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tv   Sports Doping The Endless Chase 2016 Ep 1  Al Jazeera  September 7, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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changes that happened during the period. so some people talk about you know a good man who got corrupted by power i don't think that that is i think that's a historical narrative because we see both mugabe's good sides and his and his very evil macchiavelli and side throughout his political career you know you've been speaking about the atrocities in the eighty's just 3 years after he came to power so we can say that you know sometimes the eighty's and ninety's are portrayed as this glorious era certainly that's not the case if you were in the bella person and not to bill and but even in his later years where you as betrayed as as a dictator and certainly he was a dictator and he still you know had some. good nights.
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he did play an important role in calling out the hypocrisy of the west at times and even during the government of national unity he at times played a constructive role even within that so he was he's a he's a complicated person certainly. but but ultimately probably he comes out more as a villain and to what extent do you think his death actually changes anything zimbabwe i mean does it in some sense. in sum since it closes the chapter it closes the dr apter for many. who suffered. the brutality and under his reign directly from him but the the tragedy you know just as the tragedy of mugabe's life the tragedy of zimbabwe is that since he is
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living now i have a stall door or incomplete transition in that the system that that mugabe was a part of remains fully intact and entrenched and what we've seen over the past few months is really that what we can call mugabe ism. the brutality the abductions the torture of of any dissenting voices has continued and so to that degree for those who suffered under mugabe that suffering continues and the struggle must continue. really appreciate yours he's thanks for joining us. hundreds of people are still missing in the bahamas this officials will the death toll from hurricane dorian could be staggering at least 30 people and known to have died but rescue workers is still discovering bodies in the ruins of flood walls has
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left behind by the storm the u.n. says the international office of migration is providing 1000. stripped from homes on the islands of. dorian was the most powerful harken to ever hit the home this entire neighborhoods and knocking out infrastructure. has moved from trying to key in the bonds. were on planes or here on the island of abaco which is one of the northernmost places of the bahamas and certainly one of the worst hit areas by hurricane dorian again this was a category 5 hurricane wind gusts upwards of 330 kilometers per hour and it took 36 hours for that storm to make it across abaco make it across grand bahama i want to give you a sense of where we are right now we're sitting right on the tarmac a bit of strip that was just cleared only a few days ago on wednesday so airplanes are just now starting to arrive to to evacuate people off of this island we visited mark harbor which is just about an
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hour east of here and it's absolute devastation it's about as bad as hurricane damage gets decimated upwards of $13000.00 homes that were completely destroyed so what we're seeing here you see behind me these are rescue teams that have just arrived on the island of treasure there are there are people behind those those rescue teams that are waiting for their turn many of them fled here on the tarmac last night there waiting for their turn for their opportunity to get a flight and even though there are concerns that there will be surgeons of color shortages of medicine as well as sort of there's a broader a 1000000 priority right now. well for search and rescue for the people that are still accounted for the main priority is getting under the people up of this island many of them desperate to get off the island for the weekend hurrican dorrian has flooded homes and damaged businesses on north carolina's coast with hundreds feared traps or high water medical workers have been sent to ocracoke island following
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reports of people being forced to retreat to the attics after defying mandatory evacuation orders the rest of the southeastern u.s. has been spared from the wrath of dorian with all evacuation orders in south carolina lifted. have receded as the storm continues further up the atlantic coast dorian has now been downgraded to a category one but is still packing winds of 150 kilometers an hour. or is still ahead on the program as the amazon continues to burn south american presidents travel to meet tribal leaders with one notable exception. we've got some quotes weather pushing into western parts of europe over the next couple of days still
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a fair bit of cloud just piling across the british isles down across the low countries i will concede sync is way south but in these votes as we go on through the weekend as is the case to around it's really the balkans this area clap continues to pull its way down we'll see some showers along the spells of right some live the showers here possibility of some thunder quite weather across a good part of the med for the time being as is the case to the east and possibly that's like watch weather across the western side if you stay safe process guys come through north london 18 degrees celsius is because through sunday process guys still pushing in across a good part of western year of showers all the spells of right now might they were across the sky is come back into a good policy of at least the want to rush i was just up towards the with the sound of that fine more warm sunshine in the warm sunshine across a good parts of north africa we're going to have a bit of wet weather an awful cost i with the next day also northern parts of iraq i could see some rain little bit of cloud here making its way across algeria's well
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that will pep pop as we go on through sunday cloud and rain setting in here algiers with a top temperature of 27. for the congolese the journey to the tall order means unimaginable hardship i prefer to live don't you just get the balcony to chance in the life and live on a dangerous journey through the jungle have gone on to do a real job with a nearly died. of children go to school and live because of the trade risking it all the democratic republic of congo on al-jazeera.
