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it's almost 2nd nature and i also know what he sees the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera. has states but is built in there are the didn't have to choose who goes to ground seems a little tape of the seventy's or is johnson threatens an early election after a humiliating defeat in parliament over break 6. fully back to watching al-jazeera live from doha also ahead dorian on the path to florida after cleaning 7 lives in the bahamas. you expect there to be record. change of policy the largest retailer in the u.s. restricts the sale of ammunition following
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a string of mass shootings and the row to 2022 caught on veils the logo of the future world cup beaming it out in several countries for all the world to see. thank you for joining as britain's prime minister has suffered a major political setback an attempt by m.p.'s to prevent a no deal breaks it has passed its 1st hurdle the ruling conservatives are in turmoil boris johnson has kicked out 21 members of his own party after they voted against him to seize control of the parliamentary agenda a 2nd vote will take place on wednesday johnson says if he loses that one he'll call for a snap election here's how the numbers talk temporarily on tuesday in the house of commons the opposition and rebel tories came together to get 328 votes whereas the government could only muster 301 m.p.'s to support it so the government nost by 27 votes need to report some. britain's
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democracy is a war. with itself. as protesters marched on westminster politicians returned from the summer recess points to push new legislation through parliament to block always johnson ring that. a number of m.p.'s including prominent politicians in johnson's own conservative party have rebelled against the government and united with opposition m.p.'s to force johnson to delay breaks it is the default legal position is the u.k. will leave the e.u. on the 31st of october m.p.'s want to delay bracks until the end of january to prevent leaving the e.u. without a deal. the ice of the right 328 the nose to the left 301 on tuesday evening m.p.'s voted to take control of parliamentary business thought it could start forest allowing them to begin debating the creation of new
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legislation on wednesday if m.p.'s do pass a bill to prevent a no deal johnson says he'll have no choice but to push to hold a general election possibly on october the 15th if he's going to do more and to stop negotiations and to compel i'm not the point of this delay to brit's it potentially for years and that would be the only way to resolve this i can confirm that we are tonight tabling a motion under the fixed parliament. there is no consent in this house to leave the european union without a deal. no majority for no deal in the country. the defection of one conservative m.p. to the opposition liberal democrats means johnson no longer has a majority in parliament by voting against the government of the conservative party rebels have effectively ended their political careers. the bill will need to go
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before the opera house the house of lords on its journey into law but there are no guarantees it will work and after boris johnson's decision to shut down parliament for a month possibly from next monday m.p.'s don't have much time until the government says it wants a deal with the e.u. and the progress is being made johnson supporters say no deal is an important negotiating position with europe ranks it has distorted british politics uniting all opponents dividing old alliances the country is careering towards a new brakes a climax with a question this confounded the country and the continent is whether we're approaching a breakthrough for knowledge or simply another cliffhanger. can't call a general election alone he needs the backing of most m.p.'s to trigger a snap poll opposition parties are now weighing up the risks of a sudden vote. the battle lines are drawn the government and parliament are fighting for the right to determine britain's breaks of future. barca al-jazeera
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london. and. now at what could happen in the next year. well a humiliating defeat certainly this for the fledgling government of boris johnson and just as that result was announced in the house of commons a voice from the other side of the has piped up not a good start boris and certainly this majority of 27 a bigger number than anyone expected the bee gees elections among the 16 or so tory m.p.'s who voted against their own government and that number suggesting that the legislation at the heart of this motion will also likely make its way successfully through parliament to remind you that is there just nation that would force boris johnson to go to the e.u. and ask for a further delay to breaks it beyond october 31st till january the 31st in terms of the proposed legislation if he's unable to get a deal between now and the end of october and associated with all of this the crucial question now of a general election voters johnson made this vote
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a confidence issue the vote against the government therefore a vote of no confidence he has lost during the course of the day his flimsy majority when m.p. philip believe defected to the liberal democrats and he has now put on the order paper for wednesday's business a motion calling for the dissolution of parliament to pave the way for an election leaving aside the question of whether backbench m.p.'s will even allow that motion through the problem he's got is that it requires a 2 thirds majority and labor has said they will not vote for an election until this legislation preventing no deal makes its way all the way through parliament so the possibility exists on wednesday that the government could be defeated yet again both on this legislation and on its own call for a general election. in other world news hurricane dorian is slowly moving closer to the u.s. softer crushing much of the bahamas the death toll there is now reach 7 and the
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prime minister is warning that number is likely to rise and he gallagher reports from florida where the hurricane is already causing strong gusts of wind. as hurricane dorian edges away from the bahamas they were a picture of its devastating power is emerging the harbor and abaco island were hit hardest by the storm surge is a powerful winds this is now a humanitarian crisis hampered by the storm slow path through the region continued heavy rains and high winds when the true extent of the damage may not be known for days but early reports suggest the rescue and recovery operation will be huge we also understand that about $62000.00 people across the 2 islands will need access to clean drinking water it's not an unfamiliar thing to say in a disaster but when there's no water after a disaster that can have serious secondary impacts so that will be a priority not just for the records but for the government and for the u.n.
