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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 5, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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me to put this is it that we continue on with their fight until those 2 months i'm age are with the latest in hong kong sarah thank you at least 30 people were injured when a train and a truck collided in the japanese city of yokohama emergency workers said the crash happened when the truck entered a railway crossing media reports the truck driver was pulled from the wreckage and taken to the hospital and he isn't a serious condition and the cause of that collision is still under investigation still ahead on al-jazeera the bahamas death toll dramatically as hurricane dorian regains intensity and the u.s. imposes new sanctions on iran for the 3rd time in a week. hello again welcome back we're here cross live on things looking quite nice over the next
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few days not a lot of activity here on our satellite image down towards crotchet though we did begin the week with plenty of clouds and showers there were in your forecast but now things are looking much better we do expect to see clear skies with a temper there here on thursday of $34.00 degrees and as we go towards friday we're really not changing too much for baghdad 45 degrees on friday and quite city at 46 well here across the gulf it has been the humanity still a big problem in the morning temper wise though we are going to hit the low forty's for doha at $41.00 degrees there at $38.00 but we are going to be picking up more clouds here along the coast of amman over the next few days muscat though a nice day for you at $32.00 degrees but down here towards lola it could be mostly cloudy at about $27.00 and then across the southern part of africa we are expecting to see a big storm develop that has already brought some winds and rain across the southern cape as well as eastern cape rain anywhere from port elizabeth appear towards durban over the next few days durban 18 degrees as your expected high but as we go towards friday that low really begins to develop johannesburg attempters begin to
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drop as well winds extend all the way up here towards parts of harare but we could even see some snow just to the west of durban where the temperature durban at about 16. the ultranationalist marks connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crises we doe as. my grand joining with the military to impose a deadly political agenda we have to protect our nation what has happened to the engine that's one of the biggest stains on the country as a whole. this is not religion this is a politic me in my heart an unholy alliance on al-jazeera.
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this is al jazeera and these are the top stories right now the british prime minister's attempt to hold a snap election before the deadline of october 31st has been rejected by m.p.'s forced johnson had called for the early poll after the lower house of parliament voted to block the possibility for now of a no exit from the e.u. . chinese and american trade negotiators will meet for talks in october to try to put an end to the ongoing trade war between the world's 2 largest economies the latest round of tit for tat tariffs between the 2 countries went into effect on sunday and hong kong's chief executive carrie lamb says she'd support an international inquiry into the behavior of police during the protests that have dogged the territory for 3 months she also says the controversial extradition bill will be withdrawn with no debate and no voting. the number of people in the bahamas
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killed by hurricane dorian has jumped to 20 and is expected to rise the united nations is warning $70000.00 people are in need of aid and has pledged a $1000000.00 the speed of the whence it hit the albacore islands when dorian made landfall were the highest on record and the prime minister says rescue operations are in full swing and he has warned against looting. if the stories on the council building disturbances. behave i distrust. anyone would be and for the search for those affected by this tragedy. be the person to do just. this to the full extent. of one of the areas devastated by the hurricane. just to give you an idea of where we are we just arrived in trace treasure key this is on the island of abaco one of
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the more northern those islands of the bahamas you can see that this is pretty much ground 0 of where hurricane dorian most affected this island nation it's a 36 hours before that hurricane again a category 5 to make it across the the northern most islands of the bahamas winds upwards of 350 kilometers per hour what you see behind me this is actually what's left of the airport terminal again with just arrived when you're flying in you can really get a sense of the devastation there's a conifer forests all around has acres and acres of trees literally split in half it sounds cliche to say this but it but it looks as though a bomb went off here if you were to drive a master action now that the waters have subsided you arrive at marsh harbor there are thousands of people who live there the latest estimates that we heard were somewhere around 13000 homes that were practically leveled by by this hurricane
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there's no electricity there's no cell phone service or dozens of people here effectively. effectively homeless waiting for evacuation waiting for supplies that again is another concern the potential shortage of food shortage of water and shortage of medicine the united nations on tuesday evening had already said that this is a crisis that can only be made worse if there is an immediate action by the international community after wrecking parts of the bahamas hurricane dorian is heading to the u.s. east coast florida could be spared a direct hit but the slow moving storm could still make landfall in the carolinas georgia later this week and it still packing winds of up to 165 kilometers per hour . or east coast certainly is within the cone still and people need to remain vigilant if you are ordered to evacuate you need to do that from palm beach county all the way up to nassau the florida georgia. border all those coastal counties
