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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 5, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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tragedy. all of my family lives in my shovel and everybody lost everything that none of them have a home to live in or anything like the terrible looting of people going into the making. and i want to know now they're even putting people out. there right now more now from al-jazeera one year after the who has just arrived in tragically in the bahamas that's connected to grand abaco island one of the territories devastated by hurricane dorian just to give you an idea of where we are we just arrived in tracy i treasure to see this is on the island of abaco one of the more northernmost islands of the bahamas you can see that this is pretty much ground 0 of where hurricane dorian most affected this island nation it's a 36 hours before that hurricane again a category 5 to make it across the the northern most islands of the bahamas winds upwards of 350 kilometers per hour what you see behind me this is actually what's
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left of the airport terminal again we've just arrived when you're flying in you can really get a sense of the devastation there's a conifer forests all around has acres and acres of trees literally split in half it sounds cliche to say this but it but it looks as though a bomb went off here if you were to drive in that direction now that the waters have subsided you arrive at marsh harbor there are thousands of people who live there the latest estimates that we heard were somewhere around 13000 homes that were practically leveled by by this hurricane there's no electricity there's no cell phone service or dozens of people here effectively. of effectively homeless waiting for evacuation waiting for supplies that again is another concern the potential shortage of food shortage of water and shortage of medicine the united nations on tuesday evening had already said that this is a crisis that can only be made worse if there isn't immediate action by the international community. stephen much andrea is the deputy regional director of the
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international federation of the red cross he is coordinating operations from panama city and told us about the progress with rescue efforts and we are expecting that there will be extensive needs so we know that people are going to need and they need right now food water shelter sanitation shelter materials blankets 1st aid attention psychological support all sorts of all the basic human needs are what we're seeing that's needed now but we're already starting to dry address this we had prepositioned supplies in place and we had volunteers on the ground 100 in each of those islands already from the community were mobilized before the storm hit when off the devastating the bahamas hurrican dorian has been steadily churning north the edges of the category 2 storm an ally in florida with heavy rain and winds as it moves parallel to the east coast
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dorian's eye and core winds will likely stay offshore but its edges will affect georgia through wednesday night and into thursday it will move close as the coast of south carolina late on thursday and north carolina on friday significantly increasing the risk of yet another landfall or more than a 1000000 residents have been issued evacuation orders and want to get out while there's still time the 2nd strongest atlantic storm on record is now packing maximum sustained winds of 175 kilometers per hour and residents of the southeast coast already experiencing strong winds and high surf. our east coast certainly is within the cone still and people need to remain vigilant if you're ordered to evacuate you need to do that from palm beach county all the way up to nassau the florida georgia border all those coastal counties have issued evacuation orders and and it's important that residents heed those calls you know get out now while you
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have time or there's fuel available and you'll be safe on the road to have. iran says it's further scaling back its commitment to the 2015 pay deal this as the u.s. steps up the pressure on the revolution recounts and we'll bring you a story about an indian man who took one small step on the moon and a giant leap for rights safety. hello again it's good to have you back well conditions are going to be deteriorating here across parts of southeastern australia over the next few days we have a system coming across the bite you can see the winds right here pushing across adelaide tempter there about 14 degrees melbourne at 18 but as a system pushes in from thursday to friday we are going to see a lot of winds a lot of rain not only from melbourne but also down here towards hobart as well
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temperature hobart about 11 degrees there but very windy conditions across much of the area but if you look a little bit more towards north of brisbane your temperatures are on the rise here on friday we do expect to see well above average for you at 34 degrees in sydney not looking too bad at about 25 degrees there well unfortunately for the north of the south island of zealand things are going to stay quite messy you notice here on the satellite this big weather system that's been pushing through that's really not going to be moving too much as we also and the week when i'm seeing plenty of winds plenty of rain across much of the region for auckland 17 dropping down to about 13 and for christchurch here on friday we do expect see 9 degrees as your high and then very quickly across parts of japan it is going to be warm in some locations with osaka seeing about $33.00 degrees but over here cross korean peninsula it is going to be the rain and we are going to be watching potential trouble system making its way as we go towards the weekend.
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rewind returns with a new series and brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera missed documentaries take it. easy on the little language. rewind continues with saving sou'wester seeing the light 10 years later the plot of a rich person or a community in south africa is no better this is a great motivator for us to keep giving back to these communities on al-jazeera. come back a look at the top stories british m.p.'s have rejected the u.k.
