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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 2, 2019 12:00am-1:00am +03

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tit for tat what is the kind of short term game of that let's just all remind our viewers at least that and ourselves but that was is or the start of this is collation last week today with a number of operations in iraq syria and lebanon and it broke past understanding of the last dozen years by that act that deccan has what strongholds so that what we know and we're not surprised that hizbullah responded not while it's true that none or neither party is interested in all out war or a repeat of 2006 but there are a number of calculations and one unintended which is just like wars have unintended consequences escalation also have an intended consequences notably war so those who started the escalation and continue the escalation cannot then cry wolf
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about there's a war because once you really start inflaming the fire of conflict and of retaliation and country attenuation you need to war there's no doubt about that my sense is that since this was started by prime minister netanyahu is that israel has 3 messages to send or prime minister netanyahu has 3 messages to sent one to iran and hezbollah that israel is watching that israel is not accepting that iran continues to project and to modernize its projection of forces in syria and lebanon and that israel will act preemptively against any expansion of iranian influence within the region the 2nd message is to the israeli public and that is prime minister netanyahu is mr security or not but the hope and i was like to call it in israel and that israel could in trust him
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with its security and that he would always be there making sure preemptively and. otherwise that iran will never iran or its all eyes or anyone else for that matter and the region. in danger of the secure to vizard and the 3rd message i believe although it's an produce it one is to the drum administration because the for the last couple of years of the last couple of weeks i'm sorry at the sense that you 7 summit we've been hearing president trump talking about the possibility of opening with iran negotiation is that over lifting partially some of the sanctions at least in us fight is a 2nd there is such is a concern and that is totally and utterly opposed by israel that would like to see iran squeezed unsanctioned and cornered continuously until it basically gives up so by expanding the operation for israel against iran
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certainly israel is obstructing the possibility of not any minimum normalization between iran and the west ma and i thought that was an interesting phrase they used there when you said israel is watching i suppose my question is in this situation who is watching israel i mean we know that the lebanese have already been having i don't know if we can even call them diplomatic conversations on the phone with the french but who is there in the international community that steps in in this situation and watches the actions of both parties but particularly israel. you know i was thinking earlier when i heard about that i missed that how did it talking to the french and the american presidents or leaders i was thinking about when he talks to president would he be asking mccrone by israel or a by iran. you know my sense is since a dialogue has started between. president micro and president rouhani
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before the g 7 meeting is that now france is trying to play the role of busy reintroducing or normalizing iran with the west especially after the american sanctions and hence my guess is that probably but as the macro would be putting some pressure on iran to put some pressure on hezbollah to tame down the escalation and any conversation with the united states would probably involve putting the pressure on israel in order prime minister that any out the team that counter retaliation because if anything one could assume that if everyone is interested in a limited kind of confrontation that it already happened meaning israel attacked over the last week and now hezbollah retaliated and that should be the end of that i mean more expansion i mean what is collation well that could have unintended consequences in the shower there joining us from london i don't see you saw our we
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will continue our coverage here on al-jazeera on this developing story. let's go to another story that we are closely following the sudden led military coalition in yemen says it's launched airstrikes against the rebels side of the capital sana'a it targeted the detention center in da mar on saturday which a house at least 170 people loyal to yemen's u.n. backed government laura burden as more. residents in damascus explosions shook the city aid workers being pulling the dead and injured out of the rubble the how things play with saudia marotta coalition fighting in yemen saying they targeted to previous university there was being used as a detention center for prisoners of war the who they say people under lock and key were trapped after the bombs fell. but the saudi coalition says the fight was storing drones and missiles. the national i swear to
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god i don't know what happened we were sleeping at midnight and then there was about 3 or 4 airstrikes maybe 6 it was targeting the jail i really don't know how many times it got hit but it was targeting a detention center in the city of demand we were $100.00 people on the ground level and around $150.00 at the upper level and in the red cross came. the coalition has come under intense criticism by human rights groups for targeting civilians in previous ass strikes it says it took measures to protect civilian casualties. there is a crime committed by the. taining political activists and journalists. and political dissidents whom they used to in places that they constantly have been advised by human rights and you know as not to not to put them in dangerous areas also most of those people who have died today have basically haven't even seen in
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courts the saudi led coalition continuous bombing of presidential residential areas even if they consider that you know cation or that specific place is they believe may be and may have some. form of a military a military target these are residential areas this is why it was used as a result of. the coalition has been fighting in yemen since 2015 supporting the internationally recognized yemeni government against the rebels. the war has killed tens of thousands and had a devastating impact on millions of yemenis nor about unmanly al jazeera well let's get more now from. santa hi there mohamed i wonder what kind of questions are being asked. because there have been repeated calls haven't there for to stop these
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bombings in anything like the residential areas what kind of questions are being asked. many questions the. people on the implant how come to saudi arabia it's a look a should also a presence which has been the international red cross it's called it's a big part of the international red cross with other international organizations are also with the united nations and caution. we. believe cleese is appealing. to some rights activists make saudi arabia accountable for what happened. for the for the act itself so far the. many generally and also international bodies. such attack on prisoners of for. a way to swap
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the 170 prisoners of war. prisoners of war for. the for the saudi backed government. so far saudi fighters just like to end the rise. of this way. many also. the ample are they. need a little slower speech in which he condemns such attacks and also he described. to. the saudi that the united arab emirates. just told. them they will just give them such a final deal they will and we will end up with. tel.
