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you however the context of breaks it is what makes this so unusual and so kind of questionable i think people who are saying it's got nothing to do with trying to squeeze the time for m.p.'s to have have their way of blocking no deal that idea is i'm afraid for the birds clothing that's precisely what is what's happening here and i think from the m.p.'s perspective you know they're not thoughtless or blameless in this so they've had 3 years to come up with a solution and vote for something that they've consistently voted against something so now there's a sense of panic with only weeks to go that and he's you know i'm afraid as they are running around like headless chickens trying to block no deal where actually they've had chances before to avoid being in this situation and i think everyone is trying to become the kind of savior or champion of democracy but the problem is in the calculation within government circles is that the government's
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messaging and the government's plan is now very tightly controlled it's do or die we're leaving at the end of october deal or no deal the people on the other side of the argument most of these are the m.p.'s do not have that same level of discipline some of them want no breaks or together some of them want a referendum and some of them want a breaks it but they just want to avoid no deal so they're starting point is completely different i think number 10 and the government have seen this and thought i actually this is there already so divided this is a way to completely pull the rug from underneath their feet and just to carry on with the plan that we want and so paranoid having that kind of parliamentary scrutiny. that will certainly cause issues for them and for their plans came out saying thank you so much for joining us from london we appreciate that. yemen has recognized government has mostly reclaim control of the southern port city of
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a new including the airport and the presidential palace you either accept purchase forces who sees the city 2 weeks ago have withdrawn from several positions earlier all airports flights at the airport were suspended and workers were evacuated due to the fighting the u.n. says at least 40 people have been killed and several days in this dispute and hundreds more have been injured comparison moniz director of the office of foreign affairs of the so going transitional council in new york earlier we spoke with my colleague who was with ron accuse the un recognized government of doing little to fight who the rebels. what's going on in aden today in the capital city of i've done is that it's a. cheap tactic immoral cheap tactic by the legitimate government who is. using sleeper cells to activate them and to to cause chaos in the city all in the. 4 or negotiation
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is a missile i'm not even to the government that the separatists have fought alongside the with the government and the saudi and iraqi forces against the whole things that point for the last 4 years of course actually the southern transitional council and the saddam forces were actually the main reason why the government even had a. or some ground to govern from which is done and some of the southern governor it's far as the fighting has proven over the past week. and. units have mobilized from there all to destabilize the situation large. military groups what have you with the weapons have mobilized to show what to destabilize shape what that is under the protection of the. security forces of the southern transitional council but what you would
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normally do on the side of the government against the who things are you going to fight on your own against the whole things are you no longer going to be a part of the government you want to sion. unfortunately the government has proven that they have not no intentions on fighting the abilities they have been in a stalemate ceasefire in mad with the over 250000 troops for over 4 years and they have only used those forces to destabilize what have already been liberated by the saddam forces in the southern governor this is this says been proven last week and they have also proven which is another exposure to them that they have strong ties with the and a common ground with a common enemy because the southern forces have been the only genuine viable force that have conducted counter terrorism and saw it illegitimate government found a common denominator with these extreme school to fight or to try in the town to
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destabilize you saw them forces in the liberated areas who are with the lists some . donny as an independent yemen analyst she joins us from washington d.c. thank you so much for your time so. the u.n. recognize government basically reclaiming control of most of aden what does this mean so actually as we're speaking i'm hearing reports that there are still some cautious so the control is not been complete yet what it means is that the southern transitional council and the legitimate yemeni government are going to fight over territory although some say that the southern transitional council is not fighting as it has as aggressively as it could signaling that there is some sort of deal also stating that the arab coalition that is supporting these different allies into some sort of a deal moving forward so as you know any time the government is supporting you know that's exactly what i was going to ask you is there what is going on do you think
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with saudi and the u.a.e. . so the saudi and the u.a.e. forces are part of a united coalition and their allies to fight the host these in the north of yemen however as we've seen in the past few days the saudi government is supporting the legitimate yemeni government and the u.a.e. is supporting the southern transitional council i think the best way for us to understand what's happening in yemen is to actually imagine that the u.a.e. is pretty much in fight or not happy with the role of the legitimate yemeni government and that is what's playing out which then looks as a reflection as a disagreement between the u.a.e. and saudi arabia however all the official sources and the spokespeople from saudi arabia and the united arab emirates continue to say that they will work together and the u.a.e. has said that their allegiance is saudi arabia 1st and so it seems like some of the sis playing out expected before when this fighting started that they were going to
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come to some sort of a deal for yemen where the yemeni government is going to have to make some concessions and share some of its power with the southern transitional forces it's really important to note though that the yemeni government had had control of that area for about 4 years and they failed to instill some sort of policies that seemed fair to the population so even if the yemeni government captures and then again it captures the south they're going to really have to change their policies they're going to have to address the concerns of the people because the secessionist cause is not something that was born over this war it's a demand that they've had for a while way before this war started and the government is going to have to be really smart to kind of address the grievances of so what or who is the support to the mechanism to force the government to do that. well obviously the arab coalition would have a lot of charge in that they would be able to advise the president who's been residing in deals for the past few years and so it's very possible that they could mediate something they even invited the southern transitional council and the
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yemeni government to come and engage in a dialogue in saudi arabia and so it seems like they're open to having these negotiations but at the same time if they can support the government have an upper military hand that would certainly benefit the yemeni government in their dialogue with the southern transitional council. thank you so much for your expertise we appreciate it. thank you but i'm ahead of the news hour and clearly malaysia's former prime minister not to prosecute is back in court to face trial for corruption in the state and vestment find. brazil says yes to accepting aid to fight the amazon forest fires but insisted must be allowed to decide how to use the money and a debut u.s. open for this 15 year old tennis star will tell you how she's dealing with.
