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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 10, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm +03

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but some tough stuff has to be said some critics have to be made the listening post on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello from doha everyone i'm kemal santamaria and this is the news hour from al-jazeera at least 31 people have been killed in a stampede in iraq at one of the holiest sites in shia islam we will have a live update from karbala also in the news nigeria's military is accused of holding thousands of children captive in the fight against boko haram time for sudan's troops to get out of yemen a prominent member of the new ruling coalition calls for an urgent withdrawal. and which way out of the break that impasse spars johnson's election plans have been thrown out and parliament suspended for weeks and is getting ready for the biggest
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match in this short history as a football nation. extend their 15 game unbeaten run and their latest european championship qualifier against england. so is not in with the breaking news out of iraq at least $31.00 pilgrims killed at one of the most sacred sites in shia islam they died in a stampede as hundreds of thousands gathered to mark the day of assura stretchers were seen carrying some of the more than 100 injured people into the holy city of karbala the government fears that number of dead 31 could well rise his child stratford in karbala 1st bring us up to date charles. will come out we've just been visiting one of the hospitals to take it in some of these as you say 100 injured a lot of very out. relatives and friends not allowed to go inside the hospital
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we've been speaking to some of the witnesses one man told us that he was. a stampede his friend to date injured he said the incident happened at a gate called russia now that's one of a number of gates on the hussein shrine and he said that it happened around 1 pm. midday prayers when the that the many thousands that were trying to get in to the shrine via that gate seems to have begun to trip over each other literally the pressure of numbers we were we went into the shrine a couple of days ago baba rajar is on a slope you drop into what could be described as i suppose a kind of crypt were in a church where the shrine if you say you need i was on a slope this witness saying that somebody had full nova and as you can imagine the pressure of numbers as many thousands of people tried to stream in but over each
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other many people suffocated and as you say expected certainly according to the health ministry that at least $31.00 people have died this witness interestingly also telling us that women and children were certainly at that particular gate women and children entering the shrine from another but this has to be expected certainly according to some of the authorities for the last few days who said that they were concerned about the safety of all. people coming to pay their respects during assure this year because the security has improved in iraq in recent years more and more people coming in and the authorities that we spoke to said that they thought that they were at least 3000000 visitors in karbala for sure today it might just be with charles if you don't want explaining briefly want to sure it is for viewers who are wondering why so many millions of people out there and powerful at once. well it sure is really the biggest
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one of the biggest shia commemorations among shia muslims around the world and karbala is where. hussein a man who they share has come to visit every year was killed around 1300 years ago when there was competition for the caliphate you could argue that the deaths all of whose side he was killed by a rival big. was the time when we basically saw this she is a split between what had become since sunni and shia mostly assure is of huge significance it happens every year and it is it is commemoration for who say it starts on the 10th day of my whole room there are 10 days of mourning before i sure and that mourning period will go on for another 30 days it is a huge significance to shia muslims around the world
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a great all know the shia muslims to come here and pay their respects and commemorate the site so you can imagine the amount of people here and the kind of stress that he's here to try and make this event go smoothly ok thank you for all those updates that in karbala iraq to other news in the nigerian army is being accused of detaining thousands of children in its efforts to crush the armed group boko haram human rights watch says many of been held in squalid conditions and haven't been allowed to see family members managers has the details now from my degree the capital of borno state friends. doing what they love most playing football. but they haven't always enjoyed such freedoms. they were raised by mothers married to. the boys now 12 were rescued by the nigerian army 5 years ago and taken to a detention camp. conditions they say while basic.
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they give us good food to eat was given to us when we think he's some time this soldier will stop us from playing the among ourselves when it's time for bed we had marked and some pillows spread on the floor. so not only will they brought us food we had clean water and even clothes they didn't beat me. but activists say some children have experienced a lot worse human rights watch says the army has been holding thousands of children in squalid conditions it says many have had no access to lawyers and families haven't been told of their arrest or detention the organization said such cases may constitute enforced disappearance as the nigerian military says the allegations are false i mean come under say 4 years ahead of engagement and it's just that they're being guided by those who are saying no child was deliberately mistreated the army
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says steps have been taken to address previous allegations human rights activists on their part i q state governments are failing the children they say only a few of them have so far received any form of support to deal with their trauma the united nations says at least $2200.00 children have been released by the nigerian authorities from detention most of them without charge the u.n. children's fund has since rehabilitated thousands of children and reunited them with their families use of were seized by book as a teenager now we need to early twenty's is among dozens of do your article is young men who have been given a new start is still remembers the 1st 2 weeks in the detention center. it. was that we surrendered and were taken to a police station in gaza where we were beaten by security officials and vigilantes we were later transferred to the game a military barracks for 14 days with some soldiers wanted to beat us more but we
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were told that we were being transferred to be d. radicalized it was traumatic. activists say rehabilitation is an important step for children taken by book. he would write torch is urgent that i did an army to release those related to detention immediately by degrees. by degree nigeria well to 0 original to nigeria's military who say the accusations of holding children captive off so. there is no any child. in nigeria i mean military detention facility anywhere in the north part of nigeria and indeed the whole of this country it is. under the leadership of . never to have any mine or one day age in any of the military tensions center we are even prone detaining.
