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u.s. president fires his hawkish national security advisor saying he strongly disagreed with him. and peace activists protest in london against the city hosting europe's biggest military weapons. nigeria is repaired 3 a thing more than 600 of its citizens from south africa after a week of violence at least 12 people were killed and more than 1000 shops vandalized in attacks on foreign owned businesses in pretoria and johannesburg that violence sparked an international outcry calls for a boycott of south african goods and services now a private nigerian airline is offering free flights to those who want to return. for me the mini is the international airport in johannesburg so how does it look
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now. also i mean the last few passengers are kicking in about 300 of the more than 600 you mentioned will take the 1st free flight today it will be followed by a 2nd flight on thursday we expect those flights to take off in the coming hours it's been quite a long process they've been issues around documentation some people not having the right paperwork some passports expired some people a small group of them have been kept back because they haven't met the requirements by the the immigration and home affairs department here in south africa we also know 1 that there have been concerns around a number of people being flagged by the department of home of face and that's caused a number of delays we know that the nigerian consulate has spent the last few days trying to assist people with the necessary paperwork so we are still to establish exactly how many people do indeed take this flight but of course many have said
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that they are weary of staying in south africa scared of of what may happen given that this is the 1st time that so in a phobic attacks have taken place and even then despite these attacks taking place in 2008 again in 2015 the south african government at this point continues to say that it doesn't believe that we are foreigners in south african in south africa have been specifically targeted they say that the violence is due to criminality and that's how it's approaching the violence that we've been seeing in recent weeks i mean. this is been going on for a while has and the water authorities doing to try and contain this. many here say authorities are certainly not doing enough the south african government has said that it has a plan in place to deal with these the 3rd the violence that we've seen in recent
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weeks and it says that it has an early warning system in place and in fact it's managed to stop the spread of violence in some instances over the weekend they continue to be a confrontations between people from outside of south africa from foreign nationals in between south africans and in that case police were trying to keep the 2 groups apart when foreign nationals felt that a group from johannesburg parts of johannesburg were trying to approach areas that are dominated by foreign nationals they say wanting to attack and wanting to kill them however in this case many of those people say they were prepared to retaliate so in many cases there are people who aren't relying on authorities and the intervention of the south african government they say they don't feel protected and this is why we're seeing in this case at least 600 people leave the country we also understand that there are other governments like muslim b.
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. and zimbabwe that are perhaps considering repack treating their own citizens back to their countries because they're concerned about their well being in south africa all right thanks so much for me the men over applied by the israeli prime minister to actually go israeli settlements in the occupied west bank has been widely condemned the arab league called the move of aggression so he would top itto the foundations of peace in the region jordan's foreign minister home and suffer the call the plan a serious escalation he's warning it could push the whole region towards violence and this turkish counterpart. condemned the plan as racist he's criticizing benyamin that's now versioning what he calls illegal and unlawful messages. how a force that has. done benjamin netanyahu has a habit of promising dramatic announcements in the run up to elections and he did so again on tuesday when it came it was not
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a unilateral decision about amec sation as some had predicted instead the message to right wing settler voters was a vote for netanyahu would in concert with the trumpet ministration mean extending israeli sovereignty to all illegal settlements in the occupied west bank and in the shorter term the annexation of the jordan valley yes. there is one place where it's possible to apply israeli sovereignty immediately after the election if i receive a clear mandate to do so from you the citizens of israel in recent months of late at diplomatic effort in this direction in recent days the conditions for this have ripened today i'm announcing my intention to apply with the formation of the next government israeli sovereignty on the jordan valley and northern to see. the jordan valley represents some 30 percent of the occupied west bank and some of its most fertile agricultural land israeli policy has long been that it needs to retain control there for national security but the prospect of a unilateral israeli annexation as netanyahu is promising would explode any faint
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remaining hopes of a viable palestinian state alongside israel keeping palestinians inside there's a small towns and villages as prisoners without any freedom that is a war crime and has about as we are about to enter the 74th session or the general assembly of the united nations venter national community must stand thought of now or to see a big norm and to stop treating it as a country above the laws of man at the united nations there was further condemnation such a prospect would be devastating to the potential of reviving the goshi asians regional peace and the very essence of a 2 state solution but there is a hugely important caveat to all this to enact his plan now you know 1st has to win the election then create a right wing coalition government that would in dorset and then push it through in the face of international pressure and by then and intensifying battle against his own corruption charges israelis have heard him talk annexation before without
