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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 5, 2019 1:00am-1:33am +03

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given any indication. of potentially more sanctions because that is that some of the theme is well sort of. leading ahead and saying oh they could be moved to come they are definitely indicating that there are going to be more as i mentioned it seems every day they're coming up with a new way this is a little bit different though going after the shipping industry trying to basically scare away anyone who'd be willing to move that crude oil the bigger question though is what's going to happen with this european deal the officials didn't rule it out completely here in the u.s. in this backyard conference call but they did say that they're skeptical that any plan could meet with u.s. approval so that probably is the biggest headline coming out of this call ok thanks for the update patty culhane in washington still ahead for you on al-jazeera argentinas was saying financial crisis since more anti-government protesters into the streets. and attempts to stop us gun violence new laws allow weapons to be temporarily so used.
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hello a little tropical depression that made landfall 2 days ago and vietnam pretty huge amount of rain some like 5600 millimeters has now gone offshore it's hard to see it was in that massive cloud there and it's still producing vast amounts of rain for this part of vietnam and just on the very edge of your screen is what is now developing into a typhoon running up 3 q. chain of japan toward south korea so that's where all the rain is falling which takes a lot of it away from china hong kong will still be in the rain mix i think in iran through for jenna's well and to some degree union at least the southern part of sichuan the yangtze valley looks largely dry the moment the monsoon is retreating but he is doing it in sort of jerky stages and it's more or less rebounding for it goes back again but you see with the main thrust is in the last 2 days from mumbai
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towards the congress the bangor you got typically one to 300 millimeters of rain 40 now that's a good bit of rain out of the monsoon trough and i think we'll see that much the same lot of imagine predation of the next to say was some quite a long way north still but although caroll she's seen showers for the last 3 or 4 days there's nothing at the moment in the forecast so i think pakistan is now in the dry face. perception is validation we believe want to be seen but in one life time we cannot see everything that we would lie on experiences of others and the legacies that previous generations. testimony we let you know they're going to.
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witness documentaries that open your eyes on al-jazeera. top stories for you this hour on al-jazeera employees in persons moment of voting on a bill that would block a no deal exit from the european union this is the 1st votes of the day if it passes promise across johnson says he will be pushing for a snap election. hong kong's chief executive terry lam has announced the formal withdrawal of an extradition bill that would have seen people sent to mainland china to face trial it is the proposal which sparked the months of protests in hong kong. and the u.s.
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says it will not waive sanctions to accommodate an attempt by france to salvage the 25th day nuclear deal earlier iran it said it was willing to recommit to the deal but only if it got $15000000000.00 from oil sales in return. also the united states announcing new sanctions on a multi-million dollar oil network allegedly run by iran's revolutionary guards. now into government protests as a gathering in argentina's capital buenos aires they are angry at president is attempts to steer the country out of a worsening financial crisis the measures include currency controls which limit foreign transactions that exceed $10000.00 a month across the thames follow years of financial volatility largely as a result of a weak currency and high debt spending led to huge government deficits in 2007 they went on for nearly a decade and investors left the country during that period when argentina's market standing and its high import fees became unmanageable president machree remember he
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was defeated in the primaries last month is now under pressure to improve the economy before elections in october. following developments in the argentinean capital that tell us about the people who've gathered there and what they're demanding. but it's another day of protests here in what a sight is not right at the center of the site is right in front of the ministry of social development today to see here in the hundreds of people have gathered to demand what they call the food and mirja seat from up there saying that not enough employees reaching to what the site is poorest areas and that's why they're near demanding that the government speed up the process often at making the food making it to the country's most vulnerable areas people are telling us that the amount of people going to stop kitchens can be increased because of the vietnam and cries of the amount of children going hungry have increased so what's been happening in argentina it's difficult to explain away because it's this country have
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a long history of the economic crisis that when you talk to people they say it's happening once they get so sick of it and just fighting a very strong devaluation of the past so can see that it's mostly caused by capping of flights that might be heading to the banks and getting their dollars out of their own bank accounts and this has generated that crisis we know that around $900000000000.00 that they have been. withdrawn from the bags here at least in the capital and i am going to cite this and this has a direct impact on the prices on inflation expected inflation rate this year is going to be around 55 percent and that has a big gain facts on this people climb their purchasing power as greatly decrease because they say that they cannot make ends meet the government has taken some measures like capital controls among other things but at this point it isn't that the situation is stable for many this reminds them of crisis that the one that happened in 2001 when the country about point had 5 precedents in