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civilians into a military detention center if there are sufficient reason to do so and the thoughts now of joe becker of the children's rights advocacy director at humans rights watch says the detained children did not show any support to buckle her arm and some were held without charge. the united nations since 2013 has documented the detention of more than 3600 children in military holding facilities in northeast nigeria we interviewed more than 30 of these children in june of this year many of them had been detained that she will barracks for months and some for years in fact 2 of the children we interviewed have been held there without charge for 3 years so many of the children we interviewed described trying to escape boko haram attacks when they were arrested in. iran suspects they have been held generally without
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charge without any opportunity to go to court or to see a judge only one of the children we interviewed ever had a chance to say that they thought might have been an attorney there held without any contact with the outside world in a polling condition children described cell with 250 year 300 detainees packed into a 10 by 10 meter area hundreds of detainees sharing a single toilet with overwhelming stench detainees painting from the heat and in fact sometimes bodies being taken from cell. we acknowledge that the nigerian military has released over 2000 children and the rate of detention according to un statistics has dropped significantly between 20172018. violence also causing major problems in a part of west africa hundreds of people have been killed in the fighting in faso
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and it's causing a major food crisis affecting nearly one and a half 1000000 people the world food programme is now warning of what it calls an unprecedented humanitarian emergency staff and so he reports now from northern virginia faso farmers are abandoning their crops to escape the violence. on a normal day i said to diyala tells us she'd be at her family in the village of youth group children looking after their livestock. but instead they're not come for displaced people more than a 100 kilometers from home alongside many other books who have fled attacks. villages arrived in january after many were killed in a revenge attack when a rival community blamed them for the matter of a local chief and he signs. they bought into houses and clothes i fled with 6 children their cues does of collaborating with the armed groups from outside the country this is what remains of their village following other attacks more than
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200000 people have fled from their homes in parts of the north and east over the last 3 years some blame armed groups in bulk enough as well as others from neighboring mali for the increasing violence and tensions between rival communities are making the crisis harder to resolve. the wild food program says it's a humanitarian emergency. more than a 1000000 people need help we are focused working just in the area with his much most of so we are. going work that is supposed to be security problem it's really hard to imagine the horror some of this displaced people have faced most of them have come here with nothing but the clothes they're wearing they're supposed to stop high. just in the crops but both we talked to said the congo back to the villages to do that because it's still too dangerous. and
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a few others however did manage to return to their village after government forces secured the area he still relies on food aid. and i have 20 family members to feed me through wife's brain and grandchildren this food will last for 2 weeks we fled from our home before we could plant because the neighboring below village was attacked and we fear that the cuts would come to our almost next. after a whole day's wait starts his long journey back home it's 50 kilometers away and he'll pass through a dangerous area but he says it's a risk he's willing to take to feed his family catherine sawyer al jazeera nothing book in a facile. david goldman now from the world food program he says the food situation in one of the poorest countries in the world is worsened due to these tens of thousands of people displaced by the violence we're trying to be reaching about
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120000 of these displaced people and we're increasing our capacity to reach up to 210000 before the end of the year but the number keeps going up and. no the next step after feeding people is that we need to start to help them to take care of themselves and that is find them access to land most of them are farmers get access to that to the land with the local population get the new seeds and tools we're working with the u.n. food and agriculture organization on this and world food program together so that when the next harvest comes next year they won't be dependent on us anymore and then he even in the interim period they can do some planting do some periods of time there's some water around they can start some small business and start taking care of themselves here's what else is coming up for you on this news hour north korea fires missiles hours after offering to resume nuclear talks with the u.s.