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a mosque has declared a state of alert in gaza after 3 police officers were killed in 2 separate suicide attacks the 1st blast had a police checkpoint or 2 officers died less than an hour later there was a 2nd explosion at another checkpoint in the silly city killing a 3rd officer at stop the attacks were carried out by groups linked to eisele. these events only serve the israeli occupation which tried to step the palestinian resistance in the back what the occupation could not achieve by launching what was on gaza will not be achieved by such bombings harry faucet as in gaza and has the latest. list of the funeral procession for 2 of the 3 hamas police policemen who were killed in a double a tad late on tuesday night this is an assad which has come out of the blue there are people on the streets here to market it is people in gaza hamas for all of the failings inside gaza the economic troubles the security problems with israel people
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have come to at least rely on hamas to some extent for internal security so this is come as a shock there's a good deal of outrage and support for what we understand to be brought down being undertaken by how about security forces against the suspects or just those suspects being so law 1st pro isis al qaida style ideology groups now they have long been. opposed to what has been going on in the south of gaza in terms of hamas is cooperation with. security egypt is trying to crack down on this movement in the sinai peninsula and recent in recent years hamas has been collaborating with egyptian security kind of people over there making it harder to get across the border there was an attack such as this in 2017 and in southern gaza this is a time has come right in the center of gaza city so we understand there have been arrests made
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a mass does monitor the activity of these groups extremely closely so the fact that this is not didn't just come as a shock close to hamas or mind to the people here. the united states has imposed sanctions on 2 networks it says are linked to iran's government and military the us treasury department says the overseas based front companies were used to evade sanctions and by restrictive materials washington interesting sanctions to increase economic pressure on tehran over its nuclear program there been protests in hong kong for 12 consecutive wakin this time the focus was on alleged sexual abuse of female demonstrators by police under the people trust and black took part in the sit in one woman says she had to walk past male officers after she was strip searched another demonstrator accuses officers of manhandling her. elsewhere in hong kong hundreds of protesters turn their anger towards airline cathay pacific they said the company's decision to fire 20 of its staff for taking part in anti-government protests is creating
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a climate of fear it comes as another general strike has been called for next week and a report from hong kong. it's a sensitive time in hong kong and being seen at a protest could cost you your job. the focus of this small rally was cathay pacific the airline is the most high profile case of what these people believe is increasing interference by china in hong kong workplaces recklessness and our face in fact is a year from china from the china now the man hong kong government on that she cannot even express them on the field in beer pong so some media have. several cathay pacific employees have been fired for making social media posts in support of the anti-government protests all for attending rallies cathay pacific is a publicly listed company but one of its major shareholders is it china which is owned by the chinese government's some staff have resigned from the company in
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protest like politician and pilot jeremy tam this can offer you no interference from the beijing government just changing completely and everybody in fear of you know being put under the spotlight it's not just cathay pacific that's coming under pressure from beijing there's a wider atmosphere creeping into the hong kong corporate world that if you want to continue doing business with china then you should distance yourself and your star from the protests last week it was the turn of accountants to take to the streets to reject interference from beijing star from major firms like deloitte had earlier taken out a newspaper ad criticizing their companies for ignoring hong kong people and the reasons for the protests after pressure from beijing the company's released statements distancing themselves from the air cathay pacific declined al-jazeera as requests for an interview but the reason given for the action against staff is
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security chinese aviation or 30 say they won't allow cathay flights. they are a space if operated by anyone who has participated in all supports it protests the fact that cafes and croft. don't need to fly into china's space that china and title tool asked them to live by their rules as far as we are concerned we totally support the freedom of opening a. freedom of opinion continues to be expressed on the streets but in the workplace it's becoming increasingly difficult when hey al jazeera hong kong. still had on al-jazeera i'm a solomon jobber than most of the elderly what's being done to deal with human remains like this scattered in the old city. and the fighting in sudan forces thousands of people to abandon their homes. and why a european football club celebrated qualifying for the champions league by writing
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a tank through belgrade we'll have that in sport. hello again to welcome back we are watching some showers make their way out of india towards pakistan over the next few days you can see that on the satellite image right there so for graci by the time we get to thursday it is going to be a rainy day if you we could be seeing some localized flooding around the city but we don't expect it to be as severe as the other flooding event that we had just several weeks ago up here towards tell tehran it is going to be 34 degrees for you there and some showers for back who with a touch of 28 dropping down to our 24 as we go towards friday well here across the gulf they humid it is still going to be quite significant in the morning time in the overnight hours as well doha 40 degrees or expected high on thursday by the time we get to friday 41 degrees there but miska is looking quite nice with
