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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 31, 2019 11:00am-11:34am +03

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the country have observed what imran khan called kashmir our prime minister says pakistan will stand with kashmiris in testing times in hong kong joshua while in agnes child 2 of the 3 activists arrest said have been released on bail they say they won't surrender as police try to rein in weeks of anti-government protests from hong kong reports. joshua one and agnes chao left police headquarters on their way to court the founders of the pro-democracy party. have been charged with inciting and taking part in an unlawful protest outside police headquarters in june the court appearance was brief both were released on bail we shall not surrender and i urge international communities who send a clear message to a presidentially sending troops or using emergency ordinance is not the way out we will continue our fight opposition politician changing tie
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a member of the hong kong legislative council was also detained and on thursday the leader of the banned independence group and the chair and was arrested before boarding a flight to japan he's been accused of rioting and assaulting a police officer in july police have now confirmed 7 a wrists over the past 2 days critics call it a case of white terror by police intimidation and an attempt to silence protests the demonstrations began more than 3 months ago prompted by a controversial extradition bill but that quickly morphed into a wider discontent what is seen as china's growing influence in hong kong the fear it's all these iconic young leaders arrests together could send out some chilling effect around the hong kong to scare people from taking to the street to morrow we arrest a person as soon as we have to get a sufficient pathogens to prove his or her friends the allegation that we tie in
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our arrest is totally false a mass pro-democracy rally planned for saturday has been cancelled. after organizers filed to get the go ahead in the hong kong court of appeal a wednesday night chinese military were filmed driving through hong kong what was described as a routine rotation of soldiers from the mainland on friday state owned media warned if the situation in hong kong worsens chinese soldiers would have quote no reason to sit on their hands and it says the people's liberation army garrison in hong kong was not merely a symbol of chinese sovereignty over the city despite the arrests and the cancellation of saturday's rally some pro-democracy groups are urging protesters to go ahead and demonstrate over the weekend they described the police action as white terror and what residents to my time pressure on the government to dump this bill the government has suspended the proposed extradition order but critics want to officially train out more than 900 people have been arrested since the protests
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began in june and these latest arrests are likely to discourage people from continuing to express their anger at the hong kong government sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. much more still ahead on the news hour including i'm form of a job in the old city of water and i'll tell you why people are finding it difficult to come back to district like this and rebuild their life. also ahead legal and political challenges mount against british prime minister boys johnson secession to suspend parliament and serena smashes away into the 4th round of the u.s. open peta has more coming up in sports. the leader of its least 5 star movement has warned the tentative coalition deal with the center left democratic party could still fall apart political leaders have been
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meeting prime minister just epic conte to see if they can cobble together a government the previous one collapse when matteo salvini pulled the support of his white wing leader adi hoping to trigger a new elections in office the local daily got the country is in a very delicate phase we must get out of the political uncertainty triggered by the government crisis as soon as possible it will be a government for the good of the citizens to modernize the country to make our nation even more competitive in the international context but also more just more supportive and more inclusive. as interior minister taylor salvini is hard line stance on migration was at the center of the government's demise and his brock ing another charity rescue cheat from ship from docking on the italian island of lampedusa the crew says it's facing a health emergency among the refugees and migrants on board who were rescued off libya's coast 64 passengers deemed fall nubile including women and children have been taken ashore leaving more than 30 in limbo meanwhile in greece prime minister
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the prime minister has called a meeting of his top security officials to discuss a spike in refugee and migrant arrivals some turkey about 650 people came ashore on thursday and were transferred to the cramped morea camp on less for silent about half of them are children it's the largest mass landing since 2016 when e.u. deal with turkey came into effect is supposed to restrict new arrivals to the island which has 5 overcrowded camps. for the moment it's urgent for greek government to. emergency measures in order to decongest the island. we are close 212000 people on the island. several legal cases have begun in the u.k. challenging the government's decision to suspend parliament prime minister boys
