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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 5, 2019 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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conifer forests all around has acres and acres of trees literally split in half it sounds cliche to say this but it but it looks as though a bomb went off here if you were to drive in that direction now that the waters have subsided you arrive at marsh harbor there are thousands of people who live there the latest estimates that we heard were somewhere around 13000 homes that were practically leveled by by this hurricane there's no electricity there's no cell phone service or dozens of people here effectively. effectively homeless waiting for evacuation waiting for supplies that again is another concern the potential shortage of food shortage of water and shortage of medicine the united nations on tuesday evening had already said that this is a crisis that can only be made worse if there is an immediate action by the international community have to reckon part of the bahamas hurricane dorian is heading to the u.s. east coast of florida could be spared a direct attack the slow moving storm could make landfall in the carolinas or in
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georgia later this week and still packing winds of up to 165 kilometers per hour. our east coast certainly is within the cone still and people need to remain vigilant if you're ordered to evacuate you need to do that from palm beach county all the way up to nassau the florida georgia border all those coastal counties and they've issued evacuation orders and and it's important that residents heed those calls you know get out now while you have time or there's fuel available and you'll be safe on the road still ahead on al-jazeera a major concession from hong kong's carry land the protests continue plan is to to speak and soon we will have that live from hong kong and the u.s. and has its new sanctions on iran for the 3rd time in a week. or
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. hello again welcome back we are watching hurricane dorian make its way to the north and then it's going to be making its way to the northeast but very very close to that coastline of the united states you can see the eye of the storm right here it is going to be weakening slowly over the next few days but still cause a lot of problems here across parts of the coast of georgia south carolina as well as north carolina now by the time we get to friday we could be seeing a landfall again with this storm somewhere probably in the northern coast of south carolina or even north carolina so we're going to be watching that very carefully strong storm surge as well as in the flooding is expected across much of this area well over here towards western mexico you can always the rain right now but we did have a a weak troubled storm quickly make its way on shore it was very fast live but it brought some heavy rain across much of that area the rain will remain across the area here on thursday getting much better and also dry here as we go towards friday
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but down towards the south it is going to be more rain across parts of a guatemala down towards new. as well as into panama with a temper them of about 30 degrees and for rio de janeiro it is going to be a cold front pushing through you over the next few days that is going to bring your temples down we do expect to see some showers in your forecast but by the time we get to friday things look much better with a temperature of about 22. or . so.
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the sound in syria let's recap the top stories for you now the british prime minister's attempt to hold a snap election before the deadline of october 31st has been rejected by him he's or stance a new call for the early poll after the lower house of parliament has voted to block the possibility for the now of a new deal exit from the e.u. chinese and american trade negotiators will meet for talks in october to try to put an end to the ongoing trade war between the world's 2 largest economies the latest round of tit for tat tariffs between the 2 countries went into effect on sunday.
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and the number of people killed by hurricane dorian in the bahamas has risen to 20 and it's just been announced the storm is regaining strength and it's back to a category 3 and spinning slowly towards the u.s. east coast where it could make landfall in the carolinas or the state of georgia. the u.s. has impose new sanctions on iran for the 3rd time in a week or out immediately hit back by announcing its plans to further scale back its commitments to its 2015 nuclear deal. jordan has more from washington d.c. . another day another round of u.s. sanctions against iranian officials hezbollah and businesses in india singapore and the u.a.e. but wednesday sanctions including the twist the u.s. is offering a $15000000.00 reward from a fund meant to find alleged terrorists to get information about the people running what officials call an illegal scheme to sell oil on the world market these people they say are members of iran's islamic revolutionary guard corps coots force or
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i.r.g.c. this network has moved hundreds of millions of dollars worth of illicit oil that money is then used to fund terrorism in recent months the shipping network used more than a dozen tankers to export nearly $10000000.00 barrels of crude oil largely to syria to support assad even before wednesday's announcement had been emailing the captains of a dozen iranian tankers offering them millions in cash if they would sail to ports where the u.s. could then seize the vessels one of the captains targeted is at the helm of the iran owned adrian daria one which u.k. sailors recently seized near gibraltar who are trying to move well illegally to syria the tanker has now gone dark somewhere off the syrian coast perhaps in a bid to transfer its cargo to another vessel in the mediterranean. iran's reaction
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to the new sanctions in a tweet foreign minister jobs a reef said having failed at piracy the us resorts to outright blackmail deliver us iran's oil and receive several $1000000.00 or be sanctioned yourself serif comment comes as his government is indorsing a french proposal to extend a $15000000000.00 line of credit so telefon can pay its bills the u.s. is not in favor of such an offer and says it may violate existing sanctions even so the u.s. president is keeping open the chance of a face to face talks with haasan rouhani it is possible. they would like to be able to solve their probably got a big problem they're getting killed financially but iran isn't focused on talks it says it's downgrading its compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal that means after the decree is issued today or tomorrow the atomic energy organization will rapidly
