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tv   Follow Me You Can Run But You Cant Hide  Al Jazeera  September 10, 2019 1:32am-2:01am +03

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legislation that i think quite can really try and expedite excel or a catalyst change on the ground through the actions of buying companies the political pressure also needs to come in other fora needs to come through environmental diplomacy it needs to come through packages of incentives that are actually commensurate with the scale of the challenge i think one of the problems for example with this recent stats between macron and boston are that we've all been witness to. the g 7 apparently one of the most powerful gatherings of global players of world leaders they table this is the most generous and and came at the end of a $20000000.00 package now that's problematic on 2 levels one it's an almost offensively small amount of money when you think about the challenge so it's bound to stoke the fires of xenophobia resentment for a pleasant affair in brazil's sovereignty and secondly it's targeted at the
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symptoms of the problem so putting out fires if you qualify you posted put it out that far more importantly when you think about ways to avoid those fires being led to the scraping into the forest in the 1st place and all of the systems and the understanding the technology needed to do that is all in place we just need resources to be able to implement it better and to ensure that the rules that brazil already have has really ready were world class environmental legislation that is in force and if it wasn't forced and if farmers were properly supported especially farmers who have no choice of which is not the main source of the problem but they need support as well in order to ensure that their practices can continue insisting the way to be gotten a joining us from stockholm to i thank you so much for your time thank you very much for having me on the emergency in the amazon of course stretches beyond brazil nearly one and a half 1000000 hectares of tropical rainforest in both. via have been destroyed as
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well the difference though is bolivian president evo morales actually wants international aid to fight the fires and one of the things he's trying to save is the large diverse number of animals trapped in the flames in america as alysia newman has more from some ignacio in eastern bolivia. a team of believe in veterinarians traveled to the reserve forest fires have been raging for weeks but their mission is to try to rescue wild animals which may have been injured. this was the scene the previous night the fire destroyed everything in its path. but a few animals were saved like this 2 day old wild pig whose mother died in the fire . the nature is extraordinary the way the allows these creatures to adapt in the face of danger and stress and find. enormous with burnt eyes
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a hawk recovering from smoke inhalation along with a boa constrictor they're all receiving treatment at the shelter. today the rescue is hope to find more survivors riding in the direction of the huge black mushroom of smoke which indicates sometimes when there's a fire and we can tell because of the large number of butterflies that are flying away. this area has already burned to the ground and there's no sign of life. pokes around a serpent hole if it's deep enough he says the snakes may have survived. if you can see this is apocalyptic there's nothing left these are part of the world's longs now it's nature that's disappearing next it will be us this is no sign of firefighters here as you can see the wind here is absolutely fierce and it's fanning the flames again in this direction the plan is to bring a super tanker helicopter here in the next couple of days to leave water for the
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animals that have survived but that helicopter is also needed to put out the fires to save human life but the fire remains out of control a thick layer of smoke and ash fills the air making the sun look red. it's too dangerous to stay in the veterinarian so our upset that they couldn't save a single animal i mean. i feel impotent because people are and seen how the amazon is burning how animals have burning alive and no one is doing anything. while much of the world focuses on the fires raging in the brazilian amazon the devastation here in neighboring bolivia is receiving far less attention. even though assistance is desperately needed not just. to put out the fires but to regenerate this fragile and diverse eco system so that what has survived will still be able to live here.
