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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 10, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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so they become self-sufficient setting up over businesses and looking for work independently but for some it's not enough. this is al jazeera. jordan this is the al-jazeera news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes government. the british prime minister suffers another defeat as m.p.'s vote against his motion for an early election aimed at breaking a break that deadlock. south korea accuses the north of firing missiles just hours after pyongyang says it's open to talks with the u.s. . we're in between a faster way and insurgency has forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee from their homes. and under investigation again 50 states in the u.s.
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launched an anti-trust probe against google using it of unfair practices. welcome to the program britain's briggs it crisis remains in a deadlock with parliament again throwing out the prime minister's call for a general election it's boris johnson 6 parliamentary lost in 6 days and means he'll be compelled to go to brussels in october to either strike a new brigs deal or ask for an extension something which he says he's not going to do m.p.'s voted to force the government to publish its assessment of how a no deal brags it would affect the country they also want private communications on the decision to suspend parliament to be made public and those votes are the last significant move parliament will make for almost 5 weeks against intense protests from the house of commons it's now been shut down critics say this is johnson's tactic to stop more parliamentary interference in his plans well andrew
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symonds reports now on the day's events. the ice of the rights $293.00 notice the length $46.00 the majority does not satisfy the requirements of the fixed parliament for the purpose of engendering. but some see it has been expected but that doesn't lessen the damage this vote is doing to boris johnson's government. urged the hides to trust the people to once again the opposition think they know better they want the british prime minister to go to a fight to negotiation without the power to walk away a rowdy parliament hours away from being pro does suspension that will last 5 weeks the leader of the opposition hitting back i think we've had quite enough of the playground politics against. someone
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saying the prime minister didn't say was that he was going to obey the law of this country or another defeat for the government with in order to reveal all private messages between it's a vices about holders to prorogue parliament also assessments of the damage and no deal bricks it will cools and that vote was only the side show on a grey monday in westminster with more political drama playing out at every turn johnson had been in dublin trying to talk up the prospects of a brics it deal but there was a flat response from his irish counterpart lee of who said it will be a good q.b. and asked to get a deal screwed at this stage the focus here is on the back story the insurance policy to avoid a hard u.k. e.u. border between northern ireland and england johnson has suggestions on alternatives but there are no prospects of an agreement like. i want to get a deal. like you i've looked carefully at no deal
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i have assessed it's called sequences both for our country and and yours yes of course we could do it u.k. could certainly get through it but be in no doubt that outcome would be a failure of state draw from which we would all be responsible for the backstop continues to be a critical component of which all agreements unless and until alternatives are found but we are open to alternatives but they must be realistic ones legally binding and workable and we haven't received such proposals to date in a particular back in westminster deep into a monday night. and this was the scene inside the houses of parliament. was a surreal end to one chapter of phonetic bricks of politics. parliament being pro road but there's no doubt an election is coming but short of breaking the
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law will actually getting a deal goes johnson is highly unlikely to be going to the polls in time for us. andrew symonds out using west. south korea's military says north korea has fired 2 unidentified missiles into the sea just hours after offered to resume denuclearization talks with the united states the projectiles a report of in north from south callaghan province near the capital seoul says they flew across the country before landing in waters of the north east coast talks between pyongyang and washington been gridlocked as the country's leaders failed to reach a deal in february the pride joins us live now from the south korean capital rob so what more details emerging about this latest launch by the north and has there been any response there in south korea were you up. that's right daryn we've just had a briefing here from defense ministry officials who haven't given us many more
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details we knew that these 2 projectiles that still technically what they are being described as haven't been definitely described as attained yet as missiles but they flew for 330 kilometers it's likely to be the same type of missiles we expect that have been launched pretty much consistently over recent weeks a lot of that was thought to be north korea express expressing its displeasure exercises military exercises that have been taking place but those did end last month and it seems that these launches haven't they have been continuing and it is interesting to note note the position from which they were launched is this province just outside of the capital pyongyang where interesting lee earlier on this year satellite photographs showed the much larger i.c.b.m.'s intercontinental ballistic missiles were being assembled on the ground now there's no indication