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system the red cross says at least $13000.00 homes have either been severely damaged or destroyed rebuilding will be a long process and saving those stranded by one of the most powerful storms recorded is a priority of the 25 individuals that were transported to new programs 2 has already 2nd that will take the number of deaths of 7 and again i want to assure. and informed beam in population that we can expect more of it to be recorded doria now threatens the u.s. east coast where preparations evacuation orders and warnings have been in place for days the storms predicted path shows no landfall in florida but a cape canaveral nasa is moot sensitive equipment as the storm edges closer georgia and the carolinas remain on high alert and many residents of heeded warnings to prepare for the worst and hoping that by being so early with our profer asians they
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will all be in for a bit we will not have needed to do much of florida's east coast remains under hurricane watch in there is still a danger of high gusts of wind that storm coming in from the atlantic ocean but if the track stays as it is predicted the storm should be about 170 kilometers off the coast even is it makes its way up to georgia and the carolinas that is potentially good news for millions of people but everyone. to get complacent. in the next few hours and days much needed resources will pour into the bahamas even for a nation used to dealing with powerful hurricanes this is an unprecedented situation. and this update a short time ago from titusville in florida. dorn's about 170 kilometers east of our location here it is continuing in a northwesterly direction so getting dangerously close to this coastline and moving
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it around 10 kilometers an hour which is much faster than it was moving when it was over the bahamas when it stalled for about 36 hours forecasters say that eventually this storm will take a shot to the north taking it even further away from the coast credit officials and not just the state but also georgia and the carolinas are telling people do not get complacent at this point because you can see the conditions right now and this is getting stronger all the time so most people have heeded the warnings they have made the preparations they cannot get breathed a sigh of relief until these days long event is over and with the storm moving so slowly it will take some time and in fact it's now actually larger but it was before all. explosions have been reported in the syrian coastal city of latakia state television says the blasts were a result of craft guns intercepting drones that were launched towards an airbase it says militants launched a drone from a so called the escalation zone. all parties in the conflicts in yemen including
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the united states france and britain may be involved in war crimes that's according to a report from the united nations it accuses the saudi and iraq he led coalition of killing civilians with air strikes and deliberately denying them aid even though the country's on the brink of famine norberg manly has details. have been in. indiscriminate killings. and using stuff ation as a weapon of who these are the findings of a group of united nations experts who investigated the war you haven't. the parties to the conflict in yemen are responsible for an array of human rights violations and violations of international humanitarian law some of these violations are likely to amount to war crimes. it's a 2nd report by a group of eminent experts who say the u.s. britain and france may be complicit in war crimes by arming and providing
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intelligence to the saudi u.a.e. coalition especially so in yemen says west some bombs a consistently being used by the coalition the problem with this how do the americans and all those who match them like the united states they ignore the dimension of the warsaw short of talking to iran short of probably mitigating the tension between the iranians and the americans there inas and the saudis i think those happening in in yemen is only a proxy for probably a bigger game and why the game but the experts say there are no clean hands when it comes to the involvement of all the warring parties that includes hoti rebels the yemeni government forces supported by saudi arabia and the united arab emirates they have targeted hospitals ports water facilities markets farms and of restricted the delivery of humanitarian aid. the u.n. experts also accuse iran of backing the violence committed by the one piece one of
