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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 10, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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in the south of the border the influx causes a traffic jam in the only to over know that city of. this is al jazeera. or from doha everyone i'm come all sons of maria and this is the news hour from al-jazeera. another national security adviser is gone u.s. president donald trump has fired john bolton. also a bold campaign promise israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is vowing to an expanse of the occupied west bank if he's reelected next week. at least 31 people killed as well after a stampede during assure a commemorations this is in the holy iraqi city of karbala. and are intended
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london with the top stories from europe including a tumultuous times in british politics continue on to the dramatic suspension of parliament prime minister boris johnson insists a new press it deal is possible. and this for somalia have suffered a world cup heartbreak against him by way a last minute goal denied africa's lowest ranked team a place and the next round on the road to qatar 2022. so the u.s. national security advisor john bolton has been fired by president donald trump in just the past couple of hours in a tweet the u.s. president said he had numerous policy disagreements with bolton as did apparently others in the administration bolton was trump's 3rd national security adviser we will have reaction from washington in just
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a moment but we'll start with this from mike hanna looking back at john bolton's time in office we think the sanctions. fighting john bolton was the 3rd national security adviser pointed to by president trump since taking office and he's the 3rd to resign after much speculation of imminent firing bolton brought to the white house decades of experience in foreign policy and a hawkish disposition that had never wavered. he served as ambassador to the united nations under george w. bush from 2005 to 2006 and use that position to continue to justify the u.s. invasion of iraq that he had relentlessly advocated a few years before madam president he returned to the un alongside president trump as national security adviser during the general assembly session last year and once again made his presence felt we've imposed very stringent sanctions on iran more are coming. and what we expect from iran is massive changes in their behavior
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around here certain national security control of the u.s. mission at the u.n. effectively downgrading the role played by ambassador nikki haley who resigned within months of his appointment what many diplomats say is that it's very hard to get clear decisions out of the u.s. mission to you at present and that is a probably because bolton and other members of the administration are fighting over what policy lines to take the secretary. while the administration appeared united in its america 1st policy some differences began to emerge particularly with regard to north korea chairman kim asked for this meeting president trump agreed with bolton adopted a take it to leave it attitude to negotiations leading to north korean complaints that he was undermining the policy of dialogue at the catered by both president trump and secretary of state mike pompei or the iranian regime has systematically pursued a policy of hostility toward the united states then the apparent moment of real
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division as he'd done in years past a national security adviser began to press for active regime change in iran. characterizing the shuttle deployment of a u.s.b. to the region as in his words a clear and unmistakable message to the iranian regime that's at odds with the white house policy in which the focus was morning exerting economic pressure through sanctions. after weeks of discussion it was confirmed that additional troops would be sent to the region but numbering hundreds rather than the 10s of thousands had bunked and was believed to be pressing for president trump denied there was friction within his cabinet i think it's fake is ok now what i do that absolutely but we have got plans for that hopefully we're not going to have to plan for that and if we did that would send a hell of a lot more troops and that the final straw perhaps a sadhana comment by a principal adviser to the iranian president who wrote in a tweet at real donald trump you want to the better deal with iran looks like
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you're going to get a war instead that's what happens when you listen to the mr good luck in 2020 john bolton is now on his way out his some star intact his dream up regime change shattered mike hanna al-jazeera washington now in the hostile father has been a news conference from u.s. secretary of state mike on payer and the u.s. treasury secretary steve pump aoe who has been defending the president's decision to fire john bolton so last night the president asked for and both ambassador bowles resignation as i understand it was received this morning the president's intitled to the staff that he wants that at any moment a staff person who works directly for the president that states and he should have people they trust and values and whose efforts and judgments benefit him and delivering american foreign policy that's what as cabinet member secretary lew should i try and do each and every day and when the president makes
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a decision like this is well within his rights to do so. well national security advisers obviously important role in any administration but no one's held it very long under don't trump in fact if you go back to the 1st advisor michael flynn who is a retired army lieutenant general he lasted just 24 days the shortest tenure of any security adviser in history and he's awaiting sentencing for making false and fraudulent statements to the f.b.i. he was replaced by a known for his roles in afghanistan and both gulf wars he only lasted just over a year to be replaced by john bolton who as you remember was u.s. ambassador to the u.n. under george w. bush so let's start to rappel this together with alan fischer who's joining us from the white house alan i do want to just before. we talk it is to read these tweets the base in the way this is happened today so we'll start with president trump's tweet i informed john bolton last night that is services are no longer needed at the white house i disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions as did others in the administration and therefore i asked john for his resignation which was given