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that what's just been fired were anything other than short range missiles but this could be a way of reminding the world just what's at stake here by north korea that these these i.c.b.m.'s have stayed on the ground since 2017 but it could be a way of north korea just reminding the world that they still have this are still there and rob as you say we've seen a number of recent missile launches by north korea so where does all of this leave those denuclearization talks which have now ground to a halt. as far as north korea is concerned that the these launches and dialogue probably go hand in hand as you mentioned there the vice foreign minister of north korea had mentioned only yesterday that they're willing to enter into negotiations once more with the united states talking about later on this month which probably means maybe at the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly so this could be a way of the north koreans trying to bolster their bargaining position ahead of that also we know that north korea often likes to mark anniversaries we just have
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the 71st anniversary of the founding of north korea so this could be a way of celebrating that fact and you got to remember that although this doesn't seem to do rail dialogue with the united states donald trump the president has said that he's not bothered by these short range missile launches it does concern military officials here in south korea and also across the water in japan because what we are seeing is more sophisticated missiles being tested it's not just north korea sending a message a political message or a diplomatic message they do seem to be acquiring with each launch more sophisticated missile skills down like a robot brian in seoul rob thank you for the u.s. president says peace talks with the afghan taliban are dead donald trump had invited a delegation to a summit at camp david but called off the talks after the taliban claimed responsibility for an attack that killed several people including a u.s. soldier from washington his alan fischer. yes the president's confront what he
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suggested in a series of tweets over the weekend peace talks with the taliban are over we had a meeting scheduled it was my idea and it was my idea to terminate it i didn't even i didn't discuss it with anybody else the u.s. and the taliban had one runs of detailed and difficult talks in the khatami capital of doha it was reported a deal had been agreed in principle the u.s. would start a gradual withdrawal of $14000.00 troops in return the taliban would cut any keyser the al qaeda and offer security assurances to the us. but an attack in kabul a few days ago which killed 12 including an american soldier so the president revealed secret peace talks had been planned for the presidential retreat at camp david but were no cancelled. ending the 18 year war in afghanistan has been a focus of donald trump as he faces reelection but in an exclusive interview with
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al jazeera the taliban says it would have ended attacks on american forces if a deal had been reached in signing an agreement with them. then we have. not walked out there and toward him up a safe passage one political expert says donald trump meet a basic diplomatic error given his lack of understanding of international politics he thinks he can negotiate something when he doesn't even understand what he's dealing with the us was expected to start withdrawing troops in the coming months and the president seems to suggest that's no not going to happen we beat them militarily but as soon as we leave it seems to form again we would beat them very easily militarily if we wanted to by doing certain things and i'm not talking we're afghan president ashraf ghani was not involved in the peace talks and the meeting at camp david was aimed at getting him to sign on there will be presidential
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elections and afghanistan at the end of the month and the what he is that with the collapse of the peace process they will be bloody and violent alan fischer al-jazeera washington. also to come here on the news hour including they survived hurricane dorian but the future is still uncertain for thousands of displaced people in the bahamas and in sport cricketers are celebrating an historic win some i'll behave that story a little bit later in. the u.n. says violence and has forced many 300000 people to leave their homes to separate attacks or 29 people killed and it's highlighting a growing security problem for the west african nation some of the violence especially long religious lines but many blame the unrest on groups across the border from northern mali catherine sawyer sent this exclusive report from. the government has issued
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a statement confirming this incident and that that along the road heading to the board out with miley in one of the attacks happened in an area where we were full. just a few days ago and it's quite surreal because the landmine was planted in the example of patients who are out so this minibus that was carried civilians drove over the lot mine and exploded 15 people were killed the other incident happened about 50 kilometers from that location and it was on a motorcycle riders who are current relieved food for people who have been affected by the security problems with the situation still very dire along the way on our journey we so many many villages that had been desired and even the villages where some people walk you could just sense and feel the fear and the tension and some of the people actually preparing to leave those villages so it's. even more dangerous as you go farther north and into the sahara region not access at all and
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on to the border with mali. it's one of the most dangerous routes in book enough. this road heads north to the border with miley we're told armed groups easily cross the porous border into kenya fossil and carry out attacks on villages and government troops. this minibus was destroyed by a roadside bomb. is one of the larger villages some people are only just returning home after fleeing when a neighboring village was attacked. but. says she would stay for long. my husband is in bus a local we fled after the attack in the next village i've just come back to get the rest of our things. from the father north the more dangerous it is.
