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he used to buy dates for me on the night of les lat al-qaeda. on the 10th of every month we mark it is a day of. mothers crying for their sons half widows crying for their husbands waiting for their loved ones to return we assemble here because we get some kind of solace we share our pain and grief we feel like we remember this if we don't do this we remain very anxious i'm a victim and i know how other victims feel why our product the only difference is that those who have been killed in this conflict their parents have a grave to visit but we don't have any you know solace we are restless we're waiting for our sons to return what if they want number back i've grown old now since 1900 i've seen people getting killed and even today people are getting killed until they solve the kashmir issue this bloodshed will continue. the scottish judge
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says that a legal challenge against the suspension of britain's parliament by the prime minister will go ahead but not until next week opponents of boris johnson argue that there is not enough time to debate briggs's raising the likelihood of the u.k. leaving the european union at the end of october without a deal across party group of m.p.'s says the johnson's decision to suspend parliament for 5 weeks is a constitutional trajan a full hearing will begin at scotland's highest court next week. but he hasn't made any. argument should be stopped here further. morning here at the court of session before. live now to westminster and central london. can tell us more so leave let's just
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get this clear the judge hasn't thrown out this legal challenge completely. no it hasn't the scottish court case was really started by an appeal by those $74.00 crossed party m.p. s. and p. is to try and get an immediate suspension of boris johnson's decision to provoke parliament in short a suspension the suspension what the judge has said he won't do is grant that but what he will do is allow for a full hearing of the case against the government next week which is why as we heard there from the scottish national m.p. behind they appeal is why they regard it as something of a victory because it means that they will hear the corley's will hear their argument in full and it doesn't cost increase the chances of that court then deciding to overturn the government's decision to perogue parliament. what the those behind this legal challenge really want to see though is some sort of
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written statement underoath from boris johnson explained. i'm sorry we appear to have lost the bulk of that. from westminster we'll try to work to get back to leave. a little later if we can. in the meantime this is here are still to come on the program another child dies in the above the outbreak after crossing the border from the democratic republic of congo into uganda. fighting a blaze armed with just water bottles and shovels we look at the desperate battle to contain fires in bolivia. accidents crimes. walls were still killers eric cantona speech left everyone some up for that's coming up a little later in the sport the judge. in
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sudan dozens of people have been reported missing after a crackdown on a pro-democracy city in which left more than 100 people dead in june families are demanding answers about their loved ones who they haven't heard from since the attack al-jazeera is have a morgue and reports now from khartoum. forced my head and his family every phone call from an unfamiliar number brings a bit of hope before he dies again. they're hoping to hear from their brother adam is my who's been missing since the deadly attack on the city outside army headquarters in her early june his sister says they've done all they can to find him. we filed a report at the police station then we went to the hospitals and they referred us to the morgue we didn't find him so we went to other morgues but so far we didn't find a trace of him or where he could be. the sit in came after months of anti-government protests demanding the country's long time president obama and bashir step down he was ousted by the military in april but the sit in continued as protest leaders and
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the military negotiated a transitional government. at least $100.00 protesters were killed and more than $400.00 injured in the attack in june according to the central committee for sudan's doctors which supports the protest movement the military puts the figure at $87.00 killed. families reported relatives had gone missing on the day of the attack and also after like almost meant his uncle says went missing 2 weeks later. this is neglect from the authorities this is the truth has disappeared since june 20th and up to date there is no trace of where he could be where is he and where all those who went missing with him but 2 weeks on there are few answers if any to those questions the number of people taking part in the sit in who went missing is not clear with more people being reported almost every week activists say that's because many came from outside for and with the confusion and fear during the attack and in the days after it took some time for families to realize that their