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to me this morning i thank john for his service own name and you advise the next week so we have that and then the reply if you like john bolton says very glibly i offered to resign last night and president said let's talk about it tomorrow alan this is frosty this is this is strong language from the president it's seems to be different to the way he's gotten rid of previous stuff members. exactly if you look back to rex tillerson his 1st secular state didn't go on terribly well with him with h.r. mcmaster his 2nd national security advisor wasn't a great deal of rip or between them they got reasonably nice tweet saying thanks for your service all of that. mean but then to suddenly see his services were no longer required in trunk talk that that's pretty brutal that is you essentially being told to use the phrase from his old reality t.v. sure your father john bolton is kind of spending against that he is suggesting
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that he offered his resignation on monday night the understanding is that there was a very loaded heated exchange between the national security team in the oval office he offered his resignation donald trump said let's think about it in the morning john bolton went and 1130 this morning and resign but donald trump for some reason decided to tweet out at 1158 on tuesday morning that he'd fired john bolton john bolton since has been texting a number of t.v. personalities with him is particularly close saying that he wasn't fired he resigned he wants people to know that the other short of it all is that john bolton is out the door he lasted 18 months i think if you just said at the start of his tenure he was going to a lot last that long people would be surprised quite simply because so many of his positions. we're very much against donald trump's nationalist america farse foreign
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policy he wanted to see an increase in military activity against north korea he has advocated in the past for war with iran to positions which donald trump is not interested in then there was the meeting with the taliban over the last week donald trump was very keen to take them to camp david but then went off the idea john boehner was against that completely and on the run what came out of that news conference just less than half an hour ago is that steve minute to news the treasury secretary no says the door is open for a meeting between mr rouhani from iran and donald trump at the u.n. g.a. john bolton was dead set against that would have been the loudest voice in the room saying no this cannot happen no steve mission is saying that there's probably a very good chance that that's going to happen and that immediately changes the dynamic between the united states and iran so as you see national security advisor it's not a senate confirmed position many people think it's no big deal it's a big deal and it's a big deal when it's john bolton just quickly allan one of the reporters in the
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briefing room asked the 2 men were you blindsided and might compare sort of jokingly said i'm never surprised. it just seems to be all sort of treated so you know it's just happened move on they'll be another person coming along the way this white house operates. well donald trump just for the weekend was saying that the reporters who tweet on chaos in the white house is to use a well worn phrase fake news and that was because of something between the vice president and the president but there is undoubtedly an element of tar moyle if not chaos in the white house because of the number of people who are simply. in jobs and then i took jobs no john bolton was considered to be the 1st secretary of state donald trump didn't like his look he didn't like his mustache so he decided against them but he was always on the outskirts of this administration and then got the job
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his national security adviser the turnover of staff in this white house has been incredibly high to reasons for that some people don't want to work with donald trump the other reason is he actually quite likes the chaos he thinks people on their tours and helps them do his job better so we're going to see a change over the next 2 years before the election. wouldn't bear on it. is that the white house thanks for that now other developing news is israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu announcing his intention to add next the jordan valley in the occupied west bank that is if he wins next week's general election and you know who said the trumpet ministrations so-called peace plan for the middle east would provide a historic opportunity for extending israeli sovereignty over the west bank and other areas. in the not too soon i'm asking you to give me the mandate to extend israeli law to all the settlements out of respect for president trump i'm waiting to do this in maximum coordination with his administration but there is one
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place where the diplomatic circumstances are ripe to do this very soon if i'm elected i commit to next the jordan valley and north of the dead sea it is our eastern border our defense wall. well the un has expressed grave concern over the statement. but we've seen the statement made by. the prime minister the secretary general's position has always been clear and consistent unilateral actions are not helpful in the peace process or position today is unchanged and is reflected in relevant un resolutions any israeli decision to impose its laws jurisdiction and ministration in the occupied west bank is without any international legal effect i think such a such a prospect would be devastating to the potential of reviving negotiations regional
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peace and the very essence of a 2 state solution more on this one from harry falls that he said west of his and i'm. if spending netanyahu were to make good on this pledge to annex a huge part of the occupied west bank the jordan valley and the northern shores of the dead sea some 30 percent or so of the territory of the occupied west bank it would be an enormous deal it would be a real up setting of the entire predicate of how a settlement between the israelis and the palestinians could be reached in the future the whole idea of a 2 state solution depends on the possibility of a viable palestinian state and by saying that israel would merely unilaterally annex such a huge part of that territory leaving the city of jericho as an isolated island within that israeli and next area that would explode the idea of such a state indeed we're getting that message from senior palestinian politicians kind of ashrawi a senior member of the p.l.o. saying that this is being done in concert with the trumpet ministration to
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eradicate any hopes of a 2 state solution assad erekat the secretary general of the p.l.o. saying that it buries any chances of peace between israelis and the palestinians at the u.n. secretary general a spokesman saying that it would devastate any hopes of reviving negotiations between israel and the palestinians however this is all a big if if it were to happen because this was made by netanyahu not as prime minister the prime minister's office made that clear it was made by him as leader of likud in the last week of a bitterly fought election campaign where he's desperately trying to get as many right wing votes for his ruling party as possible he said that this would happen with him as prime minister if they gave him the is really good as gave him the mandate to do so he was the man to make the most of this historic opportunity not his political opponents and he said that it would be a case of waiting for the trump peace plan to come out and then making this part of
