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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 241  Al Jazeera  August 30, 2019 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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and why would anyone not want that data colonialism is framed in terms of a civilizational mission when people are connected we can accomplish some pretty amazing things just like historical colonialism was framed as well in terms of bringing progress bringing something that is good and beneficial for humanity we can get closer to the people that we care about we can get access to jobs and opportunities and ideas our participation is expected and our petition pretty soon we are told it's for our own good meanwhile all of this extraction and capturing of the kind of happening in the background without us realizing the true consequences ready of the facebook free basics model which is basically about expanding for facebook the demain of data extraction across the world at a time when demand for facebook is beginning to fall amongst younger people in particular in the so-called west. is very interesting just as in historic colonialism the apparent weakness of the colonized populations that lack of weapons
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their lack of certain results or the lack of an economic structure suggested to the colonizes that they needed to be called in the eyes they needed to have whatever the colonial system would offer them to bind them in. free basics is just one of facebook's many initiatives across africa. facebook's latest push here in kenya is called express why 5 companies teamed up with local internet service providers to install why 5 hotspots like here in the mass i town of to get on the outskirts of my neighborhood. jerry nimble c.e.o. is a hairdresser who signed up as of into facebook's express wife and he gets a commission on every dot a bundle he sells his customers say they look like they do his 1st book because even myself i use it i'm a friend of the bunch of people that you brought. compared to other networks you
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get a 501100 in business for free yeah. and you finally. yes they do they find it cheaper to fund it and then the doctors don't express why fly has been an undeniable success here it is made web access cheap of the people living in undeserved locations when there are so many people living i don't want to connect at the. however for those studying the activities of facebook and other big tech companies in kenya it's impossible to ignore the huge potential for data mining. last year facebook was pushed to admit that it had added its own software to the wife i access points that enabled non facebook data such as customer names and phone numbers to directly flow to the corporation while facebook says the purpose of the software eastern shore that hotspots of functioning well there's no clarity on just how much additional data is being collected and how that's being used a lot of these companies aren't african they're not even based in kenya in africa
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forget kenya longer so what is a kenyan citizens a 1st to do an american company uses their data ourselves their data markets it you know as a product and without their consent without their ability to intervene to appeal to a court system that's kind of the gray area that we're falling into it a lot of these big you know tech companies. facebook isn't the only big tech company playing the connectivity card here in cannes last year alpha that the parent company who's most famous brand is google signed a deal with telecom kenya to quite connect the unconnected using billings. billings loon is a pathbreaking project that's been 8 years in the making and the idea is deceptively simple use high altitude balloons to revive internet connectivity in remote and hard to reach parts of the world kenya is where luna is making its commercial debut i spoke with charles merida he doesn't represent loon but it's
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more well known sister company google google's mission from the get go was to really get a lot of the africans who are offline online and to make sure they get online in a more affordable and better conduct content as well as relevance and the mission around noon is to ensure that we are able to deliver connectivity to the most remote part of the continent and around the world so i am proud to say that here in kenya is the 1st commercial agreement between noon our sister company and telco kenya worry. to be seen is what standards of. accountability there will be will that mean that people are restricted to only using google esque sites for instance that remains to be question what data will be corrected in the process of connecting people i put some of these questions to charles he made it clear he couldn't say much more about learning after all he doesn't work for that company he did tell me this though about google's approach to data collection. so what we do
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at google is we ensure that we have employed a user trust that is something that's really important and that users understand exactly what we're doing with the data that we have on them we also ensure that they're able to manage and control so transparency ability to manage and control the data that we have on our users is really critical and when it's so transparent people get to enjoy the magic of google charles uses a lot of positive p.r. speak especially when it comes to discussing matters relating to data that doesn't come as a big surprise because data ownership access privacy is an incredibly sensitive legal and political issue across the world governments and regulators have been looking at their data laws more and more seriously but perhaps the most widely publicized is the european union's general data protection regulation otherwise known as g.d.p. which set a global benchmark for strengthening individual rights of the personal data that's
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really the discrepancy that we're seeing here is that western governments western societies have more space to keep these companies in check and to force them to abide by their local social standards and countries in other parts of the world and that's where the corner is a label really starts to become evident there is not enough space for ordinary african citizens to push their governments on these issues there is not enough space for us to actually demand a different standard of treatment in july has a point just take a look at the state of data regulation around the world and you'll see how stark the imbalance is according to a study by the law firm d.l.a. piper north america or australia much of europe and china have what they would classify as heavy all robust regulation for many countries across africa regulation ranges from moderate to 0. the kenyan government says they're working on it but the