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prime minister's move to hold a snap election on october 15th barres johnson tabled the motion off to parliament approved a bill to block a no deal breck's it and harken darrien is expected is headed towards the united states after leaving a trail of destruction in the bahamas so far the official death toll stands at 7 but the prime minister is warm but it's sure to rise as the full extent of the disaster becomes clear. now a wave of xenophobic attacks against foreign owned businesses in south africa is blowing up into a diplomatic crisis i geria says it will boycott an african economic summit in cape town after many nigerians were targeted in the violence that quick johannesburg and pretoria for days and south african brands or face reprisal attacks by protesters in both nigeria and zambia harwich us has more from johannesburg. nigerians are angry about anti foreign attacks in africa protest outside the surf going on story in a crisis they want the government to do more to protect nigerians living in south
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africa hundreds of men dead parental support. supports what is a brutal protect life and property of those people who our nigerian people are dying our people are dying on a daily basis which inserter things are slowly getting back to normal after a few days of rioting in looting many foreign owned businesses were targeted. is from mali he says he's lived in target for more than 20 years and can understand why some locals feel foreigners are taking the jobs. i live all of. which do you. 6 know what was left of even something we know it's early there you know what. someone figure us raises from ethiopia he's known as the by speaking about attacks on fine nationals in case a store is targeted some people say widespread poverty and inequality are to blame for the violence all of us are for guns you know but souls of to go sometimes go
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through the control of the. country i don't know but. what i don't know is all of us thinking. north. america but also we came from africa this is one thing. some surfer believe criminal gangs are responsible for the recent violence why are taking i walk on our own africans why are we different behind your why do whites the chinese . if we're really really does think it's all upwards of 4 it's only after 4 pm where we are getting all the i waffle. a tad so many african fine nationals happen regularly into africa many who come here are competing to locals the skills jobs and government services some shops and businesses have an open to 4 days many owners are afraid that could be more violence and looting this area in downtown
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johannesburg is where many of the attacks happened with the country's unemployment rate at nearly 30 percent and he found the sentiment will likely continue. to know was a is the lead partner as pm intelligence an organization providing an analysis on why cheeriest social political and economic situation joins me now via skype from a chair that we have seen these periodic clashes between africans of different nationalities in south africa over the past decade or so is the hostility towards immigrants getting worse it's gotten worse good evening. fortunately be. handled it very well they've. made your eyes that they begin. an opportunity to. that's over 4 days but i mean be they did the economy so the requests going down on it let me start with
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you this sense of salute the prospect of leaving. for the problems of people something that. we need use of. we have seen this sort of wave of populism in parts the world and immigration an immigrant particularly becoming the focus of that and getting caught up in that i'm just wondering from your analysis have the politicians led done or said anything to exploit the xenophobia feelings do they make inflammatory remarks and statements. yes they have there's a video which has speculated on social media here in nigeria it's basically thin says yes it before you would. have been its member the government of egypt tomorrow i think it was a deputy police minister something that was so. specific on the blaming for enough
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for the programs of south africa and saying that south south africa should not the other is part of that video that went viral beyond what's up on the nigeria has really helped to push the populous about the issue. and south africa is interesting particularly because of its sort of unique. history having lived under apartheid what more can be done in terms of raising public awareness when it comes to anti racism and equality measures to sort of stop you know certain behavior is repeating itself. well the 1st thing he said occasion there will have to be quite a lot of education on south africa south africa man at the. end of the spectrum they say it's something that's won't be if we stay with that stuff that the reality
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however the government they also have to take a lot of responsibility what i see a lot of the sounds they have coming from south africa. i think i'm speaking for a little a jury on the willingness not to read the not is not the willingness to grow supposed to be well it's a willingness to push the lead to some for the people south africa has one of the hazards of inequality the on the continents probably on the wall or the end of nigeria has a very high inequality here it does well and that's the biggest beloveds on the stones of the streets so people think oh there are 3 shows a different amount of it's how big this channel. chat and i was a thank you very much like your now in all the stories we're following the united states and blacklisted what it called an oil for terror network of ships and individuals allegedly directed by iran's revolutionary guards to supply syria with oil iran said it was willing to recommit to the 2015 nuclear dail but only if it
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gets $15000000000.00 for oil sales in return the plan was proposed by france and an effort to salvage the agreement which is also known as the chase and peel away iran's president said he would give the europeans 2 months to reach a deal but he's also an outside if government will further scale back its nuclear commitments from friday. june and allow me when i'm gone mr valma i announced the 3rd step now our time and energy organization is obliged to meet doing whatever is technically required in the country in terms of research and development having to abandon all commitments in terms of research and development under the j p o a sure and mike hanna has more on this now from washington. the u.s. has issued yet another swayed sweeping sanctions against iran part of a clear strategy to up the pressure against the iranian government this in the wake of the u.s. unilaterally leaving the iran nuclear war late last year but in addition to the
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sanctions as well the u.s. is now offering reward money for information as to how the arabian revolutionary guard corps of oil supplies offering money in exchange for such information more than that the iranian special envoy brian rourke has reportedly being sending e-mails to the captains of tankers at sea offering them reward money should they sail the tanker carrying oil into some port with they could be handed over to united states authorities this is unprecedented ratcheting up pressure by the united states but at the same time that special envoy brian hoke says that president trump remains open to buy left rule negotiation the indication perhaps that a meeting is being suggested that the united nations general assembly with the radian leaders omens later this month not so says iran the foreign minister has tweeted out a message saying that the u.s.
