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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 5, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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to do everything in our power to shrink from what has been his store and special relationship between the united states of america in the united kingdom and as boris johnson grapples with brags that he's also met israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu at an yahoo's office said they would discuss the situation in the middle east and how to repel what they call terrorism and iranian aggression the trip to london was only announced on wednesday as he boarded his flight netanyahu told journalists the meeting was a perfect time to increase pressure on iran and the barber is live for us from london with more on this new team. who has him these 2 gentlemen the prime minister of israel and boris johnson both according to what over several tell you a facing elections in israel the election to be on the 17th of september we're not sure when that might be
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a general election here but boris johnson is clearly getting ready for facing the electorates this week her prime minister netanyahu actually canceled a trip to india saying he was too busy getting ready for the vote now he's turned up here in london it's being seen as a public city joy something that he can sell to the electorate back home until king to people that really matters some of israel's key allies boris johnson has said that he's a passionate supporter of israel he enjoys will relay sions with benjamin netanyahu himself he said that he lost a welcome to me here in 2017 that was the 100th anniversary of the balfour declaration which eventually led to the creation of the state of israel so they do get on very well with each other outside downing street there was a small protest by pro palestinian activists who've been critical of britain's arms sales to israel in particular in the light of recent conflicts but there were pro
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israel groups there as well certainly next netanyahu thinks that by coming here he can get a lot of support or at least verbal and boris johnson did say on the middle east peace process but the u.k. still remains committed to a 2 state solution with many analysts who say that the 2 state solution is in deep freeze but nonetheless boris johnson offering prime minister netanyahu his full support right now are in a dream thanks for that nadine baba in london now we've got plenty more ahead on this news out where we live in charleston south carolina where. hurricane dorian is now threatening the u.s. east coast. hong kong's leader throws her support behind an international inquiry into police action during the months long protests there. and a former world player of the year watches as his team take their 1st steps on the road to the world cup in qatar joe will have the best of the action in sport.
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all that still have a 1st iran's president says it will his country's energy program will now operate without limits in his words to iran is preparing to take its 3rd major step in scaling back commitments under the 2015 nuclear deal the us has impose new sanctions on iran for the 3rd time in a week iran is preparing to begin work on advanced centrifuges allowing it to enrich uranium shortening the time it needs to have enough material to build a nuclear weapon if it chooses to in july iran abandon 2 of its other nuclear commitments raising its stockpiles of enriched uranium and its cap on how pure those stocks can be it announced it would step up production of uranium in may but denied any intention of building a nuclear weapon is the latest now from iran's president. as we didn't reach our
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desired result the atomic energy organization will now immediately start what he with the technical needs of the country in the field of nuclear research and development we will put aside all commitments made in the field of research and development all kinds of new center futures and everything we need for enrichment or dosage of bari is live for us in tehran so what more of we have been hearing from iran on this. well as i'm the iranian president made the announcement late wednesday evening and at his side was the head of the country's or dish sherry and the speaker of parliament president hassan rouhani said that he has instructed the country's atomic energy organization to start scaling back of the phase 3 on friday because the iranians feel that the europeans have not upheld their and of the deal now this 3rd phase has been
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described by the president as the most significant with extremely significant effects that means that they're choosing to accelerate their nuclear program the iranian president has said that their country will continue dialogue with the remaining signatories of the nuclear deal but this spite the fact that they haven't been able to come to any kind of an agreement to go around the united states sanctions that have been imposed on iran iran will continue every 60 days to scale back its commitment now the main point of contention here is the fact that iran needs 20 percent enriched uranium to operate one of its nuclear facilities that is that iran nuclear research reactor it says that it needs this level of enrich uranium for medical research purposes now al-jazeera has been given rare access to this facility. this is the reason iran says its nuclear program needs 20 percent enriched uranium to keep its 1st nuclear reactor working. the center of the
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5 megawatt reactor does all the work its source is a number of chemical elements which scientists here call a fuel assembly before it came into use in 2009 iran had to import 20 percent enriched uranium from argentina you know i go back to this reactor originally used 90 percent of fuel in the past produced by an american company but it was realized reactors likeness could work with 20 percent fuel as well so to change all reactors in a way to use 20 percent field including our reactor 1993. but since iran began producing its own uranium rival powers have objected they're concerned that with that technology reaching those higher grades of enrich uranium above 90 percent would mean being able to produce a nuclear weapon would be achievable during this tightly supervised visit officials repeatedly state iran's government is only interested in nuclear energy and not arms several nuclear scientists have been assassinated and employees here hide