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again and reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera form a zimbabwean president robert mugabe has died in hospital in singapore at the age of 95 k. successor anderson agoglia has called mugabe a national hero and champion of zimbabwe and an african rights others have criticized criticized his human rights record and accused him of destroying the economy. and hundreds of people are still missing in the bahamas as officials warn the death toll from hurricane dorian could be staggering at least 30 people are known to have to fight. the british parliament's opera house has approved a bill that blocks the u.k. from crashing out of the e.u. without a deal that bill will now become law on monday it is yet another setback for prime minister boris johnson who's struggling to gain support for his fate to call an
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early election and i heard reports from the houses of parliament. he's been struggling to control parliament and even hundreds of kilometers from westminster boris johnson wasn't having an easy time of it britain's prime minister was in scotland to announce extra funding for bombers he hasn't got the election he wants yet both photo opportunities like this the campaign certainly feels like it's on the way johnson insists he has no intention of resigning if he doesn't get britain out of the e.u. soon that is not a hypothesis i am willing to go but i want us to get this thing done and you know i think the people of this country. and there's no opportunity to be so much more positive about this earlier at a fish market he promised again that britain would leave the european union by the 31st of october we're all going to go together. opposition parties are continuing
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to pile on the pressure saying they'll vote again. his plans to hold an october the 15th general election just days before what could be britain's last e.u. summit and is hoping that he'll be able to secure the support of 2 thirds of m.p.'s in the commons to push through a general election and middle tobar over 15th is the date he's proposing but the opposition just simply aren't going to budge they don't trust him and they want to make sure that this extension is in place before they agree to anything it's been quite a week for prime minister johnson so. on thursday his only brother resigned as an m.p. a minister saying he was torn between family loyalty and the national interest his majority has been obliterated to be expelled 21 m.p.'s trying to stop and sit and a bill to stop the country crashing out of the e.u. is going through parliament there's been a small victory but the government no with the high court in london ruling that the
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decision to suspend parliament put 5 weeks is legal the saying we can politics is a long time has never felt more appropriate boris johnson is a man under pressure to deliver the promises he's made and keep some making there may not be able to keep a general election seems likely but the electorate is wary of rex it and they would al-jazeera in westminster. and out as he was and use him as can join us live now from the houses of parliament would be a bad week for boris johnson do your best sandra explain what happens next. yes the city an extraordinary week and a very damaging week for this prime minister 6 weeks into his premiership and now he may seem confident positive it is own words in this electioneering you see effectively what it is in scotland and on thursday in new york but there's a timetable ahead and it doesn't look good because the house of lords the upper
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chamber has now passed through this bill which will block a no deal breck's it and on monday boris johnson will again attempt to call an election but the votes will be against him a 2 thirds majority is unattainable under the laws that exists and the opposition is now more united than ever the labor party calling a conference call on friday morning in which all parties were present either by video or by phone and there was agreement that boris johnson current be trusted with dates he said october the 15th will be the day for an election but he could shift it he could even move it to right before breaks in or even after it but the point is this could he actually push through a no deal brix it as things stand well it would appear he can't because the
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timetable goes on again the european union council summit on october the 17th and it's a 17th and 18th will take place on the 19th that's the deadline he either has to go with a deal and get agreement from the european union or get a cream of green from the european union for a 3 month delay that's according to this bill a 3 month delay on that deadline that would suit the opposition parties for up mid november election that's the way it's all looking could he do anything differently could he actually resign. and then we have a position whereby a unity government could be formed by the opposition parties that will be very risky that's the perception so right now he is in a very difficult position no one really knows quite for sure what's going to happen but things will again take a turn on monday when he does make this attempt to get another election early election. under simmons live in westminster thank you. sudan has been readmitted to
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the african union its membership was suspended in june after a deadly attack on protesters in the capital khartoum on thursday sudan's really appointed prime minister abdullah hum doc named his cabinet members part of a transitional power sharing agreement between the military and pro-democracy demonstrators it is the 1st cabinet since longtime president of the share was ousted in a full police officers in hong kong have fired tear gas and rubber bullets a pro-democracy demonstrators have been surrounding a police station. early the protesters forced the closure of a nearby train station there demanding the release of security camera footage of a body confrontation between between police and demonstrators last weekend officers are accused of using excessive force difficult part and has the latest from hong kong. now here we are again the protesters confronting right police that's taken
