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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 11, 2019 6:00am-6:34am +03

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power examines the cool juice and possible consequences of homegrown summer of defiance on al jazeera. john bolton is out president trying fires his national security advisor saying they disagreed on many issues. for the bacteria watching al-jazeera live from my headquarters in doha also coming out. the rocket fire cut short the israeli prime minister's campaign rally hours up to he was he announced plans to annex parts of the occupied west bank. celebrations of the holy day of a short turn deadly in iraq after a stampede killed at least 81 and valuable cargo the 1st batch of election material
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arrives in afghanistan ahead of the presidential folks. thank you for joining us one of the most powerful people in the white house is out of a job national security advisor john bolton insists he resigned but u.s. present donald trump says he was fired because of disagreements over foreign policy bolton was known as a hawk who wanted the u.s. to take a hard line stance against countries like iran venezuela and north korea alan fischer has more from washington and you're going to do a fantasy job of it appreciate you i thought there had been growing divisions between john bolton to his course but the end was brutal even by the standards of this white house donald trump tweet saying i informed john bolton last night that his services are no longer needed at the white house i disagree strongly with many of his suggestions as did others in the administration. therefore i asked for his
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resignation which was given to me this morning bolton tweeted not the usual thanks for being able to set but an insistence he quit rather than being fired at a news briefing at the white house which bolton was initially listed to attend stephen secretary of state mike pompey defended the president's decision the president's entitle to the staff that he wants at any moment a staff person who works directly for the president of states and he should have people they trust and values if there were many times in basketball that i disagree that's to be sure but that's true for lots of lots of people who with whom i interact john bolton was donald trump started national security advisor the longest serving so far but with his stated positions of using military force in iran and north korea he was annoyed fit for a president whose isolationist america 1st policy wanted to reduce the u.s. military footprint reason only told him was against talking to north korea against pulling u.s. troops out of syria and against the president's latest idea of inviting afghanistan's
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taliban to peace talks at camp david that seems to have been the breaking point we have seen from this and from every other firing that what he really wants are people that echo what he already wants to do and with bolton's opposition gone there could be obvious changes for example that there's a better chance the president will meet with his a really encounter part president made very clear is prepared to meet with no preconditions before he became president donald trump considered john bolton for the role of secretary of state but ultimately decided against it because he felt he didn't look the part mainly because of his mr bush now after 18 months as the national security advisor john bolton once again finds that his face doesn't fit alan fischer al-jazeera at the white house. arab countries have condemned a campaign pledge by israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to the occupied west bank they say his plan would violate international law that's now said the trump
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administration so called dean of the century would provide a historic opportunity for expanding israeli sovereignty over the west bank and other areas faso has more from. benjamin netanyahu has a habit of promising dramatic announcements in the run up to elections and he did so again on tuesday when it came it was not a unilateral decision about amec sation as some had predicted instead the message to right wing settler voters was a vote for netanyahu would in concert with the trumpet ministration mean extending israeli sovereignty to all illegal settlements in the occupied west bank and in the shorter term the amec sation of the jordan valley yes. there is one place where it's possible to apply israeli sovereignty immediately after the election if i receive a clear mandate to do so from you the citizens of israel in recent months of little diplomatic effort in this direction in recent days the conditions for this have ripened today i'm announcing my intention to apply with the formation of the next government israeli sovereignty on the jordan valley and nor going to see the jordan
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valley represent some 30 percent of the occupied west bank and some of its most fertile agricultural land israeli policy has long been that it needs to retain control there for national security but the prospect of a unilateral israeli annexation is netanyahu is promising would explode any faint remaining hopes of a viable palestinian state alongside israel giving palestinians and there's a small towns and villages as prisoners without any freedom that is a war crime and as about as we are about to enter the 74th session or the general assembly of the united nations that a national community must stand now. to see a big no and to stop hitting israel as a country above the laws of man at the united nations there was further condemnation such a prospect would be devastating to the potential of reviving negotiations regional peace and the very essence of a 2 state solution but there is
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a hugely important caveat to all this to enact his plan then you know 1st times to win the election then create a right wing coalition government that would in dorset and then push it through in the face of international pressure and by then and intensifying battle against his own corruption charges israelis have heard him talk an extension before without following through once a point political opponents and political analysts were making even before netanyahu had finished talking this is electioneering at its best there is no connection between what the prime minister said today and what's going to happen after the election whether he's elected or not this is what i like to say is israeli elections are very much like las vegas and hotels in las vegas what happens during israeli elections stays in israeli elections. later at another campaign event in southern israel netanyahu was briefly rushed from the stage sirens sounding the israeli military said rockets had been fired out of gaza a dramatic end to a day when whether he makes good on it or not he confirmed his position as one
