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tv   Sports Doping The Endless Chase 2016 Ep 1  Al Jazeera  September 9, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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until that pivotal last couple of weeks in october. i think i think what happens because the suspension coincides with all the party conferences the liberal democrats the labor party and the conservatives all have their party conferences those those will effectively become election agenda setting things where all the parties outline what all their policies are going to be on the assumption that unless boris johnson can somehow stop the attempts to delay bricks it's that there's an election then presumably in venda i think the key one plainly is going to be conservative party conference because there's so much talk about the potential for boris johnson having to resign that everybody will looking at his behavior and his is his powers of persuasion at conservative party conference to see if they think he's actually got anything in him to to try to cajole or somehow persuade the european union to to to to back his proposal for alternative
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arrangements and if not then you might expect some sort of jockeying behind the scenes to see who my fancy having a go replacing him all of these things plainly are all happening at exactly the same time directly before parliament comes back and then the crucial european council meeting in the middle of october and they have to decide if they're prepared to agree to this to late subjects it's that obviously is contingent on the being another election being being confirmed by then so no problem is not sitting yes everything still to play for indeed largely live for us there in london thanks last. lebanese armed group has one less says it's shot down an israeli drone outside the border town of rania its fighters say they now have the aircraft israel and hezbollah exchange far along the lebanese border just over a week ago so in a hot air has more from beirut. this is the 1st time since 2006 that hezbollah says it's down to an israeli drone over lebanese territory in 2006 israel and hezbollah
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went to war it was a month long war that ended with a cease fire but according to hezbollah secretary general has on the stroller we are now in a new phase this followed what hezbollah says is an israeli attempt to target a babe ruths southern suburbs a stronghold of hezbollah 2 armed drones approximately 2 weeks ago one crashed one exploded in the middle of the night so hezbollah really imposing new red lines creating some sort of id to terence because even the secretary general himself said we do not want israel to feel that it can do whatever it wants and act with impunity in lebanon because in neighboring syria what israel has been doing over the past 2 years is a targeting what it says are iranian bases and bases belonging to iranian backed groups and this has been happening for years now because israel wants to contain iran's growing influence in the region and just overnight there have been reports of airstrikes close to the iraqi border in the syrian town of book come out of an
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area which has really a heavy presence of iranian backed fighters according to reports a base being built by the iranians was hit and some more monitors are reporting at least 18 iranian backed fighters were killed there's been no confirmation as of yet from syrian state media but clearly israel expanding its scope of operations against iran and its allies in the region like we mentioned syria over the past 2 weeks there have been attacks mysterious attacks which nobody has claimed targeting iraqi backed iranian groups in iraq and of course there's a recent drone strike as though the drone incident in beirut so tensions lebanon in the eye of the storm as tensions rise between iran and the united. states and iran and israel. the syrian government has condemned joint u.s. and turkish patrols in the northwest as a flagrant violation of its sovereignty on vehicles returned to turkey on sunday
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after entering an area that used to be controlled by u.s. backed kurdish forces the u.s. and turkey want to establish a so-called safe zone in the area. all right still ahead on when we come back russia's president probably won't like the message to send him in moscow. and going and nowhere how airline passengers worldwide are having their travel plans really. how low the rate is gathering for a bit of a late season wetting in western china but the climate is creeping ever eastwards and it certainly exists further south much of southeast asia's mainland is looking still fairly wet meum are being a case in point northern thailand through wet laos and vietnam and that's still the
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story in the forecast you might get a shower as far east as hong kong you might get some rain just of offshore from shanghai but much of the young sea very is still looking drugger the headwaters are getting wet sugars got wet in the forecast the same is true of the northern philippines particularly luzon and that same line of last few takes you long to again active within the monsoon should be thinking about retreating it probably is you know what aspects we've had some huge downpours of rain in maharashtra still recently maje pradesh and for the reason this this west coast the western ghats have been really pounded particularly around mumbai and that still in the forecast for the next 2 days west of that and of course used to be blowing in salalah we've had significant rain in the form of showers even around the capital of yemen in sana'a nesta. in the forecast and the breeze is picked up there in the gulf hasn't affected temperatures there and humidity still.