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a temperature of 31 and then very quickly across but the southern part of africa we're going to be seeing the temperatures. here across johannesburg and durban still staying fairly high for this time of year where to be seen $22.00 degrees there durban at 20 but cape town you're going to be seeing some clouds making their way towards the south not too much of a change in temperature but by the time we get to friday we are going to be seeing some clouds making its way towards durban as well madagascar looking quite nice across much of the island we're going to see the capital at 25 and for harare it is going to be a very nice day if you had plenty of sun and warm at 29. for the pneumatic jacket trying survival is about reaching their destination if we don't hurry never be able to get the time of the storm we follow the mongolian herdsmen on a treacherous migration. and race dangerous to the ice is that then as they strive to preserve their traditional way of life here are the bigger sometimes luser
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cattle that was called for because of the storm risking you don't go via on al-jazeera. 0. 3. you know afghanistan and the taliban is renowned for its violent repression and we now a new deal with the u.s. could see the group return to power one o one eastern vista gates the afghan women who paid the price for peace on al-jazeera.
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watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now for the can elizabeth has approved prime minister boris johnson's plan to suspend parliament for 5 weeks from in september many see it as a bid to ensure the u.k. leaves the e.u. by the october 31st deadline the opposition has called it a coup. and recognize government has regained control over most of the city of aden including the presidential palace they are you had been seized by u.a.e. back separatist forces 2 weeks ago and i'm also declared a state of alert in gaza after 3 police officers were killed in 2 separate suicide attacks it's thought they were carried out by groups linked to eisele. or malaysian prime minister najib razak 2nd corruption trial has started with prosecutors accusing about employing an elaborate charade to steal billions of dollars from estate investment fund the 66 year old faces $25.00 charges including money laundering as he denies any wrongdoing and accuses the government the current
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government of pursuing political vengeance that's all of us hoodie on has more. malaysia's former prime. mr najib razak is expected to face 5 trials this one could be the most significant it involves more than half a $1000000000.00 linked to a one m.b.d. state fund that allegedly ended up in his bank account but in this case he faces 25 counts of money laundering and abuse of power. of the people in charge of corruption of the all region they have been put in jail and people are waiting to see where this government can deliver the promises they made in the last election which is the mission. and people are asking will go to jail or will be sky massive corruption. corruption allegations have been weighing on a g.e. bennis inner circle for years as prime minister he set up the state investment fund in 2009 to stimulate malaysia's economy but eventually it amassed billions and debt
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and now the united states and other countries are looking into alleged cross border embezzlement in 2016 a jihad was cleared of criminal activity after $10000000.00 were reportedly funneled to his personal account he denied any wrongdoing saying the funds were a donation from the saudi royal family but other charges followed. the trials are largely seen as a test on the country's political transparency malaysia's current prime minister mahathir mohamad has promised to crack down on corruption and to pursue all charges against the former leader that jeeves legal team insists the accusations are politically motivated and baseless while the political career of the former prime minister is over the focus now shifts to his fate in court party a little bit of a yawn al-jazeera. funding for the prevention and control of fires in the amazon
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has dropped by nearly a quarter under brazil's president terrible sin r o the reuters news agency says the right wing leader has overseen a 25 percent drop in funding to the country's environment regulator which includes a hefty cut to the budget for forest fire fighting this comes as ball sonora says brazil will only accept international aid to help fight fires in the amazon if it can control how that money is used more on this we're joined by general try and learn who is live in port vale in northwest brazil that's the capital of her john you state one of the worst affected areas so they know what has the fallout from these fire spend the political fallout the economic fallout internationally and locally what we're beginning to come to terms with for without a i'm a cattle ranch about 70 kilometers south of port today you'll when people hear how to clear the forest to be able to establish these kind of cattle ranches they can
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be very lucrative we've heard that companies around the wold the like it's something. so we're going to move on now to the next story we have lost or so the next story that we are going to cover now isn't in ukraine a court and ukraine has released a russian journalist on bail ahead of his trial for treason krill the ski is the bureau chief of russia's state owned real novosti news agency in ukraine he also has ukrainian citizenship and has been in jail for over a year accused of supporting pro russian separatists he faces up to 15 years in jail if convicted his release comes amid talks of a prisoner swap deal with russia have had strained relations and russia annexed crimea in 2014. the head of italy's opposition democratic party has told the