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we'll colombia's former fox rebel fighters accept calls to take up arms again. and in sport we'll find out of somalia's a football team can continue their unlikely run towards qualification for the 2022 world cup. a prominent member of sudan's ruling coalition is calling for a peace agreement and yemen and wants sudanese troops fighting there brought home calls in sudan for them to be withdrawn have grown louder as the number of casualties increases the saudis are also accused of recruiting sudanese mercenaries and child soldiers laura birdman they has the story. after 4 and a half years of war yeah a prominent member of sudan's ruling coalition is calling on the transitional government to bring sudanese troops home. is the middle of the we don't need the war to continue in yemen we want the talks to go on according to the plan prepared
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by the united nations i think sudan can play a role in this regard through giving momentum to its allies in the arab coalition there for the sake of a peaceful solution that will guerin. the regular withdrawal of our forces without harming our relations with other countries. the decision to join the saudi led war against the rebels in yemen was made by former president omar al bashir was. the shares currently on trial in sudan after being ousted by the military in april following almost 30 years in power is also wanted by the international criminal court facing charges for crimes against humanity war crimes and genocide. the sheriff says thousands of sudanese troops to fight in yemen the saudis also recruited thousands. raise as well as child soldiers a fellow from brookings doha center says between 8014000 sudanese power military
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forces are fighting in yemen sudanese mercenaries many of them children from darfur have been lured into fighting on the ground in yemen in exchange for financial compensation many have been brought in from the darfur region of western sudan where conflict has been going on since 2003 it's estimated hundreds of sudanese have been killed in fighting in yemen al jazeera has evidence of saudi arabia trafficking child soldiers to yemen. because they told us would be working in a kitchen and making 3000 soldiers. tens of thousands of combatants and civilians have been killed in yemen leading the united nations to describe it as the world's worst humanitarian crisis lure about a man the al jazeera a joint operation centers being established in yemen's port city of following u.n.
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mediated ceasefire talks between the warring sides a month old truce there has been frequently violated but the united nations says this is significant. it is an important step forward in establishing direct lines of communications between the parties and the and obviously or un colleagues. on the ground so it is definitely a step forward. the european commission says it's ready to make a fresh start in its relationship with the u.k. after brags that president elect. van de leon spoke in brussels on tuesday where she unveiled her new team she's nominated phil hogan to lead the future e.u. trade talks which could put him in charge of negotiations with the u.k. the bracks and we never want it but we respect decisions that are taken by our british friends by of the united kingdom. the brics it should it happen is not the
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end of something but it's the beginning of a future relationship and i want these relationship as it has been in the past in the future to be a good relationship when we're british prime minister barak's johnson and his cabinet are desperately searching for a way to navigate out of the break regs that impasse have just been meeting after a night of high drama in parliament johnson's push for an early election was thrown out before parliament was suspended for 5 weeks lawrence lee has all the details from london. mr speaker the lord's will also rise by how much is this commission to declare to declare how well it said to ask how $55.00 this is and so also declared the prior great hall opens the presence of this honorable house really no. choice what the outside world makes of the
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british parliament shutting down for 5 weeks when the u.k. is going through the biggest political crisis since world war 2 is anyone's guess it's most certainly less than popular among the opposition and peace and the speaker of the house of commons this is not however a normal part of geisha it is not difficult it is not standard it's one of the longest for decades and it represents not just in the minds of many colleagues but huge numbers of people outside and active executives. as conservatives file doubts they were heckled by opposition m.p.'s who refused to leave they tried to stop the speak of from leaving and then sign protest songs in the chamber you. have to demonstrate only too clearly the collapse of traditional politics here government ministers of offered
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no explanation of the deal they are seeking if there is such a deal less aching let alone any work type proposals presented to parliament the scrutiny no wonder they are so keen to baroque so early to avoid any scrutiny of doing the right $293.00 knows the left $46.00 boris johnson had lost his 60 votes in 6 days even fewer and p's casting their ballots for a sober election but had done well. he tried it the 1st time and so while the opposition accused him of cowardice for suspending parliament he accused them of the same thing they're right on the bill james remove his cronies together with those other opposition parties have been trying to disguise their proposed risk cowardice by coming up with ever more rangers excuses for joining in on an election until the end of october and perhaps november when hell freezes over. in
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media the delay and procrastination that has become the hallmarks of the opposition before parliament was put into this induced coma the opposition was able to force boris johnson in civil corner he is now going to have to seek some sort of compromise with the european union if the u.k. is to leave the block by the end of october as he insists must happen but that in turn will infuriate the most pro breck's it right wing of the party and will inevitably cost them seats whenever the national election happens with his cabinet holding its regular meeting these calculations will all be in play rumors abound of the potential for more resignations from the ruling party as johnson's many critics say his grip over bricks it becomes ever weaker lawrence lee al-jazeera london. was sweden's prime minister when it joined the e.u.