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speed up its activities in order to reach its goals threats met with counter threats and no signs of either side relenting roslyn jordan al-jazeera washington times have helped protest against the government's economic policies they're angry at high inflation and at president raising mockeries attempts to steer the country out of a worsening identical crisis traceable reports on. thousands of people took over the center of when a site is to demand more government help. they want the administration. to implement a food emergency program to help those who are struggling with the ongoing economic crises. going to come here to announce today off the hunger the problems we are facing because of the policies of marie and the i.m.f. we would like the government to receive us and to help us fight the difficulties people are facing today. i didn't inas economy has been struggling in the past year . in 2. $1018.00 lack of investor confidence forced argentina to request and over
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$50000000000.00 loan from the international monetary fund it was the largest bailout in the history of the organization. last month primary elections showed a 15 point lead over a lot of the for a man this who is running mate is former president cristina fernandez. the possibility of a comeback from the center left scared investors away. the results of the primaries were like a tsunami the possibility that a populace government coming back generated more uncertainty the earthquake reduced to 0 most alternatives of finance for the government in an economy that is already in an extremely complicated situation. since then people have been heading to the bank to get their savings out. argentines remember the 2001 crisis all too well when banks froze all accounts for 12 months clashes between people and the
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police ended with several dead and precipitated the fall of the government. the currency has not made it 100 percent in the past year and in this country that immediately translates into more inflation the government has taken measures in order to help those in need like increasing minimum wage and reducing taxes on basic food items that people here say it's not enough. they don't want to be known or has been without a job for years he wants the government to change. we see more poverty i hope the situation changes the next president could help us. early this week the government announced a currency controls that have stabilized the base or at least for a while the problem are the consequences on the population especially those who are struggling to get by with it he said well i'll just see that when
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a scientist. and there is growing outrage after a series of xenophobic attacks on foreign owned businesses and south africa and jerry's vice president says his country will boycott the world economic forum and south africa are metacity has more from johannesburg. nigerians angry about anti foreign attacks in africa protest outside the surf going on store in lagos they want the government to do more to protect nigerians living in south africa government debt plan to support. the supports what is up to protect life and property of the people our mind you know people are dying in our people are dying on a daily basis which inserter things are slowly getting back to normal after a few days of rioting and looting many foreign owned businesses were targeted. from mali he says he's lived in turkey for more than 20 years and can understand why some locals feel foreigners are taking their jobs. all.
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those you know what was left of even something we know it did me you know what. someone figure us raises from ethiopia he's nervous about speaking about attacks on fine nationals in case a store is targeted some people say why speak poverty and inequality i should blame for the violence all of us a free country but sort of. 3 things like. confidence i don't know but. what i don't know is all the free thinking. not. like. america but came from africa this is one thing. some surfer believe criminal gangs are responsible for the recent violence why are taking i walk on our own africans why are we living behind you why do whites.
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if we're really really just being it's all up it's only. where we are getting only our. attacks so many african foreign nationals have. many who come here are competing to locals the skills jobs and government services some shops and businesses have an open for days many owners are afraid that could be more violence and looting this area in downtown johannesburg is where many of the attacks happened with the country's an employment rate at nearly 30 percent and he phoned the sentiment. center joins me on kong chief executive kerry lamb is speaking to the media right now this is a day after withdrawing the controversial extradition bill the killing of that bill that was a key demand of all of the protests that we have been seeing but they're still not happy they say it's actually only one of 5 requirements and demonstrations will continue this particular bill would have allowed criminal suspects to be sent to
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mainland china for trial sarah clarke has been listening in to what kerry lamb has to say sir joins us live now from hong kong so sara what we've been hearing. ok well kerry lamb has started about 10 minutes ago she started reading a statement which was pretty much a repetitive of her prerecorded televised message which she released on wednesday evening when they announced the decision of the suspension of the controversial extradition bill and she said that pretty much the decision to make this withdrawal was a she hoped would give hong kong a way out of this political crisis that's in dolphin city for more than 13 weeks of a quite violent protests that we've seen on the streets here she said that she would support an independent police complaints counsel investigation into this political crisis and she also wrapped up the international kind of effort she noted that on this particular independent council there will be representation from the international community from the u.k. u.s.