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speed at which they are developing policies is being outstripped by the speed at which private planes are revolutionizing telecoms and internet connectivity i don't think there's anything particularly wrong with private sector actors taking a lead role if especially again they have the resources and the wherewithal to be able to do this the question is where are states in this game to keep them in check because of the narrative around how any and all digital development is a positive or a net positive asking critical questions is almost seen as being an enemy of progress and therefore the risk is your people in the communities you serve or miss out so because of that nuanced and problematic notion being created very few politicians and by extension government actors want to step up to the plate to play this game proactively. which come to think about as being with us ready to be extracted like oil can be extracted from the earth i certainly used to think of my
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daughter that way before i began doing research and interviews for this episode but i've since come to realize that our lives locations family members our preferences our dislikes all of this is it really does and to create algorithms that can convert every single human being into a collection of bits that money can be made off so this myth that somehow the oil or they call it the day to exhaust naturally within a switch is naturally there to be used by corporations it happens for their profit is that incredibly important myth to say there's nothing we can do about this this is the way things are but go back 203040 years this was not the way things were we need to hold on to that past to remembering to pass on the memory of that past in order to show that this remains the myth the do to the core of the colonial project so we're not just talking about the big players phrasebook. in china baidu our. bob benson etc the social quantification sector is
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a larger industry sector that's composed of the big players as well as alternative hardware manufacturers software developers all of this platform interpret new words as well as data analytics firms and data brokers so all together they. constitute the. sector that provides the infrastructure for making this extraction possible struction of data from our human social life we are the bodies producing the data but we're not necessarily the ones who benefit from that so at stake here is people's ideas people's dreams people's hopes people's frustrations being used to sell things back to them where do we actually get our money back we're not saying no tac in africa we're not saying you know just jump over africa as you're thinking about and i internet it has done a lot of really good things in africa it's made a lot of connections possible that were not possible even 510 years ago the
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question is how do you mitigate the harm how do you make sure that you protect the good and you corral the bad the model that we have now isn't doing that i think we should be bored enough and brave enough to go back to the drawing board and challenge ourselves to think differently about this model is there a better way of doing this thing is there a more humane way of doing this connectivity thing that we're trying to do through all of these corporations. technology is neither positive and negative or neutral it will always the intrinsic motivation that exists in a community or where it's being deployed one practical tip that i've found very useful is to keep myself informed and bring in as much critical thought and questioning of when we are told you know technology x.
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is the solution and is the disrupt. you know to question how we were arrived at that conclusion supporting actors were making their day to day lives to ask these things is one way to also keep making sure your views your concerns are represented and you know not to give into the fear we can still figure out how to heal the society technology could help with that but it's dead teaching us that we and we need to go back to the basics of how we form societies how we find consensus and how we quit exist in this world children who are now 5 years or younger growing up with toys which are in private robots. algorithmically programmed which operate by tracking everything they do and playing back to them in forms that help the child grow everything they say we don't know what happens to that data but it will be probably impossible in about 10 years time to say to the child who is now by that stage a grown up adult you can live in the world without being tracked algorithmically at
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every moment of your life it's their fault very important we start in the sense speaking the truth to a very new type of power that is walking the face of the i think it's easy to forget you know of time even before all of our lives were ruled in a certain sense but all of these for acknowledged and yet when i talk to young people. encouraged by the sense that they don't think all of this. and they are actually less deterministic that i am when i think about technology and when i hear them talk about their changing perceptions towards facebook toward social media how they're becoming more critical of it and how they're becoming more . literate consumers in terms of reading the terms of service in terms of trying to make sense technically the mystic way which i think that gives me hope.
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that people can become more active consumers. participants think that it's really important for us as we're thinking about the issues that they're pushing challenges the technology presents to remember that human beings this and human nature is very it's very true and it's very repetitive we've actually been here before with other forms of communications technology when you think about radio and the role that radio played for example in the 2nd world war when you think about the launch of television and beam of the fears around advertising in the fields around how. television would change society but these are all conversations that are actually happened in the past and so for me the big lesson is let's learn from what has already happened in the past let's not be afraid to look back there's nothing in radical so radically different about internet technology that human beings haven't really grappled with before.
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around the world council and it is a way to manipulate and influence us trolls thoughts taking interest algorithms that athene developed and designed to push content that says click me every click we make is value and softer and in the 3rd of a 5 part series 3 is in mexico examining how propaganda shaped. all through the algorithm on a. being located outside that western centric sphere of influence we're able to bring a different perspective to global events when you peel away all of the a list a cove in the military in the financial dog and you see the people in those words and those policies are affecting see the emotion on their faces the situation they're living in that's when all the us can identify with the story.