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the most devastating as strikes targeted a wedding party in 2015 killing at least 130 people. and in august last year at least 40 children were killed when a saudi u.a.e. coalition air strike hit the pass in saada. the experts are also concerned the war has taken another complex turn as the saudi backed government and the u.a.e. back separatists in the south of vying for control of yemen 2nd city aid and parties to the complex. seem incapable of even agreeing amongst them. as to the way. the un describes the war as the world's worst humanitarian crisis and is calling on all parties the conflict including western countries to be held accountable laura bow to man the al-jazeera. still ahead on al-jazeera be
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un prepared to evacuate more displaced syrians from a remote camp near the northeast of jordan last south africa's president breaks his silence condemning attacks on foreign nationals. had other trouble with slow moving hurricanes or indeed station hurrican as arkan dorian has been over the bahamas for more than 24 hours is that when they leave you can't be exactly sure where they're going to go but consistency in the forecast has been the thing and for days now the focus has taken this hurricane up the coast of florida but over water and up towards georgia so he doesn't make landfall it is going to continue to pile that east coast with strong winds a big waves and of course a risk of a lifted see this eventually will affect sas carolina as well but as you know in
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these places to rest the u.s. and canada is enjoying fine weather but of rain east encounter more developing in the middle you'll notice but temperatures in the low twenty's or willows that is very pleasant really the distinct lack of showers where you might want to see them in southern california or new mexico or even northern mexico but it's made up for to some degree by what's happening for the sas in mexico was showers are increasing the going to become of the s. and aside from the bahamas is a fair frequency of light showers should lesser antilles and that breezy for your eyes has produced some big downpours in northern colombia and i think we'll do the next 2 days in panama costa rica nicaragua guatemala and mexico. around the world powerful entities a way to manipulate and influence. trillions thoughts taking algorithms that
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a team developed and designed to push content that says click me every click we make use of drugs and after work and in the 3rd of a 5 part series mexico examining how propaganda shaped. the algorithm on a jersey you. know again you're watching al-jazeera live from doha recap our top stories britain's prime minister is threatening to seek a snap election after losing a crucial vote which takes m.p.'s one step closer to blocking a no deal breck's it 21 members of course johnson's own party voted with the
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opposition a 2nd vote will happen on wednesday hurricane dorian is moving closer to the united states after leaving a trail of destruction in the bahamas 7 people have been killed there and authorities are expecting the death toll to rise and explosions have been heard in the syrian coast source city of latakia state television says the blasts were a result of anti-aircraft guns intercepting drones that were launched towards an air base. and the united nations is preparing to evacuate more displaced syrians from remote camp along the border with jordan it's home to almost 15000 people but the u.n. says half of them are refusing to leave despite the diet living conditions. then harder explains why. the last time aid reached this makeshift camp was in february rock band is close to the border with jordan and this besieged by the syrian army which decides if and when food and medicine reaches the thousands of people inside
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the united nations describes the situation is desperate and says conditions are abysmal but it can't do anything without the approval of the authorities in damascus. we were told 2 days ago that the u.n. and will deliver aid either on the 4th or the 5th of september since february we have received only a small amounts of food and medicine through smuggling routes but they are not enough and too expensive. a u.n. team visited the camp in august but its mission was only to determine how many people remained inside and who wanted to leave the organization says it is planning to help those wanting to return voluntarily to government held territory. brooke bandcamp was estimated to accommodate about $40000.00 syrians in recent months the u.n. says almost half have left for syrian government controlled areas it believes some $15000.00 remain and it's survey showed nearly half don't want to leave or not.
