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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 31, 2019 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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parliament to get what he wants that's what happens in to take the steps in london another legal challenge has been launched by the prominent political campaigner in e.u. supported gina miller and has the backing of leading m.p.'s in the former conservative prime minister john major bello won a landmark victory against the previous government to theresa may forcing her to allow m.p.'s to choose if and when to activate the bracks it process the case begins next thursday a 3rd legal battles underway in northern ireland where the impact of a no deal breaks it on peace in the region is under scrutiny campaign is in belfast agi the no deal breaks it threatens the good friday agreement secure 20 years ago the deal brought an end to decades of violence or legal challenges either underway or pending across the country m.p.'s opposed to boris johnson say they will return to palma next week and in the words of the opposition labor leader jeremy corbyn legislate quickly to block the prospects of
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a no deal breck's it but time of course is running out with a power a geisha in the suspension expected to start as early as the 9th of september a no later than the 12th m.p.'s or even suggesting that they will work through the weekend something they've only done one full of times since the 2nd world war they will do what it takes they say to block boris johnson eve bachao jazeera london we're going to weather a play next year on al-jazeera than american dorrian grows into an extremely dangerous category 4 storm as it pounds towards the u.s. east coast and the web sites that have allowed hackers to quietly access apple i phone apps. hell as the talking of cooler air coming across the prairie is of candor and
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tucking into the northern plains of the us all mad cold front now the difference in temperature isn't huge but we've got thirty's in this south in the southeast and twenty's the north normally is generates huge thunderstorms new saw a big pool of cloud middle there to be of nebraska move further north than that but i was showing you this because it will tell you here which looks so insignificant where you are the temperature in denver as we try to introduce the southwest monsoon which is rain down the southwest corner of the u.s. is just trying to show you a few showers so it often is introducing warmer air pushing more rain north was 36 in denver is the forecast on sunday and yet the showers have not developed into anything much of the you know such spinning this time there is a hurricane take the much of the energy of the atmosphere that is going to be a significant risk over the coming weekend and it's labor day weekend to the bahamas 1st of all and then to florida it's
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a major hurricane it will cause major damage but if you're not in that area enjoy generally fine weather there is an increase in showers or improper rain in honduras and mexico. in afghanistan the taliban is renowned for its violent repression of women now a new deal with the u.s. could see the group return to power one o one a student just to gauge the afghan women who pay the price the pace on al-jazeera the stories generate thousands of headlines. separate the spin from the facts the misinformation from the journalism with the listening post on al-jazeera.
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well again this is al-jazeera that's for much of the main news this hour russia announces a unilateral ceasefire in syria's lips that 2nd into effect a short time ago civilians have been trying to flee the last major rebel held territory and crossed into turkey government forces backed by the russian air power of compounding the area since april many civilians been killed. u.s. secretary of state by comparison he has firm evidence that the iranian oil tanker is heading to syria despite iran promising that it wouldn't the entry and dial one previously named the grace one that's been sailing around the mediterranean since being released from britain the british territory of sprawled at a string of legal cases have begun in the u.k. in an effort to prevent the month long suspension of parliament potence to prime
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minister boris johnson's decision say there's now not enough time to properly debate briggs's increasing the chances of leaving the e.u. without a deal on october 31st. a brazilian deal. ation including the foreign minister and president job also not a song are in washington to discuss aid for fighting the fires also lot of initially rejected an offer of $20000000.00 from g 7 nations after a war of words with the president of france he later said he'd accept that money if he could control how it's spent meanwhile the continues to burn despite also not i was hearing a 60 day ban on fires in the region was a serious stories about reports now from puerto vallarta which is in rome the area stays. may have banned fires in amazonia in an attempt to discourage people from setting the forest in place. despite the president's 60 day decrease on friday when i were away from the city of port in the
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state of firemen struggled to contain the flames. told us the situation is desperate. for help. this is our life these days fighting one fire after the other we still don't know whether this is criminal or not but it's happening all the time. it's located in the central west of brazil thousands of hectares of forest have already been destroyed it's an example of how the agriculture frontier continues to grow in spite of regulations in place to protect it. the increase of deforestation under president has generated an international outcry. it's difficult to know how this fire began whether it started naturally because of the time of the year or whether it was setup land in this part of the amazon rain forest is precious for agribusiness and in many cases fires like this
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one are started in order to take over the land. land is like real state here and once deforested i'm burned it can be sold for thousands of dollars. you will see who is a farmer he believes this fire was intentional he says he's worried that the world will stop purchasing brazilian beef to punish words on idle. people are exaggerating a raise cattle or sell meat and milk and now because of the far as i'm going to stop selling it i want the criminals to suffer we're here to work for a living through the government says they're winning the fight against the fires and that there's been a drop in the past days but inspired the latest effort the brazilian amazon continues to burn. many say call to develop the region is to blame. the president says he's now willing to talk to leaders of the european union that have condemned his environmental policy. a phone call with angela merkel is
