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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 29, 2019 6:00am-6:34am +03

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there is one how do you see the country recovering from 6 months one year after the break so there is a palpable mood among the public just to get this done and that's certainly why i think boris johnson and people who are open to no deal with all of you that is america not in a sense and yet the ironic thing is that you know bret's it's not just for christmas it's for life in a sense even if you did do no deal you're going to be going into trade negotiations with the e.u. and then discuss the trade offs continues in a sense so it's not going away in britain any time soon i'm afraid you think you will have damaged the fabric bush society in the long term while it's a bricks it's all this is a vision i think it's what this is a massive referendum which is a binary outcome remain or leave someone has to win in a sense and certainly i'm sure to reason by which you comes right about was we have to reflect on how she's not going to this because obviously she did very much a conservative only bracks and not reaching across the aisle till she had to and tried in vain the last minutes and so look david cameron's been was a coming out next month values will be a very fine read indeed but they will be is
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a bennett breaks a commissioning editor of the telegraph thank you thank you now it's really looks set to have a new government after a breakthrough in coalition talks the head of the opposition democratic party says he's ready to govern with the 5 star movement in college and get if he says his party will accept the 5 star can that it is a quantified prime minister once again italian president said that i lead has summoned the outgoing content for a meeting on thursday morning signaling that condit is likely to receive a mandate to try and form a government. coming up on the al-jazeera news hour mass arrests and the state of alert in gaza after 3 police officers are killed in separate suicide attacks with ice all being blamed india's government refuses to say how many people are being held in custody and in the disputed kashmir region and still to come in sports how does iran cover is doping among kenyan assamese training layout will be here with
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that story. but 1st yemen's un recognised and says it's now in control of aid and after a brief offensive against u.a.e. backed southern separatists if we captured the port city from the separatist forces 2 weeks after it lost control of it victoria gate reports the yemeni forces loyal to the internationally recognized government of president abbot rabin mansel heidi celebrate victory natans presidential palace. in a sudden offensive lasting just a few hours saudi backed government forces recaptured control of the city from the u.a.e. backed separatist fight is the government's offensive started on cheese day in yemen's east in abyan province by wednesday mooning its forces were on the outskirts of aden load as they retook the push towards the
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center of the city it's reported they faced little resistance from the separatist fighters that's led some to conclude a deal with tom between saudi arabia and the u.a.e. ahead of a possible negotiation to end the war it's a. cheap tactic immoral cheap tactic by the legitimate government who is. using sleeper cells to activate and to to cause chaos in the city all in the. 4 or negotiations. separatists from the southern transitional council are part of the saudi u.a.e. coalition that's fighting against these but in a dramatic twist 2 weeks ago they took over the city of aden the seat of the saudi backed yemeni government some of the separatist fighters are refusing to surrender the government's own civilians to avoid military camps and areas where this
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fighting. this morning at least. were evacuated from areas of the clashes but again this. 1000000000 area we do expect the most of the crowd to be simply because of the random shooting and random but partly that's happening by both sides . yemen has not always been one country north and south yemen came together in 1990 after years of conflict but it's not been an easy union and the war is deepening the divide gayton be al jazeera. joining me in the studio asemi have the editor of international interest a current affairs magazine with a focus on the middle east thank you so much for joining us a lot of developments of course in aden the passing of we 10 days or so what do you think of this latest one i think it's a very welcome turnaround for those who are supporting the international recognized government for those who believe in the outcomes of the national dialogue that took place that brought about this government the reason being is that everybody thought
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that the u.a.e. which has been backing the son of separatists for a number of years now they believe that the u.a.e. wanted to carve up yemen wanted to pursue this independent foreign policy agree with the iranians under the table remember iran was using dubai as the port to circumvent the sanctions and essentially did leave saudi out to dry they had been telling mom had been saved had been telling been selman that there are only 2 powers that can fight the whole he's the muslim brotherhood who we hate backed by qatar all the sudden separatist been so many of us been saying he said but i'm worried that these people will do an independent bid bin zaid kept assuring him that they were the lesser of the 2 evils and i can control them when the southern separatists did a coup. and i don't remember the twitter army of the u.a.e. vital fan. they were on twitter saying that yemen united is a myth it was never united they were preparing for this the saudis started panicking before going we're the ones on the back foot we're the ones who mediated we've been fighting 5 years and now it's going to split the south will go to either north or go to iran and i'm screwed across the border no way will this happen so they set the u.a.e. on the wrist they went to the americans the americans got involved they said to the