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president he's ready to try and form a government with the 5 star movement following a meeting with president sergio not today oh nicola is in the ready told reporters his party will accept the 5 star candidate decepticon today for prime minister president has given the parties until wednesday night to strike a deal after the governing alliance between the 5 star and lead party collapsed last week and italy's inter minister has banned another charity ship from entering italian waters the german vessel is carrying more than $100.00 people rescued from the mediterranean in the past month and tales of danny has also grounded to plane shoes to search for boats and distress as you are still searching for about 40 people after a boat heading for europe capsized off the libyan coast at least 5 people drowned while 65 others were rescued. and there has been a very political. the region's autonomy was revoked earlier this month of the government to say how many people are being held in custody. and
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kashmir. outside tree huggers main jail people wait for news of their relatives inside there the families of people detained by security forces since new delhi revoked the region's autonomy. begum and her family travel every 10 days from about 100 kilometers north of srinagar where her husband was detained by security forces for being a separatist activist she says officials told her he would be released shortly then he was sent to. it's really difficult to get inside and meet because we have to get frisked at least 10 times we even have to open a nothing is allowed to be taken inside we have to wait for hours. to 20 minutes police. says his son was taken in the middle of the night from his home near srinagar but hasn't had any case filed against him now he's learned his son is no longer in the region. in the. big decision that was sent to jail africa keeping him
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at a local station for 5 days now i have been told he's been moved to august. that's a city more than a 1000 kilometers away where many political leaders have also been detained others are being kept here at this resort hotel turned prison indian officials declined to comment on how many people have been detained human rights groups say because of the restrictions they can't investigate do you mean people are being continued unprecedented to how much figure we have. from different. people who have been detained on intelligence. there have been accusations of torture al-jazeera spoke to this 22 year old man who doesn't want to be identified for fear of reprisal he says he was picked up by security forces when the restrictions 1st began and i was beaten for over an hour. he says i was a stone i told them. they have
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a shred of evidence and then go ahead and beat me but they didn't listen and then gave me an electric shock then they said give us an e-mail for stone i told them i don't know anyone but they didn't listen al-jazeera can't independently verify those accusations but human rights groups have documented cases of torture in the past meanwhile more people are being detained how long political leaders and an unknown number of local people will be detained indian officials will say all the relatives can do is queue outside prisons and hope for news. indeed and mr bashir. now where many people are still looking for their relatives 2 years after the battle for the city of mosul when rights groups are calling for d.n.a. testing on bodies recovered from the rubble to help the family members who remain in limbo. reports from mosul and a warning his report contains pictures some may find disturbing. these children
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never bolivia's to the dangers which surround them in most of the old city their families have returned but many areas in their neighborhood are peppered with unexploded munitions we had to stop of the law from picking a bomb that's he says are in that tub close to where his children were playing not far from that spot are human remains still there 2 years after isis defeat of the learned his sister are looking for their father they're not sure whether he's under custody or under the rubble or yasser doesn't want to reveal her identity she wants closure gives out on neighbors told us after that our father was dead civil defense staff must have removed his body with all the dead bodies all we know is that how father might still be under the rubble this graffiti warns people that bodies are still under these homes human remains like this can still be found scattered in the old city of mosul although civil defense says that most bodies of bin exuma what i
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cannot show you about this place is the very strong stench that people in this area have to live with it's hard to breathe but some residents are used to the smell parents are concerned about safety and the spread of disease from decomposing corpses 800 bodies of children have been examined or up to human rights commission wants to help ministry to expedite d.n.a. tests of the thousands of recovered bodies. besides closure missing relatives means many legal problems in mosul from reclaiming your house to seeking compensation for victims of the war in xinjiang neighborhood still looking for his mother and sister the names in the mirror are the ones whose bodies have been found more than 400 people went missing in the old pepsi factory my prisoner shooting civilians as they fled got separated from his mom and sister in the mayhem he believes they were buried in the roads were cleared by security forces along with others including isis fighters. we asked for their last rites and
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a death certificate we can't even start the process without the death certificate and they won't give us one until they have a body the bodies are now decomposed and probably mixed with i saw bodies under the rubble and i'm not alone this is a collective issue that needs to be addressed the cleanup will take millions of dollars and the local municipality has lost more than 70 percent of its equipment during the war even after 2 years it's an overwhelming task. has become a city of rubble we have formed a committee to deal with the old city and it'll start working soon to give us an inclusive outlook for basic ordination in finding a fictive making isms. during the intense battles in mosul small graveyards were formed those who suspect their relatives are under the rubble also want proper burial and possible closure of. the old city of mosul. rain and floods have killed more than 60 people in sudan in the past week thousands