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wasn't going to do is it will be given to the people will be attending the minima workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone who is also terrorizing we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter. and again you're watching al-jazeera the mind of our top stories this hour at least
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29 people have been killed and 6 others injured in 2 attacks in kenya a state of emergency is in place in parts of the west african country more than 500 people have been killed by armed groups in the fast so in the last 4 years. britain's prime minister is expected back in parliament soon to push for an early election just before he suspends proceedings for the next 5 weeks boris johnson was in dublin earlier way he met ireland's prime minister brad karsh talk about ways to maintain a seat seamless border between the countries off the brakes. lebanese armed group hezbollah says it shot down an israeli drone outside the border town of its fighters say they now have the aircraft israel and hezbollah exchanged fire along the lebanese border just over a week ago. now the u.s. says it's delivered enough emergency supplies for 44000 people after hurricane dorian hit the bahamas but the u.n.
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says 70000 need food and shelter as conditions on the worst affected islands are rapidly deteriorating the hurrican flattened neighborhoods and destroyed pia's roads and runways making it difficult to distribute aid i had a chance earlier today to tour the damage from the air and i have a call and what i was struck by was. the the focus nature of the devastation so there are parts of our baco in the bahamas that don't show a great deal of damage and then there are clusters in communities that were devastated almost as though nuclear bombs were dropped on them that's how great the suffering is of the devastation is. a many survivors of being relocated to shelters in the capital of the bahamas from now so many reports. at this community center in nassau dozens of volunteers are sorting through donations for support from the international community for survivors of hurricane
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dorian has been immense. despite relief efforts however many continue to suffer the psychological effects of the devastation we have a lot of people over the loss their loved ones. we have people who don't know where their loved ones are saw until they are with the kids stress disorder people have a lot of. i most likely will be x. various things post-traumatic stress disorder as well. government says that as many as 3500 evacuees have arrived in nassau most of the displaced are from the islands of abaco and grand bahama the areas worst affected by hurricane dorian. in all it's estimated that more than 70000 people have been left without food and shelter that's nearly one 5th of the bahamian population darrien was. i know the
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people of new orleans were totally on i'm prepared for. we didn't they suspected. the pedants some ways by the not for the magnitude and so when these people come they have been traumatized i do is make life for them it's normal as possible. nassau has become a final stop for many hurricane survivors with no place else to go some here seem dazed and unsure of what they'll do next is my house destroyed i don't see everything no clothes and i get the slippers and from here you know and they bring some clothes for us and you know what i need some stuff for a little. you know they. are. this shelter is caring for more than 200 people the building is active passive but donations have been forthcoming guaranteeing everyone a safe place to rest a decent meal and medical attention for those who need it we're at the fox hill community center in nassau where volunteers in some cases are up to their waists in
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donations but the need here in the bahamas is so great that any donations of food water medicine hygiene kits like these donated by the red cross are all very much welcome. shelters for the displaced can be found all around nassau which is home to 70 percent of the country's total population but as more evacuees arrive space becomes limited relief workers have begun setting up tents ahead of the arrival of even more evacuees the concern now is that nassau may not be prepared for the long term care of the thousands whose communities have been destroyed many will rob lowe al-jazeera now so bahamas. in chile riot police out forward protesters demanding on . the victims a former dictator augusto pinochet demonstrators marched in the capital santiago before the anniversary of pinochet's rise to power in 1973 thousands were killed and disappeared during his 17 years of military rule. for half years of war in
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yemen to force millions of people to leave their homes in the camp in the provinces are then houses more than 600 internally displaced families but they are becoming increasingly desperate as. this is what passes for a classroom in the hour about camp in southern yemen it has no tables no chaz and just a handful of books a 1000 school age children live in the camp but most don't turn up to class. we need to build a school we need cheers and to get for students because most of the students run away they want to work because of the living conditions here. are about camp in the province of aden opened last year since then more than 3000 yemenis from the cities of ho data and tires have arrived they were forced to leave their homes because of
