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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 28, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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to be bringing. a queen's speech. to. the u.k. prime minister confirms pollens will be suspended just weeks ahead of the brakes a deadline the opposition calls a. brazil agrees to accept international aid to 5 am isn't fast 5. it will decide how to use the money. a state of alert in gaza after 3 police officers are killed and so was side attacks linked to i sold. it to the ground 2 planes used to search for refugees and migrants in the mediterranean will speak to a pilot from one of the rescue aircraft. with the sports including an open secret al jazeera uncovers doping amongst kenyan athletes training alongside some of the world's top run.
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we begin with breaking news on bricks that in the u.k. prime minister bars johnson will suspend paula meant until mid. many a saying this is a bid to ensure the u.k. leaves the e.u. by the end of the deadline the opposition is calling the move a code saying it would leave members of parliament a little time to debate breaks it promises johnson and sists that this is the right thing to do. this is a new government with a very exciting agenda to make our streets safer which very important we bring violent crime down we need to invest in our fantastic n.h.s. we need to level up education funding across the country we need to invest in the infrastructure that's going to take this country forward for the decades and we need to deal with the cost of living moving to a high wage highly productivity economy which is i think what this country needs to
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be and to do that we need new legislation we've got to be bringing forward new and important bills and that's why we are going to have a queen's speech and we're going to do it on october the 14th. well let's get more on this now are joined by correspondent lines of life arise and london quite an en credible stepmonster has made that promise and johnson is planning on crashing out of the e.u. without a deal and without parliament's approval. no no not necessarily 2 to either of those things i mean it is it is usual for parliament to be pro rhodes to use the old word all suspended when there's a new parliament if there's been a national election new parliament sits then the new prime minister gives this thing called the queen's speech and sets other policy agenda in the way that boris johnson was was describing then the trouble is that boris that this isn't a new parliament it's true it's good that there's a new prime minister a new cabinet but he thought he wasn't elected by the people in the national
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election he was elected by the membership of the conservative party and so in that sense to announce that there's a whole new policy agenda as if there'd been an election is extremely confrontational. and there's a not not not least because it absolutely limits the virtually nothing the amount of time between when when bottom and starts again next week and the end of october when bracks it's supposed to happen limits almost nothing the amounts of time that his opponents of to try to stop either no deal breaks it all or something approaching it at the end of october and so in that sense it's boris johnson basically calling the bluff of all his opponents and saying you can try what you want but we're doing it anyway and so where does that leave the opposition on what they're going to try to do especially in regards to things like that no confidence vote and that they were hoping to table. well they they had as of yesterday this is
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how quickly things are moving here they has or had as of yesterday that almost ruled out a no confidence vote because they thought they could win it and instead were going to try to introduce legislation and pass a law blocking breck's it on the 31st of october. until some other sort of deal or next election happens or something like that would weapon instead now it seems that there's probably very little chance that they could introduce a new legislation in the available time and so whatever boris johnson says about there being ample scopes and goes to talk about bricks it's it isn't really true and as a consequence they are now back to 5 and think about a no confidence votes either potentially next week the 1st week of parliament or authorise some points in in october when when parliament starts its again after being suspended but it's all going to come down to possibly a couple of dozen or so conservative m.p.'s who have said that they will not support a no deal brecht's it and whether they're prepared to vote with all the opposition
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parties and against their own conservative party to try to stop him so a lot more thinking before parliament reconvenes on monday lawrence in the meantime how is that going to be looking on at this latest twist in london. i think they'll be slightly taken aback all the all the mood music coming out of european capitals of the g. 7 summit in france was that boris johnson isn't really the wildcard that they thought he was that he had attention to detail that he could concentrate on and focus on the sort of issues that they didn't necessarily think that he was driven by having no deal breakfast but wanted to renegotiate something with them and so based on that all the things you heard from people of the dutch prime minister or people at the european council was well you know maybe there is some sort of deal that we can strike and we will try to do it but in doing this it does really make it very difficult to think how this is any time to come up with any new deal with
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the european council of the european commission at all because the when when parliament comes back and he gives his queen's speech on october the 14th is only 3 days before the european council summits or not so over the 17th that becomes an absolutely crucial meeting but it's very very difficult to know a less they can come up with some sort of form in the meantime that then gets passed to the european council and boris johnson can then go about supply limits and say look is out of this deal or we are out of the 31st of october with no deal at all and parliament eventually has to fall and so on and back it that's the only route i can now see to any sort of new deal actually getting across the line it's but it's either a massively foolhardy or incredibly brave step by boris johnson depending on your points of view about brics here now and thank you very much for that for now that's largely in london we would have more analysis on this for you and that but later on in the news out. but moving on to other news now on brazil's says it will accept
