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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 9, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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the prime minister is still promising to deliver direct hit by october 31st he says he has ideas but he has yet to share them with parliament or the media we're heading towards a general election probably not sorry but no i mean he's working through that prism i think actually the way the government looking at it is if you look at the focus groups how the polling with the public when you get out of westminster a lot of people are behind bars and the way he's going to frame says look i tried our tried to keep my promise parliament stopped me therefore i was forced to go to election both sides are up against the clock parliament has just hours before the shutdown for 5 weeks while the prime minister has just 40 days to come up with a new brics a deal a deal that brussels has yet to see charlie and al-jazeera london. lawrence lee is live for us set the u.k. parliament where once again prime minister boris johnson is going to try to to get through his call for a snap election but he must know that he still doesn't have the numbers at this
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point so why bother. well because he wants to present the problem as being more notes of his but of the opposition parties not agreeing to an election when they've they've said for such a long time that they want one but plainly those opposition parties have made it very clear in the last hour or so that they will vote against him again this evening and given them the parliaments as charlie was saying in that report is going to be suspended for a full 5 weeks of this most critical time it's hard to say the good ship united kingdom is being anything else but bobbing around in the open sea with the engines cuts and the lights off let's take a few from kevin maguire who writes for the left of lean left of center news new statesman what is going to do when we when he when he loses patrick tonight says he is is he going to is going to resign do you think or what will it tough it out a bit longer well because parliament suspended actually the number of other news you can take is you know host he severely constrained his own room for maneuver so we're likely to hear yet no the sort of probably the election campaign he intends
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to run at some point in the near future most likely in november the 28th is the date doing the rounds here you know he's likely to but as you said blame the opposition parties for that sort of double speak and wanting to delay that moment of catharsis the tories are convinced that they probably want that moment of convulse on the 31st of october we finally get out on the no we're all asking each other it is that they're the same question but if he's if he's if he's still if they say he's got to go to the european union and seek a delay and he says he won't do it's things are going to break the law or to resign as well and it's clear from what members of his cabinet saying more moderate members of his cabinet and also plenty of tory m.p.'s he didn't who had never been rebellious by disposition or nature have been saying look the moment the prime minister breaks the law is the moment we walk in we'll see we'll see color resignation last fall resignation the whip so what's more likely that he will resign and you know the influence when she looks like a 70 homes just about the only option he has left is to resign and either get gerry corbin to see an extension or an alternative tory prime minister to seek an
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extension just on up. about an alternative conservative prime minister clearly in this in this interregnum we have this feeling we got here it is the party conferences that start could end up in the beauty parade of people who think they might have a chance of taking over from jobs and goodness well yes indeed but then the problem for prospective conservative leaders even if they're a caretaker who extends out 50 is exactly the same which is the electoral problem tory m.p.'s think their dog knows is that delay means annihilation the ballot box for knowledge of rajapaksa policy so really as much as you know they can do the activists or you know stake a claim to succeed johnson in the media or long term the problem is not the same if johnson choose not to defy the law and somebody has to delay it in the end isn't a problem for the conservative party which is in government they still haven't defined adequately within themselves what they think actually means and therefore they can never get it through parliament because it's still unclear and they fight between themselves as to the definition of it yes absolutely and what part of the
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mistake boris johnson made in his leadership campaign was just so severely constrained is room for maneuver the start people were talking about a time limit on the backstop or a codicil rush change of letters which is the upper end of what we would offer but it was still a sort of semi plausible landing zone he for reasons that are lost on even his more extreme buckers said he wants to backstop back to me and you know he says you know where is labor m.p.'s could have voted for a bus over the time limit he's asking for impossible proposition and one that is m.p. where anyway and they still haven't got the answers patrick well i thank you very much kevin mccullough so different as a different term this year of the telly mirror front from aspects of much more this afternoon thanks you for that all right thanks laurence largely life 1st there in london or as in when an election is called in the u.k. one of the tightest battles will be in the city of canterbury in 2017 labor took it over took it from the conservatives for the 1st time in almost a century paul brennan went to see how voters are feeling now. the river star winds
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serenely through historic canterbury far from the political storms of westminster punters glide on crystal clear water braving september. it's a far from typical constituency but a crucial battleground you get the students who are on the whole very very liberal usually on the on the left of center. but you also go to a fairly affluent section of canterbury. who in my experience can be quite a grew a civil a conservative tourism is big business here more than $7000000.00 visitors a year generating $550000000.00. uncertainty has a direct impact and we actually had a number of a number of school groups from from europe cancel because they were concerned about chaos and delays that kalai and they're worried about having their kids stuck in
