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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 10, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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they're living in that's when all of us can identify with the story. but once again the opposition think. back to. another defeat for boris johnson the prime minister who was a 2nd attempt to hold an early election and suspends parliament weeks before the october approximate deadline. and richelle carey this is al jazeera life and also coming up south korea accuses the north of fire into projectiles just hours after pyongyang said it was open to talks with the u.s. . under investigation again u.s. states launch an anti-trust probe against google accusing it of unfair practices. and it's very bad operator apologizes after bahamian evacuees headed to florida are
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told to get off. britain's practice of crisis remains deadlock with parliament again throwing out the prime minister's call for an early election that's boris johnson 6 parliamentary loss and 6 days and means he'll have to go to brussels in october to strike a new brick city or be compelled by law to ask for an extension and that's something he says he won't do but the clock ticking parliament's now been suspended until october 14th and for some reports on the day's events. you see the right 293 knows the man 46 the majority does not satisfy the requirements of the parliament for the purpose of generating. some see it has been expected but that doesn't lessen the damage this vote is doing to boris johnson's government. our yard still hides to trust the
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people but once again the opposition think they know fact they want the british prime minister to go very high to negotiation without the power to walk away a rowdy parliament hours away from being pro does suspension that will last 5 weeks the leader of the opposition hitting back i think we've had quite enough of the playground politics against. someone saying the prime minister didn't say was that he was going to obey the law of this country or another defeat for the government with in order to reveal all private messages between it's a vices about holders to prorogue parliament also assessments of a damage a no deal bricks it will cools and that vote was only the side show on a grey monday in westminster with more political drama playing out at every turn johnson had been in dublin trying to talk up the prospects of a brics
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a deal but there was a flat response from his irish counterpart. who said it will be a hook. to get a deal screwed at this stage the focus here is on the back story the insurance policy to avoid a hot u.k. e.u. border between northern ireland and england johnson has suggestions on alternatives but there are no prospects of an agreement right now the backstop continues to be a critical component of which all agreements unless and until alternatives are found. but we are open to alternatives but they must be realistic ones legally binding and workable and we haven't received such opposes today's skin of the labels stuck in westminster the deep into a monday night. and this was the scene inside the houses of parliament her was a surreal and to warm chapter of for next brick city politics. parliament
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being pro road but there's no doubt an election is coming but short of breaking the mold actually getting a deal for his johnson is highly unlikely to be going to the polls in time for its . time to simmons ots of westminster. south korea's military says north korea has fired 2 identified missiles into the sea just hours after it offered to resume the nuclearization talks with the u.s. they were reportedly launched from south pyongyang province near the capital seoul says they flew across the country before landing in waters off north korea's east coast negotiations between pyongyang and washington have a great block since the country's leaders failed to reach a deal and february brought mcbride has more from seoul. this seems to be a continuation of the missile launches that have continued now for a number of weeks seen as being north korea's anger to military exercises that have been taking place in south korea but those exercises ended last month it seems that
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north korea's missile testing has not and it does come just after a vice foreign minister from north korea had said that north korea is willing to re enter into negotiations with the united states probably later on this month and maybe at the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly so this could be a way of north korea trying to bolster its bargaining position ahead of those expectations talks north korea also likes to mark important anniversary and we've just had the 71st anniversary of the founding of north korea we also know that the north koreans know that short range missiles do not seem to bother the u.s. president donald trump he says that as long as there are no launches of much larger i.c.b.m.'s intercontinental ballistic missiles then the dialogue stays on track but of course with each missile launch north korea is improving its missile know how
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and that is of a concern to military chiefs here in south korea and also across the water in japan as this missile testing does appear to be continuing. and the u.s. state of california has once again blocked the chapter ministrations plan to prevent most migrants from seeking asylum at the border with mexico the white house called the ruling a gift to human smugglers and traffickers and says it undermines the rule of law for decades refugees have been able to apply for asylum once they sat on u.s. soil a point guard less at health care mexico's prime minister visits washington on tuesday the number of migrants apprehended at the u.s. border with mexico has dropped in recent months president trump says the deployment of thousands of mexican soldiers has helped bring the numbers down the critics say that policy is. not a long term solution castro has more. since campaigning to curb illegal immigration to the united states president donald trump has tested a variety of policies to stem the flow of migrants across the southern border some
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were widely considered disastrous like the 0 tolerance rule of 2018 that separated thousands of children from their parents but other policies have been more successful u.s. customs and border protection says border arrests have dropped dramatically since may's peak of 140000 people now that number is down to 51000 in august according to preliminary figures the numbers are really good i want to thank again the country of mexico they have 25000 soldiers right now protecting our border and they've done a fantastic job so we appreciate that very much that is a much different tone from what we heard from the white house in june when an angry president trump gave mexico and ultimatum either step up its efforts to keep central american migrants from reaching the u.s. forder or face crippling tariffs the 2 countries agreed on a 90 day test period before those tariffs would kick in mexico says it has complied