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fighting between heathy rebels and forces loyal to yemen's internationally recognized government backed by the saudi an iraqi coalition in recent weeks fighting around the port city of aden has caused a further 60000 people to leave their homes camps like this one and struggling to cope and people are feeling increasingly desperate. please stop the war after years of fighting we are starving the water has been cut off the temperature inside our tents is so high we have to sit under the trees we've had enough. the camp provides based. health care but it doesn't have the resources to help yemenis with complex medical conditions oh my. god i have a hole in my heart so i want to son to get medical help but unfortunately i couldn't afford it it is too expensive i've been sick for the last 2 days i went to
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the hospital and they gave me temporary medicine i felt ok for a while and then i relapsed again no one here can help me hunger thirst discomfort and distress a part of every day life in this camp for some it's all they've ever known victoria gates and be al jazeera. a strike by british airways pilots is causing major disruption for passengers worldwide the 1st day of a 48 hour walkout is grounding nearly half of the airline's $850.00 daily flights and around 150000 travelers union leaders furby ace 4301 of biggest share of the profits airline managers say the pilots already received what they call world class staff salaries and benefits. is the head of aviation studies at the university of west london he says british airways will take a significant financial hit from the strike. the main reason is the pilots for many many years have been working to be
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a they have seen british airways make profits and they feel that that probably should be shared with them more than it currently is and basically they would like priest now that i think be a of off that about 11 and a half over the next 3 years and the pilots and the unions are not happy with that which is why they're on strike and the reason they're on strike now well is the back end of the summer is still a fairly busy period for british airways for aviation europe in general and so have the strike now has a bigger impact on corporations and profits than it would be later on in the year and so the the impact operate is quite significant that it lucky obviously that they've had a bit of pre-warning about the strikes they've had about 14 days notification from the pilots that the part that the flights will be canceled will struggle to place and therefore be a have been able to do some pre-planning around the dock an impact is quite
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significant and financially i think many industry experts are estimating some of the region of about $14000000.00 in pounds for each day that the strike goes on president vladimir putin's united russia party has lost a 3rd of its seats in moscow's regional election but it retains its majority the communist party more than doubled its seats in sunday's election dozens of opposition independent candidates were banned from running and that provoked some of the largest anti government protests for years. now martial arts championships are wrapping up in senegal top athletes are using the african vent to qualify for next month's kung foole world championships about thousands of others in west africa the tournament is a great way to get more people involved in the sport paul van de worth reports. when you think of kung fu. names like bruce lee and jackie chan spring to mind.
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those names are inspiring more than 12000 people who've taken up the sport and cynical if you look at the future i really like chinese movies sometimes i see the tower that we are practicing here in a film. china's influence was clear to see. as a live in countries took part in the african bush championships in senegal the qualifying event for the world champs in shanghai next month it was of on the chinese visit congo and we always do activities together the chinese help us enormously even the medal that we give to all athletes at the national championships we're taking care of by china. sport blue shield is broken into 2 categories of speeches the disciplines of tower which showcases the routine of choreographed techniques i owe and also sanda. which is
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a combat sport that mixes punching and kicking in wrestling both men and women compete young and old. for the b.b.c. of course it's difficult and it's a challenge for girls to take part in we're sure it's the same as for boys it's normal but in the ring it's not violent fighting was going to go for a long basically it teaches us to control our anger and what i learned here is that one shouldn't go looking for trouble it's only for self defense we are taught solidarity we're like a big family and bit by bit we are learning the values of confit and i love it. and it's that attitude that help in martial arts some courage go to women and to support and we stand for where participation levels are historically low. for band of with al-jazeera. he says al jazeera is going to round up of our top stories at least 29 people have
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been killed and 6 others injured in 2 attacks in bikini fast so a state of emergency is in place in parts of the west african country more than 500 people have been killed by armed groups in the last 4 years. britain's prime minister is expected back in parliament soon to push for an early election just before he suspends proceedings for the next 5 weeks or as johnson was in dublin earlier where he met ireland's prime minister to talk about ways to maintain a seamless border between the countries after breaks it. because we must get brakes done because the u.k. must come out on october 31st by october 31st or else i fear that permanent damage will be done in the u.k. to trust in our democratic system and i do that breaks it was not to be perfectly frank a problem a conundrum that aren't wishful. and i think there are
