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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 139  Al Jazeera  August 30, 2019 5:32pm-6:01pm +03

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we also need to remember the internally displaced people living in areas that turkey is present then turkey has influence in syria's world when you take that number into account we're talking about another 6000000 people in the euphrates she'll soon be operation olive green zone which encompasses preened. rather has. all of these areas so you have turkey clint responsible for almost 9000000 syrians right now and this is an absurd number we're talking about 30 percent of the pre-concert syrian population i want to share a story that is a foreign policy story that you sara what's on. it's a question of semantics maybe or maybe practicalities you syfy saying we patch ration and in this foreign policy article here right here my laptop you call it deportation policy there's a difference here and the way you are saying this i should explain. well
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it's it's not really too complicated what i have seen is that there has been a large number of syrians being deported against their will from turkey which breaks several law of international laws and human rights laws so. and i don't people and and i i lived in tricky and i left it about 3 to 4 years ago and i still have a lot of connections there and it really pains me to see people who have recently stopped feeling safe in tricky even though they sought refuge there. so i mentioned to people in the article i mentioned he shot my mom up and then he left and both of them were deported around the same time one of them was killed we are trying to reenter through here his name is he shot his mohammad i really don't want his name
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to be forgotten because he was a young man and he had 3 kids. and it's really not fair to see how turkish police on the borders are have treated this man while he was trying to reenter and many many times. during that month that he was deported and if you going to report people deport people back at least deport them somewhere safe and we all know that syria right now is nothing but safe so and how do you allow the right now is still stuck and i talk to him on a daily basis he is still stuck in northern syria and he is in hiding because he has been. critical of the the fee and before when he was in syria he has been critical of mosul and i like many may be fighters who are right now still fighting in syria he believes in democracy and human rights and unfortunately that with him
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. great picture so i just the reason why i called it the policy is because of those stories that i have been hearing and they have been forced to sign either decortication papers or they have worse and found themselves on the scene turkish workers being deported to a war zone so that's why i called it. understandable from some members of our community in as here writes in his frustration with this and he says turkey should prompt european states to take on responsibility because unless turkey manages the mass refugee influx from syria the most aggrieved side within this process will be european countries that diego your take on what the e.u.'s role in all of this has been should be is. well that's a question a lot of people are asking themselves the e.u. . or made
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a deal with. so. migration flows that we saw in 20132016 when there was large amounts of people crossing on boats to greece and also overland to bulgaria so we saw a bad deal stem a lot of that flow it continues a. bit of a trickle form but regarding what the responsibility is for european states they fund some of these removal centers according to an atlanta article that was published today. there is a lot to be you money going to turkey to. take care of syrians remain here busy funding out syrians access education access food runs and also take care of their medical needs a lot of the funding goes to hospitals for syrians and other migrants in turkey so the e.u.
