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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 29, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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at a cemetery northeast of gaza city 2 hamas policeman killed in tuesday night's attacks brought for burial in all 3 policemen were killed in 2 separate blasts hamas says garza police chief was here to mourn his men and promised a strong reaction here and that. we have made arrests and we are investigating people to assure good to anyone who could be responsible for the attacks but things are under control and the security status is good daily life is to die horrible. garza's interior ministry says 2 suicide bombers carried out the coordinated attacks on 2 checkpoints 2 policemen were killed in a bystander injured in the 1st explosion the 3rd policeman died in the 2nd blast minutes later. by day police were back on duty with their colleagues had died reinforcements stationed on streets throughout the city hamas announcing a general alert for all the instability and violence the people of gaza have had to get used to in recent years these attacks are still sent
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a ripple if shock around the territory targeting the very institution that is supposed to provide internal security and right here in the heart of gaza city. the attacks are widely believed here to be the work of salafi groups with links to eisele in 2016 hamas agreed to help egypt in its fight against eisel fighters in the sinai peninsula restricting their movement across the egypt gaza border they believe that as we see further security coordination and cooperation between have asked security services and egyptian security apparatuses it seems to me that we see further tension between how the us and i so further bloodshed between have. as we so saw it last night i don't think this is going to be the last incident this month has already seen increased instability with rockets fired into israel attempts by armed men to breach the border fence israeli airstrikes and artillery fire targeting guards are now a source of in turn. instability has been made fatally clear how mass is insisting
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it will maintain security and punish those behind the attacks are a force it regards a cell had on al-jazeera and open secret al-jazeera uncovers stoping among a kenyan athletes training alongside some of the world's top runners. hello again to welcome back we are watching some showers make their way out of india towards pakistan over the next few days you can see that on the satellite image right there so for graci by the time we get to thursday it is going to be a rainy day if you we could be seen some localized flooding around the city but we don't expect it to be as severe as the other flooding event that we had just several weeks ago up here towards tell tehran it is going to be 34 degrees for you there and some showers for back who with a touch of 28 dropping down to our 24 as we go towards friday well here across the
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gulf they humid it is still going to be quite significant in the morning time in the overnight hours as well doha 40 degrees or expected high on thursday by the time we get to friday 41 degrees there but miska is looking quite nice with a temperature of 31 and then very quickly across but the southern part of africa we're going to be seeing the temperatures here across johannesburg and durban still staying fairly high for this time of year where to be seen $22.00 degrees there durban at 20 but cape town you're going to be seeing some clouds making their way towards the south not too much of a change in temperature but by the time we get to friday we are going to be seeing some clouds making its way towards durban as well madagascar looking quite nice across much of the island we're going to see the capital at 25 and for harare it is going to be a very nice day if you had plenty of sun and warm at 29. think of some of the biggest companies in the world today all of them big tech with
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algorithms at their core the move that we want out of we produce we're in the midst of a great race for dot and big tech companies are in the chase and cars are rising on a wealth of information and we. in the 2nd term a 5 part series on the raid salman's where the corporations are all of. the in power of think tank on. their watch al-jazeera let's make out the top stories right now britain's queen elizabeth has approved prime minister boris johnson's plan to suspend parliament for 5 weeks starting in mid september many say it's as a bid to ensure the u.k.