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they have issued evacuation orders and and it's important that residents heed those calls you know get out now while you have time or there's fuel available and you'll be safe on the road the us has and has new sanctions on iran for the 3rd time in a week iran immediately head back by announcing its plans to further scale back its commitments to its 2015 nuclear deal al-jazeera as wason jordan has more from washington d.c. another day another round of u.s. sanctions against iranian officials hezbollah and businesses in india singapore and the u.a.e. but wednesday sanctions included a twist the u.s. is offering a $15000000.00 reward from a fund meant to find alleged terrorists to get information about the people running what officials call an illegal scheme to sell oil on the world market these people they say are members of iran's islamic revolutionary guard corps coots force or
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i.r.g.c. this network has moved hundreds of millions of dollars worth of illicit oil that money is then used to fund terrorism in recent months the shipping network used more than a dozen tankers to export nearly 10000000 barrels of crude oil largely to syria to support assad even before wednesday's announcement had been emailing the captains of a dozen iranian tankers offering them millions in cash if they would sail to ports where the u.s. could then seize the vessels one of the captains targeted is at the helm of the iran owned adrian daria one which u.k. sailors recently seized near gibraltar who are trying to move well illegally to syria and the tanker has now gone dark somewhere off the syrian coast perhaps in a bid to transfer its cargo to another vessel in the mediterranean. iran's reaction to the new sanctions in a tweet foreign minister jobs
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a reef said having failed at piracy the u.s. resorts to outright blackmail deliver us iran's oil and receive several $1000000.00 or be sanctioned yourself serif comment comes as his government is indorsing a french proposal to extend a $15000000000.00 line of credit so to hong can pay its bills the u.s. is not in favor of such an offer and says it may violate existing sanctions even so the u.s. president is keeping open the chance of a face to face talks with haasan rouhani and it is possible. they would like to be able to solve the problem got a big problem they're getting killed financially but iran isn't focused on talks it says it's downgrading its compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal that means after the decree is issued today or tomorrow the atomic energy organization will rapidly speed up its activities in order to reach its goals threats met with counter
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threats and no signs of either side relenting rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington . argentines of help protests against their government's economic policies they're angry at high inflation at president rates are mockeries attempts to steer the country out of a worsening financial crisis reports. thousands of people took over the center of one asides to demand more government help. they want the administration. to implement a food emergency program to help those who are struggling with the ongoing economic crises. come here to announce today off the hunger the problems we are facing because of the policies of murray to america and the i.m.f. we would like the government to receive us and to help us fight the difficulties people are facing today. argentina's economy has been struggling in the past year. in 2018 a lack of investor confidence forced argentina to request an over $50000000000.00
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loan from the international monetary fund it was the largest bailout in the history of the organization. last month primary elections showed a 15 point lead over a lot of the for a man this who is running mate is former president cristina fernandez. the possibility of a comeback from the center left scared investors away. the results of the primaries were like a tsunami the possibility that a populist government coming back generated more uncertainty the earthquake reduced to 0 most alternatives of finance for the government in an economy that is already in an extremely complicated situation. since then people have been heading to the bank to get their savings out. argentines remember the 2001 crisis all too well when banks froze all accounts for 12 months clashes between people and the police ended with several dead and precipitated the fall of the government. the
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currency has not made it all 100 percent in the past year and in this country. immediately translates into more inflation the government has taken measures in order to help those in need like increasing minimum wage and reducing the tax rates on basic food items that people here say it's not enough. be they don't want to be known or has been without a job for years he wants the government to change. to see more poverty. the situation changes the next president could help us. early this week the government announced a currency controls that have stabilized the pace or at least for a while the problem are the consequences on the population especially those who are struggling to get by. and to cedar when. there's growing outrage after
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a series of xenophobic attacks on foreign owned businesses in south africa nigeria as vice president says his country will boycott economic forum in south africa or metastasize more from johannesburg. nigerians angry about anti foreign attacks in africa protest outside the surf going on store in the us they want the government to do more to protect nigerians living in south africa from government debt frankel supports. the supports what is the protect life or property of those people while our mind you know people are buying our people are dying on a daily basis. in certain things are slowly getting back to normal after a few days of rioting in looting many foreign owned businesses were targeted. is from mali he says he's lived in south africa for more than 20 years and can understand why some locals feel foreigners are taking their jobs. i live all. day out. not only did me you know what do you do someone
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figure us raises from ethiopia he's nervous about speaking about just. trying nationals in case a stall is targeted some people say why speak poverty and inequality on the violence all of us a free concert but souls of sometimes go through things like we came full of the. cons that alone i don't know but. what i don't know is all the free comes to. north. america but also we came from this is one thing. some surfer believe criminal gangs are responsible for the recent violence why are taking i want only our own africans why are we different behind you why do whites the chinese if we're really really does think it's all up it's only through for p.r.