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have been forced to abandon their homes morgan. north of the capital khartoum where water levels are expected to rise. in sudan's khartoum state is normally home to more than 5000 people now it's been overrun by the nile along with it the farmlands and running along its bank. farmers like sam and his family are forced to gather the little they have left and leave for drier lands. where you get you to because i've lost almost everything but i'm better off than a lot of others the farming areas we had here have been completely destroyed by the floods semi's one of at least 190000 people who've been forced out of their homes due to rains and floods in the past 3 weeks across the country. 17 of sudan's 18 states have been affected and more than 20000 homes have been destroyed people living along the banks of the nile river have suffered the most because of the floods what has become
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a largely empty town with most of its houses either partially underwater or completely destroyed many of the people here have sought shelter at a nearby camp and those who remain are waiting to leave with their belongings as well. those who have moved to the camp say they're worried about how long they'll have to stay there are warnings there now could continue to swell. we're now in a camp that we don't own anything i have left with only one of my children i can't continue to live in a camp where there are little services in the army we don't want i adore anything but for the government to give us a plot of land to stay on to give us lands to compensate for the ones we have lost in the floods the disaster management committee in would say there are also other concerns. that you don't even and then there's at least $1200.00 families but not enough tents there are no lights or electricity we need the authorities to respond with more tents and there's an issue of access to clean water we also need more security. just last week residents of what romney had been helping people in
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neighboring areas who were the 1st to be affected by the floods now they need assistance as they try to salvage the little they have left if they're not relocate it they'll be forced to wait for the floodwaters to retreat so they can go back home or to what was once home he will morgan al-jazeera would probably. there's been chaotic scenes and a south african city of pretoria after a man was shot while trying to stop an alleged drug deal police tried to disperse those protesting the killing while crowds at buildings on fire and looted shops protesting taxi drivers are blaming foreign nationals for what they say is widespread peddling and drugs in the city relations between foreigners the locals and volatile and it calls to reduce the influx of immigrants hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes after flooding and landslides in japan 2 people have died and emergency warning has been issued for parts of the north northern island of q shu south korea has called in japan's ambassador to
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protest its removal from a list of preferred trading partners ambassador arrived at south korea's foreign ministry on wednesday morning seoul is lodging a formal complaint about the export restrictions which came into effect on wednesday and intelligence sharing agreement between the 2 nations has also been scrapped at least 25 people have been killed in an attack on a bar in mexico and up on tuesday night in the southeastern city of quotes a call close the attackers started a fire which injured several other people police say the fire may have been lit with gasoline bombs. the u.n. says a 1000000000 children around the world live in poverty and they're not just in the poorest countries in the u.s. california has one of the highest child poverty rates and a lack of affordable housing is making it worse robin all supports in the town of watsonville just south of san francisco. less than 50 kilometers from the vast
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wealth of silicon valley michelle basara her daughter and granddaughter live in a dilapidated trailer without running water or indoor plumbing think god we have summer to stay you know because the hardest part we've been going everywhere to the shelters in every place trying to find somewhere to live 3 year old phoenix is one of millions of american children living in poverty a family asked us not to show the toddlers face to protect their privacy we basically told they were going camping for the summer so she stayed she thinks we're going you know that we're here camping nearby a community service organization called loaves and fishes serves free meals on thin at the salvation army shelter it's really hard especially i have 3 kids one way the age it's hard they get the president gets rid stout raymond conoco runs the
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watsonville social services organization community bridges it's really you know 2 things it's the rising cost of housing and it's the stagnant wages the reality is that the needs are systemic there systemic based on a capitalism that has gone awry the amount of affordable housing for very low income families fell by more than 60 percent since 2010 the trumpet ministration has proposed slashing $8000000000.00 for subsidized housing and to triple rents paid 570-0000 of the poorest public housing residents in local elementary schools here most children receive free meals. $30000000.00 u.s. children get free or reduced price meals at school recent proposed changes by the trumpet ministration would strike half a $1000000.00 from the program nationwide there are nearly $13000000.00 kids living in poverty according to the activist group the children's defense fund that's nearly one out of every 5 children in the united states poverty affects kids'
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ability to learn the number one indicator that actually affects unit education love and they keep it level of poverty raising a family in poverty is an emotional burden for caregivers like michelle but sarah and i thought i was already a pretty humble person but now i just felt degraded you know and just looked down on. humiliation hunger and homelessness in the wealthiest state in the wealthiest country on earth rob reynolds al-jazeera watsonville california still ahead on al-jazeera. thank you all we are in the room.