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overtopping agan would be the back forces try to recapture aden. with targets such governmental forces also have to full of all of the celts from the same side a supporting 4 the arabian mohammad step in that very. began so that you gave us there and i mean that by just showing the complexity of this situation what we keep hearing from international partners in this is that there is still they hope this elusive political situation but this is a reminder isn't of just how far away we are from that happening. there is no. 5 end of the tunnel be an answer for the spider be the simple those who for all are being held by the hopis inside this president. have been a great fights in order to try and. sleep in peace or even be. working
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till today. to misread agreements and peace peace talks so killing these prisoners before we jump in agree to before. these and also pull the out of the saudi backed government the internationally recognized government. the last. agreement is also. very. tentatively. to look at. concrete concrete steps to another to fulfill all and to learn. many hope that the international community in particular who post old spice. is close to innocent people and then fulfill their obligations in accord in plea agreements. signed just in the last. joining
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us there from santa mohammed saying he. let's go back to our top story these are live pictures from the israel lebanon border in the last hour we've seen an escalation between the 2 sides israel's confirmed hitting an army base repeatedly with the lebanese armed group has bosses its fighters destroyed an israeli tank israel has not yet confirmed any casualties the lebanese army says israeli forces have fired at least 4 sea shells of border villages in southern lebanon let's talk to harry fossett i would joins us live from northern israel how we when we last spoke it sounded as if things were perhaps calming bring us up to date. well you know that still seems to be the case although as always in such a situation it's very difficult to be definitive but certainly the reports coming from the lebanese side of the israeli shelling appears to have at least for now ceased and as you were hearing earlier the reports were that
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the targeting of those shells was close to the lebanese border appeared may need to be concentrated in on people's empty areas still no confirmation from the israeli military as to exactly what happened in terms of the damage it sustained on the israeli side hezbollah is saying that among other things it hit an israeli tank or at least some kind of israeli vehicle the israeli military has said that its base was struck a base and vehicles were struck near to the village of avivim but there's been no official word on any potential israeli casualties the only person who's really spoken about that in anything approaching detail is the cabinet minister you know of government who simply said that he hadn't heard of any israeli casualties so far and howry i wonder from your perspective what you see as being the message
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that israel is trying to send here. well i think internationally the main message it's trying to send is that iran is at play in the region in ever more threatening and different ways there was a pretty extraordinary reaction if some reports here israel it's a b. believes from the israeli prime minister when he heard that the iranian foreign minister javad zarif would be invited to the g 7 a beer it's a few days ago trying desperately to call the u.s. regime the u.s. administration get through to president trump and try to ensure that there were no potential. in a rowing back on the u.s. attitude towards iran and the nuclear deal a j c.p.o. a and so israel is trying to send a message that iran is
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a deepening threat in the region particularly in regards to its threat to israel and that is going to tackle iran not just in syria as it has been for several years now but increasingly in recent months it's it's very clear it's been targeting iranian interests inside iraq and now it's come out with a big detailed slew of intelligence that it says proves that iran and hezbollah are been conspiring to make precision guided missiles or adopt old missiles non precision guided with new technology to turn them into precision guided missiles and that is the basis for the more recent escalated action against hezbollah so that's the international message that's being sent of course there is also a couple of weeks out from an election here a domestic message that's being sent. from prime minister netanyahu to his people here saying that he israel's military and intelligence senior ranks know
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exactly what iran is up to and netanyahu can be trusted. to deal with it and keep israeli search herefore sit there joining us live from northern israel well let's give you some context now tensions between lebanon israel have heightened over the past few weeks has block used israel of carrying out drone attacks on its media office in the lebanese capital a week of all that happened hours after israel launched attacks in neighboring syria one killed 2 has lost soldiers there waiting back group has warned israel it will face repercussions for the attack the israeli prime minister benjamin not miss and yahoo says israel will continue to target winning back groups including hezbollah will come a was a is a political analyst at the center for american strategic studies and he joins us live from beirut come all good to see you help us on pick this situation that we're seeing unfolding here from your perspective what's really going on.