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we're looking at aviation now and in this part of the world we often talk about the big 3 dubai's emirates airline kataria ways both here in doha and he had from abu dhabi now back in 2005 if he had had some big ambitions to expand and began buying stakes in a bunch of airlines that were bleeding cash it decided to fund air berlin alitalia and india's jet airways by selling bonds worth one point $2000000000.00 now something like this just wouldn't have been possible without the help of an international investment bank and that bank just happened to be open sacks but is the airlines filed for bankruptcy or collapse the bonds became worthless and investors who bought the bonds thought he had would step in and repay the debt well now a group of bond owners have hired private detectives to find out how the deal was put together and to recover as much money as possible so let's talk about as the questions that have been raised about goldman's decision to step in when another international bank decided not to help raise money we're going to london now to
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talk to robert sally who is the managing director of the capital a london based broker nice to have you with us robert i think the 1st thing we should deal with is raising the money in the 1st place there is perhaps a misconception that all the gulf airlines are cashed up and that they are all subsidized by their governments but i guess this sort of showed that they had to raise capital like anyone else at a low being state owned and receiving support has been lost making for many years and in the last years when they wanted to build out their platform within europe they had an ambition that if they bought into some of the european airlines they might be able to start building an alliance of partner airlines that feeds into the . network of any add international flights and it increases their international use lies ation right so on average their planes have been running at nearly sort of
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10 percent lower capacity than some of their international rivals and that of course has a major impact on their profitability. as a result you know they've gone on this international expansion bought into air berlin and alitalia to historically loss making airlines and they've not only bought a large equity stake which gives them a significant management role they've also supported those alliance with raising debt and that's where we get this new vehicle in the netherlands that has helped that alitalia and air berlin lent hindsight of course is a wonderful thing robert but did they just make some really bad decisions they were with maybe i mean maybe the idea was a bad but the airlines they went after when the right ones i think they had potentially bad advice but in a market like the airline industry you ole you can't always decide which companies
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you're going to buy so i think they might have had a slightly limited choice of who was available to go after and air berlin and. in some way write for investment they were lost making they potentially were looking for a new ownership or a rescue and yet seem to be the knight in shining shining armor that would come and rescue them from their losses 3rd to talk about the losses what's gone wrong the loans have gone sour and people are looking for their money. yes or over the years i mean listen and i'll tell you have just wrapped up losses year after year. seems to be some sort of zombie airline that never stops flying although year after year the losses rack up. i think a lot of people held out hope that the alliance or that you had would bring in a new change and support from my money and up investor well in fact that really
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sort of hasn't transpired as the bankruptcies of both of the airlines has proven. the financing vehicle then or to put the icing on the cake added further hope to investors and you know when they created these e.a. partner vehicles you would be forgiven for thinking at yad was standing shoulder to shoulder with the airlines and backing them till about the involvement of goldman sachs then obviously very well the deal wouldn't have happened without them i think you're right goldman sachs's involvement is actually crucial in this matter if they hadn't put their name on to the paperwork. wouldn't have really gotten this deal across but on. the smaller brokers and no and a.d.'s don't really have i think the reputation to bring about such a large financing and to bring about the support of investors to put down something like 1200000000 for this sort of deal it's it's really critical that goldman
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was on board on this and you know the relationship between goldman. is is a good one so you probably thought well with these 2 partners involved. the bond is relatively secure. so these investors are now going after their money and in some cases as we said hiring private detectives to figure out what on earth happened with this deal and do you think they stand much hope or i don't think you can just sort of categorize all of the investors as. trying to go after and especially not goldman i think i think the issue is that a lot of the investors are domestic people they trusted the name of it and they thought when they're buying into this. they're supporting perhaps one of the national champions. and they're going to be looked after as well and there were
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documents out there from fitch that implied. it was supporting this bond ok robert sally great to talk to you thank you for your time today thank you now the tit for tat tariffs between the u.s. in china have gone into effect in the ongoing trade war and there is little doubt both countries are hurting many american farmers are suffering because it is views in fact farm bankruptcies are up and the troubled ministration has given $24000000000.00 in financial aid but there are always exceptions garlic growers are actually profiting from the standoff with china rob reynolds spoke to one farmer in gilroy california the heart of the country's garlic growing region. the garlic king of california can christopher is the 3rd generation to run his family's garlic ranch in the town of gilroy christopher ranch is the united states largest producer and processor of the pungent bulbs so essential to so many of the worlds
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we see it employs a 1000 workers earn $15.00 an hour good wages for agricultural and food processing work christopher took us to his cavernous warehouse just before harvest time but we are currently standing in what will soon be the largest concentration of garlic on the north american continent so when we start loading this room which is starting this week we're going to about $50000000.00 pounds in the space alone that's 22000000 kilos and any way you crush slice dice or sauté it that's a lot more like for decades cheap chinese garlic imports undercut domestic producers now garlic growers are smelling the sweet scent of punitive tariffs effective june 15th the garlic terrapins now in effect at 25 percent and that's impacting all inbound garlic now we have an opportunity to expand acreage grow more garlic than ever before invest in new employees new infrastructure for gerlach
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growers here in california the tariffs have been great news but other farmers across the country complain they are the real victims of the china trade war the vast horn soybean and hawg farms of the u.s. heartland have watched prices plummet as china's stop buying in retaliation for the trump administration's terrorists to limit the economic and political damage president donald trump promises a $16000000000.00 handout to affected farmers but even the garlic kenya admits a prolonging trade battle loom good for the economy we understand that this trade worth it could stand to hurt a lot of americans if it drags on for too long economists' and central bank. girls are watching with alarmist global trade flows slow manufacturing shrink sent confidence sags over trump's trade war and the longer it goes on the economic outlook for workers consumers and yes even garlic farmers will start to stink.