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we didn't register with the u.n. to return to regime here is un couldn't give us guarantees they told us they can't guarantee what happens when we leave receptions into. the syrian government is effectively giving the people in iraq than no option but to return to areas under the state's control or starve the dire conditions are believed to be the reason why many have left despite human rights groups saying some of those who have gone are being detained and ill treated. we have been able to document the detention of at least $37.00 men who left rock band to government controlled areas these people were arrested and taken to intelligence branches in damascus and holmes also they are forcing men to join the army. in a month or 2 it was agreed that they would be given 6 months. many syrians and want safe passage to opposition controlled areas in the north and if they can't get it they want regular food and medical aid the un says it cannot make any promises as it is an observer in the repatriation process and doesn't have unrestricted access
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to return knees so many who are staying say they have to as they are left with no choice so whether. it. south africa's president has condemned the recent attacks on foreign nationals at least 5 people have been killed in the unrest and dozens of others arrested since the violence broke out on sunday syria are pulser denounced the violence calling it totally unacceptable saying the country will not tolerate xenophobia. or some johannesburg. police in south africa try again to stop writing in looting in some poor neighborhoods in and around johannesburg it's been like this since sunday some of the businesses and shops are vandalized belong to foreign nationals this is not the 1st time i have an absolute say it has been through this he says his other store in another part of the city was looted last year because it really something like this
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. how can a dragon. make something for my kidneys from a children's home occurrences day because of the like not for a crime or whatever. only for. something that you can believe criminal gangs are responsible for the violence. says he got a phone call only in the morning that his business was being looted but it was too dangerous for him to move now that it's relatively quiet he's come back to assess the damage i still felt people still looting as are all of you with the police presence. to say that it's not about. fighting for in the shops i'm a sort of a citizen police said if you see people that worked for me in the shop and they told me it's just to be a cumulative effect with me and other running at a loss of thought was i don't know what else to say. some say the country's high unemployment rate now nearly
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a 30 percent whitespace poverty and inequality are to blame for the violence in 2008 at least 60 people were killed and more than $50000.00 forced from their homes . many foreign african nationals was hogsheads 4 years ago at least 7 people were killed some so that ricans feel they are competing with outsiders for stops. human rights groups say and to integrate comments made by some politicians are making things worse they said xenophobic sentiment underlying this about 40 and us everything to leave we are a democracy we are a democratic society we cannot allow people to take the law into their own ends and there is no country that doesn't have for a mess now its president still ram applause as condemned the attacks as in a phobic and an acceptable more than 100 people have been arrested for public violence. but in some areas the police seem overwhelmed making it easy for some
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people to stay in the street how demitasse al-jazeera john has been. and in mali at least 14 people have been killed in 24 others injured after a bomb exploded under a passenger bus in the central mob t.v. the bus struck a landmine while traveling through an area where ethnic militias and on groups carry out regular attacks against civilians 34 people are now believed to have died when a dive boat caught fire and sank in the us state of california investigators are yet to determine what caused the blaze reynolds reports mourners police flowers and candles at a harbourside memorial as officials declared the search for survivors in one of southern california's worst maritime disasters is over it is never an easy decision to suspend search efforts we know that this is a very difficult time for families and friends of the victims. we have suspended the search efforts due to no additional individuals having been witnessed entering
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the water. our last aircraft over flight this morning has revealed that no additional signs of distress or debris has been witnessed divers have recovered a number of bodies and our continuing to search for more remains victims' family members are receiving grief counseling and updates no autopsies on the recovered remains have yet been performed our hope is that once we get into the vessel hopefully today that we will find their remaining victims and recover them obviously we that doesn't happen we will be looking. at. the debris field and other areas that where where there could be remains from from the victims of this terrible tragedy to learn how the fire started investigators plan to interview 5 ship's crew members who escaped by jumping overboard the county fire district is
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committed to on behalf of the county of santa barbara expending all necessary means to find out the cause and origin of the fire aboard this vessel the passengers and one crew member who died aboard that conception were trapped in the lower deck where they had been sleeping investigators have determined that flames and burning debris blocked a stairwell and an additional hatch way making escape from below decks impossible but early media reports that a door to the lower deck was locked we're mistaken there are no locked doors and a combination space aboard these vessels it's open birthing the only privacy that you have and i'm sure that you've seen because it's on the bessel web site or curtains officials say the intense heat of the blaze burn the bodies beyond recognition the identities of the remains will be determined by d.n.a.
