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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 28, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm +03

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the programming tory m.p.'s had not really been behind these plans they hadn't really supported the overall effort led by the labor leader jeremy corbin however there has been real outrage in response to this move by boris johnson today dominic grieve the senior conservative m.p. has said that he thinks the government will now fold over this so this definitely has the possibility of forcing conservative m.p.'s who are against a new deal to back some kind of more extreme measure including a vote of no confidence in the government and a suggestion how do you think that e.u. leaders will be looking on at all of this do you think that the french and german leaders there at all surprised by this move so soon after the g 7 especially you know positive meetings between bars johnson and angle a medical where she said that he has 30 days to come up with an alternative a new e.u. with for one agreement. well i think ultimately the talks between
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boris johnson and e.u. leaders were a side show the way that breaks it is going to be decided the outcome of breaks it is here in the u.k. and it's ultimately all about now what these opposition parties are able to pull together ahead of the brics that deadline to try and stop boris johnson he's vowed to deliver bricks it do or die and ultimately the ball is now in their court to see if they can find some way of building a coalition of support to try and stop that this is johnson is great to get your expertise on this me appreciate your time that is john johnston live and london thank you. we're going to hong kong now where protesters are turning their anger against the airline cathay pacific on after 12 weeks of rallies demonstrators are gathering in the central financial district after more than 20 of the carrier star were fired for protesting it follows
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a weekend of violent marches with petrol bombs and bricks were hurled at raja police beijing has demanded the airline suspend stop and walden or supporting rallies let's get more on this our correspondent wayne hay is joining us live from the protest in hong kong and people there have had some very real repercussions some people to taking part in demonstrations why and so what are they are asking for there that receiving oh i know they have not already seen need everywhere walkway wants is transparency accountability something to be reinstated in a city the work place at all because they feel busy that since the start of the long run against government projects that those things have been eroded are they work well soon or all right and ultimately they want those people who have lost their jobs during all our course busy of the protests to have those jobs reinstated cathay pacific is not the only example but certainly it is the most high profile of what i think all gathered here believe is growing interference like in the corporate world right by beijing into the hong kong workplace and business places
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and what they are calling still is for beijing of course to get its hands all to allow those businesses to run themselves the way they used to for people to be able to have free speech as you mentioned cathay pacific is fired several people for expressing support for the anti government really going through social media or by attending the reli themselves official you know the reason given was for security for the chinese aviation authority so they didn't want people who might be potentially emotionally unstable because of their village school you points to be on board busy a craft would you want to graph flying into the space that you actually could create a charity or. i told them the people here say that simply not true it's about beijing's as a growing interference in the workplace in hong kong about china saying that if you want to continue would doing and doing business in china then you need to distance yourself from the protest movement and any chance wayne of these protesters
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resolving their issues either with the airline with hong kong authorities administration met or known the wider issue of dialogue between them why the protest movement and carry lands administration oh wait i got a whole already but i will talk to her well they seems very little sign of that right now i mean terry lamb has a. chinese day and her weekly meeting of britain saying that she is again open to talks with her to start but now she has said all sort of the time is not right valid to some of the divine subjects doesn't make either one of those key demands busy for an endorsement it's inquiry into the situation 2 specifically it difficult not to the police she is refusing to do that now while there is still violence on the streets so at the moment you're seeing a standoff if she has begun what she is calling a process of brainstorming with influential people in hong kong including conversations with the ultimate aim of bringing this situation to
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a peaceful end but no one representing the protest movement has been involved in those talks so far no sign that they will be in the short term unified way now thank you very much for that for now that's wayne hay with the latest live from those protests and hong kong thank you. now a stranger is denying that one of its citizens arrested in china is a spy and is calling for his immediate release yang julian has been detained in beijing since january and what a strange says had been harsh conditions he was a chinese diplomat and became an australian citizen in 2002 gangs lawyer said on tuesday that his client had been charged with espionage that said the basis of the charge was unclear the story is foreign minister says the government is working to secure his release. to iraq now where many people are still looking for their relatives 2 years after the battle for the city of mosul human rights groups are calling for d.n.a. testing and bodies recovered from the rubble to help family members who remain in
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limbo. reports and a warning that has reports does contain pictures some may find disturbing. these children never bolivia's to the dangers which surround them in most of the city their families have returned but many areas in their neighborhood are peppered with unexploded munitions we had to stop of the law from picking a bomb that's he says are in that tub close to where his children were playing not far from that spot are human remains still there 2 years after isis defeat of the learned his sister are looking for their father they're not sure whether he's under custody or under the rubble or yasser doesn't want to reveal her identity she wants closure gives out on neighbors told us after that our father was dead civil defense staff must have removed his body with all the dead bodies all we know is that her father might still be under the rubble this graffiti warns people that bodies are still under these homes human remains like this can still be found scattered in the
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old city of mosul although civil defense says that most bodies of bin exuma what i cannot show you about this place is the very strong stench that people in this area have to live with. it's hard to breathe but some residents are used to the smell parents are concerned about safety and the spread of disease from decomposing corpses 800 bodies of children have been examined rights human rights commission wants to help ministry to expedite d.n.a. tests of the thousands of recovered bodies besides closure.