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the gunshots you're hearing from our police escort is a warning to any armed people who could be in hiding. what's happening in the country is part of a regional conflict that began when colonel gadhafi was ousted in libya. armed groups crossed the sahara desert and started an insurgency in northern mali and then spread across the sahara region until 2 years ago but was largely safe now hundreds of people have been killed and many more displaced this is one of many villages we've seen along the way in this homestead for example it appears people left in quite a hearty this food there it seems that they were preparing to eat these pots and pans everywhere and they also left the animals and animals are very important to the people who live in this area some of those we talked a saying that they fled after hearing that other villages had been attacked. this
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men brought their families to safety after their villages ambushed and several people killed they believe the fighters have inflamed tensions between rival hard and farming communities. the beginning before it was a continuation of conflict that has existed for a long time but now we believe it's beyond that. police tell us hours after we left this area several people were killed when a minibus were traveling in heat a landmine the government has declared a security emergency in 6 regions in the north and east people here say unless security forces succeed in stopping the violence they won't return home catherine. nathen book enough. rescue workers in the bahamas are still searching for bodies after hurricane dorian devastated the islands last week the death toll stands at 45
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but that number's expected to saw the u.n. says about 70000 people are in need of food and shelter authorities and. people to open their homes to. thousands of people evacuating the storm ravaged bombers have taken shelter in the state of florida but on sunday over 100 people were asked to get off a boat bound for the u.s. because they didn't have a visa critics call it cruel but customs and border protection officials say it was a mistake to gallacher ports in florida. more than a week after hurricane dorian slammed into the bahamas residents are still being rescued dorian was the most powerful storm to ever hit the island nation leaving at least 70000 behave in need of help many lost everything in the face an uncertain future on saturday more than a 1000 residents were brought to florida on a cruise ship despite their own hardships those that made it a keen to offer assistance to those back home and start making some preparations to help the sentence does relieve. you know report is our neighboring island and
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that's where we got to go when emergencies happen and there are many so we got to make sure they good aid has been pouring in from the u.s. but some on board a ferry that left the bahamas on sunday were asked to disembark if they didn't have the right u.s. visas customs and border patrol officials blame the ferry company for not following procedures critics have called the move cruel but president trump says agents need to be cautious we have to be very careful everybody needs totally proper documentation i don't want to allow people that weren't supposed to be in the bahamas to come in to the united states including some very bad people 25 families are now at this shelter in lake worth florida they weren't allowed inside because of the trauma they've been through but aid workers say the evacuees are resilient there is a real attitude of hope that i see in the shelters we're trying to make sure that we keep a positive attitude specially for the kids we have a timothy's for the kids to keep them active and try to not let it you know get to
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them that they're not home they're not in their homes when they would be with their families and trying to make the best of a very tough situation. even as they leave many awaiting to return and rebuild but with people still missing in communications poor news from the bahamas is a priority everyone here has what they need for now water food and a roof over their heads but what they really want is information the red cross tells us some of the evacuees left. loved ones behind and they don't know whether they're alive or dead it's a chilling illustration of just how deadly hurricane dorian was. amidst the confusion of a humanitarian disaster there have been so moving scenes this family found each other in fort lauderdale for many others the agonizing wait for news of their loved ones goes on and gallacher al-jazeera lake worth florida well just montana doris a senator in the bahamas she says thousands of people are displaced but they're working as a community to bring relief to those in need especially the. 0
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evacuations on the island so there are a lot of people there are thousands of people displaced now they. are they are in the capital. or they're going to shelters. people. because they have lost some of them are lost they have their livelihood so people lots of people you know it's. hard as a result of the storm but we are working together as a community to try and bring relief efforts. when the opossums is a former secretary of the organization of american states he says it's challenging coordinating numerous relief groups on the ground. well we have been able to mobilize well over 60 organizations stretching from trinidad and tobago already up to washington d.c. and as far as transatlantic it's really really trying to move allies the supplies
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that are needed as a mother wouldn't see potable water food clothing portable shelter transportation sanitation health supplies baby supplies generators you name it and i this is an appeal really to the international community to keep supporting it because the work as has just begun 5 years after the storm and a healthy democracy criticism is expected and i have seen evidence where the government is indeed trying to sort of liaise with well over 80 organizations trying to support the coordination effort only grow and of course the inherent challenges in that called the nation effort from you know intra transportation in thailand movement of people and of course we have to account for the people who have been displaced well over 70000 lives and the idea is to collect that the it and get the resources to them so we can optimally leverage opportunities by all the stakeholders and organizations including government trying to bring relief to the plight of the people of the bomb us because we have been is known to be up paradise