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that in the immediate period. after the election he has made similar pledges about annex in parts or extending israeli sovereignty to parts of the west bank the occupied west bank in the past and has then result from really making that concrete so there are all sorts of caveats all sorts of question marks that hang over this it was part of his election it was electioneering campaign in these final days of the election campaign but obviously if it were to go ahead it would cause huge ructions and has been bitterly and vehemently opposed already by both the palestinian leadership and members of the international community joining us again to talk about this time a comet who is an assistant professor at the institute for graduate studies nice to see you again we're talking about this idea of an extension of parts of the west bank and netanyahu saying it would be a historic opportunity to expand israeli sovereignty this is all forgetting the fact that it's actually illegal under international law or does that does not
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matter it's indeed very illegal and and it will. start a new freeze in this conflict. mean it will destroy any any of them in hopes of a 2 state solutions and i think that's a very dangerous side of the story it's if this happens this is the end of the peace process that peace a process already clinically dead but this will literally end that so i don't think it will be any reason to sit down and talk about peace when there is nothing to talk about if. the jordan valley and that is so if these latest at them from the west bank gets an x. that is that's that's that's a significant act and it's very illegal and it will end any prospect for the peace process we just get it so for the international community to sit on the wall and watch this happening i think they will be sending the very wrong message to all parties you specially the palestinians who have lost a lot of very have a price because of their compassion and they don't see anyone helping them in
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a sincere way to move on with this with this with this conflict it we'll. and this is looking to the future obviously netanyahu has to win yes to form a government and you haven't been able to do that before but if it all happened he would need. a sort of rubber stamp from the united states right well of course i mean for him likely has trump as a midget ally in the u.s. and trump is well maybe that small cages that he need to rubber stamp president trump yes exactly i mean isn't it i mean i think there are some elements in the american installations i mean they're not happy with what's happening with the current status quo of the few subprocess the democrats in particular particular have expressed their dissatisfaction with with with the with the with the school and the politics the kind of politics. yes i mean if it was not for trump bluntly i don't think netanyahu would have had the courage to do to publicly announce this or talk about this an exception so it's the ultimate end this american support coming
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from a very populous to the electron this is what giving nothing of the strength to to advocate for this and use this as and it looked roland. this is a pro campaign to us that are more voices that is who is this party tell me to believe it we got some other news to get to it thank you so much for joining us my pleasure thank you very much. yes here's what is coming up on this news hour nigeria's military accused of holding thousands of children captive in the fight against boko haram. and we also have sport 2006 champion spain's spain targeting a place in the semifinals of the c.s. basketball world come. to iraq or at least 31 pilgrims have been killed at one of the most sacred sites and shia islam they died in a stampede as hundreds of thousands gathered to mark the day of assura structures
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the scene carrying some of the more than 100 injured in the holy city of karbala the government fears the number of dead could rise charles stratford reporting now from karbala. witnesses we've spoken to say this tragedy happened one of a number of gates into the his same shrine a gate called balboa russia now this this witness said that the entrance is on a slope and according to him a number of people had full over as the many thousands were trying to get into the shrine and as you can imagine there was a stat what he described as a stampede and many people being crushed to death many more we understand injured and being treated at a hospital now this witness told us interestingly that go to him at least no women and children were involved. they apparently entered the shrine from another gate but this happens after certainly the authorities that we've spoken to the last
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cover days telling us that they were concerned on how they were going to cope with the numbers of people coming for sure this year they told us at least 3000000 visitors in karbala today and they said that this is as security has improved in recent years in the city and the wider iraq then more and more people are becoming . commemorate assure every day and the sorties have been very concerned as to how they were going to guarantee the safety and the security of these visitors and certainly this tragedy today shows just how difficult a challenge that is. the british prime minister bars johnson says there is a way of getting a new break that deal with the european union but he is prepared to leave without one if absolutely necessary here as lawrence taylor and a team in london with more. those come out here so more than 3 years after the british public voted to leave the european union the fallout from that vote continues and the british parliament was dramatically suspended in the early hours
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of tuesday morning after m.p.'s rejected johnson's motion for early elections under some and report. defeated for a 2nd time in trying to call the election johnson is out and about again this time with schoolchildren posing the question on everyone's lips how do you know you've only read yes october 31st. deal or no going to get a deal ok we're going to get a deal i'm going to work very hard to get you away from the photo opportunities the scale of this crisis is getting bigger there's still nothing concrete to suggest johnson can get a deal his special advisor the architect of strategy was trying to teach the media a lesson. of them. going to people who are not rich remain as.
