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instead it has been facing off against the group and its backer iran and syria that changed over the weekend the lebanese armed group is accusing israel of sending armed drones that crashed and exploded on a mission to attack in its stronghold in the sudden suburbs of beirut it is promising to confront drones that violate lebanon's airspace and it has the support of the lebanese state everybody is aligned everybody rejects this israeli operation with raising premiums what what we've always wanted to have. states the lebanese states is the truth and perhaps the majority of the lebanese people. lebanon's army and government officials described the drone crash incident as an attempted attack and the violation of the country's sovereignty president michel who called it a declaration of war chaired a meeting of the higher defense council which stressed the right of lebanese to defend themselves by any means to deter further israeli attacks before the election
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or around there was always a margin. a margin of space if i may say between the official position of the of any state as well opposition as a resistance this fortune or 5. recently has has been. diminished or has. become smaller hezbollah and its allies now hold political power in lebanon its opponents accuse it of doing iran's bidding in the proxy war with israel. the months long war in 2006 was sparked by a cross border raid in which hezbollah killed and captured israeli soldiers there is now the possibility of a new confrontation hezbollah says it will not reveal details of its planned retaliation and its timings but there are those who believe it will likely be a calculator. response in order to avoid all out war. israel's
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response is not guaranteed back in 2006 the lebanese government disavowed itself from hezbollah today it is a different dynamic and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is warning the lebanese state it will be held responsible for hezbollah's actions. beirut an iranian rocket has exploded on its launch pad before its plans launch in the north of the country it may in official say the explosion was caused by a technical fault and scientists are working to fix the problem the united states has long warned iran against its satellite launches because if yes here one could actually be testing ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads a claim iran denies. at least 7 people were killed after flash flooding gulf a football field in southeast morocco heavy rain overflowed a river in tos era where an amateur match was being played the football field was
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washed away spectators scrambled for their lives some climbing on roofs the moroccan government is investigating. the u.s. state of florida has declared a state of emergency as hurricane dorian approaches people are stocking up on supplies us forecasters warn that dorian could develop into a highly dangerous category 4 storm before hitting the state's atlantic coast president trump has canceled a trip to poland saying remain in the u.s. to ensure federal resources are deployed authorities have dissed distributed sandbags with heavy wind and rain expected to batter the florida occultists. and president has signed an order creating a new space command within the u.s. military it's a step towards establishing a space force as a separate armed service which would require congressional approval at forst gen john raymond will head the new cool which draws on resources from the existing
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branches something us military just as we have recognized lend air see in cyber as vital war fighting domains we will now treat space as an independent region overseen by a new unified geographic combatant command the establishment of the 11th combatant command is a landmark moment this is a landmark day one that recognizes the central of the of space to america's national security and defense. there's john hendren has more now from washington. it was a small step as they say for donald trump to create the new u.s. space command on thursday but it is a giant leap for the pentagon to carry it out the space command creates an 11th combatant command that is the biggest thing the u.s. military has done since 2009 when it created this cyber command that was considered
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necessary because countries like russia and china were being accused of cyber attacks on the u.s. and other countries now this would also create in donald trump's ambitions a 5th military force in addition to the army navy air force and marines this would also create the u.s. space force it has been ridiculed by critics as the space force but many military analysts say it is necessary and that is because other countries could disrupt u.s. satellites that could disrupt the economy because so much is based on the global positioning system nowadays but it could also have military applications so the u.s. is competing in the race for space after russia china and also france have announced their own plans.
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thank you so much world number one and defending champion naomi osaka is searching this year's u.s. open 3rd round after beating magdalen net in straight sets but top seed won this match 62 and 64 against her polish opponent may have won in straightforward fashion but only landed 47 percent of her 1st serves that's something she'll want to improve on as she approaches the lead around. but 2 time wimbledon champion
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patrick of the towboat was jumped out of the tournaments on thursday germany's on the day at petco which sweep into a 6464 victory at flushing meadows johana khan to an elise martin's have also progressed to the 3rd round of this year's competition. well i think. the whole match was on a pretty high level today and i was i was very pleased with how it played and i was also pleased with how the match went i think petra played well i played well and i just the few opportunities that i had i was man i managed to to really seized and take them and i was very pleased with that over on the men's side germany's 6th seed alexander is vera of was pushed all the way against american frances for their of it needed 5 sets to defeat the world number 45 it was a seesaw battle in new york between a 22 year old and a 21 year old the german won the 1st and 3rd sets while the americans took the 2nd and 4th their revenge li won the match by claiming the 5th set 63. 62 of
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european football's biggest spending clubs have been drawn against each other in the champions league group stages on thursday. and real madrid will do battle in group a alongside a club in. 5 time champions byron munich and last year's runners up at tottenham hotspur have been drawn against each other in group b. manchester city might feel they have a straightforward task in group c. while you ventus and athletico madrid find themselves paired together in group d. liverpool and not believe. me and group group looks like a group of death featuring barcelona brucia dortmund and in milan all 3 have won the champions league before then it been fico and will all fancy their chances in group g. while chelsea i.x. and valencia are the big names in group h. . like always you know the stage goes like that but we are