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johnson's opponents say it will mean they won't be enough time to properly debate breaks it increasing the chance of leaving the european union without a deal on october 31st in iraq a report some london. prime minister spoke to boarding school in the next generational good governance while the crisis surrounding his decision to suspend parliament deepened. johnson told the children he hadn't always wanted to lead the country he wanted to be a rock star. bono boris back to practice it we're not going to worry about bret's we're going to go on anyway and do all the things that we think the u.k. needs right now johnson's opponents are getting ready to find his decision to produce or suspend parliament and prevent a no deal breaks it or moved on some believes will only make leaving the e.u. without a deal inevitable the more the parliamentarians try to block the new deal more likely it is that we'll end up in that situation so the best thing is for us to get
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on and make a point to our european friends with clarity and with vigor and that's what we're doing a string of legal battles underway to challenge johnson's decision to suspend parliament and scotland $74.00 politicians from different political parties urged scotland's highest court to halt the suspension the judge refused to immediately put the brakes on johnson's plan but he did agree to a full hearing next week to look at the legality of the suspension more closely if we do not ultimately win this case what does it say about the british constitution a prime minister with a majority of one and with nor majority for a new deal breaks a can simply suspend parliament to get what he wants that's what happens in dictatorships in london another legal challenge has been launched by the prominent political campaigner an e.u. supporter gina miller and has the backing of leading m.p.'s in the former
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conservative prime minister john major mello won a landmark victory against the previous government of to resume a forcing her to allow m.p.'s to choose if and when to activate the bracks it process the case begins next thursday a 3rd legal battles underway in northern ireland where the impact of an. no deal breaks it all peace in the region is under scrutiny campaigners in belfast argue that a no deal breaks it threatens the good friday agreement secure 20 years ago the deal brought an end to decades of violence or legal challenges either under way or pending across the country m.p.'s opposed to boris johnson say they will return to parliament next week and in the words of the opposition labor leader jeremy corbyn legislate quickly to block the prospects of a no deal breck's it but time of course is running out with the poor a geisha in the suspension expected to start as early as the 9th of september a no later than the 12th m.p.'s or even suggesting that they will work through the
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weekend something they've only done $100.00 full of times since the 2nd world war they will do what it takes they say to block forest johnson eve bark out 0 london. emanuel girl who tested positive for a bowler in uganda has died ugandan health officials say she traveled to the sesay from the democratic republic of congo there's been a growing number of confirmed cases of ebola in the region humanitarian organization world vision says women and children greater risk of being infected. security forces in chad have launched a series of raids into eastern provinces as part of emergency measures imposed by the government they're trying to put an end to fighting between samas and headers which has killed dozens of people this month alone alexia ryan reports. on the outskirts of eastern chad they pray for peace. at
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a chaise and one of the 3 regions where president idriss davies declared a state of emergency after dozens of people were killed in fighting over land and resources between famines and nomadic herders the army's been deployed to try to prevent further unrest and security forces have made dozens of seizing weapons from civilians and. you were enforcing the state of emergency measures and within a very short space of time managed to seize all of these weapons i thank you very much and continue until there is 0 weapons in civilian hands. people in this village feeling anxious and on safe. the 6 rifles we once had was seized by the army we're now left defenseless if no adverse reason we have no alternative but to report it to the government but if the government files to help us and our enemies will destroy us simply because we have
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no weapons. the emergency measures allow authorities to impose curfews and search homes the president's also. blaming the. conflicts in neighboring libya sudan and central african republic but there's concern the border closures could stop supplies being brought in to a nation where more than half a 1000000 people already struggle to get enough food. abdul-rahim survived one of the attacks in which several people were killed he usually works as a driver during the night and says the curfew isn't helping. the whole street is closed there's nobody with the drivers can only get money at night during the day there's very few people the tension extends beyond these provinces just this week 11 people were killed in fighting in a dispute between her and farmers over trampled crops and chad. the states of emergency is set to remain in place for another 10 days but some fear the measures