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well basically this is an operation for an operation i for one i can and here because in my estimate nobody has an interest to escalate the war near the israeli you know the lebanese i think everybody wanted to go back to the cessation of hostility that was an act that in 2617 or one we all have an interest to preserve peace and security in levanon and in the region i think israel actually violated that that rule when they struck a user drawn to attack an area residential area in the suburbs of beirut that was a violation of 1701 that and i think that the message that no violation by the israeli will be accepted and this is a retaliation just to set the clock where it was 2006 the end of the war and the
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beginning of what's supposed to be the cessation of hostility i think if if with the matches that we hearing from the lebanese from the prime minister and lebanon he has been very clear he doesn't want it was delayed and we heard to my as the met that there's a message from the israeli if we. they do but those messages we can have. a situation where it can be calm and. things can go back where it's supposed to be where we have the unit felt playing a very constructive role very very important role and preserving peace and stability and the south and i think we should go to the to to promote the stability of the south but if for other reason israel have a different intention israel we all know have a. huge credibility then things can mushroom to into
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a major war like we had in 2006 but it's going to be a much bigger war because obviously every one of the conflict in party you have a tremendous amount of experience different nations hezbollah has been training since the war stop in 2006 he carries very precise weapon they they have a lot of surprises and i'm sure the israeli they have also very capable busy military and they've been getting the most advanced weapons from the united states including very major advance aircraft. so any war can be accurate as to fee for for for the 2 country so that now we have to see where the united states and where the international community if they're
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able to press basically we can go back to where we were before israel struck inside in the us inside lebanon come all you mention the international community there and i know that the lebanese already been talking on the phone to the french what form do those conversations take what what are the lebanese asking for what are they hoping that the french or the international community might be able to help them do in this kind of situation. actually it's not only the lebanese are been talking to their friends the french have been very important player on the situation in lebanon but they actually been speaking to the secretary of state. of the united states mr brumby been on the phone was our prime minister from when the provocation took place just like i'll miss a week ago and today. the news that even mr how did the prime minister he spoke with an american and american can carry it create way in the pressuring the
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israelis to. abide by a 1701 we all have interest in. going back to 1701 and to prove preserve the peace and the stability every one of us have children and on both side and we wanted our turning to go to school and want to have a prosperous life nobody has an interest at this time to go to a war because no one can know when that war except if somebody can think that he can take that war and bring him an election as probably mr netanyahu think maybe if this is serve his purpose in the coming weeks i don't know this is has to do with israeli internal a calculation but definitely. the war is not going to be a picnic for the israeli come alas neither joining us live 11 from they would come
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. well we can see some pictures now where you can see benjamin netanyahu standing in the center there with his wife we await further is really reaction of course they go to the polls and 16 days times ohio much what's happening on the northern israeli border has to do with electioneering ever manes to be seen of course in this last hour we've seen escalation between the 2 sides but we're hearing from our correspondents both in beirut said harry full sits on the border that things do seem to be calming israel hasn't confirmed any casualties the lebanese army says israeli forties have fired at least 4 sea shells we're keeping our eye on the situation here al-jazeera and we will keep you up to date as this story develops we're going to take a quick break now we'll be back in just a sec. hello
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again and welcome back well here across the levant we're going to be seeing some rain coming in from the east a lot of heavy rain showers have been a problem over here towards india now the coming over towards pakistan as well so for crotchety we do expect to see rain here on monday with $32.00 degrees but monday is probably going to be the only day that we see the heavy rain by the time we get towards tuesday we start to see the rain start to ease a little bit maybe a few showers just towards the north there up towards kabul it is going to be sunny at $34.00 but tehran we could be seeing some clouds in your forecast with the temps there about 35 degrees while across the gulf we are talking about temperatures into the high thirty's in the low forty's here in crawford doha we do expect to see not too much in terms of a wind but we do expect to see our time to add 40 degrees they are down towards miss got as well as the rest of amman we are going to seek an increase of clouds over the next few days that is going to be in the temps down from scott to about $31.00 degrees before we do expect to see a nice day for you at $27.00 and then here across much of southern africa not too