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it's deported more than 100000 central americans since january disrupting the migrant flow to the u.s. in terms of the mexican perspective at least the numbers have been decreasing so there has been some results from this policy but over the long term this type of negotiations threats by the united states are not going to lead to long term solutions immigration experts say the u.s. should expand its asylum program there's a current backlog of more than 850000 cases for now mexico has agreed for some migrants to remain in mexico while their u.s. asylum cases are pending that's led to long stays in mexico's dangerous border cities and really. believe it. we've always been at risk always in danger but when we try to cross they stop us. from says the drop in border crossings is a major win but his other promise of making mexico pay for the border wall has not
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been fulfilled construction is happening but the money is being diverted from other u.s. government programs the military and disaster relief are paying the price. castro al-jazeera washington. thousands of people evacuating the storm ravaged bahamas have taken shelter in the u.s. state of florida but on sunday more than 100 people were asked to get off a boat bound for the u.s. because they didn't have an american base it critics call it cruel but customs and border protection officials say it was a mistake and gallacher reports in lake worth florida. more than a week after hurricane dorian slammed into the bahamas residents is still being rescued dorian was the most powerful storms to ever hit the island nation leaving at least 70000 bahamians in need of help many lost everything in the face an uncertain future on saturday more than a 1000 residents were brought to florida on a cruise ship despite their own hardships those that made it a keen to offer assistance to those back home and start making some preparations to
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help the sentence does relieve. you know report is our neighboring island and that's where we got to go when emergencies happen and there are many so we got to make sure they good aid has been pouring in from the u.s. but some on board a ferry that left the bahamas on sunday were asked to disembark if they didn't have the right u.s. visas customs and border patrol officials blame the ferry company for not following procedures critics have called the move cruel but president trump says agents need to be cautious we have to be very careful everybody needs totally proper documentation i don't want to allow people the word supposed to be in the bahamas to come in to the united states including some very bad people 25 families are now at this shelter in lake worth florida we weren't allowed inside because of the trauma they've been through but aid workers say the evacuees are resilient there is a real attitude of hope that i see in the shelters we're trying to make sure that
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we keep a positive attitude specially for the kids we have a timothy's for the kids to keep them active and try to not let it you know get to them that they're not home they're not in their homes when they would be with their families and trying to make the best of a very. tough situation. even as they leave many awaiting to return and rebuild but with people still missing in communications poor news from the bahamas is a priority everyone here has what they need for now water food and a roof over their heads but what they really want is information the red cross tells us some of the evacuees left loved ones behind and they don't know whether they're alive or dead it's a chilling illustration of just how deadly hurricane dorian was amidst the confusion of a humanitarian disaster there have been so moving scenes this family found each other in fort lauderdale for many others the agonizing wait for news of their loved ones goes on at a gala crawl jazeera lake worth florida 4 missing crew members of
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a cargo ship the caught fire off the u.s. coast in georgia have been rescued as far as we're able to get to the crew by cutting off a hole in the whole of the south korean vessel who are trapped in the engine room for about 35 hours earlier helicopters were used to rescue 20 crew members. so ahead on al jazeera their dead. rise i'm concerned that. by donald trump says he called off peace talks with taliban. and former fighters turned their hands to new trains to show their commitment to colombia's peace deal. had the most occasions across much of the middle east the cloud across the area really see the east of the black sea that will continue to work its way eastwards
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over the next couple days not just class and shazam us isn't working there through georgia on a towards azerbaijan but temperatures in baku not bad for the next couple days and sunshine there and you know just how much is in baghdad around 40 celsius for the next couple of days so feeling a lot better than we have seen of late 33 across into kabul father to the south we have got some cloud with some showers likely to fall southwest of yemen quite a bit of cloud there as well it tends to drift out to say so not really coming on shore into oman so sunny skies in muscat with a high of 31 celsius and 41 in doha on choose to another touches have come up a little bit but on the up side the humidity has gone down so feeling a whole lot better certainly by wednesday senator how much is still some cloud into southwest of oman but probably less in the way all rain showers now we could see some rain showers into southern madagascar over the next couple of days just pushing in there and maybe just along the coast into the southeast of mozambique but elsewhere sunny across into south africa it is warm and dry for temperatures
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above the average 28 and 27 celsius in durban as we head off into wednesday. weather sponsored by countdown. is a dialogue let you decide not to have children and it's what the stake is really human survival everyone has a voice that must start with our community because of course this is a debate and it's a heated one this is a little be asian to be able to do a ph i believe and join the global conversation with people i think if only they knew what is happening to we were muslims they will be with us and they will be $30.00.