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in a potential climate death zone and i think the time has come over and over year after year with these storms we start thinking very seriously about climate smog action that is mitigated one adoptive to the issue of climate change and how it affects particularly the people of the caribbean a typhoon in north korea has killed at least 5 people and left tens of thousands of hectares of farmland under water the crop damage worsens food supply problems in a country that frequently experience the shortages for many earlier killed 3 people in south korea and cut power to more than 160000. google is under investigation for potential anti-competitive practices $48.00 u.s. states and 2 territories have launched a bipartisan probe into the tech giant looking into whether the company's online advertising practices violate antitrust laws who is accused of using its search engine to monopolize the market it says it will cooperate fully with the probe but
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the attorneys general involved say the investigation is important for the protection of consumers and businesses it used to be a day when we searched google that we would be presented with links unrelated to the google business. very compelling analyses suggest that the overwhelming number of query responses. google businesses and or advertisers that pay for that slot within those lengths attorney generals really care about where the rubber meets the road and that is for the residents of their states and consumers we also care about businesses especially small businesses that may be locked out as a result of what may be monopolistic power from america's antitrust laws a collection of business regulations or promote competition to the benefit of consumers
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facebook google apple and amazon are already being investigated for potential violations of antitrust law at a national level that investigation is looking into whether the tech giants use their market power to crush or acquire rivals privacy campaigners also believe that mass acquisition of consumer data is reducing the quality of consumers' choices and increasing the cost of advertising the u.s. investigations joined other inquiries by the european union that could lead to the breakup of the tech giants particle hayne has more now from washington d.c. . it's a company so big that its name has become a verb we're talking about google something you might have used dozens of times today well now there are 50 attorney generals from 48 states and 2 territories that are investigating google to find out if he has a monopoly a monopoly in this country if proven can be broken up forced to sell parts of itself now they compared this to david versus goliath and google has faced
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investigations in the u.s. before pretty much coming through it unscathed but these attorney general say that they're going to look at whether or not there it's not just the advertising google's quick got the market on that whether or not they're manipulating search engines to their own benefit so this is going to be a wide ranging investigation it's going to take a very long time and it's not just those attorney generals that are investigating the federal justice department is investigating google and so are members of congress. get is the c.e.o. of k'nex a few dollars old that's an internet safety prophecy and security organization he doesn't think the consequences for any breach of them will be significant. well one thing that figure if again is that the far attorneys general across the political spectrum you have democrats and republicans who can't agree on what to have for lunch typically but are agreeing that they need to go after google and by the way all of the other tech giants as well so i think that fit difficult and i also think it's significant that even though they are beginning the investigation around advertising practice of there's
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a broader interest here in their press conference today some of the attorney general talked about privacy from talked about bias in 13 results so it's a broad investigation into google's practices focused on advertising but really much broader than that if you look at the history of actions in the united states over the last 30 years there's been a lot of rift flapping but not much really really horrible things happening to companies probably the biggest threat was back in the late ninety's to microsoft which at one point a judge ordered to be broken up but that was overturned and nothing ever happened other than some fines and the fame if true for example if you look at that $5000000000.00 fine against facebook just a few weeks ago by the federal trade commission $5000000000.00 is a lot of money but on a percentage basis it's a drop in the bucket for facebook so my guess if we're going to see from fines will be from changes in privacy and other practices but google is going to be here a long time from now and they're not threatened by this british airways us
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consulate almost all its flights as pilots begin to today strike who most 150000 passengers are expected to be affected by the industrial action it's a 1st by the airlines pilots and it's history they've rejected a 11.5 percent pay rise of a 3 years which would give the highest earning pilots many $250000.00 a year the pundits say they want to biggest share of the company's profits. break here al-jazeera when we come back life in saddam is still a daily struggle for many despite former president omar al bashir. a call from a fog rebel fighters in colombia to take up arms again. we'll tell you how an ancient chinese martial artist found a new home in west africa. had
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plenty of rain across southern sections of china but actual fact you can see where the keris guys also were actually and see a couple of dry days really from all the way around the coast up into chandon we've got 34 celsius in shanghai on shoes day with those dry conditions we could throw a season scottish thunderstorms in hong kong for the next couple of days most of taiwan staying dry for the next couple of days and also by wednesday that is when we should have some care a dry conditions generally across much of the northern philippines but the rains pretty extensive c. across into northern sections of vietnam and thailand further to the south we've got some clouds in the forecast but much of borneo will stay dry for the next couple of days there will be some showers that what the way along these northern coastal areas and then out schools the west we just got cloud really working its way for the south was across much of sumatra and also across the malaysian peninsula and india those monsoon rains have been fairly active again of the last week or so and again his evidence of that on of the soft light so for example