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certainly questions that we need to resolve a lebanese armed group hezbollah says it's shot down an israeli drone outside the border town of rami its fighters say they now have the aircraft. peace talks are underway in south sudan between the president salva kiir an exiled rebel leader who landed in juba on monday it's a meeting seen as an important step towards reviving a stalled peace deal at least 400000 people died since the country's civil war started in 2013. a strike by british airways pilots is causing major disruption for passengers worldwide the 1st day of a 48 hour walkout is grounding nearly all of the airlines 850 daily flights and around 150000 travelers 4300 pilots one of biggest share of the profits but airline managers say staff salaries and benefits awoke last more strikes are planned for
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september 27th those are the headlines. on counting the cost a priceless resource on the threat the amazon rainforest is a blaze on its links to brazil strive for the beef and soy production of the basque plus as he had always global ambitions which of left investors missing from big losses. counting the cost on al-jazeera. more and more young people are addicted to online video games. in a controversial decision last year the world health organization classified it as a disease. it defines gaming disorder as quote impaired control over gaming increasing priority given to gaming over other activities and could to ation
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or escalation of gaming this by negative consequences. though is spreading all over the world and only affects the small number of people who play video games one of the 1st countries dealing with the disorder has been japan to better understand the symptoms of the disorder we traveled there and met 2 young boys die and susumu who are spending several hours a day online. we also met with titus parents to see how his behavior is affecting his family. but is there a way to treat this is ease we asked dr seuss to he who works at the 1st clinic in japan devoted to gaming disorder. title kobayashi lives outside talk you we asked him to describe
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a typical day in his life. how to take on a cruise ship what i did. to the eyes. of my course they did. it for me this is you. know has shown up the smile on you tube. did not they take we sounded. quite good this is still the letter took us to. mark. my genuine or futile effort that. sounded so good that i'm going. to go to one step no longer tokoyo him up so that $100.00 still. just talk. with your step. almost without the need to take this heart a bit harder than most but i hope you know because i see. so
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no going to the park with your friends to get pulled over to. do. this you know. you're going to need it so. tight just parents have been increasingly concerned about their son and decided to visit the clinic in search of help what in his behavior makes you think that he could be addicted. now this is. day he thought. he. would be a. good team much day to. day. what he's already in you know did you get on the way to thank them. for the name. when you do know don't most of the plenty out on the god people being to do so then.
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why don't we have pushed their money that they could have. through being too sneaky most ok when you say his priorities change before starting to game now what did he was he more friendly did he like to go out what changed exactly most of them up could only describe. as a look at the ski generates the being. not able to minute by minute by minute car and ideas so do you buy them accordingly the more you hear. it. the. homework this is a pretty. good. book do you know what. more could someone that's. the thing the. games are a lot of pictures
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a lot of sounds did you notice that it's affecting his character i see. nobody i didn't know most you do your no. one who you know that must have. seen it. you know more number 100. 30. more talk of the scooter dog pushing it on under yeah they move more. money up to no snit over tango and. the more it's not. a union they. don't need to call you know it's the most when you went to the session did you come out thinking that your son is a game addict. an all. male keep their.
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here so when you are you might be a more you say through so. much school make the game when he is always sure see type. get out it might there may not work. out about his unit. i could immediately come out of that but we must at this point. tell us more about his gaming behavior and respond to his parents concerns. known when he. and the think. they are people. is. just. a
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computer. game or course a bit. more. posting game will only give a producer thank you well along. don't you prefer playing outside i mean doesn't he have friends. so that may not concern you thinks it's cool to. talk. to you know it's going to or you may. go. that's going to get. you know so little so. i was. just so. you think you're playing too much one last question do you think you're
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playing too much. just not the real don't want to know and i don't think. they were do you think about this conversation. here. but nor. could i put. it into you my. you're not going to. the keyboard of. the productive to this. day that you. don't hate me because you know. so that they can take.