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following through that's a point political opponents and political analysts were making even before netanyahu had finished talking this is electioneering at its best there is no connection between what the prime minister said today and what's going to happen after the election whether he's elected or not this is what i like to say is israeli elections are very much like las vegas and hotels in las vegas what happens during israeli elections stays in israeli elections. later at another campaign event in southern israel netanyahu was briefly rushed from the stage sirens sounding the israeli military said rockets had been fired out of gaza a dramatic end to a day when whether he makes good on it or not he confirmed his position as one entirely at odds with the 2 state solution the concept that remains the international consensus on how the israeli palestinian conflict should end very force that al-jazeera west jerusalem. brahim has more from ramallah in the occupied
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west bank the palestinian president mahmoud abbas said that if israel moves forward with its plans to annex parts of the occupied west bank then he will end all agreements signed with israel and if occasions this is not the 1st time for him to wage such threats however the feeling here among palestinian officials is that this is not an elections campaign and they believe that this has been a coordinated step with the u.s. administration p.l.o. executive committee member at hand i should always said that this is a game changer this is a serious threat to peace and security and she said it shows their intention the long term intention by the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu for ethnic cleansing other palestinian officials have called in the international community to intervene saying it's up to the world to defend its rules meanwhile is rose launched a series of airstrikes on gaza the israeli army says 15 targets were hit officials
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say the strives for a response to rockets launched from gaza on tuesday no reports of casualties donald trump will be replacing his national security advisor for the 4th time one of the most powerful positions in the white house john bolton was known for hardline pro-military stances against countries like iran venezuela north korea trump says he was fired for those dances and says he resigned. reports from washington. you are going to do a fantastic job and i appreciate that there had been growing divisions between john bolton that his boss but the end was brutal even by the standards of this white house donald trump tweeting i informed john bolton last night that his services are no longer needed at the white house i disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions as did others in the administration therefore i asked for his resignation which was given to me this morning bolton tweeted not the usual thanks for being able to serve but an insistence he quit rather than being fired at
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a news briefing at the white house which bolton was initially listed to attend stephen secretary of state might pompey defended the president's decision the president's entitle to the staff that he once said at any moment as a staff person who works directly for the president and states and he should have people they trust and values if there were many times in basketball that i disagree that's to be sure but that's true for lots of lots of people who with whom i interact john bolton was donald trump started national security advisor the longest serving so far but with his stated positions of using military force in iran and north korea he was annoyed fit for a president whose isolationist america 1st policy wanted to reduce the u.s. military footprint reason only told him was against talking to north korea against pulling u.s. troops out of syria and against the president's latest idea of inviting afghanistan's taliban to peace talks at camp david that seems to have been the breaking point we have seen from this and from every other firing but what he really wants are people
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that echo what he already wants to do and with bolton's opposition gone there could be obvious changes for example that there's a better chance the president will meet with his a really encounter part presence very very clear is prepared to meet with no preconditions before he became president donald trump considered john bolton for the role of secretary of state but ultimately decided against it because he felt he didn't look the part mainly because of his mr bush now after 18 months is the national security adviser john bolton once again finds that his face doesn't fit alan fischer al-jazeera at the white house. told trump has reiterated he is open to talks with iran. but apple could have. no problem with iran should straighten out because frankly they're very bad position right now and they should straighten it out straight out. iran's united nations envoy has
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responded to bolton's departure he says the advisors removal does not change the relationship between the 2 countries and boy did. she said the departure of u.s. national security adviser john bolton from president donald trump's administration will not push iran to reconsider talking with the u.s. added there was no room for talks until iran sanctions are lifted. a prominent hong kong protester has escaped a prison sentence for his role in a demonstration 3 years ago. the chairman of the activist group. pleaded guilty to illegal assembly charges over clashes outside the china liaison office in 2016 he was given a 2 week suspended sentence previously served 13 months in prison for storming the legislative council in 2014 with a crackdown on protesters in hong kong has been receiving international condemnation german chancellor angela merkel has told china upholding human rights