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mumbai yet more rain in your forecast for the next couple of days quite heavy on the cheese day so far since the 1st of june 3333 millimeters of rain has come down the same or in the forecast and it's more extensive into the northeast as we head on into wednesday. sponsored town. over the decades millions of arabs have moved from the middle east many refugees but others economic migrants taking their skills abroad. al-jazeera world meets to doctors to forge new lives in a struggle and the u.s. . never forgetting their roots. but each committed to building a new life helping others. arabs abroad the surgeons on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. when people need to be heard
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and the story needs to be told pretty remarkable good to that of we had died last week crossing from mexico to the united states with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports we can live according to their tradition but life is exceptional now does iraq has teams on the ground to bring more award winning documentaries and light news. welcome back a quick reminder the top stories here on the news out of the british prime minister boris johnson has suffered another blow on the floor of parliament he failed to get the 2 thirds majority needed to call a general election and it leaves the country's budget crisis in stalemate house of commons goes into
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a 5 week suspension. south korea's military says north korea's fired 2 unidentified missiles into the sea just hours after offered to resume denuclearization talks with the u.s. the projectiles were reported in north from south province near the capital. and rescue workers in the bahamas are still searching through day brief of bodies after hurricane dorian devastated the islands last week the death toll stands at 45 but that number is expected to soar 70000 people are need of food and shelter. now a judge in the u.s. state of california has once again blocked the trumpet ministrations plans to prevent most migrants from seeking asylum at the border with mexico the white house called the ruling a gift to human smugglers and traffickers and says it undermines the rule of law for decades refugees have been able to apply for asylum once they set foot on u.s. soil regardless of how they got there. well the numbers of migrants apprehended at the u.s. border with mexico has dropped in recent months president trump says the deployment
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of thousands of mexican soldiers has helped bring down the numbers but critics say the policy is not a long term solution. as more. since campaigning to curb illegal immigration to the united states president donald trump has tested a variety of policies to stem the flow of migrants across the southern border some were widely considered disastrous like the 0 tolerance rule of 2018 that separated thousands of children from their parents but other policies have been more successful u.s. customs and border protection says border arrests have dropped dramatically since may's peak of 140000 people now that number is down to 51000 in august according to preliminary figures the numbers are really good i want to thank again the country of mexico they have 25000 soldiers right now protecting our border and they've done a fantastic job so we appreciate that very much that is
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a much different tone from what we heard from the white house in june when an angry president trump gave mexico and ultimatum either step up its efforts to keep central american migrants from reaching the u.s. border or face crippling tariffs the 2 countries agreed on a 90 day test period before those tariffs would kick in mexico says it has complied it's deported more than 100000 central americans since january disrupting the migrant flow to the u.s. in terms of the mexican perspective at least the numbers have been decreasing so there has been some results from this policy but over the long term this type of negotiations threats by the united states are not going to lead to long term solutions immigration experts say the u.s. should expand its asylum program there's a current backlog of more than 850000 cases for now mexico has agreed 1st. some migrants to remain in mexico while their u.s. asylum cases are pending that's led to long stays in mexico's dangerous border
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cities and really. believe that we've always been at risk always in danger but when we try to cross they stop us. from says the drop in border crossings is a major win but his other promise of making mexico pay for the border wall has not been fulfilled construction is happening but the money is being diverted from other u.s. government programs the military and disaster relief are paying the price heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington. rachel smith joins us live via skype from alexandria virginia and rachel his program associate in migration at the mexico institute rachel what's your response 1st to this ruling by a federal judge in california that puts a stop on president trumps plans to prevent most migrants from seeking asylum at the us mexico border. well i think that this ruling only emphasizes the importance
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of the talks coming into tomorrow with u.s. and mexican officials and really what what they're both want to do in terms of managing these migrant flows now that the u.s. cannot effectively banned thousands of people. for asylum hearing united states i think it's an opportunity to look at the u.s. asylum system and how to make the asylum system warfare more efficient for asylum seekers that are coming in and how to work best with mexico to do that in a way that is pragmatic and that works well. rachel and coupled with that the mexican foreign minister has said that mexico will not become a safe country for asylum seekers and migrants trying to get to the u.s. so what does this mean then for migrants. well it remains to be seen i think xico as you have mentioned has been very adamant that they will not sign us if their country we've seen reports from honduras and guatemala that there are potential asylum agreements coming through with the united states so that could mean a major shift in where asylum seekers are able to apply now temperature now all we