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the leader of the opposition in a parliament now suspended for 5 weeks decried the government's claim that it's putting the people 1st the idea that johnson and his wealthy friends and backers somehow represent people is truly absurd johnson and his right wing cabinet are not only on the side of the establishment they are the establishment johnson may be looking to northern ireland and using the irish sea as a border in one idea to replace the backstop would have been insurance policy to avoid a hard border on the island of arland he seems to be playing with ideas or sort of moving the. boundary from somewhere on the island of ireland to the irish sea that's technically. the simple proposition but where they it's politically ready feasible that of course remains to be see. it's certainly
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a politically charged idea under nonstarter for northern ireland's unionists it could be the reason arlene foster leader of the d u p is here in downing street on her way to meet the prime minister. certainties are hard to find in this crisis whatever the strategy is being moldova here in downing street there's one overriding factor which dominates and can't be outmaneuvered and that's time or the lack of it and who simmons out to 0 london. to how that joins us live from westminster in central london so parliament is shut down due course to the options for johnson. well there's no clear or easy path forward for boris johnson our parliament into its 5 week suspension that means there are no further immediate ways for him peace to frustrate his brags of plans of trying to bring his government down all the parties accept that election is coming there's all of a sudden a rash of public policy pronouncements coming out of the parties in downing street
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we're told boris johnson and his advisors are trying to figure out how he can keep his promise to conservative members of taking britain out of the e.u. by october 31st now that means getting a deal the problem and a deal that could pass the house of course the problem is that the key negotiating strategy of keeping the threat of no deal on the table that's been scuppered by backbench legislation that made it onto the statute books just yesterday and there's precious little sign of any progress of reaching a deal there are ideas but as andrew was pointing out ideas that would pass the house not so much all of which leaves open the possibility of a range of potential confrontations in mid to late october boris johnson insisting he will not ask for a delay so might the opposition call a vote of no confidence to try and bring his government down quite possibly they could be legal battles in the supreme court testing the scope and letter of that
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new legislation and boris johnson may yet choose the nuclear option resign as prime minister allowed jeremy corbyn to take on the top job and the on the enviable task of going off to get that delay from the e.u. before having to come back and fight a brick city election sometime in november or december. thank you very much neal. the president elect of the european commission says that she wants the european union to be the guardian of multilateralism down veiling of her proposed team's portfolios underline added that she also wants to prioritize climate action the netherlands france timmons returned vice-president and will be in charge of the european green deal then marks margaret of estado will remain in charge of competition policy and r. and phil hogan will be trade commissioner overseeing negotiations with the u.k. and the u.s. the new appointees will start work on november the 1st if approved by the european
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parliament. i want their european green deal to become europe's hallmark. at the heart of it is our commitment to becoming the world's 1st climate neutral continent this commission will be a geopolitical commish. i wonder european union and thus the commission to be the guardian of multilateralism. because we know. that we are stronger by doing together what we cannot do alone. or london or britain or has but to come out and ok thank you for that lauren other nigerian army is being accused of detaining thousands of children in its efforts to crush the armed group boko haram human rights watch says many have been held in squalid conditions and haven't been allowed to see family members for the military denies the accusations here is one i did use is report from the capital of borno
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state. friends allie and buys another doing what they love most playing football. but they haven't always enjoyed such freedoms. they were raised by mothers mary to book or own fighters. the boys now 12 were rescued by the nigerian army 5 years ago and taken to a detention camp. conditions they say while basic. they give us good food to eat was given to us when we finish sometime this soda will stop us from playing the among ourselves when it's time for bed we had marked and some pillows spread on the floor. so not only will they brought us food we had clean water and even clothes they didn't beat me. but activists say some children have experienced a lot worse human rights watch says the army has been holding thousands of children
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in squalid conditions it says many have had no access to lawyers and families haven't been told of their arrest or detention the organization said such cases may constitute enforced disappearance as the nigerian military says the allegations are false i mean come under say 4 years out here tools of engagement and it's just that they're almost being guided by those who are saying no child was deliberately mistreated the army says steps have been taken to address previous allegations human rights activists on their part i q state governments are failing the children they say only a few of them have so far received any form of support to deal with their trauma the united nations says at least 2200 children have been released by the nigerian authorities from detention most of them without charge the u.n. children's fund has since rehabilitated thousands of children and reunited them with their families. use of force seized by book as