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is essential also welcome one of the territories leading anti-government activists to joshua one appeared in a news conference in the german capital he says the protests are not likely to stop and in time soon. i feel obligated to emphasize i would demand to an independent inquiry into the police brutality and power up it was by looking at up those investigating police who were against the law it is the only practical reason of both solution to prevent hong kong from being a police state and up of all to restore trust between the people and the government . there's another reason and a greater context the protests in hong kong are not likely to stop because we are still fighting for our fundamental rights and democracy free election is the basic civil rights and freedom written in our constitution and to see no british join the
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creation but those promises are not fulfilled by beijing they just conduct hotline suppression political censorship and we structure of freedom of speech have just heard and young generation into dissident if we stop protesting no one will be able to hold president xi carolan and the government responsible for their wrongdoings. so they had on al-jazeera securing election materials from the threat of the taliban afghans get ready to choose a new president after the peace talks collapse and appeal for people in the bahamas . to survivors can dorian.
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because some rather heavy rain pushed its part of the philippines over the next couple of days but elsewhere across southeast asia dry and settled in fact we got some more try by the coming into parts of malaysia into the. and hence the fires that are burning here slash and burn them right well sure of his indonesia or malaysia responsible for these but we have no rain in the forecast over the next few days largely dry there as you can see across a good part of sumatra northern parts of the march or want to catch your cherries go through the next day or 2 thursday or friday but essentially it's dry no sign of any significant rainfall the really wet weather will continue because a good part of the philippines we could also do with simpler and right into parts of australia where fires are a problem here particularly into the eastern side of the country is dry no sign of any rain in the forecast here as we go through the next few days and that's because high pressure continues to dominate the weather might just catch one or 2 coastal showers around the eastern side of queensland but essentially it does look settled
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and no sign of any real rain over the next few days so the fire issues the fire problems they are set to persist into the southeast present sunshine coming into melbourne but some rain the tasmania. the new political sitcom after 27 years of dictatorship in the this problem that we have can we overcome it challenges here looks at the new democracy in ethiopia fast changing political landscape through the stories of food europeans simply this is my studio where i shoot the sitcom. my ethiopian on al-jazeera.
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you're watching out 0 time to recap headlines now nigeria is repatriating more than $600.00 of its citizens from south africa after we confinements that the tensions between the 2 countries at least 12 people were killed and more than 1000 shots vandalized in a series of attacks on foreign owned businesses a campaign pledge by the israeli prime minister to annex parts of the illegally occupied west bank has been widely condemned benyamin netanyahu told voters he would extend israeli sovereignty to all the settlements with the help of the trumpet been straight. u.s. president donald trump will be replacing his national security advisor for the 4th time one of the most powerful positions in the white house john bolton was known
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for taking a hard line stance against countries like iran and north korea. the u.s. embassy in afghanistan's capital has been hit by a rocket on the anniversary of the september 11th attacks the compound in northern kabul was attacked shortly after midnight on wednesday and embassy employees says no one was injured. election material has arrived in afghanistan for the presidential vote that's just over 2 weeks away as concern the polls the big boned the talks between the u.s. and the taliban with negotiations called off by president trump government is now pushing ahead shiela both reports from kabul. arrived on a chartered flight and onto the streets of kabul this particular cargo is extremely valuable. to move it to the afghan government has ordered an armed escort. the trucks carry items needed to hold the presidential election scheduled for
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september the 28th the 1st batch of election material is heavily guarded because the convoy is a potential target for the taliban who don't want to see the election go ahead. yes everyone knows the television is trying to create problems they conduct explosions in suicide attacks to stop the vote that's why it's our duty to score these important materials and get them here safely. here is afghanistan's election commission it too was heavily guarded before entering the compound trucks through a checkpoint with sniffer dogs looking for explosives. packed with in the cargo is blue intel of the ink they needed to ensure no one votes twice it's also symbolic a visible declaration of what side of the war afghans are on these are the 1st crates of blowing that have arrived security is so tight election officials cannot
