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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 5, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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we're going to hong kong now and the chief executive carol lam has agreed to one of the main demands of the long running protest movement she's announced the withdrawal of an extradition bill would have allowed criminal suspects to be sent to mainland china for trial however the protest leaders are not willing to call off their demonstrations yet when hey with more from hong kong. it's what millions of people have been demanding for months the complete withdrawal of an extradition bill that many in hong kong had come to view as a symbol of a much larger problem the government will formally withdraw the bill in order to truly allay public concerns. the secretary for security will move a motion according to the rules of procedure when the legislative council response the build to months of protests that have at times paralyzed parts of the city seen hundreds of arrests and regular violence with police the honorable mr kerry lunch
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and previous overtures from chief executive kerry lamb to suspend the legislation in june and then announce that it was did in july failed to end the rest there are more large rallies planned in the days ahead which is when we'll find out of kerry lamb's decision will have the desired effect or of protesters believe it's come way too late the protest is viewed debil is just another example of mainland china's growing influence on hong kong so its withdrawal could be seen as a rate concession by beijing demonstrators demands have evolved into broader democratic reforms and an independent commission of inquiry into the crisis and the actions of police. rarely organizers say the legislation's withdrawal will be celebrated briefly but it's not enough to end the crisis and by not agreeing to all the demands they believe kerry has proved again she's out of touch with her people caroline herself irrelevant she already proved so many times too many times to all
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people that she really doesn't care about own people if a leader behave like that i hope people will not care about at all. the announcement came less than a day after a private conversation was leaked to the media in which lamb said she'd resign and apologize for the chaos if she could that was seen as an indication that it was china that would decide her fate and that of the bill even some pro-government politicians believe withdrawing the legislation is the right thing to do but it's too late if you ask anybody in the street where they did still remember what it was about i think probably 20 percent could tell. you as the protestors i don't know even 10 percent remember this one about the war which is likely to mean that the city's crisis is far from over wayne hey al jazeera hong kong well the hong kong government has so far north protesters demands to set up an independent inquiry to investigate alleged police brutality demonstrators accuse offices of colluding with
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alleged gang members who then attacked protesters and commuters inside a train station back in july only 2 people charged over that and protesters also say police have been using excessive force they fired hundreds of rounds of tear gas and rubber bullets in what are residential areas and over the weekend at least several people were injured when officers chased demonstrators inside a train all that police have made a 1000 arrests since june well here's the thoughts now tom and katie who is the director of amnesty international in hong kong he is calling on the government to set up a truly independent inquiry into the alleged police brutality. the fact that the hong kong police especially have chosen to suppress protests in the rossley unlawful weight that has seriously damaged the people's trust and sense of let's let him see are of the government and the city course for the set up of an
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independent commission of inquiry to police brutality over the past few months or so for the present set up of the so-called independent. commission to investigate police brutality it is not from and as these perspective not independent at all because 1st of all this commission has no rights to in western cape to get effort that is and also and they have to rely on are the investigation of a body within the police force itself so it is not independent we call it we are calling for a truly independent commission of inquiry that compromise of our judges and also our independent people in hong kong society. the latest on hurricane dorian now which is slowly moving closer to the u.s.
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after devastating much of the bahamas 7 people have died on the islands and the prime minister says that number is likely to rise and again like a reporting now from florida. as hurricane dorian edges away from the bahamas a clearer picture of its devastating power is a merging grand the harbor and abaco island were hit hardest with storm surges and powerful winds this is now a humanitarian crisis hampered by the storm slow path through the region continued heavy rains and high winds and the true extent of the damage may not be known for days but early reports suggest the rescue and recovery operation will be huge we also understand that about 62000 people across the 2 islands will need access to clean drinking water it's not an unfamiliar thing to say in the disaster but when there's no water after a disaster that can have serious secondary impacts so that we are priority not just for the red cross but for the government and for the u.n. system the red cross says at least 13000 homes have either been severely damaged or
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destroyed rebuilding will be a long process but saving those stranded by one of the most powerful storms recorded is a priority of the 25 individuals they were transported to new programs. to has already succumbed had to take the number of deaths of 7 and again i want to assure. and informed to be him in population that we can. expect more of them to be recorded doria now threatens the u.s. east coast where preparations evacuation orders and warnings have been in place for days the storms predicted path shows no landfall in florida but a cape canaveral nasa has moved sensitive equipment as the storm edges closer georgia and the carolinas remain on high alert and many residents have heeded warnings to prepare for the worst and hoping that by being so early with our