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and is now the co-chair of the european council on foreign relations he says the e.u. is running out of patience with the u.k. . there's certainly a high degree of frustration and also sense that we we have important things to do in europe. we can't be sort of preoccupied with this it breaks it mess for ever and the brits simply have to make up their mind they do have a domestic political price is that as fair amount of understanding of that there's a hope that they will get out of the it in some sort of orderly and decent and democratic shape. but clearly there's an understanding that this can't drag on forever there has to be a resolution of the british political crisis but it has to be done by the bit sometimes the who clearly doesn't want to leave with the u.k. you doesn't want the kid leave the door closed don't want he doesn't want the u.k. to leave without a deed and that is why that was negotiation for i think to yes it does produce
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a deed which is that whether or your own son can make some sort of that yassmin disposition to make it possible to have some sort of. adjustment in the political declaration of something like that like that that makes it possible for him to get into the house of commons that remains to be seen. as you said he seems to be playing with ideas of sort of moving the potential boundary from somewhere on the island of ireland to in the irish sea that's technically a feasible proposition but where dates politically ready feasible that of course remains to be seen. to hong kong where protesters have used a football match against iran to highlight because demonstrators gathered outside the world cup qualifier and sang a protest song of china's national anthem iran had requested the game be moved to a neutral ground because millions of people have been taking part in anti-government demonstrations since april after the controversial extradition bill
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sponsored the protest so john brown has more from hong kong. where this is a very highly politically charged they would fit hong kong there was found in sexy here 10 can stadium on sunday night and the balance of course is going to the reasons when i hear a news actually wanted to change it then you have this match to somewhere outside a home run now the head of this game between hong kong and iran the authorities in hong kong had appealed to fans not to insult china's national anthem when it's played before the start of the magic which of course is something that traditionally happens here at home in the games like this but in recent months in so think the chinese national you know has become a tactic a strategy of these protesters because they're not just fans of football they're also fans of new democracy and as we found out before the game this is an issue which is also dividing them tell me will you will you will you sing the chinese
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national anthem tonight why live by what i want to say it is not my country's oh. so you won't know. no you know i don't see much that. i think that that we are seeing so it's not suitable for me the. utilities to the end of the chinese national anthem is now playing inside the stadium and people both inside and outside of the stadium doing very loudly this is when i think of movies and depression the interchange so unique that would make it an offense to anyone to instruct the next in action with the aim of up to 6000 u.s. trainers who are up to 3 years in jail. also hong kong's leader is warning the united states not to interfere with her government's response to the ongoing protest movement carolines also pleaded for an end to the violence she says she is
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committed to engaging with the protesters the offer of for actions not just the formal withdrawal of the bill is not directly to stop these protests on the violence that is really to extend. my sincerity to start a dialogue with the people saw in our view violence should be stopped for the benefit of hong kong but going forward to mend the rift in society and to bring back peace then we are very willing to engage people directly in a dialogue north korea has fired 2 missiles hours after offering to resume denuclearization talks with the us south korean commanders say they landed in the sea off the east coast of the korean peninsula the latest misawa test recently by the north on the go between donald trump and kim jong il own
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a deadlocked since the failure of the 2nd summit in vietnam in february more from rob mcbride to in seoul. this seems to be a continuation of the missile launches that have continued now for a number of weeks seen as being north korea's anger to military exercises that have been taking place in south korea but those exercises ended last month it seems that north korea's missile testing has not and it does come just after a vice foreign minister from north korea had said that north korea is willing to re enter into negotiations with the united states probably later on this month and maybe at the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly so this could be a way of north korea trying to bolster its bargaining position ahead of those expectations talks north korea also likes to mark important anniversaries and we've just had the 71st anniversary of the founding of north korea we also know
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that the north koreans know that short range missiles do not seem to bother the u.s. president donald trump he says that as long as there are no launches of much larger i.c.b.m.'s intercontinental ballistic missiles then the dialogue stays on track but of course with each missile launch north korea is improving its missile know how and that is of a concern to military chiefs here in south korea and also across the water in japan as this missile testing does appear to be continuing and still have you on this news are pakistan's foreign minister hits out of india's clampdown on kashmir with a kind of broader state of freedom of speech across the world. i'm natasha butler in paris where a new exhibition officer read glimpse into the final decades of francis bacon one of the 20th century's most important artists and sport an emotional homecoming for this baseball legend son mostly with the sport in the late.