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tell us where they came from or when they'll be distributed across afghanistan's 34 provinces in fact to open one of the bottles 3 election officials would have to be present. it's a proud moment and it's a good response to all of those who don't want elections like the taliban the public are going out to choose their future leader they're facing a lot of risk they going to the ballot boxes and voting for a better future. indelible ink was 1st used to prevent voter fraud during elections in 2004 it has become a symbol of defiance the taliban have cast off the ink stained index fingers dozens of versions in the past. when my finger with the blue ink it's a symbol of peace where you are as if you have i participate in elections to secure my future in afghanistan is a moment of pride for me and all citizens are encouraged to use by showing my
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stained finger even of my being or will be cut off i will still go to vote. right. now it's just a matter of getting the materials to polling stations securely so voters can choose the next president charlotte dallas out jazeera kabul. the u.s. has carried out a bombing raid against isis fighters in iraq a day in province american military aircraft dropped $36.00 tons of bombs on an island in the tigris river the iraqi military says the attack was part of a larger campaign to clear areas north of baghdad advice for fighters. some of them are believed to have crossed over from syria. colombia is urging calm as venezuela carries out large scale military drills along its border as well and president nicolas maduro his government says it's preparing for its neighbors to invade become obvious as it's not planning any such action on the ship has more
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. preparing for a foreign invasion venezuela's president has ordered a show of force for the rest of the continent to see 150000 troops began were games on tuesday that are expected to last for 2 weeks only on time today has begun the deployment of the entire army missile anti aircraft air defense comprehensive defense of the entire territory of the 20011000 kilometer border with colombia. venezuela and colombia have traded accusations of harboring each other's enemies the u.s. says madeira is openly supporting what it calls narco terrorist groups which could launch cross border attacks on colombian forces i hope that the armed forces that is well. will not allow me to drive them into. some additional risks i hope they're not crazy enough. to engage in any kind of
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attacks on colombia and it is certainly the case that colombia will have full american support if that happens opposition leader one why dose as the war games are an attempt to divert attention from the political and economic turmoil within venezuela's borders. one look what we've been assuagement the majority have been as well and so demanding is to put an end to the suffering of people to deal with a complex humanitarian emergency venezuela's grappling with acute shortages of food and medicines the u.n. says one in 5 are now suffering from hunger one and a half 1000000 have fled the worsening conditions to colombia. critics say he should spend more money on food that missiles but he insists the drills are needed to defend the homeland and are schapelle al-jazeera. rescue workers in the bahamas are still recovering bodies of people killed by dorian last week at least 50 people are confirmed dead now there's an urgent appeal to help the survivors that there
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has more. pictures of utter devastation as hurricane dorian turned this town into a virtual war zone. homes in abaco islands have been reduced to piles of rubble cars tossed like toys now lined the streets. the neighborhood has become an eerie reminder of the enormous damage in the search for victims and survivors lifeless bodies are removed from the rubble surrounded by death and destruction hope has become a luxury hope is gone right now but it seems to be trickling back in is seeing the people that care that. that's come from outside to show. you know that that they care and love and bring in supplies. and the town of marsh harbor 90 percent of homes and buildings were damaged by hurricane dorian with winds reaching more than 300 kilometers per hour the category
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5 hurricane marks the most powerful caribbean storm on record and the capital now authorities have asked people to open their homes to evacuees the united nations estimates more than 70000 people are in need of food and shelter it really was no scores of survivors who lost everything now face the challenge of starting their lives again the government if you cannot help us when you need to give us and let somebody step in would you could really help us that's we seek help we lost everything we lost our life we lost our family peoples are unaccounted for we could try and find out a lot of us we got up off documents and everything so there's no if you had to find jobs with new documents. it will take years to repair the damage a dancing process for both rescue teams and survivors carty of openness of the young al-jazeera the new government of italian prime minister just pick on day has
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won a vote of confidence in the senate it marks the final hurdle before the coalition can take office it's made up of the anti establishment 5 star movement the center left democratic party europe's biggest exhibition of military weapons is on display in london there are rights activists are protesting outside who say weapons shouldn't be sold to countries engaged in active conflicts but they baba reports. it happens every 2 years a showcase for the latest military and security equipment from around the world but how much longer will it be held here in the british capital d s e r 2019 has been preceded by a week of protests in london's docklands district by peace groups environmental campaigners and now the mayor of london started his voice to the concerns city can relate to the organizers saying london is a global city which is home to individuals who have fled conflict and suffered as a consequence of arms and weapons like those exhibited at d.s.e.