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leaves the e.u. by the october 31st deadline the opposition has called it a coup. and recognize government as reclaim control of the city of aden including the presidential palace there ia had been seized by u.a.e. back separatist forces 2 weeks ago and the mosque has declared a state of alert and gaza after 3 police officers were killed in 2 separate suicide attacks it's thought they were carried out by groups linked. to iraq now where many people were still looking for their relatives 2 years after the battle for the city of mosul human rights groups are calling for d.n.a. testing on bodies recovered from the rubble to help family members who remain in limbo some of the age of 8 reports from mosul and a warning this report and jane's picture some may find disturbing. these children have oblivious to the dangers which surround them in most of the city. these have returned but many areas in their neighborhood are peppered with unexploded
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munitions we had to stop of from picking a bomb that's he says are in that tub close to where his children were playing not far from that spot are human remains still there 2 years after isis defeat the learn his sister are looking for their father they're not sure whether he's under custody or under the rubble or yasser doesn't want to reveal her identity she wants closure gives out on neighbors told us after that our father was dead civil defense staff must have removed his body with all the dead bodies all we know is that how father might still be under the rubble this graffiti warns people that bodies are still under these homes human remains like this can still be found scattered in the old city of mosul although civil defense says that most bodies of bin exuma what i cannot show you about this place is the very strong stench that people in this area have to live with. it's hard to breathe but some residents are used to the smell parents are concerned about safety and the spread of disease from decomposing
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corpses 800 bodies of children have been examined and rights commission wants to help ministry to expedite d.n.a. tests of the thousands of recovered bodies besides closure missing relatives means many legal problems in mosul from reclaiming your house to seeking compensation for victims of the war in xinjiang neighborhood is still looking for his mother and sister the names on the mural are the ones whose bodies have been found more than 400 people went missing in the old pepsi factory my prison was shooting civilians as they fled got separated from his mom and sister in the mayhem he believes they were buried in the roads were cleared by security forces along with others including isis fighters. we asked for their last rites and i death certificate we can't even start the process without the death certificate and they won't give us one until they have a body the bodies are now decomposed and probably mixed with i saw bodies under the
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rubble and i'm not alone this is a collective issue that needs to be addressed the cleanup will take millions of dollars and the local municipality has lost more than 70 percent of its equipment during the war even after 2 years it's an overwhelming task and. a kid who has become a sissy of rubble we have formed a committee to deal with the old city and it'll start working soon to give us an inclusive outlook for basic ordination in finding effective mechanism. during the intense battles and most of the small graveyards were formed those who suspect their relatives are under the rubble also want proper burials and possible closure of some of. the old city of mosul. afghan officials say taliban fighters are killed at least 14 members of a pro-government group in the west of the country had happened in herat province the attack comes as the taliban and u.s. officials are working on a deal to facilitate the withdrawal of american troops from afghanistan. will rain
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and floods have killed more than 60 people in sudan in the past week and thousands have been forced to abandon their homes to morgan. north of the capital khartoum where water levels are expected to rise. in sudan's khartoum state is normally home to more than 5000 people now it's been overrun by the nile along with it the farmlands and running along its bank. farmers like sam and his family are forced to gather the little they have left and leave for drier lands. i've lost almost everything but i'm better off than a lot of others the farming areas we had here been completely destroyed by the floods semi's one of at least 190000 people who have been forced out of their homes due to rains and floods in the past 3 weeks across the country. 17 of sudan's 18 states have been affected and more than 20000 homes have been destroyed people living along the banks of the nile river have suffered the most because of the
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floods what has become a largely empty town with most of its houses either partially underwater or completely destroyed many of the people here have sought shelter at a nearby camp and those who remain are waiting to leave with their belongings as well. those who have moved to the camp say they're worried about how long they'll have to stay there are warnings there now could continue to swell. we're now in a camp that we don't own anything i have left with only one of my children i can't continue to live in a camp where there are little services in the army we don't want i had already thing but for the government to give us a plot of land to stay on to give us lands to compensate for the ones we have lost in the floods the disaster management committee in would say they are also of the concerns. that you don't even and then there's at least $1200.00 families but not enough tents there are no lights or electricity we need the authorities to respond with more tents and there's an issue of access to clean water we also need more security just last week residents of what romney had been helping people in
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neighboring areas who were the 1st to be affected by the floods now they need assistance as they try to salvage the little they have left if they're not relocate it they'll be forced to wait for the floodwaters to retreat so they can go back home or to what was once home he will morgan al-jazeera would probably. funding for the prevention and control of fires in the amazon has dropped by nearly a quarter under brazil brazil's president our boss and the route orders news agency says the right wing leader has overseen a 25 percent drop in funding to the country's environment regulator which includes a hefty cut to the budget for fighting forest fires this comes as well so narrow says brazil will only accept international aid to help fight fires in the amazon if it could control how that money is used at least 26 people have been killed in an attack on a bar in mexico it happened tuesday night in vera cruz the attacker started a fire which injured several other people police say the fire may have been lit
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with gasoline bombs. there have been protests in hong kong for 12 consecutive week and this time the focus was on the alleged sexual abuse of female demonstrators by police hundreds of people dressed in black took part in a sit in one woman says she had to walk past male officers after she was strip searched another demonstrator accuses officers of man handling her elsewhere in hong kong hundreds of protesters turned their anger towards airlines that they pacific they say the company's decision to fire 20 of its staff for taking part in anti-government protests is creating a climate of fear it comes as another general strike has been called for next week when he reports from hong kong. it's a sensitive time in hong kong and being seen at a protest could cost you your job. the focus of this small rally was cathay pacific the airline is the most high profile case of what these people believe is
