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on al-jazeera. is not one way of telling a story keeping its target right and to be respected as much as it is great we actually get to know the person fully taxed. the u.s. president fires his national security adviser john bolton saying they strongly disagreed on many issues. of this is our 0 live from london also coming up. arab leaders condemned the israeli prime minister's plan to annex areas of the jordan valley if he's reelected . 30 pilgrims are killed during a stampede at one of the most sacred sites in shia islam. and the report reveals nigeria's army detained thousands of children without charge suspecting them of
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links to the only group. who were of most powerful people in the white house is out of a job u.s. president donald trump has fired his national security adviser over disagreements about foreign policy john bolton took a hard line view on several countries that the u.s. has fraught relations with like iran russia and north korea his sacking from his reports of serious divisions within the president's cabinet it was his decision to invite the taliban to the u.s. for peace talks well those have now been canceled mike hanna has more. we think the sanctions are biting john bolton was the 3rd national security adviser pointed to by president trump since taking office and he's the 3rd to resign after much speculation of imminent firing bolton brought to the white house decades of
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experience in foreign policy and a hawkish disposition that had never wavered. he served as ambassador to the united nations under george w. bush from 2005 to 2006 and use that position to continue to justify the u.s. invasion of iraq that he had relentlessly advocated a few years before madam president he returned to the un alongside president trump as national security adviser during the general assembly session last year and once again made his presence felt we've imposed very stringent sanctions on iran more are coming. and what we expect from iran is massive changes in their behavior around here certain national security control of the u.s. mission at the u.n. effectively downgrading the role played by ambassador nikki haley who resigned within months of his appointment what many diplomats say is that it's very hard to get clear decisions out of the u.s. mission to the u.n.
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at present and that is probably because bolton and other members of the administration are fighting over what policy lines to take for the secretary so good thing while the administration appeared united in its america 1st policy some differences began to emerge particularly with regard to north korea chairman kim asked for this meeting president trump agreed with bolton adopted that take a toll leave it attitude to negotiations leading to north korean complaints that he was undermining the policy of dialogue at the catered by both president trump and secretary of state mike pompei or the iranian regime has systematically pursued a policy of hostility toward the united states then the apparent moment of real division as he'd done in years past a national security adviser began to press for active regime change in iran. characterizing the shuttle deployment of the u.s.b. to the region as in his words a clear and unmistakable message to the iranian regime but said odds with the white
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house policy in which the focus was morning exerting economic pressure through sanctions. after weeks of discussion it was confirmed that additional troops would be sent to the region but numbering hundreds rather than the 10s of thousands had bunked and was believed to be pressing for president trump denied there was friction within his cabinet i think a stake is ok now what i do that absolutely but we have got plans for that hopefully we're not going to have to plan for that and if we did that would send a hell of a lot more troops and that the final straw perhaps a sardonic comment by a principal adviser to the iranian president who wrote in a tweet at real donald trump you want to the better deal with iran looks like you're going to get a war instead that's what happens when you listen to the mr bush good luck in 2020 john bolton is now on his way out his smith star intact his dream of regime change
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shattered mike hanna al-jazeera washington. joins us live now white house so how did we get to this point with bolton. while he was annoyed choice in the 1st place because his worldview certainly doesn't coincide with donald trump's isolationist american foreign policy he spoke in the past about how he would like to launch a military attack against north korea how he believes there should be military intervention and invasion of iran and regime change he was dead set against the idea of pulling u.s. troops out of syria something that donald trump was keen on insanity and had no intentions of getting involved in any sort of discussions with the iranians the latest follow it was over afghanistan donald trump came up with this idea of bringing the taliban 5 and the afghan president to camp david and finalizing a peace deal there john bolton was very much against that idea particularly in the wake of 911 excuse me and so the following i guess was almost
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inevitable it was brutal though the way that the white house did this for donald trump to soften sugarcoats these tweets to see his services were no longer required this essentially putting his foot to john bull john bolton's back as he goes out the door john bolton noise suggesting. paul in d.c. this time of year is terrible. suggesting that he resigned rather than was fired what is true is that there were a number of people in the administration who didn't agree with john bolton's position on a number of things one of them was mike pompey or an america's top diplomat certainly wasn't diplomatic when asked about that at a news briefing a short time ago. we all give our can defend if there were many times in bass or both and i disagree that's to be sure but that's true for lots and lots of people who with whom i interact much my mission set is always to make sure as i run the