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over a major highway that the meters away from a police station they had are surrounded earlier that set fire to it that's been there well to try to silence the police with laser and earlier they were talking bricks at the police station that protesters here say they're sure is really under the extradition bill that was how the protests started 3 months ago they say now the issues are the local government has handled these protests and how the police have behaved toward the protesters they believe the protesters have accused the police access of various they want an investigation into several incidents that have taken place over the past few weeks when seen as that the police are remaining rather calm their back being backgrounds a couple of times to grind the protesters the answer by spray run through the battleground that they are about to fire tear gas at the protesters leave but instead of dispersing the protesters the factions and fighting them and people are
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driving this protest down this major highway the contentious area of monk up. 2 palestinians have been killed and several others injured during clashes on goals as border fence with israel nearly $270.00 protests have been killed since palestinians began rallying in march last year thousands more have been injured by israeli troops deployed near the buffer zone demonstrators altamont again and israel's 12 vehicle kadir the gaza strip which has shattered its economy and deprived its 2000000 inhabitants of many basic amenities. the leaders of several lassen american countries happy meeting tribal leaders in colombia to discuss ways to stop the record number of fires in the amazon rain forest colombia's president even duke a bruise president martin visit carter bolivia's evill morales were among the leaders who greeted the tribal members the brazilian president and almost missed
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the meeting slicing health reasons on latin america editor lucien human has more from out a mirror in a mirror in the brazilian state of power. heads of state and representatives of the 6 south american countries that share the amazon rain forest tried to put on a united front as they signed the pact of amazonia it commits them to taking concrete action to prevent the uncontrollable destruction of the amazon but conspicuously absent was the president of brazil the country that has the largest share of the amazon president giant ball so not all will be undergoing surgery on sunday it will be his 4th since he was stabbed in the stomach exactly one year ago while he was on the campaign trail but many see his absence at the meeting as a sign of lack of commitment towards the amazon because he has been long arguing that brazil has the right to open it up to cattle ranching and to agriculture for example i am in one of the largest municipalities of the amazon of brazil which is
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larger in fact than the size of all of england and it has been burnt large chunks of it in order to allow agriculture and ranching to take over. a 73 year old indian woman has given birth to twin girls babies or to live it in the southern states of under pradesh. was unable to get pregnant off to barry and her husband in 1962 but she conceived the twins off to a round of treatment the husband is 82. there is much more on our website. called. a reminder the top stories on al-jazeera the founder of the zimbabwean nation robert mugabe has died in hospital in singapore at the age of 95 tributes have been pouring in from around the world along with harsh criticism of people remember one of africa's most divisive leaders many of criticize his human rights record accuse
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him of destroying the economy it's a ball boys current president's amisom moment gaga who took over in 2017 off to mugabe was overthrown was called him a national hero. his. didn't. diminish. the principle. all the collective rights of the. of the games in general. in particular the roads all the people of zimbabwe. gave you all. the hundreds of people are still missing in the bahamas as officials warn the death toll from hurricane dorian could be staggering at least 30 people are known to have died but rescue workers are still discovering bodies in the ruins and floodwaters left behind by the storm the british parliament's upper house has approved
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a bill that blocks the u.k. from crashing out of the e.u. without a deal that bill will now become law on monday but it's yet another step by the prime minister boris johnson who's struggling to gain support for his bid to call an early election and 2 palestinians have been killed and several others injured during clashes on gaza's border fence with israel really $270.00 protesters have been killed and thousands wounded since palestinians began rallying in march last year demonstrators are demanding an end to israel's 12 here blockade of the gaza strip. police officers in hong kong who fired tear gas and rubber bullets at pro-democracy protesters will be surrounding a police station there demanding the release of security camera footage of a violent confrontation between police and demonstrators last weekend. or right those are the latest headlines here on al-jazeera risqué it all is coming next with the story of one of the world's most dangerous train rides are back with the
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headlines about 25 minutes either by.
