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against the government of iran specifically and oil vessel that has recently left the port of gibraltar that the u.s. says it has reason to believe is bound for syria that is a statement from mike pompei oh the u.s. secretary of state that ship was originally called the grey swan it is now called the adrian one it was originally flagged as a panamanian vessel and now it is being flagged as an iranian vessel the british government seized it in gibraltar and under suspicion that it would be taken to syria to offload oil that ship was released after iranian officials allegedly told gibraltar officials that they would not take that ship to syria but meanwhile that ship has changed his destination a few times and now the u.s. secretary of state says it is bound for syria he says he hopes it will change course that threat comes within or else exactly what the u.s. government might do at this stage we don't know was that i had an al-jazeera people
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fear that now defense the soft police seize their weapons to stop fighting and child. playing a waiting game the drawn out battle to rebuild an iraqi city of rag by al you still . hello there most conditions across southern sections of borneo across into somalia but it's to the north where you got all this and a lot of activity still with saying some pretty heavy amounts of rain across much of the philippines but it's really across areas of thailand and across particularly into myanmar we're going to see some very heavy amounts of rain is the remnants of what was that storm totals but also combined with the seasonal rains at this time of year says you go off into monday there's rains becoming more extensive and really very heavy indeed across again
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a tools in all the philippines meanwhile across malaysia and insular just cloudy and of course the usual rains across northern sections of the sumatra more rain showers as well into the southeast of australia another system working its way across the great vice and also see some rain showers across into path but touches on the whole lot cheaper than 17 in adelaide the same in melbourne with those showers and the same across into perth as well 17 celsius a little bit warmer on monday and also a dry a day and then meanwhile temperatures up along the east coast into biz then very nice with a high there of 29. and then we've got pretty good conditions for the next couple days across much of new zealand a little bit of cloud around not a bad day in oakland on sunday probably more raid in your forecast as we head into monday cool in christchurch but in my stay with some good sunshine.
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like qatar airways experienced economy class like never before qatar airways going places together. welcome back you're watching out the 0 time to recap our headlines now in india nearly 2000000 people in our sound stage have been excluded from the citizens register they could now be left stateless have to prove they are not foreigners and
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face detention. tens of thousands of protesters are blocking traffic in central hong kong in defiance of a police baton it's the 13th successive weekend of mass protests against how hong kong is run. u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o says he has reliable evidence in the rain all tank it is having to syria that despite iran promising the adrian one would stay away after being released from jail brought earlier this month. unexploded bombs are just one of the problems in rebuilding mosul in northern iraq the battle to evict i saw fighters from the self declared caliphate 2 years ago left the city in ruins some iraqis are returning to rebuild but it will be a slow and expensive task of aid reports in the ottoman era market each of the hammers is a reminder of the importance of perseverance after defeating eisel these
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blacksmiths in mosul the old city only living claiming their centuries old profession riyad namor took out loans to rebuild his shop virginity of the lady i came back for the love of my city and my people and i wanted to carry on my forefathers profession as people return children in this neighborhood spend their summer at the center and escape from the destruction around them. and also a chance to catch up on education they missed on the rifle. agencies are helping thousands of people to get identity papers and other important documents lost during the war with the group but going through the bureaucratic system and tightened security means it can take up to 6 months to get an identity card and death certificates property ownership papers and compensation is even more complicated and unfortunately most of the still suffering we have many problems like electricity and water health care and other basic services including paved
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roads. it's been 2 years since iraqi forces took back mosul from isis and reintegrating close to half a 1000000 people is a major challenge. there are many reasons hindering the return to mosul this includes social political and security as well as economic reasons there are areas that need services for instance we have coordinated with international actors for help we're also planning to create job opportunities. not everyone can afford to rebuild and getting help isn't easy a u.n. estimate puts the yearly cost of rebuilding mosul at $1800000000.00 it's hard to imagine how people will come back to destruction like this many try to come back and rebuild their lives but they have to return because there was nothing there for them. o'reilly left the refugee camp but after house raids and inability to afford essential she returned to her tent her son was a nicely fighter now she says the shia militias aren't much different she's bitter about being considered a criminal by association when she had no other choice but to accept their tyranny
