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tv   Sports Doping The Endless Chase 2016 Ep 1  Al Jazeera  September 6, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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money and also the legacy that he has left we even the current administration is trying to correct in terms of. how they can only perform to the cause. it is been a difficult one to put them to shake it off and get the economy to start running again for a little mixed reactions to that to let me ask you about that about this this transition from a freedom fighter. to to a dictator what drove that. i think when the liberation war happened the whole. agenda was to take the country out of the shackles of colonialism i think is the went of years went by apollo is sweet and. its core out says well that would
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have happened along the way that you know you could have been genuinely liberated but little on switched sides and because of this with missile fall you became a dictator and use some of the things that you don't even if you had to speak to people right now the other lives that is living issues of course ups and going under his rule you had a lot of leaders you know even people in these government or do some most ridiculous things you know stealing from the states courses but you'd never see those people going behind bars so i think that could have been started out is a man who wanted to liberate the country but ended up you know switching sides because of this weakness will fall you know prevails i think the saying is power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely so going forward in the next few days how do you think his funeral services his remembrances myrmidons will be
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considering he is he is reviled by some and loved by others. i think at the time that we right now. the events that happened you know in the past year you have had you know people coming talking about sentiments of saying although he was a dictator maybe it was bad because well what the economy is going through right now so i think remember ins in even the coming days you will find yes will cause he is die with all of these liberals but i think he is going to be remembered as one of the father figures or is involved with liberation. you know our local language we have a saying that you know. if somebody dies people would rather
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a talk or is goodness than bad you go to a funeral you know a local sitting you will find people will never talk about his affairs but they will talk of all the goods that. go and was doing ok privilege miss mary thank you so much for your insight we appreciate it. still ahead on al-jazeera the bahamas prime minister describes a historic tragedy after hurricane dorian reduces parts of the island nation to rubble.
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in the final. hello there most of his skies across much of the middle east and the temperature has been coming down steadily into baghdad still warm not as warm as we have seen meanwhile to the north you'll see some clouds and with that has some showers as we go through friday into saturday these rain showers working away across georgia and on towards azerbaijan but in i stand back who on friday with a high of 27 degrees celsius more cloud bushing in on saturday and that's what i mean about baghdad 41 celsius so still holes but nothing like those high forty's we have seen in the last couple of weeks be well farther to the south the temperatures have beginning to come up but on the plus side the humidity is also coming down say
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$39.00 in doha on friday quite a bit of cloud into that the southeast portion of saudi and again along coastal areas of amman across into yemen staying pretty cloudy as we head into saturday and that temperature coming up in doha up to 42 degrees celsius and also rain showers pushing through southern africa certainly into durban and johannesburg and quite an onshore flow so also quite a rain and cloud pushing into more southern sections of mozambique and then as you head into saturday that does tend to clear what we will see is the chance a few showers in the east in madagascar meanwhile the sunny skies will turn into a high of 20 and very warm in capetown with a high there of 28. you're
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watching al-jazeera let's take a look at the top stories right now the former president of zimbabwe robert mugabe has died at the 95 year old died in a hospital in singapore he served as the head of the country for 30 years before being deposed in a military coup in 2017. 4 people have died in the u.s. for dorian is bringing a high winds tornadoes and flooding to the states of north and south carolina and in the bahamas the prime minister says his country has been devastated by a historic tragedy because of hurricane dorian so at least 30 people are confirmed dead that number of though is rising as rescue workers struggle to recover bodies barely half of the homes on the worst hit islands of grand bahama are estimated to be destroyed or severely damaged the u.n. says $70000.00 people need immediate relief that means shelter drinking water food
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and medicine the damage has been catastrophic with one estimate putting property losses at 7000000000 dollars that is without considering and for structure and vehicles general has the latest from marsh harbor on the island of albuquerque. it's early morning in the bahamian island of advocate and esther is sifting through what's left of her home. in the same house she slipped in for the last 56 years. oh my but you know again. and that was more than how. you quoted. the woman. down the road at a nearby airstrip the chaotic scene is playing out everywhere and everything stopped and the never possibly about. the 1st airplanes have arrived to evacuate survivors of hurricane dorian t.r.e. nubile is here with her children but there are hundreds of others trying to evacuate and there simply aren't enough planes it's a disaster
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a lot of people don't live. that's passed away a lot of bodies it's ridiculous no have no homes there's no shelter and it's really really bad here. driving down the road toward marsh harbor it becomes clear why so many people are fleeing this region of the bahamas was the worst hit by the storm. this is about as bad as hurricane damage gets as you can see the scene here in marsh harbor is nightmarish there is debris everywhere there are boats in front of people's driveways the floodwaters have not receded yet and for thousands of residents we've lost their homes here that nightmare is far from over. for many of the injured and displaced one of the only places to go is this hospital the only health facility left standing after the storm it's just. i don't know what they think this is. any minute they even check it they will even take all get from here