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testing rob reynolds al-jazeera. one of the world's largest retailers says it will stop selling ammunition for handguns and military style weapons across the united states it's in response to a series of mass shootings wal-mart which is also the largest seller in the u.s. has been under pressure to change its policies the company says it will also ask customers not to bring weapons into its stores in so-called open carry states ways legal to do so my canada has more from washington the move by wal-mart is very significant indeed in the past it's been the country's largest weapons seller and certainly it is regarded as a conservative corporation with very much a conservative cleon tile what's important to note as well is that this is not a kneejerk reaction those attacks in wal-mart but wal-mart branches took place over a month ago so clearly the company has been considering this for a period of time the chief executive officer is also writing
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a letter to congress urging stricter gun control legislation now that is still up in the year selig majority leader mitch mcconnell says he would be willing to introduce new legislation once he knows what president once he says that he does not want to introduce legislation that will then get vetoed by the president well president trump a month ago was talking about stronger background checks but in the wake of the recent shootings he's now reverting to conversation about mental illness being responsible which is essentially one of the claims made by the pro weapon in our a so the legislation may or may not arrive but we've heard from the senate majority leader it won't get to the senate floor unless the president trump approves whatever that legislation is. it's lee you will soon have a new government after the antiestablishment 5 star movement voted overwhelmingly in favor of a coalition with the center left democratic party the country was thrown into
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political turmoil when the anti immigrant league party pulled out of its coalition with the 5 star movement of the democratic party was quick to announce it would take the lead space it's a nice prime minister just to pick on tape is expected to keep his job and they could be another election in spain after the acting prime minister rejected a coalition agreement with the far left busy for demo sponte sanchez says there are too many differences between his socialist party and put a most to put together an alliance if no agreement is reached by the 23rd of september spaniards will head to the polls in november. that qatar has revealed the official logo for the 2022 world cup with the worldwide media campaign the image was beamed on to buildings all over the world at the same time with unveilings in qatar's capital doha and around the middle east in russia the 2022 local was welcomed in the capital moscow russia was of course the last world cup country host
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and the 2026 world cup will be held in north america the united states will co-host a tenement with canada and mexico the logo was unveiled in new york city in the very heart of times square there is on the richardson has more. well in some ways the details of this emblem answer is important as the wider symbolism of the timing of this launch as we build up to the 2022 world cup here in cattle the timing of this launch is no accident it was september the 3rd 1971 when cattle became an independent country having previously been a protectorate of britain and it's now as an independent country the cat's always bringing the world cup to the middle east for the very 1st time and after all the conversations and controversies we've had since katz i was awarded the world cup in 2010 the global nature of the launch of this emblem is a reminder to everyone that sure enough
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a football tournament will be coming here in nov 2022 in terms of readiness to with the 8 stadiums are now finished one of them the khalifa stadium will be on show to the world later on this month when it hosts the world athletics championships and then it december we have the club world cup here in cats are the 1st big day for events be hosted by the country effectively a test event ahead of the world cup as cats are in 6 to establish itself as a global hub for elite sports. hello again i'm fully back to bill with the headlines on al-jazeera britain's prime minister has threatened to seek a snap election after losing a crucial vote which takes these one step closer to blocking a mill deal breaks it 21 members a voice johnson's own party voted with the opposition a 2nd vote will take place on wednesday here's how the votes played out on the floor of parliament. yards to the right 328 the
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notion that 301. is not a good start maurice hinchey and so i refuse to go along with that plan we are going to have to make a choice to speak i don't want to lecture to the public or. i don't believe there was one action but if the house votes with his bill tomorrow the public will have to choose who goes to brussels along with the 17 to sort this out and take this country forward i welcome tonight's vote we live in a parliamentary democracy and. we do not have a presidency but a prime minister. prime ministers govern with the consent of the house of commons representing the people in the mood the sovereignty rests. there is no consensus. there is no consent in this house to leave the european union
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without a deal. no majority for no deal in the conference. the room for members of judge. and other news hurricane dorian is slowly moving closer to the united states after a crushing much of the bahamas the destruction there has been described as a historic tragedy 7 people dead qatar has revealed the official logo for the 2022 world cup with a worldwide media campaign the image was beamed on to buildings around the world at the same time and on veiling here in qatar capital doha as well that said coming up next hail the algorithm stay with us. for 25 years of affording the world's waste china for the global cycling industry into chaos. the growing pressure for greener skies is resulting in change. new the story is the economic world we live in.
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counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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around the world a powerful entities a working to manipulate and influence us you've heard about it trolls fake news their algorithms at work behind each of these algorithms that have been developed and designed to push specific types of content to us content that says click me. mexico is probably not the 1st place it comes to mind when you think of online manipulation it's happening everywhere but.


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