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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 2, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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china they should never misjudge the determination and ability of the central government well that commentary follows one of the most violent weekends in hong kong in months on saturday police used a water cannon and fired tear gas on protesters who threw pressure on bombs and set fires near the chinese government headquarters in recent weeks chinese troops have been seen gathering in chance and that's a city bordering hong kong let's get an update from hong kong and bring in adrian brown he's joining us from there so what sort of response are we likely to see to this plan today strike as well as the class boycott by by students adrian. dantley . gerry no i think that statement you just read out is really sort of classic communist party textbook stuff the response in times like this is always the same and that's too often intimidation intimidation and intimidation i think that sort of language though really has very little impact on people here as you can see
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behind me i'm a tame our park just in front of the main government complex here in hong kong and these are workers who move different sectors of hong kong who are taking part in the 1st day of a 2 day strike and that's to say they these are people from who work in banks there headhunters right across you know hong kong industry and there are several 1000 and they are continuing to gather here in the park to demonstrate their support for the protesters so in spite of that fighting talk from beijing it is as i say only serving to harden the resolve of the protesters here earlier on of the day we had a silent protest by students outside of their schools and this is the 1st day of the new academic year some of the students were wearing those familiar yellow hard hats and and face marks which you become very much the the trademark of the protestors and again it was another show of support for the demonstrators after that several 100 gathered in the. poor ring rain in the center of hong kong also to
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demonstrate their support for those demands that carry land the chief executive withdraw that contentious and controversial extradition bill so yes much quieter than things were at the weekend we saw really some pretty shocking violence especially on the m.t.r. this is an authorized gathering which means the police have approved it means that hopefully things will pass off peacefully daryn all right brown thank you for that update from hong kong. indonesian police and papa province have been seen shooting at protesters who appear to have their hands over their heads the video was filmed last week but has only now been made public a local activist said protesters wanted to enter an administrative office peacefully but police suddenly began shooting 6 bodies were found in front of the building and it is an official say one soldier was also killed. still ahead right
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here on al-jazeera how the u.s. support for the united nations is waning in the trump era. and the legacy of a communist leader of vietnam marks 50 years since the death of independence fighter poaching men. had plenty of warm sunny weather across much of southeastern europe out across eastern sections of the central areas out across the west this is where the storms are continuing to push in however having said all that the old the suspend catalonia some very very nice sunshine just to round out the weekend for most people before of course they have to head back a 2 way this is a situational monday we've got that widespread rain across the central areas it's also trading down into the central mediterranean this is where we could see some
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thunderstorms really anywhere along this line we've got some ahead of this system across into the southeast a little bit cooler freshet very nicely behind this system another system there pushing in to the northwest of the u.k. pushing across to the navy some pretty brisk winds in the annals of that rain is fairly stepan so staying in the same place where you for the next couple of days meanwhile that system across central regions it is edging further east was pushing through much of central and southern spain as we head through choose day now the same system though that is also bringing the rain showers across northern sections of africa also the chance a few showers across into morocco as we go through monday and as i say we could see even a thunderstorm. monday but by cheese day is a carriage drive day and a woman to the. resection is valid to. believe to be seated. i don't want my time
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we cannot see everything that we would like experiences of others and the legacies of previous generations. i think testimony we know that. this documentaries that open your eyes. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera this hour the u.n. special envoy to yemen has condemned an attack that's left at least $65.00 people dead in the city of airstrikes by the. detention center early on sunday it
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says it was targeting a site storing weapons. the united nations is calling on israel and hezbollah to exercise restraint after be exchanged fire along the lebanese border on sunday has targeted an israeli military vehicle israel launched about $100.00 or 2 resells of what it said were hezbollah targets across a border village. thousands of students at hong kong are skipping the 1st day of school to keep the pressure up against the government protest organizers have called for a 2 day general strike follows airport protests which led to multiple flight cancellations. hurricane dorian has become the most powerful storm to make landfall in the bahamas the category 5 storm is battering the islands with torrential rain leaving some parts underwater and the gallagher reports from miami in florida where dorian is expected to impact next. hurricane dorian packing sustained winds close to 300 kilometers per hour is battering the bahamas this is one of the
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most powerful storms to hit this nation and it's predicted to linger for hours with coastal surges in excess of 6 meters despite pleas some residents have decided to ride the storm out a decision officials say could put their lives at risk that is not a good idea they're asking you to reconsider that decision and to seek shelter in the rest of. the weather becomes too severe to come into freeport this is not a time for us to seek to use this focus to say dorian should turn north hugging the east coast of florida once it passes over the bahamas but risks remain florida georgia and the carolinas are making last minute preparations even if dorian remains on its predicted path strong winds heavy rains and storm surges could have a catastrophic impact even the slightest deviation with a storm this large ferocious and slow moving could be deadly this storm at this