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interior has a lot of leverage when it comes to dealing with the situation but at the same time many officials are. busy they find it difficult to speak out or criticize turkey because again turkey is taking the brunt of the situation and they don't want to. upset anyone and cause another migration especially now that we see advances in and could be more syrians crossing the border into turkey so there is this kind of tension where everybody is trying to do their best and then unfortunately have these deportation stories which are rising more and more in the news and. well i wish i had an answer for your question but what i do i completely disagree with diego especially on the funds i mean turkey is spent about 37000000000 dollars this is your way and atta and the us paid i believe $2200000000.00 of
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the $6000000000.00 that they promised in the my great deal which is comical i mean comical why is turkey shouldering the financial burden is not a rich country that you have many rich here in countries that could help out since seeing as they're not doing anything to take care of these refugees the least they can do is provide more financial support. the other promises made in the migrant deal that is also not being kept that they had promised turkey because of free travel for turkey said it's as if that was. their own promise but especially by national aspect right now as with the country going through an economic downturn it could really use some e.u. support to do some support from the united states i mean we see america spending $5000000.00 to $5000000000.00 not all that $5000000000.00 would be a lot better spent given to terri care some of these syrian refugees and turkey does need money taken care of refugees providing medical services education
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services food this is all cost money and this is money that turkey right now does not have it doesn't he doesn't need to continue providing these services for refugees now and angela merkel just earlier today i just read that she had talked with the president and also the. preclear beside also expressed concern and that they were thinking about helping this eat up the implementation of the e.u. migrant deal so it seems that they're slowly starting to see the danger arising in it but because a collapse and it could be another $1.00 to $2000000.00 refugees on terror historian seth i i don't they. use of it is obvious from this conversation this is a very nuanced conversation there is so much that turkey is doing that is rising criticism of what they're doing and amid stark and ad campaign to try and get turkey locals to see what the contribution refugees can make to their society have
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a look at this it's fascinating. but a bank. a bank will borrow the money but i've been on this. shows and on the decline. and yet it comes. home in much of the economy. because it was. powerful ad campaign there but underlying
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it all are these very strong sentiments and i want to give you a taste of 21 on you tube this is and ray who says there is negative sentiment towards europe in istanbul in turkey and other external powers because a lot of people feel that turkey is doing europe's dirty work so that's on one hand on the other someone else writing on you tube john who says well the same problems are happening in europe especially in germany many people in germany don't understand why syrians don't go home to rebuild their own country so when we talk about going home we actually spoke to someone who sent us a video comment and. you know him well because he was actually the co-author of that foreign policy piece you wrote this is key and here is his explanation for the options that syrians half. there's a notion that we're hearing more frequently that syria is now safe for return for refugees at least most of it is and this could be further from the truth factoring
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in the system under heavy russian syrian air strikes and shelling and that is ruled by a brutal organization called the the show there is also case of state syrian state repression as well many areas that have been reclaimed by the syrian government including east aleppo which which was which took place over a year ago well over your box that the return of basic serves that many syrians rely on coming to terms and because of her city and other social services these are questions that are not been respondent responded to or an address and these are also issues that have not been clarified so it gets very competent for syria fiji's so how do we go about clarifying those questions that came mentioned well. as we were talking previously that the refugee problem is not just a humanitarian problem it's also a political one so assad is still in power backed by russia and iran and we've seen
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how when you asked do other countries barest on civility of course they do and in both. maintain and and in political. i mean as and it's really important to stress that because yes on the syrian run we could not build a cohesive. opposition due to a lot of. donor fatigue and a lot of problems within our community but at the same time there's a huge responsibility on the international world because it is seeing the atrocities that is happening to us and it's still refusing to to act on it and we've seen many many red lines are being crossed and it's fine to the world and seen i just really when it all goes out to all the political science that i hate that i do the analysis it all goes to waste when i say when i hear about how many
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people are being killed and then i don't really sorry let me put this to you this is really important we quoted you article from the foreign policy magazine a comment in foreign policy following your article not so long after that from the presidential communications director this is a challenge for you and people like you a set of assigning blame to those who are not at fault governments and human rights organizations should be promoting international cooperation to find a political solution what solutions to you have well it's really hard for us to talk about political solution right now because we see her and have been calling for a political solution since 2011 when we started there below should have turned into a war we really needed the support in 2013 and i hate to be ready the person who is like it's too late now because it's really it's but when you're saying sorry he's