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the camino is a ghost station in the south of the democratic republic of congo. there's been no train service for 5 months but now it's running again. the train left lubumbashi
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the 2nd largest city 5 days ago. no one knows when it will arrive. and the train everyone is waiting for has a surprising name holme del or the swallow. the. news of the swallows arrival spreads like wildfire via the bush telegraph all word of mouth. it's the cheapest rail service in the d.r. congo like a local bus it stops a virtually every station and draws huge crowds. half of them a street vendors at every stop even in the remotest villages the station becomes an instant market. the. arrow c that i would
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never have heard c. i don't know if that is the ideal home to grab yet that there are several. there. but for the time good. bye. but there's not much time for selling. the train is already packed. passengers clamber for remaining seats. there this. has been riding this train for 20 years. he knows what to expect. them to come see but he got there i think because the self emphasizes the decision
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deduction there paula was the father was until probably called the. thing i. said to see let's. sit by young today. one of the mother distinctly i defy these young people for the business to pull the decisive louise it's so this it's a sonic as i said if they. have the people cram into would have a space they can find. nearly 2000 people all together 3 times the officially permitted capacity. for those who want to able to find a place or who can't afford a ticket there's always the route. images or you could open them up but what it is i think you said that it is only a few simple words you will let your guard up that might ever tell you cool but
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only do it when you said that what i was upset about. was. located in the heart of the continent the democratic republic of congo is the largest country in sub-saharan africa. the swallow crosses half the country from lubumbashi to a lebo and is the only link between remote villages and the outside world. the swallow has been around for more than 50 years. the old engine was bought 2nd hand in south africa. a relay of 10 drivers is needed to cover the 1600 kilometer journey. yet but. the driver is 63 years old.
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missed him a long go has one of the hardest parts of the trip. 120 kilometers of trouble see above the river where we've never done that he said. so right there that is on the supply left that kind of i said yeah a physical for us that's why the trip was the severance that therefore for. mr malone go is the master on board and supplements his income following 10 passengers to. travel in the driver's cabin. it's as close as he gets to 1st class on the train. and. back in 2nd class the challenge is to avoid stepping on someone as you try and move around the carriage. it's something claim
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all can get used to. play out but it was said it's own plus in the us he said it could set the pervasive myth about the. city coming late it. sends us a segment called did you know think what this includes is a lot of big this will boost just one does it for both their money to fund the song the song they put up a video of the interview there. will be nothing to lose the passengers take as much luggage as they can. so put on the media. on a cd expose it equally possible i love. you. look at the full song too we're. supposed to keep playing along as of old to see the form of people do. extraordinary things sometimes happen. when i was younger
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and as i told my son i know you. don't want to see what you want to and i didn't want those again it was only my own son but. the muslim son son. of god but. he does. argue we are for mean current events because you say that you took. the train can also be a death trap to load therefore to be taught it's us who foots. because i sit at sup if i assume i think we're pretty good for such gus nossal which our gun laws deal to force him up to help us in my life and. last year the snake is named several passengers.