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. and they give you know hopefully you know there's no hope. it's the but. 7 it could be months before life returns to normal on abaco. some of those who have managed to evacuate may never return in the meantime there are still hundreds of others waiting for their turn to get out. marsh harbor the bahamas u.k. prime minister boris johnson has declared he'd rather be dead in a ditch and then asked for another delay to practice it he made that remark after suffering heavy defeats in parliament and being abandoned by his own brother is quitting the government anderson meant reports in london boris johnson may have suffered a humiliating defeat at attempts to call a general election but here in the north of england you could be forgiven for thinking the campaign had already begun do you want this government to take it's
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not. the 31st or do you want jamie colby in the labor party to go to that crucial summit in brussels little table the 17th can you make a promise today to the british public that you will not go back to brussels and ask for another tonight yes and so you can and would you like that i'd rather be dead in a ditch it's a good place jail johnson's day had started in downing street with a visit from u.s. vice president mike pence and this was the message from the white house that the united states is ready willing and able to negotiate a free trade agreement with the national this is. the table as far as the gate he. went to heal that already. we have we have a already. of already. then light sounds off the remark aimed at the labor
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opposition leader i'd be. shocked thank you very much but it's time to move on and i thought i was writing the passive story i think a part there's nothing funny about the latest resignation and the prime minister's brother joe johnson quitting as junee a business minister he tweeted in recent weeks i've been told between family loyalty and the national interest it's an unresolvable tension and time for others to take on my roles. thank you the prime minister was asked about his brother's departure if your own brother come back you why should anyone else joe doesn't agree with me about the european union because it's a it's an issue that obviously didn't divides families and divides everybody but i think what joe would agree is that we need to get on and sort this thing out and so what next all seems set for boris johnson to again seek parliamentary approval to
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cold an election next monday but does the labor leader jeremy corbin accept that all scupper it again with boxing in boris johnson even more than he is already under a symonds out 0 westminster. nonprofit organization amazon watch has organized protests around the world for what it's calling a global day of action for the rainforest there demanding presidential change policies which they say are killing the amazon a record number of fires are burning in brazil and neighboring countries also our own house deployed 44000 troops to help but has resisted funding from she 7 leaders saying it would make brazil like a colony or latin america to listen in as well from part of state. i'm in just across the river from me to one of the largest municipalities in all of brazil the size of england that is also the most of forested and hearing on up all of the same thing is beginning to happen we were in the rain forest with a community that lives in a settlement trying to live under
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a sustainable development program in the jungle without knocking down and cutting down all of the trees but they themselves are under attack we saw their community house had been set on fire by illegal loggers these people calm they cleared of the rain forest and then they set it on fire put grass get it to grow and then sell the land illegally to cattle ranchers and so this is the process that is quickly deforested in the whole area of one of the richest parts of the amazon which is the state of where i am right now sudan has its 1st female foreign minister dollars among 4 women included in a newly named cabinet which is separate from the sovereign council but will leave the country until elections until elections within 3 years we're being praised for their role and bringing down omar al bashir and now they're demanding more of a say sudan's future home of all reports. is
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a filmmaker and i could have used. them in different female protesters who lived. and live bullets to bring down the formal 42 of them on bush. sure arrested in january and spent 39 days in jail along with 50 other females she is unhappy with the limited role of women in the political power sharing deal that's been agreed to. back them is that women's contribution in the evolution was no less than 70 percent but when we came to forming the councils we got a very weak representation of the f.f.c. documents stipulated 40 percent of seats for women but if we look at nominations we've got less than 10 percent that's why we've started a campaign to demand an equal share women say that they're important role in the revolution they deserve more than what they've been offered out of the 11 supreme council seats they've got to do the 20 member cabinet only 4 female ministers have
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been appointed as although that. is one of sudan's most outspoken feminists she says women abilities are going ahead of him with the question. the purpose is to crush women self-esteem by saying they're not qualified or can't even qualify for these positions the male culture organizes the world according to a binary order in which men enjoy the best qualities such as wisdom ability well even women with a lower category of values such as emotions stupidity or also wily ness for that matter. one of the main writers of the new constitution of the document disagrees with ned. use it to empower women rather than to give them places. they say they don't need they say they already know. just give them the positions. so you think they're not qualified.