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increasing interference by china in hong kong workplaces reckless and is now facing from isn't here from the from the china now the man hong kong government on that she cannot even express them on the field in beer pong so some media have. several cathay pacific employees have been fired for making social media posts in support of the anti government protests all for attending rallies cathay pacific is a publicly listed company but one of its major shareholders is it china which is owned by the chinese government's some stars have resigned from the company in protest like politician and pilot jeremy tam this kind of you know interference from the belgian government just change it completely and everybody a fear of you know being put under the spotlight it's not just cathay pacific that's coming under pressure from beijing there's a wider atmosphere creeping into the hong kong corporate world that if you want to
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continue doing business with china then you should distance yourself and your star from the protests last week it was the turn of accountants to take to the streets to reject interference from beijing star from major firms like deloitte had earlier taken out a newspaper ad criticizing their companies for ignoring hong kong people and the reasons for the protests after pressure from beijing the company's released statements distancing themselves from the air cathay pacific declined al-jazeera as requests for an interview but the reason given for the action against staff is security chinese aviation or 30 say they won't allow cathay flights. when 2 there is space if down operated by anyone who has participated in all supported protests the fact that kathy's aircraft. don't need to fly into china in space that china's untitled tool asked them to live by their rules as far as we are concerned we
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totally support the freedom of. freedom of opinion continues to be expressed on the streets but in the workplace it's becoming increasingly difficult when hey al-jazeera hong kong. a court and ukraine has released a russian journalist on bail ahead of his trial for treason. is the bureau chief of russia's state own ira novosti news agency in ukraine and he has ukrainian citizenship and have been in jail for over a year accused of supporting part russian separatists his release comes amid talks of a prisoner swap deal with russia osco in here have had strained relations since russia annexed crimea and 2014 out there has uncovered doping among athletes training alongside some of the world's top runners the country's officials say they're doing their best to stop it but banned drugs like the blue blood booster pardon me a pair or are easily available and as catherine sawyer found out when she traveled
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to kenya's rift valley their use is an open secret for exclusive report. it hanny's popularly known as the home of champions not only does the small town boast of producing some of kenya's greatest athletes thousands of others from around the world come here to train because of its high altitude but in recent years kenya's prominent image in the world of athletics has been tainted by doping allegations we talked to accolades who admitted to doping and told us it's common practice this rana asked us not to reveal his identity he said he felt under pressure to succeed here he's filmed receiving an injection while training for a big race. i know doping is bad but as runners we have to support our families through whatever means the 1st time i went for it i lost and that prompted me to take the risk because this is my livelihood. athletes we talked to said it's
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quite easy to get e.p.o. in many pharmacies it's a controlled drug mainly use for a many patients back to the right price doctors nazis and pharmacists provided for honest this pharmacist who also asked to keep his identity he then sobs runners who give him a card from their awnings we sent him to buy this dose of e.p.o. which he did within hours despite it at leats. given to 6 outlets we also met as boca prop one of dozens of athletes banned by the world anti-doping agency has won 3 world championship titles but tested positive for using e.p.o. to prop maintains his innocence it's had. this hands you know which i believe there must be. conspiracy but it's the science era kenya's doping money to say with thousands of athletes and stretched resources
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keeping checks on everyone has been a challenge we need to clean up all across. so the the core values of competition. the spirit of sports where a computer. i'm still happy that a computer is. number 100 but i finished the half marathon but this this pretty one to prove. that this is a lucrative sport and some of those we talked to said as long as this corruption and ran as willing to risk everything to make money copping cheating on his be difficult katherine songs are just 0 to 10. take out the headlines on al-jazeera britain's queen elizabeth has approved prime minister boris johnson's plan to suspend parliament for 5 weeks starting in mid september they opposition has called johnson's move
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a coup saying it leaves will time to debate bracks it. this is a new government with a very exciting agenda to make our streets safe it's very important we bring crime down we need to invest in our fantastic n.h.s. we need to level up education funding across the country we need to invest in the infrastructure that's going to take this country forward for the decades and we need to deal with the cost of living moving to a higher wage halley productivity because of it which is i think what this country needs to be and to do that we need new legislation we've got to be bringing forward new and important bills and that's why we are going to have a queen's speech and we're going to do it on the 14th. you and recognize government says it's recapture the southern port city of aden information minister moammar around a posted a video of people holding pictures of president ababa monsoor hadi says government forces re took the airport and presidential palace from the back separatist forces
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hamas has declared a state of alert and gaza after 3 police officers were killed in 2 separate suicide attacks the 1st blast at a police checkpoint where 2 officers died then less than an hour later there was a 2nd explosion at another checkpoint in the city killing a 3rd officer and stop the attacks were carried out by groups linked to eisele and always opposition democratic party and the 5 star movement have told the police they the president rather they are ready to try to form a government on a meeting with president sergio mazzariello nicola is in there ready told reporters his party will accept a 5 star candidate decepticon today for prime minister present not surveille hasn't given the parties until wednesday night to strike a deal the name for the prevention and control of fires in the amazon has dropped nearly a quarter under brazil's president are. they were news agency says he has overseen a 25 percent drop in funding to the country's environment regulator and that
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includes i have to cut the budget for fighting for us fires. so the headline. story is that next. cities survive climate change it's one of the reasons indonesia has decided to move is this a solution to global warming or could it create an environmental disaster this is inside story.
