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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 30, 2019 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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this and allow them to take over added now the problem here is that it's very interesting to head the calls in saudi to intervene in trying saudi hasn't been enough to intervene against the u.a.e. because essentially to saudis now are in a very strange situation they don't want to throw away their lives with the u.a.e. they realize is that humiliating situation for them and now been said man is caught in this very hesitant situation in the beginning when the sudden separatists are being driven back after they took i did initially been so many rode the wave he sort of the yemeni parties united so he decided to back them in you that they would retake i didn't so he wanted to be able to say i supported you in this now the son of separatists are taking the territory again from i've been taking over the territory again saudi arabia is not sure whether to support that because we have to ask the key question what do you even dare to launch air strikes against groups backed by saudi they wouldn't unless they knew that saudi was hesitant unless they knew that saudi was contemplating letting go of their support for the international
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recognized government ok the weather is next then. a $1000000.00 on office for the capture of a top colombian rebel peace negotiator after he vowed to take up arms once again. and trying to save their land the challenges faced by the pharmacist in the amazon . hello again welcome back we're here across united states they are preparing in florida for landfall of hurricane dorian making its way across that area across the bahamas and we do expect to see a landfall on monday but until then the storm is going to be in open water and it's going to be strengthening so it's going to be maybe making to category 2 and by the time it makes landfall on monday it could be a major hurricane a category 3 right there so we're going to be seeing
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a lot of rain across the bahamas and the rain's going to also kick up as we go towards saturday and sunday for parts of florida as well we're going to see the watches and warnings really start to pop up as we go towards the weekend if you are traveling to florida we could be seeing some cancellations anywhere from miami all the way up here towards parts of tampa and orlando well across much of the caribbean things are quieter now that the storm has pushed to the north we're going to see a lot more dry conditions across parts of the u.s. virgin islands as well but heavy rain is going to be a big problem here across central america over the next few days panama city attempts a few here on friday of 30 degrees really stay like that as we go towards saturday rain showers for kingston at $32.00 and have dinner at about $31.00 degrees there and we are going to be seeing it from about it pushing through parts of southern brazil that's going to be making its way to the north but till that gets there we are looking at rio de janeiro with a nice temperature a few of $27.00 degrees. legally
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prescribe for the pain relief of the sick but taken in life threatening doses by millions in search of a fix. huge illegal shipments of the tramadol are flooding the west africa. people in power goes to nigeria to investigate the devastating it fiction epidemic that is even fueling the book and search. west africa's opioid crisis on a. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera live from the heart these are your headlining stories this hour 3 prominent hong kong activists been arrested today before protests planned for this weekend joshua won and the chant and most recently agnes
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child all have been detained by the police in hong kong. internationally recognized president says the u.a.e. has been attacking his forces in the southern port city of aden the emirate is though they've been targeting terrorists they've been attacking saudi u.a.e. coalition forces. the u.n. security council is considering a draft resolution calling for a truce to prevent more violence in the south west of syria the 15 member council wants a deal for italy a province where government forces backed by russia pushing into rebel territory the only ground they still hold the united nations says since april well then 550 civilians have been killed and about 400000 more have been displaced. along because peace tribunals has ordered the arrest of 4 fark rebel leaders who take up arms again almost a $1000000.00 is being offered for one of them mark as they accuse the government
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of betraying them over the peace still less than 3 years ago. as that story from bogota. it's a painful reminder of the past colombians will carpenters' they to a video posted online by former senior fike rebel commander event in green fatigues surrounded by armed fighters announcing a return to war i don't. we announce to the world but the 2nd market has begun under the protection of the universal right to desist all the peoples of the world to rise in arms against oppression this is the continuation of the rebel fight aunts are into the betrayal of the havana piece of. marcus was a key negotiator of the landmark 2016 peace agreement but also one of the groups more radical fighters he went missing last year with other commanders eluding drug trafficking charges colombia security forces believe they found shelter in neighboring venice where. the announcement landed another blow to