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and it is also our duty to. ringback addressing a mostly male crowd now had said after a long history of exclusion it's time to give women a chance in public office. they speak to us about qualifications but look at this 60 years of rule since independence it's been a heap of failures linking qualification to james as an excuse they used to exclude women and it has no basis sudanese women have been graduating from medical colleges since 951 is it logical nobleman is qualified to take up the job as minister of health for instance. as these debates go on so then these women are starting to break new ground for the 1st time since independence a woman is appointed diplomat but didn't other women rights campaigners say more needs to be done. so scientists in the scottish highlands think they may have an
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answer to what to make the most enduring mysteries does the latinos monster exist no but but they have discovered a large amount of d.n.a. suggesting the law may have once been it habited by giant. or oil let's get down to it is or fleas yes or look this no. there is absolutely no evidence of any right to weaken sequences in their samples so i think we can be fairly sure that there is probably not a joint scale you recall swimming around and look nice now is it possible that what people are seeing is a jaunty you well maybe. we don't know if the you'll be united that we take thing is gigantic from a judge again to just many small evils it's interesting. is it's an interesting exercise but. the really does go on and i pretty much guarantee you that in the next couple of weeks somebody will have
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a good photograph of something to be debated. pick up the headlines right now on al-jazeera the former president of zimbabwe robert mugabe has died the 95 year old was in hospital in singapore as the head of the country for 30 years before being deposed in a military coup and 2007 tane joins us now from johannesburg sahara what's the reaction been as this news is starting to spread. well the signs were there that robert mugabe was seriously ill a few weeks ago the government released a statement to the nation telling people that mugabe has been in hospital for longer than usual and then on thursday some his family members were flown to singapore again a sign that maybe he was reaching the end he leaves behind a complicated legacy for many zimbabweans he's been
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a part of their lives for decades since even before independence in 1980 those who want to remember the good things he did like educating a lot of zimbabweans who for many years have received an inferior education from white couldn't rule some praise them for taking the land away from a white minority giving it to black people some also say that he also did well in trying to show africans and zimbabweans that you can try and speak out against the ways even if they don't want you to push through certain policies like take the lead with jenny on the continent he's seen as a hero a lot of people say you'll be remembered as a man who spoke out against the west but zimbabweans angry with the way he handled the economy are not. not too impressed with the way he handled the economy and they are hoping they are hoping that after he's gone the country can sit talk move forward find a way out of the economic crisis ok but also with the wrap up there for us. thank you the mammas prime minister says his country has been devastated by
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a host stuart tragedy after hurricane dorian at least 30 people are confirmed dead so far the health minister says he does expect that number to rise significantly the storm is right now a category one hurricane it's sitting just off the coast of north carolina and that's the eastern united states it has killed at least 4 people so far in the u.s. . of the u.k. prime minister boris johnson has stated he'd rather be dead in a ditch then asked for another to late rex it is reeling from several defeats in parliament and the resignation of his own brother in the cabinet sudan has its 1st female foreign minister one of 4 women appointed to the new cabinet the new prime minister who was sworn in last month unveiled his picks and khartoum a sovereign council will lead the country until elections are held within 3 years or so the headline is keep it here on al-jazeera more news throughout the day. it's
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up next.
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i am. just a professor of the. iron wrist been there since this is my duty and because of that lack of trust going to distribute i decided to take up this position or. to share. my very british. symbol of independence for africa my. place full time interests but also asked british.