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me if i don't do. the east force cafe in chief has 2 to 300 visitors a day on weekends even more come here to play. an average day say 3 hours but some are here for 24 hours. so sue me gucci is a doctor diction center the 1st clinic of its kind in japan. he tells us about some of the problems he has seen firsthand among young people addicted to video games the 1st thing i have to point out is the brain damage the
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in the past you know there are several papers reporting the. brain damage caused by you know gaming disorder and meaning the neuron our cells. were destroyed or damaged. you know in gaming and this is the probably here most important the significant findings but at the same time you know they are usually isolated from the soft side the and the stay at home for a long time and because of that you know some of them suffer from you know problems associated with in activity such as you know the low you know body things and low bone density. then do not eat regularly just the 11 time when in the day you know because you know they
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cannot eat they they have to participate in the only game and they cannot find the time to eat something you know. and the because of that you know the they sometimes lose their weight and suffer from malnutrition and so those kind of things if i try a school a school boy spends. they. clearly stoop to 3 hours on the computer no more gaming. and that number of hours could go all the way up to 16. on his days off we do you consider that child an addict this is called tolerance you know when we start to play games you know they are satisfied with playing only 2 of us but in the course of time you know they cannot be satisfied with just you know play for 2
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hours or so then they have to increase the number of games. and this is part of the this is the part of the cysts symptoms which is typical of addiction we cannot in a say where the he is addicted to gaming not by just looking at number was. games would you say that it is a source of concern and needs to be monitored because if at 12 years old. he or she prefers to stay at home no go out and have very little social life and play that it could develop into something much more severe in a few years or do you think it's just maybe. that age when you turn from child to pre-birth t. and you know every boy or girl or trouble that if we diagnose
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you make diagnosis of gaming disorder the patient needs to show at least a pretty fundamental or or can a characteristic symptoms you know one is a possible control i think you know if we play 16 hours you know you may say you may think that he loses you know control over gaming and the 2nd these the gaming is prioritize prioritize in life of course you know if you ask him what is the most important thing for you in your life he he will respond to you gaming gaming 1st and then the 3rd the 3rd or you know symptom is the you know to continue in cleese the gaming be here despite the veto by the problem he has there's another credit which is. because of gaming he suffers
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from severe functional impairment in school. and in the family and life so you've met many of such patients. behind that is there a deeper issue i mean sometimes from what i understand when you speak to drug addicts or alcoholics it is a way to to now maybe some deeper and deeper separates do you think gaming is the same thing or gaming is actually much more superficial as an addiction merely hooty creepy percent of. patients with gaming to soda are either junior were senior high school students. the ratio. or boys 2 girls is usually 88 to one or something and so they have
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a little limited experience you know in life so they usually do not have the deeper you know background you know why they become you know addicted to gaming and then when we see a patient with gaming a disorder home or wait with other mental disorders such as a d h d and you know the asperger syndrome we need to take care not only giving this of the but also you know other mental health disorders what is the success rate to get someone out of this addiction and how long is that process very good question. we have not conducted you know outcome study. so again to tell me any i could at the you know estimation but. when we see a patient with a gaming disorder we strongly recommend him or her to give up
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play games anymore if they agree to do that the usually their outcome is quite good but if they do not want to stop gaming completely and they want if they want to reduce the amount of hours and games the outcome is in the so good it isn't typically the problem of addiction whether it's alcohol drugs or now gaming is that you tell a person you need to stop and he's mentally maybe they know but they're not able to isn't that one of the core issues yes that's right but in the case of gambling or in the case of our core dependency to do my jury patients are taught they can understand the situation they are put in and they need they can understand why they have to stop drinking and stop in gambling in the so forth but in the case of you
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know schoolboy girls if they cannot understand that if we push too much they were drop out from a treatment so this is the very big issue for us and. we we have to think about the balance between you know how how do we push at the same time we need to you know avoid patiently. from. looking at us. she tried to secularize started gaming when he was in kindergarten he has effectively played his entire life and he sometimes can't find time to do anything else then membered your normal day how does it look like. you are there so.