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u.a.e. yemen is saudi stomping ground we need you 2 together to push against iran the u.a.e. has had to withdraw and that's why we saw that a lot of the military posts a lot of the southern separatist forces were ordered by the u.a.e. to hand them over to the saudis but only after southern separatists were defeated in b.n. and defeated in other areas by ironically the muslim brotherhood so for the 1st time in yemen we saw the muslim brotherhood and the saudis actually fighting side by side against the u.a.e. and this is why yemen is a war of contradictions and this is why we're close to and then it's a welcome initiative for all who believe in the democratic values that brought about the international recognized government but do you essentially will feel humiliated they'll feel like it's a slap on the face but the only reason that they would accept it is if there was significant pressure applied to them but so do you think that now this will continue in that vein that the 2 sides will cooperate i think it's difficult i think they could unite around that then because let's look at example if you're one of the yemeni factions who's not the separatist or the hoses if the separatist had sees that then the future of yemen will be decided by only 2 parties the
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separatists and the causes so that framework doesn't suit you but a weak internationally recognized government allows you a framework to at least get stronger within the years to come so it remains to be seen whether the yemeni factions united to restore a for a framework so they would have breathing space to become stronger or if they restore the international recognized government in order to actually make a genuine push and say you know what we've been arguing for too long the separatists took advantage of it let's unite and let's go north to try to push the whole thing is out so it's unclear also remember who these they've been surviving in some now for quite some time and who data and the un's position. towards yemen is not a one about who's right who's wrong it's not about supporting national dialogue or the un just want to solution whoever is stronger they want to and. let's just go with it and this is the reason why because when the un suggest to the that we recognize your power because you're powerful will negotiate with you you send a message to the rest of yemen stripes in other words if i can take in our cities and if i can last in the cities long enough do you want to recognize me the u.n.
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doesn't care about democracy or the principles or the national dialogue that brought about all of the parties together to agree to a government un recognizes power who has 5 years and son who data let me take the isn't valid let me state it 5 years then do you want to come and tell me please come to the table and negotiate and then i can form a government where i am the power until the u.n. decides that a national dialogue by all the parties that was agreed upon that broadhead this government which the oath is then reneged on with weapons and seize the capital until the u.n. believes that democracy is worth fighting for it's worth sending troops it's worth ousting the whole fees and force it into the agreement then we'll have a free for all in yemen and the strongest will when we say it was so you're saying that until and if that happens and the situation in yemen is effectively stuck is it it's a stalemate yemen is renowned abdul nasser went into yemen in the fifty's and sixty's the egyptian army at the time was the most powerful in the region they were defeated could have been still turn in 2009 he wanted to show off to become king to his father was a crown prince at the time the hope is annihilated him in the in northern yemen no one goes into yemen to fight on this demand the next because they know that the
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yemeni tribes who fees in the history they've had with qatar saudi iran and the u.a.e. it's incredible they always there like the alliance is always shifting yemen is a quagmire saudi didn't want to get involved in the 1st place the u.a.e. saw an opportunity to control of the ports iran is using yemen just to poke saudi they're not really interested in taking over yemen either and who is believe finally our time has come from the 60s we've been fighting to try to become the main power this is our golden chance and the sudden separatists are saying 94 we lost the war yemen became united we want to be our own independent state all our resources are going north so these all these all these very different agendas because the national dialogue that brought everybody together for the 1st time is not being supported by the un this is why we have a free for all and this is why until the u.n. adjust its approach yemen will continue to be a stalemate sami hamdi had a share of international interests. it's a very complicated situation thank you for talking to us about it thank you. hass has the latest state of alert in gaza after 3 police officers were killed in 2
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separate suicide attacks eisel fighters and sympathizers of being blamed mass arrests have taken place as her last says it will not tolerate attempts the destabilize the territory from within harry for 7 ports now from gaza. at a cemetery northeast of gaza city to hamas policemen killed in tuesday night's attacks abroad for burial in all 3 policemen were killed in 2 separate blasts hamas says garza police chief was here to mourn his men and promised a strong reaction. we have made arrests and we are investigating people to assure good to anyone who could be responsible for the attacks but things are under control and the security status is good daily life is better to the horrible. guards his interior ministry says 2 suicide bombers carried out the coordinated attacks on 2 checkpoints 2 policemen were killed in a bystander injured in the 1st explosion the 3rd policeman died in the 2nd blast