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and those in 3rd class risked their lives here on the route. they can easily get knocked off the moving train at least. now wait i got to know before going upwards. that is out of the league not going to spoil. the sport boy what about the. place. his fellow travelers up on 3rd class have to remain alert a lapse in attention could be fatal. but they believe that those. goods. the danger comes not just from above but also from the sun. even if the moderate
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speed of 30 kilometers an hour on a tree branch can cause like a machete. but there are a lot of about similar there's a lot of other. so border secure the border so. ready these ready are some of the remotest areas of the d.r. congo. as dawn breaks free men are preparing for
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a long journey. they're traveling salesman training in kosov or flowers and palm oil in the villages they work for smile. before going on a mobile going there should be a should know the on what it was you were doing what you do does your mom up in the office for you when no one was to kill them all so much to you go one on one ok one your food food food. man and his companions a setting out on an arduous 160 kilometer journey through villages in the country south. it will probably take them around 4 or 5 day when. you look at the little. town.
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and. most of the villages are in the middle of nowhere and reaching them means travelling on dirt tracks so the congolese improvise. they converge and reinforce their bicycles to withstand the poor conditions and up to 300 kilos of merchandise. no. you cool new son of. a walk into the market if you know school you know them be sure to put a foot or put a foot in the kitchen learn what you need. to know my name was difficult to see.
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to shoot. but. it takes remarkable willpower to undertake such a journey. was. sleep sleep sleep. sleep. sleep sleep. better than that. make me go no no no we are no more but was there. was.
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john a was there something good. to know we know. by nightfall they reach a village. to once they won't sleep by the side of the road but in the church. this will be their only meal for the day. for. me. here in this you post your mobile that they don't want to know you because you have one you guys. no woman with sun would do the north you go forcing you know what's going. on with you you know funny you know looking. come over we know zocor book you go new york but you do love to wind up my song was just if we made up fun it was just too much fun in the most the movie you play she
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does i do it well because it was a joke when the window muscle thing did low income and oh say do you look at the measures to do we don't know what did on. the village of his statue is 60 kilometers away. another 3 days of hard labor. and our photos are yeah the forwards coach. a man and his family are on the tracks. by waving a red scarf he's been able to stop the train at this tiny village in the middle of
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the bush go up up. up so i'm just done with going in that would you just really i don't know yet where what when where i mean i'm sure. it's often like this. holiday work for little pay. mr malone go belly ends $140.00 a month. or never. am i surprised that the markets out of the uk kind of have was one of the 1st of all what they did for the last couple of. round my. head was going to say pretty well it. see ever go get your pick up the bottle. let up on that.
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but right now his main concern is the state of the truck. he has to reduce speed to less than 10 kilometers an hour. at this point the rails are not really aligned and he will do just that but that's where the get along to ford loaded up with this saab into. this outfit simple to satisfy the touch. cut to show. that i said you've got. to be about jobless it just rusts going to bump risky up i said about lasts just that turn dodger you know what reversion to this about budget talks argue it out yet is good i will not go.
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back in the bush man and his 2 associates have covered a 3rd of their journey but the day is off to a bad start as one bike has had a puncture. somebody get out the welcome. and we hope it's the 5th time in one day. without a repair kit to a new in a cheap postman patches the puncher with a piece of rubber from an old cheap one hopes for the best.
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most men and his companions still have another 30 kilometers to go to reach the next village. and you'll come up on your show if you're going to come with on what a good name. but good for you up you know what. we came in. with a huge bump up on. me and your hunger. and fatigue. they barely had the strength to push their bikes any further.
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i don't. want to get old. we don't want. to go home i. wonder if the horn or you. might make a good. and perhaps their prayers have been answered the rain has stopped and they finally arrives. when. the room's long one you.