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jupiter she began with a certain tone but then went back to normal i'm ready to talk with some people except the america wrong l.s.e. apologizes about our sovereignty other the amazon then i'll talk to him. international pressure is what has forced the president to take some type of action to prevent intentional fires in amazonia fires that until now nobody seems to be able to stop they settle. down yet. colombia's president says that 9 people have been killed in a military operation against dissidents from the fuck rebel group event ok says the bombing took place in the jungle province of cook it's thought to be unrelated to thursday's announcement by former funk leaders that they're taking up arms again they accuse the government of both sticking to the terms of the 2016 peace agreement which ended 15 years of conflict on the standard and the ante in more
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stuff from colombia's capital bogota. i don't take this will be the end of colombia's peace deal mostly because roughly 90 percent of the members of the fight that have demobilized are committed to this peace process despite all the difficulties and the dangers because hundreds of former fired members have been killed since the signing of the peace deal the same has been true for hundreds of human rights defenders that are operating that are living in the areas of the country that were on their fights influence and that are now being fought these territories are being fought for by remaining criminal groups or this it in sales of fire could that are now trying to reunite under this former senior fire commander about markets that on thursday and now staff he was forming
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a new get free you know group but we don't know how many people are actually part of this get the group mike is doing is the announcement was surrounded by just 20 people armed people that the government believes there might be roughly somewhere between 1500 to 2000 members of the dissident group so way smaller than the fight which had more than that 20000 soldiers at the height of its operations and that that had roughly 13000 members when they signed the peace deal in 2016. hurrican dorian has strengthened to a category 4 storm which forecasters describe as extremely dangerous it's gaining momentum as it tracks towards the u.s. east coast with wind speeds of more than 180 kilometers an hour and d.c.
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correspondent jake gray reports for us now from cocoa beach florida. it looks like landfall at this point will be sometime late in the morning or early afternoon tuesday the storm has slowed down significantly and that bad news that we did gathering strength it's forming and getting more solid i really could intensify significantly before it does make that turn and head toward the florida coast here we have seen lines around grocery stores lines at gas stations home improvement stores packed with people buying supplies generators were sold out for a short time here more have been moved in fuel is going to be an issue across the state according to the governor and right now there is a high tension for millions up and down the coast because we just don't know at this point where this storm is going to strike it has been a storm that's been very difficult to bring dick gets wrapped up very quickly in the warm waters of the atlantic and a lot of people now worried about where dorian could go next no evacuation orders
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and the main reason according to 1st responders and officials is they don't know where to evacuate they don't know where this storm is going to make landfall what we do know is they'll likely open some shelters to mars to people who don't feel safe at home but at least start to move in there what they've told everyone else is pack what you will need if you're going to have to leave if you feel like you're going to leave regardless of an evacuation order do it now go all the roads aren't packed if you're going to wait for us to tell you to leave don't wait to pack once you get that word be ready to go and get out quickly a trial date has been set 2021 so 5 men accused of planning the september 11th attacks among them a suspected mastermind khalid shaikh mohammad a senior al qaeda figure the u.s. has charged them with war crimes that include terrorism hijacking and nearly $3000.00 counts of the men have been held at the u.s. prison camp in guantanamo bay in cuba since 2006 karen greenberg is the director of the center on national security at the fordham university school of law she says
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the defendant's lawyers will present evidence that they were told shooting custody . what lies at the heart of this case is is it possible to bring this case with clean evidence evidence that was not derived from torture we all know from reading the $911.00 commission report and many histories now of $911.00 that there are many facts that are out there in public but what how the case can be. delayed as we've seen or impeded or or justice brought to these men by bringing the fact of their torture up is very important one of the issue is the death penalty this is death penalty case and so there may be some further negotiation there's been a lot already about the death penalty to have these men are very ill one of at least one of them 2 of them are alleged at different times to be suffering from some kind of brain damage or psychological illness so that is also going to impede the trial
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the death of a man who was deported to iraq even though he never lived in the senate to the fee is among iraqis in the u.s. jimmy although it was sent to baghdad in june and later died from medical complications habra times reports now from detroit. it was clear that jimmy out there would was in distress once he got to iraq i begged him not to leave and then he's going to come over to work here. and i think will. become diabetic i think. a lot of people but. ever since the trumpet ministrations immigration crackdown began many distressing videos have been circulated but this was the 1st to foretell the death of a man whose lawyers had warms the deportation to iraq could be fatal he was deported in june 63 days later he was dead he was on a bench in this airport and not with basically just the clothes on his back with