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their identity for safety the higher quality chemical elements or isotopes iran says it needs are made here they've arrived through an underground tunnel from the main reactor by the radio isotopes are produced here in these cells when they ascend back from the reactor it is cuts and so number one and sent to the of the cells according to the type of radioisotopes and the process continues that in some cases we have to extract the main material from the original material the isotopes then come here for further purification they are all then packed in special containers and sent to medical facilities in iran and to other countries. these radioactive isotopes can be used to detect blood clots and to treat and kill cancer cells and officials here say they're used to treat more than a 1000000 patients in iran each year the international atomic energy organization regularly visits the site and says iran has been complying with the 2015 nuclear
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deal agreed with 6 world powers until now it stopped after the united states withdrew from the group last year and impose additional sanctions on iran officials here say the european signatories have yet to uphold their commitments and say that's why iran is scaling back on its obligations but there's another reason to this reactor was built in the late 1960 s. but the nuclear agreement that was signed in vienna 4 years ago means that its influence were put on hold now its future could very well determine whether iran stays in the 2015 agreements the future for this nuclear program of growth or neglect and politics over the nuclear deal aside it's that that may determine what steps iran takes next. now the latest step that iran has chosen to take does not mean that they are going to abandon this nuclear deal just yet they rainin president has reiterated the country's position
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that this questions will continue and the french government has taken it upon themselves to try and negotiate some kind of an agreement where the iran will see some of the oil revenues come back into the country which has not been the case because of the sentients the french president emanuel micron has been holding talks with the u.s. officials to try and get some kind of a waiver to have a $15000000000.00 line of credit available to the iranians to try and buy iranian oil for the european countries iran has said that the united states if they approve this it will solve a lot of the issues that they're currently having with their remaining signatories but until that happens iran will continue to reduce its commitment to the nuclear program dosage a boring life force in tehran thanks to us and we're getting some breaking news out of yemen according to the a.f.p. news agency a top u.s. official has said washington is in talks with the iranian backed rebels to try and
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end the war in yemen more on that as and when we get. nato says a u.s. service member and the remaining soldier have been killed in a suicide car bombing in afghanistan's capital the taliban has claimed responsibility for the kabul attack which killed at least 10 people and dozens more lost was in an area close to foreign embassies and government buildings tony berkeley is live for us now in kabul so tony what more we hearing on this attack. well it happened early wednesday morning and as you said it was closed to the american embassy and the headquarters of operation support the nato headquarters it just show the 10 people were killed and 42 were injured including women and children and as you mentioned 2 servicemen one was an american one was remaining in it does underline that even though at this stage we're getting very close that many people think so a peace agreement being drawn up between the united states and the taliban that the
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taliban ish reinforcing its commitment and its will to carry on until an agreement is reached they are have a tremendous complete capability they can strike at will it seems wherever they want this was in the capital a few days ago you may remember they struck in condos which is about 300 kilometers north of the capital and they held the center of condos for a while until they were pushed out by security forces so even though talks are going on and they're moving along at a fair rate the taliban is still showing it has the for the commitment to carry on this war if those talks fail yeah and it begs as well as a big question tony as to. do trust worthy as opposed of the taliban as as being on his partners in that peace process if as you say they they are continuing to carry out attacks like this. well there's a big question mark about this draft agreement which is drawn being drawn up we understand from sources time magazine for example wrote recently that some might
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compare the secretary of state refused to sign that initial draft agreement because there are too many question marks about the taliban whether or not they will honor an agreement will they comply with the agreement or will they go back to being what the taliban used to be so they're also concerns from the afghan government they're concerned that they have been brought in to this phase that perhaps the americans are rushing along too fast and it may leave them in the lurch the americans we understand a promising all kinds of things such as withdrawing about 5400 of them men within 5 months of the agreement being signed closing bases and basically the taliban in return were promised not to allow foreign fighters who operate from their soil and then engage in a peace process with the afghan government and hold talks with them so a lot of it is based on trust a lot of people here are concerned that maybe that trust may be dispelled tony thanks for that tony burnley in kabul for us. the number of people killed by