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. there is no integration they consider as an infectious disease we had nothing to do with all of this it was a calamity which affected almost in the now area where the children women are left now the men are gone most of them are either in detention centers on the the rubble we are considered to live in that. people here say it will take a lot of effort to rebuild mosul and they need international help as well. it's too much but others say they're here to stay and build a new future. mosul. security forces in china of launch raids into eastern provinces as part of emergency measures imposed by the government trying to end fighting between farmers and herders which has killed dozens of people this month alone alex o'brien reports. on the outskirts of a in eastern chad they pray for peace. at
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a chaise in one of 3 regions where president idriss davies declared a state of emergency after dozens of people were killed in fighting over land and resources between famines and no medical evidence the army's been deployed to try to prevent further unrest and security forces have made dozens of their breasts seizing weapons from civilians and. oh i knew. you were enforcing the state of emergency measures and within a very short space of time managed to seize all of these weapons i thank you very much and urge you to continue until there is 0 weapons in civilian hands. that's left people in this village feeling anxious and unsafe. the 6 rifles we once had was seized by the army we're now left defenseless if there were adverse reason approach we have no alternative but to report it to the government but if the government files to help us our enemies will destroy us
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simply because we have no weapons. the emergency measures allow authorities to impose curfews and search homes the president's also closed some borders blaming the surge of unrest on conflicts in neighboring libya sudan and central african republic but there's concern the border closures could stop supplies being brought in to a nation where more than half a 1000000 people already struggle to get enough food abdul-rahim survived one of the attacks and while dying which several people were killed he usually works as a driver during the night and says the curfew isn't helping business side of. the whole street is closed there's nobody with the drivers can only get money at night during the day there's very few people the tension extends beyond these provinces just this week 11 people were killed in fighting in a dispute between herders and farmers over trampled crops and southern chad. the state of emergency is set to remain in place for another 10 days but some fear the
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measures aren't enough to end the violence this woman's relying on prayer to protect her community alexia brian al jazeera. hurrican dorian is strengthened to a category 4 storm which forecasters described as extremely dangerous it's gaining momentum as it tracks towards the u.s. east coast with wind speeds of more than 180 kilometers an hour evacuations have been ordered in the bahamas while a state of emergency has been declared for the u.s. state of florida embassy correspondent jay gray has more from cocoa beach florida. it looks like landfall at this point will be sometime late in the morning or early afternoon tuesday this storm has slowed down significantly and that's bad news that means it's gathering strength it's forming and getting a more solid eye and really could intensify significantly before it does make that turn and head toward the florida coast here we have seen lines around grocery
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stores lines at gas stations home improvement stores packed with people buying supplies generators were sold out for a short time here more help than moved in fuel is going to be an issue across the state according to the governor and right now there's a high tension for millions up and down the coast because we just don't know at this point where the storm is going to strike look it has been a storm that's been very difficult to birthday it gets wrapped up very quickly in the warm waters of the atlantic and a lot of people now worried about where dorian could go next no evacuation orders and the main reason according to 1st responders and officials is they don't know where to evacuate they don't know where the storm is going to make landfall what we do know is they'll likely open some shelters for people who don't feel safe at home can at least start to move in there what they've told everyone else is pack what you will meet if you're going to have to leave if you feel like you're going to leave regardless of an evacuation order do it now go all the roads aren't packed if you're going to wait for us to tell you to leave don't wait to pack once you get
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that word be ready to go and get out quickly. rescue operations underway in bolivia to save animals out of control wildfires volunteer vests rainer in set up emergency shelters to deal with injuries to a wide variety of creatures the fires have destroyed one and a half 1000000 hanks has a forest the heading south towards paraguayan island that's in the american added tennessee and human reports from bolivia is she could tunnel tropical forest. a team of police and veterinarians travel to the new. reserve forest fires have been raging for weeks. their mission is to try to rescue wild animals which may have been injured. this was the scene the previous night the fire destroyed everything in its path. but a few animals were saved like the 2 day old wild pig whose mother died in the fire
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. the nature is extraordinary the way the allows these creatures to adapt in the face of danger and stress and find. enormous with burnt eyes a hawk recovering from smoke inhalation along with a boa constrictor they're all receiving treatment at the shelter. today the rescue is hope to find more survivors riding in the direction. which indicates sometimes where there's a fire and we can tell because of the large number of butterflies that are flying away. this area has already burned to the ground and there's no sign of life. what is pokes around a serpent hole if it's deep enough he says the snakes may have survived. if you can see this is apocalyptic there's nothing left these are part of the world's