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my demonstrate terry. undergoing your belly. formation which has inspired not only surfaces the world of that's mouth. for. the. president is almost a time it's traditionally over in the portuguese persecution only economy. and nobody's sure about. but i want to communicate about my hope my aspiration you claim with just a sort of humility but not much as. you can easily become. but if you
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finally. bring your venue to the actual. you're not. trying to by trying to guilt has been mine with. me and to give you much trying to give. them more. than enough and even so that's how. you might going to. affect me and. i have a friend. who works at the human commission so when i was appointed he's he you were just you just is no no matter women. are excuse me i'm still room. for. you know. years expected to be. here we have to apply but at the end of the day if we interpret the law if we are
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not able to achieve justice today we miss the point. that the front of here is because of the political moment because. i'm not sure if somebody was my member of independence. you know was my background would be a scientist position. or. did the ship. today we're going to need to present in particular we're going to visit a woman in prison next i asked when i was appointed i had to visit today and. i was everett's for this women who come straight to do with their turn time and that's
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a situation of. a keeps and i. remember why don't they made this as she was presented with 3 kids to talk of specular my mother and. dad you know. that's why i took 20 something books just missed these children because it's big grow up in prison just like that result they need to question without any exposure being bad not going to be productive citizens and that's going to psyche is going to put them in. prison does it into one but of course a majority. impeachment or not a minute. so i messed up all right to go there not.
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next minute or not numerous track record or very much to remember me if you meant that they're going to come. you know but i'm going to come and punch good to the point to where i know who for whom skip the should not be shut out is no good and i'm just a cocky into the modern of the unstudied it's been me cabramatta maybe too many young lives and with me again even a new coke in the summer in the winter because of the food well it was time to eat and i'm sure the tussling community gets somebody to deal with that it's ok for a little come around often but in this ok we'll ask her some people asked why didn't they get the garden and the people are spies and there's no pardon the training well nothing as you've heard you know why the game you don't have yeah i don't talk to him i flew to new cricket of. all but the
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i'm a it's i'm not a christian. i'm not the child was up i'm not from your actions or my i'm going to have a continuum and think take care of. rosen. i have to question the. other way most. of them are much of. this is an additional national you know not true issue going to work i don't know but it comes to. the group of families are trying. to move. because try to renew and demand more know through my neck by repetition given to very good. i do not so here at least 3 of them some good advice. to do the work that really you know when you read your mind the mind of man that you've got. i'm grown up under false most mature jazzers yes ma'am which was
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no different to. our. ours when i turn around. our home right back after them though we bicker. about a photograph america and a project africa. and national guard even if they're from us a lot. more and more i am not about them or too much of the model but from both of those i have talked with all of them and asked for them. in a way. that the delay seeing as you did us on what i was going to finish out your your case for you. don't know how much but i. love them and now we find our you're fine and you may have some in our house like problems so i ask if you can only do
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good to make enter because here i am one turns you i do now because i don't have anyone to help me so why does your peers make this is a joke that i go. yes we're 10 feet from. a heavy kill. on my adult life list and i show you i'm not. going to show. his hand though i love that he said i got that on the betterment of my question my house i'll let me. come on the skin see the main may get a good one at that oh yes let us all and that's the time you look easy and if one of you can know what. it's like. to do. if you one has issues and everyone wants to stories. thank you. for good measure it
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very. difficult occurs. to me to do in terms of responding to. their women. i have taken the. people in prison who are still undergoing. i want to know why. the speed. limit. when i was 15 years on. military government. were expected to iraq. so i was assigned to go to africa. we were talking. 14 boys in that city we were expected to cook for the boys and i said no there is no way number one i don't like cooking and number of birds and admire i am sad to think so. because of.
