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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 253  Al Jazeera  September 11, 2019 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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is that this is not an elections campaign and they believe that this has been a coordinated step with the us administration p.l.o. executive committee member at hand i should always said that this is a game changer this is a serious threat to peace and security and she said it shows their intention the long term intention by the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu for ethnic cleansing other palestinian officials have called in the international community to intervene saying it's up to the world to defend its rules meanwhile israel has launched a series of air strikes on gaza the israeli army says 15 targets were hit officials say the strikes were in response to rockets launched from gaza or on tuesday there were no reports of casualties honest indians in gaza have been under siege for more than 10 years of been protesting weekly for months in hopes of ending the occupation. donald trump will be replacing his national security advisor for the 4th time it's one of the most powerful positions in the white house john bolton was
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known for hardline pro military stances against countries like iran venezuela and north korea trump says he was fired for those stances bolton says he resigned and fisher reports from washington think you're going to do a fantastic job and i appreciate that there had been growing divisions between john bolton that his boss but the end was brutal even by the standards of this white house donald trump tweeting i informed john bolton last night that his services are no longer needed at the white house i disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions as did others in the administration therefore i asked for his resignation which was given to me this morning bolton tweeted not the usual thanks for being able to serve but an insistence he quit rather than being fired at a news briefing at the white house which bolton was initially listed to attend stephen secretary of state might prompt defended the president's decision the
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president's intitled to the staff that he wants at any moment as a staff person who works directly for the president and states and he should have people they trust and values if there were many times in basketball that i disagree that to be sure but that's true for lots and lots of people who with whom i interact john bolton was donald trump's 3rd national security advisor the longest serving so far but with his stated positions of using military force in iran and north korea he was annoyed fit for a president whose isolationist america 1st policy wanted to reduce the u.s. military footprint. told him was against talking to north korea against pulling u.s. troops out of syria and against the president's latest idea of inviting afghanistan's taliban to peace talks at camp david that seems to have been the breaking point we have seen from this and from every other firing but what he really wants are people that echo what he already wants to do. and with opposition gone there could be obvious changes for example there's
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a better chance the president will meet with his a really counterpart president made very clear if appeared to meet with no preconditions before he became president donald trump considered john bolton for the role of secretary of state but ultimately decided against it because he felt he didn't look the part meanly because of his mustache now after 18 months is the national security adviser john bolton once again finds that his face doesn't fit alan fischer al-jazeera at the white house. meanwhile has been reiterating he's open to talks with iran. could happen it could happen. no problem with iran should straighten out because frankly they're in very bad position right now and they should straighten it out because they could straighten it out very easily . the u.s. has carried out a bombing raid against deisel fighters in iraq dean province. american warplanes dropped 36000 kilograms of bombs on an island in the tigris river the
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iraqi military says the attack was part of a larger campaign to clear areas north of baghdad of any remaining eisel fighters including saddam may have crossed from syria the u.s. led coalition says congress island has become infested with ice or fighters who are believed to be using it as a transit hub and safe haven still ahead of al jazeera war games in venezuela countries neighbors urging calm plus. i'm natasha buckley in paris where the new exhibition offers a read glimpse into the final decades of francis bacon one of the 20th century's most important artists.
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they whether she settled in sally across central and eastern parts of you little more clout over towards the baltic states but the think has clout the liveliest whether that's a bit tools western part so if you see some very heavy showers just around that west side of the mediterranean then the remnants of what was our can doria making its way across that northwestern corner of your through the british isles pushing into scandinavia the low countries as we go through the next couple of days where to stay still a blessed st day there across those northwestern parts well the blustery conditions to be to the west of the mediterranean the heavy rain set to stay with us for a good 3 or 4 days by the end of that period some parts could see maybe 20300 millimeters of rain here's a set of weather to central and eastern eyre still warm never moscow getting up to around 25 degrees on wednesday 10 degrees or so above the seasonal average it will cool off as you make a way into the weekend but thursday still sees those high temperatures across many
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eastern areas central parts warm and sunny 31 celsius there for rope will gradually warm up into the northwest to some not a dry weather as we go on into thursday but staying very disturbed you notice across the western side of the bed it's right in some of that cloud right right would also affect the far northwest of africa. the weather sponsored by catalona. corruption has reached our love all like nothing ever before in our country. rank outsider. to president of the united states. the power was in the data we will the people with the truth and nothing else discover. for winning the white house unfair game on al-jazeera.
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they're watching out 0 time to recap our headlines now nigeria is re patry 18 more than 600 of its citizens from south africa after a week of violence that the tensions between the 2 countries at least 12 people were killed more than 1000 shops vandalized in a series of attacks on foreign owned businesses a campaign pledge by the israeli prime minister to annex parts of the legally occupied west bank has been widely condemned benyamin netanyahu told moses he would extend israeli sovereignty to all settlements with the help of the trump administration u.s. president donald trump is replacing his national security advisor for the 4th time it's one of the most powerful positions in the white house john bolton was known
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for taking a hard line pro military stance against countries like iran venezuela and north korea. the u.s. embassy in afghanistan's capital has been targeted by a rocket on the anniversary of the september 11th attacks the compound in northern kabul was hit shortly after midnight local time an embassy employee confirmed no one was injured the attack comes just 2 days after president donald trump canceled peace talks with the taliban. election material meanwhile has been arriving in afghanistan for the presidential vote which is just over 2 weeks away was concerned the polls would be postponed due to the talks between the u.s. and taliban with negotiations dead for now the government is pushing ahead shall about its reports from kabul. arrived on a chartered flight and onto the streets of kabul this particular cargo is extremely valuable. to move it the afghan government has ordered an armed escort.