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loved ones weren't in hiding but had disappeared also put down the phone number of the family so activist groups have launched campaigns on social media to try to get people to search for those who are missing and connect them with their families if they find them but that method has its challenges to reseal a trip force because some of these family don't really have that access to the social media and social media was working on this and. presenting their evolution the most more than any of the same and they are living in different states in a country that i wrote and maybe some families they don't know about facebook and they don't know that reporting about the missing people and for the family to come over and report has any and says despite hearing nothing from her brother she believes he's still alive and one day he'll find his way back home he will morgan al-jazeera. a 9 year old girl who tested positive for a bowler in uganda has died according to ugandan health officials she traveled to
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c.z. from the democratic republic of congo it's been a growing number of confirmed cases of abode in the region humanitarian organization world vision says that women and children are at a greater risk of being infected many of them face rejection from their communities due to misconceptions about the disease but now survivors stepping up efforts to combat the stigma and it's been a year since this latest outbreak began and it's the 10th time the region's been hit by a bola virus has already killed more than 2000 people it began in the eastern province of north kivu within weeks it had spread to at least one neighboring province by november the outbreak had been declared the worst in the country's history and the 2nd largest worldwide efforts to contain it spread have been hindered by widespread violence against health workers in the region dozens of them of been killed since january the world health organization confirmed the 1st cross border cases of
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a bowl in uganda earlier this year shortly afterwards the agency declared the outbreak a global emergency helen buckley hollands is the. director for world vision she says it's mainly women and children who are carrying the weight of the abode of crisis women who. are suffering the devastating impact of my remarks and the communities they really obvious 1st responders when child or family member who was in the family women know how best to respond and often they don't realize the risk they are taking and giving in the risk and coming up we're seeing a 60 percent he says women and children in uganda is a prime example of. it really is having an incredibly challenging. giving interview kind of consequences to families to those who are trying to respond and as a mother myself it is really hard to watch the communities go through this and to
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see how we as a book nation can be supported in this response so i met with its i was this response and then abbie's women and of course men tell me how how difficult it is to come back to the communities once they have been healed from they believe that if a treatment center has and they come back and often they find and they are rejected by the community is that family is fine as in the brazilian amazon have captured much of the world's attention of late but bolivia has also been fighting places that are destroying large parts of its tropical rainforests and savannah president suspend criticized for not responding adequately to the crisis lots of america at its elusive newman reports now from the eastern region of cheeky town the. where there's smoke there's fire. policemen in volunteers armed only with shovels
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and bottles of water trying to save one village is most precious eco systems from fires that have already destroyed more than 1300000 hectares of forest land. and we are huge trying to suffocate the fires with noise quitman or special training it's heartbreaking to see all the dead animals and lost flora. these unprecedented forest fires began a month ago for those in neighboring brazil this is the world's largest dried tropical forest what that means is that there is a very very thick and highly inflammable mattress of dry twigs and leaves and for example these seeds from a coconut tree the have oil inside them so when there's a fire this becomes explosive and the fire spreads from underneath the ground which is why you don't see so many flames but these are all burning cinders. these men and women have no training uniforms proper masks or other equipment they say they desperately need support from milk to counter the effects of smoke inhalation to
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shoes. our shoes last 2 hours down there. we need proper boots of fire. after 3 weeks of refusing international help president abel what alice has agreed to allow aid and firefighting experts into the country but they're only just beginning to arrive. like his brazilian counterpart the president is under criticism for having promoted the economic expansion of this area last month he issued a decree allowing newcomers to slash and burn parts of the forest for agriculture what alice is also being accused of not heeding warnings. resounded the yellow alarm in july according to international protocols the 1st days of august we established the red alarm and appealed to the national government to halt all permits to slash and burn but they did nothing. to the north bolivia's amazon rain