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minutes later. by day police were back on duty where their colleagues had died reinforcements stationed on streets throughout the city a mass announcing a general alert brawly instability and violence the people of gaza have had to get used to in recent years these attacks are still sent a ripple of shock around the territory targeting the very institution that is supposed to provide internal security and right here in the heart of gaza city. the attacks are widely believed here to be the work of salafi groups with links to eisele in 2016 hamas agreed to help egypt in its fight against eisel fighters in the sinai peninsula restricting their movement across the egypt goes a border they believe that as we see further security coordination and cooperation between have a security services and egyptian security apparatuses it seems to me that we see a further tension between how the us and i so that. bloodshed between hamas and
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ourselves as we so saw it last night i don't think this is going to be the last incident this month has already seen increased instability with rockets fired into israel attempts by armed men to breach the border fence israeli airstrikes and artillery fire targeting guns are now a source of internal instability has been made to be clear amasses insisting it will maintain security and punish those behind the attacks are equal sit out 0 guns or syrian government forces have attacked the turkish military observation post in the northwest countryside of hama it's unclear whether it was hit by an airstrike or tillery shells hours earlier turkish president trichet by better the hun held talks with his russian counterpart vladimir putin on ending violence in the province and the one wants to make sure that turkish troops aren't targeted in so-called the escalation sells the united states has imposed sanctions on 2 networks it says are linked to iran's government and military the u.s.
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treasury department says the overseas based front companies were used to evade sanctions and by risk weighted materials washington is using sanctions to increase economic pressure on tehran over its nuclear program hong kong protesters every turn to the streets for the 12th straight week thousands of people dressed in black took part in the sit in to condemn alleged police sexual abuse against female demonstrators rallies in hong kong began in april against the controversial extradition bill but quickly grew into a wider pro-democracy movement against the government and police last were in hong kong hundreds of protesters have turned their anger towards the airline cathay pacific they say the company's decision to fire members of staff for supporting the anti-government protests is creating a climate of fear and the general strike has been called for next week when he reports now from hong kong. it's a sensitive time in hong kong and being seen at a protest could cost you your job. the focus of this small rally was cathay pacific
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the airline is the most high profile case of what these people believe is increasing interference by china in hong kong workplaces reckless and it's now facing france a year from china from the china now the man hong kong government on that she cannot even express them or not feel it's a long torso medium have. several cathay pacific employees have been fired for making social media posts in support of the anti government protests all for attending rallies cathay pacific is a publicly listed company but one of its major shareholders is it china which is owned by the chinese government's some staff have resigned from the company in protest like politician and pilot jeremy tam this kind of you know interference from the beijing government it just changes completely and everybody you fear of
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you know being put under the spotlight it's not just cathay pacific that's coming under pressure from beijing there's a wider atmosphere creeping into the hong kong corporate world that if you want to continue doing business with china then you should distance yourself and your star from the protests last week it was the turn of accountants to take to the streets to reject interference from beijing staff from major firms like a pm did lloyd had earlier taken out a newspaper ad criticizing their companies for ignoring hong kong people and the reasons for the protests after pressure from beijing the companies really statements distancing themselves from the air cathay pacific declined al-jazeera as requests for an interview but the reason given for the action against staff is security chinese aviation or 30 say they won't allow cathay flights. wintered there is space if operated by anyone who has participated in all supported protests the
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fact that aircraft. don't need to fly into china in space than china and titled tool asked them to live by their rules as far as re are concerned we totally support the freedom of opinion. freedom of opinion continues to be expressed on the streets but in the workplace it's becoming increasingly difficult when hey al-jazeera hong kong. to come on the al-jazeera news hour our report from the world landowners and scientists are taking stock of the devastating findings by health workers in the largest refugee camp say that they're struggling to provide enough care for women giving birth and then sports leah will be here with action from they say 3 of the year's final tennis grand slam the u.s. open.