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know is that those agreements have not been ratified fishley and so it's still migrants are caught in the cross-hairs they really are becoming a bargaining chip for the trumpet ministration and so hopefully again tomorrow these talks we will see some of the needle being moved forward on ways in which asylum seekers can access the asylum system officially yeah and we know that mexico is spearheading this comprehensive development plan that aims to reduce migration from countries like guatemala el salvador honduras and so far mexico has dodged these tariffs which were threatened by president trump a few months ago so is this immigration deal likely to work in the long term do you think. in the longer term no there has not been really a discussion on what are the medium and long term solutions the focus has been very heavily on imports men and on returning asylum seekers to mexicans mexico's northern border and so yes of course mitt has a place in the discussion but there also needs to be a discussion around access to jobs how to provide protection and
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humanitarian care for asylum seekers as they're waiting what that what the system looks like in 51015 years that unfortunately that hasn't been a part of the discussion and i think that particularly the u.s. administration needs to realize that the face of migration is changing it's no longer single adult men from mexico but it really is families who are seeking protection in the united states who have very different cities and so not sure that this agreement really goes far enough to discuss the longer term solutions it is too focused on the short term and so that's something that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later richard smith could we have to leave it there thank you very much indeed for your time. thank you so much iran's foreign minister has accused israel's prime minister of seeking a pretext for war and follows benjamin netanyahu claims that terror and was developing nuclear weapons at a secret site in this site iran conducted experiments to develop
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nuclear weapons this is the site we're up with this out of his farm when iran realized that we uncovered this here's what they did they destroyed the site they just wiped it out what we see is a consistent pattern of the really lies deception in violations i call on the international community to wake up to realize that iran is systematically lying and i call on the international community to join president trump sanctions to exert what pressure on iran probably force that has more now from western lucilla. this isn't the 1st time that benjamin netanyahu has made a short notice on camera briefing about iran's nuclear program just last year he revealed what he said was an israeli intelligence operation a raid on a warehouse in tehran revealing what israel said was the archive of iran's nuclear weapons program going back many years this time he went on to make the bigger
5:38 am
revelation of this evening's announcement saying that israel had uncovered a a secret iranian nuclear weapons facility in a place called other day near is for one and he said that as soon as iran understood that israel knew what was going on there it raised the entire operation destroyed it and tried to cover it up now this was an interesting statement on a few levels firstly that it seemed less produced there were fewer gimmicks few a graphics fewer props than benjamin netanyahu often uses in these sorts of things that seem to be a bit more hastily arranged than last year's announcement 2 was that he made it both in hebrew and in english for the hebrew audience his domestic audience the iranian issue is the number one issue in terms of security the message that netanyahu typically sends we are a week away from the israeli election and so iran security is very high on his
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agenda and in english to the wider world the message is coming at a time when president trump who pulled out of the iran nuclear deal shortly after benjamin netanyahu statements on iran's nuclear archives last year it's a time when president trump himself has been raising the prospects of having talks with the iranian president rouhani and that is something that is being seen here in israel as a real threat to netanyahu zentai a policy of pressuring the united states to sanction iran pull out of the deal and get wider global pressure on iran and so once again he seems to be communicating pretty directly with president trump through the means of this kind of statement about iran's alleged nuclear activity. fighters who lay down their weapons in colombia say they remain committed to peace despite former commanders in them to rearm the commanders accuse the government of betraying the deal which ended colombia's civil war 3 years ago. reports now from south of the capital bogota.
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deep in the mountains a new town is born graffiti on the walls still tell stories of rebellion but former fire fighters are now working hard to grow or sell their craft beer they say they would need committed to a peace process despite the announcement by 5 former 2nd in command that he and others would take up arms again. these divisions always happen among armies with people that decide to take a different path we're here because of our commitment and our conscience it's clear those who remain firm are welcome those who leave will deal with their responsibility this is one of 24 camps built all over colombia for the read to gratian of almost 14005 years since the signing of the peace deal in 2016 many have married had children built a family yet signs of their struggle to read degraded to civilian life are easy to
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see. there are whole water sewerage and are yet to be connected to the electricity grid leaving. to rely on a gas generator to operate this co-operative business he leads. the government has not fulfilled its obligations with the agreement they don't have the political will to implement the deal i find it mind boggling that the government of the present duke offers a $1000000.00 for information on the dissidents when it would make more sense to use that money for our reintegration united nations figures show that just 10 percent of former fighters have so far received credit for farming or other development projects and the government also announced it was investing always $5000000.00 u.s. dollars to buy land for those projects but none has been bought since. delays in the implementation of the peace deal a big power did by worse
5:42 am