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forest bordering brazil is also up in flames while local authorities say they don't have the means or expertise to control fires here that have already spread south to neighboring arab network here's a very fierce fire and if the wind intensifies we're going to lose control of it drone images show the fires are continuing to spread. while those struggling to contain them pray for help that can't come fast enough to see an human al-jazeera that cheeky funny i believe you play wordly is a post-doctoral research associate at the to bump into zoology at the university of cambridge she joins us now live from berlin good to have you with us to an extent that has government policy led to the extent of the fires in bolivia. thank you very much a.j. and i think that's a really important question so just 6 less than one month before the fires were 1st reported the government issued to print supreme decree 3973 which overruled the
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constitution to allow burning in the air in these dry forest areas this was never allowed before and before that we can see a history of many years of laws which have led to more and more expansion into bolivia's largely untouched forest land areas give us some idea of how precious this area of rainforest in savannah is. well the tickets on a forest which is up in flames is unique in the world there is a lot of it in bolivia apparently a lot of house now being destroyed and there's a very very small amount in the muscle across a state in brazil apparently much of the bolivian pounds now has also been destroyed this is also you know incredibly important. globally and it's now spreading into the chucker dry forest which bolivia has the best dry forest the
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best chucker dry forest in the region it's seen in the highest quality up until now . and you know there's a been a lot of focus on the last supreme decree and also on laws 7 for one which allowed burning increase the area of banning from 5 hectares that you could now been over 2020 had has but we did an analysis in june which was published in june looking at the last 13 years of environmental policy in bolivia and what we see is that there are many many laws increasing the agricultural expansion for example plans to triple agricultural area published in 2015 pounds to expand biofuel published in 2018 and i should stress that this is not to feed the bolivian people. this is to but mostly to produce beef for export to china so just this year there was a huge announcement of the new beef deal which was being agreed with china and
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actually in the midst of the crisis in the midst of the fires the 1st 1000 tons of beef have been shipped to china amidst much celebration in the past and many libyan people have been protesting about that shipment. really good story too many thanks indeed for being with us clay woodley there in berlin. aurukun dorian is still on course to ruin the holiday weekend story about that more details now from meteorologist rob mccallum week yeah birthday and flurries major american but it's have a look it's progress when it went and it starts to decide bob is right went through the us version and it was just a tropical storms give you an idea that's what a tropical storm does a fair amount of flooding a good hour wind blow and a certain amount of damage usually it's minor damage that's tropical storm this thing is to growing from space it doesn't look very much preps are going ahead in florida several 100 kilometers of course away from it as the full cost takes showing in some shape that other is to doesn't get a proper eye but is
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a category $2.00 hurricane which means winds about 165 kilometers it's strengthening and as i said the risk is to the bahamas and florida over the next 4 days now the cone of risk noise is a cone of risk is a forecast takes it from southern florida to the coast of georgia so anywhere he could be hit but the most likely thing is it will strengthen the next couple days becoming what is called a major hurricane a category 4 there are 5 categories based on wind speed allows this is basically just telling you has strong the winds will be it hits freeport so we're talking about the bahamas here on monday morning local time and then it will go into somewhere in central maybe southern florida and drift around for a bit so it's the end the whole day weekend because the preparations are taking place right there which is what reading the weekend there were threats beyond the wind fairly obvious through a major hurricane the storm surge is the amount of water that straight on to the
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coast is current salary king tides high tides we're talking about 4 meters on top of the normal so flood risk a huge what the rainfall up to about $400.00 millimeters again just adding to the flood risk and the winds just stop to it off could be up to 270 kilometers per hour . rob many thanks still to come here on the news hour one small step for president trump the u.s. joins the race for military expansion into space. the battle over sacred land we'll tell you why a native american tribe is taking homeowners' association to court was. getting hot under the collar joel be here to tell you why nick kyrgios is questioning the umpire again that's coming up a little later in sports. violence and discrimination are all too familiar to many women in india
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a reality too often reinforced by bollywood. but it's leading star is throwing his weight behind the cause. of a teacher down there julie and using his celebrity to advocate for gender equality . the snake charmers on a condom witness. on an. elephant this is the opportunity to understand a very different way where they're going up until we don't leave our. talk to al jazeera we ask what guarantees will you give to the people will be attending them and i'm a workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone is also terrorizing me we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter on the phone to 0.