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international aid to help fight fires ravaging the amazon as long as it can control how the money is used president jabal snarl early rejected an offer of $20000000.00 from the g 7 nations accusing them of treating brazil like a colony but despite the environmental concerns the brazilian president is pushing ahead with plans to develop and farm protected and reserves which is illegal daniels farm the has more from puerto value and brazil's amazon region. subdivision president job also says the situation is under control he sent in the army in the rainy season has arrived brazil he says will solve its own problems well look after the amazon. god willing to go there will find a solution through these fires and give such as faction to drest of the world and people who think like mr micawber sure thing 2 or 3 times before wanting to get out
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of a complicated situation like he finds himself with an enormous rejection rate in his country and wanting to damages. after meeting in brasilia with amazon the state governors ball scenario even suggested there should be more developments in the amazon region hours later a congressional committee approved to the membership to allow commercial agriculture on indigenous reservations something that is currently prohibited. yeah sure we're winning this war with the support of you all to show what the amazon region is to show its potential and the benefits of can bring to all including our brothers dean d. and. also has the support of the u.s. president with whom he has a close relationship and the shared love of tweeting. reaction in brazil to their president's handling of the crisis has been mixed in game. no one can live completely alone no one grows alone any help is always welcome as long as its well intended. cannot be linked to any kind of submission to foreign countries brazil
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must have autonomy over the amazon we cannot accept this internationalization of the amazon any further development of the amazon will be met with strong opposition from around the world however it's the indigenous communities who live in the forest those with the most to lose who will react the strongest but for the people who live here in the amazon region this is normal natural they burn and they will burn again next year because they believe with the backing of their political leaders that this is the best way to develop this land. also nora believes this is brazil's land to develop and resents foreign interference but the international community feels it can simply watch as the so-called lungs of the burn that schreiner al-jazeera. northwest of brazil. hamas has declared a state of alert in gaza after 3 police officers were killed in 2 separate so was
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side attacks the 1st blast at a police checkpoint where 2 officers died less than an hour later there was a 2nd explosion at another checkpoint in the city killing a 3rd officer and thought the attacks were carried out by groups linked to i saw. most of these events only serve the israeli occupation which try to step the palestinian resistance in the back what the occupation could not achieve by launching walls on cancer not been achieved by such bombings. let's get more on this now we're joined by sami abu salim he's a journalist based in gaza also a member of the palestinian journalist syndicate and he's joining us live from gaza city mr abu salim always good to have you with us as on al jazeera so just how unusual are these attacks suicide attacks and carried out by people that are linked to i saw. maybe it is not usual in gaza but it is usual for the. actually this culture culture of suicide is nothing new
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for about what we have this the 5 or something like that in syria. but actually this confrontation more clashes between hamas and i say that is not the 1st one actually in 2000 mine in august 2000 mine there was the clashes in one of our more or mostly 20 people have been killed including a hamas commander a doing that the clashes and in 2015 also hammers stormed the house belongs to call who was who was described i still militant and they have killed him inside of his home so it is not the 1st act between hamas and i still which means also that it is very expected that we may we made this if i. can see the future and on that point you know we have seen a video from one group which attacks on how mosque members this was last year they
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attack attacks on courts on have our security positions as well as shias and christians and guards are given that are hamas prepared to fight these groups in gaza. i think they are prepared but the problem i think the main problem they face that mainly or most of those guys who are with ice in new delhi. they are originated from hamas because that is the same culture i mean the same ideology that what. i saw them in boy the face of members of the they become and i still members because of the differences because it is the same the same ideology with some differences between some sheaves or someone had this so yeah and i think i think that it is it comes because of what is described as. developing in relation between hamas and egypt in
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the last in the last couple of months or last 2 years how much support do these groups have and gods and how much of a challenge or a threat do they pose to have mass. i think. that's a poor of cannes to have from most of people here. first of all. according to what i have seen on social media lots of denounce from ordinary people and from officials and even the palestinian factions then all of the palestinian factions denounced what had been and then i was. there and supports security and after the list then i was there is. a meeting between all factions and they are going to organize a press conference in the contrary they are supporting hamas from ordinary people or from. or from officials but also there is some blaming.