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a deal that has been slowly in raveling well more than 13000 fighters designed after the 2016 agreement hundreds of former rebels and human rights activists have been killed since funding for a key piece reforms have been lagging and the current right wing government of president openly criticize the court's trying to change them unilaterally. but despite all the difficulties in dangers the president of the now legal fire party says the great majority of former fighters remain committed to peace in the courts need to be protected. fighting in colombia today is a terrible mistake millions of compact troops are clamoring for a country at peace we disarmed rebels left our weapons for peace convinced that war has ceased to be the way forward the vast majority fight today for legality and to peacefully ensure the implementation of the havana agreement. colombian president
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rejected accusations that his government is to blame for undermining the peace process and said the dissidents will be crushed. those who choose the route of crime will suffer the full weight of the law this is a time for colombia to unite against terrorism and crime the only enemies of peace are those who pretend using terror against our country that this event announcement poses important threat to the already beaten peace process the breakaway fighters remain a minority but they could inflict damage and also convince a number of these illusions x. fighters to join the struggle a scary prospect in a country still struggling to find their way out of more than 50 years of internal conflict i listen that i'm just you know but that. the brazilian president has burned land burning for 60 days after the global cry over fires raging in the
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amazon but he still wants more developments in the rainforest which is sure to anger environmentalists and many world leaders. the reports now from the northwestern state of run danya. it takes a tough 3 to hack a living from the searing hot inhospitable amazon. they come to recap to learn to plant soya yams and much else besides they do so legally but the vulnerable in this huge pool the peace region to illegal speculators. they're grabbing all of that area part of the john marine nature reserve they're grabbing everything and the word is they will cut everything down if they do then they'll set it on fire it. this man said he feared for his life and his identity was revealed saying neither the police nor the authorities have the resources to protect him from neighbors who covered his land just when the president is being called upon to do more by the international community and some of those living here to do my. more to
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defend the amazon he moves in the opposite direction he invites more developments which many living here feel the environment and themselves a greater risk. president says too much of this forest is protected neither nature reserves or indigenous reservations the poverty awaits those who don't take advantage. but this rancher said he thought there had been enough deforestation. on has to have cattle we don't need to de force anything else though just take care of the lands that are already deforested take care of the rivers of the spring this cattle is what we live from. however he said he doesn't blame the president for the lang grabs all the fires he believes the region is simply too big to police despite the efforts of the local authorities. crime happens everywhere however our policies have been positive. but because of the size of the state and the way its
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land is occupied our policies will take time to work to guarantee security in both urban and rural areas. other small farmers stressed the farming can and should only be done in a sustainable way. some people don't respect the law and this creates a bad image of our country abroad but we keep fighting for local farmers who work with nature the ecosystem so that we can all survive the battle for the land has been raging since the arrival of the 1st europeans the dream that in this country there is enough for everyone to be shattered by greed corruption and poor management. state north west of the. well in neighboring bolivia rising temperatures a causing flare ups in the east the president has been criticized for his slow response joined firefighters in front of the cameras so far this year fires have destroyed 1200000 hectares of bolivia's forest and. the u.s.
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states of florida. i have to cleared emergences hurrican dorrian approaches forecasters are warning that dorian could develop into a dangerous category 4 storm before hitting the atlantic coast president from canceled a trip to poland saying he'll remain in the u.s. to ensure federal resources are deployed an iranian rocket has exploded on launch before liftoff an unnamed official said there had been technical issues without going into any details he added that scientists are trying to fix the problem the u.s. has long warned iran against its satellite launches fearing it's actually testing ballistic missiles iran denies that allegation and seeking to maintain his country's dominance in orbit the u.s. president mr trump has launched a space command within the department of defense it's not to be confused with mr trump's long term space force which would require approval from congress john hendren explains from washington prime. it might be one small step for president trump but creating the u.s.