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last rites and of death certificate we can't even start the process without the death certificate and they won't give us one until they have a body the bodies are now decomposed and probably mixed with i saw bodies under the rubble and i'm not alone this is a collective issue that needs to be at rest the cleanup will take millions of dollars and the local municipality has lost more than 70 percent of its equipment during the war even after 2 years it's an overwhelming task and. has become a city of rubble we have formed a committee to deal with the old city and it'll start working soon to give us an inclusive outlook for basic ordination in finding effective mechanism. during the intense battles and most of the small graveyards were formed those who suspect their relatives are under the rubble also want proper burials and possible closure
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for some of the jabot other they are the old city of mosul. at least $23.00 people have been killed in an attack on a bar in mexico it happened on tuesday night in the southeastern city of course the attackers started a fire which injured 13 people police say the blaze may have been lit with gasoline bombs. now the u.s. and mexico reached a deal 8 months ago to allow tens of thousands of asylum seekers to wait for their court hearings in mexico the asylum seekers mainly from on the border and el salvador were promised jobs and shelter under the remain and mexico plan but as john holland reports from the border town of tier one a that isn't happening. roland his son the well are heading home they too have an estimated $40000.00 u.s. asylum seekers mostly from guatemala from salvador and like them from honduras but over the border into mexico to wait for their process to play out it's
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a relatively new deal before they would have waited in the u.s. mexico's president promised work health and education while they're here for riled an oil that hasn't materialized enough alone on the you can only play when all we haven't got the documents to work here and we can't leave the shelter because it's dangerous around here and my son can't go to school either together or he says given all that in the 5 month wait before his asylum hearing next january he's got no choice but to go home it's happening all over to quanah where there are close 212000 u.s. asylum seekers. churches and charities not the government running the show that housed them providing classes for their children a meal since many have been issued the visas to work. the government has a double discourse it said there's a lot of opportunities for migrants in mexico and they welcome the team practice we haven't seen a lot of support. but we reached out to several minutes can migrant shelters in
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different cities they all said the same case is written on the in june i asked president why the government wasn't doing more he said it had a plan for thousands jobs in border factories for the migrants and it would cut through any visa bureaucracy there's a few months later one aboard a factory owners so they do have those vacancies but the government hasn't helped to get them filled. with the work they're doing. now i think they have to work faster at the end they have to. not fast enough. i mean meanwhile. as asylum seekers continue to arrive private shelters have actually had the government funds cut despite the lack of a state shelter here i asked the federal representative why shawn came to get. they've been found by altruistic people but then not part of the stays the big
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problem is that the state never took care of migrants but now it's doing this it's providing a shelter for them. he says that there will be a governmental shelter working from this week ready to house 5000 that's been promised to be fool not to live it but at the top if it does appear many like roland the whale would already have vanished and their american dream with the. john home and now does it or to one or. so i had on the news that. i know we're going to go we're going to. but it's a day of upsets of the u.s. tell you why.
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thank you thank you.