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welcome to the program. indonesia's capital is collapsing over development pollution and knock climate change forcing the government to move out of jakarta the city relies on pumping out ground water for drinking and irrigation but pos of the city is sinking by up to 25 centimeters a year with sea levels of population of 10000000 is more exposed to floods than ever before the government wants to build and your capital on the island of borneo more than a 1000 kilometers away if approved construction could begin next year and civil servants will move from 2024. we cannot continue the burden of jakarta and the island of java which is getting heavier in terms of population density severe traffic congestion air pollution and
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water problems that we must immediately deal with the place we've chosen has a minimum risk of natural disasters such as floods earthquakes tsunamis forest fires volcanoes and landslides secondly the location is strategic i dislocated in the center of indonesia and thirdly it's close to other developed cities. now jakarta is not the only major coastal city threatened by climate change shanghai is consistently listed as one of the world's most vulnerable water extraction massive infrastructure have caused the city to sink 2.6 meters and if temperatures continue to rise millions of inhabitants could be displaced the nigerian city of lagos suffers from the affairs of rising sea levels and the lack of adequate drainage makes the flooding worse it's estimated at 20 centimeter rise in sea water would make 3 quarters of
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a 1000000 people homeless in the us parts of the flood prone city of houston have been sinking around 5 centimeters a year with oil and gas extraction worsening the situation. let's bring in our guests here in the studio is until mawson and it is in assistant professor in residence at northwestern university in qatar in jakarta via skype jasmine put story senior forest campaigner for greenpeace indonesia and in copenhagen matter where was your assistant professor of disaster management of the university of copenhagen welcome to the program and to relocate in the capital city is it the white move well. movement the decisions to move the capital city jakarta to east kelly month on i believe signals 3 things. nationally president djoko we
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do or wants to be more inclusive. for the conception of indonesia geographically. economically he wants to move away from the job or centric economic development that has been dominated the economic development in the country and environmentally as he said in his announcement he wants to live eat some of the burdens that jakarta. right now the biggest city in indonesia. and reduce the number of population there but what politicians say sometimes will really be reflected in reality and greenpeace does not seem to be really happy with this move just meant. yeah we see that the moving process is very hasty and there was no inclusive process and it seems like greenpeace see this as a threat or environmental cost because. we already have some analysis
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and it's the new no capital will be allocated to me our conservation and protected areas and then the more far south there are that is our main concern and they're not to mention and they need. us amount and we are pretty much sure that there will be a length of version of the process imagine what it will come to that for estates and show the man well should the government betroth it just itself will move to another location to achieve sustainability. well it's a very difficult question that that that a lot of governments will start facing with regard to these sort of urban challenges it was not very long ago if you look at a report world bank report in 2010 with said that we might have to consider some of
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these relocations or governments might start considering some of the locations in the future and that future is already now so. i think there's a lot of questions if we if indonesia. is it really needs to consider sort of the environmental damage is it when it could sort of bring up what would happen inside inside the country how how how would this sort of build a new will the new 50 how should the new city be built i think i think that's an important consideration to be made. whether or not you rebuild and this is the question primarily that comes up after almost after every disaster is how do you how do you rebuild how do you recover from disaster over the rebuild in the same location where you are you are forced to move and i think those are very difficult questions and one would not have an easy answer to that since these are difficult questions. and to do just because this is something that should have been debated
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extensively of the parliament with n.g.o.s why mental agencies and also the indigenous population should be involved what we've seen so far is that this has been a unilateral approach by the government by the president himself of course. all those stakeholders the groups of people that you mention need to be consulted but it hasn't necessarily been a final decision yet because the president needs an approval from the parliament so one of the debates that can occur is in the parliament that can bring all those groups together in the conversation. justin do you think that the parliament would take into consideration that's moving to a new area could in danger of fire john ecosystem in danger. species there is this going to be
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a top priority for the parliament well the parliament well from the parliament perspective there is this political statement earlier today they said that they are basically agreed to to the concept and they're not to mention that the government already has the. concept forest concept but this is also a big question what concept and decide that is because there hasn't been any. hence there. dialogue or a comprehensive decide that happy consol consult it out like that yes from greenpeace perspective this will be very environmentally correct that i think. emerged well is it safe to say that this is something that could potentially alleviate some of the concerns the bulls into a new place because my concern is this good bring us back to square one because when you move to a new location you have more people you have overcrowding over exploitation of
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water so back to the same environmental disaster that were created in different bigger cities like the carter. absolutely and i think that that's really really an important consideration to be talking and as assman said this really should we should we should be talking about really nonny all inclusive dialogue all inclusive approach primarily because there are no natural disasters there are only natural hazards and disasters are actually human made saw a lot of every time we see natural disasters and blame it either on climate change or extreme weather that's not the case there's that's only a hazard but it's about how we build the city that's what causes that causes the disaster and and you're right that this could this whole movie depends on how this new cities envisioned in this place in indonesia or in many other parts of the world we see massive sort of processes without taking into account