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you know my crimes. i was i was out for a few days. for the what they're going to be gone. and they're going to. go. up because i'm really not. very good. at golf. i was bored. all. these was a 1st time for me to have lots of television. but no running
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water so it's. a long way. more than what i have expected but what i was sure. i was true was i wanted to go to college and i was sure that i did not want to. let my my mom like i wanted to skate. this is one of my daughter samantha. so. now there are. some i was in college. and spearing family you. know in high school. my mom keeps
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the fields warm. of course her presents typically. average of their. sorry to break the best. difficult for tradition and kids to school and sacrifice everything basically. the little 101 judge in. here since she did not have the benefit of the question herself always her dream was for us to get to keep it. she was very keen on that mother. really know. the gate that there you go. there is a story that my mom. liked. my older brother was
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. in the school but. kids started harassing him and bullying him and i was yanked i was still at home but the big deciders that i got was him that i protect him so so it's tough to. keep. the in. the week. it was kids that traveling to stick to the girl was abducted she killed her abductor in there we decided to defend her in a court of law it was the 1st time that a man directed a woman resisted the violation of her rights and it was the 1st time that. we had someone took the kids to the court and defended it and finally.
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i should say that the girl is acquitted. so the total. impacted our work is way less. reform but also community behavior can. count. on this is the 1st city want him to go for the 1st 3 people because. i do not suffer as physically from factor time and i just want to change how justice is their labor so i thought it was a figure like that to the staff i took to that just signed by title understand. what's going on here. all the members. i've ever.
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come to in for your money can see there are also plenty. more others that i know that. have. been here and i know you're. ok receiver in for profits that sing this officer. and. a few samples from north america. need to look at wow busy. with old look and in the am i will not tell you which i do that and i know it seems . myanmar government move didn't turn them into a federal government minister new new system but it was
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a. real under threat in the midst and decreased almost of disbelief for not just the double. blow that you're going. to matter eventually but i meant to sherry very very challenging sector not only in ethiopia. only developing countries but it's because we have our capacity by still far. we have a lot of cases happen across the case especially in countries like ours we have over a 100000000 population and. we have many cases coming to court every single day i think limit the background groups are now 3. 170 down from when you believe. this is a new will drink in suspended for 10 chambers like this which is fantastic for
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us because you have to be adverse court the middle east they're not convenient but this is made for. purely for the purpose of a judge inside of his own clothing or company went under and is common to both men no no no no no no it's encouraged us to thank you and on our side i know that if you look not a dash to look at the other. it is a sign of progress because you know when experienced same bears in office space for judges has been a challenge for us in this is not a number of course but this is a good beginning. that was i.
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was. when i was approached to take the position of this team persistence i was totally surprised. i knew that this is going to be a difficult assignment there is a lot of expectation from the judiciary the history of the judiciary and particularly under the just the secretary general has been beautiful. and. people expect that to be corrected and they want. not to morrow they wanted to be. some partition of power was a big problem the civil service was not independent the judiciary was not independent and this sort of was the source of our problem i think to
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begin with. as soon as we are competent longest we believe in ourselves it shouldn't be a problem to discuss who's any branch of government from asking for time to give that some belief that commitment to establish an independent judiciary.
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even before actually transition to government made a decision to close down this place and you know turn it into something different to enter was very symbolic a decision that was made at that point almost predicted what was about to calm himself to change in the times formation in this country some because they were him for a madonna fan you know. talking to lizzie because they have. not since gone on. in the past but in a broader sense on. a number of them because i'm going. to. present and then tendency to not since that intimate understanding how you so don't you could stand a chance. but name and. you
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know that was almost at the bottom of any what i report or one of the major reasons is your very existence of a place like 6 where. it glad i've rested. here without. due process of law. of torture and all this was this was this was a place. i had to partake but i have never been here. this is a place that everybody cares. and i'm going on the market because i didn't have any family member or friend hole always out listed. in the same logical. ok we have to do this in britain we don't know if i should let him
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undercut her. youngest son a mantra. now that we all know it took me. about oh. and. nothing because this is for for people. to come back to over not always it isn't just to going to see even the most of the you know if. you could just just feel the need. to close i would like to get a leader. in my current capacity as the president of the supreme court. i have to make sure that this will not happen like people will not be told church and that due process will
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be respected in our country in the future so for me this is very important because i have to see and understand what is happening so that we make sure that. you know going forward. we follow the law and we make sure that the rule of law is respected in this country. everything my confidence is getting stronger. every day and just have the depth of the problem but that same time my confidence was getting stronger for some reason for some reason i don't have the feelings that are. you know i would build a well made and i don't know how to do this but. my my my commitment is
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getting even bigger by the day when i grow up i grew up during the time of high the selassie and we were also part of the discontented movement students but now. i think the country has gone through many stages and. you know the current situation is probably you know in terms of democracy and rule flow probably this is the time when. you know the best of times i would say. i have a list benefactor i was never stopped by talents but i fully appreciate the talents that they will never be proved crazy in this country and every step of the way they have to struggle and they have to look for empathy but is part of that.