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magnitude could really cause massive destruction and do not put your life in jeopardy by staying behind i when you have a chance to get out and you still do have time to prepare yourself and to make sure that you and your family are safe states of emergency have now been declared in parts of florida georgia and the carolinas and the dangers will remain for some time the eye of hurricane dorian may remain off the coast of florida but much of the state is still inside the cone of uncertainty from its formation dorian has surprised forecasters strengthening significantly on sunday morning the 1st outer bands are expected here later on monday and into choose day or millions can do now is watch and wait as this huge storm creeps closer to the u.s. all eyes are on the bahamas with significant damage is already. being reported the next few days could prove devastating i have brought everything but my house which
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i still don't think uploading now but we don't know how long we're going to be so we have to take whatever proportions have an award or whatever the little pixie can have but i think the thing will be together here as well from a lot no one should be alone forecasters are warning that dorian may slow down even as it grows in intensity some of describe the storm as textbook others say it's a lingering monster that will threaten lives for days at a gallacher al-jazeera miami florida well the governors of georgia and south carolina have ordered people to evacuate homes on the coastlines based on the latest forecasts and storm track which we have been following very carefully and after extensive consultation with local county emergency management officials and those you see here today i'm issuing a mandatory evacuation starting at noon starting at noon on monday september
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2nd the commitment of the u.s. to the united nations is being questioned 9 months after ambassador nikki haley resigned a replacement still hasn't officially taken up her post and that's left the united states with a significantly lower profile at the u.n. and as mike hanna explains russia and china have been quick to fill the vacuum. the u.s. mission stands right over the road from the united nations the prominent location reflecting the fact that the u.s. is both a founding member and host country but in the foyer of the building the space reserved for the photo of the sitting ambassador is empty this despite the fact that kelly crafts nomination was confirmed by the senate a month ago the united states must continue the drumbeat every form at the u.n. the u.s. presence at the u.n. has essentially been degraded since the departure of nikki haley at the end of last year. in a fire she'd been a powerful advocate of u.s. interests in the organization everything it's working we're going to make it better
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her seat on president trumps national security council adding weight to her influence she became the administration's point person on the issue of north korea in particular the president and can have had a summit and was fierce in joining her president in calling us rivals to account we need china to do more president trump called chinese president xi this morning and told him that we have come to the point that china must cut off the oil from north korea that would be a pivotal step in the world's effort to stop this international pariah in haley's absence the u.s. role in the security council has sharply diminished senior members of the administration such as john bolton really want to sideline the un and simply not having a full scale ambassador here in new york has been a very good way to minimize the u.s. importance and russia and china have been quick to pull the vacuum left by the u.s.
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ramping up efforts to set their agendas in the security council and further afield russia deeply involved in syria negotiations proposing a gulf security plan there kashmir china managing to raise the contentious issue of kashmir and the security council for the 1st time is unlike her previous washington's new ambassador will not have a seat at the trump cabinet yet another indication that this administration no longer sees the u.n. as a viable body to advance its agenda apparently unconcerned at ceding its once all powerful influence in the world body to its most bitter rivals mike hanna al-jazeera united nations. police in the u.s. have identified the man responsible for a mass shooting in august a texas that left 7 people dead on saturday the 36 year old hijacked a mail truck and opened fire at passers by after being stopped by officers for failing to signal
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a left turn he was later shot dead by police investigators say they haven't found any links to terrorist organizations. and a vigil has been held in august that's among the dead city leaders and 1st responders joined mourners to remember the victims the youngest was just 15 years old. mobile phone footage taken by fleeing a killing spree in myanmar could be used as evidence in future investigations it's been 2 years since nearly 700000 busy fled a violent campaign by mean mars security forces many of them came to the town of cox's was are just over the border in bangladesh from where stephanie decker reports on. september 14th 2017 a day that will haunt mohammed yunus forever he says he watched his 1000000 mars security forces burnt his village to the ground managing to capture this moment on
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his mobile phone looking back as he ran. that. they came in the early morning and surrounded the whole village they opened fire randomly so we ran away then they burnt our homes front of our eyes. we wanted to find some of the people says here focusing on this man with a water bucket to find out what happened to him after asking around we were told where he lives in this camp in southeastern bangladesh so we went to find him mohammad is now 20 years old he tells us they secretly went back to their village of haile dawn after the military left to salvage what they could. i thought my home is gone but i'll try to save the other 2 houses we could have see they weren't told the burning so we went back. but he says the security forces returned the next day