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department of state is to deliver america's diplomacy and to work with the team whether it's a treasury or the president's staff to make sure we get good outcomes and i don't i don't i know everyone's talked about this for an awfully long time there were definitely places that best and i told them i had different views about how we should proceed so i will bolton's departure have much of an impact really on u.s. foreign policy on iran and afghanistan also. well i'll be easy to sit back and think from a distance the national security advisor that's not much of a big deal it's not a senate confirmed position it's not really a member of the cabinet but it is actually a very big deal and some presidents can look at the national security adviser to advise on policy others can look at the national security advisor just to pull together all the information and give it to them but john bolton and the way that donald trump works is the white house this is an important position and it could lead to a change in certain things certainly john bolton is a see dead set against pulling u.s. troops out of syria donald trump is very keen to reduce american footprint around
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the place so therefore that might happen sooner than we think pulling it down the numbers in afghanistan certainly john bolton was not overly keen on that idea donald trump very much wants to do that before 2020 and here could be the big one john bolton absolutely against any idea of sitting down and talking to the iranians well that me to change now we got a glimpse of that in the briefing in the white house press room just an hour or so ago john bolton was meant to be at that briefing along with steve minutes and the treasury secretary and the secretary of state obviously suddenly his invitation was revoked but steve says look the door is open to discussions with the iranians and there could well be a meeting between donald trump and the iranian president at the united nations general assembly which is in new york very soon indeed so that could no happen john bolton very much the guy pushing against the door didn't want that to happen he's
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no way that borders open that may well happen so there is going to be a change in american policy even of john bolton is no longer in the white house thank you very much indeed. the arab league has a plan by israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to annex parts of the occupied west bank will undermine the israeli palestinian peace process as you know who said he would annex the jordan valley if he wins next week's general election. bus of the united slim i'm asking you to give me the mandate to extend israeli law to all the settlements out of respect for president trump i'm waiting to do this in maximum coordination with his administration but there is one place where the diplomatic circumstances are ripe to do this very soon if i'm elected i commit to the next the jordan valley and north of the debt sea it is our eastern border our defense wall. until now who said the company station's so-called middle east peace
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plan would provide the stark opportunity place standing israeli sovereignty over the occupied west bank and other areas where a force that has more from west jerusalem. if benjamin netanyahu were to make good on this pledge to annex a huge part of the occupied west bank the jordan valley and the northern shores of the dead sea some 30 percent or so of the territory of the occupied west bank it would be an enormous deal it would be a real up setting of the entire predicate of how a settlement between the israelis and the palestinians could be reached in the future the whole idea of a 2 state solution depends on the possibility of a viable palestinian state and by saying that israel would merely unilaterally annex such a huge part of that territory leaving the city of jericho as an isolated island within that israeli annexed area that would explode the idea of such a state indeed we're getting that message from senior palestinian politicians kind
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of ashrawi a senior member of the p.l.o. saying that this is being done in concert with the trumpet ministration to eradicate any hopes of a 2 state solution saberi account the secretary general of the p.l.o. saying that it buries any chances of peace between israelis and the palestinians at the u.n. secretary general a spokesman saying that it would devastate any hopes of reviving negotiations between israel and the palestinians however this is all a big if if it were to happen because this was made by netanyahu not as prime minister the prime minister's office made that clear it was made by him as leader of likud in the last week of a bitterly fought election campaign where he's desperately trying to get as many right wing votes for his ruling party as possible he said that this would happen with him as prime minister if they gave him the is really good as gave him the mandate to do so he was the man. to make the most of this historic opportunity not
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his political opponents and he said that it would be a case of waiting for the trump peace plan to come out and then making this part of that in the immediate period after the election he has made similar pledges about an exciting parts or extending israeli sovereignty to parts of the west bank the occupied west bank in the past and has then result from really making that concrete so there are all sorts of caveats all sorts of question marks that hang over this it was part of his election it was electioneering campaign in these final days of the election campaign but obviously if it were to go ahead it would cause huge ructions and has been bitterly and vehemently opposed already by both the palestinian leadership and members of the international community. at least 31 pilgrims have been killed in one of the most sacred sites in shia islam