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well it's all quiet across the middle east no surprises in the forecast a lots of hot sunshine still a little bit of cloud down towards that southeastern corner of pakistan but essentially this. little bit of clouts a fair weather cloud there between the black sea and the caspian sea might squeeze out one or 2 spots of rain but nothing much to speak of so there's a warm sunshine 40 celsius in baghdad about the more pleasant 29 by reading the 27 for through some similar values i speak a one in 2 states not just that cloud just around the caspian sinks a little further south with the said you might catch a special 2 of light rain out of this but nothing much to speak of but maybe a spot or 2 of light rain to just around the western side of yemen across the robin
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thanks so it's looking fog in truckee quite a king setting in lift it doesn't sound may just affect visibilities over the next ted which is over here on the 40 degree mark once again clear skies and it's logically skies to across much of southern africa again it's fair losing the warm weather that we have seen recently in cape town we were getting up into thirty's recently like it every 17 celsius awareness day which i believe as we go on into thursday the school is still with a high of 40. 3 months of protests on an unprecedented scale that would virtually paralyzed home call what began as a position to an extradition escalated into a broader pro-democracy movement so how and why did this crisis develop and more.
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in the 2nd of 2 special reports people in power examines the cool season possible consequences of homegrown summer of defiance on algae. 0. the latest news as it breaks the problem is that in many cases those fires get out of control with detailed coverage the protesters don't seem to be flagging and neither does the police's determination to suppress the movement from around the world most of these vehicles carry syrians fleeing from the south of the border and that influx caused a 2nd traffic jam in the only do over know that city of it there.
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on the news on here at al-jazeera and these are our top stories at least 31 the pilgrims killed in a stampede in iraq more than 100 others have been injured this is in karbala one of the most sacred sites in shia islam and the government fears the number of dead could rise the nigerian army is being accused of detaining thousands of children in its efforts to crush boko haram human rights watch says children have been forced to stay in squalid conditions and haven't been given access to family members by the military denies the accusations and a prominent member of sudan's ruling coalition is calling for a peace agreement in yemen and wants thousands of sudanese troops fighting there brought home. pakistan's foreign minister has warned the united nations human rights council of the risk of genocide in india and minister of kashmir sharma she's comments come after the un's human rights chief says she is deeply concerned about india's actions in the disputed territory the region's been under strict
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military clampdown for more than a month now since india revoked its autonomous status internet and cell phone services are still cut off in most places she's also calling for a un investigation and said the international community must take action. i should have to mention the word genocide here but i must with respect to the genocide convention because people in the occupied territory as a national ethnic racial and religious group of people face grave threats to their lives way of living and livelihoods from a murderous massada mystic and designer for b. could be jeem distinguished delegates india's efforts to hide its atrocities in the indian occupied german push me by falsely labeling it terrorism and cross border to resume our shameless. well the clampdown on freedom of speech has also been taken
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up by the us space committee to protect journalists it's released the list of the top 10 most sensitive countries in the world and eritrea topped the list as the worst for press freedom followed by north korea and turkmenistan researches and say the media there is used only as a mouthpiece of the state and independent journalism is only done from exile 4th and 5th you've got saudi arabia and china for jailing and harrison journalists and their families while also monitoring and censoring social media and the internet and the reports as other countries on the list use tactics like arbitrary detention as well as sophisticated surveillance and targeted hacking to silence the press courtney raj is an advocacy director with the c.p.a. the committee to protect journalists and says the murder journalist jamal khashoggi has become a symbol of press freedom across the world. we saw with the birder brutal murder of jamal his jokes the journalist for the washington post who was murdered in turkey with the ongoing imprisonment of more than
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a dozen journalists there the real crackdown since mohammed bin solomon came into power along with xi jinping and china both of which have you know these leaders have really per side over a massive crackdown on the press and yet they are regularly at summits with world leaders so we'd like to see those countries that do respect press freedom and allow the free flow of information to pressure those countries to do more we'd also like to see that those countries that receive for example development assistance or other sort of assistance you know let's try to get them to improve the environment on the ground it's we're not never going to see either good human rights outcomes good governance good development outcomes without the free flow of information so you know i think these countries need to realize that they can do more that they can use their diplomatic tool box in a more effective way saying with press freedom in a turkish newspaper has published details of the moments leading up to the murder
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of jamal khashoggi just weeks ahead of the 1st anniversary of the killing inside the saudi consulate here is jamaal sherrilyn stumble. with the 1st anniversary of the killing of. the saudi journalist murdered in the consulate here in istanbul just a few weeks away the turkish press of picked up the story once again this time so bottom newspaper printing details of the transcript of these order recordings but this time of conversations that took place between saudi consular officials here in istanbul and their superiors in the be all several days preceding to the murder of . namely between the intelligence officer that is stationed in the consulates here and his superiors in the capital riyadh on the 28th of september where he informs them that the journalists had come and that he would return in a few days time there also details of conversations that took place between the consul general himself and. these and will trip who was believed to be the lead