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some of the marginalized populations very often that we see after disasters who is affected important question is who's affected why are certain groups affected more than the others. and whether or not these questions we come into play is an important is an important factor because a lot of times we see after every disaster that it is the most marginalized the little groups that get affected more and more. and these are all questions of power structure money and power and very importantly even lack of access to basic resources to some of these people and also some issue of this matters because until this is no law the 1st of the international experts have been saying. joe carter will have one day to face this reality because of right blunders and mismanagement and poor planning so where the government seems to be setting aside those real issues and saying you know what we have to move to
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a new location i think you have to divide the issues of jakarta facing old is dangerous as you say it's sinking faster in the northern part in particular air pollution traffic congestion and all that with the idea or. having jakarta as a capital city you know i think president djoko we don't mention in his announcement that when he move the capital from jakarta to distil locations jack carter will not necessarily be abandoned will not necessarily be neglected or forgotten even jakarta will always face those problems but the city has been the center of social cultural economic politics life of the country for so long so perhaps by moving. part of that center the political center and the
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economic center jakarta would be able to face these issues that it's been having a little bit easier without having to worry that this is also the capital city of the country but then again we're talking about past governments the squabbles squandered billions of dollars there's embezzlers of public lands massive corruption so they seem to have forgotten the core issues which is the need to further upgrade infrastructure in one of his like the carter didn't do that well you have to remember that the current president president yoko we don't used to be the governor of jakarta for a brief period of time before he ran for the presidency in 2000. 14 so he knew some of this issues that jakarta is facing i think i believe that he saw that what you said mismanagement is in the past blunders lack of planning can be
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re. the process can be done in a new way and this is where the move into a new because i just mean i mean many governors would tell you that moving to a new or creating a new mega city using technology using automated cars green cities that could answer some of the concerns they have voiced at greenpeace do you think that the new megacity is what indonesia needs of this particular moment well from christmas perspective weiss we really want to speak with the idea that the new capital will only function as at mistreated center we we are thinking to have it like hunger us so it doesn't have to be in the big massive area of required state it 180000 hectares soul and in terms of if they are really want to make it sustainable but like the public does not have any idea yet what kind of
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this clean that they are trying to promote because they always say that it's green sustainable or i.c.e. and if you want to make it it's a make us i believe that it won't be that sustainable and then not to mention as looking back to the history of our jakarta was not this it makes it as this week's see as what we are have to say and then we are afraid that there will be sprawl of population in the new c.t. in the new capital so it will basically recreate or it doesn't crack negate the environmental problems in the capital. emmanuelle climate experts say basically that because of the climate change we are most likely to see most of the coastal cities submerged under water so is the relocation the
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un sort of these problems where i'm not a i'm not a climate scientist so i'm not i'm not going to comment on the exact numbers or the odds or some of the reports that have come out in terms of whether or not 2050 is is the is the time or but i think i think i definitely think what is important is that we we are continuing to see that there are extreme weather events increasing we see that. when we see disasters and who whom does disaster affect but i think it's extremely important to look at what yes it was saying in terms of not recreating risk not retreating while at a billet every time we see a new event or new process because disasters are processes they are social processes and and i think it's extremely important to sort of to bring closer the fields of disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation and how do we how do we make sure that our cities are built in a more resilient manner how do we how do we make sure that this is
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a holistic development process. until we look of jakarta in particular you have to do things here you have over years of ground water which brings the further called tract the city to further sink and you have the sea levels which are rising over the last 2 years because of the climate change and now the government is offering what many people say this is just a placebo instead of the government should be really teaching the people about the need to re think there's daily lives to be able to cope with an ever changing reality i agree. new coverage. studies have been. this i'm a native in the government circle in the media for a long time now and the jakarta is sinking because a large. part of the population have been pumping groundwater
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at a rate more than it is being discharged by rainwater. one of the reasons that keeps happening is because the. company to supply water. the company disposed to supply water to tap water for drinking cannot meet the demands of the jack otter population and even though it seems attempts have been made to try to stop the pumping of groundwater it keeps continue because many of the residents in jakarta would ask where do we get our water exactly but you know again which brings us back to the issue of poor planning you have to understand now you don't make any projections in the future about the city which is going to further grow and grow and grow and grow and therefore the government should put into place mechanisms to answer some of the needs of the people the failed people tap into the 2nd this is what we're facing yes of course and which is