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profile reparations they will all be invade it we will not have leave it to do much of florida's east coast remains under hurricane watch in there is still a danger of high gusts of wind storms coming in from the atlantic ocean but if the track stays as it is predicted the storm should be about 170 kilometers off the coast even as it makes its way up to georgia and the carolinas that is potentially good news for millions of people but everyone is being warned not to get complacent . in the next few hours and days much needed resources will pour into the bahamas even for a nation used to dealing with powerful hurricanes this is an unprecedented situation i think alec rogers era indian river city florida. still in the u.s. president of the trump is diverting $3600000000.00 from military projects towards the construction of the wall along the southern border with mexico more than $120.00 projects will lose their funding remember trying to create
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a national emergency earlier this year as he tried to fund the border wall which he promised to build during his 2016 presidential campaign here's a look at how don't transfer opposed to wall for which congress has already refused to provide the $5700000000.00 a trumpet wanted fact it's actually approved less than a quarter of that nearly a 1000 kilometers of the war already exists and he promised to build around 2000 more but so far only existing sections. been replaced and as trump fights to get funding for his wall the number of people detained at the us mexico border that's gone up more than 760000 have been detained since last october which is still fewer than a decade ago is the thoughts of jonathan parker a senior lecturer in american politics at kiel university who says trump is trying to force congress into giving him money for the wall. he's bluffing congress essentially to try to get them to fund more money to the military to make sure that
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he's got the funding for the wall through the back door nancy pelosi has come out strongly against it but it would of course when the military gets short changed you know it's going to be bases in their states it's going to be the efforts in afghanistan it's going to be a big big high stakes game here and so the question is who gets blamed when we have a government shutdown in the past trump has been blamed and so i would suspect the democrats are going to assume that's going to happen again so i would think congress is going to dig its heels in and refuse to fund trump's calling it a delay in the funding so he's assuming congress will come back and put the money back but of course all of these efforts are bogged down in the courts there's a series of lawsuits that are going forward trump has won some of them he's lost some of them so it's very unclear whether the hill even be allowed to do this. iran says this is willing to recommit to the 2050 nuclear deal but only if it gets $15000000000.00 for oil sales the plan was proposed by france as it tries to
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salvage the agreements but that proposal will need to be approved by the united states now to see the big gone in o.e. we haven't reached the final agreement yet we have set a framework from now to the end of the year with french officials they say they talked to the other european countries and the united states we have nothing to do with it we are dealing with france that represents the e.u. it is unlikely that it will reach the final deal by tomorrow so it will take the 3rd step in reducing our commitment to the nuclear deal either today or tomorrow. in the meantime the u.s. has placed additional sanctions on a network of iranian oil shipping firms that is after the detention of 2 tankers in recent months iran says it will release 7 of the $23.00 crew members of a british flag tanker that was seized in july the stand imperio was stopped after an iranian flight tanker was detained by the british territory of gibraltar although it is not would also jabari in teheran. it appears now the future of the
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nuclear agreement of 2015 is in the hands of french government and president emanuel micron whether or not he can convince the united states government to come on board with the proposal that they have put forth to the iranians their reins have said that this $15000000000.00 line of credit that the french government is proposing for the sale of iranian oil is something that would actually help them and they would consider going back to the original agreement of 2015 the reigning president hassan rouhani has said that in fact the negotiations are ongoing about this deal but the final agreement hasn't been reached yet the and this is exactly why the uranium so will announce in the next 48 hours the 3rd step that they will take in reducing their compliance under the nuclear deal and the ukrainian president has said that this step will be the most important that they've taken because it will advance the country's nuclear program all this comes at
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a time when iran and washington have had a lot of issues and heightened tensions in this region the iranians have said that since the united states withdrew from the nuclear deal last year and imposed a series of sanctions on iran's oil and banking sector there's been instability that's been created in this region and now it is up to the french government to try and see if they can salvage this steel there french finance minister has been in washington on tuesday to push this deal and try to get the u.s. on board because the united states will have to finally approve this issue waivers since they've imposed these sanctions on iran's banking and oil sector there is growing outrage after a new series of xenophobic attacks sold some foreign owned businesses in south africa so the african brands faced reprisal attacks by protesters in nigeria and forcing stores to close until further notice the ethiopian embassy is warning its citizens to avoid confrontations. and
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a football match between sandy and south africa's been cancelled all the leaders of rwanda and malawi have pulled out of a global events world economic forum being held in cape town in what south african police say at least 5 people have been killed in the recent violence president cyril ramaphosa has described the attacks as totally unacceptable. police in south africa try again to stop writing in looting in some poor neighborhoods in and around johannesburg it's been like this since sunday some of the businesses and shops are vandalized belong to foreign nationals this is not the 1st time i have met absolute say it has been through this he says his other stall in another part of the city was looted last year because if something like this. how can his dragon. make something for my can release all my children it's all my parents used to libya come from sort of the like not for a crime or whatever. only for. some time africans believe criminal gangs are