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there of this assassination team or hit squad there is according to these transcripts or details a reference to a quote unquote commission that would be coming in a few days that what we understand is that the commission was the assassination team and that the consul general should make the building ready for some very important and sensitive work to take place. the russians news agency is reporting that jerry is prime minister will resign following 4 months of protests over his role noted in bed to replace the longtime president out there as he's put flicka who was also forced out by mass demonstrations activists demanded prime minister beaudry step down before any new elections they also want all members of the former government to be put on trial. 34 migrants have been rescued from an inflatable boat with a broken engine in the mediterranean sea a german sailboat picked the group up
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during a thunderstorm of libya's north coast they have now been transferred to a norwegian flagged humanitarian vessel. rescue workers in the bahamas are still searching for bodies after hurricane dorian devastation the islands last week the death toll officially stands at 50 that number though is expected to increase the u.n. says about 70000 people are in need of food and shelter authorities in the capital now have asked people to open their homes to evacuees. and thousands of people evacuating the bahamas have taken shelter in florida but on sunday more than 100 were removed from a boat heading for the u.s. because they didn't have american visas customs officials say it was a mistake and gallagher reports from lake worth in florida. more than a week after hurricane dorian slammed into the bahamas residents is still being rescued dorian was the most powerful storms to ever hit the island nation leaving at least 70000 bahamians in need of help many lost everything in the face an
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uncertain future on saturday more than a 1000 residents were brought to florida on a cruise ship despite their own hardships those that made it a keen to offer assistance to those back home and start making some preparations to help sentence does relieve you thought. you know freeport is our neighboring island and that's where we got to go when emergencies happen and there are many so we got him a shot a good aid has been pouring in from the u.s. but some on board a ferry that left the bahamas on sunday were asked to disembark if they didn't have the right u.s. visas customs and border patrol officials blame the ferry company for not following procedures critics have called the move cruel but president trump says agents need to be cautious we have to be very careful everybody needs totally proper documentation i don't want to allow people that weren't supposed to be in the bahamas to come in to the united states including some very bad people 25 families
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are now at this shelter in lake worth florida they weren't allowed inside because of the trauma they've been through but aid workers say the evacuees are resilient there is a real attitude of hope that i see in the shelters we're trying to make sure that we keep a positive attitude specially for the kids we have a timothy's for the kids to keep them active and try to not let it you know get to them that they're not home they're not in their homes when they would be with their families and trying to make the best of a very tough situation. even as they leave many awaiting to return and rebuild but with people still missing in communications poor news from the bahamas is a priority everyone here has what they need for now water food and a roof over their heads but what they really want is information the red cross tells us some of the evacuees left loved ones behind and they don't know whether they're alive or dead it's a chilling illustration of just how deadly hurricane dorian was amidst the confusion of a humanitarian disaster there have been so moving scenes this family found each
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other in fort lauderdale for many others the agonizing wait for news of their loved ones goes on at a gala crawl jazeera lake worth florida. but breaking news and the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has said he intends to an excess the jordan valley in the occupied west bank if he is to stay in power after the coming election we've got harry force in west jerusalem to talk us through this. very well please do that action explain exactly where we're talking about the jordan valley. otome of that the jordan valley being the area alongside the jordanian border to the very east of the west bank kid occupies about 30 percent of the occupied west bank most of it is under israeli military control already as area c. as it's designated has some 65000 palestinians living there and also
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there are about 37 illegal israeli settlements in that area as well what's interesting about the statement though is that it's not really as was sold just minutes before netanyahu went to the podium to make it already there were indications this was going to be a very political statement in the final week of the election campaign as he's desperately trying to get more and more right wing votes for his likud ruling party but there had been reports that as well as that the he would announce the annexation of the jordan or the jordan valley and that he would announce some kind of american green light some sort of approval from the trumpet ministration even though for now it is delaying the release of the trump plan he didn't do that instead he merely asked for a mandate from the israeli people said that he was the man that needed to be in charge of the israeli government after the election in advance of the trump peace
6:44 pm