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why we need to separate the issue of moving the capital from this issues that jakarta is facing because your car will be facing continue facing this issues in the future regardless whether the capital city is still going to be harder or will be moved to other locations but i'd like to echo what jasmine also emmanuel say earlier that to build a better more sustainable city capital city in dislocations consider how the city should be built must be on the top agenda of the government also planning must be really made well and the idea. the city should just be at minot is stan ther of the. entire nation should also be in the mind of the government so joe carter will still face all those problems those issues that they're seeing right now the residents well not all necessarily
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move elsewhere but i think one of the hopes is by moving one of their carter's role as the political center elsewhere maybe the government of jakarta do a little bit more serious planning like you said just with the government says that it needs something like $25.00 to $30000000000.00 to build a new capital city and that's by 2024 civil service would be operating do you see it. plausible deadline. well looking at sue there are tree. 5 past experience for example let her die. i don't think that would be possible to really move the seat 5 years ahead and then not to mention touchdown what until has said we also
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believe that it is very important to have a very robust statute running and to make sure that such a planning really using that carrying capacity environmental rundown as a the fundamental law there i ration but i'm moving a lot of people. 9 like approximately the civil servants they really have to see how this planet is being. composed and be in concert because there will be a lot of people over there an environmental 0 consideration terry placidity environmental weist should be very on the backbone of the splash of planning. the money well when you have the leader of the most powerful country in the world the us who is climate change skeptic and you see the unprecedented hurricanes all over the world glaciers that's are shrinking and an outcome that could have
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a biblical impact on the view of biblical proportions in the future in terms of disaster management what do you think the international community should be should be doing in the near future. that's that's a very very important discussion and i think we what we need to continue to do is. to garner more and more political will and more and more political support. there are countries which are taking legal really really legal steps in this direction creating new legal framework. putting new legal mechanisms in place to protect our cities to stop people from creating disaster risk and i think we need to continue to go in that direction and important discussions need to happen at at the cop summit for example if that is going to happen in december in chile to sort of start a start discussing this in to bring more more and more political when around this
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subject and to deceive into diseases willing to move towards that direction bringing about new legal systems raising awareness among the people about the need to change their lifestyles because of the changing realities i believe with how news are being more global now. more awareness is happening in the country and because of that and how the indonesian political system we've been experimenting with more democratic political system more voices from the people who are aware of this issue or will be race and so to. continue diligent timoci of the government they would need to hear what the people have to say but i would like to add what emanuel said political will it is important but as a teacher raising awareness among the young generation is equally if
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not more important because there will be in charge of many this is in making in the future just with having building a mega city goes against all the. recommendations by climate change advocates because the aim is to reduce greenhouse emission a megacity will produce more. more emissions do you think that the indonesians will ultimately be able to implement some very robust environment friendly yours to change their habits their way of life. well just let well unfold right he said as well what the models said that this is their e 4 tense up that all it will and political cost and looking at the international commitment that even have the excuse translate it into the m.d.c. the national debt for one concert. it seems that there hasn't been a very strong. political cost from the government in terms of environmental
2:45 am
protection and there not to mention and that indonesia hasn't really show. the strong willingness to transition from the fossil fuel to. 5 the energy and not to mention and. like for example. greenpeace identified that there are a lot o. coal mining sites in that province in the designated new capital and that it will be are not our problem because coal we believe that coal will be the source of better there and it will and it further emissions but how come the new capital base it's something that really flat out i have to say that the decision by the government to build the compass is making headlines all over the world and i hope this is going to further ways the international awareness before climate change gets to the point of no return until muhsin just being put to
2:46 am
a model where roger thank you very much indeed for your contribution to the program and thank you too for watching you can see the program again and its time by visiting our website i'll just you know that's gone for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com for was last a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter i wonder is a.j. inside story for me shame about on the whole team here live in a. violence and discrimination are all too familiar to many women in india
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a reality too often reinforced by bollywood. but its leading star is throwing his weight behind the cause. of each individual and using his celebrity to advocate for gender equality. the snake charmers on the con witness. on a. the blowing up in the united states i learned that the 1st amendment is really key to being a freedom of the challenge is going to be nothing new for men and women for the resources that are available what makes an al-jazeera story to me is that we just don't tell you what the subject of the story wants to know the government is not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want to apologize for that's what al-jazeera does we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth rewind returns with a new series. and brand new updates on the past about his errors documentaries.
