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you know it and. that all you don't have time is on me so i saw in my own reason that in your journey and want to. go we educate sheen was over before it began. to talk a little bit but only call more reported on rather almost every rekha harmonica she was given that we would have a real printing they were doing. she was then said to live with an aunt after her fortune teller told her father she would bring death to her mother. who was on. television you're a loser was she would you. feel
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more hardship was to come gobies husband died leaving her to raise 7 children alone . and illiteracy made life even worse. the. more he gets along just do what you can do it you go. to she will go to my all of this is your authentic. they are pure as and when your bubble headed nor whether when the committee. this is done that. now. as a young girl park young soon was also given little chance to learn to read and write nice picture her family sent her away to work as a maid at the age of 10. that emerged from
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her own children both attended bankrupt school yet she could never help them with their homework their own my luck again pell make kid they could no one no longer care all. over if you can do it where. i had not yet good good government. was a. good and bacon and. 3 low bar. can soon says her husband was very controlling and kept her at home to work on the family farm. now widowed and suffering from balance and hearing
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problems school presents or with new challenges god would dared tell me. they. across rural south korea many other communities face when dealing populations. j.q. island is famous for its stunning vistas and beautiful beaches. neutral one could to little young just go out on their own could in the autumn though. to put it to put there was a. credible what. to do is shining here in stone minn is the chief of the village of c. home on j juiced east coast to go you're. there 2 hours ago.
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to sit in the. same thing as a us. several years ago see homes primary school nearly closed in the number of students dropped to just 33. at its peak it was 310 students here. in an effort to attract more students the school started special programs like windsurfing and bringing in local artists to teach art classes. as i came out as i. could then yes and that's what i'm already that in what little most of it will match all you know most of these are you know mostly me. you know that's not and i would say. but attracting children means attracting families so with the help of the city government the village built this $850000.00 apartment complex.
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today samina showing it to a future resident and now there are 3. well i think. they don't that's me on the whole me thing where is a sense of i'm wondering about. possible. attracted by the chief brant and the island natural beauty kim so young is moving here with her 2 young children from the capital saw her husband plans to join them later in the year she says it wasn't an easy decision todo that. and then got you think of the shouldn't go to residents how many would you get back again england. good guys it is totally against her. but she says the benefits stack up.
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and he made and then a toy shouldn't. move to make in the water crunch folk there are guys you wish it. was. you know you have to be. that inning of a. 10 attack. on the day goes on and it. did they're getting our money when there's a court order and they added a comical could. take it. the housing project is working families are moving in giving the school 15 new students. the program's success has made it
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a model for others. yet for many rural schools such new id. it's become much too late we're going to the town of yaks and i'm going to visit a school that was closed a few years ago. kimmie was an administrative assistant at primary school before it closed in 2016. and it was the way. today it's been transformed into a daycare center for the elderly especially those with diseases like alzheimer's and parkinson's who can't be cared for at home. i
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know you want to go to really. go home so you. know. they. were all. right. so you could. be on to them and they didn't tell you about the day of world and you're going to cause a. point when. you got to be on the ball how can she don't have to turn the house. where she could only on time jumbled one talk for god's ear for. him is going to. make.
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you. i was in the mountain when. i had it was the only man come auditioned and. because of the shirish kunder. audition they retired ok. it may no longer be a place for children but the school's history means a big title. town and isaac actor i was in. and i'm telling you how to pick. something in me oh oh where do i go to. tell it they are. all already in the ones i'm all in there we're going and how good or you know how. auditions go. and with high demand for this school for the elderly there was
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little danger of it closing any time soon. i. audition that in my. children if you have to. bring it. on your table. it's a lot of what is still there. but you can tell you can tell. everybody was.