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responsible for the violence mario says he got a phone call aly in the morning that his business was being looted but it was too dangerous for him to move now that it's relatively quiet he's come back to assess the damage i still found people still looting as are all of you with the police presence and all that to say that it's not about. the 44 in the shop on the set if a citizen blois said if you see people that work for me in the shop and they told me it's just be accumulative give me another running at the last i'm without words i don't know what else to say. some say the country's high unemployment rate now nearly a 30 percent white space poverty and inequality are to blame for the violence. in 2008 at least 60 people were killed and more than 50000 forced from their homes when many foreign african nationals were targeted 4 years ago at least 7 people
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were killed some to the africans feel they are competing with outsiders for scarce jobs. human rights groups say anti immigrant comments made by some politicians are making things worse they said xenophobic sentiment underlying this about foreign us everything to leave we are a democracy we are a democratic society we cannot allow people to take the law into their own hands and there is no country that doesn't have for a nationalist president has condemned the attacks as in a phobic and an acceptable more than 100 people have been arrested for public violence. but in some areas the police seem overwhelmed making it easy for some people to stay in the street. janice been. with us on skype from pretoria some of those who is a policy and political analyst at the university of south africa nice to see her you made
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a good point in her report about the fact that this happened in 2008 it happened again 4 years ago why is it happening again now something not being addressed here . is precisely the. new shoes being raised. where they for a not complaining of security as well as programmed into. or dealing with ready thought it was somebody. who are supposedly getting elections tend to take its implications on the issue or are they not blaming them for many things not going well in the country and also the law enforcement and the economy condition in the country all of those come by here not whether money just then they create this cyclical tension between what in our models and logos ready
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especially those who are in the moment because the middle class and those in the upper class year sides tend getting into this level head in that home sits in the informal settlements in the guinness it is that's where oh but that's where the interface between the locals who are at the lower level. and encourage it could possibly get worse this time couldn't it because we've got these sort of retaliatory moves by other countries things are happening in those countries to south african businesses you've got political level leaders pulling out of meetings you've got the football match being canceled it seems like that could actually will exacerbate it. i do think that we have seen that before ready by leaders when their excesses leadership they have come together realizing that the implications for the african continent didn't but. this is ration is
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allowed to get out there and probably turn the asians instead of sitting down to have careers solutions on our own for money for leisure movements on how to grieve says businesses from different parts of the point and the word and does it all fall to president ramaphosa to sort the south or does it need to be happening on a on a lower level on a step that community levels it has become a lot more complex so looking at the present low would not solve this problem that business saying don't want to blades fire to this civil society plates but the political parties so it needs a qualitative concept it effort into it being the law enforcement. some of the other figure enter joining us from pretoria today many thanks pre-show your time. still ahead on this news about stunts or p.r.
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stunts we will assess the impact of wal-mart's decision to stop gun ammunition sales and sports serena williams moves a step closer to a record equalling 20. grand slam title. allen has been running kharaj she on and off for the last 3 or 4 days and in satellite picture you see the last thing the music does it be much more but i could be wrong but the cloud has crossed the not quite the straits of hormuz just crossed into oman the potential for thunderstorms exists there but i mention this because for the rest of this area for iran right facts was a little violent nothing is happening the temps to come down in baghdad $43.00 degrees typically and that's only slightly when we're down to was kuwait there have
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been reports offshore that you're right and the law and or $5152.00 trysts think it must be there will exaggerated it's late summer now after all temperatures will be in the low to middle forty's in places humidity still high around the gulf states if it is certain the entire hard drive inland is wetter still humidity was in somalia but note the standard 27 this is of course the sorry if still blowing a lot of cloud a lot of drizzle in southern africa things are starting to turn a little bit more active again you don't see much here in satellite pictures at the cloud creeping in here but that's not much to do with the system is developing the vast amount of that is showing itself particularly in the east in a cape up to durban that develops into significant rain. was. 3 months of protests on an unprecedented scale have virtually paralyzed hong
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kong what began as opposition to an extradition law has escalated into a broader pro-democracy anti-government movement. so how and why has this crisis developed and what are the protesters walked. in the 1st of 2 special reports people in power traces the dramatic evolution of hong kong summer of defiance on the jersey and. we have a news gathering team here that is 2nd to none they're all over the world and they do a fantastic job when information is coming in very quickly all at once you've got to be able to react to all of the changes and al-jazeera we adapt to them. my job is is to break it all down and we help give you understand and make sense of it.
