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yes and. no i did not know what you were enforcing the state of emergency measures and within a very short space of time managed to seize all of these weapons i thank you very much and urge you to continue until there is 0 weapons in civilian hands. that's left people in this village feeling anxious and unsafe. the 6 rifles we once had was seized by the army we're now left defenseless if l. adverse reason approach we have no alternative but to report it to the government but if the government files to help us our enemies will destroy us simply because we have no weapons the emergency measures allow authorities to impose curfews and search homes the president's also caused some border blaming the. conflicts in neighboring libya sudan and central african republic but there's concern the border closures could stop supplies being brought in to a nation where more than half a 1000000 people already struggle to get enough food abdul-rahim survived one of
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the attacks in which several people were killed he usually works as a driver during the night and says the case isn't helping business. 1 the whole street is closed there's nobody we the drivers can only get money at night during the day there's very few people the tension extends beyond these provinces just this week 11 people were killed in fighting in a dispute between herders and families over trampled crops and southern chad. the states of emergency is set to remain in place for another 10 days but some fear the measures aren't enough to end the violence this woman's relying on prayer to protect her community. brian al-jazeera. the u.s. secretary of state says he has reliable evidence in the rayney an oil tanker is heading to syria despite iranian promises it wouldn't the adrian daddy i want has been sailing around the mediterranean since it was released from the british
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territory of gibraltar on twitter might pompei or says foreign minister zarif guaranteed to the u.k. that the iranian revolutionary guard corps oil tanker grace one slash adrian dowdy one would not head to syria we have reliable information the tank is underway and headed to tartarus syria i hope it changes course it was a big mistake to trust saddam if john hendren has more from washington d.c. . the united states treasury department has increased its enforcement actions against the government of iran specifically and oil vessel that has recently left the port of gibraltar that the u.s. says it has reason to believe is bound for syria that is a statement from mike pompei oh the u.s. secretary of state that ship was originally called the grey swan it is now called the adrian giardia one it was originally flagged as a panamanian vessel and now it is being flagged as an iranian vessel the british
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government seized it in gibraltar and under suspicion that it would be taken to syria to offload oil that ship was released after iranian fish officials allegedly told gibraltar officials that they would not take that ship to syria but meanwhile that ship has changed his destination a few times and now the u.s. secretary of state says it is bound for syria he says he hopes it will change course that threat comes within or else exactly what the u.s. government might do at this stage we don't know. government delegation from brazil is in the united states to discuss aid for fighting fires in the amazon rainforest among the visit is is some of brazil's president diable sanaa initially rejected an offer of $20000000.00 from the g 7 nations of arguments with the french president said he'd accept the money if he can control how it's spent he's announced
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a 60 day ban on starting fires in the amazon. neighboring volunteer veterinarians are doing everything they can to save animals trapped by wildfires huge areas of tropical forests been destroyed as are latin america. reports. a team of polygamy in veterinarians traveled to the reserve forest fires have been raging for weeks. their mission is to try to rescue wild animals which may have been injured. this was the scene the previous night the fire destroyed everything in its path. but if you animals were saved like this 2 day old wild pig whose mother died in the fire. the nature is extraordinary the way the allows these creatures to adapt in the face of danger and stress and find. enormous with burnt eyes a hawk recovering from smoke inhalation along with
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a boa constrictor they're all receiving treatment at the shelter. today the rescue is hope to find more survivors riding in the direction. which indicates sometimes where there's a fire and we can tell because of the large number of butterflies that are flying away. this area has already burned to the ground and there's no sign of life. as pokes around a serpent hole if it's deep enough he says the snakes may have survived. if you can see this is apocalyptic there's nothing left these are part of the world's longs now it's nature that's disappearing next it will be. this is no sign of firefighters here as you can see the wind here is absolutely fierce and it's fanning the flames again in this direction the plan is to bring a super tanker helicopter here in the next couple of days to leave water for the
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animals that have survived but that helicopter is also needed to put out the fires to save human life. the fire remains out of control a thick layer of smoke and ash fills the air making the sun look red. it's too dangerous to stay and the 2 nerine's are upset that they couldn't save a single animal i mean. i feel impotent because people are and seen how the amazon is burning how animals of burning alive and no one is doing anything. while much of the world focuses on the fires raging in the brazilian amazon the devastation here in neighboring bolivia is receiving far less attention. even though assistance is desperately needed not just to put out the fires but to regenerate this fragile and diverse eco system so that what has survived will still be able to live here to sea and human in the tropical forest believe. now google
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security experts have uncovered a hacking operation that targeted apple i phones for at least 2 years they say the hackers use websites to infect phones with malicious software they gave them access to photos messages user locations and other data apple was made aware of the problem in february and released a security update to fix it so that al-jazeera rough to the rescue will show you why the tennis legend singled out this little boy that's coming up with joe in this fall.
