 you might say that no leader has come through who's been able to settle iraq and govern with the consent of enough of the majority to bring iraq to a stable condition and to political security and of that of the latter uk by the head of foreign element the head what i ate daily but emma you solve a hell erratically and here with us in the. well
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is the whole i know you had a clean limit if you were there glad you can win it except when many you're not really. the call my letters i was when she i was from the 1st yeah. well i hear he's in the me she has the mailman but i'm a little everyone is going wild back then you're. in that. yeah i would want to model the heart of it he doesn't have any key and can attest to that even with the really. he a limb. to do it after he and then the home john what by me. when the. bottom are cut where the. bottom share with a 2 commander to the. iraqi resistance to the u.s.
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occupation increased as did the terry and killings the country fell deeper into chaos causing some americans to call for the division of iraq it was almost as though they hadn't studied the lessons of the post sikes periods. so fail to convert our. new. team. obama. a tool a them with a by the. by the valley so for timely i started seen hyped at the start of. the stock market at the top he led a cli as a b. o. . that. here was that
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area. sunni leaders in iraq began to warn against the intervention of neighboring shiite iran in the internal affairs of their country. they feared a sectarian war which would lead the country into a spiral of violence and arguably make division the only option. around my idea of the iraq war here and i know why or what damon. and the. only way i'm brady are. here why they leave the house and. if it's not part of fear that. some are ab initio i will . what. are you so for you what do you do or did you are.
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what. did you hear all of that is. what. you when i sat down with a ship bellows i want to get them all. one under the one whom it so hot in the white american soil if you don't want to see the old boys the what i meant to believe i don't like you to bury it so it was that they were more in the. ham yet it all hammett a democracy that at all how muted to feel in their workers is that it all the mochas you need that i hope and those he lets me have this to us that the horde. the kurds managed to achieve autonomy in the kurdistan region of iraq in 2005. their political leadership is now pushing for a referendum on independence which could mean drawing new borders within iraq.
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and it is true. brocky kurds are quite happy. and salomon is where they are in their own. enclave as it were but the united states continues to look for an iraq which is integrity and not divided into 3 talking it goes on what and then to write a whole court. i mean. that we've been. outed by do what. werman helped. and took. off that can. be looked at harvard. but sex pekoe say akun she oughtn't to. become. the threat of division has also emerged in modern syria. the syrian revolution began in march 27th. the government of president bashar al assad responded by
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waging a fierce war against all opposition with far reaching consequences. it represents a major challenge facing the international community in 2016. the situation in syria was exacerbated by the intervention of both russia and iran and their support for the assad government against the rebels. and what they learn the as me i mean about the. bundle iranian people and you have to do is almost sure you have to sort of. well i'm at the top the strategy not. the the collusion i mean camillo kind of you know well i mean death for analysis and no he in your. new foods. she has is
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that bottoms who you're a bum pushed. one of them going to come to you after more is another in the harlequin that will dockery the young male that's hot in gone an associate will be in class sami according to imagine it's very strong. by the end you know and there are some new one m.b. how could it be a long as a. little kid when he just really mckown him what will be able to record is you all that he had already sauce dad so you just. let out of a taxi. and the u.n. stopped publishing the death toll in syria in 2014 and the numbers are now thought to be much higher than official figures. when russia and turkey the conflict on the side of the assad government in september 25th seen it began bombing opposition held areas and has become a major player in the ongoing crisis. arose that we don't know whom and shows.
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how for that any and the whole. so he had had. enough. food and. bush was. not. what the doctor. had the journey. not. the sharia the leo how to live. a russian intervention which is to guard russian interests in their own just our own ally that russian intervention makes russia's state called so has to be brought into the talking that needs to proceed as does iran with hizbollah as
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a proxy in syria and as does the european interest in the form of the flow of refugees from syria into europe the interest of the europeans in a stable near east to middle east and america in that row also of global stability with a particular interest on top of that in the security of israel. the international community is still trying to bring the parties together to find a solution to the syrian crisis but we don't want to divide the state dividing the country this part of the debates way whenever it's up to the syrians. now on the question of whether the country will be as of an order of divided or not. seems to me that it is already divided in a very real way with the elements in the christians and the other is occupying a certain amount of territory and the sunni majority occupying the others and i am
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. not very hopeful that syria would be a. he put back together again. where in. my heart of the russian i know if enough said walk not a heart of heart of the method and cut out is still left us our. men. out of the city and about not in the way we use in the above our let's shoot the mission and know. that the who rules will look at being the only he. has asserted they really need to stand then my father did.


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