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tended to australia and new zealand she said that she wants to reach out to the community to give the community a platform for conversation to try and find a solution to this political crisis the certainly she said she's yet to get to the q. and i said no doubt the questions that will be put to kerry land will be on the other 4 other key demands that these protesters had wanted there were 5 demands of course the withdrawal of the extradition bill that was that the key of the central requests being made by these protesters but there are another 4 that they want to buy carry laminates government and they said until those 4 or 5 of those requests and demands are met there'll be no end to the protests here in hong kong and there may not be an end to the protests sara but what is it possible i guess is difficult to know that the fact that at least this major concession has been made or are they pretentiously hoping that this will tamp down the protests if nothing else.
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well that's what kerry had hoped it would do it would have pays the public for now and give some relief to hong kong for now and restore some form of peace and order on the streets of hong kong but we have more protests planned this weekend and the protesters have been saying until those 5 demands are met they will continue to hong kong people to fight on we've got this another rally at the airport on saturday this will be repetitive of what we saw last weekend with these protests this created communique else there but the to my mind far phase to the airports creating major traffic jams and thousands of people stranded at hong kong airport so certainly it's a short term relief i think for hong kong and i think the protesters we've spoken to in all the various protests moxy council members have said that they will continue to fight until all those 5 demands amiss all right sarah clarke with the latest there from hong kong sara thank you italy has a new government prime minister to separate conti has presented the list of his new
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cabinet to the president who will swear them in on thursday the new coalition is an unlikely alliance between conte's antiestablishment 5 star movement and their former rivals the leftist democratic party sends him up on crisis triggered after hard right leader the tail sylvania pulled out of the earlier coalition government google has agreed to pay a record $170000000.00 fine for violating children's privacy regulators say you tube which is owned by google illegally collected personal information about users under the age of 13 without parental consent the tech giant then use that data to target advertising the settlement is the largest ever in a children's privacy case and the united states an addition to the fine google says it will make changes to privacy rules on youtube. the youngest son of the late former egyptian president mohamed morsi has died of a heart attack though morsi passed away in a hospital and south of the capital cairo q.
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security officials of being behind his father's death who died under suspicious circumstances during a court appearance in june morsi was detained last year accused of spreading false news he also spent a year in jail after the coup in 2015 during which is father was ousted american skier jenny simons has had a lucky escape during a competition in new zealand. the man she lost a ski at the top of her helmet came off during this fall but the 20 year old was actually not seriously injured. that's a helmet goggles. these are the top stories right now on al jazeera the british prime minister's attempt to hold a snap election before the bracks it deadline has been rejected by m.p.'s or stance and call for the early poll after the lower house of parliament voted to block for
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now a no deal exit from the e.u. johnson was scathing one talking about opposition leader jeremy corbin. 48 hours ago he was leading the charge to still. let the people vote down he stole the election but still the people really. i could only speculate i could only speculate as to the reasons behind the scenes you change. we should be going to the old this conclusion even i'm afraid that he doesn't think he will. try and he's an american trade negotiators will meet for talks in october to try to put an end to the ongoing trade war between the world's 2 largest economies the latest round of tit for tat tariffs between the countries came into effect on sunday. the number of people killed by hurricane dorian in the bahamas has risen to 20 and the storm is regaining strength it's back to a category 3 now and it's moving slowly towards the u.s.