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and on september the 16th they fled to bangladesh. i'm always thinking about my home all that happened coming back to me who was killed who were shocked i keep seeing it in front of my eyes i have lived in sadness for 2 years now i miss my country a lot of the videos were retrieved from mobile phones that have been broken or damaged or people fled across the river i think i was able to fix some of the mobile phones about a 3rd that came to me but most of them were damaged by salt water all of the videos that i have seen show that it was the military committing these crimes. no the video we found appears to show terrified running from their burning village. gunshots can be heard. that gathered evidence on their phone through photographs and video footage there are courageous people they took great personal risk to gather the evidence and some of this evidence is is revelent story and exposes massacres and violence that happened in rakhine state and should be used in future
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prosecutions we also have anyone had approached them to hand over the videos is some form of evidence we were told no this camp has hundreds of thousands of witness accounts and of potentially crucial such a graphic and video evidence of the crackdown against the regime the international criminal court is looking into opening a formal investigation it's been 2 years and no one has been brought to justice stephanie decker al-jazeera in the writing or refugee camps of cox is bizarre. vietnam is marking 50 years since the death of its revolutionary leader who is considered the father of the nation and its communist party he led the fight for independence against several foreign powers. falls on vietnam's national day florence louie has more from her. outside the herdsmen most of them in hanoi long lines have formed of people waiting to get in to get a glimpse of the embalmed body of men and he's still very much revered in vietnam
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seen as not just the founding father of modern vietnam but also the man who brought independence to this country now his teachings his life story are contained in school curricula in political and military training in patriotic songs and propaganda but increasingly as a concern he may be becoming less relevant especially to the younger generation this is a country where around half the population is under the age of 30 the more concerned about upward mobility and social media very far removed from the world of communist teachings having said that the values that her men and bodies of patriotism of resilience are still relevant now and there are many challenges for vietnam as it goes forward it's done very well building itself up off the decades of colonize asian and all its economy is now robust and dynamic but the new challenge for the for the government really is to maintain political stability even as it sustains
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economic growth of the country becomes rich more people may want a bigger frame more representation how is the government's going to handle political dissent and criticism the other challenge is geopolitics china has staked a claim in the south china sea and is becoming increasingly aggressive in asserting that how will vietnam stand up to china which is not just an adversary but also a very important trade partner these are challenges for vietnam and its leaders may want to draw on the values that is. a patriotism of resilience as it brings the country forward. thank. you again the headlines on al-jazeera the u.n. special envoy to yemen has condemned an attack that left at least $65.00 people dead in the city of dumb are airstrikes by the coalition had a detention center early on sunday though it says it was targeting
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a site storing weapons the united nations is calling on israel and hezbollah to exercise restraint ofter they exchanged fire along the lebanese border on sunday has targeted an israeli military vehicle israel launched about 100 artillery shells what it said were has targets across a border village harry fossett has more from northern israel. lebanon says that israel is routinely going through its airspace would syria using its airspace space to launch attacks into syria unmanned vehicle aerial vehicles inside it says space which hezbollah now says it reserves the right to shoot down on the israeli side israel argues that there is an expanding iranian operation inside lebanon that hezbollah and iran are working together to create or modify existing missiles into position guided weaponry which benjamin netanyahu has made it clear is
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a red line as far as israel is concerned hezbollah through its leader hassan nasrallah has denied any such activity so this particular conflagration does now seemed seem to have died down but there is always the possibility even the likelihood of more down the line thousands of students in hong kong are skipping the 1st day of school to keep the pressure up against the government protest organizers have called for a 2 day general strike follows airport protests which led to multiple flight cancellations perkin durian has become the most powerful storm to hit the bahamas with winds gusting up to 350 kilometers an hour the category 5 storm is battering the islands with to wrench and rain in the u.s. the governors of georgia and south carolina have ordered evacuations of their coastline those are the latest headlines on al-jazeera inside story is coming up
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and stay with us. al-jazeera. and 3. indians no more almost 2000000 people in the state of a sahm become stateless that's after they were excluded from a controversial register of citizens so is it a means of cracking down on illegal migrants just a ploy to target list lives and how much is it just plain politics this is inside the. hello everyone i'm hasn't seek a welcome to the program imagine living in
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a country or your life and then being told you're not a citizen there that's what nearly 2000000 people are suddenly facing today in india they've been excluded from a list of citizens in the north eastern state of last am in a process the government says will weed out the illegal immigrants critics say it is an attempt to deport millions of muslims who make up a 3rd of the state's population those excluded now have 4 months to prove they're not foreigners or face detention the national register of citizens was 1st created in 1951 to determine who came to the state before neighboring bangladesh declared independence from pakistan we'll be speaking to our guests in a moment but 1st priyanka gupta reports from assam's largest city guwahati. an anxious saturday in the south people lined up since early morning to find out if their names are on the state's final list of citizens 47 year old lee general ham
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on a farm would probably village is on the list but his wife and 3 children are. very worried i feel bad in my heart i am very sad. this elderly couple that go hearty also trying to understand what went wrong 70. was born in assam and has lived here all his life his entire family is on the list except him and his 2 daughters i wanted you to know the 3 who are on the list submitted the same document my daughter and i submitted that as well so how can we be excluded those excluded from assam's final register of citizens will have to appear in foreigners tribunals like these with $120.00 days wide scopes including amnesty international calling for transparency as i have been several reports suggesting that some proceedings have been biased and discriminatory. the group that