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hello there fairly still we picture girl so western and central regions of the mediterranean let's look at the satellite because that shows you really a pretty good picture here you can see just streaming in from the west some bright areas a cloud and that is a say is where we can see yet more fairly vigorous storms pushing across into much of saudi and corsica and also across into western and southern areas to the north of here along the line of the al so we could see some fairly strong thunderstorms some strong winds as well with those storms and very unsettled really across much of the navy's actually a frontal system which is trailing by the way down from a low in the north meanwhile across the northwest as a new system pushing in across the u.k. that will bring the rain back into the forecast and some pretty strong winds at times as well and ahead of that system quite a lot of but it's not doing too much of the time which is still feeling pretty nice and warm 23 in london on friday 28 celsius in paris some good sunshine few and it's warmed up again in madrid with
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a high of $33.00 degrees celsius and even moscow in the wake of the system we've got $23.00 degrees there for you on friday then we had down towards the south these same storms moving through the west a med they could also just really impact the far northwest of africa so we could even see one or 2 showers into central morricone thursday then by friday that cadman right their way into northern nigeria 27 in algeria's. rewind returns with a new series. and brand new updates on the best about his ears documentaries. rewind continues with have to be an afghan and that is that it is and i bet it's not and this is the proudest day up i go by like that was a real turning point for those that give them a lot of confidence that they can beat any team in a shoe on al-jazeera. a modern and open minded woman who feels ethiopia is
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poised to develop rapidly al-jazeera goes on a journey with the 1st woman appointed to the position of chief justice in ethiopia i knew that this is going to be a difficult assignment which 15 they expect to be correct which everyone wants a change tomorrow if they want to be. in my ethiopia on al-jazeera. time now for a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera u.k. prime minister boris johnson has moved to suspend parliament for 5 weeks ahead of
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the 1st breck's a deadline it means political opponents of limited try time to try to stop britain from crashing out of the e.u. without a deal yemen's un recognized government says it's now in control of aden after a brief offensive against u.a.e. backed southern separatists the port city had been seized by the fighters 2 weeks ago and house says the clear a state of alert after 3 police officers were killed in 2 separate suicide attacks mass arrests have taken place and i saw fighters and sympathizers on. india has been detaining kashmiri political leaders and locals. told him it was revoked earlier this month but the government is refusing to say how many people are being held in custody as jimmy reports now from an indian administered kashmir. outside tree huggers main jail people wait for news of their relatives inside there
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the families of people detained by security forces since new delhi revoked the region's autonomy 100 bega matter family travel every 10 days from about 100 kilometers north of srinagar where her husband was detained by security forces for being a separatist activist she says officials told her he would be released shortly then he was sent to. it's really difficult to get inside and meet because we have to get frisked at least 10 times we even have to open our he shops and nothing is allowed to be taken inside we have to wait for hours then we only meet for 10 to 20 minutes the police. says his son was taken in the middle of the night from his home near srinagar but hasn't had any case filed against him now he's learned his son is no longer in the region bad. decision it was sent to jail after keeping him at a local station for 5 days now i have been told he's been moved to august. that's a city more than
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a 1000 kilometers away where many political leaders have also been detained others are being kept here at this resort hotel turned prison indian officials declined to comment on how many people have been detained human rights groups say because of the restrictions they can't investigate do you mean people are being continued unprecedented to how much figure we have. from different. people who have been detained on intelligence. there have been accusations of torture al-jazeera spoke to this 22 year old man who doesn't want to be identified for fear of reprisal he says he was picked up by security forces when the restrictions 1st began and i was beaten for over an hour. he says i was a stone i told them i don't know if they have a shred of evidence and then go ahead and beat me but they didn't listen and then gave me an electric shock then they said give us