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nothing he had no food he had no water he had nothing an airport official took pity on him gave him some food called his family and that's how they found out that he had been deported it was incredibly incredibly cool in a statement immigration and customs enforcement said elder would had a criminal record and so had no legal basis to remain in the u.s. and that he was given a full complement of medicine to ensure continuity of care the detroit area has one of the largest populations of those with iraqi heritage outside of iraq many like jimmy all kow the catholics who came to the u.s. as refugee children around a 1000 green card holders currently face deportation to iraq because they have a criminal record no matter how minor even though they served their time in jail and many like jimmy have no connection to iraq ice is determined to send them to a country that the state department says no american should travel to because it's too dangerous as a result of the u.s. invasion and jimmy wasn't the 1st to be sent back all the individuals that were in
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contact with there are some individuals we don't know what happened to them we don't know if they're alive or they're dead the individuals that we've spoken to many of them are in terrible situations they are in hiding some have been assaulted some have been shot shot at we know that jimmy obviously die. many of the county and community supported donald trump of the 2016 election encouraged by pledges of social conservatism and the protection of religious minorities abroad a nearly 90000 cal the in registered voters he won the state by 10000 or so so absolutely can it could impact the election and it's not just iraqis like jimmy who face deportation to countries with which they have no connection several asian and african countries are being pressured to accept deportees even though they too would face an uncertain future in countries they don't know and one other thing i wanted to say about about jimi is that you know we were speaking to him shortly before his death he really wanted to share his story as
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a way to make sure that other people wouldn't experience what he experienced she ever hence the al-jazeera detroit michigan google security experts of uncovered a hacking operation that targeted apple i phones for at least 2 years they say the hackers used web sites to infect phones with malicious software that gave them access to photos messages user locations and other data apple was made aware of the problem in february and released the security updates to fix it or imagine a sea of connect safely dot org an internet security firm he says it's worrying that the breach took so long to become public. why didn't apple disclose the details at the time they did disclose that there was a security patch but we didn't know how bad it was in terms of how bad it was we don't know exactly how many people were affected but we do know that this particular malware with capable of taking over the phone which means it could read
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your e-mail you can read your text message of your instagram private messages it could know your location it could do practically anything that you could do by having the phone in your hand in an unlocked way and it was able to transmit this data unencrypted so it was a very serious flaw apple gets credit for having fixed it very quickly but criticism for dot having disclose details until we're finding out now not from apple but from google and the i phone is by no means invulnerable and we see that from this hack there isn't a lot you could do to guarantee that you're protected but the best thing you can do is to keep your operating system in your browser and other software and apps up to date the get go there vector if your security flaws and apple in this case did fix it in february the other thing you can do is to try to avoid going to unknown web sites but frankly that's very difficult because a lot of us are always looking around the web and don't always know where we're going.
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it is good to have you with us hello bravery and for going to the headlines and al-jazeera russia has announced a universal ceasefire in syria's chemical effect short time ago civilians have been trying to flee the last major rebel held territory and cross into turkey government forces backed by russian air power of compounding the area since april many civilians killed u.s. secretary of state mike pump aoe says he has firm evidence that mediterranean oil tanker is heading to syria despite iran promising that it wouldn't. be a one previously cooled grace one that's been sitting around the mediterranean since being released from the british territory to brawl to. the leader of italy's 5 star movement has warned that the tentative coalition deal with the center left democratic party could still fall apart political leaders have been meeting prime minister is that the contest to see if they can cobble together a government the previous one collapsed when matteo salvini pulled support of his
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right wing likud party hoping to trigger new elections hong-kong pro-democracy activist joshua warman agnes child been released on bail following their arrest on thursday despite attempts by police to rein in weeks of anti-government protests the activists say they won't surrender a brazilian delegation including the foreign minister and president jaya both soros also laura some are in washington to discuss aid for fighting the amazon fires also recently rejected an offer of $20000000000.00 from g 7 nations after a war of words with the french president he later said that he to accept that money but only if he could control how it's spent or can dorian has strengthened to a category 4 storm which will cost us describers extremely dangerous it's gaining momentum as the tracks towards the u.s. east coast with wind speeds of more than 180 kilometers an hour dorian is expected to make landfall on saturday night evacuations have been ordered in the bahamas one
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of state of emergency has been declared for the u.s. state of florida and those are the headlines and news continues here on to syria after one or one east next. 0 is where every year. it was supposed to be a new dawn for afghan women. play. off the ease of being terrorized by the taliban they celebrated in the u.s.
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overthrew the brutal regime. assault. we will not face. but often 18 loonies and teens of thousands of casualties the war rages on. the taliban insurgency is stronger than ever. to aid the american people are weary of war without victory. desperate to withdraw its troops the u.s. is now negotiating a peace deal that could see the group return to power along with its violent repression of women because saudi king will create padley as the people who have signed the death sentence of many women and i have no expectations of the. one on one east in vista gates of afghan women who paid the price for peace they war torn country.