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spearheaded the protest movement against foreigners the all the sub students' union says the list should belong to this number it is not new year to be all of it declared triggered by the government are we not going to ask them we expected more . that's our feeling for we are not happy. you feel that there may be somebody or just. announced is not complete so for remedial mr willett to be honorable supreme court of india. and the hindu nationalist b.g.p. the ruling party in both new delhi in assam state says it's alarmed it says it will appeal to india's highs court to reverse the fight it documents of indians living in a muslim dominated border districts the b.g.p. try to pass a law earlier this year to allow citizenship. price to persecuted minority is from neighboring countries muslims were left out the proposal put up to protest her son by coops that was illegal immigrants to the media. as the arguments would now
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because of religion grow a protracted legal battle faeces nearly 2000000 people a defeat as indians cook the dizzier quality. or let's bring in our panel now joining us from asked sam via skype. pushchair altie deputy editor of the wire from new delhi desh nigam a member of the rushed area so i am 70 sang the ideological parent body of the ruling b j p and from london ron and lee visiting scholar at queen mary university of london's international state crime initiative welcome all of you to the program . if i could start with you there and just give us a sense of the challenges the people there are dealing with because i know you've you've spoken to many of them and what sort of recourse do they have to
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address this issue that they're facing of not being on the list. ok i need today i was like in a village earlier not very far from the capital of assam go ahead of us about 50 kilometers have been some villages and i met so many people who are out of this this and there are most of them are poor people and not much educated not you know financially all right and also there is not available information as to what next you know what awaits them so there is certainly a feel there is lot of confusion among peoples in people's mind and. you know many of them say you know many they just one thing is that some members of their family are in the list some are not so this is actually creating a lot of confusion among people and i feel the women you know but equally among the
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muslim community the most of the women are the worst sufferers because the have not been able to establish any link with their parents so that is actually causing a lot of trouble on the ground lot of confusion and they have they were told to give some 13 people as of the local bodies but mean many cases the peoples have not been accepted but in some cases they are so there's so much confusion about you know there's no uniformity to the sea on the ground so what i would see at this point is that the structural problems are actually a lot and that is causing a lot of harassment a lot of confusion among people. the state government for their part are saying that the this whole process is being very meticulously carried out in a transparent manner they say and every opportunity is going to be given to people
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who are not currently on the list. to to prove that they are there they belong there and that there will be a due process at every stage how does that square with what you're saying oh yes i understand i've seen all of that but that has come quite late because the already these issues are there in the media you know reports and we see that so just come march a towards the end you know but already some nice wee sites of happened still you know this is very much there staring at your face but the other thing is also you know now what so many of them will have to pull through the final strike and all the entire mechanics and that has been put in place and they will have to show the same papers that they have so they're all wondering what what what more will they be able to provide and so that is one page and the other thing is also that the supreme court's recent. the odds are that after 3 years they'll be taken out of the
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detention camps so they're wondering where if you feel the best and the tribunals will you be put in the detention camps then after 3 years you come out is that a mic and isn't that has been put in place the government does not spelled it out clearly above that and the other thing is that once you come out are you a citizen or non-citizen or how on what basis will you be kept so do those things are very much there and ice can see that on the ground royally what in your view is is the purpose of this register since. for purposes of well well the purpose it serves is effectively to create statelessness it's important i think to understand the context that this registration process occurs in it occurs in a context where the recent indian general election was fought and won by the
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nationalist prime minister modi on a watchman security based nationalist platform in recent times this been the annexation of kashmir and now in assam we're seeing a group of residents primarily muslims being targeted by by this registration process i mean this this appears on many levels to be designed to create statelessness to change the demographics of assam and to unfairly exclude non hindu religious and ethnic religious minorities and what do you say we run into those in india who argue that this is a perfectly normal process that goes on in many countries throughout the world that you have to be able to prove that your a citizen and people are being given ample opportunity to do that well again
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context is important if if there was a genuine attempt to confirm who is who is a citizen of india and who is not then perhaps the place that you would begin that process wouldn't be a psalm and you'd begin the process by outlining to the people who have been required to participate in it that it's not targeting the muslim population that muslims will be treated fairly and you would reaffirm india's secular founding principles as a country that's multi religious and multi-ethnic that has in the what's occurred associated with. the registration process in assam has been a lot of noise from hindu nationalists have already expressed the view the finance minister understand today of assam is already expressed the view that he is unhappy with the outcome that there are not enough people who have been excluded from the