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bad insurance of the clouds a few clouds passing off the eastern coast would be seen johannesburg in durban though temp is going to be changing if you're in durban at about $22.00 degrees as a start here on monday by the time we get towards tuesday those temperatures come up to about $27.00 and a nice day in johannesburg with plenty of sun and charge a few of about 23 degrees. too strange indeed good you have to shoulder good all the more we become still fight against corruption. destroy new chiro which heroes like new who are about to be refused a $15000000.00 brian the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight a dark used to shine a light let's make the rules to bid to please nominate your anti corruption near 0
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. to al-jazeera. what guarantees would you give to the people would be attending the minimal workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone who is also terrorizing me we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter to 0. welcome back you watch al-jazeera a reminder our top stories this hour the u.n. is calling for immediate restraint between israel and hezbollah after major cross
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border escalation israel says missiles were fired at one of its bases from southern lebanon the lebanese army has boss says it was behind the attack the group says israeli forces and i shelling a border village in southern lebanon. the red cross says more than a 100 people have been killed by a saudi led coalition air strikes in yemen the strikes targeted a prison in donmar late on saturday night. protestors in hong kong have again targeted the airport causing chaos for travelers and vandalizing a nearby train station for the 2nd time in 3 weeks anti-government demonstrators disrupted one of the busiest terminals in the world that follows petrol bombs and tear gas on saturday some of the war stone rest since the start of process almost 3 months ago when he has more from one of those disrupted train stations. after the violence on the streets of hong kong on saturday sunday for the most part has been really about a cat and mouse game between the protest is and the police the 1st target for the
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protesters was hong kong airport again they went there to try to create as much disruption is possible with the ultimate aim of forcing the airport all thora t. to cancel flights this was not the 1st time the protests that go on the they did it about 3 weeks ago on that occasion they stayed there for several days this time it didn't appear as they try as though they tried to force their way into any of the buildings but they did in the short time that they would they have caused quite a lot of disruption after they left the airport they weren't done they came here where about 3 kilometers away from the airport this community has a local train station where presumably the protest is out wanted to go to other parts of the city perhaps to continue the approaches protest action further into sunday evening or perhaps to disperse and go home but at about the same time they were trying to board those trains the company that runs this train system in hong kong m.t.r. announced that the station was closed and that resulted in
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a very angry response from the protesters once the police worked out that this area was clear enough well for justice for them to depart the people here the lingering protest is people who live in this community found their voices and that they weren't cheering the police as they hopped into the vehicles to leave they were abusing them there was a lot of shouting going on to wards the police and it's something we're seeing more and more at the moment as this protest movement drags on the police very much being seen as part of the enemy is part of the system that this protest movement wants to change a trade war between the world's top 2 economies is being stepped up the united states a staunch of the bulls in another round of terrorists on chinese imports and china has raised import taxes on $75000000000.00 worth of american goods because he has more now from beijing. shoppers come to beijing send you and lee market to buy all kinds of imported foods including american greg cherries but it's fast becoming
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a casualty of china's trade with the u.s. tariffs have already gone up twice pushing the price of a killer to around $25.00 and from to temper the 1st tariffs on us cherries will be raised from 50 to 60 percent then it is looking for cheaper alternatives to what the chinese fruits are very good the price is much cheaper than american products the quality is also very good so more and more people are choosing local foods higher prices are the only reason shoppers are considering buying less from the u.s. . for me being pretty arctic is something more important for me to consider than the price we are trainees and we are all affected by the training us treat war cherries may be the most popular american product at this market but it's not the only for it that will receive high it's harrods new jerseys will also apply to things like american palms rights and apples $75000000000.00 worth of u.s. goods will see tariffs of between 5 and 10 percent china also reinstate import
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taxes of 25 percent and u.s. cars in december the hikes of the chinese government's response to the trumpet ministrations latest trade was over 10 percent tariffs on 300000000000 dollars worth of chinese goods also coming into effect in september and december analysts say the u.s. president has been a confusing and unreliable negotiating partner i don't think the president trumps remarks serious recording his followers tranter we are some very the stick figure in order to push through let's talk there you must get. much bigger stick china's comus ministry says it doesn't want to escalate tensions and is open to more talks with the u.s. but it's world against underestimating china's willingness to dig its heels in for the long fight if you're fighting. if you're talk good there's talk but we have principles will never yield our principles. by weakening its currency and