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on the news here at al-jazeera these are our top stories british m.p.'s are fast tracking legislation to block a no deal exit from the european union a final vote in the house of commons is expected in the next few hours and p's will then vote on a government motion to call a general election. in other news hong kong's chief executive kerry has announced the formal withdrawal of an extradition bill which would have seen people sent to mainland china to face trial a proposal was what sparked the months of protests we've seen in hong kong and protestors in zambia and nigeria have targeted south african stores in response to
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attacks on foreign owned businesses in south africa police say 5 people were killed and nearly 300 arrested since sunday. now benjamin netanyahu has visited the highly contentious city of hebron in the occupied west bank he gave a speech there making him the 1st israeli prime minister to do so netanyahu is there as part of his campaign ahead of the elections on september 17th palestine's foreign ministry has condemned his visit as quote racial and colonial hundreds of jewish settlers live in the israeli controlled part of hebron which is home to 40000 palestinians as well the presence of settlers there is considered illegal under international law that's about as columnist for monitors israel policies on skype from tel aviv. what does benjamin netanyahu get out of a trip and a speech like this as far as his election campaign goes. 1st of all he will get free coverage and. we are now 2 weeks before the general
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elections and he would. do much to get such coverage however and his quote of the voters and actually even the general public part of the consensus was the holy sites were. jewish quarter so he may may get. good coverage and in this context of the elections talking to his constituency and trying to grab extra of voters from the radical right we can is not what he's focusing on is to come out in september 17 is the largest party and to get the mandate from the 1st one to get the mandate from the president to form a new government happens an interesting place and i was talking to my producer about this early and she was saying it's literally one street to the next you can
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change from a palestinian neighborhood to a a jewish settler neighborhood so it's a complicated place and i guess an example of the whole problem of illegal settlements. yeah ino well now way our so-called commemorating the massacre in hebron 98 years ago in 29 when heroin was a mixed city and for a while there there was a kind of normal relationship between the juice and you're going to see this and then getting in and then. they grabbed the headlines in another massacre when a jewish settler from a target from a neighboring settlement has and to the mosque and killed $29.00 muslim greatest you were in karama done so if you look at the 2 places that
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are a. reason to be concerned about violence and this wreck round of the relationship between jews and arabs jews and muslims this is the holy city of jerusalem and the holy city of hebron so. i would be very careful these days not to grab the attention of the muslims and give a reason for the extremists from both sides to celebrate so to speak on the this tension in hebron but as i said before you know what netanyahu is really concerned about is to stay prime minister and he would do almost everything you know to get again get free few more votes and the feelings start sorry to interrupt you what are your feelings actually about the next vote given that way while the says. carrying on from what was that march and april this year and
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pension president prime minister netanyahu can form a government then any predictions. my prediction is that. it's going to be a hung jury again and it will take a while before he will be able to form a government i believe that there will be pressure from his going to stick you see and from his party to. get some kind of an agreement that will allow them to form a unity government where is benjamin bennett guns and guns from maher it's popular pleo really good is a legitimate partner but not with an attorney out so it would be very interesting to see if netanyahu has a good reason to be concerned about what he calls his friends in the likud will
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stab him in the spec but i don't rule this out like a veiled oh it's a pleasure talking to you thank you thank you. now on to government protesters are gathering in argentina's capital. they are angry at president crow's attempts to steer the country out of a worsening financial crisis measures that include currency controls and limiting foreign transactions that exceed to $10000.00 a month mockeries attends for years of financial volatility largely as a result of a weak currency and high debt large spending with a huge government deficits back in 2007 which have continued for nearly a decade investors began to leave the country during that period when argentina's market standing and high import fees became unmanageable president who was defeated in the primaries last month those now under pressure to improve the economy before the elections come in october so let's check in with stories about now in the
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argentinean capital and what's happening with one of the people demanding the. while we're here right in the center of what i said is that extremely sensitive time here in argentina because of the economic crisis we're right in front of the ministry of social development there are hundreds of people here many of them from very poor neighborhoods from the capital and they have come here to demand what is known as food emergency plan and they're saying that the government needs to speed up distribution of food in argentina as most vulnerable neighbor hope the government is saying that this is not something that's necessary that got right away that there was already a plan in place and that something like this is not necessary in that country but what people here are telling us that the amount of people heading to soup kitchens has increased greatly that there's lots of people here that cannot make ends meet that there are children going hungry because of the crisis in argentina right now so let me explain you