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and on that fragrant note that is our show for this week we'd love to hear from you though you can tweet me directly on that come on you can use the hashtag a j c t c or you can email us directly comes in the constant al-jazeera top net is the address and there's more few online and on to 0 duck home slash c t c that takes straight to our page which has individual reports links and entire episodes for you to catch up on. but that is it for this edition of counting the cost i'm kemal santamaria from the whole team thanks for joining us the news on al-jazeera is next .
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i cannot lock my phone with my face you can access your bank account with your voice unique algorithmic measurements of us that are revolutionizing the process of identification the biometrics a far from perfect a convenience and seeming infallibility comes at a cost most crucially our privacy in the 4th of a $5.00 part series on the radio addresses the appropriation obama's personal characteristics all hail the algorithm on the jersey of. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current events that matter to you al-jazeera. in the heart of the amazon believe me in family it's the 10 miles in peril to harvest brazil nuts.
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but it's getting the congo to the capital is an even more dangerous challenge but. risking it tool to libya. on al-jazeera. told. 2 separate attacks killed thousands and became a fall so we are on the front line of the country struggles with violence. looking joe halderman on come on santa maria this is the world news from al-jazeera british prime minister boris johnson it's a no deal brags it would be
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a failure for which he would be partially to blame. because there is no agreement so we will attack them if you will one a member of the taliban tells al-jazeera more attacks are possible now the u.s. has pulled out of the afghan peace talks. and i'm nicholas hawk in the forest of the largest indigenous forest in east africa find out next why tens of thousands of people living here are being forced to destroy their own homes by the kenyan government. well 2 separate attacks on convoys and became afonso in just a few hours have killed $29.00 people and it's highlighted a growing security problem for the west african nation both attacks took place in the north 14 people died off the government. heart an aid convoy a for the 15 were killed when a many of i'm hit a mime death when soissons this exclusive report from kyra the government has
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issued a statement confirming this incidents and that that's along the road ahead being to the board out with molly and want of the attacks happened in an area where we were filming just a few days a good it's quite so real because the lond mindless planted in the example of cation who are at so this minibus i was card civilian strobe over the lot mine and explode at 15 people were killed the other incident happened about 50 kilometers from that location and it was on motorcycle riders who out caryn relieve food full people who've been affected by the security problems with a situation still very dire i'd along the way on our johnny we so many many villages that had been a desire at that end even the village is where some people walk you could just sense and feel the fear and the and show and then some of the people actually a preparing to leave those villages so it's 5 valek tile and even more dangerous
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his you go by the north a into the some held we don't beat not excess a tall and on to the bow down with mahdi well last december became a faso is government imposed it's state of emergency yell for a surge of attacks on military and civilians many there are blame the group suv cross the border from northern mali for that up tick in violence have a look at this report again from catherine soy in nor in between a false or it's one of the most dangerous roots in book enough facile this road heads north to the buddha with miley we had told groups easy across to parse board i into kin a fossil and carry out a toxin villages and government troops ok we'll this mini bast was destroyed by a roadside bomb going be law is why one of the larger villages some people are only just returning home after fleeing when a neighboring village was attacked. but. says she would stay for
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long. my husband is in we fled after the attack in the next village i've just come back to get the rest of our things. the father north the more dangerous it is. the gunshots you're hearing from our police escort is a warning to any people who could been hiding. what's happening in the country is part of a regional conflict that began when colonel gadhafi was ousted in libya. armed groups crossed the sahara desert and started an insurgency in northern mali and then spread across the sahara region until 2 years ago but was largely safe now hundreds of people have been killed and many more displaced this is one of many villages we've seen along the way in this homestead for example it appears people
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left in quite a hearty this food there it seems that they were preparing to eat these pots and pans everywhere and they also left the animals and animals are very important to the people who live in this area and some of those we talked a saying that they fled after hearing that other villages had been attacked. this men brought their families to safety after their villages ambushed and several people killed they believe the fighters have inflamed tensions between rival hardest and farming communities. the beginning before it was a continuation. conflict that has existed for a long time but now we believe it's beyond that. police tell us hours after we left this area several people were killed when a minibus were travelling in heat a landmine the government has declared a security emergency in 6 regions in the north and east people here say unless