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developing new trade partnerships china is taking steps to ensure its economy is less vulnerable to any new moves by trump in the trade. and i was demanding things like u.s. cherry slower chinese finding cheaper alternatives from countries such as pakistan and chile are ripe for the picking between e.u. al-jazeera beijing. russia is warning that a u.s. air strike in syria has jeopardized the fragile cease fire in the province u.s. military says it targeted an al qaeda linked training camp on saturday the syrian army and its ally russia have been waging a crushing offensive to recapture the area that began a cease fire early on saturday morning there's been another attack in afghanistan just as talks ended between the u.s. and the taliban. 11 people have been injured in the taliban's latest offensive in baghlan province the afghan interior ministry says the fighters have been battling security forces in the city of poorly who marry 5 gunmen were killed
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and 2 fighters have been arrested during a clearance operation that's attack comes a day after taliban fighters targeted the northern afghan city of could induce they took over several buildings early saturday morning for the military deployed reinforcements by evening the government said it had repelled the fighters killing at least $56.00 of them 7 civilians and 20 soldiers also died while the u.s. special negotiator on afghanistan leading those talks said he's close to making a deal with the taliban aimed at ending the 18 year war so my colleague is in kabul for consultations with afghan government leaders to see what they think of the girls. a far right party in germany is expected to do well in 2 state elections voting is underway in brandenburg and saxony employ polls call close very short think the alternative for germany or a f t has gained support for its anti immigration message in the states which used
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to be in communist east germany dominic aim has more now from brenda burke. this is going to consider these elections is 2 fold in the 1st instance you have voters from to launch east german states voting for a new parliament and therefore new governments and of course this is the 30th the year the 30th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall just a few months away and now and many east germans are thinking back to the times of communism and asking themselves what has been achieved in the past 30 years there is a degree of nostalgia for those times among parts of the population the question will be what effect will that have on their voting behavior certainly many parties have referred to what the germans refer to as divan and change the turn communism left and capitalism and democracy replaced it also it stayed here the other important
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factor is that governments might change the 2 states concerned our government a combination of the christian democrats saxony in the social democrats in brandenburg indeed in the state polling station i'm standing outside the point here is that if the government's change it may change the way that the federal germany is governed and of course what ever result emerges from these 2 states will be avidly watched in the capital in the federal capital berlin water of fact might the opinion of the electors in these 2 german states have on the federal picture 5 and a half 1000000 people are eligible to vote in these elections that's one in 3 east germans it is therefore almost like a mini referendum 30 years after the fall of the berlin wall the head of the united nations is visiting the front line of the ebola epidemic in the democratic republic of congo until may of the terraces in north kivu province after meeting health care workers and where the latest outbreak began
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a year ago the world health organization says people have died from the disease. it's axon clinics have killed dozens of health workers. and. here there is measles there is malaria cholera and now the terrible tragedy of a ball we stand with the congolese authority and the congolese people to try to respond well to all of these challenges i thank you very much for your kindness and i reaffirm that this visit is a visit of solidarity and to express admiration for the congolese people troops of joined volunteers from across america and battling wildfires in bolivia the fires in the amazon tropical forests have been burning out of control for weeks doubling in size since thursday about the american adults in the sea and human has more now from san. soldiers arrived in sunday to help combat wildfires. famous colonial jewel settled by jesuit
12:36 am
missionaries in the late sixty's hundreds has been converted into an operations center for the firefighting effort. night and day the wildfires are spreading out of control fanned by strong winds a prolonged drought and extremely high temperatures and. with you sad to see how the animals in the forest are burning but we are proud to be able to help these soldiers are going off again to fight the fires but as you can see they're not very well equipped they don't look like firemen they don't have the equipment of firemen their boats have rubber soles that can easily melt in the flames and in the intense heat and they also don't have the proper masks to protect them from the 6 smoke and from smoke inhalation. thousands of young volunteers are joining them. like you said to leave it out from ecuador. but i have never fought fires before but if you lose the nerves of steel and then nothing to do it this fire isn't just the
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bolivian problem it's all of us because the tropical forest is fundamental to what i saw. this part of eastern bolivia is cattle country nearly 2 months ago the government signed a decree authorizing ranchers to expand the grazing frontier using fire to clear the tropical forest cattle is good business says the mare. the president signed the karine the presence of the leaders of the cattle ranchers didn't take into account the weather or the fact that a drought makes it very dangerous to clear the land which they don't care and this is the result. the decree hasn't been rescinded despite more than 1500000 hectares bolivia's amazon and she get on a tropical forests destroyed so far by fire it was in tears pray for god to send the rain. 7 and