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lungs now it's nature that's disappearing next it will be. this is no sign of firefighters here as you can see the wind here is absolutely fierce and it's fanning the flames again in this direction the plan is to bring a super tanker helicopter here in the next couple of days to leave water for the animals that have survived but that helicopter is also needed to put out the fires to save human life. the fire remains out of control a thick layer of smoke and ash fills the air making the sun look red. it's too dangerous to stay in the veterinarian star upset that they couldn't save a single animal i mean. i feel impotent because people aren't seeing how the amazon is burning how animals have burning alive and no one is doing anything. while much of the world focuses on the fires raging in the brazilian amazon the devastation here in neighboring bolivia is receiving far less attention. even though assistance
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is desperately needed not just to put out the fires but to regenerate this fragile and diverse eco system so that what has survived will still be able to live here you see in human i'll just see that in the tropical forest believe. brazilian delegation including the foreign minister and president jiang have also narrow sonner in the u.s. they're discussing for fighting those fires also narrow initially rejected an offer of $20000000.00 from do 7 nations after a war of words with the french president now later said he'd accept that money but only if he can control how it's spent the hours and continues to burn despite brazil's president ordering a $60.00 day ban on fires there is a bug reports from part of a one donia state j.d. wilson out or may have banned fire using amazonia in an attempt to discourage
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people from setting the forest in place. despite the precedent 60 day decree on friday when i were away from the city of port the wheel in the stadium from the nia fire men struggle to contain the flames the anger nearest told us the situation is desperate. f.l.i.r. for how did i miss the moment this is our life these days fighting one fire rather we still don't know whether this is criminal or an opera happening all the time. is located in the center west of brazil thousands of hectares of forest have already been destroyed it's an example of how the agricultural frontier continues to grow in spite of regulations in place to protect it. the increase of deforestation under president has generated an international outcry. it's difficult to know how this fire began whether it started naturally because of the time of the year or whether it was setup land in this part of the amazon rain forest is precious for
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agribusiness and in many cases fires like this one are started in order to take over the land. land is like real state here and once deforested i'm burned it can be sold for thousands of dollars. evil seal weighs a farmer he believes this fire was intentional he says he's warned that the world will stop purchasing brazilian beef to punish words on idle. people are exaggerating or raise cattle or sell meat and milk and now because of the far as i'm going to stop selling it i want the criminals to suffer we're here to work for a living. the government says they're winning the fight against the fires and that there's been a drop in the past days but in spite of the latest efforts the brazilian amazon continues to burn. many say call to develop the region is to blame. the president says he's now willing to talk to leaders of the european union that
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have condemned his environmental policy. a phone call with angela merkel is jupiter she began with a certain tone but then went back to normal i'm ready to talk with some people except the america wrong l.s.e. apologizes about our sovereignty other the amazon then i'll talk to him. 7 international pressure is what has forced the president to take some type of action to prevent intentional fires in amazonia fires that until now nobody seems to be able to stop. and. let's take you through some of the headlines here on al-jazeera now in india nearly 2000000 people in are some states have been excluded from a citizens' register could be left staplers they'll have to prove they're not
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foreigners face detention critics say muslims are being targeted the indian government says it's identifying illegal bangladeshi migrants priyanka got to reports from. some state. more than 1900000 people have been left out of a sense updated finally register of citizens that means they will now have to appeal to foreigners tribunals with evidence to prove that they are indian the decision on citizenship will be decided by foreigners tribe you know the of course have the right to appeal it high court and supreme court but it is expected to be a long legal process as the government says about 200 foreigners tribe you know will start operating the coming few days and that number could increase to up to 1000 to gases being fired in the past few protesters blocking traffic in central hong kong tens of thousands are demonstrating in
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defiance of a police baton despite pouring rain it's the 13th successive weekend of mass protests u.s. secretary of state mike pompei has reliable evidence and iranian oil tanker is heading to syria 1st this visor ran promising the adrian would stay away after being released from gibraltar earlier this month. hurrican dorian has strengthened to a category 4 storm which forecasters describe as big strain really dangerous it's gaining momentum as it tracks towards the u.s. east coast with wind speeds of more than 180 kilometers an hour now brazilian delegation including the foreign minister and the president joe valsin are son are in the u.s. they're discussing aid for fighting the fires the blazes keep burning despite the 60 day ban on fires and closed 5 balls on our earth it's counting the cost
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now. al jazeera. hello i'm come out santa maria this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week india 15 of the most polluted cities in the world are on the sub continent we take a look at the health costs to one of the world's fastest growing economies it's also already under pressure from a trade war now the antigovernment protests could plunge hong kong's economy into recession. reporting from the islands in norway.