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traffic for hours and hours and hours in 2017 the city's 40000 strong student body helped return a labor m.p. here a shock result in a strongly conservative region with the next election date still uncertain only the conservative party has so far named its candidate and she's already knocking on doors stockpiling campaign materials and mobilizing supporters i want a general election i want to give the people of canterbury the chance to vote for a conservative because i've got a big program and i want to get on with delivering so from my point here it can't come soon enough. the timing will be crucial an early election might reduce the size of the significant student vote and tactical campaigning might also emerge. if there's some kind of alliance be an official alliance or an unofficial alliance i think people might vote for that i think they'll be a lot of conservative voters who are not of the the mindset that says that. no deal
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is better than no exit what if the prime minister ploughs on regardless and ignores parliament it's beginning to look like parliament isn't respected parliamentary sufferance isn't been respected by the government and it's a wholly unprecedented situation it really destroy into question the whole idea of parliamentary democracy in britain it's quite scary to be honest the 2017 election results in cancer he was perhaps the result of some unique practice the large student population the lackluster campaign for by the sitting conservative candidates but just as shaw says pilgrim 600 years ago came to this city seeking enlightenment political observers could do a lot worse than look so this constituency as an indicator of the results of the next general election paul brennan on 0 canterbury. all right now back to our top story the ongoing violence in fast so and the effect
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it's been having there on the worsening humanitarian situation we're going to go back and speak again to stephen anderson spokesman for the international committee of the red cross he joins us via skype from wagadu thanks very much for being with us sir appreciate your patience this time around so let me let me ask you again and . just give us a sense of just how difficult the situation is there and the challenges that are facing aid workers in getting help to people there. yes well the situation is it's really difficult there are many people that are forced to flee there are displaced so we're talking about some 270000 in august and then many many people also have problems having access to healthcare we're talking here about about half a 1000000 people and the situation really has degraded deteriorated rapidly in the
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past months since the beginning of 2019 actually so for people it's really very often an extremely hard choice between staying in their village with lots of security very often difficulties to access health and water or basically leaving and leaving everything behind so it's extremely harsh for them and for us for the international committee of the red cross also for the red cross society or other humanitarian workers it's not easy to work in this context because there are some issues related to access and security which we always have to monitor and which sometimes make it difficult to reach people so what specifically are you calling on the government there to do nor to improve the access that i can get into people there. well we were calling basically to arms carriers to to really be aware of the fact that we are here organizations like ours to provide
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help for the people so that there is awareness of those needs and acceptance for humanitarian organizations to to come because because this is really becoming more and more needed another issue that i can flag here as well is that there is not so much interest so far in this situation i think booking office was not much in the headlines and this is also an issue that we can also have more awareness from the international community to help more financially so you mentioned there that it's not a story that's getting a great deal of attention what what needs to happen for that to change there. well it's hard to see it think it where nist about some of those figures i was mentioning before about what it means for the people it's really an extremely difficult situation for them last week colleagues of mine were in a logo which is very close to where the security incidents the attacks that you
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mentioned earlier happened so they saw the health center there and you know just having more of an awareness of what it means for people to come without anything not to have possibilities to for example for pregnant women to to give birth in decent conditions some people who really has it dating before the date go on the roads to walk and walk often long distances to access health centers so all of that i mean this is a reality that these people are living every day since a number of months and that basically hasn't really made it to to the headlines yet i'm not saying this is necessarily something that has to take place right now there are many situations in the world that are unfortunately dire but i think the situation here is really one that is becoming problematic and it's a regional issue as well have course we have mali and that are neighboring countries which also suffer from a number of humanitarian problems it's the region really. and you know we talked
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a lot about how the violence. is affecting the situation there to what extent to what extent does it down to other factors. in that country and in the region. yes i think you balance is definitely. an important cause of humanitarian problems but of course we're talking about a country where water is cars where also climate is changing it's very dry very hot most of the year so these are all factors situations that basically pile up and for the people it's extremely difficult to cope good to speak with you stephen and thanks very much. mike. about $60000.00 families from kenya's mao forest are being evicted the government says it is to protect east africa's largest forest. most of those afflicted say they've been cheated by the
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state. segre phillips and his family were having dinner when they heard the sound of a tractor it was kenyan security forces who arrived unannounced they ordered them to leave and then demolish their home 20 years of memories destroyed in a matter of minutes right in front of their eyes. this is my bedroom. you know in. my bedroom when i went out there leave young women in the west. with my. you know where i used to visit us you know and i've just lived with them the thing they never been in. kenya is government wants the phillips and $60000.00 other families living in the mouth forced out it says decades of settlement expansion agriculture and illegal logging is having a devastating ecological effect according to the u.n.