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watching al-jazeera let's take a look at the top stories right now u.k. prime minister boris johnson has suffered another blow on the floor of parliament if able to get the 2 thirds majority needed to call a general election and leaves the country's crisis in a stalemate is the house of commons goes into a 5 week suspension. south korea's military says more korea has fired 2 unidentified missiles into the sea just hours after an offer to resume to nuclearization talks with the u.s. a projectiles were reportedly launched from south pyongyang province near the capital. a judge in california has once again walked the trump administration's plan to prevent most migrants from seeking asylum at the border with mexico the white house called the ruling a gift to human smugglers and traffickers and says it undermines the rule of law. and u.s. president says peace talks with the afghan taliban are dead trump had invited a delegation to the summit at camp david but says he calls off the talks after the
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taliban claimed responsibility for an attack that killed several people including a u.s. soldier from washington alan fischer reports. president's confront what he suggested in a series of tweets over the weekend peace talks with the taliban are over we had a meeting scheduled it was my idea and it was my idea to terminate it i didn't even i didn't discuss it with anybody else the u.s. and the taliban had 9 runs of detailed and difficult talks in the khatami capital of doha it was reported a deal had been agreed in principle the u.s. would start a gradual withdrawal of $14000.00 troops in return the taliban would cut any keyser the al qaeda and offer security assurances to the us. but an attack in kabul a few days ago which killed 12 including an american soldier so the president revealed secret peace talks had been planned for the presidential retreat at camp david but were no cancelled. ending the 18 year war in afghanistan has been
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a focus of donald trump as he faces reelection but in an exclusive interview with al jazeera the taliban says it would have ended attacks on american forces if a deal had been reached in signing an agreement with them. then. nation not talk them and toward them up a safe passage one political expert says donald trump meet a basic diplomatic error given his lack of understanding of international politics he thinks he can negotiate something when he doesn't even understand what he's dealing with the us was expected to start withdrawing troops in the coming months and the president seems to suggest that's no not going to happen we beat them militarily but as soon as we leave it seems to form again we would beat them very easily militarily if we wanted to by doing certain things and i'm not talking nuclear afghan president ashraf ghani was not involved in the peace talks and the
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meeting at camp david was aimed at getting him to sign on there will be presidential elections and afghanistan at the end of the month and the what he is that with the collapse of the peace process they will be bloody and violent alan fischer al-jazeera washington iran's foreign minister has accused israel's prime minister of seeking a pretext for war as follows benjamin netanyahu his claims that tehran was developing nuclear weapons at a secret site. site iran conducted experiments to develop nuclear weapons this is the site we're up against south of this one when iran realised that we uncovered this here's what they did they destroyed the site they just wiped it out what we see is a consistent pattern of the real you lies deception and violations i call on the international community to wake up to realize that iran is systematically learning
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and i call on the international community to join president trump sanctions to exert more pressure on iran for fossil has more from western. this isn't the 1st time that benjamin netanyahu has made a short notice on camera briefing about iran's nuclear program just last year he revealed what he said was an israeli intelligence operation a raid on a warehouse in tehran revealing what israel said was the archive of iran's nuclear weapons program going back many years this time he went on to make the bigger revelations of this evening's announcement saying that israel had uncovered a secret iranian nuclear weapons facility in a place called abba day near is for one and he said that as soon as iran understood that israel knew what was going on there it raised the entire operation destroyed it and tried to cover it up now this was an interesting statement on
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a few levels firstly that it seemed less produced there were fewer gimmicks few a graphics fewer props than benjamin netanyahu often uses in these sorts of things that seem to be a bit more hastily arranged than last year's announcement 2 was that he made it both in hebrew and in english for the hebrew audience his domestic audience the iranian issue is the number one issue in terms of security the message that netanyahu typically sends we are a week away from the israeli election and so iran security is very high on his agenda and in english to the wider world the message is coming at a time when president trump who pulled out of the iran nuclear deal shortly after benjamin netanyahu statements on iran's nuclear archives last year it's a time when president trump himself has been raising the prospects of having talks with the iranian president rouhani and that is something that is being seen here in