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saying it's too late. i'm saying that we've lost a lot of people and i'm saying that as long as the world keep looking at us as numbers and not as people who are demanding show who had to americans who have. a policy or a vision for a country that we're trying to build it's not going to be sold because right now are are or is not the people against the government it's now the whole world including russia and iran and the u.s. and tricky so it's also a very sobering words that as we wrap up our conversation sarra and used to from diego thank you very much for joining us on the stream today many will in with this from twitter it would be unfair on turkey's part to be single handedly hosting a 1000000 syrians 3600000 not a small number but keeping the war in mind i believe turkey should continue its open door policy. thank you for all of your comments will continue online as always
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rewind continues we have to be in the middle of the desert and i better start and this is the proudest day of my europe my life that was a real turning point because that gives them a lot of confidence that they can beat any team in a shoe on al-jazeera. hong kong police arrest a prominent pro-democracy activist and by a mass rally planned for saturday. hello welcome to al-jazeera live from doha i'm martin denis also coming up yemen's government blames its ally the u.a.e. for air strikes that helped separatists retake the city of aden. millions
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rally for kashmir across pakistan as prime minister imran khan val's to fight for the liberation of the disputed territory. fighting a blaze with just water bottles and shovels we report on the desperate battle to contain wildfires in bolivia. but we start in hong kong where police have arrested a number of leading pro-democracy activists after banning a major rally planned for saturday and fellow campaigners are accusing the police of trying to intimidate protesters was forced into a car as he was walking along the street early on friday morning he's facing charges of organizing and taking part in her eyes protests. and there's the activists agnes chyle she is from the same group has won and she was arrested
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a few hours after and she is facing similar charges police have denied that the arrests were timed to scare people away from taking part in protests over the weekend timing of the rest does not dictate our investigation. we arrest a person as soon as we have get a sufficient evidence to prove his or her offense the allegation that we tie our arrest is totally false but the independence activists and the chair and he was taken into custody as he prepared to board a flight to japan and across the border state owned media is it another warning to hong kong protests is an editorial in the china daily newspaper says chinese soldiers stationed in the city have quote no reason to sit on their hands if the situation worsens. right let's go live now to wayne hale our correspondent in hong kong so the just go along and his colleagues who've been arrested have now been
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have now been charged we understand with various charges. that's right now police saying that they have a race to the least 7 people over the past 24 hours or so relating to various approaches that have taken place over a period of almost 3 months now the most high profile of those that you mentioned joshua wallman agnes chow members of the demo cease to political party very much a pro-democracy party those 2 have now being charged and of being taken to course at the charges to do with incitement and illegal assembly and specifically that relates to approaches from the 21st of june that was not given permission to be held by the police and what they did on that day was that they surrounded the police headquarters in hong kong which is where we are now so certainly they are
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the most high profile out of the 7 or so who've been arrested over the course of thursday evening and into friday i think there's a bit of irony though that joshua wall is among those who were arrested yes he's very high profile the face of the pro-democracy movement in hong kong but he's not really someone who seen as an organizer or a leader of this current protest movement and these arrests one assumes they're designed to intimidate if you like and to take the steam out of the protests that is now been gripping the territory for a lot more than 3 months. yes and i think the common feeling around hong kong over the last few hours since news of the series came out is that it may well have the opposite effect that it may provide more motivation to the parties to us as we prepare for what could be another few days of violence and volatility on the streets another large rally was planned as you
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mentioned for the set today they applied for police permission to stage a march this is a group that has received many times police permission to stage their rallies this time it was rejected by the police they appealed and it was turned down for a 2nd time so they have canceled that march but there is a feeling that people will come out onto the streets anyway certainly the political party of joshua long and agnes chao are saying that they want people to still come out to protest in particular against these protests against these arrests then if we look at to monday and choose day a general strike has been called with more large protests planned so certainly it seems we're heading for another round of volatility in the days ahead it's all right wayne thanks for that wayne hey there live in hong kong where we've also heard from the director of amnesty amnesty international hong kong who's commented on these latest developments man k. times says this past week we've seen scare tactics straight out of beijing's