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but also in the course. hello everybody this week a little different on counting the cost we've got our correspondents and documentary makers loose on a number of important economic stories big picture stuff and given them a bit more time to do so and we are starting with what has become the world's most polluted capital city in according to the world health organization and greenpeace that city is new delhi in fact 15 of the 20 most polluted cities in the world are in india alone clearly it can't be good for people's health but how does it impact the country and its economy documentary make and they have had a matter as this feature reports. like many parents. doctor. knows that allowing his children to play outdoors comes at a cost. pollution is affecting our life. was i moved to this place i started
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developing last month and next few years he came he was sometimes i have to come in the middle of the night when my daughter was just one month old see all through to get past markets doc to put the area lives in one of the most polluted parts of the city and believes the air quality is made worse by emissions from a waste energy plant in his neighborhood there is a high level of pollution belly and on top of that this plant. so definitely even in delhi if you are staying one place although please visit difference. as a doctor he knows only too well that absolution can have lost and consequences on his family's health but the time you might have a big long. i cannot continue my excess capacity for very long because copy of this i get even after. anything the plant management refused to respond to our clarity on its health impact but none of it stop officials said in
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a whatsapp message that the plant's performance met all operating parameters and is well within prescribed limits. over a 1000000 indians died into n.t. 17 because of fair petition according to the global burden of disease study but the indian government has consistently maintained there is no direct correlation between air pollution and deaths there are multiple causes of mortality how do your been boiling that inequality is the cause it can be a trigger it certainly is a trigger in most of the cases. but i think if you continue to do studies on this and come up with conclusion data it helps. but an increasing number of doctors say there is a clear link between absolution and deaths there is enough data available there air pollution science must continue but action should not
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read the reserves of scientific studies because there may be 20 years and by the last millions of people are known or thirdly to this menace. air pollution has been linked to a 3rd of all lung cancer deaths in india one of its victims is priyanka chan a digital marketing consultant based in delhi she was diagnosed almost overnight with stage 4 lung cancer the right lung is completely damaged and. the cancer has spread so much that it's just not visible on the extreme when we met april this year she blamed the city's dirty air for her illness i don't foresee any other reason for lung cancer to happen to me otherwise breathing is the most important practice that you're doing every moment and that's your source of life so the air
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that you're breathing if that is poor that definitely is a significant contributor for any respiratory disease her doctor also believed that pollution could have led to her terminal illness does enough evidence in the world that pollution can do that and i really wonder if that was the main chord to be true factor in hokies. priyanka lost her battle to cancer in july 2019 less than 4 months after the interview. she had just turned 27 so and it's not just the health of people that's being affected by absolution it also affects the health of the economy if you add up the number of you're losing because of illness because of the productive dying and you know what you have coming out shows you're going to cost. india as one of the world's
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fastest growing economies and even though its growth has slowed down it seems to be worth 5 trillion dollars over the next few years. but according to the world bank the country lost over 8 percent of its g.d.p. in 20 to her teen because of air pollution. and latest research from the indian statistical institute shows that reducing pollution would help the country gain billions frequent cut pollution to 0 every indian would be willing to pay about $300.00 per year to cut that risk the total benefit would be about 3 or $400000000000.00 per year which is about 10 to 15 percent of total income in india please help us we are not able to believe air pollution has dominated the headlines in the country for a few years now even moving major political parties to include it in their
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manifestos the government is making a push for clean energy and electric vehicles among other measures earlier this year it launched the 1st national clean air program that aims to bring down air pollution in more than 100 cities over the next 5 years but some experts think the program needs more teeth they need doget without clear compliance and accountability mechanism does not work so the government approach that will collaborate to cooperate to find friendly answers that is not really going to bring the kind of you know that push that we require to make things happen on ground. and with studies indicating that nearly 700000000 indians are exposed to polluted air has little time to lose if we were to freeze all the legislation and do nothing now on words in 2050 roughly 130000000 people or half the
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population in 25 would still be exposed which exceeds our ambient air quality standards brought to nab or out of clean air asia says there are lessons to be learned from how india's neighbor china has battled its notoriously high levels china puts air pollution not as part of an environment agenda. it's part of the national planning process so obviously it's an economic agenda in countries like ours where where we're looking at rapid development we're looking at you know energy transition we're looking at things like smart cities we definitely need to integrate and within within development policy. industrial pollution remains a serious challenge but businesses are beginning to step up say seem a road out of the confederation of indian industry while investor realizes that we do cause a bit of this problem a lot of them are coming up and say how can i be