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need. to. rewind continues with craft to be an afghan another citizen i've read about and this is that the proudest day out by the op my life that was a real turning point for those that give them a lot of confidence that they can beat any team in a shoe on al-jazeera. and go. this is al-jazeera. everyone and welcome to this news i'm just in london with the top stories from
2:49 am
europe all the promises to it's a super smash and grab on democracy. outrage as the british prime minister announces he will suspend parliament for 5 weeks as the pranks that deadline day. and i'm richelle carey and doha also coming up. yemen's government says it's recaptured the city of aden as u.a.e. back southern separatist withdraw from positions. hundreds of protesters in hong kong's announced that they pacific for firing employees who took part at anti-government rallies. and i'm we're hurting with your sports including an open field cred al-jazeera uncovers doping among kenyan athletes training alongside some of the world's top runners. u.k. opposition politicians are claiming there is
2:50 am
a constitutional clue on the way as prime minister boris johnson has moved to suspend paul events until close to the brics it deadline it means his opponents have very little time to push through legislation stopping the u.k. from crashing out of the european union without a deal participant planned against the suspension which the queen approved a few hours ago al-jazeera is lawrence lee reports. brix it was is and remains an idea about the british parliament taking back control of the agenda setting its own laws and making it so. so. what to make of the decision by the new prime minister to block it from sitting at all for a 5 week period at the most crucial moments in the entire process with one eye on a very possible national election boris johnson insists it's about setting out his new government's plans and that m.p.'s are not being frozen out of having their say over brics it will be ample time on both sides of that crucial october 17th
2:51 am
summit ample time in parliament for m.p.'s to debate the e.u. debate breaks it and all the other issues ample time but those m.p.'s who have vowed to do anything in their power to block a no deal bricks it's even threaten to set up an alternative parliaments if their views are ignored describe the johnson move as nothing short of a constitutional outrage a step on the road to dictatorship it is a constitution that rage this is an attempt by a prime minister who was elected by a very small number of people in the country is served to party membership to ride roughshod over parliament and prevent any legislation or debate that would stop this country leaving me you without a deal and all the problems that it will cause he seems to want to run headlong into the arms of donald trump is more determination to see this before this is extraordinary johnson had been thought to have been getting on better with european
2:52 am
leaders of late and hope had not been lost among them that some new deal could be found but time is now extremely short and there's a genuine sense of crisis among those who fear the hardest of bricks it's the great conundrum of a brecht it has always been whether it should simply fall to governments who execute the will of the people or the parliamentarian should have some kind of final say to determine what sort of brecht's it they think people actually voted for by taking m.p.'s out of play at such a crucial time johnson is effectively testing whether they have the will the resolve to try to overthrow him his government and potentially the referendum result as well. that attempts will now probably come sooner rather than later national elections will almost certainly follow something surely must happen now to resolve this sense of democratic crisis in the u.k. lawrence lee al-jazeera london go live to westminster when barca standing by for
2:53 am
a set neither coup constitutional outrage terms in normal times you wouldn't expect to hear about the british parliament but of course these are normal times are they . absolutely not and in the 3 years since the brics that referendum the public conversation discourse surrounding bricks it has become uglier and uglier perhaps now following this decision by the prime minister to suspend parliament perhaps now that discourse has reached a fever pitch a short while ago there were a large number of demonstrators behind me here and having to green they have now i headed down to parliament square by any of them chanting that this is a political coup who would have thought only a few years ago that back kind of language could be used to describe britain's democracy but that is what the situation is right now unfolding here in westminster on a day that was meant to be quiet because of course m.p.'s aren't actually sitting so
2:54 am
what happens next is very very unclear m.p.'s who are adamant that a no deal breaks it shouldn't be the way the country goes forward are determined to fight things next week when they return to parliament talk of possibly holding a vote of no confidence to make sure that the government of boys johnson doesn't stand for much longer possibly also seeking a legislative way forward as well to try and push for an extension to brics it and then of course they remain still the possibility and the desire for a general election all of these things very much up in the air at the moment but what we're seeing here in the wake of the decision by boris johnson is anger at least here on the streets of london yet may just how much of a gamble is this for the prime minister do you think. well it is a huge gamble it's a real game of high stakes at the moment a tussle between the executive between the government and parliament and of course
2:55 am