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a period of 7 days and so many here weeks 3 need more worried about what's happening in argentina today so that does. have any chance really in these elections which are coming up in 8 weeks. quest going to be extremely difficult the results of the primaries show i would not have the facts not mrs running with former argentinian president cristina fernandez that parish without the 15 point that's going to be extremely difficult that it has left the country in an extremely vulnerable situation because markets are you looking at what up there that has not what i think that what is going to do they're not severe with the international markets that another resident come back to power and this is also in a way sparking the crisis that we're seeing right now in argentina the government has taken starts at measures as i said in order to levy a crisis like increasing minimum wages reducing taxes on basic food items but for
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most of the people we have spoken to right here they're saying that it's not enough that they're struggling because of inflation that they cannot buy basic items up that they meet the governmental act now tourism is thank you for that update now rick and daryn. scuse me slowly moving closer to the united states after devastating much of the bahamas 7 people have died on the island the prime minister says that number is likely to rise and again like a report from florida. as hurricane dorian edges away from the bahamas a clearer picture of its devastating power is emerging grand the harbor and abaco island were hit hardest with storm surges and powerful winds this is now a humanitarian crisis hampered by the storm slow path through the region continued heavy rains and high winds and the true extent of the damage may not be known for days but early reports suggest the rescue and recovery operation will be huge we
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also understand that about 62000 people across the 2 islands will need access to clean drinking water it's not an unfamiliar thing to say in a disaster but when there's no water after a disaster that can have serious secondary impacts so that we are priority not just for the red cross but for the government and for the u.n. system the red cross says at least $13000.00 homes have either been severely damaged or destroyed rebuilding will be a long process but saving those stranded by one of the most powerful storms recorded is a priority of the 25 individuals who were transported to new programs 2 has already succumbed that it take the number of deaths to separate and again i want to assure. and informed to be him in population that we can expect more of deaths to be recorded doria now threatens the u.s.
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east coast where preparations evacuation orders and warnings have been in place for days the storms predicted path shows no landfall in florida but a cape canaveral nasa is moot sensitive equipment as the storm edges closer georgia and the carolinas remain on high alert and many residents of heeded warnings to prepare for the worst and hoping that by being so early with our profile for a chanst they will all be invade it we will not have needed to do much of florida's east coast remains under hurricane watch in there is still a danger of high gusts of wind storms wells coming in from the atlantic ocean but if the track stays as it is predicted the storm should be about 170 kilometers off the east coast even as it makes its way up to georgia and the carolinas that is potentially good news for millions of people but everyone is being warned not to get complacent. in the next few hours and days much needed resources will pour into the bahamas even for a nation used to dealing with powerful hurricanes this is an unprecedented
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situation and gallacher all jazeera indian river city florida. there is growing outrage in south africa after a series of recent attacks against foreign owned businesses so african brands faced reprisal attacks by protestors in nigeria and zambia forcing stores to close until further notice the ethiopian embassy is warning its citizens to avoid confrontations and of these of several african countries have pulled out of a global world economic forum event being held in cape town. benjamin netanyahu has visited the highly contentious city of hebron in the occupied west bank to give a speech there making him the 1st israeli prime minister to do so netanyahu is there as part of his campaign ahead of elections in september palestine's foreign ministry has condemned his visit as racial and colonial hundreds of jewish settlers live in the israeli controlled part of hebron which is home to 40000 palestinians
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the presence of settlers there is considered illegal under international law. one of the world's largest retailer says it will stop selling ammunition for handguns and military style weapons across the united states it's in response to a series of mass shootings wal-mart which is a major arms seller in the u.s. has been under pressure to change its policies the company says it will also ask customers not to bring weapons into its stores in so-called open carry states where it is legal to do so. a new laws that allow guns to be temporarily seized from dangerous owners spreading across the united states the so-called red flag laws are now in 17 states with more looking to follow alan fisher has more from maryland. after yet another mass shooting in texas this weekend which killed 7 president donald trump suggested legislative change on a national level seems unlikely for the most part wrong if you make it back. they
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would stop any of the national inaction has moved individual states to push forward with their own warts maryland is one of 17 states along with the district of columbia that have passed so-called red flag laws and they've been considered such a success that 5 more states are considering putting similar legislation on the books catherine dimmy was one of the delegates miral and who drew up the legislation that allows guns to be temporarily removed from someone who could be a danger to themselves or others if you can't say you're qualified to have a gun i have you know that's fine to have one prevails you know that shouldn't or are going experiencing a crisis that may result in a tragedy i think we need the opportunity to be able to make a correction but in the us there's always strong opposition to anything that looks as if it may violate the 2nd amendment of the constitution regularly summarized as
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the right to bear arms one gun rights advocate says red flag laws don't make people safer you have a person who the judicial officer finds to be an immediate danger to himself or others and you ceases constitutionally protected property and you just leave him there you think he's a less dangerous now. you leave in there with a whole house for the night a vehicle but any other weapon you can imagine nationally the house of representatives has already passed new gun legislation there's no sign the senate is about to follow suit. who is campaigning for change see public opinion is swinging behind them we have another election coming up in about a year and if this congress refuses to change the laws the american people are going to change the lawmakers the white house is planning to push new legislation but likely not background checks or red flag laws it wants to speed up the death penalty for mass shooters critics say that's not much of a detent for people who really expect to survive if they launch their own deadly