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entirely at odds with the 2 state solution the concept that remains the international consensus on how the israeli palestinian conflict should end a resource that al-jazeera west jerusalem meanwhile israel has launched a series of airstrikes on gaza the israeli army says 15 targets were heads official say the strike was in response to rockets launched from gaza on tuesday there were no reports of casualties. in iraq at least 31 pilgrims have been killed at one of the most sacred sites in shia islam officials say about 100 others were injured when a walkway collapse and triggered a stampede in karbala the government fears a number of dead could rise up for it has more. the injured are rushed through the crowd stretches. millions of shia muslims have gathered in the iraqi city of karbala to commemorate the deaths of hussein even ali
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the prophet muhammad's grandson who was killed here more than 1300 years ago witnesses said that when some people fell over slow put one of the entrances to the a mob hussein shrine thousands of others piled forward 15 year old mortada describes his terror or what was supposed to be one of the most important days of his life. on a base there are you jack you are where you are i tried to push back but i was pushed over because people broke through the barrier and there were many people on the ground and many others fell on top of them it was like one striking the other down and i was trapped in the bodies for 4 minutes i was suffocating there was only a small hole where i could breathe the people on my right and left died another name he broke his ribs i saw one person taking his last breath i felt my leg crack when it broke after that i said to myself i'm going to die like the tragedy happened after midday prayers during the so-called tories run tens of thousands of
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people running towards the shrine and saying. the incident happened all of a sudden the visitors fell on the ground the sand and there was a fierce stampede there were many people and we fell on them and everything happened so suddenly people waving from a distance we could hardly see them because of the huge crowds as security has improved in karbala and other areas of iraq in recent years the numbers of people coming to participate in a shura have increased now trying to authorities have long said they've struggled to cope with the numbers and they've said that there are plans afoot to expand the shrine areas so that tragedies like this don't happen but for the victims and their families those plans have come too late for al jazeera karbala. the u.s. has carried out a bombing raid against fighters in iraq salahuddin province. american
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warplanes dropped 40 tons of bombs on an island in the tigris river iraqi military says the attack was part of a larger campaign to clear surrounding deserts in areas north of the capital of any remaining i saw fighters including some of whom may have crossed from syria. to lecture afghanistan now election material has arrived for the presidential election which is just over 2 weeks away there was concern the vote would be postponed due to the talks between the u.s. and the taliban but with negotiations dead for now the afghan government is pushing forward charlotte bella's has a report from kabul. newly arrived on a chartered flight and onto the streets of kabul this particular cargo is extremely valuable. to move it the afghan government has ordered in schools. the trucks carrying items needed to hold the presidential election scheduled for
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september the 28th the 1st batch of election material is heavily guarded because the convoy is a potential target for the taliban who don't want to see the election go ahead. yes everyone knows the television is trying to create problems they conduct explosions in suicide attacks to stop the that's why it's our juicy to school these important materials and get them here safely. here is afghanistan's election commission it too was heavily guarded before entering the compound trucks through a checkpoint with sniffer dogs looking for explosives. within the cargo is blue intolerable ink they needed to ensure no one votes twice it's also symbolic invisible dick. of what side of the war afghans are on these are the 1st crates of blowing that have arrived security is so tight election officials
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cannot tell us where they came from or when they'll be distributed across afghanistan's 34 provinces in fact to open one of the bottles 3 election officials would have to be present. it's a proud moment and it's a good response to all of those who don't want to lecture and like the taliban the public are going out to choose their future leader they're facing a lot of risk they going to the ballot boxes and voting for a better future. indelible ink was 1st used to prevent voter fraud during elections in 2004 it has become a symbol of defiance the taliban have cost off the ink stained index fingers of dozens of versions in the past it's called focal portrait or when i color my finger with the blue pill it's a symbol of peace whereas if you have clothes that i participate in elections to secure my future in afghanistan is a moment of pride for me and all citizens i encourage to use by showing my stained
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finger even if my finger will be cut off i will still go to vote. now it's just a matter of getting the materials to polling stations securely so voters can choose the next president shell of dallas out jazeera kabul. iraq has struck the u.s. embassy in afghanistan's capital on the anniversary of the 911 attacks a compound in the northern part of kabul was hit shortly after midnight local time an employee confirms no one was injured the attack comes just 2 days after president canceled peace talks with the taliban still ahead on al jazeera new details are released about the matter of saudi. blasts an appeal for people in the bahamas to open up their homes to survivors of hurricane dory.