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a memo for storm through i told them i don't know anyone but they didn't listen al-jazeera can't independently verify those accusations but human rights groups have documented cases of torture in the past meanwhile more people are being detained how long political leaders and an unknown number of local people will be detained indian officials won't say all the relatives can do is queue outside prisons and hope for news. indeed and mr bashir. funding for the prevention and control of fires in the amazon rain forest has dropped by nearly a quarter under brazil's president jane doe that's according to the voice was losing agency also that has said the country will only accept international aid to help fight fires in the amazon if it can control how the money is used the amazon plays a crucial role in controlling the world's climate but the recent fires have shown
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just how vulnerable it is as the decibels found out in the state of us. these are the images brazil's president. does not want you to see. he says the fires that have been affecting the amazonia region happened in deaf or wrested areas but this place proves him wrong this is our father. national park in the state of my little east 30000 acres could touch. the problem now is that 11 percent of it has been devastated by the fire but the government has banned members of brazil's environmental agency from talking to the press or gram them access to locations like this one. has been living here for over 30 years he says this is the 1st time this area has been affected by fire. i don't know why but there are branches nearby maybe the fire came from the
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air what's behind it is the attempt by a group is nice to grow soya bean it's very sad because this place is filled with life they want to turn the forest into money and no matter what gets in the way many here fear the president words when he insists he wants to open up the amazons for business this area is known as the doorstep of amazonian the whole region includes 7 states in brazil the fires are still ongoing i'm not sure if you can see that there's some smoke right over there been a little muddy morn has been studying the rain forest for. years he says amazonia needs to be protected this tree like this. this size this trunk we have tons of carbon dioxide is storage in to do stories this act as a few tiring of excessive crumble by oxide from that the most for this. reason
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for us. compensates all the emissions of latin america the monsters brazil's culture of death arrest in the region needs to change because we have a disco to slosh i'm born to create new year areas for agriculture or for pastures to produce meat and to produce so i've been discovered sure we have to change this culture because slash and burn is a very primitive form to use the land each time the forest burns it loses its capacity to absorb the carbon dioxide blamed for global warming thousands of actors of forest have already been devastated for now it seems the force of nature will endure the question is for how long did he said war i was just feeder shaped by the only more days brazil tropical storm dorian has been upgraded to a hurricane and remains on course for
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a direct hit with puerto rico people in the u.s. territory of been stockpiling goods and boarding up homes many are still recovering from hurricane maria 2 years ago before it was upgraded dorrian calls the power outages and downed trees on the caribbean islands of barbados and st lucia of ok no initially has erupted sending plumes of smoke and ash thousands of meters into the sky tourists and residents were sent running for cover when the volcano on the island of strong police southeast of naples erupted there were no reports of injuries helicopters were used to extinguish spot fires sparked by the lava. health workers in the world's largest refugee camp say that they're struggling to provide adequate care for the number of women giving birth more than 100 babies are born every day in range of refugee camps in southeastern bangladesh hundreds of thousands of or hinge are living there after fleeing violence in myanmar in the past 2 years stephanie decker visited the coupon camp in cox's bazaar.