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rampage alan fischer al jazeera maryland. ok an update now on the brakes a vote happening in london this is the 1st stage of the bill that would block a no deal that john hull is our correspondent there join a house the 1st vote gone. well and surprisingly come all m.p.'s have voted to give this bill a 2nd reading they voted by a majority of 29 to let it pass on to the next stage interesting new that's a majority to greater than the vote on tuesday night and majority there was $27.00 suggesting that perhaps 2 more conservative party m.p.'s have broken ranks with the government and voted for this piece of legislation in any case it goes on now to the what's called committee stage there are a number of amendments tabled by opponents to the bill they'll be debated and then voted on during the course of the evening nothing likely to derail the bill given
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the size of that majority as it stands now and then on to the house of lords where things will get shipped here with conservative party peers planning to try and delay this legislation or imagine a possibly can anything up to 80 or more amendments tabled all of which will have to be voted on day and night over the next few days but in all likelihood disk piece of legislation will go through by the end of this week or next forcing boris johnson crucially to go to the e.u. and ask for a further delay to breaks it after october 31st if in the meantime he is able to reach a deal has now seems i'm going to turn a thank you for that update the vote 329-2300 the 1st stage of the break that delayed bill. president general trump has diverting $3600000000.00 from military projects towards the construction of a wall along the southern border with mexico more than $120.00 projects will lose their funding remember trump declared
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a national emergency earlier this year as he tried to fund the border wall the one he promised to build during his 2016 presidential campaign a group of haitian politicians have ransacked parliament to prevent the ratification of the newly appointed prime minister they're angry about a worsening fuel shortage and rising corruption under the government of president morsy. supporters burned tires in the streets in a demanding the resignation of the president. germany will ban the use of the controversial weed killer phosphate from 2023 this is the most common weed control product in the world but there have been recent concerns that it could cause cancer the ban will be introduced in phases for next year. it's not a tutor i just was glad to say kills everything green does depriving insects of their basic food source therefore we have set a fixed date for the complete ban of glass to say use the year 2 $1023.00 and
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earlier phase out is unfortunately not possible due to the current approved use of the chemical until 2022 but there will be a media partial bans and extensive restrictions for the use of privacy in many important areas. there's more on that developing story and all the live updates from the break zip codes as well of al-jazeera dot com video on demand. the latest news and analysis is there for you whenever you want to. so let's just bring you up to date on that brags that bill the bill that would ban a no deal exit from the european union and it has moved a step closer to passing. in the british parliament of just approved the 1st reading of the measure and there's a 2nd reading which happens in a few hours ago this promise departs johnson says he'll be pushing for a snap election if it all goes through. the headlines hong kong's chief executive
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has announced a formal withdrawal of an extradition bill which would have seen people sent to mainland china to face trial the proposal was what sparked the months of protests that the government will formally with the bill in order to truly allay public concerns. the secretary for security will move a motion according to the rules of procedure when the legislative council recent the u.s. says it will not waive sanctions to accommodate an attempt by fronts to salvage the 2050 nuclear deal earlier iran that said it was willing to recommit to the deal but only if it got $15000000000.00 for oil sales in return at the same time as the united states announced new sanctions on a multi 1000000 dollar oil network allegedly run by iran's revolutionary guards and hezbollah iran immediately announced a further plans to scale back its nuclear commitments many of the netanyahu has become the 1st israeli prime minister to give a speech in the highly contentious city of hebron in the occupied west bank that's
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now who is there as part of his campaign ahead of the elections on september 17th palestine's of foreign ministry has condemned his visit as quote racial and colonial there is growing outrage in south africa are after a series of recent attacks against foreign owned businesses so that freedom brands face reprisal attacks by protestors in nigeria zambia forcing stores to close until further notice ethiopian embassy is warning its citizens to avoid confrontations and football match between zambia and south africa's been cancelled leaders of several african countries have pulled out of the world economic forum event happening in cape town and germany will ban the use of the controversial weed killer. from the year 2023 it is the most common weed control product in the world but there have been recent concerns that it could cause cancer the ban will be introduced in phases for next year germany's move comes after austria banned the chemical back in july. and you are up to date with the headlines in iran al jazeera
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more on the brig's of voting of course at the top of the hour after witness. the way her mother but. i have never really fit into any mold or any group i've heard it all like you're not somali enough you're not a good muslim you're not american enough. have multiple identities multiple
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things that make me what i am. that's what makes me me. not an easy thing to be when the world wants it to be like one thing or the other. a young american all the fashion industry by told a day in the job will be mortal signed by a major mourning agency to date which achievements for a girl who was once a which. she's not posing for should trust. this cannot be my life. ok we're going. to go. you know. what happened. i'll never live.