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east africa's largest indigenous forest has lost almost half of its size the mouth force has a unique ecosystem kenyans call it the water tower because towering above are clouds that drops so much rainfall this forest acts as a sponge 6 rivers including some feeding the nile river and lake victoria find their source here it's not just the lungs of east africa it's also it's a water tap because millions of people depend on it. but human encroachment in a changing climate means water isn't trickling like before it's rapidly depleting while the government has asked people to leave voluntarily schools places of worship and homes have been destroyed. in order to reclaim precious land. with their land deeds in hand most of those are victims say they've been cheated by the state. there is going to be trouble most of the people will go to the people who
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sold them their land and that will start a very big conflict to block it while really really not a lot more ahead of elections politicians see an opportunity some promising homes to settlers others blaming their political opponents for the massive action money millions were offered for those in government this is simply an attempt to protect an ecosystem which affects millions of people. in an attempt to bring some sense to their loss segregate phillips explains his 2 young children that adults destroyed their home to save the planet it's for you he says for future generations. nicholas hawke al-jazeera forest. now the season's monsoon rain started with disappointment but they're reluctant now to stop with more yes we're inside india in particular as well but pakistan's had a good forward to i mean this has become a familiar sight in the last couple of weeks ashes corruption quick spread of rain
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across the streets and of course all industry in because out of the window and if you look at the satellite picture the last 24 hours or so you get an idea of where the northern extent of the monsoon trough still is now it should be in advance of wars but the class traces back to the coast of oman and yemen 5 is still blowing strongly in salalah however the forecast retreats as a small suit has started is just a bit jacket to be honest again the line is familiar but this massive for the western side particularly maharashtra is what tells a story a very familiar or very lucky set of figures 33333333 millimeters of rain has fallen so far in mumbai that's nearly one half times the average so this is been a very good monsoon season cause been flooded throughout this area mom by in particular and this too more rain to come in the slow retreat in fact with the picture this is for tomorrow shows quite clearly where the green blobs are where the rain is but for take you through the next 3 days is the accumulation expected
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this part of in near from mumbai answer mudra pradesh and particularly the northeast corner and to me and. has a fairly head on. amazon how the destruction of the rain forest is a threat to life. playing for peace on the korean border the sound of music is coming to the. and on the road to qatar 2022 tell you which african teams are through to the next round of qualifiers in school. to strengthen the group you have to sure do good all the more with your camp stool fight against corruption. for news hero which heroes like know who are bad or who
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refuse to $15000000.00 brian the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to find a dark used to shine the light let's make the world to bid to please nominate your anti corruption mirror now. to cost a priceless results on the threats of the amazon rainforest as a blaze on its links to brazil strive for peace and sort of production look at bats always global ambitions which have left investors now seeing some big losses. counting the costs on al-jazeera.