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thank you it is time to support with joe and joe his stop in with an exclusive with kenya that's correct yeah al-jazeera has uncovered doping amongst kenyan athletes training alongside some of the world's top runners the country's officials say they're doing their best to stop it but banned drugs like the blood boosting e.p.o. easily available and as katherine sawyer found out when she travelled to kenya's rift valley they uses an open secret his her exclusive reports. it hanny's popularly known as the home of champions not only does the small town boast of producing some of kenya's greatest athletes thousands of others from around the world come here to train because of its high altitude but in recent years kenya's prominent image in the world of athletics has been tainted by doping allegations we talked to accolades who admitted to doping and told us it's common practice this
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rana asked us not to reveal his identity he said he felt under pressure to succeed here he's filmed receiving an injection while training for a big race. i know doping is bad but as runners we have to support our families through whatever means the 1st time i went for it i lost and that prompted me to take the risk because this is my livelihood. athletes we talked to said it's quite easy to get e.p.o. in many families it's a controlled drug mainly use for a many patients back to the right price doctors not of them pharmacists provided for honest these pharmacist who also asked to keep his identity he didn't sobs runners who give him a card from their awnings we sent him to buy this dose of e.p.o. which he did within hours that despite it at leats. given 6 outlets we also met as boca prop one of dozens of athletes banned by the world
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anti-doping agency has won 3 world championship titles but tested positive for using e.p.o. to prop maintains his innocence it's had. the signs of you know which i believe there must be. conspiracy but it's the science era kenya's doping money to say with thousands of athletes and stretched resources keeping checks on everyone has been a challenge we need to clean up all across. so that if the core values of competition. the spirit of sports where. i'm still happy that a computer is. number 100 but i finished the half marathon that does this because. this is a lucrative sport and some of those we talked to said as long as this corruption
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and ran as willing to risk everything to make money copping cheating on is be difficult catherine are just 0. kenyan athletes have already been on the world anti-doping agency's watch list for the last 3 years and here is why around 50 have been punished for breaking anti doping rules in the last 5 years among them boston and chicago marathon when i reject 2 in july a report by a athletics integrity unit listed kenya as the 3rd most cheating nation in the sport by in russia and india officials in kenya say that's because more dopers a being caught the most abuse substances e.p.o. the blood boosting drug that increases oxygen in the body but other athletes have failed to drug test by using steroids and common assman drugs that can also increase increase muscle mass under tighter rules kenya's athletes now need to have at least 3 clean out of competition tests before competing at this year's world championships in doha. to the u.s. open tennis now where many of the men's top seeds have been knocked out in the 1st
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round david stokes has the action. it was a 1st rating day for several top players in new york including a great 8 seed stefan a 6 a pass you would. have to run to get the umpire he went on solution for search to replace. was the 2nd grand slam running that he's lost his acting match and afterwards he did admit that he's struggling mentally. i feel like i'm doing the same thing over and over again and my brain can really take it anymore i don't feel inspired. he wasn't the only high profile casualty 4 of the top 10 seeds fell on tuesday austria's full seat dominant team went down to the unseated italian thomas fabiano current catch of and rip. also on the way home i with so many threats out of the way it means the draw has really opened up for rafa nadal the spanish 3 time champion dropped just 7 games against australia's
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john millman to cruise into the 2nd round i may carry off his through to the last stop on the sherman was up entertaining the flushing meadows trout until after 1 am even finding time for a late night dance in his victory over city jumps and. the main upset in the women's stroll was the exit of 2017 champion sloane stephens she was beaten in straight sets by rushes and the current skier. defending champion niamey osaka got off to a shaky start but she did eventually come through in 3 sets against an uplink over time sometimes i think. american teenager really got the crowd going at her u.s. open debut the 15 year old was given a wild card after reaching the 4th round at wimbledon this summer and fall from a set down to beat anastasia. b. c i mixed up for golf she'll face him gary and prior to me up in round 2
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david stokes al-jazeera has been a shock commission from new zealand's rugby well cup squad prop forward owen franks has more than $100.00 caps and the defending champions but he won't make the final list of $31.00 names heading to japan next month. we believe the guy records us a big mobile. number one's a number of stories in and in this case we just sent the other guy was it with. more so than he and therefore we had to make a tough decision did you make buckle to him yet and have a go obviously he's very disappointed but you know i won't go into details about what we see very like but very respectful. of how he can't with it and again it's a mark of the me a 134 year old football club has shut its doors for the last time up in the english football league expelled barry f.c. a takeover bid for the 3rd to club collapsed on tuesday it meant the barry missed a deadline to show it could pay off its debts that the 1st team to drop out of the