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hurrican dorian in the bahamas now stands at 20 and is expected to rise further the storm is regain strength and is now a category 3 hurricane threatening the east coast of the united states and wind speed when dorian made landfall in the bahamas was the highest on record the bahamian prime minister human mina says rescue operations are in full swing and has warned against looting. distilleries on the council building disturbances. behavior i distrust. anyone. and for the decision for those affected by this tragedy. to. be the person to do just and bring to the full extent of the year. has more on this now. this is the island of one of the worst hit areas by hurricane dorian the local air terminal was destroyed by strong winds
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and storm surge people now gathered by the runway looking for a way out. as we made our way toward the community of black would the scope of the devastation became even more apparent acres and acres of downed trees block the road. the region is still flooded but waters are finally starting to recede. in the capital nassau bolen tears are mobilizing to compile desperately needed disaster relief food medicine and bottled water. but access is limited to the areas most affected so right now we're getting a lot of help from the military from the united states with a search and rescue and after that it's going to be about getting food medical supplies and even volunteer teams to these islands that would have brought you some of the volunteers sorting donations or tourists like george and maria who cut their vacation short to lend a hand i saw the news on the t.v. and i said i could go to the beach late on the beach enjoying my vocation and then
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it said i'm right here my not helping. back on abaco island residents gather with their families to assess the damage many have lost everything. for instance us sitting on the side of the rule no where to go some persons cannot even find a family member so it is really back. to the store may be over but with thousands of bahamians the challenge of rebuilding their lives still lies ahead as you can see the devastation here is enormous power lines litter the streets there's no electricity no running water no cell phone service and thousands of people have nowhere to sleep tonight they've been left homeless waiting desperately for help to arrive and up to al-jazeera abaco the bahamas well millions of people remain under threat from hurrican dorian as it is as it hits the u.s. east coast and gallagher joins us live now from charleston in south carolina so andy presumably many people in the u.s. in that region would have seen the pictures from bahama or the bahamas in the
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devastation that cause so they would be prepared for anything at this point. yes i remember this is now a 12 day long. haul people are getting pretty tired of it but we follow this story . through georgia and here in south carolina and dora it's now about 120 kilometers is. approaching now here in charleston there has been some good news overnight in the early hours of wednesday morning they were expecting a very high. but as you can see the driving going to break here is presenting local authorities with some big problems we've got some localized flooding down in downtown charleston that was about 200000 people have lost power in south carolina and we've been under tornado warnings several times throughout the night behind me you can see. that we're told by locals is a fairly sheltered spot but this is still
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a dangerous storm and that truck has never been perhaps more important but it is doing is taking a slight north east but it struck at the moment. the north carolina and all those barrier islands places like wilmington as a category 3 potentially category 2 storm so everyone here remains on high alert as this storm slowly moves up the east coast and potentially slamming into those barrier islands in north carolina which having looked at the official warnings would have mostly been evacuated at this point but this is still a very dangerous storm we have another high tide in about 3 hours and people will be watching that very closely indeed all right for the moment to any young ally fish there in charleston thanks andy let's get the latest on just where dorian is right now and where it's heading is evident thanks very much has a mullet does remain a very dangerous storm is going to push up and make landfall within the next 18 to
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24 hours you can see on the satellite picture just how well organized the storm is now and as we were hearing it from. itself back up to a category 3 storm what's a mistake it'll be a cat to be a strong storm strong category 2 by the time it does make landfall around the outer banks of north carolina and around 824 hours when this at the moment around a 185 kilometers per hour hence a category 3 gusting in excess of 200 kilometers per hour as that slow movement as we're hearing that has been going for 12 days has been staggering along should pick up as we go on through the next few days having said that a storm surge in it says of 2 meters and this is low lying land of course so there will be widespread life threatening flooding going on there you can see the system here as we go on through friday afternoon we'll see it pushes way up the mayor made landfall by that stage and then it will tend to drift out into the open waters for the broader picture this is what we have a system there just off the carolinas pulling away from georgia running up towards
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the middle of 6 days as we go on through friday by the time it comes to sas day it will sweep up towards the canadian maritimes drier weather gradually coming back in behind but of course is going to take some time to clear up the mess that's going to come as a. thanks up to now still ahead on al-jazeera the u.s. and china agree to return to the negotiating table to resolve their trade war plus . what tens of thousands of iraqi graduates are protesting. and in sports the best of the tennis action from the u.s. open including the teenager cop quite believe how well she's doing. to strengthen the good you have to sure do good all the more with your gum still