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a part of the solution and this change we only see in the last one year that. the government is betting big on moving to clean over the eco emission standards in 2020 but this hasn't come without challenges for the auto industry which is already struggling with some of the worst sales figures in recent years the time given to us what extremely small in previous time we're supposed to be from. internationally countries have taken anything would be in it but then you will describe the work meanwhile citizens are opting for private solutions to a public problem this chemist tells us that his sales of breeding a parrot us have been booming. mosques and nebulizers are going to become compulsory in the time to come in every home will lead to stock up on them. and this building in a busy south delhi neighborhood games to offer pollution free office space b m 2.5
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a highly dangerous particle that is 30 times smaller than the with a human hair is almost absent from here. so we're right outside one of the u. greenest buildings and the pm $2.00 level here has been hovering at about a 100 which is about twice of india's daily national standard and about 4 times out of the international standard let's go and see what the building is doing now to clean up its air entrepreneur shows us the plants and technology that keep pollutants out the mechanical filtration big scared of the particulate matter and some of the harmful gases that when you bring out the gases robotics get over it but as the plants hope and reducing the indoor pollutants like volatile organic compounds and the pm $2.00 levels have actually come down to 14 from about 100 outside that's a difference of the air purification process makes over here. if i don't also has a warehouse stocked with purifiers that costs between $400.00 to $2000.00
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a hefty price tag for most indians is it elitist yes it is but if i can afford it if i can help my kids and my family breathe better and help them protect their lungs i'm going to do everything i can and asked for dr doherty on the line between his hospital and home has blurred because of his daughter none the niece frequent asked him our tax. and unless the city's pollution is brought under control soon dr bhadoria mages joined the growing ranks of highly skilled professionals leaving the city not for greener pastures but for tina air al-jazeera is a matter with that in science and you can see more of her work and that of our documentary makers online at around 0 dot com slash people in power or have a look in the documentaries many. now to hong kong you've seen the protests there you've seen the depth of feeling but the territory's finance chief
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is now warm the economy could be plunged into recession if the anti-government protests continue one citywide strike cost the economy as much as $332000000.00 according to economists and don't forget the knock on effect too from the trade war between the united states and china and to thomas has been reporting for al-jazeera right throughout the protest movement here is his take on the economic effect. monsoons during hong kong's rainy season often put a damper on shopping but this year it's not just the rain. protests against hong kong's government to having a big impact on the retail sector. retail revenues in june were down 7 percent year on year figures by july and august
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are expected to show drops of between 10 and 20 percent. this locksmith in central hong kong says in 42 years it's never be batch which takes its time business is terrible terrible people have lost the desire to spend i hope both sides can resolve the conflict soon so to stop hurting the economy in 3 years from worry and fear. tourists 2 missing especially those from mainland china hotel occupancy rights in june as the protests began were 3 percent down on normal life figures once they're out much steeper for still these are those who weren't put off this time around but the son it was a close call home and. mainlanders like guests afraid to run in to protest i won't be rushing back i right away and quite and down for deep pool wait to see if i
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suggest that you have. it worried me when i heard about the demonstrations before i came out since i've been here it's actually been fine place for me there's been no sign of demonstrations in the places i've been. tourists losing confidence in hong kong is one thing but if international credit rating agencies do. 2 that could be disastrous if. continual and escalate. and become uncontrollable then that will have significant impact on hong kong's credit rating and there will be here which ok lack of impact. hong kong's current credit rating schools are similar to those of the united states they're a lot better than mainland china because hong kong is seen as economically and
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legally independent the protest could mean a downgrade either because they make hong kong a more difficult place to do business or because evidence of beijing asserting itself would undermine the independence that many consider makes hong kong special . but the cost of that will be high and that will have impact on their pockets. already hong kong's economy was sluggish weighed down by the us china trade war april to june figures show annual growth of just north point 6 percent well down on a year ago and then there is housing prices dropped almost one percent in june with much bigger falls expected. profit the and move away. and you can expect from the impact of the political instability so. many people are willing to enter the market in this kind of situation.
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the sale volumes in july were at their lowest level of the year many analysts expect probably prices here to fall 10 percent by the end of the year although those working in property say $24.00 teams occupy movement was expected to hit prices too but it didn't end up putting up investors from the mainland the impact of these protests could be seen. only small. 2019 protests though have already been the most widespread hong kong has ever seen the city is known for economic stability and success but it success depends on its stability. and finally some in-depth environmental reporting because if you want to count the cost then the cost to our planet is arguably the most important one now for decades norway has been smart it saved money from the sale of its oil and gas and in doing so created actually the world's biggest
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sovereign wealth fund today worth a trillion dollars but now recognizing the damage done to our climate from the use of hydrocarbons the funder started to sell its holdings in oil and gas and is actually leaving oil worth billions of dollars under the ground our environment editor at al-jazeera is of course not clark here he is with a multi-layered report looking at how climate change is shaping the landscape of norway's shipping fishing and oil industries the far north of norway is spectacular a lot of mountains and fjords and raw beauty it's an important fishing area and as you can imagine it brings in the tourist dollars this is actually the highest mountain in. particularly in the folk nile and we're getting up close to nature is what you do. the problem is the wealth a little lies beneath the water for a long time let's hope niland have been in the crosshairs of the big oil companies because red geologists know that in these coastal waters lies the whole field what