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that start. just go go. and look great while. i'm. thank you sir for 5th receiver turned on the p.c. so thinking the latest thinking was when he called until late i'm still thinking. everything happening it's like february but then it literally goes new york london milan. paris for weeks now and then back to back. and i don't know what will be a part of the mind of the privy thing finally it's done at some point.
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but i think the time the place i was on.
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some guy germany into. barbie all of the soviet times the speed. limit manually was a just and there have germany in half and. that's a. so if you ask me what i talk about. when i'm at school on the spectator nice we have lots of opportunities that come out of the fact that she's such a good speaker now and people want that story as you build a name for yourself and opens up only kind of an opportunity to build a business out of it mother. i mean money to go more than a little awesome and way money where money is that just like you. progress you know on the go but on other little. son i. knew
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he. could have the money you know how. besides modeling she said you know i think i can just work or do something else besides modeling like is there a way to just be like ok. i think all of those things that we are spreading out into kind of become something that's full time because modeling isn't going to always be very good. but i was one of those if the word model is like everything i know are fake i can market also although she doesn't like the way i don't like yours i don't get the word when i was. you know mackay welcome to the middle of. the mughal i'll have them look at of moco house if you did i don't know what i learned of because small feet in a day of my life has shattered then i'm out there used to people saying ok i've been taken off the hejab and i'm going to be a model but there are other i don't where do you. how'd.
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you have but i. didn't want to damage. you. because. i'm happy why i like unhappy me here at the same time because that about happen that i do but i know the end of the day i walk with the black one hasn't got our liking and i hasn't family go well for us really with me hasty you know had we have had good. does it really. house that argument is what we were fake god because he vowed not to get out you know. i don't know i'm going to bring it home to him but look yes i mean i already knew
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where she stood with the whole i mean that we have going to you know it's i mean i . think you know i think in all like all groups somebody has to go out and be the 1st you know that's not a bad thing is just it's not easy. ladies and gentlemen welcome to the 27th you miss it assuming you are serious you are safe i don't live for me i'm center here but i'm still going to sell let's begin by meeting contestants trying to decide all of this riddle so us get this. though my roommate was pretty tall and you don't know all i was like 12 time look i never sit down with them and that's a holy spirit so i can't see any of the right mr nice wallace. and there is
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anyone that. i know now that i could like ok so. i've put myself in this position so other people can see our human side but with that also comes a lot of responsibility. i know in that one long stop it can potentially change how a lot of parents see girls. marc lamont it will then open. it's was on the march i was. coming up that was how they really got it was that the good joke the medical i mean my mouth when i got the look i want to swear to god i was so mad it was just that you had to sit in front was just i was one world. the world that i'm.
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going to. let me. out of the world the you. saw those girls i love you and support you so much but i just wanted to warn you you shouldn't wear tight clothes because this shows your body and that is not part of the head this is just advice from someone who wants the bus for you. oh. so much for caring enough to be me but modesty a personal preference. and i really. like that trust. going down.
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the road to come to some of the museum of. the goods how about. this picture is a song with transitional bliss a vintage someone new woman. oh my gosh more somali bent. that's how the bush looks like. do you think. oh my gosh i remember this yes this is on my way through the snow. our 1st home was actually house of birth and if the repeal. this is actually like luxury good this is a must sort of birth form for the family but. a lot of like the younger generation because we were born in the post from mali war our families had flood by the time we were born so none of us really have much regulation of from
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only our memories there because we've never been. i want to go back together on my trip was. actually for 3 guys i'm more of all. this is that they have this one like before nation had produced the 1st book by saudi. arabia. the. election. when you walk that's been so even if you were strides take a little longer. right here one of the prairies that i have during the week is that she is able to walk at least in one show. you're in charge of the joy that moment last season there was a lot of interest unfortunately we couldn't figure out
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a way to meet that clothing and. let it get to that that maybe only you can change i mean it was a good that you just buy and you will hopefully get options and since this is winter fall clothing and you know a little bit easier probably to work with the. you know your i love that environment i love. everything.


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