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a teenager now we knew sally 20 years is among dozens of dear article eyes young men who have been given a new start is still remembers the 1st weeks in the detention center and. we surrendered and were taken to a police station in gaza where we were beaten by security officials and vigilantes we were later transferred to the game a military barracks for 14 days with some soldiers wanted to beat us more but we were told that we were being transferred to be d. radicalized it was traumatic. activists say rehabilitation is an important step for children taken by book. he won rights watch is urgent that i get an army to release those remaining in detention immediately by degrees. by degree nigeria. violence also causing major problems in a part of west africa hundreds of people have been killed in fighting and back in
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a fast so it's causing a major food crisis affecting nearly one and a half 1000000 people in fact the world food program is warning of what it calls an unprecedented humanitarian emergency and so i reports from northern became a fan so farmers are abandoning their crops to escape the violence. on a normal day i said to tells us she'd be at half hour in the village of you to go have children looking after their livestock. but instead they're not come for displaced people more than 100 kilometers from home alongside many other who have fled attacks. villages arrived in january after many were killed in a revenge attack when a rival community blamed them for the matter of a local chief and he signs. they bought into houses and clothes i fled with 6 children their cues does of collaborating with the armed groups from outside the country this is what remains of their village following other attacks more than
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200000 people have fled from their homes in parts of the north and east over the last 3 years some blame armed groups in bulk enough as well as others from neighboring mali for the increasing violence and tensions between rival communities are making the crisis harder to resolve. the wild food program says it's a humanitarian emergency. more than a 1000000 people in need help we are focused were killed just in the area with his much most busy of so we are not for the. work that is supposed to be security problems it's really hard to imagine the horror some of this displaced people have faced most of them have come here with nothing but the clothes they're wearing they're supposed to stop having. crops in both we talked to said the congo back to the villages to do that because it's still too dangerous. and
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a few others however did manage to return to their village after government forces secured the area he still relies on food aid. then mom i have 20 family members to feed me through wife's britain and grandchildren this food will last for 2 weeks we fled from our home before we could plant because the neighboring below village was that packed and we fear that the cuts would come to war almost next. after a whole day's wait starts his long journey back home it's 50 kilometers away and who pass through a dangerous area but he says it's a risk he's willing to take to feed his family catherine sawyer al jazeera nothing . still ahead for you on this news are a world cup football qualifying match becomes the latest stop for protestors in hong kong. and with the rest of sport they headed for french football placing criticism after sharing his views on how the country's top league should you would
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have a phobia. well it's all quiet across the middle east no surprises in the forecast a lots of hot sunshine still a little bit of cloud down towards that southeastern corner of pakistan but essentially this. little bit of clouts a fair weather cloud there between the black sea and the caspian sea might squeeze out one or 2 spots of rain but nothing much to speak of so there's a warm sunshine 40 celsius in baghdad about the more pleasant 29 in the 27 for jerusalem similar values as we go on into were thursday. just around the caspian since a little further south with the said. you might catch a specialty of light right out of this but nothing much to speak of but maybe a spot or 2 of light rain suit just around that western side of yemen across iraq
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and thanks us looking fought in iraq want to kill the setting in live to dust and sand may just affect visibilities over the next ted which is over here on the 40 degree mark once again was the clear skies and it's largely clear skies to across much of southern africa again it's fair losing the warm weather that we have seen recently in cape town we were getting up into thirty's recently my kids are a 17 celsius awareness they want to believe as we go on into thursday the school is still in the high 40. and new political sitcom after 27 years of dictatorship to describe them that we have can we overcome it can mean challenges here looks at the new democracy in ethiopia is fast changing political landscape through the stories of food divests ethiopians know the move simply this is my studio where i shoot the sitcom.
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my ethiopia on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told pretty 3 month old to tip that we had died last week crossing from mexico the united states with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports we can move according to the mission and life in the section of algiers iraq has teams on the ground to bring more rewards winning documentaries and denied me news.