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when we are taking only our own. attacks so many african foreign nationals happen regularly the entire africa many who come here are competing to locals the skills jobs and government services some shops and businesses have an open to 4 days many owners are afraid that could be more violence and looting this area in downtown johannesburg is where many of the attacks happened with the country's an employment rate at nearly 30 percent and the phone the sentiments will likely continue. there . google has agreed to pay a record $170000000.00 fine for violating children's privacy regulators say you too which is owned by google or illegally collect a personal information about users under the age of 13 without parental consent the tech giant then use that data to target advertising the settlement is the largest ever in a children's privacy case in the united states in afraid is the chief technology
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correspondent at the news web site x. she says there are too many loopholes and you tube's current system which allow information gathering on children. basically what we're talking about here is programming that's clearly designed for children but isn't labeled as kids' content and therefore has targeted advertising and you tube saying they're going to take 2 big steps to try and address this one they're going to insist but you know we'll see how strict they are that content creators label content that's intended for children and then also that they're going to use their own machine learning and artificial intelligence to try and decide and surface and notice what is children's content and then you know take action to not serve targeted advertising against that type of content and the issue right now is that there's tons of kids on the main you tube site there's a separate site called the you tube kids but that's not where most kids content is watched u.s. authorities just don't have the ability to find these tech companies any amounts
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that really make a difference i mean obviously $170000000.00 isn't nothing but it's not very much to google and it certainly is a drop in the bucket to the amount of revenue that you tube is bringing in we see much more significant finds when europe takes action but even still the finds themselves tend not to be the deterrent that one would want so really what you have to look at are the changes to their business contacts to see if this is going to make any sort of difference. conservationists are worried about the fate of the endangered harang towns because indonesia's plan to move the capital eleana borneo has been earmarked by the widow government as the home for a possible new capital it's known for its lush forestry and protected animals including the tam well environmentalists fear any uncontrolled city development on the island will have a negative effect but the government says nothing will be built in the protected areas. american skier jenny simons has had a lucky escape during
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a competition in new zealand. you can see she lost her ski at the top of the run her helmet also came off during the fall but 20 year old actually was not seriously and surely afterward she said that this incident actually increased her confidence as she now knows she can handle even the toughest crash. and we shall carry these are the headlines right now on al-jazeera the british prime minister's attempt to hold a snap election before the break that deadline has been rejected by m.p.'s forced johnson to call for the early poll after the lower house of parliament voted to block a possible new deal exit from the e.u. opposition leaders army corp and ridicule will call for an election. but also the
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election to die is a bit like the offer of an awful to snow white in the wiki query because what he's offering you still is an apple or even election but the poison of a no do you. assume is history i repeat i repeat what i said last night last night and that is philip haas and jane royal assent then we will back at election chinese and american trade negotiators will meet for talks in october to try to put an end to the ongoing trade war between the world's 2 largest economies the latest round of tit for tat tariffs between the 2 countries went into effect on sunday. kong's chief executive carrie lamb says she supports an international inquiry into police action in the ongoing protests on tuesday she announced the withdrawal of more controversial extradition bill but that is not satisfying the protesters they say the demonstrations will continue this bill would have allowed criminal suspects to be sent to mainland china for
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a trial the bill will be withdrawn. that will be no debate and no vote. the 2nd action is we will fully support the world of the independent police complaints council people from all walks of life with different stances and backgrounds invited to share their views and air their grievances we must find ways to address the discontent in society and look for solutions the number of people in the bahamas killed by hurricane dorian has jumped to 20 and that number is expected to rise the united nations is warning 70000 people are in need of aid and has pledged $1000000.00 the storm is regaining strength and it's back to a category 3 now and his prime minister says rescue operations are in full swing and he has also warned against looting. those are the headlines to keep it on al
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jazeera much more to come witness this next talk to al-jazeera we ask what guarantees would you give to the people who will be attending the minimal workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone who is also terrorizing we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter on the show just 0. but. i've never really been into any or any group i've heard it all like you're not somali enough you're not a good muslim you're not american enough. have multiple identities multiple
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things that make me what i am. that's one makes me. not an easy thing to be when the world wants you to be like one thing or the other. a young somali american all the fashion industry by a day in the job will be mortal signed by a major morning to date bridget she's met for a girl who was once a week. she's not was. one of. this cannot be my life. we're going to be able to go. what happened. i'll never quite.