plan coming out that. pete and benny gantz the leaders of the main opposition party they wouldn't be able to get it done and then he started to detail some of the the follow on effects of such a plan but it is just a plan and he has made similar such promises in the past before previous elections indeed before the last election in april that ended with coalition talks breaking down so dramatically and netanyahu calling for another election in a couple of interviews he talked about extent. israeli sovereignty 2 israeli settlements illegal settlements in the occupied west bank even mentioned a couple by name and one of the main israeli political reporters in this in this country until further was tweeting just before this announcement saying that you have to remember that in the coalition talks that that happened after that election he rode back or didn't give any ironclad commitment so there is some skepticism
6:45 pm
about all this from the israeli media indeed when it was clear just how much of an electoral statement this was when that became clear a lot of the channels moved away from him in mid speech and started in a fairly mocking tone talking about here's another supposedly dramatic statement from measurement and you know so we have to see it in that light interesting stuff ok thank you harry for still in west jerusalem with that update now rebel fighters in colombia who laid down their weapons say they remain committed to peace despite their form of commanders urging them to rearm the commanders accuse government leaders of betraying the paint steel which ended the long civil war 3 years ago at a son that he has been meeting some of the rebel fighters in the mobilisation camps . deep in the. a new town is born graffiti on the walls still tell stories of rebellion but former fire fighters are now working hard to
6:46 pm
grow or sell their craft beer they say they remain committed to a peace process despite the announcement by 5 former 2nd in command that he and others would take up arms again. these divisions always happen among armies with people that decide to take a different path we're here because of our commitment and our conscience it's clear those who remain firm are welcome those who leave will deal with their responsibility this is one of 24 camps built all over colombia for the reed to gratian of almost 14005 years since the signing of the peace deal in 2016 many have married had children built a family yet signs of their struggle to reintegrate into civilian life are easy to see. their holes lack running water sewerage and are yet to be connected to the electricity grid leaving. to rely on a gas generator to operate the suing co-operative business leads. the government
6:47 pm
has not fulfilled its obligations with the agreement they don't have the political will to implement the deal and i find it mind boggling that the government of the present duke offers a $1000000.00 for information on the dissidents when it would make more sense to use that money for reintegration united nations figures show that just 10 per cent of former fighters have so far received credit for farming or other development projects and the government also announced it was investing almost $5000000.00 u.s. dollars to buy land for those projects but none has been bought since. delays in the implementation of the peace deal have been pounded by worse a big security could be 136 former fighters have been killed by other groups still operating. yet they say it's not time for despair. despite all the difficulties we remain firm and peace we want to demonstrate to
6:48 pm
colombia and the world that we are keeping our word. the peace process has its problems but there is still time to save it judging by the determination shown here . sun is a total sport the last time we had of course of a football the coach was shouting a lot. more of. course they were getting ready for the biggest mind to end this old history as a football nation the team on and 15 the game unbeaten run and and with a good chance of qualifying a for the 1st major tournament well later this tuesday kosovo take on well cup 75 this england in the european championship qualifier kosovo's national team only gained official recognition 3 years ago their 2nd in group a behind england having beaten the czech republic 21 in their last game. we are here against one of the best team in the world. in my
6:49 pm
opinion 0 best team in the world we have done a good game against cheshire preview keep it was very very hard i have seen also the games the game. against cheshire a prequel you they're all that's mean it will be for was. not to need the game. kosovo whoopie. very high pursing hard working. more attacking threat than we faced on saturday. maybe they'll be a little bit more space to play higher up the pitch but certainly very. whole team working extremely hard to make by from comfortable for you are the top 2 teams in each group i guarantee the sport to at next year's finals in england have won all of their games so far wanting to go of verses the czech republic is choose days other group
6:50 pm
a match he had of french football is facing criticism after telling referees and not to stop matches if there is a homophobic abuse from fans noir look it says he is totally against the referees it taken such action on us despite new rules that have been introduced that allows officials to intervene several top level matches in france i have been interrupted at this season because of homophobic chanting in the stands. so miley have suffered that world cup break in there called fine match against him bob a last minute goal denied to africa's lowest ranked it seemed a place in the next round on the road to qatar 2022 somalia one of the home leg of this high one nil it was the country's 1st ever victory in a world cup qualifier zimbabwe were a goal up in this return tie when in a strike from somalia's all mama look to have put his team on course for famous victory but zimbabwe hit back with 2 goals in the remaining seconds to grab
6:51 pm
a 32 aggregate when they now progressed into the 2nd round of the african qualifying. u.s. president donald trump insists his country is working to improve equality in a women's football the national women's team are currently a locked in a legal dispute with their own federation over gender discrimination dave stokes has more. president trump's relationship with the u.s. women's football team is frosty at best but after talks with the president jonny and punting you know he for the 1st time publicly acknowledged that he's trying to do something about gender inequality in the game. as johnny and i just had a meeting on women's soccer is what everybody's going to do to make that even better and more equitable etc etc so johnny thank you very much we had a great meeting women's soccer were you are world champion there is much more to the president was saying this to me and he is right and we are working with that
6:52 pm