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muslim population and he expects that those hindus that have been listed on the the list as not not legitimate citizens of india that they will be given some solace through government processes soon i don't think there's anyone that would believe sincerely that this is not a process that is designed to change demographics and to target the muslim population in assam. and again what's what's your take on this what do you you've heard the criticism that's been made of this and how do you tell someone who was born and raised in india lived there their whole life and in many cases their parents their grandparents came from india to suddenly be told that they're not indian at all. see you have to see case by case basis to every country has a right to maintain their record of their own citizens and they also know that there's a huge amount of illegal immigration that was taking place from bangladesh both in those and muslims so as rightly pointed out by the london guess is they're both
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hindus and muslims have been left out so it negates the fact that it is directed against one particular community we also know that from a past experiences that huge amount of illegal immigrants out there and assam is one dejan and this being all is another from where they moved to other areas of the country so just it is absolutely legitimate for india to have its own deckard of citizens and they have started from a semenya to be an all in b. exercise in future the last one was done in $1051.00 so it is high time that the must know who are who are citizens of this country and who are the illegal immigrants yes we have a robust system that the entire exercise is very transparent it is being monitored by the chief justice of india and there is a due process for. busy some of the grievance so you can go to the far less tribunals then you have the high court then you the supreme court and therefore nobody can complain that they do not have the grievance mccann ism any country
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democrat and democratic country should have to address a mechanism which is also in place in india so i don't know why this kind of a criticism of biased criticism which is being done. against us over in democratic country who has its own rights in a bill and of the constitution of india what do you say yes to those who argue that the burden of proof on the this and r.c. is so so stringent so. partisan an arbitrary in many cases that the entire exercise seems to them geared to exclude people rather than any any genuine effort to sort of create a roster of indian citizens and there are many examples of this weapon. a father was branded a foreigner in the draft and r.c. but his son was declared in india and in another case a 6 year old girl passed a citizen ship test but her twin brother was found to be a foreigner there's numerous other cases of spelling errors. typo in your
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grandfather's documents could mean you lose lose your citizenship none of this seems fair does it. so let us be very clear in the 1st draft mistake to come out the 4000000 people were left out not the final list only 1900000 people have been left out and and the cut off date just went be 50 march off to 1971 so anybody who's come before is allowed and anybody who comes after that busy is not allowed and therefore they have been very carefully to start spending to yes there could be mistakes here and there but do you have address a mechanism in place like in any other country you can question india's motives anybody who's questioning india's motives here has a lot of explaining to do because it is their right india has a right to maintain its own register of citizens how can you criticize india's right to maintain its own register of citizens when and the world has this even the
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us is trying to limit the illegal immigration and we have you know scarce natural cygnus sources and we have a huge population of 1370000000 people so one has to balance and india has always been a very calming host country but not that that you know generosity was being misused by the people from across the border and they were coming in holds and that has changed the way you know demo kind of feeling stick social and cultural identity of many districts in the region where the indigenous culture district and now all of you also know that there are problems that many many people who are who are not supposed to be year have been including their $4030.00 thickish and then the identification and thing will be a continuous process it is not an end all of busy a situation so law is dynamic here it just continues a tomato somebody it is found that somebody has used flawed human documents forged documents to get the citizenship here then that person will be taken to task in the legal process when they start against a person so i do to give both describe
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a motive to this exercise i think it's too far a stretch to. sankey to your response to that people should not be questioning the motives behind this. see the it's a very old problem you know from the british colonial dime and there's a lot of smaller communities which reside not just in assam but in the rest of the northeast also of the smaller benito in some communities they'll be only a 1000 people so 50 people you know this see coming to it's an issue so those things are very much there on the ground and the other issue what i see when i roam around the ground the people from all communities have been affected by this but considerably i see the muslim community getting affected a lot more but yesterday you know since yesterday they've been getting so many calls messages that saying that people from all communities including the s m e's and the indigenous communities also so that sort of that again takes us to the
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question of the structural problems which you also spoke about so that this is something that needs to be taken seriously and the other thing is also. about you know given that confidence to people you know i believe that this is not the end of the door not not finding one's name in the list itself doesn't meet one status you have to go to the entire process but but still you know you are thinking about you have to think about the small oh the poor people we really get so much money to fight these cases there's been so many litigations now and even if to go to a tribe mentally you need at least 25000 indian rupees and these are very very poor people even to go you know last month from one part of the state to another party not for revenge if occasion of their documents many of them had to sell their cattle they have to put their land on morgridge to so that they could hire a bigger vehicle and dick and that family there so this is the situation we are