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actually trying to have your. child big. time their boys were. back in bonn graham park young soon is enjoying her new found independence hand tak a. cape town question what does. the. indian language company about going that pattern. and with all cultural cultural yeah well if. you will. you know. it's just terrible. it's been a long day but go we is trying to focus on her homework the star pupil recently
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scored 100 percent on her math test well never can tell you who the real killer and do good your liberal. but. from you know to them with any how do you can do nothing with the q you can now you with the prices. and talk talk with them. either that you think that by the grannies going back to school will save the school that you went to when you were a boy because it's one of the 100 coming for doctors holding the books or the husband of a. one to 9 is and which again is a little credited to her and over the course of my message it was a. thought and i said some of the get we'll. soon and go we have 4 more years before they graduate from the bank report i marry school. whether they'll have that chance though it's still unclear children in
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the oracle going there oh how could. they know nance how could i may how much good it occurs to me and some of them do they make them and don't have it but among us she got me. all the tears in our game bowed in. to shoot in those you know to me. that i have. had i go about. in that car now my. dad. and i had little time. to wander cutting. yet and there were no warning. record penned. for now communities like bank room face the
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paradox of needing the elderly to rejuvenate their towns. a 1st chance at education for grandmothers like these might be the last chance for south korea as world schools. in this life the most incredible stories are often true. and cheering go on experiences. makes the unfamiliar familiar. in this life diversity makes a difference understanding the importance of being part of something much greater than also in this life what i want to use is freedom of expression. the right to mortgage. sean and
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a lot into the golf course. because you dislike the design and to understand the what. makes us human. and the human condition is universal. was. 3 months of protests around unprecedented scale have virtually paralyzed hong kong what began as opposition to an extradition law has escalated into a broader pro-democracy anti-government movement. so how and why has this crisis developed and what the protesters want. in the 1st of 2 special reports people in power traces the dramatic evolution of hong kong summer of defiance on the jersey and. we have
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a news gathering team here that is 2nd time now they're all over the world and they do a fantastic job and information is coming in very quickly all at once you've got to be able to react to all of the changes and al-jazeera we adapt to that. my job is is to break it all down and we held the view on the stand and make sense of it. you're watching the news hour live from headquarters and. coming up in the next 60 minutes. his. prime minister declares he'd rather die than for another withdrawal delay.
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iran further back it's kim into the 20. al-jazeera a rare access to a top atomic facility. south africa promises to address the. attacks on migrants which are fractured relations with fellow africans they. and us researchers reveal new clues about why women have a higher risk of developing alzheimer's. hello the u.k. prime minister boris johnson has the clarity he'd rather be dead in a ditch that asked for another delay to breck said he made the blunt remark after suffering heavy defeats in parliament and being abandoned by his own brother who's quitting the government simmons reports from. boris johnson may have suffered a humiliating defeat at attempts to call a general election but here in the north of england you could be forgiven for
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thinking the campaign had already begun do you want this government to take us out . 31st or do you want john recall being a labor party to go to that crucial summit in brussels table the 17th can you make a promise today to the british public that you will not go back to brussels and i know that tonight yes and so you can and would you like that i'd rather be dead in a ditch it's a good day stale johnson's day had started in downing street with a visit from u.s. vice president mike pence and this was the message from the white house the united states is ready willing and able to immediately negotiate a free trade agreement with the u.k. national this is not the table as far as i gave. and. we're not using all that already. we have we have
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a thank you or maybe if you have already. then like sounds off the remark aimed at the labor opposition leader i'm. shocked thank you very much but it's time to move on and i thought i was writing the passive story i think a part there's nothing funny about the latest resignation and the prime minister's brother joe johnson quitting as junee a business minister he tweeted in recent weeks i've been told between family loyalty and the national interest it's an unresolvable tension and time for others to take on my roles. thank you the prime minister was asked about his brother's departure if your own brother come back you why should anyone else joe doesn't agree with me about the european union because it's a it's an issue that obviously didn't divides families and divides everybody but i think what joe would agree is that we need to get on and sort this thing out and so
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what next all seems set for boris johnson to again seek parliamentary approval to call the election next monday but does the labor leader jeremy coburn accept that or scupper it again with boxing in boris johnson even more than he is already under it symons out 0 westminster anjaana how looks ahead to the government's next steps as it pushes for elections. well the scene does indeed appeared to be set for a repeat election motion put down by the government on monday another vote lucky for it 2 thirds majority to trigger a general election by then the opposition sponsored anti no deal bill should've made to doand to the statute books it's expected to make it through the house of lords by the end of friday will of that a precondition for jeremy coburn in the labor party supporter of a general election but the big question on monday will be will jeremy call been in fact at that point except the offer of an election or will he be dissuaded by