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but again you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of what top stories this hour at least 29 people have been killed and 6 others injured in 2 attacks in bikini a state of emergency is in place in parts of the west african country more than 500 people were killed by armed groups and became a fuss over the last 4 years. britain's prime minister is expected back in parliament soon to push once again for an early election stuff the boss johnson made a visit to dublin where bracks its potential effect on ireland was top of the agenda . a strike by. british airways pilot is causing major disruption for passengers worldwide 1st day of a 48 hour walkout is grounding nearly all of the airlines $850.00 daily flights and around 150000 travelers union leaders for b.h. 4300 pilots one of the biggest share of the profits airline managers describe staff
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salaries and benefits as world quads and your partner is the head of aviation studies at the university of west london he says british airways would take a significant financial hit from the strike the main reason is the pilots for many many years have been working to be a they have seen british airways make profits and they feel that that probably should be shared with them more than it currently is and basically they would like priest now that i think be able of the 11 and a half over the next 3 years and the pilots and the unions are not happy with that which is why they're on strike and the reason they're on strike now well is the back end of the summer is still a fairly busy period for british airways for aviation europe in general and so have the strike now has a bigger impact on corporations and profits than it would be later on in the year
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and so the impact operation usually is is quite significant that lucky obviously that they've had a bit of pre-warning about the strikes they've had about 14 days notification from the pilots that the part that the flights will be cancelled will stress will take place and therefore be a have been able to do some pre-planning around the dock an impact is quite significant and financially i think many industry experts are estimating some of the region of about $14000000.00 in pounds for each day that the strike goes on. a lebanese armed group hezbollah says it shot down an israeli drone outside the border town of it's trying to say they now have. israel and hezbollah exchange far along the lebanese border just over a week then a horror has more from the lebanese capital. this is the 1st time since 2006 that hezbollah says it downed an israeli drone over lebanese territory in 2006 israel and hezbollah went to war it was a month long war that ended with
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a cease fire but according to hezbollah secretary general hossam the stroller we are now in a new phase this followed what hezbollah says is an israeli attempt to target beirut's southern suburbs a stronghold of hezbollah 2 armed drones approximately 2 weeks ago one crashed one exploded in the middle of the night so hezbollah really imposing new a red line creating some sort of it to terence because even the secretary general himself said we do not want israel to feel that it can do whatever it wants and act with impunity in lebanon because in neighboring syria what israel has been doing over the past few years is targeting what it says are iranian bases and bases belonging to iranian backed groups and this has been happening for years now because israel wants to contain iran's growing influence in the region and just over night there have been reports of airstrikes close to the iraqi border in the syrian town of book an area which has really
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a heavy presence of iranian backed fighters according to reports a base being built by the iranians was hit and some more monitors are reporting at least 18 iranian backed fighters were killed there's been no confirmation as of yet from syrian state media but clearly israel expanding its scope of operations against iran and its allies in the return like we mentioned syria over the past few weeks there have been attacks in mysterious attacks which nobody has claimed targeting erect. iranian troops in iraq and of course there's the recent drone strike drone incident in beirut so tensions lebannon in the eye of the storm as tension rises between iran and the united the united states and iran and israel. or the syrian government has condemned joint u.s. and turkish patrols in the northwest as a flagrant violation of its sovereignty vehicles returned to turkey on sunday after entering an area that used to be controlled by u.s. backed kurdish forces the u.s.
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and turkey want to establish a safe zone in the area american support of the kurdish why p.g. has been a source of tension with its nato allies which sees the group as terrorists for off years of war in yemen to force millions of people to leave their homes the camp in the province of add in houses more than 600 internally displaced families but they're becoming increasingly desperate as the reports that. this is what passes the classroom are about how. it has no table no chairs and just a handful of books a 1000 school age children live in the camp but most don't turn up to class. we need to build a school we need cheers and to keep her students because most of the students run away they want to work because of the living conditions here. out of about camp in
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the province of aden opened last year since then more than 3000 yemenis from the cities of ho data and tires have arrived they were forced to leave their homes because of fighting between hooping rebels and forces loyal to yemen's internationally recognized government backed by the saudi amarok coalition in recent weeks fighting around the port city of aden has caused a further 60000 people to leave their homes camps like this one a struggling to cope and people are feeling increasingly desperate to madman i said please stop the war after years of fighting we are starving the water has been cut off the temperature inside our tents is so high we have to sit under the trees we've had enough. the camp provides basic health care but it doesn't have the resources to help yemenis with complex medical conditions oh my. god