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talking about so it does a lot of human duchesse required at this moment yeah let's put some of that back to the desk then the criticism there that much of this discriminates against poor dears they don't have the means to you know to go to the various offices to pay for transport to get all the to get all the documents and so on what do you say to that . see the fact remains it just started yesterday so it's just too early to comment on the process because this process is slowly slowly take off the ground the farm mistry bills are being increased the state government has also promised legal aid to the people whose name has been left out and they will help them in due process of time and one can understand but but it is the duty of the nation to repair the record of citizens and their fruit it is an exercise which had to be taken although it is taken late but it should have been done by the previous governments long time back but the fact remains state governments are doing busy
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providing legally other things also in the process and that is a due process available to them and service centers you know what we call see walk ins are being open to help them so i don't think it is just yesterday it started and nobody you know. should be you know it does not that 10 days at boston nothing is happening so slowly slowly people will approach the service centers they will go to legal aid centers there are really facilities these vait have patients running lee up to now we mostly been talking about how this. process is taking place in the state of ass and but the government has made it clear that they want to expand this nationally if that want to happen what what are your fears about this. well my fear is is that my fear is that we will see a replication of what's happened in other parts of the region just nearby in me and not. an oppressed muslim minority the key
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element that began their oppression in myanmar was an aggressive citizenship verification process during the $970.00 s. and from that time on their rights were increasingly restricted and then some decades later they were forcibly deported from from me and ma and there's now some 1000000. resident in refugee camps in bangladesh but there's also risk in camps within me and not and then not allowed to leave concerning li prime minister modi visited me and at the time that the forced migration was taking place during 2017 and he was supportive of the government of me and mas approach so in that context it must be chilly when people in the somme who found themselves not on the citizenship register noice that there have been detention camps built in assam and that the government intends to build 10 more detention camps within some those
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people not on the n.r.c. today must be deeply concerned that the future they face could well be some something very similar to the to the face of the wrecking. you mention there how you know everything every country has has the right and the need to to get a register of all of its citizens to update this and so on. but i want to ask you about the context in which this is happening a little bit more in the timing this is being carried out by a government and a ruling party that has its roots in hindu nationalism and there has this been this climate of of hindu nationalism in india over the last few years. what mess if you believe that india is a state. that belongs to all to people of all faiths what message does this
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send to non hindus in india. so india belongs to people of all faiths and that is given in our constitution and therefore we have a vote it in boston muslims in india but illegal immigrants are illegal in immigrants in respect of the religion so illegal immigrants have to be concerned about it and they should be concerned about it because we have that in this cast natural resources i think you need to have a very uniform policy of the universe and policy that where you know the entire countries of the world take the burden busy of the illegal immigrants are they to fiji's that come not india we have huge number off in estimated to separate from 1951 we have had about a 120000000 you know people coming into india so it becomes the universal issue and a problem in every country must you know share the legal immigrant saw that if you do that a coming having said that this issue started during the congress time there was an
4:44 pm
accord between the. students' union and the government of india that government of india and then the it was decided that that will be there will be a register of citizens so let's not be gypsies are the present governments edge into it just continuing from the past and this promise to the people of assam was being deferred our very day and that created a huge problem if you'd had been done it was going to talk about it then we would have a bill to you know contain the problem then and then we've got about a minute left i'm going to get what's probably going to last what now to. well i'm just evil from what i see on the ground as i said there's a lot of fear out there is lot of confusion and i expect that the you know incoming dimes that the government will also come to the aid of this people and that is one thing and the other thing i want to it is. you know there's a little difference between what the s.o.b.'s the majority community which i also
4:45 pm
come from. thinking of the moment and what the government is thinking which is the b.g.p. led government in the state and the sentence would be should be government if there is certainly and a communal overtone not as into this but what i see among the community and my conversations with a lot of intellectuals and the student leaders the other of course the us who is a little worried about you know it or not a not too happy with the number that it got yesterday so that's also because you know all at various points of time the parliament in the parliament various ministers have given out some numbers that is not scientific basis to those numbers are they are saying there is but that but what i see is that the the people here the people are looking at it as a migration issue they're not looking at as a human the muslim issue yet we're going to look but in coming days we don't know what which turned it tuesday we've got to leave it there thank you to all 3 of your psyche to borrow appreciate auty desha rotten nigam and ronan lee thanks very much
4:46 pm
for being on inside story and thank you as always for watching remember you can see this program any time by visiting our website and is it a dot com and for further discussion you can go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter handle where it's at a.j. inside story for me hasn't taken the whole thing here by finale thank. odd .