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he's not even 3 days old and yet life is already stacked against him like all the other babies here he will have no birth certificate and no citizenship. the mothers look dazed almost absent the fan does little to ease the stifling humidity but the fact that these ringer mothers have come to deliver their babies in one of the camps clinics is a small victory bellmen telling dozens that they don't come in there are liberal. in the campus and then become the poor families and they're basically don't come to us. the majority of women here are giving birth in their bamboo huts often with the help of a reading a midwife it is their traditional way that's what bashara did at 29 years old this is her 8th child. i was in
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a lot of pain while giving birth it took or night my child was born i wasn't able to go to m a clinic i didn't have the number also i couldn't walk so how could i get. there is little chance of getting to a clinic here at night the campus on lit and you have to navigate a narrow alleyways before you get to any kind of main road it's worrying the health workers here i am. i am very and hygienic conditions and don't come for health checkups even if we try to convince them that's why infection spread and leads to infants developing a lot of complications mothers end up developing a camp and pregnancy induced hypertension and diabetes. aside from the health risks it also means a growing population a growing refugee population the bangladesh says it won't host forever and me and mark clearly doesn't want back more than 100 babies are born into these camps every day now that amounts to around $35000.00 new lives every year more than hoff of
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bangladesh's rangar population are children it does make you question what kind of future do they face there are basic learning centers here for the younger ones but no formal education and for the teenagers there isn't much to do there is no education for them and they can't leave the camp to find jobs spending time here it really is striking how many children there are lives on hold before they've even begun stephanie decker al-jazeera could have a long campaign southeastern bangladesh. it's going to iraq now where many people are still looking for their relatives 2 years after the battle for the city of mosul human rights groups want bodies found in the rubble to be d.n.a. tested to help family members who remain in limbo well some of binge of i reports now from mosul and the warning his report contains pictures some may find disturbing. these children never bolivia's to the dangers which surround them in
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most of the fields their families have returned but many areas in their neighborhood are peppered with unexploded munitions we had to stop of the law from picking a bomb let's he says are in that tub close to where his children were playing not far from that spot are human remains still there 2 years after isis defeat of the learned his sister are looking for their father they're not sure whether he's under custody or under the rubble or yasser doesn't want to reveal her identity she wants closure gives out on neighbors told us after that our father was dead civil defense staff must have removed his body with all the dead bodies all we know is that how father might still be under the rubble this graffiti warns people that bodies are still under these homes human remains like this can still be found scattered in the old city of mosul although civil defense says that most bodies of bin exuma what i cannot show you about this place is the very strong stench that people in this area
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have to live with it's hard to breathe but some residents are used to the smell parents are concerned about safety and the spread of disease from decomposing corpses 800 bodies of children have been examined for up to human rights commission wants to help ministry to expedite d.n.a. tests of the thousands of recovered bodies. besides closure missing relatives means many legal problems in mosul from reclaiming your house to seeking compensation for victims of the war in xinjiang neighborhood still looking for his mother and sister the names in the mirror are the ones whose bodies have been found more than 400 people went missing in the old pepsi factory i saw my prisoner shooting civilians as they fled and i got separated from his mom and sister in the mayhem he believes they were buried in the roads were cleared by security forces along with others including isis fighters. we asked for their last rights and a death certificate we can't even start the process without the death certificate
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and they won't give us one until they have a body the bodies are now decomposed and probably mixed with i saw bodies under the rubble i'm not alone this is a collective issue that needs to be at rest the cleanup will take millions of dollars and the local municipality has lost more than 70 percent of its equipment during the war even after 2 years it's an overwhelming task. has become a city of rubble we have formed a committee to deal with the old city and it'll start working soon to give us an inclusive outlook for basic ordination in finding effective mechanism. during the intense battles and most of the small graveyards were formed those who suspect their relatives are under the rubble also want proper burial and possible closure of. the old city of mosul. facebook is tightening its rules on political advertisements ahead of the u.s. presidential election next year lobby groups and companies wanting to advertise on
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facebook or instagram will need to prove their legitimacy those who don't comply risk having their ads removed the online platforms have been under greater scrutiny of from regulators after allegations that russia used social media to meddle in the 2016 u.s. election. the u.n. says a 1000000000 children around the world live in poverty and they're not just in the poorest countries in the united states california has one of the highest child poverty rates and the lack of affordable housing is making the situation worse rob reynolds has more now from the town of watsonville south of san francisco where many families are struggling. less than 50 kilometers from the vast wealth of silicon.


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