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and know that the heat is on across the south of the united states meanwhile to the north as another sway the cloud bringing with it some fairly extensive rain really spreading across much of southern canada i'm beginning to sink south was as we go through wednesday into northern sections of the united states but across the south it stays warm it stays dry maybe a scout a thunderstorm and in fact we will see in the next couple days as temperatures on the rise out across. the west so 30 celsius in l.a. as we head into thursday but across the northeast look at this rain in place that could lead to some localized flooding and it doesn't sing very false if you got high pressure in the south and that's blocking this rain from pushing down so very warm 35 in atlanta on thursday 34 celsius up in washington d.c. and across into the caribbean and central america we have got the usual thunderstorms really very widespread particular cause much of cuba we could see some thunderstorms op into freeport in the bahamas and then you'll see elsewhere
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the rains really lining all the way from southern section of mexico right the way on towards panama and of course the next couple of months in panama of the wettest months of the year so it's 30 celsius as a day and again that comes with rain and thunderstorms but a better they generally across into cuba maybe just a scattered showers across into a with a high of 32. i cannot my time with my face you can access your bank account with your voice unique algorithmic measurements of us that are prevalent in the process of identification of climate tricks from a convenience and seeming infallibility comes at a cop's most crucially our progress. in the polls of a 5 part series on the radio addresses the appropriation obama's personal characteristics or he'll be algorithm on the jersey you're.
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welcome back and we kept our top stories on al-jazeera us rise and donald trump says he's fired his 3rd. security advisor john bolton says he resigned in a tweet trump said he had numerous policy disagreements with bolton. arab countries have condemned a campaign promise by israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to onyx parts of the occupied west bank they say his ban would violate international law it's now says a u.s. middle east peace plan would provide an opportunity to extend israeli sovereignty and at least $31.00 pilgrims have died in iraq during a stampede at one of shia islam's small sacred sites officials say around $100.00
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others were injured during a parade in the city of karbala. hundreds of people have been killed in ongoing fighting in brooklyn a fuss over the violence is causing a major food crisis affecting nearly one and a half 1000000 people the world food programme is now warning of what it calls an unprecedented humanitarian emergency catherine so why has this exclusive report from northern working a fossil where farmers are abandoning their crops were escaping the violence. on a normal day as said to tells us she'd be at her family in the village of you who have children looking after the livestock. but instead they're not come for displaced people more than 100 kilometers from home alongside many other books who have fled attacks. villages arrived in january after many were killed in a revenge attack when a rival community blamed them for the matter of
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a local chief and he signs. they bought into houses and clothes i fled with 6 children their cues does of collaborating with the armed groups from outside the country this is what remains of their village following other attacks more than 200000 people have fled from their homes in parts of the north and east over the last 3 years some blame armed groups in book enough as well as others from neighboring mali for the increasing violence and tensions between rival communities are making the crisis harder to resolve. the wall food program says it's a humanitarian emergency. more than a 1000000 people need help we are focused were killed just in the area with his march most of so we. were it is supposed to be security problem it's really hard to imagine the horror some of this displaced people have
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faced most of them have come here with nothing but the clothes they're wearing they're supposed to stop harvest. crops but both we talked to said the congo back to the villages to do that because it's still too dangerous. and a few others however did manage to return to their village after government forces secured the area he still relies on food aid. i have 20 family members to feed me through waves to britain and grandchildren this food will last for 2 weeks we fled for a moment before we could plant because the neighboring the blue village was attacked and we feared attackers would come next. after a whole day's wait starts his long journey back home it's 50 kilometers away and who pass through a dangerous area but he says it's a risk he's willing to take to feed his family katherine sawyer al-jazeera nothing booking