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odd. odd. september on al-jazeera with ethiopia taking its 1st steps into democracy al-jazeera meets for divests ethiopians who are reshaping the country's political landscape world leaders gather in new york for the united nations general assembly global issues are on the table listing host dissects the world's media how they
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operate and the stories they cause global warming and possible solutions to climate change only agenda of the united nations a special 2 part series explores how human activity has damaged much of the planet and cause some of the biggest environmental threats to mankind september on al-jazeera. more than 100. special time for accountability. for watching al-jazeera life. also ahead how israel's military tribe operations at
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a hospital. or with hezbollah along the lebanese border. boycotting classes of hong kong students after another week. one of the most powerful atlantic storms ever. u.s. states. may rise above 100 amid calls for someone to be held responsible for the officials have confirmed that at least 65 people were killed in airstrikes by the saudi like coalition but the red cross expects that number to rise the u.n. special envoy to yemen is demanding the coalition investigate and says accountability needs to prevail attack happened in cities early on sunday. reports from the scene. residents. of the city on
4:50 pm
saturday night aid workers have been pulling the dead. out of the rubble. blamed the saudi. women were targeting a previous university that was being used as a detention center for prisoners of war. dozens more brushed to hospital. i swear to god i don't know what happened we were asleep. thing at midnight and then there was about 3 or 4 airstrikes maybe 6 that was targeting the jail i really don't know how many times it got hurt but it was targeting a detention center and the city of dymov we were $100.00 people on the ground level and around $150.00 at the upper level and then the red cross came. see people under lock and key we're trapped as the bombs fell rights activists are calling for an international investigations into the act on the prison they say innocent people
4:51 pm
are killed in such operations carried out by the saudi with quality saudi arabia says it plans to air strikes on healthy military targets the quality of the site was storing drones and missiles something deny on a gun as the are not going to this person the subject international red cross committee inspections every now and then and such accusations by riad a baseless especially as it's called and it's have been shared with the red cross the red cross believes up to 100 people were killed and it's helping to find survivors some rights activists accused the whole cities of war crimes by keeping up on and in such a presence there is a crime committed by the. painting of political activists and journalists. and political dissidents whom they use in places that they constantly have been
4:52 pm
advised by human rights and you know not to not to put them in dangerous areas also most of those people who have died today have basically haven't even seen in court the saudi led coalition continuous bombing of presidential residential areas even if they consider that you know that specific place is they believe may be and may have some. form of the military military target these are residential areas this is why. such accusations has been denied by what these are this side of the bombed prison. we have an official list of the prisoners held inside the prison that is being shared with the international committee for really . cross all of the prisoners have been type shit by the. units from battlefields. the coalition has been fighting in yemen since 2015 supporting the internationally
4:53 pm
recognized yemeni government against these the war has killed tens of thousands and had a devastating impact on millions of yemenis with many on the brink of famine. problems israel's military tried operations at a hospital as that exchange fire with hezbollah along the lebanese border has fired towards an israeli military post on sunday afternoon israel responded by sending about 100 artillery shells that what it said targets across the border there has been no fighting overnights harry fawcett reports from northern israel. on sunday afternoon the tense week long waiting game was over the strike that hezbollah had been promising was underway anti-tank missiles fired an israeli army base near the community of avivim just south of the lebanese border as t.v.