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it's a good possible. game or so you know so you know. there is a mother needed and if you play every day a little bit of this in another clue on a disc in your mind. that they do operate in ok so what would be dished shortest amount. you play and what would be the longest. the one who took you more than paul whenever. he's using condoms are. just sitting of that desk for 20 hours. they get all moneys you can adjust it up to because you can son's you didn't go so you just moved to go to the bathroom or maybe to get a glass of water. listening and you do anything else do you work do you have study do you do anything else. she will toss in itis do you think the amount of time
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you spend gaming is good for you my equal daughter. and i don't know what's on. the. their game where you took this it was as you can that. you couldn't manage and i cannot them unless you feel happy. and what exactly do you like about the games. so guys you need to go to my uni and i don't. know we did or did i not done that then the can i come other still he shows you steve thomas you not done with us do you think that because of all this time you spend gaming you are missing out on other things in life. so you don't think that sometimes instead of playing you should be out with your friends being in the fresh
11:41 pm
air you should maybe be travelling you prefer to stay here and. most of this meeting of us kunal the party you need to. come in you couldn't and i cannot them begin that and what did your parents say. about it and your girlfriend well you all between them with that she doesn't prefer to go out with you she likes to wait for you here while you're playing. think you are more so no game way at the end of statistics medically doctors say that people who play as much as you do are somehow addicted do you feel that you are addicted. so or more today. you don't think that all of this could be negative for you. tonight or you can it's capable. of
11:42 pm
causing the data to. go home to use it up the. game that you seduce to as you know that. i don't play if you were to tell me. or tried to convince me to start gaming this scribe to me was it is. difficult to buy a business buddies and when. my studio muscles are going out you're going to go there so another party to look out. the door then when you see. the lesson of that other guy. in the game and. so as you speak of course accused me of what i spent 3 hours in front of a computer my eyes hurt my head is like this flashing you don't get that. what's getting some coming around i go many times that he needs to go that's also
11:43 pm
getting there what are you if you were to give advice to someone young who also loves gaming what would you say ma game. or boxing. but in cuticle of the country so the more listen that the book as he says with the air tomorrow it will. all stand there so no more fun or what he could there being you are being called game a game. the loneliness. has me took their cut and i'm so game of those you can think i need this but the challenges they're facing right was parents are hopeful they will be able to work with their son to make sure he can live a normal life. because.
11:44 pm
you have a bullet in the corner being to. do it again with sort of a new school don't put it give him up we're made out of a v.c. and you were telling me earlier that you were concerned that he was changing a bit he was maybe slightly more aggressive. in. his own. kind. but. you're also going to give me a house i wanted to move into and i hope. it's not not in the. book so. if i say go back to the. us just looking ahead. do you feel that. you have the power to change things you know how to change things. must.
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pass the. body. so. that was common. to most all of us who are not it put in this much to do good in the time. that it was conducted but another thing to point out all this will be much in their. so called only half but it. must come to. squash the. he must get it.