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a bit what's been going on the government is trying to fight the devaluation of the base so currency that's mostly caused by capital flight and people basically going to the banks here and went outside and getting. the dollars that they have they're out and this is something that happened back in the crisis of 2001 when people did not trust i didn't think that financial system were basically taking the money out so the government is fighting this devaluation that evaluates patient immediately translates into prices argentina is expected to have an inflation rate of around 55 per cent and that of course has an enormous impact on this people here on their purchasing power and their ability to get food and that's why they're demanding here a change in the government program they need to speed up the process of food making it. to soup kitchens and to people being able to access those basic items the tension that i said before is extremely not in t. now mostly because of the risks of hyper inflation crisis like this ones have happened in the past and in general they have not ended well teresa a tweaks to the
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presidential elections is that enough time for her to sumatra to turn the tide. well it's going to be difficult elections that you said are happening in about 8 weeks from now on the clover 27th what happened last august during the primaries is that that opposition leader i'll bet if the 5 members who are running along with former president cristina kirchner basically has a 15 point lead over president up how do you see the market so it's very going to be very difficult for him to turn this around even though the government has been implementing several measures in order to alleviate the current crisis argentina's chorus for example reducing taxes reducing taxes on basic food i think terms of increasing minimum wage but as i said before it's going to be extremely difficult and at this point many of the people you talk to are saying that the only thing they would like to see right now is what might be so might be to wind up his
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constitutional term which is basically in december in the past in argentina with prices like this have happened presidents were forced out of office for a new one to take place at this point and most of the people i have spoken to say i warned about not being able to finish his term to i suppose i'm going to sirees thank you for that it's. one of the world's largest retailer says it will stop selling ammunition for handguns and military style weapons across the united states this is in response to the series of mass shootings wal-mart we're talking about which is a major arms in the u.s. has been under pressure to change its policies the company says it will also ask customers not to bring weapons into it stalls in so-called open carry states where it is incredibly legal to do so. part of the reason for the change of policy is that people have been shot inside wal-mart's stores in july an employee killed 2 coworkers at a store in mississippi a few days later
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a gunman killed 22 people inside the wal-mart in el paso texas and just 13 hours after that 9 people were killed in a mass shooting at an entertainment district in ohio more recently on saturday another 7 people killed in texas in a drive by shooting and while wal-mart has called the situation unacceptable u.s. politicians have not taken any significant action now a group of haitian politicians are ransacked parliament to prevent the ratification of the newly appointed prime minister they're angry about a worsening fuel shortage and rising corruption among the government of president morsy. opposition supporters burned tires in the streets and demanding the resignation of the president. germany we're going to do a story about germany now which will be banning the use of a controversial we called it from 2023 it is the most common weed control product in the world but there's been recent concerns that it can cause
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cancer the ban will be introduced in phases germany's move comes after austria banned the chemical in july was not a tutor i just was glad to say it kills everything green does depriving insects of their basic food source therefore we have set a fixed date for the complete ban of the state use the year 2023 and earlier phase out is unfortunately not possible due to the current approved use of the chemical until 2022 but there will be a media partial bans and extensive restrictions for the use of privacy in many important areas now a ban on single use plastic bags is changing the way people shop in pakistan the threat of fines as seen people switch to reusable is to cut down on an estimated $50000000000.00 bags each year that go into landfill come on hard as more from islamabad. i am an islam monger the verge actually.
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where the. shopping for which there are daily if ensures that there is a quiet people are now carrying to be used by the bag and this of course is a major step already we can see a change of attitude after the government employs the heavy fines on the use of such bag and also import strict friended again for the manufacture of august on has joined a growing list of countries which are then. banned on finger you plastic bag according to the country's minister on climate change and the environment a population of 2000000 people in islamabad where you were doing an average of 3 to 4 plastic bags that day but now the government wants the people to change their habits they want to be more you know really huge by the bag in order to mitigate the effect on the environment here but i think it's a good decision and should have been enforced
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a long time ago as they say it's better late than never is still not too late and people must accept a whole heartedly and all good decisions are placed levy and there should be complete compliance then give you a plastic if it is been on plastic was planned by previous corman but this one is no enforcing its trade and this is really useful for all environment although the government of emraan hashmi outdraw made a clean and green project on august on really have to do much more in order to mitigate the effect of non-recyclable plastic way which is wreaking havoc across the country. from the center for climate research in islamabad says the poor people will suffer if the pakistani government doesn't provide an alternative to plastic. penalizing people is definitely an effective strategy but it definitely needs to be there also needs to be incorporation of awareness campaigns and letting people know
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why plastics are a problem so this government has begun to do that. it has been slow on the uptake in that way but it's getting there slowly but surely with the ban it certainly does impact the poor in the sense that if plastic bags are no longer available and the alternatives are not yet provided then yes the poor will suffer one strategy that that is employed in other in other countries as you know you pay for the plastic well poor people for them this is like a progressive tax where they get where they're lower income and this additional cost really does become a burden. still ahead for your sports with. the oh my goodness a fortunate escape for this free skier at events in new zealand that anymore.