a big security could be 136 former fighters have been killed by other armed groups still operating. yet they say it's not time for despair. despite all the difficulties we remain firm and peace we want to demonstrate to colombia and the world that we are keeping our word. the peace process has its problems but there is still time to save it judging by the determination shown here . so. it is new coalition government has won the 1st of 2 confidence votes the lower house its approval for the alliance between the populous 5 star movement on the center left democratic party outside parliament right wing groups including members of 5 stars former coalition partners demonstrated their leader need pulled out of the old coalition hoping a new election would give his party majority it's in the senate still needs to vote
5:43 am
on the new government. pro-government candidates have suffered big losses in moscow's local elections after a backlash against vladimir putin's united russia party before this latest poll it held 38 of the 45 seats that's now down to 25 despite its candidates running as independents putin has seen his approval ratings drop after a crackdown on the opposition and a slowdown of the economy where the vote is seen as a test for national elections in 2 years time step fast and has more now from moscow. well everyone here in moscow still trying to make sense of what exactly has happened in these very well watched elections it's an interesting and complicated political scheme that has played out but indeed the russia united russia party the ruling party has never lost as many seats before. they lost a monopoly basically they have still the majority in this city duma. still
5:44 am
can basically have their influence heard but they have to deal with a lot of forces at the moment not the actual real independent opposition because they were simply banned from running in the 1st place but the communist party has grown here is significantly becoming as have never been like a serious opposition very much opposing the ruling party but it will mean that is more diversity in this in this most city do about what it means and more is that this is the signal that despite this crackdown by the government on the opposition many people have been arrested they have been jailed for long sentences they have been beaten up but still that they have made this voice heard through this so-called smart phone which was called for by opposition figure. and this has basically been successful looking at here in moscow this means that the opposition is a force to be reckoned with and that's as some people have described it some cracks
5:45 am
are now appearing in putting through. these talks have begun in south sudan between the president and the exiled rebel leader. that in juba on monday to sit with president salva kiir meeting seen as an important step towards implementation of a stalled peace deal at least $400000.00 people have died since the country's civil war started in 2013 after to remove mashad as vice president. 5 months after saddam's president omar bashir was removed people are still finding it hard. to make ends meet a transitional government is now in place and the new prime minister is faced with the mammoth task of reviving an economy which has been spiraling for decades on a dollar ports in the capital khartoum. we're going when obama goes shopping she knows exactly how limited her budget east she's a school teacher and less than $50.00 a month but she has a job according to official figures one in 5 people in sudan of working age don't
5:46 am
believe deliberate our salaries are very small and the cost of living is extremely high on a schoolteacher and i do another job just to be able to put food on the table for my children we live from hand to mouth the prime minister abdullah have built a well lit respected economist will have to deal with $52000000000.00 in foreign debt and try to rebuild a country devastated by decades of civil war u.s. sanctions corruption and failed economic policies last year the international development agency usa id said more than 7000000 people in sudan were in need of humanitarian help while 5 and a half 1000000 were at risk of starvation 60 years after independence we still. export almost all our products material and 80 percent of the industrial sector in sudan as a result of neglect by the politicians now shut down we have been having negative growth in the economy for the last 10 years so that this economy may not be healthy
5:47 am
but it doesn't like potential the country has hof a 1000000 hectares of types oil and an annual share of 18000000000 cubic meters of the nile waters it's often described as the future bread basket of the arab world so that also has an estimated 120000000 heads of livestock an annual production of 107 tons of gold and some oil and precious minerals experts say. what's needed now are the right policies and some hard work. we need investments in consumer products and to reform the markets prices and salaries we need to encourage saving and to move beyond negative investments such as real estate we should invest in factories and farms and take us to really measures across the board austerity and more liberalization may be demanded by the world back and other western institutions if they have to offer any help to sudan but some economists are warning against taking
5:48 am
this path at this stage we do not need to completely free quantum people understood freedom of a quantum e liberalization of the economy means that you do whatever you want. and we have cases of exaggerated profits the government put his fingers in many cases to correct the wrongs has been done. to achieve that the country needs political stability through a final peace deal with its armed groups then it will have to find some middle ground between a free market economy and strong government involvement the country's new prime minister says he's ready for the challenge. nigeria says it will rip nearly 600 citizens from south africa this week following a wave of attacks have left at least 12 people dead in johannesburg nigeria's top diplomat in south africa says 320 people will be flown home on wednesday it's not
5:49 am
clear when the rest will be taken back nigeria has recalled its ambassador from pretoria of attacks targeting foreigners and their businesses have been reprisal attacks on south african and firms in nigeria and zambia time not a short break here not to say i want to come back. oh. cool. approach at a crucial game against. thank
5:50 am
5:51 am
you very much ira she is high and that was the hero for afghanistan as his team sealed a historic win over bangladesh in their charter graham. claimed career best figures of 6 for 59 as afghanistan border bangladesh late on day 5 to seal a 224 run when the stand alone test it was just the 3rd match in cricket the longest format and is afghanistan's 1st test when overseas. our fellow does celebrating an emotional win at the u.s. open the dark claimed his 19th grass slam title with a 5 said victory over daniela medvedev that allowed to set a lead to slip against the russian but recovered to when the decider $64.00 after nearly 5 hours of action the spaniard victory moved him within one of roger federer