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aren't enough to end the violence this woman's relying on prayer to protect her community. brian al jazeera. in the more than 2 years since. neighborhoods the governments also struggled to get basic infrastructure back up and running leading people wondering if it's worth returning. reports in. each. of the importance of perseverance after defeating i saw these blacksmiths in a city living. i came back for the love of my city and my people and i wanted to carry on my profession. as people children in this neighborhood spend their summer at the center and escape from the destruction around them. and also
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a chance to catch up on education they missed and. agencies are helping thousands of people to get identity papers and other important documents lost during the war with the group but going through the bureaucratic system and tightened security means it can take up to 6 months to get an identity card and death certificates property ownership papers and compensation is even more complicated and unfortunately still suffering we have money problems like electricity and water health care and other basic services including paved roads. it's been 2 years since iraqi forces took back mosul from isis and reintegrating close to half a 1000000 people is a major challenge. there are many reasons hindering the return to mosul this includes social political and security as well as economic reasons there are areas that need services for instance we have coordinated with international actors for help we're also planning to create job opportunities. not everyone can afford to
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rebuild and getting help isn't easy. a u.n. estimate puts the yearly cost of rebuilding at $1800000000.00 it's hard to imagine how people will come back to destruction like this many try to come back and rebuild their lives but they have to return because there was nothing there for them. well wiley left the refugee camp but after house raids and inability to afford essential she returned to her tent her son was a nicely fighter now she says the shia militias aren't much different she's bitter about being considered a criminal by association but she had no other choice and derisive rule but to accept their tyranny. there is no integration to consider as an infectious disease we had nothing to do with all of this it was a calamity which affected almost in the now area where the children women are left now the men are gone most of them are either in detention centers on the the rubble we did the live in that. people here say it will take
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a lot of effort to rebuild mosul and they need international help as well for some it's too much but others say they're here to stay and build a new future. muscle among the stories coming out brazil's president sends a delegation to washington looking for help to deal with the amazon fire is why many indians are struggling to prove their identity and what it will cost them if they can't and someone has some unwanted visitors distracted gulfs world number 2 peter has more on how the rest of his game went coming up it's course to stay with us. how has been a vast amount of rain recently in southeast asia the rains of the tropical storm
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it's hard to recognize it but the white is the talks with thunderstorms to give you a vast amount of rain to northern thailand southern myanmar it's induced to cause a resurgence of the rain the seasonal rain the end of the season at least through southern china and this is the for concerts as they use hints in circulation which may produce yet another tropical disturbance of some sort in the south china sea now even it doesn't you got but he heavy rain for the song for the extreme south and southwest of china that include hong kong and shanghai and this was cloudy elsewhere and a fairly humid feel but that's more or less the cutoff you come south of thailand this don't much revealed by satellites is daily thunderstorms wanted to maybe in parts of borneo maybe northern sumatra and that's reflected in the forecast an occasional share maybe otherwise we hang on to the dry season particularly for indonesia but for much of malaysia as well now drifting out to the monsoon as it is
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now have supposed to be regressing from india there are showers all over the place and i have to say this couple days for most of india at least looks quite wet. weather sponsored by countdown it was. arts. rewind returns with a new series. and brand new updates on the best amount using these documentaries.
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rewind continues we have to be an afghan i never forget it and i read about it and this is the other the proudest day of my rope my life that was a real turning point because that gives them a lot of confidence that they can beat any team in a shooter on al-jazeera. you're watching the news hour on al-jazeera with me fully back to our in mind of our top stories a cease fire announced by brushes due to begin in serious trouble hit it it may province in about a half an hour russia says his government will halt its offensive civilians meanwhile have protested near turkey's border demanding a permanent end to the 5 it says u.s. secretary of state my comparison as the u.s.