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slide kaesong a ways and experience the world like never before. known it was going places together rewind returns with a new series and brand new updates on the best of down to serious documentaries are sick of. its young people to seek to. rewind continues with saving sou'wester seeing the light 10 years later the plot of you average person a community in southern africa is no better this is a great motivator for us to keep giving back to these communities on al-jazeera. for the last 2 years the students have been collecting rubbish every day it's helped clean up the campus and helped build some of its facilities for every 2
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kilo's of plastic waste they collect the school receives a brick made of plastic and cement. for some activists this may not be the most ecological way to eliminate the problems of plastic but this is seen as an immediate solution to the growing problems of landfills across the country waste can now be used to manufacture building materials. the danger is in the grip of an extinction epidemic with endangered species disappearing at record levels can it be stopped before it's too likes 101 a stint best to gates indonesia's crisis on al-jazeera. in the heart of the amazon the libyan families but then lives in peril to harvest
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brazil nuts. which can sing the congo to the capital is an even more dangerous challenge. to. risk a new tool in the libya. on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. color from doha everyone i'm kemal santamaria and this is the new cell from al jazeera. to separate convoy attacks killed thousands in bikini fall so we are on the front line as the west african nation struggles with violence
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. also the british prime minister barak's johnson admits a no deal briggs it would be a failure for which he would partially be to blame the party of russian president vladimir putin loses a 3rd of its seats in moscow's regional election and as bad as a nuclear bombing aid agencies describe the strength of the bahamas after hurricane dorian and spoil afghanistan celebrating a historic win afghanistan became bangladesh to secure their 1st overseas a test victory. it's structured. so 2 separate attacks on convoys in bikini faso in just a few hours have killed $29.00 people and it's highlighting a growing security problem for the west african nation the 1st attack happened in the. a gunman attacked vehicles carrying aid 14 killed there and then another 15
11:50 pm
when a minivan hit a mine in some and tango some of the violence in the country is split along religious lines if you remember at least 14 people were killed in a string of attacks on catholic churches back in may then last december actually this was when bikini fire so installed that state of emergency many blaming groups who've crossed the border from northern mali into became a fossil for the violence so in general prime minister paul carpathia resigned from office along with his entire cabinet the government was under growing pressure over the rise in violence from catherine sawyer who is there in bikini far so this is her report from kyra. the government has issued a statement confirming this incident and that that's along the road ahead into the border with mali and one of the attacks happened in an area where we were filming just a few days ago and it's quite surreal because the landmine was planted in the example of patients who are out so this minibus that was carrying civilians drove over the
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lot mine and exploded 15 people were killed the other incident happened about 50 kilometers from that location and it was on a motorcycle riders who are current relieved full of people who've been affected by the security problems with the situation still very dire along the way on our journey we so many many villages that have been desired and even the villages where some people walk you could just sense and feel the fear and the tension and some of the people actually preparing to leave those villages so it's. even more dangerous as you go farther north and into the sahara region here not access at all and on to the border with mali. it's one of the most dangerous routes in book enough. this road head to the border with miley we're
11:52 pm
told armed groups easily cross the porous border into kenya fossil and carry out attacks on villages and government troops. this minibus was destroyed by a roadside bomb. is one of the larger villages some people are only just returning home after fleeing when a neighboring village was attacked. but. says she would stay for long. my husband is in bus a local we fled after the attack in the next village just come back to get the rest of our things. the farther north the more dangerous. the gunshots you're hearing from our police escort as a warning to any armed people who could be in hiding. what's happening in the country is part of a regional conflict that began when colonel gadhafi was ousted in libya. armed
11:53 pm
groups crossed the sahara desert and started an insurgency in northern mali and then spread across the sahara region until 2 years ago but was largely safe now hundreds of people have been killed and many more displaced this is one of many villages we've seen along the way in this homestead for example it appears people left in quite a hearty this food there it seems that they were preparing to eat these pots and pans everywhere and they also left the animals and animals are very important to the people who live in this area and some of those we talked a saying that they fled after hearing that other villages had been attacked. this man brought their families to safety after their villages ambushed and several people killed they believe the fighters have inflamed tensions between rival hardass and farming communities. beginning with 40 towards a continuation of
11:54 pm