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on the news here at al-jazeera these are all top stories u.s. white or u.s. national security advisor john bolton has been fired by president donald trump in a tweet trump said he had numerous policy disagreements with bolton as did others in the administration john bolton was the president's national security advisor. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu announced his intention to an extent jordan valley in the occupied west bank if you wins next week's general election i don't know he said the trumpet ministrations so-called middle east peace plan to provide a historic opportunity for extending israeli sovereignty. and at least 31 pilgrims of been killed it one of the most sacred sites in shia islam they died in a stampede as hundreds of thousands gathered to mark the day of the shura the iraqi government fears the number of dead could rise back to our top story the firing of u.s. national security adviser john bolton and joining us on skype from toronto is bret
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bowen is the president of the crisis management group global situation room the white house would like to tell us that there is no crisis however when you go through 3 national security advisers. goodness knows how many other stuff they've been over the past 2 and a half years it does point to something of a crisis in the white house it is surprises it's a crisis with the american presidency donald trump has placed his ego and this flashy summits above stability above the security of the united states and our allies. and for what gain. well i think ultimately he is trying to advance a personal agenda and clearly john bolton was someone who was looking to advance a strategic agenda and let me be clear i was no fan of john bolton but he is at least had a certain methodology he was putting in place
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a policy process is to try and guide the united states through a small truest time in the challenge with president from is that he is just so erratic and can shift wildly from day to day i mean i'm actually thinking about something that might bump a instead of a news conference just earlier today he said would the policy be different absent any one here they are the president's decisions just makes you think that any of these people in important positions in the administration in the end maybe it doesn't matter what they think because donald trump's going to do what donald trump wants to do well look the. president will always be the ultimate word but what you what he meant to declare is that all of national security street is rowing in the same direction the problem is that trump can decide from one moment to the next that he wants to make peace with north korea or he wants to declare war on iran and there are no advisors there who are
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able to interpret that into a real policy all we have is a twitter street brett i'm going to leave you there just because the skyline is starting to break up a little bit but thank you so much for your time bret broke in toronto for us. now in hong kong protesters have used a football match against iran to highlight because demonstrators gathered outside the world cup qualifier and sang a protest song over the chinese national anthem iran had requested the game be moved to a neutral ground adrian brown has more from hong kong. was a this is a very highly politically challenged they would fit hong kong they was found in 2nd here 10 can stadium on sunday night and the balance of course is one of the reasons when i hear a news actually wanted to change the venue of this match to somewhere outside of home coming now ahead of this game between hong kong and iran the authorities in
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hong kong had appealed to fans not to insult china's national anthem when it's played before the start of the magic which of course is something that traditionally happens here in hong kong the games like this but in recent months in so seeing the chinese national you know has become a tactic or strategy at these protests is because they're not just fans of football they're also fans of new democracy and as we found out before the game this is an issue which is also dividing them go tell me when you leave when you sing the chinese national anthem tonight why live by what i want to say it is not my country is oh. so you won't know. about you know i don't say much a national i'm a hometown no i bring that that be our c.s.r.s. not suitable for me in gaol you codis didn't want to happen was actually nice national anthem is now playing inside the stadium
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and people both inside and outside of the stadium doing very loudly this is why the hong kong government is under pressure to introduce a new tool that would make it an offense for anyone to win so the next time for them with a home game of up to 6. you know it's going. to 3 years in jail when you some your now in the u.k. has summoned the iranian ambassador to condemn what it says was a complete disregard of assurances over that controversial oil tanker we're back to loren in the team in london for more on that one. thanks commodious britain says that an iranian super tanker released last month from gibraltar has delivered oil to what it described as the murderous regime in syria the british government says it will raise the issue at the un general assembly in new york later this month as it is an unacceptable violation of international norms the vessel formerly named
9:42 pm
grace one was seized in july on suspicion of breaching the e.u. sanctions the ship was released in august after former assurances from tehran that the vessel would not discharge its $2000000.00 barrels of oil in syria it originally listed its destination as turkey but was later reported to have switched off its tracking beacon in the mediterranean prompting speculation that it was trying to conceal its true destination its italian prime minister tzipi qantas proposed new government is one a vote of confidence in the senate it was the final hurdle needed before it can take office count as new coalition is made up of the anti establishment 5 star movement and the more pro europe democratic party on monday he won the 1st of the 2 mandatory confidence votes in the lower chamber to 2 deputies the far right league party of former interior minister matteo salvini accused county of betraying voters by shunning early elections. and and heathrow airport says it's working with the police and air traffic control to keep the airport operating safely during friday's
9:43 pm