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and the announcement was. the fact that i'm not proud of that outfit. played driving with a high dirty cobbles traffic can. the stressful. mostly the motion rests unique. to. lead the side never. committed to exactly legal but then this is a. let's go for the sound of them up on this fancy not that. the
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queen. elizabeth is at the. back to sit. out in these congested roads like never fails to close the same it might be the christic the human origin might be that you really see women driving. especially one would scoff how do people react when they see you drive it's not that way but resentment on toys for. the mother will come out ahead in this if they're going to be. nice but. when it comes to a farce layla is not one to back down to her driving isn't just a convenience in afghanistan it's an act of defiance to go away and then he got.
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his in they get the good news or the amount of an opponent's got nothing they're getting from the general funds. but it's not just these streets that have made life a little tough for taking the eaves she has worked on the frontlines of an epidemic that's a bold enough to take on. where driving around looking for drug addicts on the streets of kabul so that labor can take them back to a rehab center it's pretty dangerous work but she does it all the time. proud of. the memo that campaign.
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under a bridge in broad daylight we spot dozens of users. in take a public plane but i have noticed that modem by small arms engine that's going to be ok. because more to. come out is unlimited so i missed that. one of the main seasons filming and starts throwing rocks. but layla pushes on. you saw and that is it was. suddenly she spots a young man she's already treated several times. but
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it was over for. them now with. this work is not for the make but enough gonna stand a woman doing this job is so offensive to some that people have attempted to kill her she had to foist whole for 2 men who broke into her home and tried to strangle her in her sleep. another time she was attacked in what she thought was a taxi because i was just i want to show the. i'm told that i'm out of i got it on monday the people in the back pulled a scarf around my neck and strangled me i thought i was finished the driver took a weapon from the glove compartment and said if you don't stop your work it's this easy for us to kill you. but didn't stop in fact she doubled down. as my house like a mother on a society expects me to stay at home have children be
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a good host and no man should hear my voice. i have just one life and i don't want to live the way society wants. it's a choice she wouldn't have had 18 years ago when the taliban ruled afghanistan. under its regime women were not seen. they were forced to wear as a book go and work banned from streets and jobs and if they broke these rules they were filled and sometimes executed was in the gift was it that we've gambled with our lives minute by minute. because we want women to have a place in society. to show them how much things have changed. and they look at your friends take me to a place so to prove it was completely banned by the taliban.
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it's a bowling alley. not exactly the hotbed of vice i was expecting. but not that long ago all of us would have been publicly flogged just being feet. who didn't do something like this 18 years ago and probably still at this not with one eye witness and that ali khamenei didn't get. one shot or not will not enough information what happened at the end look what happened i'm sure it doesn't get. and they tell me that's not the only change was the design and that john. pointed out that. it is still a show that was it's not that donnish will. run with it because it is make money on it. but now women fear that these freedoms may not last for much longer. room is
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a rife that the taliban could come back into government as part of the deal negotiated with the us. the taliban think. that morning if you should make sure the movie's title was. read there as an afghan i'm shocked that the americans introduce democracy human rights and women's rights to us and encouraged us to defend them but they're telling us that now the taliban is legit how has the taliban changed was all this talk of human rights women's rights democracy was a just a game. is not the only one outraged by these peace talks under the hash tag my red line women the taking to social media to defend their rights my bomani exile now fawn cut this off lay has to hash out i think. money i cut out i
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got manukau about me got. cut the subcommand also idea by animals but money at their athletes musicians market it's all coming together to make it clear that this freedom isn't up for negotiation but in a country so scalloped by a women's rights a luxury that only affluent afghans can afford to care about that obeidi agency at the of what the so come. to find out i hate to. the northern province of bottle. down on. the amount. is a much smaller. there are definitely no bowling alleys here and in public at least many women still wear
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the blue collar. i'm here to me. but crushing here isn't easy. to. make believe right now she's juggling 17 cases defending women who have fled abusive families and forced marriages. that i was making up of. a lot of them. it was that was the one that was. i guess it was measuring measure was are they going that are they go there with i would you question. not you know works for an ngo called women for afghan women which run secret shelters.
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because only close on one cause if only most of the cases we have are connected to domestic violence and family issues women want the relatives who have abused them to be punished that the number to meet that demand that we don't get is that many here feel for their lives for their protection we've changed their names. to us that's not for the regime must not get out of the mosque that is in there which to me today nigeria's meeting with her client fatah maher and her husband. fatima says her husband is violent and that his uncle sexually harassed her accusations he denies quote my younger son missing his honest youngest. sure my family got little in the last hour that america yeah to be going to go that is like you know i don't know what i mean i know what grabs. his stride to leave him before
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i've done what him or that's what i'm up in i mean felt so numb you're maybe you're not maybe i can my younger than i thought i'd just be going to meet him the thought on what is good only as your what a pleasure being.


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