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english football league in 17 years. i just have to be here because this is like my whole you know. point all the emotion aside is physically i'm trying to do. i don't envision doing anything on a saturday now there is no replacement for me other than watching my beloved barry and that's all of it all. fellow league one club bolton could face the same fate they've been given 14 days to find a buyer all proved they have the funds to complete the season but one of the founding members of the football league can trace the history back 145 years. american football club has broken a world record but it's not one that will be proud of cruz playing in red as just extended its winless streak to $33.00 games breaking the previous record held by indians dalby county since 2007 season the latest loss came in a 5 nil thumping to get it out o. in the league the club will now be looking for
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a new coach off to enrique meza who wants coach mexico's national team and one for titles quit following tuesday's. are that is useful for now. thank you very much for that and that does it for this al-jazeera news alba do stay with us martin denis is here with another full news bulletin with all the updates from london thank you for watching. driven by outrage and spanning generations the rohinton demonstrators gathered on
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the very day a widely criticized repatriation agreement between the governments of bangladesh and me and more was to begin the anger was all too apparent and the fear was palpable if you don't like we're so afraid that if they send one of us back to myanmar today tomorrow they'll send back 10 and the day after tomorrow they'll send back 2030 or if we were given citizenship in myanmar then there would be no need to take us back there we would go back on our own we must remember the rancho among the most persecuted minorities in the world. legally prescribe for the pain relief of the sick but taken in life threatening doses by millions in search of a fix. huge illegal shipments of the opioid tramadol or flood the quest africa. people in power goes to nigeria to investigate the devastating addiction epidemic that is even fueling the bulk of insurgency. west africa's opioid
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crisis on. the ultranationalist monks connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crises we doe as staff any gaily maigret joining with the military to impose a deadly political agenda we have to flow to our nation what has happened to the engine that's one of the biggest stains on the country as a whole. is another religion this is a politics. an unholy alliance on al-jazeera. we've got to be bringing forward new and important bills that's why we are going to have a queen speech we're going to do it on october 14th the u.k. prime minister confirms parliament will be suspended just 2 weeks ahead of the bracks it deadline the opposition calls it
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a coup. hello again i'm martin denis you're without is there a live from doha also coming up the set of alerting gulzar after 3 police officers are killed in suicide attacks linked to eisele. brazil agrees to accept international aid to fight the amazon forest fires but insists it will decide how to use the money. an open secret al-jazeera uncovers doping among kenyan athletes training alongside some of the world's top runners. but let's start with the breaking news and coming from london the u.k. prime minister boris johnson will suspend pollin meant until mid october many are saying this is a bid to ensure that the u.k.
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leaves the european union by the end of october deadline you know physician is calling the move a coup saying it would leave members of parliament little time to debate it prime minister johnson insists this is the right thing to do. this is a new government with a very exciting agenda to make our streets safer which very important we bring violent crime down we need to invest in our fantastic n.h.s. we need to level up education funding across the country we need to invest in the infrastructure that's going to take this country forward for the decades and we need to deal with the cost of living moving to a high wage high productivity economy which is i think what this country needs to be and to do that we need new legislation we've got to be bringing forward new and important bills and that's why we are going to have a queen's speech and we're going to do it on october the 14th and this was the reaction from the speaker of the house of commons john bercow just
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a short while ago he released a statement saying this may represent a constitutional outrage and goes on to say that shutting down parliament would be an offense against the democratic process and the rights of parliamentarians as the people's elected representatives well lawrence lee is our correspondent he has more from london. they has or had as of yesterday that almost ruled out a no confidence vote because they thought they couldn't win it and instead we're going to try to introduce legislation and and pass a law blocking breck's it on the 31st of october. until some other sort of deal or next election happens or something like that would weapon instead now it seems that there's probably very little chance that they can introduce any sort legislation in the available time and so whatever boris johnson says about there being ample scopes and goes to talk about brick says it isn't really true and as a consequence they are now back to 5 and think about
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a no confidence votes either potentially next week the 1st week of parliament or some points in in october when when parliament starts as it's again after being suspended but it's all going to come down to possibly a couple of dozen or so conservative m.p.'s who have said that they will not support a no deal breck's it and whether they're prepared to vote with all the opposition parties and against their own conservative party to try to stop him all right let's wait now to john johnson who's from the political web site politics home thank you for talking to us this is either an incredibly clever government maneuver to head off these pesky parliamentarians who are plotting and scheming to do all sorts of things to try and do rail boris johnson's plan or this is this huge affront to democracy and a constitutional outrage. yes well boris has essentially called the bluff of the opposition m.p.'s who've been meeting over the last couple of weeks to