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at. bankers for what they are thanks michelle well dizzier has uncovered that kenyan athletes are doping as they train alongside some of the world's top runners the country's officials say that they're doing their best to stop it but banned drugs like the blood booster e.p.o. are still easily available or catherine sawyer traveled to kenya and found out that this doping is also not a secret here's her exclusive report. it hanny's popularly known as the home of champions not only does the small town boast of producing some of kenya's greatest athletes thousands of others from around the world come here to train because of its high altitude but in recent years kenya's prominent image in the world of
12:39 am
athletics has been tainted by doping allegations we talked to accolades who admitted to doping and told us it's common practice this rana asked us not to reveal his identity he said he felt under pressure to succeed here he's filmed receiving an injection while training for a big race. i know doping is bad but as runners we have to support our families through whatever means the 1st time i went for it i lost and that prompted me to take the risk because this is my livelihood. athletes we talked to said it's quite easy to get e.p.o. in many ways it's a controlled drug mainly use for a many patients back to the right price doctors life isn't pharmacists provided for honest this pharmacist who also asked to keep his identity he then sobs runners who give him a card from their awnings we sent him to buy this dose of e.p.o.
12:40 am
which he did within hours despite it at leats. given. we also met as boca prop one of dozens of athletes banned by the world anti-doping agency he's won 3 world championship titles but tested positive for using e.p.o. to prop maintains his innocence it's had. his hands and you know which i believe there must be if it is not a. conspiracy that is the science kenya's doping money to say with thousands of athletes and stretched resources keeping checks on everyone has been a challenge we need to clean up all across. so that if the core values of different. the spirit of sports where. i'm still happy that they compete to date and that is. number one but but i
12:41 am
finished the half marathon that does this put it to him to prove. that this is a lucrative sport and some of those we talked to said as long as this corruption and brown is willing to risk everything to make money copping cheating on his be difficult catherine songs are just 0. kenyan athletes have already been on the world anti-doping agency's watch list for the last 3 years for several reasons around 50 have been punished for breaking anti doping rules in the last 5 years among them boston and chicago marathon winner jep 2 in july our report by the athletics integrity unit listed kenya as the 3rd most cheating nation in the sport behind russia and india officials in kenya say that's because more dopers are being caught the most abuse substance as we now know is the blood boosting drug that increases oxygen in the body but other athletes have failed drug test by using steroids and a common asthma drug that can also increase muscle mass well the tennis now in the
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u.s. open where many of the men's top seeds have been knocked out in the 1st round defending women's champion naomi osaka had a scare too but did eventually get through her opening match david stokes has the action hero weird the weird it was a 1st rate to die for several top players in new york including great 8 seed stephanos it's a pass you would. have to run to get the umpire he went on to lose in full sets to drive replay it. was the 2nd grand slam running that he's lost his acting much and afterwards he did admit that he's struggling mentally i feel like i'm doing the same thing over and over again in my brain can really take it any more i don't feel inspired. he wasn't the only high profile casualty 4 of the top 10 seeds fell on tuesday austria's full seat dominant team went down to the unseated italian thomas fabiano current catch of and rip. also on the way home we
12:43 am
were with so many threats out of the way it means the drool has really opened up for rafa nadal the spanish 3 time champion dropped just 7 games against australia's john millman to cruise into the 2nd round i may carry off his through to the last stop on the sherman was up entertaining the flushing meadows trout until after 1 am even finding time for a late night dance in his victory of a city jumps and. the main upset in the women's stroll was the exit of 2017 champion sloane stephens she was beaten in straight sets by rushes an account skier . defending champion niamey osaka got off to a shaky start but she did eventually come through in 3 sets against an open copa and sometimes i think. american teenager really got the crowd going in her u.s. open debut the 15 year old was given a wild card after reaching the 4th round at wimbledon this summer and fall from a set down to beat anastasia. i can see
12:44 am
i mixed up for golf she'll face him gary and play it to me up in round 2 david stokes al-jazeera. well there's been a shock cut from new zealand's rugby world cup squad prop forward owen franks has more than 100 caps for the defending champions but he did not make the final list of 31 names heading for japan next month. we believe the gun because that's a big. number one's a number of stories. in this case we just go is it with. the fluid to make it tough decision did you make you have to think of all the sleazy or just pointed. you know i want to go into details of it what we see but very respectful. he can't with the. dutch
12:45 am
champions i.x. face a must win game against apple well later if they're to reach the group stages of the way for the champions league but red star belgrade have booked their place in the celebrate and celebrated by writing an armored personnel carrier through the streets of the serbian capital they beat young boys of burn on the old way goals will earlier in the day fans had parted commissioned yugoslav army tank outside the bill grade stadium causing a diplomatic upset with neighboring croatia a mexican football club has broken a world record but it's not one that they're proud of vera cruz playing and red has just extended its winless streak to $33.00 games breaking the previous record held by england's darby county county since the 2011 season their latest loss came in a 5 mill something that by queretaro in the league the club but will now be looking for a new coach after in that he came as a quick following tuesday's loss met at once coached mexico's national team and one