a local ethnic conflict that has existed for a long time but now we believe it's beyond that. police tell us hours after we left this area several people were killed when a minibus were traveling in heat a landmine the government has declared a security emergency in 6 regions in the north and east people here say unless security forces succeed in stopping the violence they won't return home catherine. nathen book enough. just a little more background on you. there was a site. already in place as we mentioned in some regions that make up the west african nation president of russia mark christian called for that state of emergency last year after a deadly attack. police officers at the mali border and in may the country's foreign minister said countering terrorism has become a fight for the very survival of the entire whole region it's been hit by violence
11:55 pm
several times since the beginning of the conflict in libya that of course goes back to 2011 groups linked to al qaeda started to pour into the country from neighboring countries from mali in addition to the book of iran fighters from northern nigeria so we're going to talk to michael about this he's in london senior visiting fellow at the london school of economics michael as i sort of explain it all there it looks like became a farce or really is just it's in the wrong place all these fighters coming in from other areas unsettling the whole area and the different fund as it's boko haram it's al-qaeda or it's all these different groups yes they seem to be are the wrong place at this time there are a combination of fact this festival is sort of in its contribution to the global war on terror or. it's given terry treat to post a u.s. drone base and that in itself automatically has generated
11:56 pm
a backlash from that you had this to slam his forces that's point number one and then secondly the spillover of fights in nearby mali and the. also being is that. the g. 5 civilian force that is actually attack in jihad that forces it happen is that then that you have these forces then escape to a relatively easier place to do harbor and then that means that they actually escape to not in but can a fuss so and because of that they're fast also generated the said in that tax in booking office so in the north and now even eaten into the eastern territory close the border with togo and burning ok so that's interesting i want to go back to the point you made about the u.s. drone base because that's understandable that that would then make it a target but i doubt it's something that became a fire so suddenly going to change and say all right we won't have a base so what can be done to counter the counter the effect that that has.
11:57 pm
fortunately book in the 1st place part of the g. 5 civilian force and that are to mark kelly put seat instead. to to actually receive military supports from from from france for saw forces from the us and also to benefit from the. 5 civilian force as a whole it just happens that these is said and attacks are happening so rapidly that sometimes it becomes difficult to actually reject the distribution of force in this release them from mali which is also had its own problems for from the jails were to bring them to book an office so and the north of. space is just so vast and hasn't really been diverted and then when you track tension for quite a long time so i think at the moment better just the need for military forces to
11:58 pm
actually now concentrate on actually how to make make the place secure is anyone internationally worried about became a fan so i imagine this is usually the area where fronts would involve itself but maybe maybe france is already involved in in too many other countries around the region that's exactly the point most of the g. 5 civilian force is actually concentrated in mali and we share. and because of that. there hasn't been too much of a patient to this particular place in booking office until recently when they did have this for starbucks the maid base and they sent to me in the neighboring countries not to go between now and it's just to make sure that the tax creeping into the territory so i mean another idea may be actually that the
11:59 pm
neighboring countries may also sort of contribute to military force to control sort of the jihadist attacks in these areas but i have to be agreed but i think at the moment the onus lies on the g. 5 civilian force to actually sort out this in the interim michael moore from the london school of economics always a pleasure talking to you thank you let's look at what's coming up for you on this news hour another escalation between hezbollah and israel along lebanon's border the details on that. also the british airways strike which grounds hundreds of flights pilots are demanding better pay and conditions we will look at the scale of disruption across the world and sport football legend diego maradona proves you can still attract a big crowd sonorous here with that and the rest of the sport a little later. brags that developments now in britain's queen elizabeth has approved a law which is blocking a no deal exit from the european union at the end of october prime minister johnson
12:00 am
must now ask for an extension or he has to get a deal but the e.u. has rejected any attempts to renegotiate johnson says he'd rather die in a ditch than i was for the delay the prime minister says the only way out is an early election and that's far from guaranteed live to westminster in a moment 1st this report from charlie and. looking for a breakthrough on bret's it. boris johnson is in dublin making last minute appeals to his irish counterpart over the backstop the insurance policy to avoid a hard border between ireland and northern ireland after brics it for a man who last week had britain on course for a no deal breck's it his message was more diplomatic. i want to get a deal like you i look kathleen at no deal i was just it's called sequences both our country and and yours and yours of course we could do it u.k. could certainly.


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