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space command marks a giant leap for the pentagon the dangers to our country constantly evolve and so must we now those who wish to harm the united states to seek to challenge us in the ultimate high ground of space. it's going to be a whole different ball game the u.s. on thursday joined russia china and france in the race for a military expansion into space it's an epic goal is stablish ing 11th u.s. combat command one that comes with its own flag and a 5th branch of the u.s. military joining the army navy air force and marines trump and visions a new space force though that would require an act of congress space scum will ensure that america's dominance in space is never questioned and never threatened for the president who likes things big the allure might be in the sheer in bishan of the project what could be bigger or more forward looking than space bringing to
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life the stuff of science fiction and decades of pop culture. it is perhaps the boldest aspiration by a u.s. president since j.f.k.'s moon shot we choose to go to the mall and just again and do the other things not because they are easy but because they are critics have called the president's plans the space fars but many analysts say the new command isn't just ambitious protecting u.s. interests in space they say is necessary chinese could disrupt our g.p.s. system that we rely on space for now because even aside from no it's our problems it would cause problems in all of our lives and in our economy. this space command also gives trump the chance to one up some billionaire rivals for the public spotlight as the u.s. has cut nasa as a budget for civilian space exploration jeff bezos richard branson and
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a lawn musk all have launched private ventures into the solar system john hendren al-jazeera washington. another u.s. city is urging its residents to stop using east cigarettes or beeping products after 16 people were admitted to hospital with a severe lung disease milwaukee's health department says the patients have chemical numan itis where the lungs become inflamed from breathing in irritants they've been vaporing in the weeks and months before falling ill milwaukee's among 10 u.s. areas and cities that have reported health issues citizens are going to say and business owners say it is a legal product i can sell it and they can but i think the health commissioner has taken a higher level. british politicians say next week could be their only chance to prevent a new deal bricks its prime minister boris johnson is suspending parliament for 5 weeks from september limiting the time for debate on the u.k.'s withdrawal from the e.u. the announcement sparked protests across the u.k.
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legal challenges and a petition with more than one and a half 1000000 signatures ruth davidson the popular leader of the scottish conservative party has confirmed she is quitting she has long criticized boris johnson's approach to bracks it and the labor party leader jeremy corbyn has issued a joint statement with all the other opposition parties in parliament urging the prime minister to reverse the suspension what we've got the most is a group of experts from trust the political parties taking legal advice looking to see next week whether we can use the introduction of legislation to prevent. in my well being that boris johnson does try and trigger a general election on his own terms but will make sure that if there is a general election it will be on our terms as well and also part will make the decision about the timing of that we won't be dictated to anymore by a dictator in a number 2 and parliament now is reasserting the traditional centuries old democratic rights of the people. longtime political foes are joining forces in
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italy to cobble together a new coalition government there they're trying to block matteo salvini the right wing leader of the league parting from taking power he has need. a seismic shift in italy's political landscape the established a center left democratic party and italy's anti establishment 5 star movement have agreed to put aside their differences and join forces to form a government the outgoing prime minister political independent giuseppe conti who resigned last week returns to the top job. there will be a government for the good of the citizens a government which will help modernize the country and make our nation more competitive internationally but also just more supportive and more inclusive. the surprise partnership puts an end to the 1st postwar populist government in western europe. italian politics imploded earlier this month when deputy prime
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minister. withdrew his league party from its turbulent alliance with the 5 star movement the right wing firebrand had hoped to exploit his party's popularity to trigger snap elections and become prime minister if successful it could have led to the creation of a fully far right government but the plan spectacularly backfired salvini is furious excusing brussels perlin and powerless plotting against him after the. we've been direct and honest with the president to whom we've expressed wouldn't the boredom and not just of our party but of millions of italians looking on at this ridiculous political show a game of power that's been going on for days between the democratic party and the 5 star movement salvini strong fierce criticism and one support for his crackdown