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for a time it seems their prayers are answered. the mare is jubilant tonight shower is insufficient to stop the catastrophe but given the circumstances people here believe every drop counts you see in human son ignacio bolivia. the father is in brazil's amazonia region have caused tension between brazil and the at least 2 european countries a frozen donations to what's called the allison fund well it's a move that could impact dozens of environmental projects to resemble reports from it's a poor in brazil. every day the his who somebody see there goes into the national park to look for seeds he's trying to preserve the rain forest and the dozens of species that live in it. the threat of deforestation has become a major problem and then goes like the earth there are fighting back and what do we . what we are seeing is really bad and we are burning the forest so our work looks
12:39 am
into encouraging families to enroll in comic alternatives i don't destroy the forests have environmental impact or killed over. there that is growing fountains of trees every year and help locals make a living while also caring for the environment the ngos funded by what's called the amazon fund handled by the government the fundraising is donations to help fight deforestation in amazonia deforestation and the fires have already destroyed large sectors of the amazon rain forest but there are projects like this one that are trying to preserve and re forest the areas that have been already devastated there are more than 40 species here of trees and crops the problem is that projects like this one are now at risk. germany and norway are crucial sponsors of the fund that helps over $100.00 projects like this one but they have halted all payments to condemn president jade also now those environmental policies. well we are better
12:40 am
has managed to reforest $800.00 hectares of trees this year. alexandra gatos fears a drop in donations will impact their work. but we're very concerned but we've been working on our projects through the amazon fund and petrobras for a long time that being said strategically we're already looking for other sources of funding we want to find ways so that the funds don't go through the government. a long time skeptic of environmental concerns wants to open the amazon to more agriculture and mining. even a lot of those who has been working to protect indigenous groups living in london for years she has been threatened by loggers and miners but international funding has allowed her to do her work what there's a. we have much more work now because the local environmental authorities are committed to the cause but feel alone threatened and without support from the
12:41 am
government so we are trying at least to show the world there are people who care about the environment but we don't have any support instead we are being weakened by the government's narrative. and she'll say they're ready to fight attempt to commercialise the rain forest but need international aid to do so they say they can protect what brazil's president will not. have all the poor brazil and as well as accusing neighboring colombia of harboring training camps for paramilitaries planning attacks on president nicolas maduro communications minister guests shelled satellite photos on state t.v. which said proved what he called colombian aggression colombia backspin as well. why does efforts to oust the socialist government president ivan decayed marquez has accused venezuela of sheltering colombia. one of mexico's most active volcanoes is living up to its almost on prime symbol name the petal or small king my mountain
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has erupted hernan rock and ash into the sky that can be seen by 25000000 mexicans who live nearby volcanoes been particularly active this year it's had a major eruption 15 times in the past 500 years hurricane dorian is threatening destruction in the bahama islands and millions of americans are worried as well it's been upgraded to a category 5 storm and is on track to battle the northwestern bahamas soon and in the u.s. state of florida some of the most vulnerable of bull people are bracing for the worst and agalloch has more now from miami now a category 5 storm hurricane dorian is edging closer to the u.s. the southeast coast. in florida a state of emergency has been declared in dozens of counties as people bought up their homes fuel their cars and braced themselves in case the hurricane makes landfall after 12 residents of
12:43 am
a nursing home died from heat exhaustion during hurricane irma in 2017 the state's and acted strict guidelines for florida's many assisted living facilities are akin dorian is being seen as a vital test for the new laws we're hopeful that this generator will be a oaks c.e.o. catherine kassner installed a state of the art generator and says the care industry is much better prepared i think today given the. devastating loss of so many lives that everybody is very poor showing that at all costs el resident martin caden has lived through hurricanes before and tells us he feels safe as dorian lingers of the east coast moving is very secure. you know we're very close to the very. very likely. we lived through a lot of it. stories projected path continues to change residents of the bahamas
12:44 am
are under serious threat as they brace for impact on sunday the storm may not make a direct hit on florida but the governor is warning against complacency if it bombs further east that obviously is positive if it dumps just a little west then you're looking at really really significant impacts and so don't make any assumptions remain vigilant and be prepared the key phrase now is a cone of uncertainty which places florida georgia and the carolinas in the potential path of hurricane dorian forecasters and residents are watching closely this remains a powerful storm with an unpredictable path and people are preparing for the worst and hoping that dorian skirts the east coast sparing millions from what's being described as a monster storm the states in the potential path of dorian have been hit many times before all remain vigilant all are prepared now it's a case of watching
12:45 am