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iraq officials say around a 100 others were injured when a walkway collapsed and triggered a stampede in the holy city of karbala hundreds of thousands of shia muslims have gathered there for sure a commemorations. stratford has the latest from coming. witnesses we've spoken to say this tragedy happened that one of the a number of gates into his same shrine a gate called balboa russia now this this witness said that the entrance is on a slope and according to him a number of people had food over as the many thousands were trying to get into the shrine and as you can imagine there was a stop what he described as a stampede and many people being crushed to death many more we understand injured and being treated at a hospital now this witness told us interestingly that to him at least no women and children were involved. they apparently entered the shrine from another gate
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but this happens after certainly the authorities that we've spoken to the last cover day sending us that they were concerned on how they were going to cope with the numbers of people coming for sure this year they told us at least 3000000 visitors in karbala today and they said that this is as security has improved in recent years in the city and the wider iraq then more and more people have been coming to commemorate assure every day in the sorties have been very concerned as to how they were going to guarantee the safety and the security of these visitors and certainly this tragedy today shows just cattle difficult to challenge that is. american warplanes have dropped $36000.00 kilos of bombs on also fight is on an iraqi island. a u.s. led coalition says f. 15 and f. $35.00 warplanes bombed kunduz island in the tigris river she says attack is part
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of operations by u.s. backed iraqi forces against eisel the armed group was pushed out of almost all of iraq in 2017. still to come this half hour after the dramatic suspension of parliament the u.k. prime minister paris johnson and soon. it's a new precedent to you it's possible thus. pro-democracy protesters in hong kong take their defiance to the football pitch. hello there are plenty of warm sunshine across eastern sections of europe and through the eastern end of the mediterranean as well but you'll see across the central areas and the southwest in particular a lot of cloud this rain pushing in some fairly breezy conditions across the north and then here into the southwest across the west i'm as we've got some pretty heavy
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rain in the fall cause the next couple of days some warnings in place for hail and also at the chance of a some tornadoes that system will work its way across into all central sections of the med pretty good across much of mainland europe temperatures in the mid twenty's and then further to the east into care of a moscow time of just staying pretty high for the next couple days a well above average in fact both care of and moscow with how much is that in the mid to high twenty's about 10 degrees above the average the more rain showers across central areas of europe as we head through thursday and all systems than all tending to push into northern sections on the navy as an improving picture through much of the u.k. but that same system which is impacting the west of the med that is also pushing the rain across these northern sections of algeria on tools tunisia and if we could have a some flash floods from this system because the rain at times could be very heavy for going to that dry ground and in fact by thursday very heavy as well into those northern sections of morocco but a warm day in tunis with a high of 29 celsius. 0
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world meets 2 out of the migrants who left the middle east an exceptional life so the seeds. we've been into the fire. brick of society of their adoptive countries priding success in germany and canada yet never forgetting their homelands of syria and lebanon. remarkable human stories of arabs abroad the politician and the inventor on al-jazeera.
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they're going to run to the top stories how large their u.s. president donald trump has abruptly fired his national security adviser john bolton amid disagreements over foreign policy. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he'll annex the jordan valley in the occupied west bank if he wins next week's general election. and at least $31.00 pilgrims have been killed in one of the most sacred sites in shia islam iraqi officials say around $100.00 of those were injured when a walkway collapsed and set off a stampede in the holy city of karbala. and she was army is being accused of detaining thousands of children over suspected involvement with boko haram human rights watch says the children are being kept in inhumane conditions and many held without charge the u.n. says more than 3600 children are believed to have been detained in the last 6 years nearly half of them were girls 3 of them told human rights watch that male soldiers
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sexually exploited female detainees with some even falling pregnant none of the $32.00 children interviewed by w. were aware of any charges against them a 3rd said they'd been beaten by security forces during interrogation youngest detainee was only 5 years old. nigeria's military has denied the allegations and address reports from. friends. doing what they love most playing football. but they haven't always enjoyed such freedoms. they were raised by mothers mary to book or own fighters. the boys now 12 were rescued by the nigerian army 5 years ago and taken to a detention camp. conditions they say while basic. they gave us good food to eat was a given to us when we think he's a sometime this soda will stop us from playing the among ourselves when it's time