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east coast where it could make landfall in the carolinas or the state of georgia there's now a new threat over the people in the bahamas. distilleries undertones of. the disturbances. and distrust. anyone. and for the distance from those affected by this tragedy. to the full extent of the year. on call in chief executive kerry lamb has just addressed the media saying that she would support an end in korean to police action in the ongoing protests that was tuesday when she announced that we trawler that controversial extradition bill but the protesters say that is not enough that was only one of their demands and their demonstrations will continue as are the
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headlines keep it here on al-jazeera more to come by ethiopia as that next. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs the much of. al-jazeera. i am. just as a professor. i understand their interest this is my duty and because of that lack of trust in particular i decided to take up
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this position restore public confidence to share. my very british. symbolism for independence for africa my ethiopian place all time interests but also aspiration. and my demonstrate terry. undergoing your very. own mission. has inspired not only surfaces there's a world of that's come out. with. the. president is almost a time it's where things are traditionally or important is persecution only economy is transition and nobody's sure about. but
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i. to communicate my hope. with me just. because one for me too but it got to your family. time to by trying to guilt has been mine with. me and to give you much trying to. get you might get. me and. i have a friend. he works at the american mission so when i was appointed his
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hate you were just you just is no no matter women. who are excuse me. for. years expect to be. here we have to apply but at the end of the day if we interpret the law if we are not able to achieve justice we miss the point. the fun here is because of the political moment because. if somebody. was my background. a scientist position.
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today you know we're going to a very hard to present in particular we're going to present a woman prisoners astronauts i was appointed and i had to present a very fear i observed words or this woman cursor to do with 1st temper and as the situation on. the keeps and i remember one of the latest as she was presented with 3 kids to talk of stuck in my mother and. dad you know. that's why i told him to do something the books just missed this children because it's big grow up in trees and just like that result they need to kitchen without any sort of exposure being bad not going to be productive citizens and that's going to cycle is going to continue.
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for prisons used to enter into one but of course the majority. impeachment or not have been that. that's how i met i'm glad i took them out. there matched me for not understand the governor and i just took a minute and then you're assuming that they're going to come. you know i'm down to come and punch a good record to run no one who comes of the should not be shut out isn't a good and i'm just a cocky and a moderate number one speed it's been me cabramatta maybe too many and there's a new thing on me again even a new coke and the sun in the winter because that's the good of time and i'm sure the tussling community gets somebody didn't get on with that a token stroke and i don't know i don't don't want in this ok we'll ask more of
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some people asked. thank you other people aspect of this no part of your training will now finish you've been waiting all game you just have yeah i'm tired. oh no cricket at. all busy me if i'm not the 1st. to map the charmers up for you after some months i'm going to have a continuum and be very careful. both and. i have to confront them out of the most of them are much of. this is an additional national oh no not true issue going to work i don't know but. the group of families are trying. to move through the muster because during your in demand more reason to stick my neck back everything given to
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a very good director. i do not. hear you say your name some general best. would you go look at where you go when you read your mind the mind of the rebound that you got. i'm grown up under false most major jazz which you. would not prefer to say about. ours when i turn around and don't. own. our home right back at them though we bicker. about a photograph america and a project africa. and national guard even if they're from us a lot. more air more i am not about them or too much of the model but from both of those i have talked with all of them and asked for them. to die. and away.
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like they did do they stay here as you did last one look i was going to finish out your your case for your. time and how much were they able to handle them and now we find our your plane and you may have some in our house like problems so i ask if you can only do good to make and to because here i am one turns you on to now because i don't have anyone to help me so why does your peers make this is a joke that i go. yes we have to see for. that reason i have a killer. on my hands a rapist and i assure you i'm not. going to show. his hand though i love that he said i got them a better method of my question i have how many you're not but. come on the skin seething maggette again one of them yes it is a cold and that's the time you look easy and if one of you can know what.
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to do. if you one has issues and everyone wants to kill their stories missions. for good measure she very. difficult occurs my role is very limited in terms of responding to. their women. i have taken the. people in prison who are still undergoing. i want to know why. commit to me. when i was 15 years on. military government. expected to iraq. so i was assigned to go to africa. we were to go.
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forth and voice in that city we were expected to cook for the boys and i said no there is no way number one i don't like cooking and number of birds and admire i am sad to think so. because of. you know my. today i was out for a few days. long oh you. know what well we're going to be gone. because they not did no.
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good for the girl. i was bored. all. these was a 1st time for me to. have lots of television. but no running water so it's. a long way. more than what i have expected but what i was sure. i was true is that i wanted to go to college and i was sure that i did not want. my mom's like i wanted to. this is one of my daughter samantha. so.
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now there are. some i was in college. and. family you. know in high school. my mom keeps the feuds warm. of course her presence typically. average it took them out there. sorry to break the best. difficult situation raise kids to school and sacrifice everything basically. no one do 2100 more dead in. here since she did not have the benefit of the question herself always her dream was for us to get educated.


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