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israel as a real threat to netanyahu is entire policy of pressuring the united states to sanction iran pull out of the deal and get wider global pressure on iran and so once again he seems to be communicating pretty directly with president trump through the means of this kind of statement about iran's alleged nuclear activity. people in the occupied west bank had protested against the death of a palestinian prisoner activists a boss who had been detained on murder charges was terminally ill accusing israeli authorities of medical negligence after he died on sunday rights groups have been calling for an investigation into that case. the u.n. says violence and became a fossil was forced nearly 300000 people to leave their homes 2 separate attacks all 29 people killed and it's highlighted a growing security problem for the west african nation some of the violence is split along religious lines and he blamed restaurant groups across the border from
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northern mali. this explosive report from. the government has issued a statement confirming this incident and that that's along the road ahead to the border with mali and one of the attacks happened in an area where we were filming just a few days ago and it's quite so real because the landmine was planted in the exact location so this minibus that was carried civilians drove over the lot mine and exploded 15 people were killed the other incident happened about 50 kilometers from that location and it was on a motorcycle riders who are carrying relief would put people who've been affected by the security problems with the situation still very dire along the way on our journey we so many many villages that had been hit and even the villages where some people walk you could just sense and feel the fear and the tension and then some of the people actually preparing to leave those villages so it's bipolar and even more
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dangerous as you go by the north and into the sahara region not access the tall and on to the board with mahdi. fighters relayed down their weapons and columbia say they remain committed to peace despite former fark commanders urging them to rearm the commander says the government of betraying the deal which and decline be a civil war 3 years ago. the reports from it can also south of the capital bogota. deep in the. new town is born graffiti on the walls still tells stories of rebellion but former foreign fighters of now working hard to grow or sell. dear they say they remain committed to a peace process despite the announcement by 5 former 2nd in command that he and others would take up arms again. these divisions always happen among armies with people that decide to take a different path we're here because of our commitment and our conscience it's clear
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those who remain firm are welcome those who leave will deal with the responsibility this is one of 24 camps built all over colombia for the reader to gratian of almost 14005 years since the signing of the peace deal in 2016 many have married had children built a family yet signs of their struggle to reintegrate into civilian life are easy to see. their holes lack running water sewerage and are yet to be connected to the electricity grid leaving. to rely on a gas generator to operate this co-operative business leads. the government has not fulfilled its obligations with the agreement they don't have the political will to implement the deal i find it mind boggling that the government of france and duke offers a $1000000.00 for information on the dissidents when it would make more sense to use that money for reintegration united nations figures show that just 10 percent
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of former fighters have so far received credit for farming or other development projects and the government also announced it was investing almost $5000000.00 u.s. dollars to buy land for those projects but none has been bought since. delays in the implementation of the peace deal or be pounded by worse a big security could be 136 former fighters have been killed by other armed groups still operating. yet they say it's not time for despair. despite all the difficulties we remain firm and peace we want to demonstrate to colombia and the world that we are keeping our word. the peace process has its problems but there is still time to save it judging by the determination shown here . google is under investigation for potential anti-competitive
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practices $48.00 u.s. states and 2 territories have launched a bipartisan probe into the tech giant welcome into whether the company's online advertising practices violate antitrust laws google's accused of using its search engine to monopolize the market it says that it will cooperate fully with all investigations the attorney general involved say the investigation is important for the protection of consumers and businesses it used to be a day when we searched google that we would be presented with links unrelated to the google business. very compelling analyses suggest that the overwhelming number of query responses relate to google businesses and or advertisers that pay for that slot within those links attorney generals really care about where the rubber meets the road and that is for the
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residents of their states and consumers we also care about businesses especially small businesses that may be locked out as a result of what may be monopolistic power how they can ask more from washington it's a company so big that its name has become a verb we're talking about google something you might have used dozens of times today well now there are 50 attorney generals from 48 states and 2 territories that are investigating google to find out if he has a monopoly a monopoly in this country if proven can be broken up forced to sell parts of itself now they compared this to david versus goliath and google has faced investigations in the u.s. before pretty much coming through it unscathed but these attorney general say that they're going to look at whether or not there it's not just the advertising google's quick got the market on that whether or not they're manipulating search engines to their own benefit so this is going to be a wide ranging investigation it's going to take