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. in order to represent londoners interests i would take any opportunity available to prevent this event from taking place in the world docks in future years. his comments have been welcomed by campaigners he points out many of the weapons deals done here involve countries on britain's watch list for human rights abuses according to data by campaign against the arms trade between 20082017 which ended military arms deals worth around $48000000000.00 and almost a 3rd of that was with countries which figure on the government's own human rights priority list. those countries include israel china and saudi arabia al-jazeera put those concerns to the u.k.'s defense procurement minister while she launched an initiative to employ more women in the defense industry so the mission has one of the most robust. arms i.c. systems in the world and we will continue that anyone that has been said should
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absolutely bring into government and we would be absolutely vital that we look instant i mean we are absolutely determined to make sure this industry is looking after the defense of citizens across the bay been helping support in peacetime operations. britain has suspended licenses for arms exports to saudi arabia after campaigners who base their case on atrocities in yemen scored a victory at the court of appeal the u.k. is appealing against that ruling but rights group amnesty says another problem is how individual arms manufacturers check their products are not being used in potential war crimes or human rights violations. they asked $22.00 firms including major manufacturers like the u.s. company raytheon and britain's b.a. systems what they were doing only h. responded to amnesties request none could clearly say what they were doing in terms of so-called due diligence ultimately what they were describing were measures that they take to jump through the hoops to get export licenses and we're very clear
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that that is not sufficient in terms of human rights international human rights standards even if they open it to transfer weapons to countries like saudi arabia they should be independently not transferring those weapons because of the human rights risk in reality the arms fire is unlikely to disappear from the events calendar in the near future but neither is the controversy that surrounds it nadine barber al jazeera london. comeback time to recap our headlines now nigeria is repaired tree a thing more than 600 of its citizens from south africa after a week of violence that the tensions between the 2 countries at least 12 people were killed or more than a 1000 shops were vandalized tax on foreign owned businesses for me the mirror has
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the latest from johannesburg airport. the consulate has been concerned around safety issues in the ongoing as in a phobic violence but i think what is also of concern is that the south african government has said that they it doesn't think that this is due to attacks or targeted attacks on foreigners specifically and they're putting it down to criminality but many of the people taking today's flight say very differently many say they fear for their lives we've seen families are women and children predominantly boarding this flight to nigeria. now a campaign pledge by the israeli prime minister to annex parts of the illegally occupied west bank has been widely condemned critics say his plan would violate international law and it's now says the trumpet ministrations so-called deal of the century would provide a historic opportunity to extend israeli sovereignty over the west bank and other areas u.s. president donald trump will be replacing his national security adviser for the 4th
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time it's one of the most powerful positions in the white house john bolton was known for taking an aggressive stance against countries like iran and north korea the u.s. embassy in afghanistan's capital has been hit by a rocket on the anniversary of the september 11th attacks and then ploy or the embassy in northern kabul said no one was injured that attack comes just 2 days after president donald trump canceled peace talks with the taliban the u.s. is carried out a bombing raid against allies or fighters in iraq so far had been province american military aircraft dropped $36.00 tons of bombs on an island in the tigris river the iraqi military says the attack was part of a larger campaign to clear areas north of baghdad of i saw fighters. the headlines the news continues here now to see. theo stay with us.
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