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on boats trying to bring stranded migrants to italy putting relations with other e.u. members under strain he described african refugees as an army of benefit thieves and criminals once the most influential man in government salvini now the most powerful man in opposition and the leak still remains the country's most popular party but the new coalition is united against a common enemy he will need to hold firm to keep salvini at bay. al-jazeera. now whenever you want to it's always there for you al jazeera dot com is our website address hong kong pro-democracy activists par wrested we'll get more on that for you. welcome if you're just joining us you're watching al-jazeera live from doha my name's peter dhabi your headlines 3 prominent hong kong activist and. arrested
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before protests planned for this weekend they are joshua warm and agnes child in the custody of the hong kong police they've been at the forefront of weeks of demonstrations against hong kong leaders and china's growing influence in the territory yemen's internationally recognized president says the u.a.e. has been attacking his forces in the southern port city of aden yemen roxy's those say they've been targeting terrorists who've been attacking coalition troops middle east analysts know no bar explains why it saudi arabia and the u.a.e. are divided over aid them from a saudi perspective what they had always wanted is to ensure that they are not they a threat that can operate across the border and launch attacks whether it's rocket attacks or or drone attacks into saudi arabia what the united arab emirates wants to do instead of course is to establish an independent sovereign state and these 2 objectives to do not align and this is also why president hadi who has been in
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self-imposed exile in saudi arabia for so long is expressing the outrage that he's doing at this moment the u.n. security council is considering a draft resolution calling for a truce to prevent more violence in the northwest of syria the 15 member council wants a deal for province where government forces backed by russia are pushing into rebel territory the only ground they still hold colombia's government is offering a $1000000.00 for the arrest of a fart rebel peace negotiator who is about to take up arms once again former rebels accuse the government of betraying the peace deal. the brazilian president. has signed a decree banning the practice of burning land for the purpose of clearing it now the ban will remain in effect for the next 2 months. is also calling for more development in the amazon. the u.s. state of florida and georgia have declared emergencies as arik and dorian approaches forecasters warn dorian could develop into
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a dangerous category 4 storm before hitting the atlantic coast you are right up to speed with all the top stories so far today up next as people in power more news from me on this channel 30 minutes see that. in afghanistan the taliban is renowned for its violent repression of women now a new deal with the u.s. could see the group return to power one o one a sting desta gates of afghan women who paid the price the pace on al-jazeera. west africa is battling an opioid abuse trust medicine such as tramadol legally prescribed by doctors for pain relief but taken into life threatening texts by millions in search of fakes already stripped of its. people and power has been to nigeria to investigate and of the drug smuggling trade tend to be widespread
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corruption that follows the city's traffic and the appalling health consequences for those in its grip. ringback are you going to stay in the midst of the worst drug addiction f m e and it's barely a week goes by without spring international reports like these documenting america's opioid crisis. yet the us is not the only country facing such a predicament really. lagos nigeria is africa's largest city in the country with the biggest population on the continent over 200000000 people. the city is overcrowded polluted and poverty stricken.
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and adding to its woes it's suffering it's on a wide scale and growing opioid addiction epidemic. i was abusing the list if you think this if you still need to take time i don't feel like you haven't yet tramadol a lifesaving opioid painkiller is also being abused on a massive scale by all sectors of society a little too cool for for. this regulates of the other opioid painkillers like. a drug which has been implicated in more than 400000 deaths in the u.s. since 2000 tramadol is less dangerous than oxycodone it's no less addictive according to a new study by the mayo clinic a prestigious us medical center the key findings our study which was looking at the effect of tramadol on long term dependence in patients from acute sort of pain was
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the patients who received tramadol actually to our surprise i did not have lower rates of long term opioid use but actually had slightly higher rates of going on to long term opioid use tramadol is currently a schedule for opioids versus other opioids like oxy caught on or schedule 2 meaning that the government considers those at higher risk of abuse and long term dependence we found is in fact really terminal is not actually any lower interest rate of abuse or long term dependence the epidemic isn't just confined to lagos it's infected the into. country. the united nations. released the results of nigeria. what we found is really of grave concern when we're talking. almost 5000000 users over the past 12 months and the tendency appears to be rising poverty unemployment desperation of people and their living situations is one of the
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drivers a lot of people seem to be using it associated with hard manual labor with sex work . eases her ability to submit to a client's more extreme demands she calls the drug street name. meaning. 50. 50.
