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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 30, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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the streets this time they were shouting the support for the military and their call to export the injured. you gumby it up openly oppose this movement it's still determined that democracy was the only way forward for me and mark. repeatedly imprisoned and ostracized for his views he finally fled to thailand in 2060. many in the me and mark believe the military still an important part of the governing structure intentionally fuel divisions amongst buddhist groups they quickly aligned with the most nationalistic buddhist leaders in hansing the army's popularity and influence . knows who i own. when the all found i'm not able in gunning we told. you 3 about. the whole that got a. lot of the going on the end of. the how thing of it.
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oh yes we didn't know yet in. a money domino what. we domino what our money. medical on the mondi out it was. only. the hostility towards minorities spun them about time and ultranationalist monks organization. the name translates to the protection of race and religion. its founder and leader is a highly respected monk ashin to louka. so long and or even. when the neediness another seed of. some hunted down of one is
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a. dummy variable. and it's a lawyer they generally join the one yard to live where they do not let it come on . he doesn't know why he that other no one down. the road may chill out at home are. lazy or bothered on a number that we all. know that it's illogical and. no other than a. homo to the. log i. said also have evolved a lot. and olive garden and also have bit of it's your. yes headed in to do that all that.
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i. and. there's a did you. take a name that huge in the deal is if she would do a day. i go. to good will say but. in this moment in the book we keep to she said in a book. now and this us on the movie see it i mean it if you build one i love my bill. the money it or.
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just with it so easy to add on d.n.a. now you know in d.n.a. it delete all of that and let the able to you know. root of this extremism. especially the anti muslim i think it has a very long roots. muslims have been in a mall for centuries. things became more problematic with large scale immigration from the subcontinent because we see. in the past was there was growing in your mob but they were in small numbers but under colonialism the british empire became too burma in large numbers of course that created problems. one of the
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remarkable things about the winter period was that. the control by the authorities was very strict and very strong so we had very little religious disturbances of course it was sort of pushed underground. but with the return of democracy and. a greater openness and of course at the same time manipulation it came out reemerge on a much bigger scale. in politics there are 2 notions which are very strong one is greed and the others feel. we are under the military dictatorship 51 years. and then we have a civil war that's been raging between the central military and the i think on the
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organizations. so it's like. an ending. continuous fear. even educated people in your mouth say that all you see the images they breed like cockroaches or insects and very soon go hang stage will be full of was going religious and it was a buddhist will be swallowed so it's like we are defending our country our society and our religion so it's very important is very strong message but over the wrong end is quite frightening. and that is the real danger of these extremist monks.
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mobility. if you like you may. have an idea here my film. a young. mother that is the 1st organization to inform on. how to protest our country hour is. a good 3 hours. notice and is. peacemakers. where come in everyone. to our nation our country.
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ok but we don't have illegally my grant. discover man don't laugh me. i'm no happy. government must be more care i was minimum people than. the number because we have family they are different to strangers ok. the. the. throwing their fake news and. pushing communities never attack and never fight in different fee for different countries you can see the. world history. you can see wars history.
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this is a prank this is a fake fake. this is a fake. you know it in the everybody says are humor rise humor right where is a human judy where is citizen judy. i want to ask them where is what is human judy. then there was then that they never tell about them. they all will out they all lout you mariah human right no human right is not that fast we have to
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understand human judy and citizen to d. if you are human beings. we are not animal. all of this. can be brought on free and. he got us all really bad we can all have that. the mayor hang him before us and we believe in. our discriminated and treated like animals by the. rock and state was home to over a 1000000 raija muslims and over 2000000 buddhists before the conflict started in 2012. since then being modest government has banned all media and
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n.g.o.s from accessing the conflict area. where most ranger muslims now live in internally displaced camps. desperate and afraid. i want to hide my face and my identity because the government. to me to. speak out. when you are bad they come and. and the prosecutor. suddenly there was i remember several muslim football where rabbi time. in tell me. all the time especially. after several days there are people in mosques and the police come in said the house on fire in on me. i was
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in my house. i decided myself i have to die because my belly was wrong in. the room he insists that their community had nothing to do with this attack. many of me in mars' activists and journalists. believe that the rape and murder of the buddhist woman never happened. that it was a story made up to start the conflict and. hundreds of thousands were forced into i.d.p. camps or to flee the country most of them to refugee camps in neighboring bangladesh. some of them that's been the fact. police sportswear had by them listening. at the time we're. at the.