planned drone disruption a group of climate activists say they want to ground flights to put pressure on the government to take tougher steps to reduce carbon emissions the airport says flying a drone within 5 kilometers of heathrow is illegal and anyone caught doing so will face the full force of the law drone sightings caused chaos last december at london's gatwick airport disrupting the travel plans of tens of thousands of people in the run up to christmas. and europe's biggest exhibition of military grade weapons is taking place in london has been rising anger over the event with human rights activists condemning the sale of weapons to countries engaged in active conflict here in the u.k. there's been a major campaign to stop arms sales to saudi arabia which is fighting a devastating war in yemen london's men are wants the event to move out of the british capital but the bomber reports. it happens every 2 years a showcase for the latest military and security equipment from around the world but
9:44 pm
how much longer will it be held here in the british capital d.s.e. i 2019 has been preceded by a week of protests in london's docklands district by peace groups environmental campaigners and now the mayor of london started his voice to the concerns city can relate to the organizers saying london is a global city which is home to individuals who have fled conflict and suffered as a consequence of arms and weapons like those exhibited at d.s.e. eye in order to represent londoners interests i would take any opportunity available to prevent this event from taking place of the road blocks in future years. his comments have been welcomed by campaigners he points out many of the weapons deals done here involve countries on britain's watch list for human rights abuses according to data by campaign against the arms trade between 20082017 which ended military arms deals worth around $48000000000.00 and almost a 3rd of that was with countries which figure on the government's own human rights
9:45 pm
priority list. those countries include israel china and saudi arabia al-jazeera put those concerns to the u.k.'s defense procurement minister while she launched an initiative to employ more women in the defense industry so the mission has one of the most robust. arms i.c. systems in the world and we will continue that anyone that has been said should absolutely bring into government and we would be absolutely vital that we look into it and i mean we are absolutely determined to make sure this industry is looking after the defense of citizens across the bay been helping support it in peacetime operations far britain has suspended licenses for arms exports to saudi arabia after campaigners who base their case on atrocities in yemen scored a victory at the court of appeal the u.k. is appealing against that ruling but rights group amnesty says another problem is how individual arms manufacturers check their products are not being used in
9:46 pm
potential war crimes or human rights violations. they also $22.00 firms including major manufacturers like the u.s. company raytheon and britain's be a systems what they were doing only h responded to amnesties request none could clearly say what they were doing in terms of so-called due diligence ultimately what they were describing were measures that they take to jump through the hoops to get export licenses and we're very clear that that is not sufficient in terms of human rights international human rights standards even if they open it and to transfer weapons to countries like saudi arabia they should be independently not transferring those weapons because of the human rights risk in reality the arms fire is unlikely to disappear from the events calendar in the near future but neither is the controversy that surrounds it nadine barber al jazeera london a major new retrospective of arash born british artist francis bacon is opening in
9:47 pm
paris on wednesday that will produce center will display 60 works produced by the painter in the last 2 decades of his career bacon's images often focused on human pain and his role or distinctive style continues to intrigue and throw. out her port and french capital. francis bacon captured the wrongness of the human condition and used a striking palette to indulge his fascination with the body his paintings often represented doomed lovers or dwelled on death and you exhibition of paris as pompidou center shows how the british 20th century artists exploration of existence intensified in his later years is goal in his in his work it's to express life but when you express life when you are fascinated by life you have to deal with death because life and death are mixed to give or bacon had a reputation for being witty and a gambler a ball vivre who drew inspiration from post-war london's nightlife by contrast his
9:48 pm
canvases simmer with profound in a times violent contemplation but i would never compete with the. things happening every day in the world so busy i can't imagine why the one thing my work the thing the exhibition also focuses on bacon's love of literature established between literature interest and it's painted because we know that bacon was a. reader and more and more during in time to talk about literature francis bacon is considered one of 20th century western arts most important and influential figurative painters and his more remarkable because he was never formally trained it was actually here in paris that as a young man he decided to become an artist. on bacon's 1st trip to paris in the 1920 s. a picasso exhibition inspired him to become an artist he returned to the city often
9:49 pm
and befriended famous french writers including michel larry says the link with with the french intellectuals is very important in that way and when he moved to paris when he gets this studio in order to be in 74 he starts to meet more often. which is presenting him to other poets like director pa and so on the 60 paintings on display spanned the last 2 decades of bacon's life and includes his last known work it was finished a few months before the 82 year old artist died in madrid in 1992 the shadowy figure of a fading bull is full of mystery and for boating a sign perhaps the bacon knew his own existence was nearing its end natasha butler al-jazeera paris. that's a trauma team in london for the south now it's back to commander lauren thank you so much for that we've got sports still to come on this news out there on an
9:50 pm
emotional homecoming for this baseball legend santa has that and the rest of the sport and. to strengthen the good you have to show do good all the more with the calm still fight against corruption. dysphoric new chiro heroes like new who are about to refuse to $15000000.00 brian the achievement of heroes like him showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight a dark used to shine a light let's make the road to a better place nominate your anti corruption hero. after 25 years of affording the world's waste china through the global cycling industry
9:51 pm
into chaos. the growing pressure of agreement skies is resulting in change we bring you the stories to the shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera. welcome back to look for some big. somalia have suffered the world cup break they call fire match against zimbabwe a last minute goal denied africa's lowest ranked team a place and the next rung on the road to come. 2022 somalia one the home leg of this taiwan it was the country's 1st ever victory in