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won't call the world on. your. mind you can own 7. a car where you. will be up on.
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the 3 companions journey will soon be over when they get home in a week's time delavan enough money to feed their families. back home build the swallow the danger has passed the rails all straight again. something under the sun. but just when everything seems more or less normal missed him a long go is confronted with a new problem. the train is losing speed. eventually it comes to a complete still. the fact that it does so in the middle of a village is no coincidence. mr malone go believes it's sabotage he suspects the
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vendor is the one known as traffickers in the deal congo. this is because a lot of people saw. it go through the world i got through that does that it's very different i spoke up i think. we go back to the stasi. methods but again i would love 2 to get to. those who do know. about it but nobody. has been riding the swallow for 10 years on this trip he selling soldiering while the next time he'll sell something else about it on the way the train provides him with
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a living one to do so but i think i sort of to my children and to government to do it to them it would have to be my lot more to it than that lou not be so is that open up but they said if we have a public they're not going to so much you're nervous about that if you go most in august about the no we're going to succumb with some absolute those old us a but no one about the time that the other no muslim yet to be so bold whose. under moto motor i don't know. how mitt. romney. got. the gun back to the gun i. missed him along go still has 900 kilometers to go before reaching a labor of the trains final destination. a full goes well the 1600
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kilometer journey will have taken 8 days. the swallow continues on its way. despite the obstacles it's a necessary but precarious lifeline to thousands of congolese. september on al-jazeera with ethiopia taking its 1st steps into democracy al-jazeera meets for diversity europeans who are reshaping the country's political landscape world leaders gather in new york for the united nations general assembly
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global issues are on the table they listen host dissects the world's media how they operate and the stories they cover global warming and possible solutions to climate change are on the agenda of the united nations a special 2 part series exposed how human activity has damaged much of the planet and cause some of the biggest environmental threats to mankind september on al-jazeera. and the cost of a priceless results under threat the amazon rainforest is a blaze on its links to brazil's drive from will be a sort of production look at bats always global ambitions which have left investors missing some big losses. counting the calls on al-jazeera this is a dialogue let us decide not to have children to say that it's what they think is really human survival everyone has a voice that
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a start with our community because of course this is a debate and it's a he didn't want to this is a horrible creation literally be put into a page and ideally join the global conversation with people i think if only they knew what is happening to where muslims they will be with us and they would be outraged. hello there i'm in london with the top stories on al-jazeera the founder of the zimbabwe a nation robert mcgarvey has died in hospital in singapore at the age of 95 tributes are pouring in from around the world along with harsh criticism as people remember one of africa's most divisive leader is president and the cement he took over in 2017 after mcgarvey was overthrown has called the former liza
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a national care right. quick is it we did a little. of. the principle over the collective rights of. africans in general. in particular the rights of the people of zimbabwe for whom he gave all. the while in zimbabwe is capital harare there are mixed feelings about the former leader. in uganda as are they the only thing he did wrong was to stay in power for a long time and that's the only thing that wasn't right. and the move for a month he's a former president and he liberated us from the colonialists as well as giving us land form of the. revolutionary guard. they
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are committed to speaking up but he can't afford for some of this. they will be given a state funeral although no arrangements have yet been announced. as this update from harare. when president innocent and god addressed the nation he said robert mugabe is a national hero who be remembered for the land reform program when land was seized from whites and given to a black zimbabweans he says you know plans are only to finalize once the body is back in the countries are right now no date has been fit for the burial mugabe ruled this country with an opinions are mixed some people say they genuinely loved him he was a liberator and that they will miss him but others don't at any kind whereas if they are to manipulate him for blaming or as once they crossed a chorus economy beginning when you speak to some people they will tell you that their relationship with mugabe was a complicated one man say that in the eighty's and ninety's he grew up in a poor rural village his parents couldn't afford to send him to school because back