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reward money being offered amounts to nothing more than blackmail my grandchildren who are separated from their parents at the us mexico border are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder a government watchdog report has found that most of the children had serious mental health problems and the uncertain reunification process only added to their ordeal report also revealed that some of the children were confused and belief that parents in a band and then the u.s. began separating children from their parents in may 2018 as part of the 0 tolerance policy towards migrants who illegally cross the border but said it would stop after an international outcry. when a young child suddenly loses their parents it's basically seen as a death it's the absolute worst trauma that a trial could take this is something that is no this is something that has been talked about so nobody should be taking this by surprise. the mexican government
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has condemned the court's decision to release a key suspect in the 2014 disappearance of 43 student teachers the abduction and apparent massacre of the trainee teachers by corrupt police working with a drug gang sparked international condemnation on saturday. as to dia the gang leader blamed for ordering the murder was released from prison after a judge found he'd been tortured for evidence the mexican government says it will ask for a full review of the case and those involved in the investigation and some news from hong kong as well the city's embattled leader has announced a formal withdrawal of the highly controversial extradition bill it which has triggered months of protests kerry lamb made that announcement today after a recording was leaked where she said she quit if she could millions of people have been demonstrating since the bill was proposed 3 months ago it would have allowed criminal suspects to be extradited to mainland china for trial but opposition groups say scrapping the bill now is too little too late india's
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space program has been praised for its technological advancements not least its recent mission to the moon but now one artist to staged a fake moon landing to highlight a problem in his city and it's paid off but. me posted a video online of an astronaut slowly stepping across what appears to be craters on a lunar surface in reality it was the artist's friend in costume walking through large holes in the southern indian city of bengaluru he hoped the video would prompt authorities to fix the road and it has almost 50 of the potholes have since been filled. just a quick look at the top stories this hour which has rejected the u.k. prime minister's move to hold a snap general election on oct 15th johnson tabled the motion of the parliament move to stop the u.k. from crashing out of the e.u. without
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a deal at the end of october but the main opposition labor party said it wouldn't support a new election until an anti no deal bill is passed now that bill still has to go through the parliament's upper house before m.p.'s can make it before it's actually enshrined in law it forces the prime minister to us for an extension to the october 31st breck's it deadline if a deal has not been renegotiated by then it was only one solution i think he has become the 1st to my knowledge the 1st bead of the opposition in the democratic history of our country to refuse the invitation to an election history. i could only speculate i could only speculate as to the reasons behind the scenes iteration. this is bigger i could be the obvious conclusion either i'm afraid that he does not think he will. in all the world news harken dorian is headed towards the united states after leaving
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a trail of destruction in the bahamas so far 7 people are confirmed dead but the prime minister says the death toll is likely to rise as the full scale of the catastrophe is only beginning to emerge nearly half of all homes on the 2 most affected islands were damaged or destroyed during the harakah the u.s. states of florida georgia and south carolina are also under threat from the storm more than $1000000.00 residents on the southeast coast of the u.s. have been issued with evacuation orders and want to get out while there's still time. south african brands are face reprisal attacks by protesters in nigeria and zambia after a wave of xenophobic attacks against foreign owned businesses in south africa i carry a sizable boy call it an african economic summit in cape town at least 5 people were killed in the violence that gripped john is back i'm pretty sure early at this week people in power is coming up next takes a look at hong kong sama of defiance that's it for myself in the team here in
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london but more news from doha by a strong. after 25 years of affording the world's waste china through the global recycling industry into chaos. the growing pressure of agreement skies it is resulting in change we bring you the stories to the shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera. every 3 months of the protests have been like. what began as opposition to rick fishman rule doesn't fall prey to the pro-democracy movement. so why did the strikes develop and where you're going to lead in the 1st of 2 special reports this is the story the hard cold summer of 2 front.
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com has been reeling from its worst political crisis in decades. massive protests. radical action in. the. streets in goldston tear gas. prices. and. the law of not.