a slowly moving storm that seems to be only getting stronger as it tracks through the warm waters of the atlantic gallacher of the 0 miami florida. well before we go let's show you some live pictures again from the israel lebanon border the u.n. of course is calling for immediate restraint between israel and hezbollah officer major cross border escalation israel says missiles were fired at one of its bases from southern lebanon with a lebanese armed group hezbollah says it was behind the attack the group says israeli forces and i actually in a border village in southern lebanon militia prime minister benjamin netanyahu said the israeli army has fired more than $100.00 artillery shells the latest we had for our correspondent gary fawcett he was in the areas that that shelling had come some war but for both sides of course the big question around these for a tip for tat incidents when they happens is that will either side move towards a situation of containment or could things esque. late for there of course the 2 sides haven't been openly a war since 2006 and our contributors all agree that it's not in either side's
12:46 am
interest for things to escalate its course we will keep you up to date here al jazeera with this developing story and we'll be back in just a sec with much more of the day's news but i. rewind returns with a new series. and brand new updates on the best of bounty series documentaries. rewind continues we have to be an afghan never for the president i read of them and
12:47 am
this is their the proudest day of my job my life that was a real turning point for those that give them a lot of confidence that they can beat any team in may sure on al-jazeera. an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of evacuees. but their retreat to a church shelter has brought new challenges an outbreak of norovirus and other gastrointestinal problems. smoke from the massive wildfires now blankets much of northern california leading to some of the worst air quality in the world but with more than 12000 structures lost in the wildfires concerns remain about long term accommodations jobs and medical care. local officials say there isn't enough housing stock available. 3. months of protests on an unprecedented scale have virtually paralyzed hong kong what began as
12:48 am
opposition to an extradition law has escalated into a broader pro-democracy anti-government movement. so how and why has this crisis developed what the protesters want. in the 1st of 2 special reports people in power traces the dramatic evolution of hong kong summer of defiance on a just 0. israel hits targets in northern lebanon after hezbollah fired missiles at an israeli military base. part of them to madonna this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up more than 70 people killed dozens wounded inside delayed airstrikes on a detention center in yemen the deadliest attack there so far this year protests as
12:49 am
in hong kong target a train station near the airport after blocking roads and rail access to the terminal hurrican dorrian has upgraded to a category 5 storm as it barrels towards the south east usa. a very warm welcome to the program but we begin with breaking news on rising tensions between israel and hezbollah the israeli army is saying the exchange of far with the lebanese armed group is over for now after both sides fired missiles at the us at the other israel's confirmed multiple hits from hezbollah anti missile tanks at an army base has bosses its fighters destroyed an israeli tank well the group says israeli forces and i retaliated by shelling a border village in southern lebanon well you know phil the u.n. monitoring mission in the. annan has released a statement to us here al-jazeera and it says quote the head of the mission is in
12:50 am
close contact with the parties urging maximum restraint and asking to cease all it cities that are in danger in the sation of hostilities well harry fawcett joins us live now from northern israel harry where things are right now what's the situation . the barlow. where things are right now is that we've heard as you say from the israeli military saying that there were no casualties confirming that after a suggestion of that from an israeli cabinet minister quite soon after this all broke out also saying that this particular round of confrontation with hezbollah appears to be over and since then we've also heard from the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu through his is spokespeople with a statement said. that israel launched hun about 100 artillery shells and as strikes on hezbollah in lebanese territory in response to
12:51 am
what took place earlier in the afternoon this multiple anti-tank missile strike on an israeli base and on israeli vehicles the israeli army said that it did sustain hits in that and responded both to the sources of the fire and 2 other targets as well the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu reiterating that no israeli casualties had been taken though in that initial attack and he said that israel's refer ongoing response would depend on developments so that's a fairly strong suggestion that there is a will at least on the israeli side and presumably on has been our side as well for this to be the constraints within which this this military exchange remains obviously it's too early to say that definitively but for now at least things have certainly quietened down a lot from where they were a couple of hours ago harry interesting in netanya
12:52 am
a statement from his people that he simply talked about the number of airstrikes that were fired what's the symbolism in this what's the message from the israeli side that they are trying to deliver. well the message from the israeli side is that they were not going to. simply sit back and allow the promised hezbollah retaliatory strike which has been in the offing for about a week now if we take it take us back to the beginning of this latest round of hostilities what happened last weekend was that israel carried out an air strike on a target inside syria which it says was the source of in a rainy an attempt to launch explosive or suicide drones into israeli territory to hezbollah fighters were killed in that airstrike and early on sunday morning 2 drones came down in a hezbollah stronghold at least one of them laden with explosives the damage was
12:53 am