5:52 am
as all time leading total of men's grand slam titles. we're going to know. in some way that. you know. and see all the things that they went through and be able to. do to still being here. so special for me i went through. 5 moments physically especially when you have physical issues mentally things became. much more difficult. and that a school is enjoying her rapid rise in the tennis world on top of the rockefeller center in new york the 19 year old beat serena williams on saturday to become the 1st ever canadian to win a grand slam singles title. now a french newspaper is reporting that formula one legend michael schumacher has been
5:53 am
admitted to hospital in paris for treatment it's claimed the 7 time world champion who will start a new anti inflammatory stem cell procedure schumacher hasn't been seen in public since a skiing accident 2013 that left him with severe head injuries well cup finalists. have suffered a setback in their qualifying campaign for next year's european championships croatia to the lead against azerbaijan through look a moderator as a vagina had lost their 1st 4 games in qualifying but hit back to secure a one all draw but croatia held on to the top spot in the group thanks to slovakia's win over hungary 10 games in all on monday the top 2 in each qualifying group are guaranteed a place at next year's finals germany are 1st thing group c. after 2 no winner of the 2nd place in northern ireland the netherlands arthur after
5:54 am
4 nil victory over is tonja belgium are top of group by following their 4 nail win in scotland. and kosovo will continue their effort to reaching a 1st major tournament with a game against england on tuesday the words of their coach will doubtless be ringing in the players' ears. not on their sharing his tactical approach with the world because of all are 2nd in their qualifying group behind england having only gained official recognition as a football nation 3 years ago. another coach with a fire reputation is a back in work diego maradona was given a hero's welcome as the new man in charge of game and who are currently at bottom of argentina's premier division the 986 world cup winning captain left his previous
5:55 am
coaching job in mexico earlier this year due to ill health. the african championships are wrapping up and senegal top athletes are using the event to qualify for next month while championships and time all the end of explains. when you think of kung fu. names like bruce lee and jackie chan spring to mind. those names are inspiring more than 12000 people who've taken up the sport in cynical. i really like chinese movies sometimes i see the tao that we are practicing here in a film. china's influence was clear to see. as a live in countries took part in the african bush championships in senegal the qualifying event for the world champs in shanghai next month it was of on the chinese visit congo and we always do activities together the chinese help us
5:56 am
enormously even the medal that we give to our athletes at the national championships we're taking care of by china. blue shield is broken into 2 categories it features the disciplines of tower which showcases the routine of choreographed techniques they were. oh and also sanda. which is a combat sport that mixes punching kicking in wrestling both men and women compete young and old. of course it's difficult and it's a challenge for girls to take part in we're sure it's the same as for boys it's normal but in the ring it's not violent fighting and political for a long basically it teaches us to control our anger and what i learned here is that one shouldn't go looking for trouble it's only for self defense we are taught solidarity we're like a big family and bit by bit we are learning the values of confit and i love it.
5:57 am
and it's that attitude that help in martial arts encourage move women into sport and we stand for with participation levels are historically low or. poor band of with al-jazeera. bad weather has resulted in major delays for england and australia as rugby teams getting to japan for the world cup it's typhoon season in japan and significant damage was caused by winds of 180 kilometers an hour australia were held up for 16 hours while england was stranded at tokyo airport for 5 hours defending a champion new zealand missed the disruption and have arrived safely in tokyo the old blacks are looking to win the 3rd world cup in a row. and that's why as well for me i will have more later on. son a thank you will that's it for me daryn jordan for this news my colleague michel terry's up next with much more of the day's statute on so much but.
5:58 am
we know the culture we know the problems that affect this part of the world very very well and that is something that we're trying to take to the rest of the world we have gone to places and reported on a story that it might take an international network for months to be able to do it cannot be made to feel these are the ploys anti-riot you know. we are challenging the forty's we're challenging companies we're going to places where nobody else is going. i cannot mark my phone with my face you can access your bank account with your voice unique algorithmic measurements of us that are revolutionizing the process of identification the fine metrics are far from perfect a convenience and seeming infallibility comes at a cost most crucially our privacy in the 4th of a $5.00 part series on the radio addresses the appropriation obama's personal
5:59 am
characteristics all hail the algorithm on the jersey of. jews in. every your. body know that corruption has reached a level like never ever before in our country. rank outsider. to president of the united states. the power was in the data we will moderate the american people with the truth and nothing else discover the formula for
6:00 am
winning the white house unfair game on al-jazeera. but once again the opposition think they know better. another defeat for boris johnson the prime minister loses a 2nd attempt to hold an early election and suspends parliament weeks before the october breaks a deadline. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera life from doha also coming up south korea accuses the north of firing 2 projectiles just hours after of young yang said it's open to talks with the u.s. . mccain faso where an insurgency has forced hundreds of thousands of people from their homes. and the ferry boat operator.


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