and we will announce very soon some new initiatives the u.s. women's team won the world cup in july but all 28 squad members are engaged in a lawsuit against the federation alleging they were discriminated against on pay us soccer dispute this and after mediation talks broke down a trial date has been set for may 2020. 5 there's plenty of public support for the team from equal pay chants during matches to the thousands who turned out for their victorious return to the states even politicians got involved. they play the same game that the men's soccer players play by the way they play it better there is a big play in with better results if there's any economic rationale the man should get paid less than the women trouble of his work cut out winning over the biggest star in the u.s. team making rypien oh she's been involved in a public media battle with the president ever since this interview clip of merged during the world cup where he's going to miami. now and i know i have the women's
6:53 pm
game aside trump an infant to know also discussed planning for the 2026 men's world cup which the u.s. will co-host with mexico and canada and although it's 7 years away trump joked he was keen to play a part with jonny we're going to have to stand by 2nd term because 2026 i'm going to have to extend it for a couple of years the u.s. women's team will hope he uses the time that he does have left in office to further their cause david stokes al-jazeera. i missed international is calling off to act after an iranian female football fan died a week after setting herself on fire outside the courtroom so hard to hold the very was facing 6 months in prison for trying to enter a football stadium which is illegal for women in iran in amnesty's polk's spokesman said her only crime was being a woman in a country where women face discrimination is entrenched in the law and plays out in
6:54 pm
the most horrific ways this discriminatory ban a must and immediately and that the international community including fever and the asian football confederation must take urgent action to end the ban and to ensure that women are allowed access to all sports stadiums without discrimination or risk of prosecution or punishment. boston red sox legend. has made his 1st public appearance since being shot in the dominican republic 10 time all star was shot in the back this year in a case of mistaken identity the 43 year old threw out the ceremonial 1st pitch against the new york yankees at fenway park on monday. and that's it for me son and thank you so much for that finally and for the 1st time in nearly half a century in nearly a half century i'll get there eventually love love was able to visit an exhibition
6:55 pm
on the british answers francis bacon everyone who works will be displayed at the famous pompidou center in paris but its image is often focused on human pain and its role distinctive style continues to intrigue and throw the talk about reports from the french capital. francis bacon captured the wrongness of the human condition and used a striking palette to indulge his fascination with the body his paintings often represented doomed lovers or dwelled on death and new exhibition of paris's pompidou center shows how the british 20th century artists exploration of existence intensified in his later years his goal in his in his work that's to express life but when you express life when you are fascinated by life you have to deal with death because life and death are mixed to give or bacon had a reputation for being witty and a gambler a ball vivre who drew inspiration from post-war london's nightlife by contrast his canvases simmer with profound in
6:56 pm
a times violent contemplation and i would never compete with the busy. things happening every day in the world so busy i can't imagine why people think my work as. the exhibition also focuses on bacon's love of literature we established between literature interest and it's painted because we know bacon was a good reader and more and more during in time to talk about literature francis bacon is considered one of 20th century western art's most important and influential figurative painters and his move remarkable because he was never formally trained it was actually here in paris that as a young man he decided to become an artist. on bacon's 1st trip to paris in the 1920 s. a picasso exhibition inspired him to become an artist he returned to the city often
6:57 pm
and befriended famous french writers including michel larry says the link with the with the french intellectuals is very important in that way and when he moved to paris when he gets this studio in order to be in 74 he starts to meet more often which is presenting him to other poets like director pants on the 60 paintings on display spanned the last 2 decades of bacon's life and include his last known work it was finished a few months before the 82 year old artist died in madrid in 1992 the shadowy figure of a fading bull is full of mystery and for polluting a sign perhaps the bacon knew his own existence was nearing its end natasha butler al-jazeera paris and that is your news hour from the opposite way back in a few moments with more of the day's news see them.
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0 world meets to arab immigrants who left the middle east and built exceptional lives overseas. weaving into the fabric of society of their adoptive countries finding success in germany and canada yet never forgetting their homelands of syria and lebanon remarkable human stories of arabs abroad the politician and the inventor on al-jazeera. driven by outrage and spanning
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generations the rohinton demonstrators gathered on the very day a widely criticized repatriation agreement between the governments of bangladesh and me and more was to begin the anger was all too apparent and the fear was palpable if you don't like us so afraid that if they send one of us back to myanmar today tomorrow they'll send back 10 and the day after tomorrow they'll send back 20 idea if we were given citizenship in myanmar then there would be no need to take us back there we would go back on our own we must remember the rancho among the most persecuted minorities in the world. in the heart of the amazon believe me in families this man lives in peril to harvest brazil nuts. but it's getting the congo to the capital is an even more dangerous challenge let's risking it tool to believe be out. on
7:00 pm
al-jazeera. a bold campaign promise from israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu he is vowing to begin an exciting part of the occupied west bank if reelected next week. santa maria with the world news from al-jazeera at least 31 people have been killed after a stampede during assurer commemorations in the holy iraqi city of karbala. also nigeria's military is accused of holding thousands of children captive in.


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