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i'm quite hopeful and bark if you hear. my dear prayers a place of hope is to. be mine here praise a place so hard working in the beautiful women. my dear praise the future. with a plummeting birthrate and families moving to the cities south korea's rule schools are shutting down one on one east meets the grandmas who is saving these schools while finally getting an education on al-jazeera. the out.
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al-jazeera. where every. zimbabwe's founding leader robert mugabe has died we look at is wise to power and controversial leadership. and i'm fully back to boil watching al-jazeera live from my porges in doha also ahead hurricane dorian weakens after battering the us east coast and causing
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widespread destruction across the bahamas. its plans are in tatters but the u.k.'s prime minister says there's no way he'll ask the e.u. for another bracks a delay and a new cabinet for saddam including a historic firsts as a woman takes charge of the foreign ministry. zimbabwe's founding leader robert mugabe has died at the age of 95 mugabe who was the country's 1st prime minister had been suffering from poor health and was being treated in singapore he served as head of zimbabwe for almost 40 years before being deposed in a military coup in 2017. deliberate or who turned into a tyrant the man who destroyed a promising country through his determination to cling onto power. adored by some but the indian despised by many in zimbabwe over the widely admired across africa
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as a hero who fought colonialism and stood up to the west. 965. ian smith says white settlers declare independence from britain an event that they find robert mugabe's life and still holds his country. the black majority resisted races in the cities and out in the countryside where vicious bush war raged for years. robert mugabe a teacher turned activist emerged from prison as an articulate leader of the independence struggle we started the war in order to give our country. we have a country they did get their country at lancaster house in london in 1979. and when zimbabwe celebrated independence mugabe the overwhelming winner of elections was in power. and soon showing the rival liberation fighters what he'd do
3:51 pm
to keep it meant to belittle and in the early eighty's the opposition crushed thousands killed in ethnic massacres atrocities that were barely noticed abroad. but there was also much to admire racial reconciliation education and health for millions of zimbabweans although later the economy declined and the invasions of white farms in the year 2000 were turning point this time world did notice. people said that this was going to happen it was going to turn into a bloodbath turn into another congress maybe this is it we're going to have to get out. it was a destructive process but they said he was correcting an old injustice and in many ways still fighting the old colonial power. the land is ours we give it to whom we
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please it's not the business of britain you see to tell us who to give land they do not wear that those who are given members of my by my party is irrelevant to britain. by now opposition was growing despite murder and many people ation many zimbabwe seemed ready to throw mugabe out they had a new hero morgan who said robert mugabe's earlier cheve man's will always be overshadowed by the years of oppression. do we portray it as the great liberator or do we portray him as somebody who has betrayed the liberation that the photo. i think the latter will prevail the 2 rivals ended up in government together although mugabe made sure he kept the real power and chunky violator returned to a position where he would eventually die without being is constantly sharing how hypocritical the west is and africa loves that and for that reason and i think he
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will be judged alternately as being a more important figure in africa than simply this party is this part he's a dictator he's a tyrant he's anywhere you want to threaten but it's something more than that he says he's the wrong messenger with the right message. by now his wife grace 41 years his junior had emerged as a political player who got be well into his ninety's seem determined to go on and on. the. trail goes you know. that the robert mugabe is still here. but not as strong as he thought in the city's anger boiled over a new generation demanded mugabe go it's time for you to resign it's time for you to step down. in the end it was the army that pushed him where he the point grace
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as his successor a former colleague and then live rival of grace's emerson. took over it was more palace cruden revolution although the joy mirrored that of zimbabwe's original revolution 37 years earlier will gladly retreated to his mansion the church of the lost we don't deserve peace we don't. probably because. the real tragedy robert mugabe could never bear da da of his country enjoying a 2nd freedom from his ruinous grip. or let's not speak to our regional correspondent in johannesburg for his harrow until his ouster in 2017 he was of course the only leader that zimbabwe's had known since independence in 1980 how is news of robert mugabe's death being received. well it's still
3:55 pm