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an estimated $60000000000.00 and that process or the license to explore in the past this has been supported by the government and for many it's a big concern i would say are all against oil but i'm also really afraid of the damages that can happen if there is a big always been so i wouldn't take the risk. but things may be changing recently norway's opposition labor party with drew its support for next gratian meeting now there's a majority in parliament to keep the islands off limits the young people today and they are more important about the future climate change. about. and i think the fish wrists and the tourism industry is the future more than oil and gas especially in the. arctic areas norway is a nation made rich by 4 decades of oil and gas extraction the sovereign wealth fund
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worth a colossal one trillion dollars so every move away from fossil fuels is significant and the climate crisis is also more real it's close up in our face you have to do serious stuff the next 10 years. and educated people and already understand that's it when we start to understand but there will be some changes on the small to even maybe politically the size of the market will change to the amount of consumers will demand. we're happy with the very progress before those in the face and who rely on these waters and fear the potential impact of oil spills is still skepticism we're never gets the fully. fully no for oil exploitation so for me it seems like it's only an open till it's yes and when it's yes there's no turning back at a time when the world needs to radically cut back on fossil fuel emissions it will become increasingly hard for the nation to justify new extraction contracts
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especially in these waters. this is what made norway rich long before oil take told all scray in them millions filled drawing rocks across the lefe tonight lin's winter off the wind fisherman here have cashed in on the annual migration south from the barents sea it is a tradition that goes back thousands of year is called it's cold it's got it and then it's hold out to dry for several months and what you end up with is a dried fish that retains nearly 100 percent of its nutrition apprise delicacy from its emmy to nigeria this is what supplied the vikings on the long voyages to far off lands and still now is a big part of the norwegian economy with millions of dollars the fish comes from the barents sea and its goal is to look to spawn. and that's because of the atlantic stream to the left extreme it stops by locals and brings food it brings to the higher temperature even though it's not warm but it's high high enough to spawn
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and it's a very delicate ecosystem in that fragility is spelled talent by a remove scientific research as a changing climate and warmer ocean temperatures upset the balance of the marine ecosystem meaning the scray may be forced out and then it's a question of where they go obviously it keeps things keep warming some of those true polar species might. not have a whole lot of places to go if they're being out competed by sort of these other species moving north and where he might see some considerable changes there this is a good nielsen cold 13000 kilos of cold it's been a pretty good season but he's worried about the future climate change could change everything. suddenly stopped because he'd be warmer and going at all around the dollar north so then being the how bad
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a big program every year is spring comes they called league their return has always been a certainty and in the city not just for the fishermen but if the seals seabirds and whales that feed on them now this extraordinary feat of nature is under threat the outcome is it depends on the political will to act in a time of global crisis. the club and yachts in the west coast of norway where there's been a long rich history of ship building but this is something different to ships the roald amundsen the for itself once in a nearing completion and there are steps into the future vessels the state of the arctic this is ships that will take paying passengers in remote parts of the world powered partly by bashing but you expedition ship together is a complex process as you might imagine involving welders carpenters and plumbers and of course electricians there's more than 750 kilometers of cabling to say
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nothing of detailed an extensive wiring for powering the ship by self generated electricity about 3 zones in place yet so what what are we what's going to be put in place and what will we see and distract your kind that can fit 20 and better ourselves and it will be about walls for each cell or each rep here with this rx with we have behind us now we can reduce to 20 percent off the fuel consumption off the ship. the vessels thrust will come from a combination of diesel and battery powered batteries and cells will be constantly charged by the ship's engines as they run tile brights and will be kept in on the roald amundsen as she attempts the northwest passage later this year it's really important because we have got him going to 2 remote areas on the ball areas and to be able to do you know feet footprints but could give you is only the green footprints we supply the polar system with the batteries but also when we do the
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operation. on time. given the shipping industry is responsible for a significant proportion of the global climate problem james cannot come soon enough ultimately the dream is of a ship with no need of a final hybrid. reducing consumption is one thing but even more interesting i think is the work that is now going into fully electric. shipping we've seen some initiatives on that as well in norway and that's an area where. the norwegian shipping industry might get an advantage as an early adopter. electric faeries can already be seen in some of the world's ports while on shore power and others enables vessels to be plugged in so engines can be switched off while docked. and hurtigruten and now planning to convert several ships like the nord cap here drawn on
6:46 pm
a combination of fuel including bio gas made from organic waste like timber and that fish with the day when the mega ships of the world are powered by renewable energy well that is still in the distant future. and that is our show for this week but we'd love to hear from you you can tweet or message me directly on that come on do you use the hash tag. when you do or drop us an e-mail counting the cost to down to 0 dot net is the address and you can visit us online as well al-jazeera dot com slash c.t.c. that will take you straight to a page with individual reports links and entire episodes for you to catch up on but that is it for this edition of counting the cost i'm kemal santa maria from the whole team thanks for joining us the news on al-jazeera is next.