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we're back on the good sport with tara thank you so much kemal rafa nadal will aim to put himself into the u.s. open semifinals when he faces dado short moments later on wednesday the spaniard is the final member of tennis's big 3 to remain in the tournament comes up to roger federer was knocked out on tuesday so malik reports. u.s. open provided roger federer a final chance to end the year with a grand slam title standing in his way was grega dimitrov someone who'd never beaten this with superman in 7 previous attempts. it looked like it would be
12:40 am
business as usual as the draw won the 1st set $63.00. but what ensued was the back and forth encounter the unseeded dimitrov took the 2nd set 6 for showing the kind of form that helped him reach number 3 in the world rankings 2 years ago. vedra though even at 38 looked to have as much hunger there for you reestablished his lead by taking the 3rd set 63. have dimitrov had to respond again and he did just that he pushed federal hard on route 11 it to tuesday. a federal effort seemed to take a toll and he needed treatment on his back dimitrov would capitalize he took the final 62 to spill the match and finally break it's a good jinx. joy for the bulgarian and the advances but can't bring. for the
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phaeton federal. group it was moment and moment bodies moments. in the semifinals dimitrov will take on danny medvedev who had to overcome an injury to his left cord to beat former champions down wearing her i. the russian took the match in force that it's the 1st time you've ever made the last 4 of a grand slam. serena williams produced her most dominant performance of the tournament so far on tuesday. she needed just 44 minutes to crush china's one chance 6160 and book a place in the semi's. turning 4 and this is a horrible working and. you know we're. up next to williams is the ukraine
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alina spitta lino who beat you on a condo in straight sets to progress even as the 5th and highest seed remaining swiftly in a would be many people's underdog heading into the semifinals i but she can draw confidence from her last match with williams at the 2016 olympics in which she defeated the american so helmut al-jazeera. steve smith has returned to ashes action after his recovery from a concussion injury smith was forced to miss the 3rd test after being struck on the head by delivery from england fast bowler jaffer archer in the previous match their rivalry has been renewed at manchester's old trafford stadium so far smith has the upper hand he's 46 not. australia lost 2 early wickets but ever recovered to $126.00 for it to a 5 match series is level at $11.00. american sprinter justin gatlin has suffered an injury setback ahead of the world athletics championships the defending 100
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meter title holder into his left thigh during a race in south grab on cheers day the 37 year old has just over 3 weeks to recover ahead of the championships and. on the official logo for the 2022 world cup in katter has been revealed with just over 3 years to go until the event cakes are images of the emblem appeared at iconic locations in more than 20 countries at the richardson reports. more than just an emblem launched this was an event designed to remind the world that football's biggest event is on its way to cattle the 2022 logo appeared on buildings and landmarks around the globe the middle east's 1st world cup now just over 3 years away the logo is designed to reflect the sun jews of cats or as well as the shape of the world cup trophy the figure of 8 a reminder of the 8 stadiums that will host matches with its population of about
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2700000 is hosting this event on its own actually without any help from our neighbor 13 and this comes to tell you 2 things 1st of all that but there is ambitious and it's willing to work towards these ambitions very clearly and with a very strong will but the other thing is that there is no. statue against the arab world hosting this event. 2 of the stadiums are already open for business one of them will be used to host the world athletics championships later this month and then in december qatar will host the fee for club world cup the 1st major test event ahead of 2022 as the country establishes itself as a focal point for elite sports other infrastructure projects are also on track but the country still has were. to do in selling the positive aspects of the tournament to the rest of the world i think it still has to convince many many skilled
12:45 am
skeptics obviously the u.k. is one of them but there are many people in europe that don't believe that qatar should have the world cup because of the various control the seas i think what's a night will allow those within the supreme committee in doha to do is to say right this is the emblem and now we can concentrate on the message of what we want to tell you about how the world cup will be different in qatar. kept us national team won over many skeptics when they became asian champions for the 1st time this year that's despite never having qualified for a previous world cup these players and their country will be under scrutiny like never before when the tournament kicks off in november 2022 on the richardson al-jazeera. and there was a fortunate as skate for american skier jenny symonds during a competition in new zealand. the men's lost a ski at the top of her run her helmet also came off during the fall but the 20 year
12:46 am
old escaped serious injury she said afterwards the incident had actually increased her confidence as she now knows she can handle even the toughest crash. still got to her though. she's ok though but before we are back with more news in just a couple moments even. yes i want to finally you were going ask about that but that's the ball is a board that i see well it's never thought of that this set is the last david and the other the double the buckeyes and the bunch is a bit shocked about that. in part one of these 2 part series al-jazeera explores