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confident we are given those. and we're looking forward to do it's to start well the champions league and as you know it is a difficult competition to win but we are very confident for this year also at the champions league draw in monaco liverpool defender virgil van dyke was named the u.a.e. for player of the year the dutchman beat out leona messi and christiane are in although for the award they were the other 2 nominees vandyke help to liverpool to win the champions league last season spin it's been a great year until just to get recognition for will be achieved last year is astounding and it's all credit to. you know to everyone that now with everyone at liverpool. everyone has helped me along the way is also great. a football match in france was suspended after fans displayed homophobic banners a referee stopped play in the game between nice and marsay for 10 minutes along
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with the signs there were also offensive chants it's the 2nd time this month a match in france has been stopped because of homophobic behavior by the fans there were other incidents in last week's fixtures at brest and monaco. i think the referee was totally right when he decided to interrupt the match i think these things are unacceptable and the message has been clear the refried didn't have a choice maybe he should have more time to the supporters to take away those benders but he explained to me that he didn't really have a choice which is something i understand i think he made the right call. formula one's leading team mercedes confirms their driver about 30 both us is staying for another season the 30 year old finn is currently in his 3rd year at the team after replacing nico rosberg in 2017 both the us has won 2 races this season but struggled to keep up with his teammate lewis hamilton who is on track to win his 6 world title on top of all that f one announced that next year is calendar will
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feature $22.00 races making it the longest season in the sport's history and red bulls latest driver is 23 year old toro rosso star alex album the tie racer will be joining max for stop in steam at spa this week in at the belgian grand prix he said his phone blew up when he got the news obviously a lot of excitement. i would be lying if i said there was no bit of nerves as well as a big atmosphere here and there's a lot of people. and yeah i mean you can ignore it but at the same time it's a chance to kind of prove myself. and moving on to the latest in major league baseball the cleveland indians tore up the detroit tigers on thursday francisco lindora had a home run and drove in the other run for the tribe who got shut out any and the win was cleveland's 14th straight over detroit to improving their record to $151.00 against their divisional rival this year even with impressive moves like this one
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tigers are still the worst team in the league indians winning 20. is going to get underway here shortly you should do well that's it for me we'll have more sports for you later. thank you very much don't forget much more on our web site is always at al-jazeera dot com the very latest on all of our top stories on their al-jazeera dot com i'll be back with more news in just a few minutes to stay with us. the
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nature of news as it breaks each week that causes angry creases into the fiber the government rose deeper. with detailed coverage when i was once known as the colder 15 venezuela and that's why people are not used to refer to asia. from around the world. it's been over a decade since morphia had seen her granddaughter vishy that. talk to al-jazeera. was going to be given to the people will be attending the minimal
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workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone who is also terrorizing me we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter on the 00. 000 where ever you. yemen's president accuses the u.a.e. of launching airstrikes against his troops in aden and calls on saudi arabia to intervene.
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for you watching al-jazeera live from doha with me fully back to full old still coming up a $1000000.00 is offered for the capture of a top colombian rebel peace negotiator after evolve to take up arms again. bitter political enemies unite to form a new government in it's the blocking a power grab by fight the right wing firebrand but taylor salvini. class is going to be a whole different ballgame. as president donald trump launches a space warfare command out of efforts to maintain american dominance in all that. thank you for joining is battles around yemen's port city of aden are exposing growing rifts in the saudi m. iraqi coalition the 2 countries have been fighting who with the rebels in yemen since 2015 yemen's internationally recognized president address woman so hadi has urged saudi arabia to intervene to stop the military from attacking government
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forces in iran dated the u.a.e. says its a force has been targeting terrorists following attacks on coalition forces at aiden's airport the saudis and the our allies in yemen's war but have been backing rival factions in the battle for aden the support separatists who want to make southern yemen an independent country as it was prior to 990 government troops are backed by soggy arabia where had he lives in exile and brian reports. this is said to be the aftermath of immorality airstrikes in aden yemen internationally recognized government is furious the u.a.e. bombed its positions. allowing separatists to retake territory that lost to saudi backed government forces 24 hours earlier both sides pulling in reinforcements to battle over a divided southern city in a country fractured by years of war what could be minimal are all and you didn't
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governorates are safe now we're dealing with some pockets and terrorist hideouts which are sadly involved with what is called the legal government yemen's government can damage the u.a.e. bombing of its forces saying it had cost hundreds of deaths and injuries in a statement its defense ministry said it held the camera. responsible for what it called a blatant aggression and president rubber man so hardy's urged saudi arabia to intervene again separate us from the southern transitional council a part of the saudi iraqi coalition that's fine the rebels less than 3 weeks ago they took over the city of aden the seat of the saudi backed internationally recognized yemeni government. on wednesday government forces took the nearby coastal town of zinjibar before pushing into aden on thursday though they withdrew again president harry said it was to spare the city and its people lower level