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honduras south thousands of. people. following the attacks myanmar's armed forces led so-called clearance operations in iraq and states. by 2018 thousands of ranger muslims were killed and more than 700000 had fled to bangladesh. the situation for survivors is desperate. now i am 22 years from. the current. horrible if i want to. but i can't. because i don't have i don't think that. i want to see. peace have been right. i want
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this is slightly. what has happened in iraq hein what has happened to the roof. has been. really kind of an abysmal drop. the weight of a covenant and the ministry of the security forces and all things only made things worse. so that's one of the biggest stains on the new government and on the country as a whole. and i really believe that things where either handled very badly all there are some i think. unscrupulous you know elements in it relating the situation from behinds. countries who are transiting you know from an authoritarian system to
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a book open democratic system face a lot of problems the politicians have to be prepared for that but if i was not. them all politics is dominated by just 2 parties one is the military spotty they used to be and one is the national league for democracy. we thought that things would change just by having a democratic government you know and the party of a sense e.g. going to get power so again you also disappointed in that regard. during her decades of struggle to house arrest and she was a nationally known democracy i kong and a harrowing recipient of many prizes she was repeating the monks rob human rights with every breath almost you know democracy human rights no rule of law not she
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says she doesn't even mention human rights anymore. in the years following the suffering revolution b.m.r. celebrated its 1st democratic government. but with the military still in power many of the dreams to have true democracy evaporate. and me and mars leaders stand accused of genocide. september. on al-jazeera up to gears of war and famine al-jazeera looks of the dramatic transformation emerging to the inspirational stories of for diversity p.o.p.o. israel elections can mention a netanyahu to form a majority in some 5 another town listening post to 6 the world's media how they operate and the stories they cover do not succeed been made to his him president
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rajeev caused a subsea join us for live coverage as to his you know it's a documentary that examines the worst atrocities committed during the war in libya . september on al-jazeera the for. the foreign minister. of. a nation where corruption is endemic embroiled in a battle to hold the powerful to account. how has this radical
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transformation occur. i mean you know i mean if you want to know the shedding light on the romanians pressing for change and the unconventional methods to eliminate corruption the remaining people on al-jazeera. hello there i'm from the steve are in london with the top stories on al-jazeera the united arab emirates says it has carried out air strikes in yemen against what it called terrorist organizations who attack saudi led coalition forces but yemen's u.n. recognized president accuses the u.a.e. of launching strikes against government troops killing at least 40 people the fighting is centered on the port city of aden where control is now divided between southern separatists and the government of president hadi he's calling on saudi
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arabia to intervene to stop u.a.e. interference british m.p.'s say next week could be their only chance to prevent a no deal price it follows the decision by prime minister boris johnson to suspend parliament for 5 weeks in september limiting the time for debate on the u.k.'s exit from the european union opposition labor party leader jeremy corbyn has issued a joint statement with other parties in parliament urging johnson to reverse the decision or our m.p.'s to vote on its. what we've got them out is a group of experts from trust that her party's taking leave of us looking to see next week whether we can use the introduction of legislation to prevent. him our well being the boss johnson does try and trigger a general action on his own terms but will make sure that if there is a general election it will be on our terms as well and also part will make the decision about the timing of we will be dictated to anymore by
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a dictator in numbers and parliament now is reasserting the traditional centuries old democratic rights of the people to the sillies rival political parties have joined forces to create a new government under prime minister just. the center left democratic party and anti establishment 5 star party have formed a coalition to freeze out the right wing league party and its leader. earlier this month salvini pulled out of the previous voting coalition to try to trigger early elections and win a majority of the gamble backfired and former members of colombia's revolutionary forces all farka threatening to resume their folly decades of armed conflicts despite the peace deal signed 3 years ago in else which was made by even mark as he was a high ranking for command keys of the government of not sticking to the 2016 agreement and there's the latest headlines on al-jazeera man ma an unholy alliance continues next i'm back in 25 minutes. mother
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her mother. her. mother was. the lucky. lucky. no knock on the home well you know you know my whole life and i'll do god a film about my did it ever so what me it's that. if you move. on i told me that. it's. good to move we see
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well in what we see you do you know why you will be thinking. through all the mojo no dude you are not just given the how to do just or don't do what i've been told look to be about my get there. and know the body to somebody i want to feel for these going. on in it. and don't worry about it. all of them it will probably get them out of town or hurt you or. there will be a few woman all alone let the not happen it will be i was just them i just need. to bore you but when. you don't have it. in the broader picture it's like like in a separate division amongst can stage massive protests and bring the
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population onto this site which the. really fear and the bitter gov. really clamp down on it so if them were treated. very suitable. you can also use monks for your own purpose you know. for very negative. and set objectives back to democracy the monks are a force that can be used. the n.l.e. government doesn't view would be very favorable yesterday so the monks and the military they entered into this kind of unholy alliance. claims. there is no denying the
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reverence for them about our leader during his visit to current state. his devoted followers worship the ultranationalist monks along the way. led. a crowd of fervent followers is also waiting to receive his speak. for her. class i. i. i. i i i i. i i i i
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i i you know i. yeah. yeah. oh yeah i. see you. here we have a new model. good. luck to you.