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hello again it's good to have you with us avery and for the going to hear. in doha with the news out of the headlines russia has announced a year of actual ceasefire syria's it led province beginning saturday morning civilians opposing the fighting have been demonstrating in the northwestern countryside at border posts into turkey. 2 prominent pro-democracy activists have been released on bail by hong kong course joshua warner agnes chao are among a group of campaigners arrested over the past 12 hours that being accused of inciting and participating in an illegal protest police have also banned a mass rally planned for saturday. millions of people in pakistan have backed the prime minister's call for a nationwide show of solidarity for people in indian administered kashmir imran
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khan has vowed to keep fighting for the disputed territory until it is quote liberators'. iraq is on the precious reveal what's happened to thousands of men who disappeared off the after the army declared victory over i saw human rights watch says that it's documented dozens of enforced disappearances in the arrests in one province alone on international day of the disappeared al-jazeera sullivan job reports now from but all the city of mosul under certain colors will not only. hadn't seen her 2 sons for 5 years both were policemen and national fighters took them away when mostly was seized in 2014 as she told her story more mothers gathered. most of the men in the windy 100 neighborhood of mosul worked for iraq's security forces before i said to control they killed some men and imprisoned others when the iraqi army regained control of mosul 2 years ago the prisoners in ice and jails were taken away along with their captors or mom and only found out about her
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missing sons when a policeman posted a photo of them with ice and prisoners. almost a mad to be a mom dad the last news i heard about them is that they might be in a prison somewhere and backed out my son served for the security of this country why are they still being detained whenever we go to the authorities they tell us that our sons don't exist in the system. behind me is the neighborhood where the last battles against eisel took place many families say when they try to return to this area and adjoining parts many men went missing or they were arrested arbitrarily. since the fall of iceland thousands of men from the never province have been imprisoned by iraqi security forces carrying out counterterrorism screening human rights watch says it's documented dozens of create rests and in forced disappearances family members of people perceived to have ties with isis are also rounded up routinely they say what we need to see is the government that starts taking seriously its obligation to investigate abuse to give answers to
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families about where their loved ones are what happened to them and where abuses are found to give them compensation human rights watch is calling on iraqi authorities to launch these investigations and to give people the answers that they deserve both the ministry of defense and ministry of justice in baghdad didn't respond to our requests for comment shia militias called popular mobilization forces played a crucial role in driving i said from iraqi towns although they keep a low profile the militias are the most dominant force in mosul many sunni muslim residents who are scared to speak on camera accuse them of abuse and forcing demographic change commanders of the militias have repeatedly denied the allegations human rights groups say the fate of the men should be revealed so far we have not received positive answers from the federal government it's a violation of the constitutional rights because every person should be able to live freely in the country that's not the case with the missing people whose families keep asking about them the mothers of the missing are desperate for news
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they say the government should either let their missing sons come home or hand over their bodies simon job with out of their mosul in addition to iraq there are many countries where thousands of people are missing in china the u.s. state department says that at least 800-0022 1000000 people from muslim minority groups are in detention and most families don't know where most of the detained without charge more than 20 years after the war in bosnia 13000 people remain unaccounted for but in mexico more than 40000 people have been reported missing. since 2006 tens of thousands of people have signed a petition demanding that the government search for them carlos is a mexico researcher at amnesty international he joins us live via skype from mexico city callus good to have you with us tell us more about about the situation of the disappeared in mexico right now. thank you there is still going on problem in mexico with disappearance of people we have more than 40000 people missing at
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this moment and the government is doing too little too late to solve dacian then yet the presidential administration is trying to do some. steps into solving the crisis but it's been too slow for the family's anguish spec that wasn't the families will demonstrate in mexico city urgent a government to take action to find their lives. we have a crisis in the country and also we have forensic graces we're more than $20000.00 cops as. unable to be identified by the authorities so who is responsible for these disappearances in the 1st place and who investigates and you say you have this forensic crisis. you know we. really need to know when we have the command of it some of these disappearances had been committed making army and other political forces and police by the way i'm not sure about every single
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one it seems that some of them may be related to organized crime and even other forms of crime and the alternatives and not doing a lot to mitigate the cases there's own was complete impunity for these crimes there are just a few. at around 10 cases in cords trying to punish this crime stand still 14000 people missing ok you say that there's always completed it beauty here is that is there no chance that of closure for the families of mexico says. that there isn't a good should they want to know they were out of their rugs and of course they want to see justice deliberate to them and they are asking very forcefully the government to do that and they will pressure the government to do that the families are the one trying to find bodies and trying to to find their relatives they are actually. becoming experts in forensic and going to the feeling very dangerous