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scenario. the latest news as it breaks each week that passes angry creases into the fiber the government grows deeper. with details cover each month i was once known as the coldest 15 venezuela and that's why people are not used to this situation. from around the world. it's been over a decade since movie you had seen have brando through the she that. rewind returns with a new series. and brand new updates on the past about using these documentaries.
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to. rewind continues we have to be an afghan i never for the president i'm going to run in this is the proudest day out by you know my life that was a real turning point for goes that give them a lot of confidence that they can beat any team in a shoe on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello i'm sam is a band this is news hour live from though coming up the next 60 minutes thousands of people also around the government headquarters in hong kong off to defying a ban on marches to take out some water cannon now being used. nearly 2000000
6:49 pm
people who call india home all denied citizenship raising fears of statelessness. the doctor behind me is actually smoke i'm going to see a new one in the near enemy watchful reserve in bolivia where out of control forest fires are destroying all the wildlife in their path. i'm joined again just go. with the sports a pain free now that djokovic splits his shoulder injury behind to reach the last 16 and. now i begin the new story with a developing story in hong kong where thousands of protestors are besieging government headquarters thousands more roads in other parts of the central city in the past half an hour we got reports that tear gas water cannons were used by police and i was just gone 6 pm there we're looking at the main road hasim
6:50 pm
government headquarters right next door is one of the barracks of the chinese army known as the. people's liberation army now the trouble started within the past hour crow crowds rather blocks a key road a mass rally planned for saturday afternoon been banned by police but the crowds as you can see in their thousands marching anyway right across the city many made their way into the heart of the central business district others stopping near the government buildings this is the 3rd straight weekend of mass protests in hong kong. let's cross over now to wayne hey he's following developments there wayne. tell us what's going on where you i understand there's been some trouble i think we can still hear some i guess that tear gas canisters being shot. well i can because sure i took what i can because i had to put my mask on very shortly to get printed
6:51 pm
in the show you what's going on here a lot of gas in the air right now this is government headquarters over here brendan if you just pan over there and show our viewers what we're looking at here this is the legislative council buildings. and this certainly had been a pretty peaceful march throughout the course of the day. until they came here to. building and that's when the trouble started excuse the tears in my eyes as a side there is a lot of tear gas in the air at the moment what the protesters did was basically stop outside this building and start throwing things at the building a lot of police inside as you can imagine if we just have a look further down the road they are brendan doing an amazing job here in dangerous situations. you can see the protesters down there and they're still came to in this a lot of tear gas rounds we're seeing evidence of rubber bullets as well being fired bean bag rounds as they call them as well and water cannon is being fired ski's my voice i mean why do we need to go situation you may cover him yes.
6:52 pm
i can still talk for now at the moment it's relatively safe from where we're standing but it is difficult to talk that's for sure. you may remember july 1st the protesters came here and they stormed inside the legislative council building and took it over did a lot of vandalism damaged a lot of the legislative council building which is basically hong kong's parliament so you can understand scuse me while that why there is a lot of sensitivity about this building and a lot of security today it's now surrounded by these huge plastic barricades filled with water there being petrol bombs thrown as well today i have to add and if we just have a look around here now some are you going to see the water cannon coming in action . one of them not being scrying is plain water we understand the other one is blue this is the 1st time we've seen this it's you may see there's the blue dye. so that
6:53 pm
is designed to tag the protest is we're not aware of it containing any chemicals. but that certainly is a possibility we're seeing that used in other countries of course but we understand the reason for the blue scuse me is to. try and tag these protesters this is an illegal assembly of course i know it was banned by the police we know the protesters and tried to break in or actually have broken into that building is that what's going on right now or is anyone trying to actually access that building vandalize as as happened in the past. as far as we know no i may have to go semi ski. so as far as we know we have not seen them attempting to go inside that building but certainly you know over the course of the past few weeks we've seen these but regularly and the trick is to. retreat
6:54 pm
quite quickly maybe move to another part of the city but what we're seeing now over the course of the excuse me the past hour. is anything about a retreat from just having to run now the water cannon. being aimed towards us are certainly not being lenient on the media there sometimes. i mean the water came towards the camera so that's the scene here so i mean. all right well you know i think we're going to let you perhaps gather everything together seems to be a fire going on in one corner of the screen there and we do want to ask why and later on about the chinese army garrison but before we do that let's go over to sarah clarke she's following developments for us also in hong kong so tell us what's going on the way you are sara. i guess and where we are we've just seen all the crowds disperse from where wine is now i don't know if you can see the top of that building that's the chief government office building this is
6:55 pm
where the people of firing on the place i should say up barring the hands of the t.v.'s also heard as you mentioned also from wind the water the water cannons being used and died being you know there's a number of scams happening around home at the moment and as you can see people are fleeing but there's still tens of thousands of people on the streets and surrounding the chief government office which is on my right and i mean here you've got the people's liberation army office which is the chinese army officer as you can see. the strike. they've been firing at canisters of tear gas as well as the one to die which is what the diving used blue dye in the water cannons that's the 1st time that dyes being used of course that she identifies who those people are the protests and makes it easier for place to i'm. so sara just to clarify the picture we're looking at the protests being dispersed right now or what's the usual pattern do they gather and regroup and try and come back.