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violence and discrimination are all too familiar to many women in india a reality too often reinforced by bollywood. but its leading star is throwing his weight behind the cause. of egypt out there julie and using his celebrity to advocate for gender equality. the snake charmers on a con witness. on a. thank
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. you logan piece it over here in doha your top stories from al-jazeera mass rally planned in hong kong this weekend has been called off following the arrest of 3 prominent activists joshua wong and the chan and agnes child in custody they have been at the forefront of weeks of
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protests against hong kong leaders and the growing influence of china in the territory so a clock is there with more. some major developments this morning with 300 high point fall for democracy activists who arrested in particular the chief founders of the davis' story posse joshua one and just you know been arrested here on friday in the early hours of this morning just no one was arrested this morning on the whites who were at the train station and i guess child was arrested at her home now they just tell the press conference one of the representatives of demister on the edge in hong kong people not to be deterred by these arrests they're also encouraging the young movement and other people in hong kong to go out and protest tomorrow despite the cancellation of this mass rally that was organized by the super human rights fund these were the representatives from deceased i said i saw the time of the. beijing government accusing. and they found some try
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to become a leader of these. and they want to arrest them to show that they have the abilities and they have the stand to finish this plan but actually you can see that there is no single leader for these plans and actually encouraged by every single hong kong people to come out and join this movement so. i think 1st thing is that. the regime and the 2nd is they want to spread out right and spread the message of. protester yemen's internationally recognized president says the u.a.e. has been launching air strikes against his forces in the southern port city of aden the iraqis those say they've been targeting terrorists who've been attacking saudi way you coalition troops middle east analysts. explains now why saudi arabia and the u.a.e. are divided over 8. from
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a saudi perspective what they had always wanted is to ensure that they are not they a threat that can operate across the border and launch attacks where it's rocket attacks or or drone attacks into saudi arabia what the united arab emirates wants to do instead of course is to establish an independent sovereign state and these 2 objectives to do not align and this is also why president hadi who has been in self-imposed exile in saudi arabia for so long is expressing the outrage that he's doing at this moment the colombian government is offering a $1000000.00 for the arrest of a fart rebel peace negotiator who is about to take up arms once again former rebels accuse the government of breaking the terms of a peace agreement signed less than 3 years ago. when we signed the agreement of havana we did it with the conviction that it was possible to change the lives of the humble and the dispossessed but the state has not fulfilled even the most
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important of the obligations that is to guarantee the life of its citizens and particularly to prevent the a murder for political reasons all of this this trick this betrayal this perfidy the unilateral modification of the text of the accord the unfulfilled commitments on the part of the state the judicial sit ups and insecurity have obliged us to return to the mountains the brazilian president joy abel sanaa who has signed a decree banning the practice of burning land for the purposes of clearing it he's under pressure as recalled wildfires rage in the amazon. and in neighboring bolivia rising temperatures of course in flare ups in the east president abel medallists was being condemned for his slow response joining firefighters in front of the cameras so far this year the fires have destroyed 1200000 hectares of bolivia's forest and grassland. the u.s. president donald trump has signed an order creating a new space command within the u.s. military it's a step towards establishing a space force as
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a separate armed service which would require congressional approval those are your headlines the news continues here after al-jazeera world i will see you very soon up if'n up. oh has a 7 year term you know hasn't. hasn't set off to you is i meant to come for you.
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bennett and bill or look but i didn't as one of the most ardent. he was young very handsome very impressive maybe very close minded person. allie has sansa lama joined the palestine liberation organization the p.l.o. in 1963 he was born in 1940 near jaffa into a wealthy family. his famous father has sand had been a commander in the arab revolt against british rule in the late 1930 s. much shorter to give power to a 3rd supporter the men are c.m.'s then he sill me for what are most allow the biryani killers shall the father must allow another johnny orlean on the shaquille j. she shared with us and hasn't set any shows up in her other as jaish will get that out because the order of money up will be and more highly hasn't selema star to be similar well to a lot or lacks are in the law the law doesn't sell
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a mass of how cool is it that each was of a. his son ali is probably best known for founding the armed p.l.o. group black september which killed 11 members of the israeli a limb picked team in munich in 1972. to israel made the list after the 72 operations of 12 i was thing and figures who were involved in this operation in munich and her son was one of them who was in the list and for years the israeli tried to find him and to kill him or healed so gained a reputation for his flamboyant lifestyle enjoying the beirut night life to the full. call we were free to walk and if see gradually. what you called shock see and not. what killed salama was being on a mossad most wanted list but his extravagant beirut lifestyle did make him an
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easier target. but it emerged after his death that there was more to his role in the p.l.o. and his relationships with foreign journalists and the americans than was clear at the time. this is the story of a major p.l.o. figure of the 1970 s. the man the israelis called the red prince. alley has sansa lama hardly knew his influential father but he did seem to inherit some of his daring. the old palestinian soldier for jewish militias in the 1940 s. and some of those missions were quite all day shoes. cousin salami he was joint with some other palestinian and some some german part troops and they are pressured into israel into palestine this was. struck by the gestapo and by the german military
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intelligence believed he was part of a scheme. or for a scheme to poison the water resources of tel aviv. lizza don't. want any how. can who have not confused couldn't before i. don't feel up the money because from. a woman who meant that for us. if you had on the front of that you've got fresh hostler money. instead of mice and rushed into the can i was. i wish that 500 isn't. that what i said didn't have much mccomas. me wanting to know i thought it would not make it cheerful to happen. how an. exception having you're going to have
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membership well i should lift them up mammography. among the palestinian nationalists who founded what became the pillows fattah party was yasser arafat sometimes known as. a sissy in the further. they must mark. i will be heard like a nonsense some often seen in a law equates kuwait's. but no matter how to win is on the one i could. learn how to deal with and from still a father. but that get in no i would. go in the moment when the shift pattern solaire me much. rather style or whatever to yet which at. the top. some form removed. since the little 16 built on. about
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16. its fallen star will be there shall be a bath in one of its full steam.


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