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situations to look for illegal rapes callus really good story mary thanks for being with us that's understands nationals colors as whether they're in mexico city and. east timor is marking 20 years since it voted to become an independent state that been celebrations in the capital dili of what it emerged from a prattle against indonesian influence indonesia invaded the former portuguese colony in 1975 during the festivities a strait is prime minister scott morrison signed up to a maritime boundary treaty and investments in oil and gas well while east timor's rich in energy energy resources it still struggling to deal with violence between rival groups poverty and corruption almost half the population of 1300000 lives below the poverty line its economy almost entirely relies on oil and gas most recent figures show 90 percent of the government's revenue comes from the energy sector but that income is flat has fallen from nearly $4000000000.00 in 2012 the
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less than half a 1000000000 in 2017 australia china and the u.s. are vying for influence attention asia's youngest democracy at the center of a regional power struggle david webster is a professor of history at bishop's university joins us now live from much of brooke in quebec good to have you with us david what's your overriding thought then on this the 20th anniversary of east timor's vote for independence well i think it's. overall thought is a success story the east timorese people 20 years ago today voted massively for independence as you've mentioned the events leading up to that are a group of big surprise that it's an unlikely state it wasn't supposed to go that way in 1975 the indonesian army invaded indonesia and next timor leste as its 27th province and for 24 years the international community whether politicians diplomats
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journalists academic experts they all said team reason dependence was a lost cause that it could never become independent that was impossible and yet it did the team mobilized on a whole variety of fields to seek their independence of the restoration of their independence that they declared in $75.00 their international supporters mobilized around the world and eventually want to diplomatic victory over the in the nation diplomatic corps and to me it says really there's no such thing as a lost causes in international politics citizen diplomacy can make a difference and change the course of events and that's a lesson worth drawing 20 years after the team reserve voted for independence in such large numbers that some of the young country and it is an ounce of a danger yes i mean to there are people who say that it's becoming a failed state. that has been said i think that's harmful rhetoric to be bandying about. 20 years after independence no country is perfect as you say poverty remains
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a massive problem in particular this is one of asia's poorest countries and that's partly the result of. more than 20 years of military occupation and the results of the violence since then however you do have what's rated by a number of observers of southeast asia's most democratic state you do have one of the few states in southeast asia that for instance has no difficulty holding a lesbian and gay pride parade they just held their 3rd version in july which was there are about 3000 people attending with no problems this is a free and open democratic society with several peaceful changes of power from one political party from one leader to another so i don't see a failed state in the making i see a state with a lot of challenges ahead of it but with a lot of resources amongst its people to meet those challenges successfully and go on to a better future professors really good stewards you many thanks indeed for being
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with us david webster that israel has revealed what it says is declassified intelligence outlining and raney and program to assemble precision guided missiles inside lebanon israeli troops remain on high alert near the lebanese border after hizbollah warned of an imminent strike does that is how the force that reports now from west receive them. on high alert but in protective posture israeli forces near lebanon have been pulled back from the border positions in recent days as they wait for a promised strike by hezbollah in response to recent israeli attacks and now israel is upping the pressure on both lebanon and hezbollah it's released what it says the details of an iranian led program to convert hezbollah missiles into precision guided weapons using components brought in by land sea and air its warning lebanon's government to take action will be held responsible for the suffering we are determined to toward this dangerous program the aim of the publication today is to clarify that we will not stand aside and allow our enemies to arm themselves
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with fatal weaponry i told them this week be careful and i repeated a narrow pick. hezbollah's leader hassan nasrallah has denied precision missiles are being manufactured inside lebanon he says israel has in recent days breached the rules of engagement in place since the last war between israel and lebanon in 2006 and. i said to the israeli army on the border from tonight stand guard and wait for us he was speaking shortly after 2 drones came down in a hezbollah stronghold in beirut one of them exploding there have been reports that an important component of hezbollah's missile system was damaged the israeli army has remained silent on the issue israel has for years been targeting iranian interests in syria last weekend it said it prevented a multiple drone attack from inside the country by launching an as strike that killed 2 has been our fighters there the united states recently confirmed that
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israel was also carrying out air strikes inside iraq targeting iran's missile supply route there but the more widespread and more admitted israel's actions become more risky but its adversaries feel compelled to retaliate risking in turn a broader escalation that's in line israel's prime minister fighting an election and once again promoting his ability to keep israelis safe as long tried not to cross this week he told by name to calm down i think they said now absolutely does not want. military confrontation i think the call to calm down was reflected that on the other hand i think the feeling and it's beyond that and you know i think the feeling in israel is that you cannot have iran which is declare it really interested in the demise of israel to deepen its military capabilities just across israel's northern border. for now on that border the wait continues for hezbollah to make its next move harris will sit i'll just 0 west jerusalem the u.s.
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to set up a space commands to address what it believes are threats to its infrastructure the president of trumpets describe space as the next war fighting domain are serious john hendren reports from washington or. it might be one small step for president trump but creating the u.s. space command marks a giant leap for the pentagon the dangers to our country constantly evolve and so must we now those who wish to harm the united states to seek to challenge us and the ultimate high ground of space it's going to be a whole different ball game the u.s. on thursday joined russia china and france in the race for a military expansion into space.


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