6:56 pm
gather and regroup and try and come back and the reason of the sensitivity of this particular area is simply because it's the chief government office and alleged that of assembly which is the hong kong my own parliament and of course chinese army buys so this area is very much a sensitive area politically and one they want to protect but as you mentioned i will regroup now move in august 1st and now find other locations where that will kind of that they'll move back in but at this stage it may be dispersal but if it is being made right and since wrong to clear these crowds using those various methods discussed can you point out to us where the chinese army garrison is and what's going on there you know what sort of posture they seem to be taking you know . what's starting to back up with ryan but i thought i should get paul to show where the the people's liberation army or the chinese army office is that tall building right there and then on the right hand side that that's where the chief government offices as well as hong kong's parliament so as i mentioned politically this is the thought the main kind of central part of hong kong for the chinese
6:57 pm
perspective in the hong kong perspective hence why there isn't a lot of place to fish and these guys as i mentioned at the top of the chief government office that's where they be doing the mind firing from which we've got to tear gas and the other down the line with where they got the water cannons i do know if you're able to see this but one of the pictures we have a moment ago it looks like there may be fire and smoke coming out of a point i know you may be a little further away but do you have any idea of things being so far right now. where the point is that right now it is just below us so where i can see that by where we are and you can see the entire right. i think it is because clear because of the water cannons and the tear gas so where that fire might be would be beloit this mine boy which has been blocked for the last hour or so i. write i have to say we're not entirely sure what was going on that did look like some smoke and flames
6:58 pm
all we can go that could of course be. some kinds of canisters being there we go i think we can see it now so that does look like a lot of smoke you may not be able to see this sarah but there does seem to be some smoke and some far go it all. it looks like. it's very difficult i don't want to speculate it was definitely some smoke and flames i don't know if that's like some kind of tear gas canisters or dispersal canisters being put out or whether that was an attempt to set fire by the protesters to that fence or wall not was but. as we can see in those pictures there a lot of activity and excitement whenever someone flames and puffs of smoke appeared. so clearly say a big campaign of a rest yesterday hasn't dampened people's appetite to come out again today right.
6:59 pm
now it certainly has and as you've seen by the pictures there are tens of thousands of people that have come to the streets and if they've defied that ban that was put in place by the place and again we've got the protests which look like bomb targeting the airports tomorrow which is sunday and that's up to busy dying for returns and landings are here in hong kong and it's a very very busy airports stifling and paralyzing the airport with protests and we get to see how. to get to the airport because it's an injunction heist on the airport which makes any protests presence at the airport illegal so that's the main one tomorrow on sunday but certainly the moment actually can we turn around here we just got all the right place so just moving in now aside this is some of this might come as mine. maybe out we've had all the the various protesters dispersed and now we've got the right place moving in and a number of ambulances side certainly the action is just kicking off here in hong kong as you heard from wind high that's where the my number of protesters were and
7:00 pm
. and this is the art of the right place coming into the bicycle here up or coming to disperse the crowds that remain around the chief government office and let's have a council building as well as us to mention the chinese army so again it's a very sensitive very highly protected area in central hong kong but certainly you can see the numbers right here. in the are likely to want to i'm in the other pictures which we. did look like they're still some protesters of that street does that mean we're looking at riot police coming in to try and disperse them. so when when the protesters as images are behind us so that's where those protesters movie perched or certainly would be standing by this is where the police and moving and so this is where they're pushing them back so that was the mining area just behind me where they the protesters surrounded a block right at the governor's office and this is where the point where it's
7:01 pm
a huge number of police cars as well as armed police on foot we were moving in. leaving big clash right so. we certainly could and as we saw the arrest that was ramping it up there was a why of of of harper's i'm not quite high profile very high profile pro-democracy members who were arrested and that certainly was an indication that the police are looking to ramp up and trying to put an end to what has been going on for 13 weekends now with 13 weeks and this is an indication of how seriously they're taking this but we've had a number of religious the council members that's you know politicians who also arrested 2 of those about 2 of the 3 have now been released but this level of brought place moving started to central this is certainly an indication of how seriously the place of treating this particular this weekend of protests all right sara bear with.


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