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playbook pro-democracy protest organizers attacked by thugs prominent activists arrested after being snatched from their homes in streets and a major rally planned for saturday banned. fighting around the yemeni city of is exposing growing risks in the saudi a morality coalition yemen's internationally recognized president mansel hadi as accuse the u.s. force of bombing government troops in and around the city the u.s. military says it's been targeting what it calls terrorists let's hear brian has the latest. this is said to be the aftermath of immorality air strikes in aden yemen internationally recognized government is furious the u.s. bombed its positions. allowing separatists to retake territory that lost to saudi backed government forces 24 hours. both sides pulling in reinforcements to battle over a divided southern city and
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a country fractured by years of war what could be minimal all aided and governorates are safe now we're dealing with some pockets and terrorist hideouts which are sadly involved with what is called the legal government yemen's government can damage the u.s. bombing of its forces saying it had caused hundreds of deaths and injuries in a statement its defense ministry said it held the emirates responsible for what it called a blatant aggression and president. urged saudi arabia to intervene. separate us from the southern transitional council a part of the saudi iraqi coalition that's fine the rebels less than 3 weeks ago they took over the city of aden the state of the saudi backed internationally recognized yemeni government. on wednesday government forces took the nearby coastal town of zinjibar before pushing into aden on thursday though they withdrew again president harry said it was to spare the city and its people what label would
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not only our situation is good in the troops morale is high we're heading to. and we will free every inch of the southern territory the violence is a. closed an apparent rift in a saudi u.a.e. coalition each country backing opposing sides in southern yemen which was a separate country until $990.00 the saudis and their artists are divided on this issues because for this from a saudi perspective what they had always wanted is to ensure that they who are not the threat that can operate across the border and launch attacks whether it's rocket attacks or or drone attacks into saudi arabia what the united arab emirates wants to do instead of course is to establish an independent southern state and these 2 objectives to do not align. many governments asked for the united nations to meet on the iraqi strikes 60000 people have left the city attains of thousands
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remain in harm's way as the fighting intensifies brian al jazeera. the un security council is considering a draft resolution calling for a truce in northwestern syria government forces backed by russian airpower have been waging an offensive on it live province which is the last rebel held territory but diplomats knowledge of any resolution is likely to be visited by russia moscow has vetoed at least 12 syria resolutions since the war started in 2011 since april this year more than $550.00 civilians have been killed in and around it lived another $400000.00 people have been displaced fires in the amazon rain forest in brazil have captured much of the world's attention but bolivia has been fighting wildfires destroying large parts of tropical rain forests in savannah like brazil's president bolivia's leader ever morales has been
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criticized for not responding adequately latin america editor lucy a newman reports from the region of la ticket on your. where there's smoke there's fire. policemen in volunteers armed only with shovels and bottles of water trying to save one village is most precious eco systems from fires that have already destroyed more than 1300000 hectares of forest land. and we are huge trying to suffocate the fire as we know equipment or special training its car breaking to see all the dead animals lost flora. these unprecedented forest fires began a month ago before those in neighboring brazil this is the world's largest dried tropical forest what that means is that there is a very very thick and highly inflammable mattress of dry twigs and leaves and for example these seeds from a coconut tree the have oil inside them so when there's a fire this becomes explosive and the fire spreads from underneath the ground which
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is why you don't see so many flames but these are all burning cinders. these men and women have no training uniforms proper masks or other equipment they say they desperately need support from milk to counter the effects of smoke inhalation to shoes. our shoes 2 hours down the mountain we need proper boots for fires. after 3 weeks of refusing international help president abel what alice has agreed to allow aid and firefighting experts into the country but they're only just beginning to arrive. like his brazilian counterpart the president is under criticism for having promoted the economic expansion of this area last month he issued a decree allowing newcomers to slash and burn parts of the forest for agriculture what alice is also being accused of not heeding warnings. resounded the yellow
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alarm in july according to international protocols the 1st days of august we established the red alarm and appealed to the national government to halt all permits to slash and burn but they did nothing. to the north bolivia's amazon rain forest bordering brazil is also up in flames while local authorities say they don't have the means or expertise to control fires here that have already spread south to neighboring paragraph and work here's a very fierce fire and if the wind intensifies we're going to lose control of it drawn images show the fires are continuing to spread. while those struggling to contain them pray for help that can't come fast enough through sea and human al-jazeera that she gave any bolivia. lots more to come here and al-jazeera including protests against the suspension of britain's parliament but now a court is set to rule on.


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