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firm evidence that any rainy oil tanker is heading to syria despite iran promising it wouldn't be adrian diarrhea one previously named grace one has been sailing around the mediterranean since being released from the british territory of gibraltar and hurricane dorian has strengthened to a category 4 storm which forecasters described as extremely dangerous it's gaining momentum as it tracks towards the u.s. east coast with wind speeds of more than 180 kilometers per hour. a brazilian delegation including the foreign minister and president abbas narrow son are in washington to discuss aid for fighting the amazon 5 is also narrow initially rejected an offer of 2. $20000000.00 from g 7 nations after a war of words with the french president later said he'd accept that money if he can control how it's spent meanwhile the amazon continues to burn despite ball
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snarl issuing a 60 day ban on size in the region reports from port of a 0 in on donja state. joey wilson out of may have banned fire using amazonia in an attempt to discourage people from setting the forest in place. despite the president's 60 day decrease on friday when i were away from the city of port the wheel in the state of firemen struggled to contain the flames. their neighbors told us the situation is desperate. f.-l. often have a bad living room it is our life these days fighting one fire after another we still don't know whether this is criminal or not but it's happening all the time. it's located in the central west of brazil thousands of hectares of forest have already been destroyed it's an example of how the agriculture frontier continues to grow in spite of regulations in place to protect it. and the increase of deforestation under president bush when i don't has generated an international
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outcry. it's difficult to know how this fire began whether it started naturally because of the time of the year or whether it was setup land in this part of the amazon rain forest is precious for agribusiness and in many cases fires like this one are started in order to take over the land. land is like real state here and once deforested am burned it can be sold for thousands of dollars. you will see why is a farmer he believes this fire was intentional he says he's worried that the world will stop purchasing brazilian beef to punish words on idol. people are exaggerating or raise cattle or sell meat and milk and now because of the far as i'm going to stop selling it i want the criminals to suffer we're here to work for a living thing the government says they're winning the fight against the fires and that there's been a drop in the past days but inspired the latest efforts the brazilian amazon
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continues to burn. many say call to develop the region is to blame. the president says he's now willing to talk to leaders of the european union that have condemned his environmental policy. a phone call with angela merkel is jupiter she began with a certain tone but then went back to normal i'm ready to talk with some people except the america wrong alessi apologizes about our sovereignty other the amazon then i'll talk to him. international pressure is what has forced the president to take some type of action to prevent intentional fires in amazonia fires that until now nobody seems to be able to stop they settle. down yet. india's northeastern state of us saam is releasing a list of its residents anyone whose name is missing will have to prove they are
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not a foreigner or face being detained and left stateless soms 1st list of citizens was published in 19514 years ago it began updating the lists a process monitored by india's top court last year more than 4000000 people were left off the draft lists anyone who entered india after march 24th 1971 a day before bangladesh has war of independence will be seen as an illegal immigrant from us some priyanka gupta explains how land ethnicity any language split the region. the land is ever changing and these river islands of a so the rivers can swallow up one area and leave another exposed for the people who live here it means they have to be ready to. general upton is 83 he and his family have been displaced 8 times 6 of them were left out of assam
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strath list of indian citizens last year moving so many times has only resource positions. they suspect us as bangladeshis if we were really bangladeshis why would we live here how do we have these papers why do they keep harassing us it's unbearable. as sam has seen waves of immigration since the early 20th century and as for too long battle to preserve its land and its ethnic identity in 179 a students led movement began a campaign against those who had considered foreigners or outsiders and the only 4 years later things came to a head white here. nearly 2000 muslims were killed in just 6 hours by a mob in early and surrounding areas in central assam. 75 year old as a hawk saw 5 members of his family murdered any official paperwork he had was
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bugged along with his home it meant he's had to find replacement copies of important personal documentation today his son and grandson are struggling to prove they are indian my. my mother was killed my son's work and a car to eat and sleep when i think about what happened why are they still prosecuting us what have we done. foreboded 40 years the sob students' union has been fighting for political and economic rights of the indigenous assamese it wants all those it considers foreigners to leave both hindus and muslims we can all feel like a 2nd was to them in their own role model and how we can then who are probably being for human rights we look to build them we have a lot from poor peoples i mean we when. they hit the national sport assad and the federal government did you delhi it's worried that those it considers general indian citizens will not be on saturday's list we'll very much control the
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m.r.c. we want to have a good amount. more indians can be old. for now a cloud of uncertainty hands over billions of people in assam who still don't know if officially they'll be recognised as indian citizens. are dizzy or sound. indonesia's chief security minister has called for calm in the remote province of pop where protests have descended into riots people there say they're fed up with racial and ethnic discrimination and are demanding a referendum on independence. as a story. in the capital of indonesia's remade papua province government offices set alight by protesters 24 hours earlier a still burning. those days demonstrations were triggered by videos circulated online showing indonesians security forces calling papuans students monkeys and