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fight against corruption. needs heroes heroes like no who are about to be refused a $15000000.00 brian the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight a dark used to shine a light let's make a rule to better police nominate your anti corruption mirror now. after 25 years of affording the world's waste china through the global cycling industry into chaos. the growing pressure of agreement skies is resulting in change we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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and again you're watching are just a reminder of our top stories this hour british. going to the boris johnson's plans to break the deadlock over breaks it off facing more headwinds his brother joe johnson announced his resignation as education minister and brings high court is deciding whether to hear a case backed by former prime minister john major he says johnson suspension of parliament is on more from. iran's president has says his country will operate its energy program without limits in his words comparing to work on advanced centrifuges which would allow it to enrich uranium foster. nato says a u.s. service member and a romanian soldier have been killed in a suicide car bombing in kabul the taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack which killed at least 10 people and wounded dozens more. let's go back now
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to our top story breaks it and the legal challenge that has been brought by a former prime minister john major tom brooks is a law professor and of professor of law and government rather done university and he joins us from there now thanks very much for being with us so does the former prime minister and gina miller who is the other person who is leading this challenge to the suspension of palm do they have a case here. i think they do the middle lot of people ruled out you know miller last time thinking. you know such a case against then prime minister theresa may no no real chance a private citizen ticking a case against the prime minister but we're in exceptional constitutional time so i think this does have a real chance in part because it breaks it is about sitting back and truly have
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a prime minister and boris johnson is trying to silence parliament so that he can change the law when he knows that all of them would vote against it. well the government for their part have argued and presumably their lawyers will be arguing this in the high court as well is essentially that there's nothing to see here this is perfectly normal it's it's it's standard operating procedure for a new prime minister to to suspend parliament and then bring it back so he can present he has a new agenda to the people what what would you say to that. oh that's right this thing that in this saying that it's just a political matter not a legal one however it is true the u.k. since you know a 1000 years there's never been a proving of parliament this long i mean this is typically you have a for a couple days usually less than a week and here you have something like a month and a half and all of us aren't being suspended but the critical thing isn't so much whether there can be a suspension of parliament in order to present
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a new queen's speech a new legislative agenda but we're going to approving can be used for the purposes of changing the law parliament has explicitly said it wanted to do something different and i think that is the issue here that we're strengthening probably wants to change the law in such a way that he knows he doesn't have the votes or the parliament has given its view against no deal many times and i think that will be the main legal matter that the court will be focusing their mind on and regardless of what the decision is here from the high court what sort of impact is this going to have on the whole issue of of the constitution. in the united kingdom which is famous for not having a written constitution and all of that all of the challenges that would that we're seeing to that seem to that that we've seen a last couple of days. you're right i mean that the country is its constitution is largely based around convention and some acts that are seen to be
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a bit more sacrosanct than the others all of it is really under under threat you have a prime minister who is unconstitutional even unwritten way saying that he will not say if this been bill that my orse him to seek an extension on breaks at that he said he would he would not go to the queen if there were listened to make it law the prime minister's choosing not to get assent to bills that they don't like that's that's territory this country has has never been before the thought of the prime minister making your quest to her majesty the queen that is itself unlawful making the queen make such a move is also something seemingly untenable but these are the times we find ourselves right now in the u.k. i mean pro i just of course jones has been having a rough time of it he's lost all 4 boats in parliament right now the most unsuccessful start to any prime minister and you kate history and it looks like you
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know other things may come to pass as well other records broken could you get your analysis. tom brooks thanks very much free time either. south africa is shutting down its diplomatic missions in nigeria after a series of reprisal attacks on south african businesses that follows a wave of violence against mostly foreign owned stores in johannesburg and pretoria how much are some reports. that nigerians are angry about anti foreign attacks in africa protest outside the surf going on store in a crisis they want the government to do more to protect nigerians living in south africa government debt parental support. supports what is up to protect life and property of the people our mind you know people are our people are dying on a daily basis. in certain things are slowly getting back to normal after
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a few days of rioting and looting many foreign owned businesses were targeted. from mali he says he's lived in target for more than 20 years and can understand why some locals feel foreigners are taking their jobs. all of. which. you were doing something we know it did me you know what. someone figure us raises from ethiopia he's nervous about speaking about attacks on fine nationals in case a story is targeted some people say why speak poverty and inequality i said blame for the violence all of us. but sort of. 3 things like. i don't know but. what i don't know is all the africans thinking. north.