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get started ok. just go go. and look at what. i mean. thank you sir for 5th receiver turned on the p.c. so thinking you know what he's thinking is when people like some stuff and. everything happening it's like february but then it literally goes new york london milan. peris been going on for weeks now around and then back to back and i don't know what will be a part of humanity part of any thing than hopefully it's still not something.
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that i think that i'm the page that i was on.
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some guy germany. barbarella the so b. and after listening. to one of my mcmahon really was a just and there her german half and the how long that's a. so if you ask me what i talk about. when i'm at school i'm going to spike to the nice we have lots of opportunities that come out of the fact that she's such a good speaker now and people want that story as you build a name for yourself and opens up ugly kind of an opportunity to build a business out of it mother. i mean money to go more than a little awesome and way money when money so just like you. progress you know on the go but on other little and mcchrystal how. can.
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you. have the clinical you know how. besides the modeling she said you know i think i can just work or do something else besides modeling like is there a way to just be like ok. i think all of those things that we are spreading out into kind of become something that's full time because modeling isn't going to always be very good. but i was one of those it's the we're not all it's like everything are fake action mob also a lot you don't like the they don't like the wars they don't get the word but when i was. you know mckay welcome to the mill the good comedy. regular i had a look at of moco house if you did i don't know what i learned because small fear in a day of my life has shattered then i'm out there used to people saying ok up and taken off the hejab and i'm going to be a model but there are other i don't where do you. how do.
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you have. to do. you know. because. i'm happy why i like unhappy me here at the same time because that about happen that i know the end of the day i walk with the black one hasn't got our liking and i have said family go well for us really well and hasty you know had we have had good. guys i feel like i'm guy is. husband. but argument is why we were thank god because he vowed not to get out you know. my going so. good i'm. going to bring it home tonight look yes
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i mean i already knew where she stood with the whole i mean that we have been going to you can't i mean. i think in all like all groups somebody has to go out and be the 1st you know that's not a bad thing is just it's not easy. ladies and gentlemen welcome to the 27th season miss it assuming you are serious you are safe i don't live for me i'm sitting here but i'm still going to sell let's begin time in the contestants prior to the final of this riddle see us get this. though my roommate was pretty tall and you don't know all i was like 12 time look i never sit down with them and that's a whole you know you just do it so i can't see any of the other mr nice wallet. and
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there is to me like you know the love. i know now that i could like ok so. i've put myself in this position so other people can see our human side but with that also comes a lot of responsibility. i know that one long stop it can potentially change how a lot of parents see girls. was no more like not it did not open. well i'm old and so was on the march i was. coming up that was how they really got into it it was there goes the other joke the monocle i mean one on one i got the look i want to swear to god i was so much it was just that you had to sit in front was a joke that was one world. that i'm.
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going to. let me. 6 out of the world. so those girls i love you and support you so much but i just wanted to warn you you shouldn't wear tight clothes because this shows your body and that is not part of the head this is just advice from someone who wants the best for you. oh. so much for caring enough to be me but modesty a personal preference. and i really. liked that trust. going down.
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to come to the small of the museum of. the goods. this picture is a song with friends it's a glass of vintage someone new woman. oh my gosh more somali been you know. that's how the bush looked like. if he were. oh my gosh i remember this yes this is almost traditional oh my god our 1st home was actually house of birth and if the repeal. this is actually like luxury good this is a must sort of birth for the family but. a lot of like the younger generation because we were born in the post. war our families had flood by the time we were born so none of us really have much regulation of from only our
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memories there because we've never been. i want to go back on my trip was. actually for 3 guys i'm more of all. this is their baby and there's one like before nation. that's like by saudi. arabia you know. the. election. when you walk that's been so even if you were strides take a little longer. right here one of the prairies that i have touring the league is that she is able to walk at least in one show. you're in charge of the joy that moment last season there was a lot of interest unfortunately they couldn't figure out
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a way to meet that clothing and. let it get to them that maybe only you can change i mean it was really good but you just buy and you will hopefully get options and since this is winter fall clothing and you know a little bit easier probably to work with the. your i love the environment. everything's back to 1st. to the rest of the commission's.


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