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the trucks carrying items needed to hold the presidential election scheduled for september the 28th the 1st batch of election material is heavily guarded because the convoy is a potential target for the taliban who don't want to see the election go ahead. everyone knows the television is trying to create problems they conduct explosions in suicide attacks to stop the vote that's why it's our duty to score these important materials and get them here safely. here is afghanistan's election commission it too was heavily guarded before entering the compound trucks age through a checkpoint with sniffer dogs looking for explosives. within the cargo is blue intel of the ink they needed to ensure no one votes twice it's
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also symbolic of visible declaration of what side of the war afghans are on these are the 1st crates of blowing that have arrived security is so tight election officials cannot tell us where they came from or when they'll be distributed across afghanistan's 34 provinces in fact to open one of the bottles 3 election officials would have to be present. it's a proud moment and it's a good response to all of those who don't want to lecture and. like the taliban the public are going out to choose their future leader facing a lot of risk yet they going to the ballot boxes and voting for a better future. indelible ink was 1st used to prevent voter fraud during elections in 2004 it has become a symbol of defiance the taliban have cost off the ink stained index finger is dozens of voices in the past. when my finger with the blue ink it's a symbol of peace where you are as if you have i participate in elections to secure
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my future in afghanistan is a moment of pride for me and all citizens i encourage to use by showing my stained finger even if my finger will be cut off i will still go to vote. right. now it's just a matter of getting the materials to polling stations securely so voters can choose the next president. dallas al-jazeera. colombia is urging calm as venezuela carries out large scale military drills along its border venezuelan president nicolas maduro his government says it's preparing for its neighbors to invade colombia says it's not planning any such action under schapelle has more. preparing for a foreign invasion venezuela's president has ordered a show of force for the rest of the continent to c. 150000 troops began war games on tuesday that are expected to last for 2 weeks or
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youngstown today has begun the deployment of the entire army missile anti aircraft air defense comprehensive defense of the entire territory of the 220-1000 kilometer border with colombia. venezuela and colombia have traded accusations of harboring each other's enemies the u.s. says madeira is openly supporting what it calls narco terrorist groups which could launch cross border attacks on colombian forces i hope that the armed forces there as well. will not allow me to drive them into. some additional risks i hope they're not crazy enough. to engage in any kind of attacks on colombia and it is certainly the case that colombia will have full american support if that happens opposition leader one who i do says the war games are an attempt to divert attention from the political and economic turmoil within venezuela's borders i wonder what we've in a swale and the majority have been
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a swell and demanding is to put an end to the suffering of people to deal with the conflicts humanitarian emergency venezuela is grappling with acute shortages of food and medicines the u.n. says one in 5 are now suffering from hunger one and a half 1000000 have fled the worsening conditions to colombia. critics say he should spend more money on food than missiles but he insists the drills are needed to defend the homeland enter chapelle al jazeera. mexico says it's rejecting a u.s. request for asylum seekers heading from north america to make their 1st asylum claim in mexico foreign minister. is in washington for talks on trade and migration abroad says mexico's deployment of $25000.00 soldiers to reduce illegal crossings at the u.s. border will be permanent a new transcript detailing the final moments of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi
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assassination has been published by a turkish newspaper. was killed in the saudi consulate in istanbul last october jamal shell has more almost a year since it shocked the world and the story of she's murder is still making headlines the newspaper one of turkey's biggest published details of conversations that took place between staff at the saudi consulate in istanbul and officials in the kingdom's royal court in riyadh they corroborate with a narrative that was presented by the united nations special reparatory investigating the murder of the slain journalist in the findings she published 3 months ago. further evidence that special trees killing was not simply a botched attempt by saudi agents to kidnap him but in fact a premeditated murder according to the newspaper on september the 28th 4 days before her soldier was killed a security station to the consulates named ahmed that was
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a nice telephone matter to madrid an advisor at the royal courts of crown prince mohammed bin saddam on. the security at tashi if you had visited the consulate earlier that day will indeed return on october the 2nd yes we are all shocked we just spoke i said how are you there isn't anything official but it's known that he is one of the people salt later that saying they the saudi consul himself the hum of the latte be spoke to another individual known only as a head of state security called me and they have an assignment they need a person from your protocol for a special and a top secret mission. shamos gruber's is an editor of the english language additional she sees it's her and her colleagues duty to continue shedding light on the story until the entire truth is revealed at the u.n. reporter said that there are a bia has a responsibility in this killing so the thing we are seeing right now is. the once
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hard criminals are judging them sus so it's of course expected for us to not see anyone being convicted because it's basically a tear to her rather than a fair trial that's why i don't think that we'll see anyone that is truly being responsible for on this larger will be charge will be a comic that in times it was reported that crown prince mohammed bin some man was advised by president donald trump's son in law in chief advisor jurors christian or in the early days following the killing of jamal for children to weather the storm and that the story would die in a few months if not weeks almost one year or since he was killed in the consulates behind me on this story is still very much making headlines not least because there .


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