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for letting those extremists to work they have their own mosques they have their own schools they're there on own associations this gives some people some margin. for them to work in gaza mr abu salim we thank you as always for your time that assad family avocet and live in gaza city we are going to stay with the story though we're joined now by correspondent harry force that he's life arise from the funeral of one of the police officers in gaza so what is the situation there now has a security alert in place what does that mean. well it means that there is a. police presence on the streets on our way here we are in the streets near to where the mosque is where the funeral is taking place we expect the procession to
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pass along this road when the when they head for the cemetery and yes we pass through a flying checkpoint on the way here so does. a higher level of. security presence on the streets and of course there is a crackdown underway right now. by hamas personnel against. suspected salafi is those who adhered to isis so al qaeda like ideology. and we can expect that we've heard that there have already been arrests that have made we can expect a pretty wide ranging crackdown hamas does monitor these groups extremely closely for the prospect of something like this happening or indeed of some sort of freelance operation against israeli interests which hamas might want to monitor and potentially prevent if it decided that it was a bad time for that kind of thing to be going on and so for this to happen i think
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has come as a big shock and a big surprise and we can expect a pretty major response from hamas because as you say harry they monitor those groups extremely closely and in the past they have cracked down on been extremely quickly. indeed and i think today is a day when when that will be going on there will be a large number of arrests and the that the source of this will be will be sorted out pretty stringent as your previous guest was saying. there has been a pretty wide ranging response in favor of such a move on social media and from people on the streets i think this is a shock not just a massacre to the gazans more generally given the economic situation given the continuing israeli blockade given the kind of violence and death that we've seen on the border during these protests for so many months now one thing that people had
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come to some extent to rely on at least a level of internal security from hamas obviously there is opposition fatah aligned personal thoughts here lined segments of society inside gaza they've taken to the streets and process of the fore. they have complained of extremely heavy handed oppressive tactics against them against criticism online against hamas but the the other side of that coin has been at least a relative belief in the ability of hamas to keep order on the streets and so while there was a similar attack to this in 2017 that was pretty shortly after hamas started cooperating with egyptian security in terms of trying to aiding their efforts to clamp down on. on the the pro isis the sort of salafist movement inside sinai inside egypt on the other side of the border. this is come something out of the
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blue and it's right in the center a double attack right in the center of gaza city in which not just hamas police within there is some sympathy in this have been targeted but also passes by very much put in danger so there is a deal of support i think for a crackdown which we understand to be pretty much underway now carrie thank you very much for that for now that and carry forth that with all the latest live and gaza thank you yemen now with the un recognized government has launched an attack against u.s. backed separatists and any to would have taken control of the international airport if the latest move to recapture the poor city from the separatist forces 2 weeks after they lost control of it all flights at the airport was suspended and workers were evacuated due to the fighting the u.n. says at least 40 people have been killed in several days of fighting hundreds more have been engineered. we're plenty more ahead on the news hour including.
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what's being done to deal with human remains like this scattered the old city. and days here u.s. open for this to. tell you how she got home and. this really is interior minister has banned another charity ship from entering italian walshes the german vessel is carrying more than 100 people rescued from the mediterranean and the possum mom has also grounded 2 planes used to search for boats in distress rescue is still searching for about 40 people after a boat heading for europe capsized off.


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