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love you good. luck. see you. live. here. live here. live. i. got.
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friends and. i was born and maturity but i think it's. because as a majority community. i need to admit that i was privilege being a military daughter i'm powerful even my step is powerful whatever i go out i got favor i can do whatever i want if i want to use in my father's power. so everything is privilege and everything is just a fine you dissolve this privilege because you are british just because you do something good in your purse life.
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of course we have questions even inside the family they don't agree they asked me to stop saying bad words against the military because they are that all people if i cause or if i'm playing to the old people i would be in hell in the future. so when i exposed to the different wars when i exported different stories so they gave me a new insights that i need to really stand on using my model as the majority ethnicity a majority religions to define and those were all press. so we got in the range of prices and i feel a huge. burden because that's not just the room and rakhine crisis is the nation of crisis it's not just a nation a crisis a global crisis right now. but why bother to have the need because the fear. that the politicians know that if you make people fear for something like the
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a religion has become sensitive it again easier to create a conflict so it's become like us and politic or we are playing games using that religion and nationality and i didn't. hear. the minister of religion he was actually from military that means he got to have some kind of similar idea along. just like mob that recruit that by and l.t. you get but it is so his it makes the stretcher that he is walking and as a ministry all religion only for boredom. this town and current state in the south east of me and more is restricted to foreigners and muslims forbidden.
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he gave. so much to achieve and we go. to live there some of. the not going on in. the me over. the top the hour they go. by they will go to rome or not it's a mile. deep down in the misery and no one a danger to the one know the no one named it. doesn't know it being here. and they are in there was all the law that was out here to light it no good. only on their weird name i would design missile did it i did so when i do know i doubt he will. so i do because only would it. be i do and then that this us on the this or that one your d.n.a.
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. from debbie later. today monks from across the country along with thousands of devoted these have come to pay their last respects at the funeral of $1.00 of the region's most influential religious leaders political figures and other public personalities attend the event where the my bow ties leader is given a position of prestige on offer. dorothy. on this trip scores of heavily armed soldiers accompany him. deep down in him as a new one and then you would know by now our job one name is that it. will table 1. 1000000 a. teenage dame in a deal. or no say
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d.n.a. . the tinning going on in then and of of his in. the myanmar minister of religion is at great pains to justify his government's policies regarding the range of prices to them. explaining that any concessions were enacted reluctantly. got. bought by me. and my. 5. by the. way and. i'll hold on to it oh yes a lot. of. our
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own did you buy. the whole go go go go hog. they started off to get a lot of signatures on a petition. supporting. what we call the. interfaith marriage laws and they call them support. huge never and i think this was a way of trying to test the waters. this happens in democracies now. so in the past it was the power of the gun and now it is the power of the vote and
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the legislature is really dominated by the us to be party a. past those laws. and so of our group in st. you know 2015 elections. really tried to play a political role. and to explain that we are to he has visited sri lanka many times and i think it is aim and his role model of the monks not sit at the park but i kind of. and according to the new 3 lankan constitution. political party composed of what is monks is permitted and then they also enter the election and got elected. monks in sri lanka because of the general emergency. the buddhist
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monks became very active in politics the same thing is repeated in your mind the political role the nationalist role and the colonial role you know. but i would say sri lanka was peds in politics so militant monsters extremist. in yemen i'll look at sri lanka as a kind of robot. doesn't exist anymore you know the dish are gong so they have to find something. and. they say that the same thing for the ministry they need evidence to justify their big budgets and their existence. is the law of evidence that made public that the military was supporting them about them. and the law is flush with cash but
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lots of money. we are doing is also because adding funds for which the budgets say that you have to prepare yourself for the next elections. so in 2015 there where i simply backing this certain candidates for election i think they will do the same thing in 2020 but on the biggest cayle. that any. not only do then not. even. then i. call stop results i got was not possible.