fairly extensive to hezbollah interests in that part of south beirut and as far as hezbollah was concerned that was a breaching of the rules of engagement have been in place since the last war between israel and lebanon in 2006 and so has on the run of the leader of hezbollah has been promising for days now and reiterated just last night on saturday that the strike had been decided upon it could come anywhere along the israeli lebanese border and it came out obviously israel could not be seen prime minister benjamin netanyahu cannot be seen simply to accept that as tit for tat those always going to be an israeli response if such a strike came but according to reports inside lebanon on the street the strikes the 100 shells which rained down on lebanon as far as netanyahu is concerned the reporting was that they were falling largely in empty areas pretty close to the border so it seems that both sides have tried and it seems for now at least
12:54 am
succeeded in calibrating this exchange to satisfy on or on both sides to satisfy their domestic audience on both sides and they'll be hoping that. that's as far as it goes harry force that they are joining us from close to the border how resigned he let's get more now from said holder who is in southern lebanon there's a you know so we heard how are you summing up there saying that from the lebanese perspective those shells appear to have come down in areas where there weren't a lot of people what's the latest you've been hearing. there calm calm prevails along lovenox with this rather than over an hour now since the israeli shelling stopped that is how the israeli army responded to hezbollah's military operation they strolled a number of border villages empty areas there were no casualties the shelling was sporadic and hezbollah did not respond did not return fire so yes there seems to be
12:55 am
a will on both sides not to leave this latest military conflict let's say to an open to an open or all out war unifil to deny them the peace which is the boys along the border was making contacts with both countries to deescalate tensions lebanon's prime ministers talk of these contacting the united states and france to stop the possibility of leading to all out war but has been luckier without its promised response it targeted and israeli vehicle in side israel hezbollah was promising that you know this this time around its retaliation will not be confined to a disputed territory the ship farms but it could happen anywhere along the border so calm prevails and the seems the situation is heading towards containment at the same how much is what we saw happen today this tit for tat if we can call it that
12:56 am
related to the broader political context across the region and of course those upcoming israeli elections in just 16 days time. well what we saw last week was israel. implementing a more aggressive defense strategy that's the way it sees the strategy to defend itself from iraq iran which has been growing influence across the region it has been carrying out air strikes in syria against iranian and you ran your targets for years now but what happened last weekend was israel targeted syria it was it's believed to be behind strikes against the so-called popular vote like this forces those paramilitary groups which are backed by iran in iraq it didn't claim responsibility but u.s. officials said that israel was responsible and then we had the drone incident in this bar last stronghold in the southern suburbs of beirut so israel experimenting the scope of this act against iran and that's when you saw hassan nasrallah
12:57 am
hezbollah's secretary general say well we can't stand idle any longer we need to retaliate we will not allow this to become the norm because he said if we do not retaliate then israel will think it has free rein in lebanon so what happened is linked to the regional tensions the heightened tensions between the united states. and iran and israel and iran so definitely this incident may now be over this comma long the borders but the tensions are not over in the heart of their joining us from lebanon say nothing q. well tensions between hezbollah and israel have heightened over the past few weeks hezbollah accused israel of carrying out joint attacks on its media office in the lebanese capital a week ago well that happened hours after israel launched attacks in neighboring syria one killed 2 has lost soldiers the iranian backed group has warned israel it will face repercussions for the attack in beirut israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says israel will continue to target iranian backed groups including
12:58 am
hezbollah well jazeera senior political analyst marwan bashara joins us from runs a mile when there is unfortunately a kind of familiar pattern to this back and forth isn't there can you join the dots for our viewers from across the world that aren't super familiar with the situation . the escalation that zain i just talked about where israel last week added 3 operations within 2 days against assets for iran or allies of iran in iraq syria and lebanon was a major escalation on the part of israel against hezbollah. the popular mobilization iraq and iranian assets in syria and of course it wasn't was no surprise that we've seen hezbollah as a threat and delivered today by attacking israeli military assets now clearly the escalation from the israeli government as i as i
12:59 am
see it has 3 messages or not the new prime minister netanyahu has 3 messages in mind one is to iran and its allies is that israel is watching is or will not allow iran and its allies to upgrade and to proliferate with missiles and other military kippot capabilities against israel the 2nd message is to israel it is a public 2 weeks prover the elections where prime minister not the neo an incumbent prime minister is basically saying i am mr security you can trust me with israel's security to preempt to strike against israel's enemies and last but not least is a message to the trump administration that is was not exactly pleased with the recent opening especially out on the g 7 summits of a potential dialogue between washington to her on the way i heard it from various
1:00 am
reports as are the reports is that prime minister netanyahu tried last week and in the last 2 days to contact president trump but trump did not answer. because apparently trump does not want to confront the prime minister on attacks especially in iraq with a. of green light from washington so marwan those are the messages being delivered i guess the key question is how will those messages land how will they be received because i guess that indicates where things might go so how much of a tinderbox situation if i can call it that is it well there's certainly a creeping escalation between iran and israel as.


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