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the movement started in response to the government's plans to amend hong kong's extradition role. it was feared anyone suspected of breaking the law could be sent to mainland china to face trial last. outraged hong kong as took to the streets believing such a move would undermine the education and the city's autonomy. thing. wallow under public pressure the proposal was put on hold. but the protest stopped and the chinese government appeared to be losing patience with. people. here more. quickly. so what was fueling the demonstrations. and where would they lead.
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and the fust of 2 reports people in power traces the evolution of hong kong some out of defiance. little doubt that was on the june the 9th when the 1st major protests kicked off. i'm over the proposed extradition bill had been. simmering for weeks. i know there was among other things hong kong was feared beijing would use the law against its opponents living in or even just passing through the city hall my spirits renew that you're free gift unnecessary power through the government the hong kong government with sudden appearance at the china government was something of beauty. organizers said a 1000000 people were on the streets that day. police had a far more conservative estimate of 240000. but despite the town out chief
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executive kerry lamb announced the same evening that's a 2nd reading of the bill would go ahead anyway. the discussion erupted on social media and in various chat groups. they're all there's a scare question what should we do if peaceful mob is useless they think that maybe we should go radical maybe there is something we still can do and the government may hurt us. the group of protesters decided to head for the entrance of the legislative council building. some attempted to breach police lines. by the time jason wright clashes had erupted. hours poured down by the holy ghost so i grabbed my friends like that they think me. how it's like that. and called us so they tracked me through the matter barrier
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that they rolled me there and they had given me up at like peter for. i. jason faces a 5 year sentence for unlawful assembly. he says he has no regrets a way to use whatever he can. lead to god hear our voice even though they may not care even though it is turn out nothing but we need to do this out. there through. jason's college roommate was also arrested the same night. a philosophy major tie on has weighed the pros and cons of radical action and all western. basing fable of. our homes i. thought i. was on. my god go
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going to use on. like many of their peers both jason and took part in the umbrella movement in 2014 for 79 days hundreds of thousands of hong kong occupied key roads in the peaceful show of civil disobedience. ah ah. ah but the campaign for universal suffrage ended without any concessions from the government and to many of the movement's leaders but jails. today protesters say they've learned from the past why you're. charging. them so i was on walk on. the water today higher charges sure it's all we don't know how you cut a hole in mines you know it's you know it's
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a way it was he told them. down. 5 years after the umbrella movement roads surrounding government headquarters once again filled with protest as. it was the 12th of june 3 days after the 1st major march. a 2nd reading of the extradition bill to take place that morning. protesters were surrounding the government complex to stop the next just as a council for meeting. the majority of people who showed up. peaceful. but some believe more needed to be done to make the government listen it's all it's because they are all places and still are all but up if i don't i thought i was sitting. there watching as i would hear another surgical very easy outflow offering us our bill.
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ah late morning opposition no make up alvin young received some news. of the more you things are not how you want all up but it wasn't what the protesters wanted and they refused to back down. i may think we are. hoping to calm things down approach the police and call up. the dallas. police called the law. anything. that i think month i want if i was like oh boy they told me. not to think how honest you know not what i'm going to think on it because i must
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know. not what i think by. not know what are you the folly and some of the make up in my pocket money old age i saw. it was yet another sign of how much things have changed since the umbrella movement. no one possible who was in charge no one could tell these protesters what to do. away from the front lines the protest remained peaceful. up on a bridge filmmaker yang and a group of academics and artists were on a hunger strike. originally from mainland china he now lives in exile in hong kong up to making a film critical of the mainland justice system if enacted the extradition will could be used on him domino watson's ashoka editing to prepare
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a whole. side of fondness for paul xanga missings iou the as it balances out of things job each year marrying futures it. by late afternoon some protesters on the front lines getting restless. outside the main entrance of the legislative council building demonstrates is charged police lines police responded. with rubber bullets. and then tear gas driving school protesters in the area including those not involved in clashes towards the entrance of a nearby building. puts it shed on social media shows a near stampede as hemmed in on 3 sides by police hundreds of protesters attempted to feed through the one unlocked door of this office building.
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outside police continue to fight to cast right into the middle of the fleeing crowd . the. op. was told. in another video riot police were seen grabbing hold of and beating this man lucky. oh are by nightfall police had pushed protesters away from the area surrounding government offices. at around the same time. chief executive kerry lamb released this video if i sail in on the long haul the like. the. old saying say it is high walk softly.
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outsold take. it was a characterization with significant legal implications. anyone charged with rioting faces up to 10 years in prison. ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah it was a sea of black as hong kong was returned to the streets on the 16th of july. the law marched despite an announcement by lamb that she was suspending debates on the extradition bill indefinitely although very last postpones a tradition. do not allow the people or even the pandemic rather glad this lady of council has to stop extradition.


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