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we fall river right on the field on the 7th because all its awful revolution against a military system everybody won the freedom everybody round in my right everybody want democracy. one day the military army come and shoot a lot of people on the street i visit scary we go i never saw the we kill each
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other from me. i v so sight and i v so angry in same time. after that what can we do we have no power here nor up on about the news that uses can speak out to use power to fight back we can screaming for the human right. person who lie. one should do a long job. less is. mostly who hate islam be better is there. no other told me the fuss is. this is not religion this is the politics. religion. i don't understand the policy. i only understand about humanity i cannot change the
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war i cannot change even my gun tree i got to think my stuff around me as this. revolution cannot exist without left the illusion with the lead this minute found with all summer over losing you cannot see changing because of or reason is the change the must like you invest time. out of it a. little limited what it may just be noted it will be idealists you know. whom no by a 1000000 no job and now you know you're going to. hit the man in the sand out of anonymity double. the money on
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a roll of. government would you like. the protection of buddhism and the current government inspired devotion among many of me and most people. but there are voices challenging the status quo there is an emerging dissenting youth movement calling for another revolution. for authorities it presents a new challenge. for others who say they want to preserve myanmar's fledgling democracy it offers avoid. it's awful. i mean. dad was always feared in the us you know hope brought new ideas and new concepts and who called friends with conservative people all these.
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20 of us in their minds to where in the projects like the voice opinions. we bring people together from different communities differing religious backgrounds from music. so you know it is clearly that. they don't know want to see any more conflicts they want to be together they want to be peaceful they want to be developed you know they want to touch up with the war and they want to do your they want to celebrate this freedom. so our job is to let them be aware of how they can influence the future. and the future for that. i will not say you have freedom of expression now. now we can say whatever i would want but it doesn't mean that they would not risk.
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in just a new outfit by the same doc and since i. find my. louis
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. i'm not. i'm going.
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to be. called on. the mall to see some of the difficulties. they are not on their time when you are here. to hold your own money what. you have to state your position on family at a time like this when the country is divided on this issues when she was are a very unglamorous very strong vocal you must add your voice against its soul by keeping silence i think you also. part of the picture that means you have also i would say. you know one day we all would die for sure mom or congress and the. soul. everyone should other star
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question months are. all money pertain. to just try our home i think. if we could do their back no wrong. the whole wrong is done. no light so we will not complain about doctrine and. we will not create our own light to visit our revolution.