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security forces succeed in stopping the violence they want to return home catherine saif al jazeera nathen book enough. steven anderson now a spokesman for the international committee of the red cross he says people who face an impossible choice and became a faster between staying or leaving. the situation is it's really difficult there are many people that are forced to flee there are displaced so we're talking about $270000.00 in august and then many many people also have problems having access to healthcare we're talking here about about half a 1000000 people and the situation really has degraded deteriorated rapidly in the past months since the beginning of 2019 actually so for people it's really very often an extremely hard choice between staying in their village with lots of security very often difficulties to access health and water or basically leaving
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and leaving everything behind so it's extremely harsh for them and for us for the international committee of the red cross also for the book you know the red cross society or other humanitarian workers it's not easy to work in this context because there are some issues related to access and security which we always have to monitor and which sometimes make it difficult to reach people. britain's queen elizabeth has approved a law or blocking a no deal exit from the european union at the end of october prime minister barak's johnson must now ask for an extension or get that elusive deal or he visited ireland and made a rare admission though that a no deal exit would be a failure of diplomacy and support from charlie rangel in london looking for a breakthrough undirected. boys jumps in with an end making last minute appeal to his irish counterpart over the backstop the insurance policy to avoid a hard border between ireland and northern ireland after brecht it for
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a man who last week had britain on course but no deal brecht it his message was more diplomatic i want to get a deal. like you i've got catley act no deal i've assessed its consequences both. our country and yes of course we could do it u.k. could certainly get through it but be in no doubt that outcome would be a failure of state craft from which we would be responsible meanwhile in westminster jeremy corbett and other opposition leaders met to plan their next steps democracy requires that elected government it's responsible to. parliament itself the prime minister seems not to be for her to do that we will take every parliamentary action we can and continue the public campaign to get no
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deal taken off the table for all the day's events and then have a general election on monday a bill designed to block and bricks that deal becomes law m.p.'s will then vote on government plans to trigger an early election that vote is expected to fail boris johnson is then obliged to write to the asking for an extension if he can present an acceptable deal to parliament by october 19th but the government says he will not request that extension. the prime minister is still promising to deliver direct hit by october 31st he says he has ideas but he has yet to share them with parliament or the media. we're dealing with a prime minister here who is going around the country saying well i may not do what the law requires now there's any other way only one other way of squaring that circle and that would be for the prime minister to resign with just hours to go before parliament shuts down for 5 weeks house of commons speaker john bercow a key figure in the backseat drama took the opportunity to announce his resignation
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. we degrade this parliament. at our peril. these has be the greatest privilege on our of my professional life. nope lose the conservatives he believes he's being biased against them but even he cannot distract from the fact that the prime minister has just pulled 2 days to come up with a new back seat deal a deal that brussels is yet to see how does there under. his andrew symonds outside the house of parliament and westminster it's only monday and journal ready my head starting to spin with this what comes in the next few hours. welcome all expected to spin more days go by the situation now is right this moment inside the house of commons there is a debate going on over
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a motion to get the revelation of all correspondence related to operation yellow hammer that's the real contingency plan should that be a no deal breck's it medical supplies food supplies what most people feel is going to be an emergency situation for the u.k. and not so much in europe but also in all and where the prime minister had visited earlier this day and spoke to leo for that car. really not a very successful meeting or whatever he might have of his sleeve boris johnson. in terms of this discussion. it wants a negative result but not co warned him you'll facing a herculean task ahead and that's to get a deal so there's lots of spin but not a lot of traction so what's going to happen next in the house of commons off to this we will see some stage in the evening likely around $730.00 local an attempt
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by boris johnson would fight probably lead to them not to once again try to get an election cold there is no real chance of that happening because of simple left or 2 thirds majority needed it won't be the case because the opposition is unified more so than ever right now they not trusting boris johnson not accepting an election at this stage the favorite dates are really around mid november boris johnson wants to push forward with his assurance that that can be a deal but where is it he says it could be somewhere it is somewhere away from the media or away from the bubbling well that's deep suspicion that there is no realistic doing that has been a mention of all island food so a this is only dated to the backstop the insurance policy it's prevent a hot border between north and autumn to the irish republic food is.


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