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al jazeera. where. there.
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are less carrots out with some sports news his joe family thank you for are a continue to set the pace in qualifying for the belgian grand prix as sebastian vettel fos just out of the 1st session at spa while chapman lewis hamilton has had a torrid time so far he crashed into the wall during final practice sadie's driver wasn't injured but his call was wrecked for saying we can extend a race to rebuild it in time for qualifying they managed to get hamilton's called back out on the track where he posted the 5th fastest time so far one in the whole 2nd slower than the ferrari. when seen as of continued their lackluster start to the new english premier league season they were held to a 11 draw by southampton daniel james scored early in the 1st half but yet it best to guard equalized and even when they went down to 10 men southampton held on to share the points united have had just one win in their 1st 4 games 6 more matches
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are about to get underway manchester city is 2nd in the table and will take on brighton at home chelsea hosts sheffield united while later on saturday top of the table liverpool will look to continue their unbeaten winning streak since the start of the season when they play at burnley. italian champions you ventus play napoli later in meanwhile belong your coach sin summation of it has been making his return to football following a month of chemotherapy for leukemia he was a recital of began on friday as his team face and was given a rousing reception from the fans his team also made it special below news reporter soriano heading into goal in stoppage time to seal a one movie tree. a pain free novak djokovic which is thursday the 4th round of the u.s. open the defending champion showed little sign of a shoulder injury he nursed through his last match and world number 111 dennis
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never really stood a chance the only irritation for a joke which was members of the crowd who shouted out during a point he swore at them and he asked them to be quiet before going on to win in straight sets a joke which will face another former u.s. open when it's time for franco in the last 16. 20 time grand slam champion roger federer also overpowered britain's dan evans in straight sets the 38 year old finished off evan 626261 in just 79 minutes after the match evans complained about the scheduling saying he was still tired from his rain delay much on thursday federer strongly defended himself over suggestions he had anything to do with it. and it was questions do have a preference but that doesn't mean like roger as roger gets to remember that. too often now i'm sick and tired of it but apparently i call the shots the tournaments . and. t.v. stations do we can give our opinion that's what we do but i'm still going to walk
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out even if they schedule at 4 in the morning in the women's draw 23 time grand slam champion serena williams is also through the world number 8 was up against carolina hold out of the czech republic but she showed very little resistance as williams swept her aside in straight sets 6362 the american faces picture martin of croatia next. if serena continues to win she could face 2nd seed ashley barty with quarterfinals the french open champion defeated greece's muddiest occur in straight sets over former world number one day if need some help from vice the end to confirm the victory. every day is secretary's challenge ultimately more in hope than anything else. a few of the things that don't been lacking over the last month kind of came together a little bit in our focus. control debate of the 1st drawing you know from the norm and then when the big moments i felt like there was some better stuff. that isn't
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kaye's had to have her blood pressure and pulse checked during the 2nd set of her match with fellow americans afia kennon but she bounced back for a straight sets win a. 3rd seed carolina piskun is also through to the 4th round to newsies owns jibber push discovered to 3 sets the czech eventually winning 61466. rafael nadal will play in the 3rd round later but the world number 2 was called into action as he signed autographs for fans during practice a small child was getting crushed by the crowds so the spaniard as you can see he reached. the little boy out and tried to comfort him before signing his stand on. india's cricket captain vera currently has put his team in a strong position against the west indies in the 2nd test after losing the toss and being put into battle in a park in jamaica the tourists stumbled to 46 for 2 when both roland pajaro dismissed early but the india skipper put on
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a half century he reached 76 before being caught india will resume day 2 on 264 for 5 that is a sport for now will have will feel a to stymie flying saucers joe that brings us to the end of this news out of. just a couple of minutes so stay with us. for the nomadic jacka tribe survival is about reaching their destination goals if we don't hurry we'll never be able to get the tempo of the story we follow the mongolian herdsmen on a treacherous migration or in other countries dangerous to the ices of them as they strive to preserve their traditional way of life due to the evidence we are sometimes luser in the cold there would die of cold war because of the storm risking it all mongolia on al-jazeera. set in the discussions
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police in cape town has struggled to reduce dead or dying violent examining the headlines now under president putin russia is making a push to engage explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire but. it's almost 2nd nature and i also know what they see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera and as i want to finally we're going to ask about that but that's the ball is about what i see when it's not as a thought or not said so is there not to do with wonder whether the double of a cousin to bunch is a bit on the bottom. in part one of these 2 part series al-jazeera explores the world of performance enhancing drugs. sports doping the endless changes on al-jazeera.