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hello again and welcome back well here cross the southwestern part of australia we are seeing a few funnel systems pushing through so for perth that's going to give you the off and on chance of rain showers clouds as well as winds as we go into the weekend as well so here those clouds here those winds pushing through the terms of those going to stay into the mid teens and that's not really going to change as those cold front pushes through but we are going to see alice springs a very nice day few a temperature of $27.00 degrees out here towards the east it is going to be a little bit radio over here for parts of sydney attempt of 17 but bridges been maybe some sun with a temp few of 23 well it's going to very nice for the north in the south island of new zealand over the next few days a storm systems have pushed through a lot more sun is going to be on the forecast map here as we go towards friday temps wise when you see auckland at 16 degrees down towards christ church at 12 and
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then as we go towards saturday seen those temperatures really stay in that area up here towards parts of fiji though it is going to be quite rainy with the temperature of $25.00 degrees and then for japan we are going to be seeing finally a break in the rain not here on friday but by the time we get towards saturday a lot of those rain showers start to make their way towards the east we'll be seeing a lot of clearing and dry across much of the area but for tokyo what sunny your forecast and temperature of 31. you know afghanistan the taliban is renowned for its violent repression of women now a new deal with the u.s. could see the group return to power one o one a student best to gates of afghan women who paid the price for pace on al-jazeera. i remember the 1st time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations was that the so many nationalities. it's
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just that we all come to different places but it's one that gives us bankruptcy us the ability to identify the people the other side of the world but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al-jazeera. al-jazeera. everyone i felicity bar and welcome to this news hour live from london coming up in the next 16. yemen's president urges saudi arabia to intervene to stop the u.a.e. backing the separatists his government is fighting for control of ada. colombia's
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president offers an almost $1000000.00 reward for the arrest of fox top peace negotiator after he vowed to take up arms again. as prime minister pledges a more united country this form of those agreed to govern together to block a program by the right we need a salvini. and i'm only a hearty mendo how with all of your sports world number one and defending champion naomi osaka is through to this year's u.s. open 3rd round we'll have that for you and more tennis later this hour. yemen's u.n. recognized president has urged saudi arabia to intervene to stop the united arab emirates supporting southern separatists fighting for control of the port city of aden this after the u.a.e.
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launched airstrikes on government forces killing at least 40 people the u.a.e. says it was targeting what it calls terrorists well u.a.e. trains and backs the separatists who want to return to an independent southern yemen that is despite both supposedly being members of the saudi led coalition which supports the yemeni government of president wants a hard date for the u.a.e. has never fully supported harty allegedly over his ties to yemen's muslim brotherhood since 2015 the coalition has been fighting the rebels who are along. when they're wrong they ousted president hadi in 2014 season the capital sanaa in the north and forcing him to move his government to victoria reports. 6 separatists celebrate near the entrance to the city of aden. yemen is internationally recognized government says the u.a.e. conducted strikes targeting government positions which allow the separatists to
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retake territory they've lost to saudi backed government forces 24 hours earlier the separatists pulled in troops from the front lines fighting the. we managed to retake all of aden and we are now clearing the city of sleeper cells we urge all residents in every district to hand over all elements from those sleeper cells they are invaders we don't want traitors among us. separatists from the southern transitional council are part of the saudi u.a.e. coalition that's fighting against the who the. bought in a dramatic twist less than 3 weeks ago they took over the city of aden the seat of the saudi backed internationally recognized yemeni government. on wednesday government forces recaptured the city both sides say they're now in control. the violence has exposed an apparent rift in the saudi u.a.e.
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coalition with each country backing opposing sides in southern yemen is caught in this awkward limbo whereby it does not necessarily want to discard its alliance 5 with but it knows that if yemen divides then the humiliation will be on saudi arabia and not necessarily on the u.a.e. saudi arabia knows if yemen splits between north and south so it is likely to be north is likely to be pro iran saudi arabia is the party that loses. government forces say they're sending reinforcements to aden 60000 people have left the city but tens of thousands remain in harm's way as the fighting intensifies victoria gate and be al jazeera. and we hope to returning to that story a little lace in the program with a guest out of washington d.c. british m.p.'s say next week could be their only chance to prevent a new deal breck's it it follows the decision by prime minister boris johnson to suspend parliament for 5 weeks in september limiting the time for debates on the
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u.k.'s exit from the european union well and also to spark protests across the u.k. legal challenges on a petition with more than one and a half 1000000 signatures ruth davidson the popular leader of the scottish conservatives has confirmed she's quitting after 8 years in the job and labor party leader jeremy corben has now issued a joint statement with other parties in parliament in the prime minister to reverse the decision or allow employees to vote on it. what we've got a group of experts from across the political parties taking a leave of votes looking to see next week whether we can use the introduction of legislation to prevent. him our well being or boris johnson does trying trigger a general election on his own terms but will make sure that if there is a general election it will be on our terms as well and also part will make the decision about the timing of we won't be dictated to anymore by a dictator in number 2 and parliament now is reasserting the traditional centuries