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try and come up with a plan to stop a new deal brags that obviously there has been a huge amount of anger in response to this move what he's done is he's extended the recess period that british politicians get here in order to attend their party conferences is extended out from fire from 3 weeks to 5 weeks essentially closing down a good chunk of time where these m.p.'s had hoped to try and bring forward some kind of new legislation in the commons to stop him in his tracks from leaving without a deal right so the legislative option seems to have been shut off pretty much as a consequence of this what about the vote of no confidence in the government that lawrence just referred to could the opposition m.p.'s plus the rebels within the conservative party could they muster the numbers in order to make the government for. all initially the numbers for it voted no confidence look quite difficult
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because the kind of following procedure we we we couldn't seem to get any answers on whether they would support the possibility of jeremy corbyn the labor leader leading a caretaker government this was the plan he would lead a caretaker government extend the article 50 process essentially pushing the brakes a deadline further away and calling a general election but there has been a significant amount of anger from pro remain conservative m.p.'s today at this action by boris johnson so it seems very likely know that there would be enough of them who would be potentially willing to vote to bring down their own government what about the role of the d u p of course the northern irish party who have this arrangement with the government of confidence and supply how are they viewing this this maneuver this tactic. well there hasn't been a huge amount of response for them yet generally they have been backing mr johnson
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obviously if there's a general election their position could be changed if mr jones and wins majority their support will be less required in the new parliament but they have been relatively supportive of his position obviously they are very against this stop proposal that has been the kind of hard on the brakes in the goshi ations this is the the procedure the insurance policy that stops her from being a hard boarder on the island of ireland but mr johnson has essentially said that he will agree no new deal with the e.u. that includes the backstop policy in any form so obviously you know this is something that they're incredibly interested all right john johnston thank you very much. now hamas is declared a state of alert ingalls after 3 police officers were killed in 2 separate suicide attacks the 1st hit a police checkpoint with 2 officers died less than an hour later there was a 2nd explosion at another checkpoint killing
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a 3rd officer the attacks were carried out by groups linked to eisele. these events only serve the israeli occupation which tried to stab the palestinian resistance in the back what the occupation could not achieve by launching walls on gaza not be achieved by such bombings and more now from our correspondent in gaza harry forsett this is the funeral procession for 2 of the 3 hamas police but policemen who were killed in a double attack late on tuesday night are reporting suggests that one attacker came with an explosives laden motorcycle he left out of one checkpoint just an agent remotely killing 2 policemen he then went on with explosives attached to himself and designated himself in those explosives killing a 3rd policeman this is an aside which has come out of the blue there are people on the streets here to market it has shocked people in gaza hamas the
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failings inside gaza the economic troubles the security problems with israel have come to at least rely on hamas to some extent on security so this is come as a shock there's a good deal of outrage and support for what we understand to be a crackdown being undertaken by how the security forces against the suspects in just those aspects be sol office pro isis al qaida style ideology groups now they have long been opposed to what has been going on in the south of gaza in terms of hamas is cooperation with egyptian security egypt is trying to crack down on this movement in the sinai peninsula and. in recent years hamas has been collaborating with egyptian security and you people are making it harder to get across the border there was an attack such as this and 2017 in southern gaza this attack has come right in the center of gaza city so we understand there have been
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arrests and asked does monitor the activities of these groups it stream we closely so the fact that this is not in the midst tamas a shock to hamas and to the people there the syrian government forces have attacked a turkish military observation post in the northwestern countryside of hama province it's unclear whether this monitoring point was hit by an airstrike or by artillery shells but earlier the turkish president rather tired bedouin held talks with his russian counterpart vladimir putin on ending violence in italy province neighbors how my province president wanted to make sure that turkish troops aren't targeted in the so-called deescalation zones to yemen now the un recognized government has launched an attack against u.s. backed southern separatists in aden where they've taken control of the international airport is the latest move to recapture the port city from the
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separatists who 2 weeks ago after they lost control of it all flights at the airport were suspended workers were evacuated and the u.n. says at least 40 people have been killed in several days of fighting and hundreds more have been injured there speak now the hockey man must marry at.


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