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for bed we had marked and some pillows spread on the floor. so not only will they brought us food we had clean water and even clothes they didn't beat me. but activists say some children have experienced a lot worse human rights watch says the army has been holding thousands of children in squalid conditions it says many have had no access to lawyers and families haven't been told of their arrest or detention the organization said such cases may constitute enforced disappearance as the nigerian military says the allegations are false i mean come under say 4 years and head to rules of engagement and it's just that they've always been guided by those who are saying no child was deliberately mistreated the army says steps have been taken to address previous allegations human rights activists on their part i q state governments are failing the children they say only a few of them have so far received any form of support to deal with their trauma
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the united nations says at least 2200 children have been released by the nigerian authorities from detention most of them without charge the u.n. children's fund has since rehabilitated thousands of children and reunited them with their families. use of force used by book as a teenager now we knew said early twenty's is among dozens of deride to kill eyes young men who've been given a new start is still remembers the 1st 2 weeks in the detention center which is that and. we surrendered and were taken to a police station in gaza where we were beaten by security officials and vigilantes we were later transferred to the game a military barracks for 14 days with some soldiers wanted to beat us more but we were told that we were being transferred to be d. radicalized it was traumatic. to be say rehabilitation is an important step for children taken by
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a book. he would rise to watch the surgeon the nigerian army to release those remaining in detention immediately by degrees. by degree nigeria hong kong's leader is warning the united states not to interfere with her government's response to protests which have plunged the city into turmoil some protests that's what the u.s. the possibile that support their calls for democracy kerry says she's open to dialogue with the demonstrators the offer of for actions not just formal withdrawal of a bill is not directly to stop these protests on the violence there is really to extend. my sincerity to start a dialogue with the people saw in our view violence should be stopped for the benefit of hong kong but going forward to mend the rift in
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society and to bring back peace then we are very willing to engage people directly in a dialogue. and hong kong pertussis have used a football match against iran to highlight the course. how thanks. and the show has had a well quite quite a fine march to the stadium trying to have pro-democracy slogans over in brown small. car this is a very highly politically challenged they would fit hong kong they was found in 2nd here 10 can stadium on sunday night and the balance of course is one of the reasons why the rains actually will do to change the venue of this match to somewhere outside a phone call now to the head of this game between hong kong and iran the authorities in hong kong had appealed to fans not to insult china's national anthem when it's played before the start of the match which of course is something that traditionally happens here in hong kong
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a games like this but in recent months in so seeing the chinese i don't know has become a tactic a strategy of these protests is because they're not just fans of football they're also fans of new democracy and as we found out before the game this is an issue which is also dividing them go tell me when you leave when you sing the chinese national anthem tonight why live by what i want to say it is not my country is oh. so you won't know. about you know i don't say much a national i'm a hometown of i forgot that he our cities are ice not suitable for me oh i was told you already didn't want to have been the only nice national anthem is now playing inside the stadium and people both inside and outside of the stadium booing very loudly this is why the hong kong government is under pressure to
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introduce a new rule that would make it an offense for anyone to win so the next time for them with a home game of up to 6000 you. whisking. up to 3 years in jail. british prime minister bars johnson said that is a way of getting a new brix a deal with the european union but he's prepared to leave without one if absolutely necessary johnson has been holding talks with northern ireland's democratic unionist party that's under simmons reports. defeated for a 2nd time in trying to call the election johnson is out and about again this time with schoolchildren posing the question on everyone's lips how do you know you've only read yes october 31st. deal or no going to get a deal ok we're going to get a deal i'm going to work very hard to get it to you and. i was in ireland yesterday talking to our irish brings about how to do that but we're going to go to brussels
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and talk to some of the european capitals fairly soon to drop them away from the photo opportunities as the scale of this crisis is getting bigger there's still nothing concrete to suggest johnson can get a deal his special advisor the architect of strategy is trying to teach the media a lesson gosh all of them. don't go for people who are not rich remain is. the leader of the opposition in a parliament now suspended for 5 weeks decried the government's claim that it's putting the people 1st the idea that johnson and his wealthy friends and backers somehow represent people is truly absurd johnson and his right wing cabinet are not only on the side of the establishment they are the establishment johnson may be looking at northern ireland and using the irish sea as a border in one idea to replace the backstop what had been an insurance policy to