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dogs protest leaders say the government must treat papuans equally. why is law enforcement not conducted properly especially in sorell bya the legal process started after we demonstrated but racism has happened a long time fuelling papuans anger. in 1963 the un declared indonesia could take control of west papua if its inhabitants agreed in a referendum but when the election took place 6 years later only around 2000 people took part they voted in favor of indonesia but many papuans say the vote was raked . grievances over discrimination have been further inflamed by concerns that papuans have benefited from the wealth generated by the region's minerals the government says it's investigating the allegations of rights abuses by security forces and it's cool for calm. let's ask ourselves why must we kill
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each other because we're offended by something and we've already dealt with the case through the law. the government cut internet access to the province last week in an attempt to curb the protests if anything that strategy appears to have backfired victoria gates and be al jazeera. a trial date has been set for early 22. $21.00 full 5 men accused of planning the $911.00 attacks among them is suspected mastermind khalid shaikh mohammed a senior al qaeda figure the u.s. has charged them with war crimes including terrorism hijacking and nearly 3000 counts of murder the men have been held at the u.s. prison camp in guantanamo bay cuba since 2006 karen greenberg is the director of the center on national security at the fordham university school of law she says the defendant's lawyers will present strong evidence that they were tortured in
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custody. guantanamo opened on january 11th 2002 so interesting when the military commissions chose the date the anniversary which will you know be 19 years later to start the trial so in and of itself it tells you how long these men have been in custody and awaiting trial they were originally arranged in 2012 i think the defense attorneys would like very much to be able to make the case that should be there should be special circumstances understood before this trial and they've been making this case all along that these individuals were held in cia custody and tortured and so what lies at the heart of this case is is it possible to bring this case with clean evidence evidence that was not derived from torture we all know from reading the $911.00 commission report and many histories now of $911.00 that there are many facts that are out there in public but what has the
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case can be. delayed as we've seen or impeded or or justice but to these men by bringing in the fact of their torture of is very important one of the issue is the death penalty this is a death penalty case and so there may be some further negotiation there's been a lot already about the death penalty 2 of these men are very ill one of at least one of them 2 of them are alleged to different times to be suffering from some kind of brain damage or psychological illness so that is also going to impede the trial the death of a man who was deported to iraq even though he never lived there has added to the fears among iraqis in the united states jimmy wood was sent to baghdad in june and later died from medical complications she had written c. has a story from detroit. it was clear that jimmy out there would was in distress once
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he got to iraq i begged him not to leave and then he's going to come over to work here. tonight will. become diabetic i think. a lot of people but. ever since the trumpet ministrations immigration crackdown began many distressing videos have been circulated but this was the 1st to foretell the death of a man whose lawyers had warms the deportation to iraq could be fatal he was deported in june 63 days later he was dead he was on a bench in this airport and not shelf with basically just the clothes on his back with nothing he had no food he had no water he had nothing an airport official took pity on him gave him some food called his family and that's how they found out that he had been deported it was incredibly incredibly cool in a statement immigration and customs enforcement said elder would had a criminal record and so had no legal basis to remain in the u.s.
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and that he was given a full complement of medicine to ensure continuity of care the detroit area has one of the largest populations of those with iraqi heritage outside of iraq many like jimmy all crowded catholics who came to the u.s. as refugee children around a 1000 green card holders currently face deportation to iraq because they have a criminal record no matter how minor even though they served their time in jail and many like jimmy have no connection to iraq ice is determined to send them to a country that the state department says no american should travel to because it's too dangerous as a result of the u.s. invasion and jimmy wasn't the 1st to be sent back all the individuals that were in contact with there are some individuals we don't know what happened to them we don't know if they're alive or they're dead the individuals that we've spoken to many of them are in terrible situations they are in hiding some have been assaulted some have been shot shot at we know that jimmy obviously die. many of the county
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and community supported donald trump of the 2016 election encouraged by pledges of social conservatism and the protection of religious minorities abroad a nearly 90000 cal the in registered voters he won the state by 10000 or so so absolutely can it could impact the election and it's not just iraqis like jimmy who face deportation to countries with which they have no connection several asian and african countries are being pressured to accept deportees even though they too would face an uncertain future in countries they don't know and one other thing i wanted to say about about jimi is that you know we were speaking to him shortly before his death he really wanted to share his story as a way to make sure that other people wouldn't experience what he experienced she ever hence the al-jazeera detroit michigan. 2 months after sudanese security forces raided a sit in killing more than $100.00 protesters thousands of people are still missing families are demanding answers but are lose.


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