. has left parliament those opposed to and with very little time in which to challenge this position m.p.'s jus back here a parliament next tuesday this is pension is due to happen at the end of the week when palm will be probed round about that the 9th we gather that m.p.'s are already having conversations now to work out what to do next earlier i spoke to hilary bahn prominent opposition labor m.p. chair of the cross policy committee on leaving the european union just to remind you he was a man who was instrumental in challenging teresa mayes a vision for a withdrawal agreement for leaving the european union the table to key amendment that eventually led to the complete derailment of 2 reason may's plan he suggested to me a little bit earlier on the when the time is right and peace may act and may well do exactly the same that they did to the trees in may to boris johnson. i think the
2:56 am
priority is to prevent a no direction because that's the reason that he is doing this he knows that isn't probably a majority in the house of commons to support him for no deal breaks it and he's trying to make it very difficult for m.p.'s to stop him from achieving that. they're actually serious negotiations taking place with the e.u. has he come forward with detailed proposals for alternative arrangements for the border in northern ireland i'd be surprised if it has but if you don't we can't ask those questions so legislation is the key and i'd encourage you to look at what happened earlier in the year when we did pass legislation today that required the prime minister then to resume aid to do certain things and if you've done it before we can with enough. supposed to do it again very last week how enthusiastic are m. he is when it comes from across the board about coalescing around a single idea and legislation will be lasting and will be affected i think very
2:57 am
simply the challenge for all of us is m.p.'s is this if we believe in our hearts that it is not in the national interest and would be damaging to the economy and that's what all the evidence shows including the government's own assessment that is up to us to act when the time comes and the time will be next week. so boris johnson is go very different impression as to why it was important for him and his government to paroch parliament he believes or at least he's framed his argument as being on the basis of being able to deliver on the will of the people and delivering the results of the referendum several years ago but this of course is turning into an almighty tussle between the executive in parliament and parliament are now arguing that they are actually in reality representing the real will of the people need even westminster thank you. all right let's take a closer look now at what this means for the brics that process itself with the queen has approved boris johnson's request to perogue or suspend parliament so that
2:58 am
will happen sometime between september the 9th and the 12th it is normal for a new government to close parliament for short periods in the not up to the queen's speech that's going to take place on october 14th a speech which sets out plans for the coming year but the prime minister wants parliament to shut the norm what it will be out of action for 5 weeks that's the longest suspension since 1945 that of course limits the amount of time m.p.'s have to block an ideal breck's it or table a vote of no confidence in the government with u.k. due to leave the e.u. just 17 days later well jack simpson cat is a senior research fellow at the big and center for the rule of law and he joins me live in the studio good to have you with us have those opposed to a no deal breaker have they got time to push through some sort of legislation to stop it because the window is very very narrow now isn't it is i think they do have time and peace showed earlier this year that they could pass for a bill in a limited time they centrally passed the book became known as the keep
2:59 am
a bill to pressure put pressure on trees are made for some extent to get an extension in 4 days if we get probation in between the night metol there is almost certainly going to be just about 4 days that could be up to 6 days so there is time but i think overall looking at this what's clear is that boris johnson's government is trying to learn the lessons from through the maze experience and is prepared to take much more radical steps than tourism i was prepared to so i think it's very difficult to look at what happened in april. he's doing and saying we did it once we can do it again this is a fundamentally different set of circumstances with a very different government which is clearly much more determined to deliver no deal than tourism a was so slight constitutional to undemocratic being bandied around let's be clear boris johnson did have the right to suspend parliament that's what normally happens with a new government before they said. out what they going to do in the coming year but it's normally a matter of days not 5 weeks i think that's right i think corrugation is something that's constitutionally routine the extent to which is routine or not depends
3:00 am
entirely on the context it's not really even about the length of time if it was one day but the context was that some major event would happen and that would be really significant so i think it's important to focus on exactly that that the timing is critical mass he said this is clearly a move a strategic move to increase his chances of defeating the anti no deal alliance in the commons but obviously that's a very unusual situation because you've got a majority of m.p.'s against and odio and a government that's probably no deal in ordinary circumstances a government that just couldn't carry on it would it would fall but in this that's why i think everyone's right to say that the crisis is sort of getting worse and we've been in a difficult situation with a government with a limited majority not effectively not really a working majority when it comes to brics it for a long time but now we're actually seeing that the crisis can actually get worse before it gets better and we haven't even touched on the european union in all of this just to add into that sort of deadline leading up to the 31st of october on the 17th of october you leaders are having their bricks at summit and that's just
3:01 am
what 3 days i think off the british m.p.'s actually get a chance to return to part of it absolutely i think it's clear that boris johnson strategies that you need to keep no deal on the table last.


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