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and most other abuses legal and highly dangerous version of the drug legally produced. 50 or 100. tap that is being used widely for pain therapy it is really for a large part of the population the only pain medication. when we're talking about abuse great. we're talking about. significantly over a. 100 milligram what we have seen in seizures up to 225 milligrams and what we have heard in the reports of. people mentioned even up to 400 to 500 taps. on condition we had. from a stable middle class family and works as a chef. down. in the ground.
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to be each pull cost $300.00. a pull that's more than double the strength of legally available. to much of. my friends the. views of. the. will. because of drugs so where does this abuse tramadol come from that is being produced both legally as well as that is produced specifically for the non-medical use is being produced in. officially or in.
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tory's it is reaching nigeria primarily by sea it's entering through 2 major ports of lagos. this begs the question. of nigeria how does it get so widely distributed across the country. to interview to lagos drug dealer he agreed to be full as we didn't show his face. his business consists of a. in a suitcase full of with legal drugs. the tramadol he keeps out of sight i'm not putting terminal in sandy hook and just heading to tom i don't know but sometimes a pocket determined. most of his clients are young men. when he moves because. now i just guys will be pushing. it also sells to women bang townland on the phone and then. when the waking staff
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were told you had to do cool foods to meet him selling time on the left sometimes that's wrong turn to pills a week a significant amount for a street below where we wanted to know does he get them from his peak became his and us ending on talks to us in secret indeed not knowing even though you don't know said the time adultery huntingdon unclear at this point he became wary and wouldn't tell us anything more about a supply as we put this question to you in the sea we need to be very honest we know relatively little about the criminal networks being involved how well they're organized how large they are. there's about 7 or 8 different nationalities that i've been identified the other issue that suggests a certain level of sophistication is to mere size of the individual seizures some
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of these seizures allegedly are reaching several tons dozens of talls which really suggests like a relatively sophisticated process. to find out more about such seizures we arranged a visit to a park nigeria's largest and busiest ports. in 2018 customs and other authorities seized 41 containers of illegal tramadol here. its goal to buy an armed convoy of cars. drug law enforcement officials that's what they came to show us today. programme for. this. is from. $2800.00 seizures were a coup for the authorities the largest single seizure involved $33.00 containers. they claimed 198000000000. that's over $550000000.00 u.s.
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dollars. with such massive sums of money involved we wanted to know how many perpetrators had been brought to book. many people who have been. in. the. i can do speak for this time. the. investigation is going on on once is concluded the prosecutor. but in the past they have been. coming here what is wonderful for. the national drug agency for india later told us that in the last 2 years only 5 people have been charged in relation to the seizures the prosecution is a still in process and to date no one's been convicted. we asked the commander
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about allegations of corruption at the port. is not an issue because he walked in for like us i don't think. any issue. but the events which unfolded soon after seemed to indicate otherwise we phoned the customs official handing off a box of trial. to a port worker. then we captured boxes of the drug being thrown over the fanes. finally as we were leaving the paperwork was the rest of the knowledge would be for stealing tramadol we tried to film that too. many hundreds. of their words. because it was my you tell me that the.
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amount. of the salt is no. good but. not that the. customs did take it seriously foaming that is we were detained and pressured to delete our footage of the arrest. in the end though they let us go and official later confirmed that the arista poor work i had stolen the tramadol. at the ports of lagos are just the start of the problem next we travel to my degree in the north east of nigeria the city was once the headquarters of. the islamic state franchise terrorizing this part of the country since 2009. the group which has been fighting no jury and military forces attacking schools and dick.


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