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avoid a hardball he seems to be playing with ideas of sort of moving the potential boundary from somewhere on the island of ireland to the irish sea that's technically feasible proposition but where they it's politically ready feasible that of course remains to be see. it's certainly a politically charged. normal start of a northern ireland unit is and could explain why arlene foster the leader of the d u p had a meeting with the prime minister at number 10 so isn't too hard to find in this crisis whatever the strategy is being moldova here in downing street there is one overriding factor which dominates and can't be outmaneuvered and that's time or the lack of it under simmons outers era london. u.s. president says he's working to improve gender equality in football donald trump who
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openly argued with the star player during america's victory in the women's world cup talks with the head of world football at the white house where it states reports. president trump's relationship with the u.s. women's football team is frosty at best but after talks with the president gianni and punting you know he for the 1st time publicly acknowledged that he's trying to do something about gender inequality in the game johnny and i just had a meeting on women's soccer is what everybody's going to do to make that even better and more equitable etc etc so johnny thank you very much greater great meeting women's soccer were you are world champion there is much more to the president was saying this to me and he is right and we are working with that and we will announce very soon some new initiatives the u.s. women's team won the world cup in july but all 28 squad members are engaged in a lawsuit against the federation alleging they were discriminated against on pay us
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soccer dispute this and after mediation talks broke down a trial date has been set for may 2020. 5 is plenty of public support for the team from equal pay chants during matches to the thousands who turned out for their victorious return to the states even politicians got involved. they play the same game that the men's soccer players play by the way they play in batter big play and with better results if there's any economic rationale demands you get paid less than the women trouble of his work cut out winning over the biggest star in the u.s. team making rypien oh she's been involved in a public media battle with the president ever since this interview clip of merged during the world cup where he's going to buy us. now and i know i have the women's game aside trump an infant to know also discussed planning for the 2026 men's world cup which the u.s. will co-host with mexico and canada and although it's 7 years away trump joked he
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was keen to play a part with jonny we're going to have to stand by 2nd term because 2026 i'm going to have to extend it for a couple of years the u.s. women's team will hope he uses the time that he does have left in office to further their cause david stokes al-jazeera. and a quick reminder can catch up in time on our website the address that is dot com. or mine of the top stories on our syria u.s. president donald trump has abruptly fired his national security adviser john bolton amid disagreements over foreign policy bolton was trump's 3rd national security adviser and pressed the president to take a harder line on issues such as afghanistan russia and north korea he was also a chief architect of trump's stance against iran and argued against holding meetings with the iranian leadership. israeli media say rocket fire briefly cut
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short an election rally by prime minister benjamin netanyahu just hours after he announced he would annex part of the occupied west bank if he's reelected israel's military said it intercepted 2 rockets from the gaza strip but there was no claim of responsibility is now has been criticized for his vow to take control of the jordan valley with the arab league saying it will undermine the peace process. about with united so i'm asking you to give me the mandate to extend israeli law to all the settlements out of respect for president trump i'm waiting to do this in maximum coordination with the administration but there is one place where the diplomatic circumstances are ripe to do this very soon if i'm elected i commit to next the jordan valley north of the dead sea it is our eastern border our defense wall. and he's 31 pilgrims have been killed in one of the most sacred sites in shia islam iraqi officials say around 100 others were injured when
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a walkway collapsed and set off a stampede in the holy city of karbala hundreds of thousands of shia muslims have gathered there for sure a commemorations. the nigerian army has been accused of detaining fountains of children over suspected links to boko haram human rights watch says the detainees have been forced to stay in quoted conditions without access to family members the minute she denies the accusations and hong kong protesters have used a football match against iran to highlight their cause demonstrators gathered outside the world cup qualifier and sang a protest song over the chinese national anthem thanks to a stream looks at the recent wave of xenophobic attacks in south africa do stay with us if you can buy for.
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raising children isn't easy and it can sometimes seem the worry is a never ending bus ship digital screens the high to the list of things the fia or should they simply be embraced as part of parenting today that question is causing debate both in families and in academia after a series of studies have come up with controversial guy guides i feel me ok in your industry so you've probably thought about the impact of screen time on the mind of youngsters this is a member of our community column boston habits when the world health organization issues are poor like this that says that children should play more in circus where they're trying to do is just couldn't id in our markets is up to every individual
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parent decide and said guys.


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