early in the news a slowly sinking in news about the funeral plans we're only been known when the body comes back from singapore prison emerson and the other was in cape town for the world economic forum here in south africa so we need gets home he will likely address the nation mugabe was a towering controversial figure in zimbabwe there was a good and a bad mcgarvie those remember the 1980 s. and 1990 s. when economy was still doing feely well when we got it was called by some people around the world as a dialing of africa the dialing of the west people praised him for trying to roll out health care to poor blacks and barbarians he was a teacher and when he came into power in 1980 you really try to make sure as many black people as possible got a good education which is why some people in africa still say zimbabwe is where the highest literacy rates on the continent and it's also credited for taking land from the white minority and giving it to blacks but then his critics say something went
3:56 pm
wrong the land that was taken a lot of it is a list of going to senior ruling official parties some of his friends some of his family and children it's also said he presided over decades of corruption in states structures and some people also say he was behind a lot of the alleged abductions and alleged human rights abuses and of course the biggest thing is that a lot of your blame him for ruining what was once a prosperous economy indeed a hero of course important to know that you know when leaders are still in africa very often they ended up they end up going into exile or more grisly fades it wasn't the case for what gabi he was allowed to stay in his mansion in harare after his ouster in 2017 so i wonder you know with this mixed legacy complicated legacy what sort of sendoff can we expect him to get. or no matter what one thinks of mcgarvie certain people within the rulings on the
3:57 pm
pier party they've always said he is one of the founding fathers of islam bob which they're going to give him a proper send off you'll likely be buries at the heroes in the capital harare that's for all the people who fought during the liberation war to in white minority rule of all being buried here is a special spot there and its grave is marked number one just for him so he will most likely be buried there that's the kind of sendoff he is going to get yes some people were surprised that after he was forced from office in a military coup essentially he was allowed to stay allowed to go about his business and his family has kept a lot of the what they accumulated over the years which angered some people in the opposition who accuse them of obvious of widespread corruption so it's a mixed legacy for mugabe while a lot of people blame him for things that have gone wrong in the country and a lot of things have gone wrong they say you can't forget the fact that he did as tried to liberate the country from white rule and whether it works or not he did
3:58 pm
take away land for a white minority and gave it to a black majority thank you for that her mortaza life force in janice very will be of or speaking to you throughout the day here and getting more reaction to news of robert mugabe's death now let's take a look at how mugabe evolves from humble beginnings to become zimbabwe's most powerful man robert mugabe was born in 1924 in colonial rule the 3rd of 6 children he was educated by catholic missionaries and later went to university in south africa he qualified as a teacher and earned several degrees mugabe returned to southern rhodesia in 1960 in smith's white supremacist government was firmly in control then there mugabe joined zapper a new political party he rolls through the ranks calling for equal rights for all regardless of race but mugabe his refusal to avoid political violence saw him split from the party he helped to form the zimbabwe african national union which was banned by smith's regime gabby was arrested and sent to prison in 1964 now after 11
3:59 pm
years behind bars he was released he fled to mozambique way zonal given a fighter's elected him to lead their struggle against white minority rule. well let's now speak to ernest who is a political analyst joins us live from zimbabwe's capital harare thank you so much for being with us this morning we heard from are of course and everyone knows about robert mugabe's complicated mixed legacy but how do you think he'll be remembered by the average zimbabwean the every day zimbabwean as the icon of liberation or as a man who presided over the country's a klein. yeah i think. the buoys war years i think it did very young will simply remember my god is. or was it tired and was undoubtedly our future and then would you not oceans but to those who will look taken to use 3 will definitely remember you made it will lucia
4:00 pm
not inspire you there was already known by your mom during the early years of independence that they did not see the social program that you saw expansion in the education sector building of clinics in the us you know that but several things are easy. for president but he got the menu. depending on new generation of outlaw who will look at. those. in different terms as a year on one on one event and or show is a man whose conduct their lives but edge of the liberation struggle and the art that their values for which their liberation was towards which ended up the ended up being is hundreds. or option on the cell vision to be on the old dole sort of ration on their lives that was just at this point up.


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