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a very long time and it's not just those attorney generals that are investigating the federal justice department is investigating google and so are members of congress italy's new coalition government has won the 1st of 2 confidence votes the lower house gave its approval for the alliance between a populous 5 star movement and the center left democratic party outside parliament right wing groups including members of the 5 stars former coalition partner demonstrated their leader in the tail sylvania pulled out of the old coalition hoping a new election that gave his party a majority of the senate still needs to vote on the new government. deakin there on the report on the old quote of months but the pics from an election whatever and when people go to one small and i'm certain you my words we are going to back down pro-government candidates have suffered big losses and moscow's local elections after a backlash against vladimir putin's united russia party before this latest poll it
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had $38.00 of the $45.00 seats now that is down to $25.00 despite its candidates running as independents who has seen his approval ratings drop after a crackdown on the opposition and a slowdown of the economy british airways has canceled almost all of its flights as pilots began a 2 day strike almost 150000 passengers are expected to be affected by the industrial action the 1st by the airlines pilot and its history they've rejected an 11.5 percent pay rise over 3 years which will give the highest earning pilots nearly $250000.00 a year the pilots say they want to bigger share of the company's profits. firefighters in australia are struggling to contain more than 100 bush fires burning across 2 states more than 400 people from the queensland coastal town of pregnant beach have been told they need to leave immediately as the fires continue to move at a fast pace which fires across the border and northern new south wales have gutted at least 9 properties emergency services say the hot and windy conditions are
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unprecedented for this time of year. there is a website al-jazeera talk keep it there for updates on all of the day's news and particular practice it's on the front page now and your headlines keep it or. recap the headlines now on al-jazeera u.k. prime minister boris johnson has suffered another blow on the floor of parliament he failed to get the 2 thirds majority needed to call a general election and leave the country's breck's a crisis in a stalemate as the house of commons goes into a 5 week suspension the house cannot choose it will not let anyone else. who says we did lose your way is believed to be reading the resolution decides only to be undecided determined to do the rather good food drink. and say no the household to her journey south korea's military says north korea has fired 2 and identified
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missiles into the sea just hours after it offered to resume denuclearization talks with the us they were reportedly launched from south province near the capital a judge in california has once again blocked the trumpet ministrations plan to prevent most migrants from seeking asylum at the border with mexico the white house called the ruling a gift to human smugglers and traffickers and says it undermines the rule of law. the u.s. president says as far as he's concerned the afghanistan peace talks are dead on all trump says it was his decision to end negotiations with taliban leaders because the group claimed responsibility for an attack that killed a u.s. soldier. google is under investigation for potential anti-competitive practices $48.00 u.s. states and 2 territories have launched a probe into the tech giant looking into whether the company's online advertising practices violate antitrust laws google's accused of using its research his search
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engine that is to monopolize the market and it says it will fully cooperate with the investigation. right wing groups have demonstrated outside at least parliament as the country's new coalition government won the 1st of 2 confidence votes the lower house gave its approval for the alliance between the populous 5 star movement and the center left democratic party. 4 missing crew members of a cargo ship there caught fire off the u.s. coast of georgia have been rescued rescuers were able to get to the crew by cutting a hole in the hall of the south korean vessel 4 were trapped in the engine room for about 35 hours earlier helicopters were used to rescue 20 crew members so bad lines keep it here on al-jazeera we have another bullet in the head the stream though is next. we are going to give to the people will be attending the workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone it's also terrorizing me we meet with global newsmakers and
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talk about the stories that matter. as much as i say that is a chilling question thousands of women and girls in south africa. as a relentless series of killings continue to shock the country i'm femi oke. in the 1st of 2 special shows on south africa we ask how can gender based violence be eradicated join today's conversation through twitter and our youtube live chat. south africa's president says that violence against women and girls is a crime against common humanity made a wave of killings that has provoked revulsion and anger university student that tasha died.


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