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a large number of the opposition in peace in his party end in other parties who simply don't trust board is johnson's would they don't trust that he will stick to the date of an election october the 15th the government ones they don't trust but he will stick to the litter of the north they want to ensure that a no deal bricks it is in fact avoided and will be urging germy call been to hold out for a later election after up to over the 31st they want that prime minister to have to endure the humiliation of actually going to the european union in bustle brussels and actually are asking for another bricks it extension well wars johnson started a busy day by meeting the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu they held talks inside 10 downing street both agreed on stopping iran from acquiring nuclear weapons but seemed at odds on how to do that it's johnson stress the need for a dialogue on diplomacy by that's an eon who once to up the pressure on to ron
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before there are any negotiations and the run has confirmed it's further scaling back its commitments to the 2050 nuclear deal which has been on raveling since the u.s. pulled out and really imposed sanctions on friday iran will begin developing centrifuges to speed up the enrichment of uranium which can produce fuel for power plants or be used in atomic bombs president hassan rouhani has warned that his country's energy program will soon operate without limits and al-jazeera has been granted rare access to the only nuclear research facility in iran where the controversial 20 percent enriched uranium is being used. as this exclusive report from the nuclear research reactor. this is the reason iran says its nuclear program needs 20 percent enriched uranium to keep its 1st nuclear reactor working the center of the 5 megawatt reactor it does all the work its source is
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a number of chemical elements which scientists here call a fuel assembly before it came into use in 2009 iran had to import 20 percent enriched uranium from argentina to agree to this reactor originally used 90 percent fuel in the past produced by an american company that it was realized reactors like this could work with 20 percent fuel as well so the change all reactors in a way to use 20 percent fuel including our reactor in 1993. but since iran began producing its own uranium rival powers have objected their concern to with that technology reaching those higher grades of enrich uranium above 90 percent would mean being able to produce a nuclear weapon would be achievable. during this tightly supervised visit officials repeatedly state iran's government is only interested in nuclear energy and not arms several nuclear scientists have been assassinated and employees here hide their identity for safety the higher quality chemical elements or isotopes
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iran says it needs are made here they've arrived to run underground tunnel from the main reactor by the radioisotopes are produced here in these cells when they ascend back from the reactor it is cuts in sole number one and sent to the episodes according to the type of radioisotopes and the process continues that in some cases we have to extract the main material from the original material the isotopes then come here for further purification they are all then packed in special containers and sent to medical facilities in iran and to other countries these radioactive isotopes can be used to detect blood clots and to treat and kill cancer cells and officials here say they're used to treat more than a 1000000 patients in iran each year the international atomic energy organization regularly visits the site and says iran has been complying with the 2015 nuclear deal agreed with 6 world powers until now it stopped after the united states
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withdrew from the agreement last year and impose additional sanctions on iran officials here say the european signatories have yet to uphold their commitments and say that's why iran is scaling back on its obligations but there's another reason to this reactor was built in the late 1960 s. but the nuclear agreement that was signed in vienna 4 years ago means that it's improvements were put on hold now its future could very well determine whether iran stays in the 2015 agreements a future for this nuclear program of growth or neglect. and politics over the nuclear deal aside it's that that may determine what steps iran takes next door such a pari al jazeera at the tehran nuclear research reactor they're reporting that the u.a.e. has sent military enforcements to their southern separatist allies media say 70 vehicles will be delivered to the port city of aden in response people have been
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rallying in support of the. so to arabia however says it rejects the urges all parties to immediately engage in talks the saudis and the iraqis are allies of the war but back rival factions in aden turkey's president is threatening to in his words open the gates and allow a flood of syrian refugees to enter europe. will be forced to do it unless a so-called safe zone is established soon inside syria under negotiations with the u.s. he hopes at least a 3rd of the $3600000.00 syrian refugees living in turkey could be resettled in that saves own or his country has been left to shoulder the burden of the refugee crisis nato says a u.s. soldier and another for remain have been killed along with 10 civilians in a taliban suicide bombing in central kabul the blast destroyed cars and shops not far from the headquarters of afghanistan's international military force and the
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u.s. embassy there's been no letup in violence. reporting progress and talks. tony. this underlines that even though peace talks are going on a draft agreement we understand has been drawn the taliban is still exercising its military might and showing that it can strike at will wherever it wants this time it was in the capital a few days ago. 300 kilometers north of the capital where they held the center for a number of hours before being pushed out but it showing that there's a peace agreement peace talks going on but still there's a war being fought and unless they come to an agreement it will carry on the draft agreement we understand is raising concerns not only in the afghan government which is not party to the talks but also from the european allies who are a bit concerned about what is being agreed some people believe that the americans are adopting a cut and run policy and want to get out as soon as possible and perhaps are
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promising too much some of those process promises include withdrawing $5400.00 american troops and closing bases within 5 months of the peace agreement being signed in return the taliban is being asked to stop foreign fighters using afghan soil to launch attacks and to comply and negotiate with the afghan government there are concerns here about where those talks will go what is being promised and are the americans promising too much too soon mr kills out who's the architect of this agreement is going backwards and forwards he said 9 rounds of talks to the taliban we understand there are probably a few of other things that he's being told to asked for by the afghan government and he's gone back to doha to discuss with the taliban we understand south africa's president is promising to deal with the prejudice here met since healing riots and attacks on migrants from elsewhere in the continent there are been reprisal incidents in countries including nigeria prompting south africa.


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