12:47 am
the world of performance enhancing drugs. sports doping the endless chase on al-jazeera. new leaders place children in this refugee camp the latest victims of the unending sectarian violence in central african republic among them are survivors of unspeakable violence 10 year olds the book his mother is dead her father is gone killed because they were christian by their own muslim neighbors this is the least you home an overcrowded refugee camp of 23000 people surrounded by armed militia groups celine wants answers she says she wants to be asking the questions and so we traded places inch took the microphone will we find peace how can we make the violence stop when will i be able to return home. a modern and open minded woman who feels ethiopia is poised to
12:48 am
develop rapidly al-jazeera goes on a journey with the 1st woman appointed to the position of chief justice in ethiopia i knew sad as this was going to be a difficult assignment to make space to be corrected and maybe once a change tomorrow if they wanted to be. my ethiopia on al-jazeera. the debate carries on and britain's parliament over a bill that would ban the no deal exit from the e.q. . elephant or however one come all santa maria this is the world news from al-jazeera . the government will formally with troll the bill in order to fully allay public
12:49 am
consensus on kong's chief executive abandons the controversial extradition bill but protests to say it's too little too late to end months of demonstrations the u.s. says no to a french proposal for a $15000000000.00 oil. for iran a deal that could have kept fully committed to the nuclear agreement and germany is . the most common killer in the world because of concerns it could cause cancer. just as he was yesterday the british prime minister johnson is in the middle of a major parliamentary showdown over reg's it in the british parliament debating a bill that would block a no deal exit from the and if it passes boris johnson has threatened to push for a snap election reports now from london. this government will take this country out
12:50 am
of the european union is johnson facing a rowdy question time just hours after losing his 1st of a commons vote as prime minister and with control of the parliamentary timetable what this what this country needs what this country needs is a sensible moderate progressive conservative government to take this country out of the e.u. on october the credit crisis and that is what we are going to deliver. the ice in the right $328.00 the default legal position is the u.k. will leave the european union at the end of next month thanks to a rebellion by $21.00 conservatives there's now a debate on a bill forcing the prime minister to seek a delay until the end of january to avoid any possibility of a break 6. if it passes johnson said to push for a general election that could happen as soon as. but it would need 2 thirds of the house of commons to trigger it the government's now lost its working majority and the opposition says it won't back an election until a no deal exit from the e.u.
12:51 am
is definitively off the table if the prime minister does to the country what he's done to his party in the past 24 hours i think a lot of people have a great deal to fear from his incompetence his vacillation and his refusal to publish known facts that unknown to him about the effects of a no deal breaks in the move by the alliance came after the government asked the queen to suspend parliament for a month it could shut down at the start of next week a court challenge in scotland the closure was illegal has been defeated. meanwhile the conservative rebels who backed the bricks it delayed bill have now been expelled from the party one the former chancellor of the exchequer clark says he and his colleagues no longer recognise their party the aggression with which the street should be policy. if necessary. the. brutality but she treated many of his members of his own party many of whom
12:52 am
have never rebelled before in their lives has only really served. the u.k. . is currently back in brussels as boris johnson's own advisor denies reports he called the talks with the e.u. a sham whatever the case there's little chance of any breaks it outcome bringing a swift end to the uncertainty and the political drama. the latest now with john holl outside the house of parliament in westminster what is the current state of affairs inside at the moment. what i'm please preparing at the moment to vote on the so-called 2nd reading of this legislation this anti know deal legislation it will almost certainly pass the stage given the majority vote on tuesday night and then goes on to say committee stage that he votes later on amendments and all going well for the legislation it will end the evening being passed to the house of lords where it's likely to have a pretty rocky passage certainly
12:53 am
a lengthy one with the conservative party peers but preparing anything up to 80 or beyond amendments all of whom all of which would have to be voted on but all things as a going for going well for the legislation and given the majority of these likely to make its way through into law in the meantime the debate that has been going on as seen some emotional scenes during the course of the afternoon a short while ago nicholas soames winston churchill's grandson fighting back tears as he took part in the debate saying how sorry he was and how sad he was that his 37 year career as a conservative party m.p. had ended in this way he of course was one of the 21 conservative party rebels diesel acted sacked essentially by boris johnson this morning for defying the government in that vote last night turner aside from this spill and this vote there is also the specter of an early election what are the chances of that.