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i have a hole in my heart so i want to son to get medical help but unfortunately i couldn't afford it it is too expensive i've been sick for the last 2 days i want to the hospital and they gave me temporary medicine i felt ok for a while and then i relapsed again no one here can help me hunger thirst discomfort and distress a part of every day life in this camp for some it's all they've ever known victoria gates and be al jazeera. president vladimir putin's united russia party has lost a 3rd of its seats in moscow's reach regional election but retains its majority the opposition communist party more than doubled its seats in sunday's election dozens of opposition independent candidates were banned from running and that provoked some of the largest anti-government protests for years of the vote is seen as a test for national elections in 2 years time steps bos'n as more from moscow. well
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everyone here in moscow still still trying to make sense of what exactly has happened in these very well watched elections it's an interesting and complicated political scheme that has played out but indeed the russia united russia party the ruling party has never lost as many seats a p. for ever and they lost a monopoly basically they have still the majority in this moscow city duma so date still can basically have their influence 1st but they have to deal with a lot of forces at the moment not the actual real in the pan or the opposition because they were simply banned from running in the 1st place but the communist party has a grown here is significantly becoming it has never been elected serious opposition very much opposing the ruling party but it will mean that is more diversity in this in this moscow city duma but what it means even more is that this is
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a signal that despite this crackdown by the government on the opposition many people have been arrested they have been jailed for a long sentence just they have been beaten up but still that they have made this voice heard through this so-called smart vote which was called for by his opposition a figure alexy now fairly and this has basically been successful looking adult here in moscow this means that the opposition is a force to be reckoned with and that's as some people have described it some cracks are now appearing in putting through. the united states says he's delivered enough emergency supplies for 44000 people of the hurrican dorrian hit the bahamas but the u.n. says 70000 need feed and shelter as conditions on the worst affected islands are rapidly deteriorating. i had a chance earlier today to tour the damage from the air and i have a call and what i was struck by was. the the
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focus nature of the devastation so there are parts. in the bahamas that don't show a great deal of damage and then there are clusters in communities that were devastated almost as though nuclear bombs were dropped on them that's how great the suffering is of the devastation is thing. how many survivors are being relocated to shelters in the capital of the bahamas from now on the reports. at this community center in nassau dozens of volunteers are sorting through donations for support from the international community for survivors of hurricane dorian has been immense. despite relief efforts however many continue to suffer the psychological effects of the devastation we have a lot of people over lost their loved ones. we have people who don't know where their loved ones are feeling with the cube stress disorder people
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have a lot of. i most likely will react various things post-traumatic stress disorder as well. government says that as many as 3500 evacuees have arrived in nassau most of the displaced are from the islands of abaco and grand bahama the areas worst affected by hurricane dorian. in all it's estimated that more than 70000 people have been left without food and shelter that's nearly one 5th of the bahamian population. was a katrina i know the people of new orleans were totally on i'm prepared for. we didn't expect it. but ted and some ways by the not for the magnitude and so when these people come they have been traumatized by do is make life for them with normal as possible. nassau has become a final stop for many hurricane survivors with no place else to go some here seem
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dazed and unsure of what they'll do next is my house destroyed i don't see everything no clothes and i get the slippers and from here you know and they bring some clothes for us and you know what i mean there's some stuff that a little. you know they. don't. but why did this shelter is caring for more than 200 people the building is active passive but donations happen forthcoming guaranteeing everyone a safe place to rest a decent meal and medical attention for those who need it we're at the fox hill community center in nassau where volunteers in some cases are up to their waists in donations but the need here in the bahamas is so great that any donations of food water medicine hygiene kits like these donated by the red cross are all very much welcome. shelters for the displaced can be found all around nassau which is home to 70 percent of the country's total population but as more evacuees arrive space
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becomes limited relief workers have begun setting up tents ahead of the arrival of even more evacuees the concern now is that nassau may not be prepared for the long term care of the thousands whose communities have been destroyed many will rob lowe al jazeera nassau bahamas along as and cattle farmers in brazil are being accused of destroying the amazon rainforest prosecutors say there aren't enough officials to stop them latin america and its embassy in yemen went to a community where people's lifestyles are under threat. francisco. call as he's called lives in the heart of brazil's amazon rain forest. he's $61.00 but can still climb up in our society tree in the blink of an eye the fruit is too green he says so he slides down without. he also grows cola used to making chocolate many beans and racist chickens.
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were living in an era in which we don't need to think about wealth but about survival if you have enough to buy shoes you can produce food which are the essentials along with health you can live well. chicle is one of the founders of a sustainable development settlement hearing on a pool there are $160.00 families who live off the forest without destroying it but this oasis is being increasingly ravaged this is what the untouched amazon rain forest looks like almost impenetrable and just across the road here is the perfect example of what brazil's president calls opening up the amazon for economic development and progress protecting the forests trim illegal loggers and cattle farmers is dangerous she could takes us to see the charred remains of what was the settlements community center. the land grabbers wanted to take our land and thought if they burn down our community.


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