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a fossil the body is zimbabwe's former president robert mugabe is on his way to his hometown to be buried the harris carrying his body left a funeral parlor in singapore he died in the city last week at the age of $95.00 his funeral will be held on sunday. i knew detailed transcripts revealing the final moments oh sorry journalist assassination has been released by a turkish newspaper he was killed in the saudi consulate in istanbul last october. has more almost a year since it shocked the world and the story of murder is still making headlines the newspaper one of turkey's biggest published details of conversations that took place between staff at the saudi consulate in istanbul and officials in the kingdom's royal court in riyadh they corroborate with a narrative that was presented by the united nations special repertory investigating the murder of the slain journalist in the findings she published 3
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months ago. further evidence that special trees killing was not simply a botched attempt by saudi agents to kidnap him but in fact a premeditated murder according to the newspaper on september the 28th 4 days before her soldier was killed a security station to the consulates named ahmed that was a nice telephone matter to moderate an advisor at the royal courts of crown prince mohammed bin said man. also security at tashi if you could visit to the consulate earlier that day will indeed return on october the 2nd yes we are all shocked we just spoke i said how are you there isn't anything official but it's known that he is one of the people salt later that same day the saudi consul himself the hum of the law tavi spoke to another individual known only as a head of state security called me and they have an assignment they need a person from your protocol for a special and a top secret mission. shame oh gruber's is an editor at the english language
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additional she sees it's her and her colleagues duty to continue shedding light on the story until the entire truth is revealed at the u.n. reporter said that there are a bia has a responsibility in this killing so the think we are seeing right now is. there was hard criminals are judging them sus so it's of course expected for us to not see anyone being convicted because it's basically a tear to her rather than a fair trial that's why i don't think that we'll see anyone that is truly being responsible for on this murder will be charge will be a comic that in times it was reported that crown prince mohammed bin some man was advised by president donald trump's son in law and chief advisor you're a christian or in the early days following the killing of jamal physically to weather the storm and that the story would die in
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a few months if not weeks almost one year or since she was killed in the consulates behind me on the story is still very much making headlines not least because there are several questions but have not been on sort of including where is the body of the slain journalist and why are you has nobody been convicted of his murder until and unless those questions are answered it is likely that the story will not be going away from. istanbul pakistan's foreign minister sharon mahmood qureshi says there's a risk of genocide in indian administered kashmir he made the warning to the un's human rights council the region has been under strict military clampdown for more than a month since india revoked its autonomy status india called warning if fabricated narrative creation also said kashmir is now the biggest prison in the worlds. rescue workers in the bahamas are still searching for bodies after hurricane dorian
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devastated the islands last week at least 50 people are confirmed dead and now there's an urgent appeal to help the survivors. has more. pictures of utter devastation as hurricane dorian turned this town into a virtual war zone. homes an article islands have been reduced to piles of rubble cars tossed like toys now lined the streets. the neighborhood has become an eerie reminder of the enormous damage in the search for victims and survivors lifeless bodies are removed from the rubble surrounded by death and destruction hope has become a luxury hope is gone right now but it seems to be trickling back in is seeing the people that care. that's come from outside to show. you know that that the care and love and bring in supplies. and
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the town of marsh harbor 90 percent of homes and buildings were damaged by hurricane dorian with winds reaching more than 300 kilometers per hour the category 5 hurricane marks the most powerful caribbean storm on record and the capital now authorities have asked people to open their homes to evacuees the united nations estimates more than 70000 people are in need of food and shelter all the debris was over scores of survivors who lost everything now face the challenge of starting their lives again the government if you cannot help us when you need to give us a let somebody step in would it could really help us that's we seek help we lost everything we lost our life we lost our family peoples are unaccounted for we're trying to find out a lot of us we got off off a lot of documents and everything so there's no if you had to find jobs with no documents. it will take years to repair the damage a daunting process for both rescue teams and survivors. katia locus of the
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young al-jazeera venezuela has carried out a series of military drills on its colombian border the military says 150000 troops are involved in the war games are expected to continue for several weeks venezuela's embattled president nicolas maduro has repeatedly warned against a u.s. backed invasion from colombia there's no evidence bogota is preparing such action and the u.s. has said it wants venezuela's crisis to be solved peacefully. north korea has released pictures showing leader kim jong un overseeing tuesday's missile launch young young's official news agency says kim gave field guidance for the fresh test of a super launch multiple rocket launches stem south korean commanders where the 1st reports seeing 2 unidentified missiles cross the country and land in the sea just hours after north korea offered to resume denuclearization talks with the u.s. . europe's biggest exhibition of military grade weapons is on display in london but