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banning 6 continents across the do. you have one. we're at the mercy of the russian camp for palestinian children syria in world news . protesters in hong kong set to barricades after a violent confrontation with police outside government headquarters. on sammy's a dam this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up in sudan
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a judge is formally charged deposed president ahmed bashir with corruption and illegal use of fun fun. nearly 2000000 people who call india how denied citizenship raising status notice. the dark cloud you see behind me is actually smoke i'm to see a new one in the reserve in bolivia where out of control forest fires are destroying all the wildlife in their path. hong kong is seeing some of its most violent clashes in weeks as protesters took to the streets in defiance of a police ban you're looking at live pictures from one child district where the 2 sides remain locked in a standoff that was after a major confrontation outside the government headquarters earlier protesters threw
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bricks. petrol bombs the police who responded with tear gas and water cannon why in hay has more from hong kong. said today started out very peacefully we had big numbers taking to the streets of hong kong defying a police ban with many many people marching around different parts of the city in protest but then things have taken a significant turn for the worse late on saturday afternoon protesters surrounded the legislative council building effectively hong kong's parliament engaged in a better with the riot police there many rounds of tear gas being fired by the riot police also water cannon being used on the protesters then the party is moved a short distance away to where we are here we are very close to the police headquarters of hong kong we saw some protests just throwing molotov cocktails into the compound of the police headquarters and here they have blocked an intersection which is a familiar tactic. but this is certainly not familiar they have set fire to the
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barricade that they have erected and it is now a huge blaze still thousands of protesters on the other side of this barricade like to say this started out very peacefully like we have seen in the past but it is descended into something that we have not seen before. let's take you to those live pictures the scene in hong kong that's just a few kilometers away from the main police headquarters in one child it was the latest place that protesters have moved to after being chased out of earlier spots we saw police try and charge at them a short while ago i believe we have our correspondent sara clark following those developments so sara where are the demonstrations protesters now. but we seem to be in the last pocket of my guess is make child run for me was i mean i was there on my right but not place much the. i like to sit here and have
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not. yet. got smoked but sponge when i got mine last time i just got out the east side i'm not married to how was the love story was there is not going to be no we believe the number of times by just that i've gone now i need to know the specifics of this will bring this was a very good job but i'm not moving and getting other people including the media during my every month. i knew i was. a hard on the streets completely clean but you thought you might be out of it some of the yelling some of my just to have a god please one time in. the last few hours it's talk is not was going to talk to . me about the housing crisis should make it like. to be the place of the feast. it's like. for such when the child like i'm still
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number 5. wasn't. raised a bit soon like the 2 bombs i creating i was there for action by the practices and the likes of me and not a lot of you know i was like i wonder who was what he got me on the calendar so that's the other. and as you're talking sarah we can see on the right side of the screen we had pictures there from. where fires were burning give us a sense of how intense things are right now do we still have a sort of situation of petrol bombs being thrown rocks. or water cannon just how intense are things now. was. no one seems to have died down a bit given what we've seen over the last couple of hours not you mention a number of things that were being used by.