9:52 pm
a world cup qualifier zimbabwe were goal up in this return tie or when a late strike from somalia's omar mohamed looked to have put his team on course for famous victory was in baba hit back with 2 goals in the remaining seconds to grab a 32 aggregate win or they now progress into the 2nd round of african called 5. the head of french football is facing criticism after telling referees not to stop matches if there's a homophobic abuse from fans no it. says that he's totally against referees taking such action that's despite a new rules being introduced that allow officials to intervene several top level matches in france have been interrupted this season because of the homophobic sounding in the stands. to see. me if i am completely against homophobia but i don't want to be taken hostage by the issue is
9:53 pm
a strong will to ensure that all people can enjoy being in a stadium with their families but stopping matches doesn't interest me it's a mistake but let me make this clear i would stop a game if there were racist chance or if there was fighting in violence in the stands yes president donald trump insists his country is working to improve equality and women's football while the national women's it team are currently locked in a legal dispute with their own federation the gender discrimination david stokes has. president trumped relationship with the us women's football team is frosty at best but after talks with the president jonny and ponting you know people the 1st time publicly acknowledged that he's trying to do something about gender inequality in the game. johnny and i just had a meeting on women's soccer what everybody's going to do to make that even better and more equitable etc etc so johnny thank you very much greater great meeting women's soccer were you are world champion there is much more to do or the
9:54 pm
president was saying this to me and he is right we're all going to data written now and very soon the new initiative the u.s. women's team won the world cup in july but all 28 squad members are engaged in a lawsuit against the federation alleging they were discriminated against on pay u.s. soccer dispute this enough to be the asian talks broke down. trial date has been set for may 2020. 5 there's plenty of public support for the team from equal pay champs during matches to the thousands who turned out for their victorious return to the states even politicians got involved. they play the same game that demands our players play by the way they play it better because there's a big play and we've got a result here if there's any economic rationale the man should get paid less than the women trouble of his work cut out winning over the biggest star in the u.s. team making rypien oh she's been involved in a public media battle with the president ever since this interview clip of merged
9:55 pm
during the world cup. i'm going to miami for. now and i'm going to white house the women's game aside trump and infantile no also discussed planning for the 2026 men's world cup which the u.s. will co-host with mexico and canada and although it's 7 years away trump joked he was keen to play a part with jonny we're going to have to stand by 2nd term because 2026 i'm going to have to extend it for a couple of years the u.s. women's team will hope he uses the time that he does have left in office to further their cause david stokes al-jazeera honest international is calling all fifo to act after an iranian female football fan died a week after setting herself on fire outside the courtroom so hard to hold i was facing 6 months in prison for trying to enter a football stadium which is illegal for women in iran and i'm still spokesman the said her only crime was being a woman in the country where women face discrimination is entrenched in law and
9:56 pm
plays out in the most horrific ways the discriminatory a must and immediately and the international community including fi fund the asian football confederation must take urgent action to end the bat. 2006 basketball world champions spain have beaten poland to progress into the semifinals of this year's event the phoenix suns star rick you'll be led the way with mine 1000 points as spain is secured the 90 to 78 when the spaniards a well the next phase will take on the winners of wednesday's a quarter final between australia and the czech republic. and argentina stunned serbia in the days of the quarter final in china as serbia were being widely tipped to win gold after losing title games to the us the 2014 world cup and the 2016 olympics instead it was argentina who moved into the last fall with
9:57 pm
a 97 to 87 when they'll face either the us or france and the same is. boston red sox legend drew with tears that has made his 1st public appearance since being shot in june the shooting in the ortiz home country of the dominican republic was a case of mistaken identity and left him seriously injured the 10 time all saw us who threw out the ceremonial a 1st pitch at fenway park ahead of this game against the new york yankees. that's me come up from a thank you i'd love to tell you what we were laughing out for but if i told you call them are a bit but they've made plenty more news that al-jazeera dot com and after the break as well with lauren tyler and the team in london of course the developing story the firing of u.s. national security advisor john bolton i'm come all santa maria thanks for joining us.
9:58 pm
this is a dialogue let you decide not to have children to say the pot it's like a steak is really human survival everyone has a voice that must start with our community because of course this is a debate and it's a he did want to visit a little be patient really be able to do a ph ideally join the global conversation with people i think if only they knew what is happening to oil or muslims they will be with us and they will be outraged on how to 0.
9:59 pm
000 and. where every. i know that corruption has reached a level like never before judges. outsider. to president of the united states. the power was in the data we will the people with the truth and nothing else discovered. for winning the white house unfair game on al-jazeera is no one way of telling
10:00 pm
a key thing is right and to be i suspect. it's great to get to know the person for . the u.s. president fires his national security adviser john bolton saying they strongly disagreed on many issues. this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. arab leaders condemn the israeli prime minister's plan to annex areas of the jordan valley if he's reelected . more than 30 pilgrims are killed during stampede at one of the most sacred sites in shia islam. and the report that reveals nigeria's army detained thousands of children without charge.


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