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america but came from africa this is one thing. some surfer believe criminal gangs are responsible for the recent violence why am i taking i walk on i walk on africans why are we different behind your why do whites. if we're really really does bring it all up it's only after 4 here where we are getting only our all. attached so many african foreign nationals happen regularly entire africa many who come here are competing with locals the skills jobs and government services some shops 8 and businesses have an open for days many owners are afraid they could be more violence and looting this area in downtown johannesburg is where many of the attacks happened with the country's an employment rate at nearly 30 percent and the phone a sentiment will likely continue her meters out there. are the turkish president
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richard tyburn no one is threatening to quote open the gates and allow syrian refugees into europe that's unless negotiations with the u.s. ended in the creation of a safe zone in northern parts of syria turkey hosts more than 3 and a half 1000000 syrian refugees and is planning to return a 1000000 to syria over one said turkey has been left to shoulder the burden of syrian refugees alone syrian casal who has more from istanbul. turkey is present threaten the west and united states with opening the doors to the syrian refugees who are in turkey who are fleeing war in syria and trying to find a safe haven't in western countries mainly european countries he said that turkey wants a 30 kilometer deep safe zone in northwestern syria which is a debate between the united states and turkey for a while they seem they have agreed on some details but the wide p.g. is only home will score of 5 kilometer deep safe zone he said that the safe so
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should best as soon as possible and housing facilities should west allis in that safe zone so that at least 1000000 syrian refugees who are currently living in turkey can go back don said that the last day for the safe zone is the last week of september actually a couple of days ago he had said that the upcoming united nations meeting in new york is the is is the deadline for the united states to decide and turkey believes that united states is trying to gain time and is playing between the white b.g. which troops considers as a terrorist organization and turkey don said that it is not only turkey who should be the one carrying the burden of the syrian refugees but other countries should be in world as well and he said that he will open the doors for the serious who flee the war from syria to western countries. hong kong chief executive kerri lam says she would fully support an international inquiry into
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police conduct during protests there lam said she would formally would draw an extradition bill the sparks 3 months of demonstrations were surprised to follow up on recommendations on. the bill will be withdrawn. that will be no debate and no vote. the 2nd action is we will fully support the world of the independent police complaints council people from all walks of life with different stances and backgrounds are invited to share their views and air their grievances we must find ways to address that this content in society and look for solutions. assert clark has more from hong kong. hong kong's chief executive carrie lamb has done her 1st q. and a session with the media in the wake of her decision to withdraw the controversial extradition bill she said she hoped that this would break the political impasse which has been stifling politics here in hong kong and she said
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that it would give hong kong a way forward she also said that the study that she's commissioned would investigate the political crisis she hoped that this would give the community a platform for conversation she denied that she was under pressure from china's central government she said they respected and understood her decision to withdraw the extradition bill she's also rejected accusations that this independent study into this political crisis is meaningless she said the international representation on the body would give all deliver credible outcomes as for the other 5 demands other demands that the protesters want met she's refused their request for universal suffrage she's also refused to bow to their demand to introduce or commission a an independent investigation into police behavior and until all those demands are met by protesters those protesters are vowing to go ahead with their demonstrations of thousands of university graduates in iraq are protesting outside government ministries in bank they're demanding jobs unemployment for young adults is
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a 22 percent in the government admits it is not done enough to get large numbers of graduates employed charles traffic reports from the iraqi capital. roanoke and her fellow engineering graduates have been term told us it iraq's oil ministry but will most months there's just a few of the thousands of young iraqis with university degrees protesting outside government buildings in baghdad and they all demanding jobs on the other but i feel a volcano of anger inside me and i'm sad because it's my country and all i'm asking for is my rights iraq is so much oil it's like water from a tent and i'm sitting on the pavement up to 16 years of study. every year 150000 iraqis graduate from university and they are eager to work in their chosen fields but unemployment among 15 to 39 year olds is around $22.00.


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