4:51 am
in the government make such an effort to get as many black children educated as possible this man managed to get those 2 degree and mounted a really good job but over the years because the economic crisis and the political crisis he lost his job and it's been a struggle and in to feed his family in these children to school pay rent and that's what many zimbabweans are going through the journey to summon up i think a lot of people will say their relationship with mugabe and his legacy is complicated so what happens next people wait for the funeral date to be announced you will be given a state funeral which needed body will lie in state for probably a couple of days he may even tore thumb parts of the country politically his rural home in after that he'll be buried at the national heroes here in the capital harare italy many people who for the liberation want to end white rhino to rule were buried will be given a respectful symbol to according to officials in the ruling party after that people
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would in contemplate the way forward for the mob and without any more in the last in other things hundreds of people are still missing in the bahamas a says that the number of people killed dorian could be staggering at least 30 people and known to have died the rescue workers still discovering bodies in the rubble and. behind. hurricanes the highlands. the british parliament house has approved a bill that blocks the u.k. from crashing out of the european union without a deal it will now become law on monday a decision is another setback for prime minister boris johnson who's struggling to gain support for his bid to call an early election. 2 palestinians have been killed and several others injured during more clashes or goals as a forger with his right demonstrations all demanding an end to israel's 12 here blockade of the gaza strip. right there is the latest headlines here on al-jazeera
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coming up next to libya unspeakable crime i'm back in 25 minutes. there is no such thing as a clean war war allows every kind of atrocity. rape is a shocking but increasingly common consequence of war. collateral damage. a
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side effect of the fight. but there's evidence that it is now used as a military strategy. of all war crimes great is the most difficult to cover making it the perfect crime. in bosnia rwanda that there are critics republic of congo and syria women and children have usually been the main targets but in pre and post revolution libya it's men has often been the main victims but no one has ever been able to prove that.
4:55 am
in libya rape is a taboo subject mentioned the word silence prevents. one woman did speak out in public in march 28th levon i just thought of that evolution of. the man in our baby was accusing the gadhafi regime of raping opponents and how cry resonated around the world. gadhafi was overthrown but libya was plunged into a civil war. the rumors of rape continued and while the international community expressed concern this did not turn into action. libya is still in
4:56 am
a state of political and social chaos and tens of thousands of refugees have fled many towards europe. it effectively has 2 rival governments militias rule the streets and the rumors of rape persist but no one would confirm them. then a libyan magistrate now living in neighboring tunisia decided to speak out. on
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this given that leave you. for. the next 7. years but. i'm not out of the school of law school i left and you. need my easy. money. mr moore how did you finish out of the enemy. in libya madonna manual was a public prosecutor in the chaos that followed the overthrow of gadhafi in october 2011 he said members of the opposition to jail for murder the very next day they
4:58 am
were released and threatened to kill him so just. so he left libya. in tunis he has joined a group of libyan activist fellow exile. he's put together a group which now tracks alleged crimes committed in their homeland. the video evidence brought to him by a man is shocking. so much to people. that's a mistake to believe because of. marine one of the. emoticon for all of this if you do have that he.
4:59 am
took hold of what do you think you had best buy this when you video just don't get to. the to be. look so. just so. said he said the landlady so. i said you know. he thought of computer book and yeah and then the thing. to get out of. stephan if you think. i'm a lot you know my life in the cuttack a mother i'm a father can be a really. really good to see that canuck i know. so to be with my father going to tell us no.
5:00 am
doubt a few of. the one as a. kid. was i got. the $100.00 out of it kind of how do we deal with the fullest. but that was not the familiar theme of the 2. so if you would a little bit. and you know we could go you know if you could change. well into the whole kitchen of that much of a lead on a mark i'm a killer a goofy killer quips finesse called when you want to step can make you sterile mellot said if you don't maybe looks the magick to know life learn to solve most of the maybe looks election that a governor. gets on a governor who looks into the bottom of the bottle fly you have your past and some other. i will look cool you know you do a lot of good instead he wouldn't tell you how they're going to tell you something .


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