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there's growing anger over the event with human rights activists condemning the sale of weapons to countries engage in conflicts a major campaign is underway in the u.k. to stop sales to saudi arabia which is fighting a devastating war in yemen that reports it happens every 2 years a showcase for the latest military and security equipment from around the world but how much longer will it be held here in the british capital d.s.e. are 2019 has been preceded by a week of protests in london's docklands district by peace groups environmental campaigners and now the mayor of london started his voice to the concerns city can relate to the organizers saying london is a global city which is home to individuals who have fled conflict and suffered as a consequence of arms and weapons like those exhibited at d.s.e. . in order to represent londoners interests i would take any opportunity available to prevent this event from taking place in the world docks in future years. his
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comments have been welcomed by campaigners he points out many of the weapons deals done here involve countries on britain's watch list for human rights abuses according to data by campaign against the arms trade between 20082017 which ended military arms deals worth around $48000000000.00 and almost a 3rd of that was with countries which figure on the government's own human rights priority list. those countries include israel china and saudi arabia al-jazeera put those concerns to the u.k.'s defense procurement minister while she launched an initiative to employ more women in the defense industry so the mission as one of the most robust. arms i citizens in the world and we will continue that anyone who has been said should absolutely bring in government and we would be absolutely vital that we look instant i mean we are absolutely determined to make sure this industry is looking after the defense of citizens across the bay been helping
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support in peace and operations. britain has suspended licenses for arms exports to saudi arabia after campaigners who base their case on atrocities in yemen scored a victory at the court of appeal the u.k. is appealing against that ruling but rights group amnesty says another problem is how individual arms manufacturers check their products are not being used in potential war crimes or human rights violations. they also $22.00 firms including major money factor is like the u.s. company raytheon and britain's be a systems what they were doing only h. responded to amnesties request none could clearly say what they were doing in terms of so-called due diligence but ultimately what they were describing were measures that they take to jump through the hoops to get export licenses and we're very clear that that is not sufficient in terms of human rights standards even if they open it to transfer weapons to countries like saudi arabia they should be
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independently not transferring those weapons because of the human rights risk in reality the arms fire is unlikely to disappear from the events calendar in the near future but neither is the controversy that surrounds it the team bother al-jazeera london. to again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump says he fired his said national security adviser but john bolton says he resigned in a tweet trump said he had numerous policy disagreements with bolton the secretary of state my pump aoe defended the president's decision. the president's intitled to the stance that he wants that at any moment this is the person who works directly for the president states and he should have people they trust and values and whose efforts and judgments benefit him and delivering american foreign policy that's what as a cabinet member secretary lew should i try and do each and every day and when the
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president makes a decision like this is well within his rights to do so several arab countries have condemned a campaign promise by israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to annex jordan valley they say his plan would violate international law and it's now says the u.s. middle east peace plan would provide an opportunity to extend israeli sovereignty. i'm asking you to give me the mandate to extend israeli law to all the settlements out of respect for president trump i'm waiting to do this in maximum coordination with the administration but there is one place where the diplomatic circumstances are ripe to do this very soon if i'm elected i commit to the next the jordan valley and north of the dead sea it is our eastern border our defense will rocket fire laser cut short and it's now campaign rally israel responded with a series of ass strikes on gaza israeli army says 15 targets were hit they were no
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reports of casualties and he said he won pilgrims have died in iraq during a stampede at one of shia islam's most sacred sites officials say about 100 others were injured during a parade in the city of kabul marking a sure.


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