4:54 pm
claimed an israeli tank it being destroyed and soldiers killed but the israeli military said while its base had sustained hits there been no casualties pictures of an apparent emergency evacuation were later reported by israeli media is a diversionary trick apparently to try to convince hezbollah that it carried out a sufficiently damaging attack. israeli artillery and air strikes targeted lebanese border areas but reports from there said the shells hit mainly empty areas no casualties were reported on either side less than 2 hours after it began the israeli army said the confrontation appeared to be over and. we were attacked by several anti-tank missiles we're tally added with about 100 shells from the area and by other means were holding consultation concerning the future i ordered them to be prepared as you know for any possibility we have no casualties not even a scratch the latest escalation started a week ago hezbollah said an attack on
4:55 pm
a stronghold in southern beirut last sunday was carried out by israeli drones that followed in israeli as strike that killed 2 hezbollah fighters in syria israel said it had prevented a drone attack being launched from there. and the hezbollah's leader hassan nasrallah warned then and repeated on saturday that his forces would strike back and he denied israel's justification for its recent attacks that hezbollah and iran were assembling precision guided missiles inside lebanon. it's a pretext netanyahu is using to attack and i said on many occasions that we have enough guided missiles for what we need but not precision guided missile factories benjamin netanyahu insists iran's growing threat necessitates an expanding israeli response it's just over 2 weeks until the israeli elections forceful action backs
4:56 pm
up his carefully nurtured image as israel's mr security at ascent into full scale war on the lebanon border less. in the weeks since hassan nasrallah gave his warning of a retaliatory strike all of the messaging from both sides all of the analysis suggested that my that israel nor hezbollah wanted an escalation towards all out war and in their actions earlier on sunday they appear to have proved that right limiting and calibrating their military actions to satisfy their domestic audiences without for now at least triggering a broader conflict. let's get an update from harry fox and he's joining us from northern israel in israel was keeping information about casualties really as vague as possible harry and now it's reported by israeli media that the military use their decoys operation and yesterday's. that's right it was one of the notable things as all this was going on that the only kind of hint towards israeli casualty figures that we were getting was one comment from the cabinet minister your
4:57 pm
government and then he was essentially silenced by benjamin netanyahu who said that no ministers should be making any such comments and so there were a few dark hours in terms of the information coming out where it wasn't really clear and what has since emerged is a pretty extraordinary psychological operation that appears to have been carried out israel of course does its army has a record of carrying out pretty elaborate deception operations throughout its history but certainly in this theater between israel and lebanon we haven't seen the like a vis the people can really remember and what appears to have happened is that deliberately these casualty evacuations took place they were filmed a helicopter was used even to the point of being filmed going from the ambulance into the hospital how it then came out afterwards isn't exactly clear whether it
4:58 pm
was always intended to be owned up to at least in some in some roundabout way or whether the hospital just told the truth to reporters that there were no injuries admitted nobody treated or whether there was some dissension as to how open israel had to be in terms of its own audience about whether the soldiers fighting for it had been had been injured or killed nonetheless it now does seem pretty clear that this is what went on it was an elaborate deception hezbollah will be reading these reports just as much as the israeli public will and even though there's been no sort of flare up that happened overnight harry to what extent is this really an end to the recent escalation because the issues that caused that do still remain at play. indeed they do as far as the situation now is concerned we saw when we arrived at this position just overlooking the israel lebanon border behind us we saw a u.n.
4:59 pm
helicopter overflying the area the un unifil the u.n. agency in southern lebanon says that a general calm is in place here but yes the essential issues remain unresolved as far as lebanon is concerned israel is abusing its airspace as far as hezbollah is concerned israel is breaching the rules of engagement in place since 2006 as far as israel is concerned iran and hezbollah are magnifying in the increasing the threat that they pose to israel through the assembly at least a position guided missiles inside lebanese territory something that has been largely to again on saturday denied so the there is i think some relief on both sides that this potentially very dangerous conflagration has now subsided but the longer term threat of more down the line does remain all right terry foster thank you. thousands of students at hong kong are skipping the 1st day of school to keep
5:00 pm
the pressure up against the government protest organizers have called for a 2 day general strike and they're continuing to demand the scrapping of an extradition bill and greater government reforms the strike follows mass demonstrations at the airport on sunday which led to multiple flight cancellations and there's been another stern warning from china in an editorial published in the state run news agency it says the end is coming for those attempting to disrupt hong kong antagonize china they should never misjudge the determination and the ability of the central government or the commentary follows one of the most violent weekends in hong kong and months on saturday police used a water cannon and they fired tear gas as you can see on protesters.


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