12:54 am
well they've they've got they've gone up dramatically since tuesday's events and tuesday night's vote goes boris johnson must see now the vote on tuesday night as a vote of no confidence in his government teat framed that vote as a confidence issue he lost his majority during the course of the day he's sacked as a 21 of his m.p.'s he's now the prime minister of a man minority government simply can't govern the question really that exists now only is when that election will happen he has called a vote tonight a prime minister but to try and have a snap general election very quickly the labor party who will need to back it because it needs a 2 thirds majority to pass won't support team tonight they want to see this and see no deal legislation passed into law this even a suggestion that they will hold out until it is actually put into practice so that they can force parties johnson to endure the humiliation of going to brussels to ask for a further breaks a delay something he's sworn under all circumstances he never will do but an
12:55 am
election one way or other now he's never trouble just a question of when for the moment boris johnson for the moment has lost control of the timing extraordinary thank you john howell outside the british parliament in london to other news hong kong's chief executive kerry lam has agreed to one of the main demands of the long running protest movement she has announced the withdrawal of the extradition bill that would have allowed criminal suspects to be sent to mainland china for trial but protest leaders are not willing to call off their demonstrations just yet when he has more from hong kong. it's what millions of people have been demanding for months the complete withdrawal of an extradition bill that many in hong kong had come to view as a symbol of a much larger problem the government will perform any withdrawal of the bill in order to actually enter a public consensus. the secretary for security will move
12:56 am
a motion according to the rules of procedure when the legislative council response the billet to months of protests that have at times paralyzed parts of the city seen hundreds of arrests and regular violence with police the honorable mr kerry lunch and previous overtures from chief executive kerry lamb to suspend the legislation in june and then announce that it was did in july failed to end the unrest there are more large rallies planned in the days ahead which is when we'll find out of kerry lands decision will have the desired effect or a protest as believe it's come way too late the protest is viewed debil is just another example of mainland china's growing influence on hong kong so its withdrawal could be seen as a writ concession by beijing demonstrators demands have evolved into broader democratic reforms and an independent commission of inquiry into the crisis and the actions of police. rarely organizers say the legislation's withdrawal will be celebrated briefly but it's not enough to end the crisis and by not agreeing to all
12:57 am
the demands they believe kerry has proved again she's out of touch with her people caroline herself irrelevant she already proved so many times too many times to all people that she really doesn't care about own people if a leader behave like that people will not care about at all the announcement came less than a day after a private conversation was leaked to the media in which lamb said she had resign and apologize for the chaos if she could that was seen as an indication that it was china that would decide her fate and that of the bill. even some pro-government politicians believe withdrawing the legislation is the right thing to do but it's too late if you ask anybody in the street where they did still remember what it was about i think probably 20 percent can tell. the protesters i don't know even 10 percent remember this one about the war which is likely to mean that the city's
12:58 am
crisis is far from over plain hey al-jazeera hong kong. of the united states has announced new sanctions on an oil shipping network that iran's revolutionary guards and hezbollah are allegedly profit from in a statement the u.s. treasury department says the network supplied syria with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of oil which breaches existing sanctions is a former iranian oil minister and his son in that network as well as an indian firm with an interest in the iranian tank at the darya one officials have frozen all u.s. assets associated with those on the list and provided u.s. citizens or companies from doing any business with them iran immediately hit back at the new sanctions state t.v. announced the government plans to further scale back its commitments to the 2050 nuclear deal but earlier ron had said it was actually willing to recommit to the deal but only if it got $15000000000.00 for oil sales in return that plan was proposed by france as it tries to salvage the agreement but needed approval from
12:59 am
the u.s. and they said they would never do that so let's talk more about this with and washington started to wonder patty how much more there was to actually sanction in iran but these once again more and very specific sanctions. exactly kemal it seems like every day brings a new set of sanctions on iranian officials from the us under this trump presidency but again now we've seen them go a little bit further as you mentioned there are 16 entities 10 people levon vessels flagged the big question is how much bite of these sanctions going to have because if you were doing business with the rand would you really keep your money in a u.s. bank probably not still they are trying to send a message and they're taking an additional step they're offering a $50000000.00 reward for information that can help the u.s. basically track down iranian oil business they say they've offered rewards in the past but never to disrupt a government agencies are trying to turn up the pressure on iran yet again and have the americans given any indication. of potentially more sanctions because that is
1:00 am
that some of the theme as well sort of. leading ahead and saying no they could be moved to come they are definitely indicating that there are going to be more as i mentioned it seems every day they're coming up with a new way this is a little bit different though going after the shipping industry trying to basically scare away anyone who'd be willing to move that crude oil the bigger question though is what's going to happen with this european deal the officials didn't rule it out completely here in the u.s. in the back or a conference call but they did say that they're skeptical that any plan could meet with u.s. approval so that probably is the biggest headline coming out of this call ok thanks for the update patty cohan in washington still ahead for you on al-jazeera argentina's was singing financial crisis since more anti-government protesters into the streets. and attempts to stop us gun violence new laws allow weapons to be temporarily so used.


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