12:46 am
for week titles. but that for me has direct hersel thank you very much leigh i keep it here we have much more news for you on the other side of the break. a new perspective can change a wild. for one chin is ian began as a hobby has grown into a passion a way of life. teaching the next generation to strive for a higher level. and ensoul installing in his country
12:47 am
a sense of freedom and strength. new heights my chin is yeah on al-jazeera. new leaders place children in this refugee camp the latest victims of the unending sectarian violence in central african republic among them are survivors of unspeakable violence 10 year olds his mother is dead her father is gone killed because they were christian by their own muslim neighbors this is the least you home an overcrowded refugee camp of 23000 people surrounded by armed militia groups celine wants answers she says she wants to be asking the questions and so we traded places inch took the microphone will we find peace how can we make the violence stop when will i be able to return home it was a big problem because it was different people admired in the center of nightlife in be ruled and he married miss universe hugh was a boy and
12:48 am
a character on the other hand a ruthless operative fighting for the palestinian cause some israeli intelligence sources claimed that planned the operation and for years the israeli tried to find him and kill him al jazeera world examines the life of ali hassan salaam of the hunt for the red prince. we're going to be bringing forward new and important buildings. a queen's speech we're going to do it on the 14th. position of the u.k. accuses the prime minister of leading a coup for getting parliament suspended out of the box a deadline. and richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up emmons government
12:49 am
forces take back territory in aden is yui back southern separatists withdraw from positions. and sort of alerting gaza after 3 police officers were killed in suicide attacks linked to eisele. at an open secret al-jazeera uncovered stoping among kenyan athletes training alongside some of the world's top runners. it's being called a constitutional outrage and a coup british prime minister boris johnson has moved to suspend parliament until the middle of october so that his opponents have very little time to push through legislation preventing britain from crashing out of the european union without a deal for exit supporters though say it's a decisive does decisive move that respects the referendum verdict 3 years ago let's go live to lawrence leigh and london just how significant is this in british political history lawrence put it in some context for us. well i mean.
12:50 am
looking through the history books to try and find the lost son the parliament was suspended for 5 weeks or more and the last one they can find was in 1945 point obviously the u.k. had been through 6 years of world war 2 and much of it was in ruins so if the you know the government wanted to send out a signal about how seriously it takes its concerns over bricks and its desire to push the inside thing through then that's a strong signal as you could possibly find clearly. doesn't have to spend parliament for anything like 5 weeks in order to come up with a queen's speech and a new set of policy agendas for full for the new parliament and so the only signal everybody is reading into it says he wants to try to block all these pesky m.p.'s from attempting to subvert his plans to get the u.k. out of the european union by the end of october but you are now in the situation
12:51 am
where both the leave and the remain side of this agonized debates are claiming the democratic moral high ground because boris johnson and his aides will say that if the u.k. doesn't leave the european union by the end of october it will be a democratic outrage and democracy will suffer as a result and yet all their opponents say that in trying to suspend parliament and its right to have a say at this point in the process the government itself is involved in trying to engineer a coup against democracy. is and remains an idea about the british parliament taking back control of the agenda. and making it. make of the decision by the new prime minister to block it from sitting at all for a 5 week period at the most crucial moment in the process with a very possible national election insist it's about setting out his new
12:52 am
government's plans and that m.p.'s on. not being frozen out of having their say over bricks it will be time on both sides of that crucial october 17th summit ample time in parliament for m.p.'s to debate the e.u. debate breaks it and all the other issues ample time but those m.p.'s who have vowed to do anything in their power to block a no deal bricks it's even threaten to set up an alternative parliaments if their views are ignored describe the johnson move as nothing short of a constitutional outrage a step on the road to dictatorship it is a constitution that rage this is an attempt by a prime minister who was elected by a very small number of people in the country is served to party membership to ride roughshod over parliament and prevent any legislation or debate that would stop this country leaving me you without a deal and all the problems that it will cause he seems to want to run headlong
12:53 am
into the arms of donald trump. more determination to sing before this is extraordinary johnson had been thought to have been getting on better with european leaders of late and hope had not been lost among them that some new deal could be found but time is now extremely short and there's a genuine sense of crisis among those who fear the hardest of brics it's the great conundrum of a brecht it has always been whether it should simply fall to governments who execute the will of the people or whether parliamentarian should have some kind of final say to determine what thought of brecht's it they think people actually voted for by taking m.p.'s out of play at such a crucial time johnson is effectively testing whether they have the will the resolve to try to overthrow him his government and potentially the referendum result as well that attempts will now probably come sooner rather than later national elections will almost certainly follow something surely must happen now to