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street. all right thanks so much sarah clarke there. in sudan a judge has formally charged deposed president of the bashir with corruption and the illegal use of foreign funds bashir told because he received $25000000.00 from saudi crown prince mohammed bin sultan man but that he did not use the money for private purposes sudan has embarked on a transition to civilian rule following a power sharing deal agreed between protest leaders and the generals who ousted
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bashir the shoes lawyer says his client denies all charges against him. when asked about the $25000000.00 given to him by the saudi crown prince. $107.00 wanted the source of the money to be a secret. we did not supply the money to the bank of sudan because we meant to hide the source and we did so because this was the desire of the prince and i had hoped that this would have been a secret court in order not to show the name of the prince he did not want his name to appear anywhere which is why he sent the money on a private plane with a private on the boy this was his wish for it not to be known. morgan has more from khartoum today's court hearing was the 3rd court hearing for sudan's former president omar and bashir and it was the 1st time where he gave his statements to the judge and to the court where he said that he did indeed receive $25000000.00
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from saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin he said that his office manager got a call from saudi arabia's crown prince as office manager and said that there was a special gift coming onboard a special plane now he said that when the money landed in sudan he did not want to turn it down because he was worried that he would upset and nation which is according to his words special relations with sudan at the time so accepted the gift but did not use it in a personal capacity now his lawyers are arguing that he should be set free on bail until the next hearing until he's formally until he's formally convicted but the judge today turned down that that appeal and said that if convicted of the charges of illegal opposition of foreign currency and illegal trading or foreign currency then the former president faces up to 10 years in jail so he will not be allowed bail he also today formally indicted the former president who says that he is not guilty he said that most of the money he used was for personal interests to try to get the country out of the crisis that that it was in during the time which was
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a shortage of flour and shortage of fuel and he said that none of the money went to his personal account and that if investigations continue that is what is going to be revealed so for the. moment it looks like we're going to have to wait for the rest of the testimonies from witnesses from the defense aside from the former president's side after already hearing from them from witnesses from the state prosecutor's side and it's going to be a few weeks before we have a final verdict on whether the former president is going to face 10 years in jail or whether he is innocent in india nearly 2000000 people have been excluded from a citizens' register in our solomon could be left stateless as a result will have to prove they're not foreigners or face detention the national register of citizens was created in 951 to determine who came to the state before neighboring bangladesh the. state is now on high alert with extra security forces being deployed priyanka gupta reports. in some states.
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more than 1900000 people have been left out of asylums updater finally richest of citizens that means they will now have to appeal to foreigners tribunals with evidence to prove that they are indian the decision on citizenship will be decided by foreigners tribunals the of course have the right to appeal it high court and supreme court but it is expected to be a long legal process as the government says about $200.00 foreigners tribe you know will start operating the coming few days and that number could increase to up to 1000 additional staff have also been appointed there also promising legal aid for vulnerable are marginalized communities are different villages and towns but it's a mammoth process and this n.r.c. list seems to be just the beginning of what is likely to be a long drawn out legal process deciding citizenship of these more than 1900000000 people senior b.g.p. minister ahead of the draft ahead of that list being published has already voiced concerns about the fate of genuine citizens who might be left out and they are
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saying that they want to make sure that indians are not left. out of the final have also promised support to all these people who might appear in. has come up with a statement voicing concerns about reports about decisions of foreigners tribunals that they have hired are. biased as well as discriminatory the head of the united nations has visited the front line of the in the democratic republic of congo and. health care workers and peacekeepers in north kivu province where the latest outbreak began a year ago the world health organization says 2000 people have died of the disease attacks on clinics have killed dozens of health workers and treatment efforts security forces in charge of launched raids on to eastern province part of emergency measures imposed by the government trying to end the fighting between
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farmers and herders which is killed dozens of people this month alone. now. on the outskirts of. pray for peace. one of 3 regions where president declared a state of emergency after dozens of people were killed in fighting. between farmers and. the army's been deployed to try to prevent further unrest and security forces have made dozens of seizing weapons from civilians and. you are forcing the state of emergency measures and within a very short space of time managed to seize all of these weapons i thank you very much and urge you to continue until there is 0 weapons in civilian hands.


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