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would not only our situation is good in the troops morale is high we're heading to . and we will free every inch of the southern territory the violence has exposed an apparent rift in the saudi u.a.e. coalition each country backing opposing sides in southern yemen which was a separate country until $990.00 the saudis and the marauders are divided on this issues because for this from a saudi perspective what they had always wanted is to ensure that they who are not the threat that can operate across the border and launch attacks where it's rocket attacks or or drone attacks into saudi arabia what the united arab emirates wants to do instead of course is to establish an independent does southern state and these 2 objectives to do not align with the any governments asked for the united nations to meet on the iraqi strikes 60000 people have left the city attains of thousands remain in harm's way as the fighting intensifies brian al jazeera. the
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un security council is considering a draft resolution calling for a truce to prevent more violence in northwest syria the 15 member council wants a deal for adlib province where government forces backed by russia are pushing into rebel territory the only ground they still hold the un says since april more than 550 civilians have been killed and about 400000 more have been displaced my camera has more from the united nations. yet another draft resolution introduced in the council calling for a cease fire calling 2 for the enforcement of all previous resolutions but the council remains deeply divided russia continues to back the assad government insisting that the ongoing violence is caused by what it calls terrorists that are used to and the sense of frustration summed up by britain's political coordinator who accuse the council of failing the people of syria this conflict has undermined
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and weakened the united nations and the wider rules based international system assad has used chemical weapons against his own people he has thumbed his nose at this council and our resolutions at the general assembly and at the a.p.c. w. aided and protected by russia and by iran the council was also briefed by the special envoy to syria who painted a bleak picture of the ongoing violence on the ground but he expressed cautious optimism about a political process that he maintains could result in the formation of a constitutional committee it's possible move to fine hopefully to find him agreement on the whole situation from it and then we have to use to agreement as a door opener into a political process through to create the beginning for a new syria a new syria the human spirit the mission between the people in syria and start
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a better life for everyone for the 1st time the special envoy put a timeline on the process saying that there could be agreement between the opposing parties by the time of the general assembly next month. less than 3 years after signing a peace agreement in colombia a former commander of the rebel group has called on his followers to take up arms again yvonne marquez says the government has broken its promises it's in it it in turn has offered a $1000000.00 for. but. it's a painful reminder of the past colombians will carpenters they too are video posted online by former senior fike rebel commander even marcus in green fatigues surrounded by armed fighters announcing a return to war i don't. we announce to the world but the 2nd market has begun under the protection of the universal right to desist all the peoples of the world
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to rise in arms against oppression this is the continuation of the rebel fight aunts are into the betrayal of the havana piece of. marcus was a key negotiator of the landmark 2016 peace agreement but also one of the groups more radical fighters he went missing last year with other commanders eluding drug trafficking charges colombia security forces believe they found shelter in neighboring venezuela denouncement alone with another blow to a deal that has been slowly in raveling when more than 13000 fighters designed after the 2016 agreement hundreds of former rebels and human rights activists have been killed since funding for a key piece reforms have been lagging and the current right wing government of president openly criticize the accords trying to change them unilaterally. but despite all the difficulties in dangers the president of the now legal fark party says the great majority of former fighters remain committed to peace india courts
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need to be protected. not. pointing in colombia today is a terrible mistake millions of competitors are clamoring for a country at peace we disarmed rebels left our weapons for peace convinced that war has ceased to be the way forward the vast majority fight today for legality and to peacefully ensure the implementation of the havana agreement colombian president rejected accusations that is government is to blame for undermining the peace process and said the dissidents will be crushed genesis score one those who choose the route of crime will suffer the full weight of the law this is a time for colombia to unite against terrorism and crime the only enemies of peace are those who pretend using terror against our country that this event's announcement poses the most important threat to the already beaten peace process
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the breakaway fighters remain a minority but they could inflict damage and also convince a number of these illusions x. fighters to join the struggle a scary prospect in a country still struggling to find their way out of more than 50 years of internal conflict i listen to them get to just read a book. anyway in iraq it has exploded on the launch pad before liftoff and unnamed official said they had been technical issues without going into detail he added that scientists are trying to fix it the united states has long warned iran against this satellite launches hearing is actually testing ballistic missiles iran denies the allegation. and seeking to maintain his country's dominance in orbits us president has launched a space command within the department of defense as not to be confused with tom's long talented space force which would require approval from congress john hendren
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has a details from washington. it might be one small step for president trump but creating the u.s. space command marks a giant leap for the pentagon the dangers to our country constantly evolve and so must we now if those who wish to harm the united states to seek to challenge us and the ultimate high ground of space it's going to be a whole different ball game the u.s. on thursday joined russia china and france in the race for a military expansion into space it's an epic goal is stablish ing 11th u.s. combat command one that comes with its own flag and a 5th branch of the u.s. military joining the army navy air force and marines trump and visions a new space force though that would require an act of congress space gum will ensure that america's dominance in space is never questioned and never threatened
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for the president who likes things big the allure might be in the sheer in bishan of the project what could be bigger or more forward looking than space bringing to life the stuff of science fiction and dick.


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