12:54 am
his. old this sense of democratic crisis in the u.k. . one photo for the rachelle fool the complaints that all these employees are making now about losing time the rights of the that desk of this death of this bricks it process and not having enough parliamentary times a block it's it's 3 in the whole of years since the referendum happens i mean how much time actually do they need to remain saeed's really is olds with itself some of them don't want some they want to 2nd referendum they don't want different things to each other and they have been completely unable to agree any sort of unified position and frankly if you look back now it's a reason maze deal which got thrown out by parliament on 3 separate occasions in all this thing called the backstop if you're a member that's keeping the irish border open while some alternative mechanism could be found and so so so the piece in ireland will since imperils i dare say if
12:55 am
you ask a lot of these m.p.c. voted against it well how do you feel about that now compared to the situation the u.k. is in staring down the barrel of a hard brics you probably a lot of them would have some buys remorse potentially and say well maybe we should've gone for that instead of rejecting it out of hand but unfortunate this point in time they play moments of short their own foxes they say and they don't really have anything to blame anybody to blame really but themselves ok lawrence les with the latest from london lawrence thank you. recognize government has mostly reclaim control of the southern port city of aden including the airport and presidential palace back separatist forces in seize a city 2 weeks ago have withdrawn from several positions earlier all flights at the airport were suspended and workers were evacuated due to the fighting the u.n. says at least 40 people have been killed and several days in this is it and hundreds more have been entered. as director of the office of foreign affairs at this have been transitional council in new york he says the move is likely to
12:56 am
further destabilize the region. unfortunately the government has proven that they have not no intentions on fighting the whole of these they have been in a stalemate ceasefire in mad with the over 250000 troops for over 4 years and they have only used those forces to destabilize what have already been liberated by this autumn forces in the southern governor it this is this has been proven last week and they have also proven which is another exposure to them that they have strong ties with the and a common ground with jesus a common enemy because the southern forces have been the only genuine viable force that have conducted counter terrorism and so the illegitimate government found a common denominator with these extremist groups to fight or to try and attempt to destabilize the saw them forces in the liberated areas who are with the lists unfortunately they could have used and focused these. military strengths or they
12:57 am
are mobilizing to the northern governorates where they could have helped to actually liberate those areas and possibly engage in a negotiation peace process in the future now the one of the main issues that is the feed this conflict is that the southern represent the representation is not included in the peace process the united states has imposed new sanctions on iran this time on 2 networks it says are linked to its government and military the sanctions come after iranian president hassan rouhani on wednesday rejected a fresh offer of talks from the united states at the u.s. treasury department says the overseas base front companies were used to evade thanks and strict and materials washington is using sanctions to increase economic pressure on tehran ever its nuclear program. i'm off to square a state of alert and gaza after 3 police officers were killed in 2 separate suicide attacks the 1st class at
12:58 am
a police checkpoint where 2 officers die less than an hour. later there was a 2nd explosion at another checkpoint in the sales city killing a 3rd officer at stop the attacks were carried out by groups i saw. these events only serve the israeli occupation which tried to stab the palestinian resistance in the back what the occupation could not achieve by launching walls on gaza will not be achieved by such bombings or fosset as in gaza as the latest. this is the funeral procession for 2 of the 3 hamas police but policemen who were killed in a double attack late on tuesday night this is an assad which has come out of the blue there are people on the streets here to market it has shocked people in gaza hamas for all of the failings inside gaza the economic troubles the security problems with israel have gone to at least rely on hamas to some extent for internal security so this has come as a shock there's a good deal of outrage and support for what we understand to be
12:59 am
a crackdown being undertaken by how about security forces against the suspects in this those auspex be sol office pro isis al qaida style ideology groups now they have long been opposed to what has been going on in the south of gaza in terms of hamas is cooperation with egyptian security egypt is trying to crack down on this movement in the sinai peninsula and recent in recent years hamas has been cooperating with gyptian security kind of people over making it harder to get across the border there was an attack such as this in 2017 in southern gaza where this attack has come right in the center of gaza city so we understand there have been arrests made i'm asked does monitor the activity of these groups extremely closely and so the fact that this is happening does come as a shock close to hamas right around to the people here still head on al-jazeera.
1:00 am
our dancers in hong kong announced a pacific for firing employees who took part in anti-government rallies last. i'm a solomon jobby than most and i'll tell you what's being done to deal with human remains like this scattered in the old city. welcome back well here across the south china sea we are watching trouble storm portal making its way towards the west now did bring very heavy rain across parts of the philippines when it crossed over now the storm system is in open water it's very warm here it's going to keep the storm sustained right now and as we go towards friday we are looking at the landfall here in vietnam by the time it makes its way towards friday evening the storm is going to drop.


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