5:54 am
old democratic rights of the people. there is lawrence lee sent this update from london well apologies for that which you seem to be having a few technical problems here in london this evening we'll try to go back to that report from was lee concerning the lacy straw and saga of rex it as a come on this news from london making the daily trip down to the lake whites fear the lack of basic amenities is fueling the spread of the virus. all right i'm pleased to say that we can now is to go back to our top story this hour that is the
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latest. happenings in yemen where the u.n. recognize presidents has saudi arabia to intervene to stop the united arab emirates supporting southern separatists fighting for control of the port city of 8 and our guests this hour in. the middle east analyst sigurd. thanks so much indeed for joining us there from washington d.c. i believe we have now reestablished our link having a few technical problems on communication problems here in london right now who are the forces that the u.a.e. has described as terrorists but who the yemeni government is saying are indeed its forces do we have any idea. it's very important to understand both the united arab emirates and the southeast are not operating with conventional military as we understand them but rather with militia fighters for hire so under the. southern transitional council there are various
5:56 am
militias that are fighting on behalf of the u.a.e. and have now taken on. militias that were traditionally loyal law to president hadi and to the republican guard in yemen and what we have seen is that there are spent a pushback now from the united states because just yesterday u.s. secretary of state mike compare hosted. prince khalid been psalm on who's the deputy minister of defense of saudi arabia and the younger prince and the younger brother of. m.b.'s during that meeting it was made clear that the united states supports the territorial integrity of yemen which is to say that it is actively opposes any secessionist movement pushed by the starter and transitional council and its backers in abu dhabi but the reality is i mean just how much influence is
5:57 am
the u.s. itself actually having on what is happening in yemen i mean it appears to me that we seem to have a pretty fragile saudi led coalition when you've got the president of yemen saying to the saudis you need to rein in what you and our aussie coalition partners are doing in supporting the south secessionists. that is exactly right and i think what's what what the american game plan here is this is straightforward and that is that the united states has now interjected itself directly in. yemen conflict because we have seen just reporting in statements coming out from the trumpet ministration that the united states will be engaging directly with the who the leadership and its representatives who are based in oman and the idea through that diplomatic process as to negotiate some sort of a ceasefire between saudi arabia and and who these so that they stop launching cross border attacks into saudi arabia united arab emirates are
5:58 am
concerned what the step forward from the united states will be is to put pressure on abu dhabi so that it stops paying all the some militia fighters on that is suddenly transitional council so that once the payment for these fighters dry up dandies fighters will most likely pull out of aden so this is the game plan if you will from day american perspective at this moment you talking there about the fees thought was you know the regional war if you like that the saudis the amur aussies joins all the focus right now is of course all major not really on the who sees themselves and there's not much focus on what's actually happening in the rest of the country right now. no there isn't and the reason is quite clear and that is that the saudis and iraqis are divided on this issues because for this from a saudi perspective what they had always wanted is to ensure that they who are not the threat that can operate across the border and launch attacks what its rocket
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attacks or or drone attacks into saudi arabia what the united arab emirates wants to do instead of course is to establish an independent southern state and these 2 objectives to do not align and this is also why president hadi who has been in self-imposed exile in saudi arabia for so long as expressing the outrage that he's doing at this moment all right great to get your analysis of the situation sigurd new boy joining us there from washington d.c. thank you colombia's president has announced a reward of almost a 1000000 dollars for the arrest of a former commander of the fault rebel group has called on his followers to take up arms less than 3 years after signing a landmark peace agreements even more has blames the government betraying the implementation of the peace deal. yet he has more now from the colombian capital. it's a painful reminder of the past colombians will carpenters' they to
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a video posted online by former senior fike rebel commander event in green fatigues surrounded by armed fighters announcing a return to war i don't. mean that we announce to the world but the 2nd market has become under the protection of the universal right that assists all of the peoples of the world to rise in arms against oppression this is the continuation of the rebel fight aunts or into the betrayal of havana peace accords. marcus was a key negotiator of the landmark 2016 peace agreement but also one of the group's more radical fighters he went missing last year with other commanders eluding drug trafficking charges colombia security forces believe they found shelter in neighboring venice where. the announcement landed another blow to a deal that has been slowly unraveling well more than 13000 fighters designed after the 2006.


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